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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

No site support

I asked Khan to list this site and he told me that it had been delisted as it was gone. It now is up and shows several reviews and comments. If I had read them, I would not have joined as it just isn’t my taste. This is certainly a matter of opinion and my purpose here is not to write a review.

My issue is with trying to get a refund. There was no confirmation email as many sites send. Another sign that something was not right was that although having CCBill, they did not take Mastercard. Too many charge backs maybe?

I was on the site less than an hour when I realized it was a disaster. I downloaded very little and what I did I deleted immediately. There was no link for contact us. I found one addressed to prospective models and reached out to the webmaster. Email not functional. I found a link for information, also not functional. I contacted CCBill and asked them for a refund. They told me that unless the site did not work, no refund. I explained the problems to them and they tried the email addresses. Several hours later they issued a refund.

By the way nothing has changed on the site since Spencer's review two years ago. The last update was August 2012 although they claim three updates per week.

06-09-14  10:28am

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Visit Kirtu

Reply of pat362's Review

Let me be the first to congratulate you on moving into the number two spot. Good job and well deserved.

09-24-13  01:52am

Visit Sexually Broken

Sexually Broken
Reply of intersec's Reply

Thanks for the clarification. I think you have a great site. Keep up the good work!

06-05-13  03:59pm

Visit I Dream Of Jo

I Dream Of Jo
Reply of thaavi's Review

You should deduct for your cons. No site that has cons should get a score of 100.

05-30-13  06:12pm

Visit Girls For Old Men

Girls For Old Men
Reply of pat362's Reply

I did not know, thanks. My problem with the site was much worse than the updates or lack of them.

05-29-13  06:20pm

Visit Girls For Old Men

Girls For Old Men

Don't bother signing up

I signed up yesterday for a three day full access trial. The site is hardly updating at all with only one this year and only four in 2012. I had trouble downloading as managers don't work and got constant error messages of download failures. Writing to customer service is a waste of time-no response. Today, after repeated tries, the system of log ins using a random generated user name and password as well as captcha, will not let me in. To add insult to injury, the only way to contact customer service is with a captcha.
I did not even make it into the second day of a three day trial.

05-29-13  05:54am

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Visit Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission
Reply of marcdc1's Comment

I just posted a review of sexuallybroken. I think you would like it.

05-26-13  03:31pm

Visit Sexually Broken

Sexually Broken

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill
-147 MP4 HD videos 1280x720, 6000k. Simply beautiful quality.
-Photo sets(1200x675)of each shoot are zip downloadable.
-Each update comes with a few sample photos and a fairly complete description of the action. For me a huge plus.
-Updates every Monday , Wednesday and Friday for three updates a week
-Nice variety of models: Black, Asian, Latina, blondes, brunettes, redheads. Some very petite, such as under 5 feet tall. Some are large, but not plus size. A few have tattoos or piercing, but most do not. Some have implants, but most do not. Most are well known porn stars, but many are not.
-Unusually high level of attractive models.
-Genuine enthusiasm. The models love the action as each one has multiple intense orgasms.
-Extremely creative content.
Cons: -The photo sets are split into two parts. One is Directors Picks and the other is called Scene Photography. Since both have scenes from the video, I have no idea why they are split into two sections.
-The videos have interviews, both before and after the scenes. The pre shoot interview may be at the beginning or at the end. In some videos the sex starts first, then the post then the pre shoot interview. Comes across as unpredictable and random. The rest of the site and its contents show a lot of thought, so why?
-Only two male models. One is Matt, who runs the site and an unnamed Black man with a huge penis.
-Neither male model cums, except in only one scene. This is hard to believe and I suspect has been edited out. In the forum Matt explained that cumming reduces his sexual energy. I think that scenes can end with a cum shot without taking anything away from the overall quality.
-Updates listed in date order only. There is a way to search by name, but no search engine.
Bottom Line: This site features a combination of bondage and sex. I am not into bondage or BDSM of any kind, but I like forceful, even rough sex. Everyone has biases, so you should know where I am coming from. This site is definitely different from plain vanilla porn and is not for everybody. The action can be quite intense, but not over the top crazy like many BDSM sites.

Honestly, I was thinking about joining a few weeks ago, but the recent events in Cleveland turned me off big time. What those women endured was more than enough to make me think I should not join. But I am glad that I did. The reality was disgusting, but the fantasy presented here is very, very different.

What this site features are very attractive models who get very intense multiple orgasms in every scene. The enthusiasm is genuine. Interestingly , the male talent and site owner Matt cums in only one scene. It is not focused on him and his pleasure. There are no misogynistic insults and no verbal disrespect. He asks them about their sexual preferences and that is what they get.

Scenes start with the model getting tied up and then they pleasure Matt orally. There may be vaginal penetration, but anal is uncommon. He encourages them to perform well with nice words and the promise of a reward soon-usually an orgasm by vibrator or a sybian. Multiple, very intense orgasms are the norm. Matt goes all out to please, although he never performs cunnilingus. I guess we all have our limits.

The models are generally attractive porn stars. Some are well known, some less so. Some models are former dancers or athletes with nice bodies. There is a lot of ethnic variety, as well as by body type.

The inevitable comparison is with Sex and Submission. While that site focuses on a scenario and has a few different locations, this site is more like gonzo. There is only one video with a story and the location is always the same. I like a little bit of story and a little bit of acting. I enjoyed this site a lot, but it is clear that there is room for improvement.

With three updates a week, this site is a solid A+ in my book.

05-26-13  01:27pm

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Visit Gag Factor

Gag Factor

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very attractive models, practically without exception
-Hot, intense face fucking action
-The behind the scenes videos show that the models are not mistreated, but are shown
respect. Given the nature of the action, this was a surprise.
-Some age and ethnic variety. Some models as old as 30 as well as a few Asian, Black and Latina .
-Works well with download managers and fast downloads.
-Not the best quality videos, so you get small files.
-No download limits.
-Fairly large archive of 241 videos.
-Low quality photos, but at least there is one set for every scene. Not much of a plus.
-Billed through CCBill
-Comes with access to American Bukkake, Ghetto Swarm, Overstuffed Holes and Hardcore Fuck Machines.
Cons: -Archive site. It is hard to tell when the last update was added.
-Recycled old updates are listed with current dates as if they were just added.
-Advertised on members page as a new video is added every Tuesday. Not true.
-”Welcome to the new GagFactor.com website! “ Nothing new here in several years.
-A total of 241 videos. Sounds goods but only 74 are at least 640x480. The rest are very weak quality at 320x240.
-Can download as WMV only. Most have short low quality clips also available as an option.
-Photos are not available as a zip file. You get only a few photos, between 12 and 100 for each set. Most sets are between 40 and 60 photos. The quality ranges from 150x100 to 750x500. Even the best are pathetically low quality.
-No search engine of any kind. All you get are the updates and a tiny face photo.
-The bonus sites are also weak with about the same statistics.
Bottom Line: I was last a member here in October of 2009. Not much has changed in all this time. Then it was clear that the site started in 2003 and that the oldest videos and photo sets were of low quality. Now they have recycled the older material and slapped a new date on it. It is hard to know the exact age of anything. The oldest dates are now 2008.

The most “recent” update says the date for it is March 27, 2013. It comes in at 320x240 and I still have the scene in my hard drive from when I downloaded it in 2009. I guess I can’t expect complete honesty from a porn site, But come on, I am not that stupid.

The content is hard face fucking that is reasonably respectful towards the models. This is clear from watching the behind the scenes videos. No hair pulling, spitting, name calling or downright misogyny here. The women drool a lot and have very messy faces. But, also it is not what you would expect from a blow job site. It is hardcore mouth slamming face fucking. Nothing soft and loving here.

Most of the content is enjoyable as they try hard to make the most of every scene. If they only had better quality. Of the 241 videos only 74 are adequate at a minimum of 640x480. The best are 720x480, but there are only 11 of them. The rest are only 320x240. What a shame as many are great scenes but unwatchable.

Most cumshots are in her mouth, not on her face. Most are with her head below the guy, such as hanging off the side of a bed. In her mouth is fine with me, but I don’t care for the angle of the cumshot. In any form of BJ I expect to see a pretty face and maybe some of her body. Upside down heads don’t make women look beautiful. In particular there are several where that is all you see for the entire video. If I saw her in another video or even walking down the street, I would not even guess it was the same person.

For me I feel that they have some good ideas here, but don’t care any longer about the site. They should improve the look, feel and navigation. With no search engine as well as no ability to download the photos as zips,it just isn't user friendly. Long ago they should have recoded the videos to better quality. I guess they just want to continue making $29.95 a month as long as they can get away with no effort.

03-28-13  12:15pm

Replies (1)
Visit Nude Fight Club

Nude Fight Club
Reply of elephant's Review

I liked the site, but found that I got tired of the content rather quickly. To me the real test is if I want to watch the content six months from now. When I first saw the site, I would rate it about 80. Now generously a 70.

11-27-12  05:47am

Visit New Nude City

New Nude City
Reply of otoh's Review

First class review that is definitely one of your best. Very complete picture of what the site is like. Bravo!

11-27-12  05:44am

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I have amny times. If the content looks intersting I will give it a try. Reviews are helpful, but everyone's taste differs.

11-27-12  05:43am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Absolutely hate it. They think anyone cares about what they have to say, but I don't. Usually they don't use their camera effectively either. What's up with the side angle shots?

11-27-12  05:41am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Only Kink sites. They make it very erotic, for the most part.

11-27-12  05:40am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I would be too self conscious to perform. As for directing, I would give it a try. I am sure I couldn't do any worse than those who do it now.

11-27-12  05:39am

Visit Japanese Flashers

Japanese Flashers
Reply of littlejoe's Reply

Sorry, but I just don't remember.

11-18-12  03:42pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

If it keeps them alive, I understand. Porn with condoms is ok, but not as exciting to watch as without.

08-08-12  01:34pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I am a native speaker of English. I have helped many non natives with English, so I really appreciate the effort by PUers.

08-08-12  01:32pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I like normal to slightly larger women. Bigger than that does nothing for me.

08-08-12  01:26pm

Visit Rodney Moore

Rodney Moore
Reply of xexbot's Review

Very interesting, well written review. I did not watch the videos on an HD monitor, so I really appreciate your viewpoint. Great review.

08-08-12  12:22pm

Visit Rodney Moore

Rodney Moore
Reply of xexbot's Comment

I was really curious what you thought of the site. We basically agree that some of the videos are unwatchable. I would love to see you write a full review.

08-08-12  10:39am

Visit Seventeen Live

Seventeen Live
Reply of Mystery's Review

What is the video quality like?

07-13-12  02:16pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I did not care for what I saw in AbbeyWinters. Very dull. Stretching can be erotic, but the only scenes I ever liked were on Nudesportvideos.

07-13-12  02:15pm

Visit Everything Butt

Everything Butt
Reply of RustyJ's Review

I was a member around the time that they changed their focus from mostly girl on girl to more standard heterosexual anal. The forum posts showed many members very unhappy with the change in focus. I found the newer more standard scenes to be quite good. The older ones were much more kinky, with a lot of enemas. Well done, but not my taste.

07-13-12  02:10pm

Visit Rodney Moore

Rodney Moore
Reply of xexbot's Reply

I hope that you like it. Either way, I would like to know. Maybe you will write a review?

07-12-12  09:57am

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