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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Hell no, I am pretty sure the repair guy or girl also has a porn collection, besides, porn isn't anything to be ashamed of, now if you have pictures of Justin Timberlake on your desktop, that is something you don't wanna go showing everyone. :P

07-20-08  01:11am

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I don't like to stream but if I ever do it's with WMP.

07-14-08  06:12am

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

Sure, why not.

07-10-08  04:33am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

English is my one and only language, but I do wish I knew Spanish and Japanese.

07-08-08  07:59am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I do on my ex gf's comp when I go to her place, which is fine because she likes porn too so it's no biggie, but that is the only person's PC besides mine that I go porn surfing on.

07-07-08  12:06am

Visit 1,000 Facials

1,000 Facials

Site Down?

Well it appears that the site is currently down, I cannot logon at all, but it's a really great site though, I like it alot which I will express in my upcoming review about the network.

08-07-08  08:07pm

Replies (0)
Visit 1,000 Facials

1,000 Facials
Reply of DpornGuy's Review

Well I am sure the site content comes first but the content does go to dvd in the form of:

Throated = Throated Series
1,000 Facials = Paste My Face Series With The Sex
Only Teen Blowjobs = Paste My Face
Share My Cock = Share My Cock Series
Love Your Tits = Meet The Twins Series
Meat My Ass = Meat My Ass Series
Stuffed Petite = My Dirty Angels Series
I Scored A Soccer Mom = I Scored A Soccer Mom

That is all I know that are dvd link ups.

07-30-08  09:43am

Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass
Reply of CaliFornicator's Review

I am having the trouble of choosing between this site and JSexNetwork for membership, which would you recommend?

07-14-08  10:20am

Visit Asia Movie Pass

Asia Movie Pass
Reply of deadelvis's Reply

If I am not mistaken, and correct me if I am wrong here, but the reason why the Japanese ladies act that way is because it's what is considered a turn on by Japanese men, I guess it gives them a sense of dominance for the girl to cower and act like she doesn't want it to happen, I dunno if it would be a rape fetish but more of a power fetish, to feel like he can have it when he wants it, even if she doesn't, I dunno though, that is the vibe I get from Jpn porn flicks, which is why it doesn't bother me.

So basically, the young innocent act they pull off so well is encouraged and is a turn on to Japanese men and some American men, you either love it or hate it or tolerate it, I used to hate it until I got used to it, now it's kinda funny sometimes. lol. the noise they make I mean, besides, Japanese women are sooooo beautiful and natural, I can't resist.

07-12-08  02:27pm

Visit Black Amateur BJs

Black Amateur BJs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Black Chicks On White Guys (Rare)
* Some Cute Black Girls
* Lots Of Bonus Sites
* Great Search By Actress Function
* Lots Of Movies
Cons: * Some Not So Cute Black Chicks
* The Site Design Is Terrible
* Slow DL Speeds
* Most Bonus Sites Are Uninteresting
* The Site Is A Clone Of A Clone Of A Clone
* Mediocre Quality Videos
* Very Low Res Photo Sets
* Not ALL Videos Are Downloadable (Bonus Sites)
Bottom Line: Ok, I joined this site because I like to see Black Chicks on White Guys because it's kinda rare to see a site dedicated to that interracial side, usually it's black guys on the world, so I wanted to see some black chicks on white guys.

That said, this site sucks hard, ok not only is it a clone of porn.com, which is a clone of all access pass which is a clone of download pass, they don't even give you all the content from the original site, that sucks, they give you some but not all.

The site feels like a rip off but it isn't because it's $9.95(discount deal) but it just feels like it because most of the awesome content from the bonus sites are flash stream only and if you click the download link they send you to Yappo, which blows.

Also there are 35 episodes of the featured site and the site was last updated April 9th 2008, so basically this is all you are getting for the featured site.

Now this site does give you a large chunk of porn.com's dvd section and that is cool but the navigation is kinda lame, and the site design is pretty ugly too, it looks cheap and feels cheap..... so I guess $9.95 is all it's worth...

Anyways, I got what I wanted from the site and am done with it, the scenes I got were pretty nice even though the video quality could be a hell of a lot better, but whatever.

Anyway, I recommend you stay away from this particular site, if you are going to join then get your $ worth and join the original site and get everything.

This site sucks!

07-19-08  03:28am

Replies (1)
Visit Cherry Red Lips

Cherry Red Lips

WARNING!!! Trial Sub Related.

Well I just opened a trial membership with this site and it seems that you only get access to the site you joined up with and not any of the bonus sites, which is what I thought you would get when paying for the trial, I wanted to get a taste of each site but cannot.

So all in all, just don't join the site at all, it's not worth it, I mean this site has 10 scenes and some crappy pictures and that is it, yet they want you to pay them $29.99 a month and I am sure the rest of the sites are handled with the same neglect as this one, get the fuck outta hea! lolz!

Note: the latest video uploaded to this site was posted on March 4th 2008..... it's July! Come on!

Just stay away from this place.

07-11-08  02:35am

Replies (1)
Visit Chubby POV

Chubby POV
Reply of james4096's Review

They seems to be extremely slow at updates, I haven't visited their front page in about a month or longer and it's the same girl at the top from the last time I visited the site, what the fuck man?! Ah well, it was a great site premise but very poorly executed, hope someone else tries again at a chubby girl pov site.

06-27-09  11:38pm

Visit Cum Trainer

Cum Trainer
Reply of tcflashguy's Comment

It's a shame because I have a bunch of their old videos when the site was called Chick Trainer, it was alright back then but now since they have the DRM I guess I won't be checking her out to see how she does her thing now.

07-13-08  03:58pm

Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network
Reply of WeeWillyWinky's Comment

Yep, I am scared to join again, I think I would have to buy a 1TB hard drive before I did join, which will be soon, but I know how it is on JSEX. :)

11-02-09  11:39pm

Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Excellent Amount Of Movies
* Excellent Amount Of Hi Res Images
* Great Ratings & Descriptions Of Movies
* Nice Site Interface
* Fast Downloads
* Huge Selection Of JAV Actresses
* A Good Number Of Zipped Hi Res Photo Sets
* They Raised The Daily DL Limit From 8 To 12GB
* Lots Of Risa Kasumi ;)
Cons: * Kinda Expensive
* No Search Function
* They Have DL Limit
* Not All Photo Sets Are Hi Res
* Not All Photo Sets Are Zipped
* The Small Video Clips Are Very Low Res
* Can Be Addictive
Bottom Line: I decided to join JSN because of the combo of movies and hi res images they had to offer, it took a while for me to take the leap and pay that $34.00 but I went on and did it and I am satisfied with my decision.

First of all the site design is nice to look at and easy to navigate from section to section and while that is easy it can be difficult to find a movie in the genre you are looking for because of the lack of a search function, for instance I love cosplay and blowjob videos and pov but I have to journey through their entire collection in order to round up the movies I want.

In their defense you can just search for movies by actress though, so I just look at all the actresses and click on the pretty face of the girl I like and explore her vids, so that is cool but still a little tedious because there are soo many pretty girls and some of them don't have a lot of films and some of them also do not have the good quality movies.

So while JSN isn't perfect and could use a little bit of work in some areas, I can say that it is very well worth the high price for what you get, I mean I can join 2 mediocre sites for the price of JSN, which is an awesome site.

Daily updates of movies and picture sets is great but that download limit is not too good, however, I don't mind it as much as I thought I would, so all in all, I love JSN and I will stay a member for a while and I highly recommend this site to any fans of quality Japanese Porn & Beautiful JAV Girls.

07-19-08  02:56am

Replies (0)
Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network
Reply of PinkPanther's Review

Little bit of good news for this place, the download limit has been upped from 8 to 12 gigs a day.

07-15-08  07:02pm

Visit Joe The Pervert

Joe The Pervert

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The girls are nice.
Download speed is decent for videos
Cons: - Download speeds for zipped pic sets is awful
- Unfinished Scenes(WTF?!)
- Video Quality is inconsistent
- File sized don't match video quality
- Camera guy/performer never shuts up
- Shared scenes with Sexy Suck Jobs with small
- Not every girl has a pic set
Bottom Line: *sigh*

This is by far one of the worst sites I ever visited, I mean the layout sucks ass, the site speed is slow, there are unfinished scenes and when I say unfinished I mean UNFINISHED, meaning I downloaded the entire big ass file only to find out that the video cuts out in the middle of the scene, there is no end.

For example, there is one Loni scene that runs about 11 minutes...... now get this, it's 11 minutes of plot, no sex, no nudity, no nothing, it just cuts out while they stand in a grocery store talking, I checked the file size with the site and it was the entire file, so that was the straw that broke my back.

So if I were you, I wouldn't even bother with this site, not even if you joined the network it's on, which is put together very cheaply and poorly, navigation is fine but the site layout is just bad, I would make a longer review but what's the point, it's not even worth that because it would be nothing but bad things.

So in conclusion, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT DOWNLOADING ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE, just stick with the good sites like Ghetto Gaggers and the like, don't fuck with Joe The Pervert, or as I would like to call it, Joe Where's The Rest of The Scene At?!


- Edit: So basically, what I JUST found out is that if you download the higher res versions of the scenes then you only get part 1 of the scene and that's it, if you want the entire scene your only option is to download the ugly low res versions that come in parts

- Edit 2: SO, upon previous assumptions I thought that in order to get the whole scene you had to download the low res versions, no, scrape that, YOU CANNOT GET THE ENTIRE SCENE AT ALL UNLESS YOU STREAM IT!!!!!! WTF?!!!!!!!!

Edit 3: Goddamn, I didn't think it could get any worse than what is already here, but upon checking all the files to see if they were finished or not I have ran into a weird file.

It appears that the "Carolyn" file has some "Alexis Silver" file spliced into it, I am sure it's a technical error with the file, but why did this get uploaded to the server? Do they even check the fucking files? I am sure they don't now, so basically the file is not only unfinished but unwatchable.

Edit 4: The final tally between finished and unfinished scenes, all have been downloaded and checked, and out of the 40 scenes on the website, only 17 were complete, the rest were missing a quarter to 3/4 of the scene, this website is fucking pathetic.

If it was possible to rate this site lower than a 50 I would rate it a 10, who are these people and why are they making porn sites like this?

There are no words, none at all. -_-

01-12-09  06:33am

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Visit Melissa Ashley

Melissa Ashley
Reply of Doug62's Comment

Oh WHAT THE FUCK MAN!!! I love Melissa, goddammit!!! I didn't even know this, some fan I am. :(

06-27-09  11:41pm

Visit My Ebony Blowjobs

My Ebony Blowjobs
Reply of mbaya's Reply


Ok, well ............

Ok, I will just say it this way, the series is pretty bad, the women aren't good looking at all(being nice), the guy(Randy) talks though out every single film, actually striking conversation and trying to crack jokes, he seems to think his penis is so big(hilarious imo), bad quality because it's really old, it's just a disaster really, BUT!!! BUT!!! the blowjobs given are really great and you may find maybe 5 chicks out of the many many that you actually think are cute(at best), I like the series and it is quite rare, but still, not exclusive.

I got these from Sugardvd & TLA Video.com, but I got them in questionable ways, so in a way, they are kind of exclusive because this is the first time(besides clips4sale, which is a sonofabitch goddamn ripoff of epic proportions)that they have been available for legit download with out doing things.

So, while they are not created exclusively for the site, they are download exclusive...... if you are legit with the situation.

Also, I wouldn't recommend joining right now as their collection is holy shit tiny in comparison to the collection of these that are available, I would wait 6 months and see where the site is.

So all in all, I like it, but I am not sure if I like it because it's good or because it's rare.

07-16-09  09:33am

Visit My Ebony Blowjobs

My Ebony Blowjobs

None of that content is exclusive.

All of that content is from a series called Head Master by Randy De Troit Productions, I have had all of this content for some time now. Quite expensive too.

07-16-09  07:54am

Replies (2)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America
Reply of messmer's Comment

Well a long time ago I was downloading from here and managed to get every file from Asian 1 on 1 and when trying to then tackle Housewife 1 on 1 I had ran into a wall, I don't remember what happened or what it said, but I had to wait 24 hours before downloading anything else, but that was a long long time ago.

I was using a download manager so I dunno if that triggered it or not.

07-16-08  03:57pm

Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network


I joined this site today and what is with the low download speeds?! 187kb MAX!?! What the fuck is this shit!!?
-_- Seriously, shit like this will stop me from paying for porn, this is the second time in a row that I joined a site that I can't download shit from because it's slow as fuck!


02-07-09  04:12pm

Replies (0)
Visit Porn.com

Reply of Netsirk's Reply

Sounds good, I will keep my eye out for the site then and when the download speeds are fixed and up to speed I will be more than happy to do a re-review of the site, because like I said the only problem with the site is download speeds, that's really it, other stuff isn't as important to me as I surf the back catalog and not the new stuff.

So yeah, when everything is good then I will write an updated review, Porn.com is my alternative to Video Box, so I need it to be there for me when Video Box starts to crank out the bullshit updates, then I can go to porn.com and get some quality shit, not saying VB doesn't have quality shit but porn.com has more of what I am looking for.

Thanks for the reply.

PS. I suggest the porn.com puts a server reconstruction warning up or something to let people know the speeds are temporary and it's not just a shitty site, I think that would help alot and would have made me hold off on that glowing review I wrote.

01-22-09  08:49pm

Visit Porn.com

Reply of TheRizzo's Reply

None, it's like they want you to GTFO or something.

01-21-09  01:35pm

Visit Porn.com

Reply of TrashMan's Reply

It supports download managers but not only does the link expire in the download manager but if you are on the site but are idle you will be automatically logged out, I think it's about 20 to 30 minutes of inactivity for them to log you out, really stupid shit there.

So basically, you should queue up only one file at a time, 2 at the max or you will probably hear the sound of rapid "blink!" of files being downloaded in Flashget and in your mind you're just saying "sonofabitch!".

01-19-09  07:11pm

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