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Visit Shemale Club

Shemale Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: LOTS of videos!

Great looking girls

VERY fast downloads

EXCELLENT customer service. Replies within 24 hours from admin every time.
Cons: Could use some better navigation and organization for the video content. USER RATINGS would be a helpful solution to this.

Needs more Asian and American girls.
Bottom Line: This really is the best bang for exclusive content shemale that I have seen so far. Although it's mostly Brazilian, it's newer content. About 90% of the clips were great quality. I'm not sure what the review references to 1GB daily downloads is about BECAUSE it is 2GB (about 24 clips per day) as of Feb 2008.
The customer service really sets this one apart from the rest. Very personal and helpful every time.
With hundreds of videos and lots of pic sets it's worth the cash. I recommend!

03-04-08  02:38am

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Visit Extreme Ladyboys

Extreme Ladyboys

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: EXCELLENT full screen video quality

Simple to navigate

Very nice looking girls

Kinky content
Cons: A bit more expensive than most for the 1st month

Could use some content growth

UPDATES ARE REAL SLOW, maybe one video update every 3 weeks.

Could definitely use some categorization or indexing for the videos.
Bottom Line: This is a top quality site.
It appears to be a union of the older Ladyboycock.com site with some newer male talent and better production.
The kink factor is refreshing for this genre and the girls are fantastically erotic.
I would say that this site is the best Asian ladyboy site I've seen so far. A little more quantity would be nice but the quality is already there.
Definitely worth the subscription.

03-04-08  03:19pm

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Visit Shemale Mov

Shemale Mov

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -LOTS of content
-Fast downloads
-Categorized well
-no download limit
-above average video quality
-mostly newer content
-updated 3 times a week
Cons: -a small number of videos are a bit old
Bottom Line: Really a terrific site for the money. I have not seen a better site for non-exclusive content anywhere else.
Easy site to navigate and a TON of videos.
If you are looking for Brazilian stuff this is it. They could use a bit more American and Asian girls but they do have them as well and they are organized as such.
The 2 bonus sites are decent too with the exact same layout so it's easy to transition between them.
Great deal!

02-26-08  04:57pm

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Visit Movie Monster

Movie Monster

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Real easy to use interface, basic search feature is cool.

Pretty reasonable price structure.

LOTS of categories and genres to choose from.

Pay options are: Pay Per Min, Download or Rent

Usually 3 or 4 levels of video resolution to chose from... can make for faster/smoother viewing.
Cons: As I said, the basic search feature is cool...
the advanced feature is not. The return results are inconsistent and much less effective than the basic search. I hope they fix this.

Does not have a viewable account clock while playing movies.

Scene thumbnails are a bit small with no

A lot of new releases don't have Pay Per Minute... kinda goofy.
Bottom Line: It's pretty clearcut on this site. No BS and no tricky billing. I use the pay per minute and I like the quality of the videos at even 512.
they have a huge database of flix you can search without a membership.
They could use some better advanced search capabilities and add some scene descriptions or at least add some more thumbs to the scene list.

Basically the site is a huge library for the quick porn fix at a reasonable rate.

I would recommend this site.

03-07-08  09:52pm

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Visit Delia CD

Delia CD

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Personable service from Delia herself

Good video quality

Very consistent Live Chat schedule

Lots of good quality pics

Delia is a really beautiful CD/TV
Cons: Needs more video content

It seemed a little too predictable and routine for the photo/video content. Could use some variation.
Bottom Line: DeliaCD.com is a great example of what a good crossdressing website should be. I liked the personal touch with Delia's customer service, really a nice person.
I especially liked the consistency of the site's updates and schedule. IF Delia says it will happen, it happens.
It has 99% solo action and not a great deal of videos. However she is hot and definitely worth the modest monthly amount for any American CD/TV fan.

03-05-08  12:26am

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Visit Lady Boy Guide

Lady Boy Guide

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: GREAT looking girls!

Vary Raw and REAL sex with real ladyboys

Great video quality
Cons: not enough updates

NO customer service replies at all

EXTREMELY annoying background audio in most vids
Bottom Line: The videos are as real as it gets as far as fucking ladyboys in a hotel room goes. ANNOYING background noise in most of the videos gets old after a while.
Most of the girls are hot as hell but quite a few are just NOT into it and seem uninterested to say the least.
It's worth a month's fee to check it out but I think you'll get tired of the distractions like I did.
Lack of updates kinda blows as well... I saw 2 video updates in 2 months.

03-04-08  03:19am

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Visit Ladyboy Ladyboy

Ladyboy Ladyboy

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Lots of models

Great quality videos

Well organized site
Cons: Too much solo action, not enough "sex".

Many of the girls are limp dicked.

Customer Service NEVER replied to my emails.
Bottom Line: Super HOT girls on this site for sure. However it gets tiresome if your looking for looking for "sex" content. It's very rare on this site unfortunately. If you're into masturbating and posing ladyboys this site is for you.
If you are into ladyboys having sex, this is not your site.
Customer Service is not that great but the above average selection of ladyboys sets this site above most Asian TS sites.
It's worth a look for one month's price.

03-04-08  02:51am

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Visit Latex Angel

Latex Angel

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: GREAT for the anal fetish fan with loads of different anal extremes.
Gaping, fisting, huge objects and hot latex outfits.

Good quality DiVX files and nice photosets.

Good looking lady

All exclusive content with NO DRM.
Cons: NOT updated very often.

NO replies from webmaster.

This lady doesn't seem to have vocal chords or something... very little noise even in the most intense penetrations.

Some video files are corrupt/non-working.
Bottom Line: LatexAngel has a great niche but lack the updates.
It's all solo for the most part but the gal is quite attractive in a kinky MILF sort of way.
It's explicit,exotic and hardcore anal, so not for the squeamish.
The lack of interest on her part gets sort of old. She just doesn't seem that into it and that's what left me bored after a while.

Good site for any anal fetish freak for about a month I'd say.

03-07-08  10:11pm

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Visit iFriends


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: TONS of cams going 24/7

Every genre is covered from mild to wild

Options to use live audio/phone/alternate cam in private chat.

You can view some short (2 min) videos for free (as long as you register) and see archived videos exclusive to subscribers for about $20 a month.
Cons: OK...
this site is HELL to navigate.
-The search functions are nonsensical. pages are cluttered. Too much going on for a single page layout.

-The "LIVE NOW" is not very reliable and often redirects you to a "sorry I'm not online" status.

-With FireFox it has a problem reloading a page without asking for your Username and PW again.

-Most cam-hosts have MULTIPLE pages/identities. This sux when you see the host on but never on your page that you already pay a monthly VIP fee for!

-CANCELLATIONS are confusing and tricky.

EXPENSIVE fees and no set rates for pay per minute. It's totally up to the Cam-host.
Bottom Line: This site has and has had lots of cool people to meet and play with. BUT, it also has lots of stupid navigation and network problems.
Although the efficiency for webcams has improved, the cost has gone up considerably.
And as far as I can tell iFriend's is not putting it back into site development.

If you are looking to rub one out in a jiffy... forget about it, you are gonna be browsing for a while just to get to the good stuff unless you have arranged a meeting prior.
Ifriend's has a confusing billing system that charges a monthly rate(VIP) per cam-host as well as a minute rate (unless noted as "free chat", which is VERY RARE).
YOU must cancel your monthly VIP rate separately from your membership/registration or they will keep billing you even though you are no longer a member or iFriends. It happened to me folks.

And I haven't been back since. Nuff said?

03-08-08  12:25am

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Visit Extreme Kream

Extreme Kream

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: HOT chick this Kream is!
VERY kinky girl doing some pretty freaky anal stuff.

Has a home-made gonzo feel with professional video and photo quality.

The video files are well described and thumbnailed and the photos are aplenty.

She has a few different fetishes that are nicely categorized by type.
Cons: ***ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT or REPLIES from webmaster. I tried for 6 weeks. Nothing.

Some of the video files were broken.

Video updates were very few and far between.
Bottom Line: Really a shame that the customer support was so lacking and the updates were so infrequent.
This gal is hot hot hot and the extreme anal sex is what got me interested.
The price was average but the customer service was well below average.
I would not recommend this site for anyone looking for consistency.

03-07-08  10:29pm

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Visit Ladyboy Juice

Ladyboy Juice

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: AWESOME looking girls

Great video quality

Easy to navigate
Cons: limited variety, it's all SOLO stuff.

Not enough models or vids to justify the cost
Bottom Line: Hopefully this site will get some more talent and more variety in the future. It's a well laid out site, but lacks in the enthusiasm. If you like solo vids... it's worth a month.

03-04-08  03:07am

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Visit Perfect Lady Boys

Perfect Lady Boys

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Nice looking girls

fast downloads
Cons: NOT very descript on videos. TOO many POST OP ladyboys

NOT enough updates... if at all.

Video quality was nice but too short in length.

Limp dicked talent and too much solo action.
Bottom Line: Not really worth the money in my opinion.
Way too many post op girls for my taste.
Honestly, I'd avoid this one.

03-04-08  02:56am

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Visit Tranny Seducers

Tranny Seducers

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Great looking girls

Real nice video quality with no DRM.

Video preview pics are a nice touch

EXCLUSIVE content and easy to navigate.
Cons: Needs more Exclusive videos.
They stated over a thousand upon sign-up but they are including the LAME bonus sites.

"Bonus" sites have a timecard approach so you can only view some of them after you have been a member for a given amount of time.

Customer Service from webmaster was not helpful. I got the feeling he did not read English, seriously.
Bottom Line: I originally liked the site for it's exclusive content and some of the hot girls I have seen nowhere else.
I liked the quality of the pics/vids as well.

However, it's claim of over 1000 videos and the bulloney "bonus sites" torqued me a little.
It's more like 40 Exclusive videos and 1000 bonus site videos in which most all that I saw are were in very substandard resolution or oddball video formats.
So, for example, they list the Tranny Seducers Exclusive film pics with a notation that this particular girl is also in 157 other videos... but wait, she's not in the exclusive high rez site called TrannySeducers... she's somewhere else in the bonus sites in which MOST of them require you to be a longer standing member in able to view their clips. . . not cool.

I would NOT recommend this site with any enthusiasm.

03-07-08  11:21pm

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Visit Kayden 420

Kayden 420

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Great looking girl

Great HD video quality

Has a personal feel with live cam shows.

Cool multimedia (ipod-iphone) uploads

$6 trial is nice
The site sort of implies a "420" girl but it has nothing to do with this specific site as the HD trailer would have you think... seriously it's quite misleading.

NEEDS more content

Not too much hardcore here, lots of posing pretty and some lesbian play.
Bottom Line: She's a nice looking, spunky and creative gal for sure. I'm not really sure of what she is going for as a theme. Maybe a glorified home-page?
A LOT of posing pics and a few solo tease vids make it a little predictable. There are a few lesbian scenes and one BJ. That's about it.

Curiosity got the best of me on this one and I felt a bit bummed. But it could be something in a year or so.
I'd avoid for now.

03-07-08  09:20pm

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Visit Ladyboy Gold

Ladyboy Gold

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -High quality photos
-Fast downloads
-Exclusive and good looking girls
Cons: -LOW quality videos.
-Videos are short in duration.
-Lack of hardcore content.
-Updates are a guessing game as they are not dated.
-Lack of organization
Bottom Line: I'm not sure how this site could have gotten an 80 on the ratings. Although it has exclusive content it is terribly low quality in the video section. The talent is predictable, minimal and not very "into it".
Unless you are into paying a premium for photo-sets,
I would not recommend it.

02-26-08  04:49pm

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Visit Zoe Fuck Puppet

Zoe Fuck Puppet

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: AWESOME looking girl!

Easy to navigate
Cons: NOT enough UPDATES


VIDEO quality is mediocre
Bottom Line: This girl has more potential than most but falls short in the dedication field. Some of the vids were broken and some were poor in quality.
The content was erotic and creative but the lack of updates and lack of customer service left me limp after a week.
I'd check it out for a month but avoid it if you're looking for any consistency.

03-04-08  03:25am

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Visit Teach My Ass

Teach My Ass
Reply of apoctom's Review

Really a well written review.

03-08-08  01:12am

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