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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Beautiful girls, mostly European.
-Old photo sets look good. New ones look great.
-Old vidoes aren't bad, new ones excellent.
-More content than you can shake a 250GB external at.
-Great Hardcore videos. Worth a join just for them IMHO.
Cons: Hmmm... not much. Didn't like my download manager in Firefox, but behaved much better with Explorer.

Wish ALL the models had at least 1 boy-girl scene (yeah, I know, they probably all get asked, but many don't choose to...)

Picayune: On the models directory page, I find the thumbnails do no justice to the girls. Some of the ones who look just ok in their thumbnails have terrific picture sets inside.
Bottom Line: I joined this site expecting it to have good pics, and it delivers. I didn't even know there was any hardcore at all... the hardcore here is exceptionally good. It would be worth a join just for that.
Some jaw-droppingly beautiful women here (My faves: Milana and Vera). With curves. Maybe it's just me, but I like the girls on this site so much better than Hegre for the most part. Not so waif-like. If you're into solos, there's a ton. There's variety in the pictures too, and no obsession with a certain body part like, say, Simonscans [not knocking Simons, that's a great site, too].
I recommend checking the model pages for ALL the girls, as I found that you can't tell much from the clothed photo thumbnails on the model info page...
All in all, one of the best sites I've joined, highly recommended!

05-02-08  09:58pm

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Visit Errotica Archives

Errotica Archives

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - ohmygod gorgeous babes
- with curves
- umm, what else do you want???????
- The photog here is an Artist with an Eye for Beauty, Anatomy and Color (see below)
- Plenty of content
Cons: - no hardcore
- lot of vids are just filming the photoshoot
Bottom Line: Some of the most beautiful pictures I've seen are here. A few of the girls (take Perla for example) are jawdropping.
Now, here, to me, is what sets this site apart: The photographer here has an Incredible Eye. He just seems to pick poses that I love. And he has a unique eye for color: many of the shots, at first blush, seem... washed out. But give them a chance and keep looking... he sees something most other glam photographers miss. I can't describe it well... perhaps... the way the color palate he uses makes the women appear even more beautiful. If you watch a super saturated site like, say, Hand on Hardcore [great site], and pull Down the saturation, and and pull the tint away from pink just a bit, you get a whole different feeling... or, am I just watching Way too much of this stuff?#%&*^$(*&*(&@& OMG!... Anyway, what I mean is that his choice of colors makes many of these pics even sexier. The vids, to me, are just a throw-in, even though they're 1280x720. It's the Pics that I dig here. And they are Beautiful.

01-17-09  11:21pm

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Visit JJ Pass

JJ Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Most vids are great quality
-Jules has a nice directing style, and whoever's doing the stuff on Ass Fixation and Premium Pass isn't bad either
- he also knows how to do a nice setup, girls start with (sexy) clothes on, and don't rip them off in the first 10 seconds
-Other network sites included esp. Premium Pass, Ass Fixation
-Lots of content: I got 25 gigs and was on the picky side...
-If you like butts, its worth a join just for Ass Fixation
-Jules likes girls in lingerie (me too!)
-Some Excellent facials
Cons: -lots of typical scenes, no kissing, nothing "romantic" (if you care), but hey, this ain't amateur
-most scenes end in the typical facial, and a few creampies (not my thing), I'd prefer some variety
-The Jules Jordan site itself isn't that large, but ain't too small either
-Didn't like my download manager (Lightning download), but that's been pretty common lately
Bottom Line: Damn good. Some Beautiful women, Jules appreciates a good body, and shows it. Certainly worth a join, though I got everything I wanted in my month, I'll cancel and come back next year for updates. Some pretty famous actresses (Gauge, Bella Donna etc.), but lots I haven't seen before. Not a lot of slutty makeup, and LOTS of lingerie (Bravo!)

03-15-08  07:24am

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Visit What Boys Want

What Boys Want

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge archive, and as we know, size matters.
- If you like it amateur, you'll like it here.
- Some real Gems here [be prepared to dig for 'em]
- Pictures [thousands] of girlfriends who probably had no idea they'd end up on a porn website. Or did they.
- Videos of all lengths and most qualities [there's no hi-def porn here, most is cam shot by amateurs]
- Lots of community-type commenting and interaction [if you care]
- other non-porn stuff like cool cars, stuff that, you know, Boys Want
- 15-odd US bucks for this much stuff is well worth it
- you can actually join by posting your own pics and vids on a point scale
Cons: - If you're looking for high-resolution video or pics, it ain't here, folks.
- Much if not most of the pics/videos are not that entertaining, you have to dig for the good ones
- search is lacking, not much meta data here, just titles
- you can rate pics, but you can't tag them until you have 250 posts
Bottom Line: Look, it's all amateur here, and if you like that stuff, and I do, you'll dig this site. Well worth the join for the 3900+ pages of 24 pics each in the "naked babes" section alone (93,907 pics). And that's not to mention the "cute babes" section (139,000), the "Amateur porn" (44,000), and many more.

The videos section is harder to get a handle on. There's a facials section which is mostly short money shot scenes (899 scenes), and a few of them I'd seen before, but most were brand new to me, and some real Gems here. The handjobs section (707 scenes) likewise. The largest video section here by far is the generically titled Amateur Porn section with 9489 scenes of all lengths. Mostly poor quality, but that's what you expect with am-shot scenes many of which are from a few years back.

You can download and watch, or you can sample in browser before downloading, and it works pretty well. The download speeds are OK (200-500 for me).

There's a whole lot of not-that-attractive folks here {but I haven't seen any grandmas or anybody really hideous ... yet), but there are also some real pretty women with what seems to be their boyfriends[/girlfriends]. It's not the kind of site where you can just spend a couple of nights, and download everything, there's way too much. But that's kind of the Fun of it too. Digging through looking for those gems.

Anyway, I give it a hearty recommend if you like amateurs, and can get over the quality issues.

06-09-08  09:17pm

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Visit Ho Vidos

Ho Vidos

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - If you love endings with the girl taking matters in hand, this is the Motherlode.
- Some long HJ scenes with some pretty hot girls
- More endings than just about any site I've joined, and some Classics
- Some full DVDs from the 70s and 80s
Cons: - lots and lots of short scenes, just the last minute or 2 if you don't care for that (I like it)
- you have to do some hunting to find everything
- most is older, not great quality, some lousy, but most at least acceptable
- Can only download one full DVD per day [but no limit on the individual scenes from the site which are its main focus anyway]
Bottom Line: If you like a Handjob scene, or you just like scenes that end without the guy jerking himself off, this is the place. Lots and lots of interesting scenes, and a few real Gems. Make sure to check the corners of the screen for links to additional pages of content. Just when I thought I'd gotten everything on the site, and was quite happy :), I found I'd missed pages and pages of short scenes submitted by enthusiast members, and many more DVDs to download.
Unless you're obsessed with video quality, or you just don't care for handjobs, this is a Must join.

02-12-08  07:19pm

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Visit Seventeen Video

Seventeen Video

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -some beautiful girls
-some good hardcore scenes
- has a definite personality
- most of the guys are on the young side, not just the girls
Cons: - one download at a time, folks. Download managers don't seem to work, and if you try to even download 2 scenes at once, they slow down to nothing.
- Can't even browse the site while you're downloading
- Have to login every half hour or so
Bottom Line: If this looks like your thing, just be prepared to spend a LOT of time and energy to get these scenes.
[Personally, I just don't think it's worth it with so many other good sites out there. BUT, don't get me wrong, it's only frustrating because there's a LOT of good content here, I just won't be able to get that much of it in the month I'll be a member for.]
OK, I've had a few days to watch some of these videos, and I've changed my mind - they ARE worth the trouble. Some really great scenes here, esp. Best of Seventeen Series. I recommend.

[You're best off going for the movies that offer the "full" resolution instead of "high", there's a big difference.] But some of the older scenes, only offered in "high" are great scenes, and at 600k they look fine, and some others say "high" not "full", but play at 2000k and look incredible!

A couple of tips: IE seems to work much better than Firefox; If you start to download and get a connection speed of 100k or less, cancel and start again, you should get 250-500. Just have to hit it at the right time, I guess.

UPDATE: If you're joining, be sure to get: teeny hot spots 2 scenes 4, 5 and 14; young teens 02 and 06; All the Best of Seventeen.

02-11-08  07:48pm

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Visit Maya's Hand Jobs

Maya's Hand Jobs

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Maya gives a hell of a handjob.
- See above.

- Videos look nice
- No bullshit porn acting (Hooray!)
- Good CS
Cons: - All HJ, almost nothing else
- Not a whole lot of content yet
- Dude... you're on [my] TV, take your socks off!!!!
- Maya, I know you're making him save it up for the handjob scenes... but give the poor devil some nooky once in a while [and film it!!!]
Bottom Line: First of all, if you ain't into handjobs, don't waste your money. If you like handjobs, though... It's all handjob (a little oral here and there just for lube), and she does it NICE and SLOW. At first I was fast forwarding to the end (and there are some Excellent CS here!), but they're very nice to watch the whole thing, too. All ambient room noise, no music, no "Fuck Yeah"s, and you almost never have a clue when the guys gonna cum. I think Maya's cute, and I think I got my money's worth, but I'd advise you to download the sample videos and see if you're enticed. It is pretty much all the same. Best HJ sites I've joined so far: 1) Hovidos, 2) Cony's, 3) Maya's. Worth a month.

03-26-08  08:45pm

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Visit ChickPass Amateurs

ChickPass Amateurs

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -If you like a geeky guy with a wife-next-store type, you might dig this.
-Amateur without being so poorly filmed as to be unwatchable.
-Quite a lot of content.
-They say exclusive, and all of it was new to me.
-Lots of sex-party content
-I joined on the trial and was able to access everything. Probably worth it for the trial price.
Cons: -Um... if you like, ... you know ... ATTRACTIVE women, you might want to look elsewhere.
-The geeky guy who's in many if not most of these vids seems about as into it as the registration renewal guy at the DMV. On a Friday afternoon. In May.
-Confusing to get around.
-After checking out about 50 of the vids I downloaded while a member, I've trashed all but 2. A record-low percentage of keepers.
Bottom Line: This is among the 2 or 3 worst sites I've joined. I expected lots of good exclusive amateur vids. There's lots, but they're Weak. Some of the peripheral material is way better than the "main course" stuff: Amazing Sluts of Montreal has a couple of good scenes. But AmazingSluts of Brazil and Asia are aweful. The sex party stuff seems lifeless. I don't think there's a female on this whole site who I'd want to see again. There are just Way better amateur sites out there. I cannot recommend a month here. Take the trial if it's your bag... and if you find any gems, post a comment so I don't have to keep sorting through all the bad ones!

05-02-08  10:24pm

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Visit Seventeen Video

Seventeen Video

GET teeners from holland 12!!!!

If you're joining, be SURE to download Teeners from Holland 12 scenes 2,3 and 4. This is among my favorite porn scenes of all time. Two lovely young women, smiling all the way, and one of the few Triple-cum shot scenes ever. Don't miss it and DON'T FAST FORWARD!

01-17-09  10:41pm

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Visit What Boys Want

What Boys Want

Early take

I just joined 3 days ago, and haven't had a lot of time to check the content. I'll post a full review in a few days... If you're looking for HiDef video or pics, or professionally produced scenes, they're not here. What is here is a HUGE collection of (mostly short) amateur videos and (mostly small) amateur photos. I'm way more interested in the video section, but in the pics there's a section called "see-through babes" which is all babes wearing see-through t-shirts, lingerie, laughably tight blouses, etc. It's a great section, and it appears to have 370 pages of 20 pics each. The "Cute Babes" section has 5700 pages. I could spend the next month just clicking through that... In the vid sections I recognized a few I'd seen before (I've seen the same "Christyne" no-sound video on many sites), but there are many more new to me. So far this is looking like an excellent join... I'll get back with more specifics in a few days...

05-24-08  10:34pm

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Visit What Boys Want

What Boys Want
Reply of exotics4me's Reply

Thanks, Exotics. If no one else comments in a day or two, I just may take the plunge. Hey, it's only $18 bucks. That's just a little over 4 gallons of gas!

05-13-08  11:17pm

Visit What Boys Want

What Boys Want

What I Want [to know]??

Is, is this site for real? I went to the site a couple of times and tried to do the Free registration thing, but never got an email reply... I've gotten some scenes which purport to come from this site [per the watermark] through Skin Video, and a couple of them are very good amateur scenes which I haven't seen elsewhere, so I'm quite curious, but slightly trepidatious to give them eighteen bucks or so when they wouldn't reply to my email... If anyone has tried them out, please let me know. If I have to be the first, well, I'll have to "steel" myself for the challenge...

05-12-08  05:58pm

Replies (3)
Visit Nubiles.net


If you're joining...

Don't miss Milana or Vera!

05-02-08  09:28pm

Replies (2)
Visit Nubiles.net


Great Hardcore vids here

I just became a member last week, and so far the site is great. I expected lots of pictures, and there are, and lots of solo videos, and there are, but the boy-girl vids here are excellent. If I had joined ONLY for that, I would have my money's worth. I count 89 vids totaling 24 gigs of boy-girl vids at the highest download res, and they look terrific. The highest res ones are WMVs at 1280x720 at over 3000k. Can't get a whole lot better than that...
BTW, if you're joining don't miss Alana, Cara (esp a file called "hardcore BTS" whatever that stands for, Kyra. And I haven't even started checking out the solos yet!!!

04-09-08  08:46pm

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Visit Silverstone Video

Silverstone Video

I was a member over a year ago, and still haven't watched everything!

- Lots of great older (by my jaded standards) video
- Lots of PN CS
- Some of the best stuff is the Pickup Lines series
- Tons of content - I was a member for a couple of months over a year ago, and I still haven't gone through everything
- Um, there's a facial or two [thousand] here

Not so much:
- There's way better video quality lately, but these ain't bad
- Not PN in his prime, but still!
- Recent posts say they're not updating anymore
- Watermark in the corner of every scene continuously (yuk)
- repetitive (or dependably consistent, its all in how you look at it!) content

I was just going through some of the content I had from when I was a member, and thought I'd post... If you have never joined, I think it's well worth it for a month, if only for all the Peter North series and Pick Up Lines (there's lots more too). You can only watch so much of it at once, cuz it's so similar, but that's actually OK. The scenes are filmed well (POV) and I've noticed few unattractive girls, and some I'd never seen before (and after Peter got done with them, probly never see again!!). If you like BJs and facials, and have about 20gigs of space available, I recommend it.

04-02-08  06:21pm

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Visit Deluxe Pass

Deluxe Pass

Some Gems here

Like another reviewer, Deluxe Pass was my first site. In 2004, it had great stuff - surpassed by others since, BUT I've been going through some of the old stuff from there, and there's a LOT I haven't seen anywhere else. Don't know if it's all still there, but I got something like 50 old french movies, some soft but most hardcore; some uncensored asian, and some "instructional" tantra-institute videos which are way cool! Lots of unusual stuff to go with way-too-many episodes of Pink eye. A great place to start your surfing career!

02-19-08  10:04pm

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Visit Naughty Mag

Naughty Mag
Reply of malikstarks's Reply

Thanks, malik! I'll take your advice and move on elsewhere. I must say, though, the content on 18Eighteen has me intrigued... I may break down and shell out the $ for a full month... I've gotten to watch some more of the NaughtyMag content, and it is a mixed bag. A couple of the videos look great, and the girls are beautiful. A lot of the others are so-so. I just got a peek at the pics before my trial ran out, and there is a lot there.

02-16-08  09:11pm

Visit Naughty Mag

Naughty Mag

Just did a trial

Got some very nice, good quality videos here. It's a mixed bag in terms of the girls, some very pretty, some ... not so much, as you would expect from a primarily amateur site. There's not a ton of video here, at least not b/g. There's some solo, toy and a bit of g/g as well. Navigation is good, and my download manager worked. Certainly worth the $5 for the trial, but not enough for a full month. If you like the pics, however, there's lots and lots, avail 1600x1200. That's not the best, but they look good... BTW - when I signed for the trial, there's a check box to get a $2.95 trial for 18Eighteen as well. I checked the box, but my password didn't work there. I emailed them, we'll see [according to their welcome email I was NOT charged the extra $2.95]...

02-13-08  07:48pm

Replies (2)

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