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Visit Cum Perfection

Cum Perfection
Reply of SimonK's Reply

I am crazy about the preview pic for "Sharing Girlfriend's Mouth" with Stella.

Please keep delivering this kind of fare!

And please consider having a longer cum-eating sequence for 10-15 minutes from a bowl with a spoon and lots of eye contact from a girl like Stella.

If you can find a model who doesn't mind eating semen, there's a whole new level of cum intimacy to explore.

Really really want to see gorgeous women who love eating cum.

08-16-14  09:43am

Visit Cum Perfection

Cum Perfection
Reply of SimonK's Reply


Just remember that there are million porn sites with regular HD sex, so that doesn't (IMHO) have to be a huge percentage of some scenes.

One reason I left Amateur Allure is the lack of a focus on the semen.

There are these gorgeous endings in Passion HD like "Let's Skip Dinner" or "Ping-Pong Challenge".

This kind of high-end glamour facial is simply gorgeous but could be the basis for a 30-minute film. Just seeing a woman who looks like Ella eating cum for 20 minutes would be worth HUGE money to many men.


07-21-14  10:32am

Visit Cum Perfection

Cum Perfection
Reply of SimonK's Reply

One other thing that would be more intense: When shooting bukkake with 10 men or whatever, please consider a more fixed camera angle with the woman looking into the viewers' eyes, and just having the dicks ejaculate from almost at the edge of the screen.

We want to see the cum layers building while she's looking at us, into our eyes with love.

07-21-14  08:47am

Visit Cum Perfection

Cum Perfection
Reply of SimonK's Reply

Just please consider a video with one of your more gorgeous thin models like Chessie where she spends 15-20 minutes looking into the camera eating cum with a spoon from a bowl, or else slowly slurping/playing with cum off her face.

REALLY would love to see cum-eating intimacy with eye contact where the woman's pleasure is in tasting, playing with, tonguing, rouging herself, and finally eating a larger amount of sperm. Perhaps blowing bubbles, etc.

Not so much the big gulp from a single flask which could be rather gross but a slower attention to cum eating -- but for a longer period of time -- where we get to see the woman enjoy eating a larger amount of sperm slowly while looking in our eyes. Maybe from 4-5 men.

I would love to see spunk eaten by gorgeous models: Not enough sites do this artistically.


07-21-14  06:18am

Visit Cum Perfection

Cum Perfection

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This site shows real promise as creating a new genre of the "glamour cumshot" for cumshot lovers like myself. My true dream is glamour bukkake -- and this site even delivers on some of that!

There are some beautiful scenes, including some artful camera work on beautiful faces as they get slowly spattered with cum from multiple angles (or multiple repetitions of the same shot.) Chessie has one of the nastiest (but artsy) facials, but there are other delightful vignettes of cum eating and cum play as well.

I liked Tina sipping semen from a condom and the camera shots of Paige post-pop. The bukkake is off to a wild start with Axa.
Cons: The site is still too small for its initiatory rate of $30 a month. It currently has 34 scenes, some of a very high quality, but seems a bit slow to add new content and a bit sparse for that kind of dough. However -- a big but -- if you love the idea of glamour cum play then this may be an investment to encourage the future development of a potentially blockbuster genre.
Bottom Line: A great site if you want to support artistic cum play and even high-end bukkake.

If I were to share my dream vision for what this site might become, I personally do not need to be grossed out with 50 men ejaculating on one woman's face -- which they do not do currently anyway. The Internet has enough of this.

What I would like is more "cum intimacy" with a glamour model looking POV into the camera for 20-30 minutes and really making love to one man's semen, slowly eating it, or perhaps cum from 4-5 men.

I just love the sight of cum on a gorgeous model's face and think the modern porn industry constantly whisks the camera away after the facial way too soon; these directors understand nothing. The eye contact is crucial to enjoying a good facial. (Even if anyone quite naturally closes her eyes during. I'm not looking for violatory shots, just POV whenever the woman can manage it -- afterward is fine.)

If you can't get the model to consider 4-5 person glamour bukkake, consider shooting 30 minutes of intense post-cum head POV style with the facial starting the video. If men love watching blowjobs, why wouldn't they love watching post-cum blowjobs? Why not make semen eating an art?

If you fuse the production values and gorgeous models of X-Art or Wow Girls with a hunger for sperm you could ignite a whole new genre.

It's a good start. I only hope this site takes my ideas and continues to build.

06-26-14  11:30pm

Replies (7)
Visit Eros POV

Eros POV

Content amount for 29.95?

This site looks extremely promising as to the quality of its content, but it seems rather murky in not showing much signs of quantity.

I would not want to risk it and pay 29.95 until I knew they had more than 5 videos.

It's a beautiful concept, but they need to be humbler in their price until we know about the quantity.

09-02-13  04:22pm

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Visit Nubile Films

Nubile Films

More focus and depth for 1 type of sex

I continue to be impressed with Nubile Films but hold out hope they will go deeper into intensity sometimes...

For example, "Cum Desires", while beautifully shot, suffered some from the same problem as the video with Zoey: scant attention was given to keeping the focus on the eye contact, POV-style with a truly gorgeous woman looking into the camera. When Dido did look into the camera, it was absolutely the best moments in the film.

I notice other glamcore sites like Wow Girls will often go deep into one sort of genre (like "Fucking a Head", which explores blowjob + rimming + facial only).

I wish Nubile would consider deepening into different specific genres at times. Like shooting an ONLY POV-blowjob video or an only anal video...

Again also the post-cum head could be extended for at least 5 minutes with a woman like Dido. You could picture her facialized, and then suckling and moaning as she coaxed at the post-cum penis with her mouth and made a meal of the semen. All while looking into our eyes.

A lot of people get off after the male model has ejaculated, yet no glamcore site has yet seemed to grasp that post-cum video should exceed 30-60 seconds.

We want to see that cheerleader beauty really trying, really aiming to please by showing no shyness around cum and a special attention to the post-cum penis -- which is most sensitive at that time.

Finally, Nubile Films should consider doing some tasteful artistic rimming by the woman of the man as well. Rimming shot explicitly with the tongue meeting the anus, and not just a nose buried in the pelvis of the man would be really hot...

09-21-13  12:59pm

Replies (1)
Visit Nubile Films

Nubile Films
Reply of The Captain's Reply

That would be most welcome.

I think eye contact + cum play is a deeply underdeveloped genre.

I notice myself when I watch a scene on a site like 21st Sextury Naturals end with this smiling blond woman looking up at the camera with white cum in her mouth, and she's only starting to lick her lips and savor it -- and I'm usually trying to get off as hard and fast as I can to beat the end of the movie.

That's not how soft-paced glamour porn should be.

The 21st Sextury network does have a more extreme site that showcases cumshot compilations on one woman's face -- but these do not achieve the emotional intimacy that one woman in one video taking time to really savor the semen would.

Many people who think this is no big deal commit the "I am the male actor" fallacy: Just because the actor has just ejaculated doesn't mean the viewer has.

08-03-13  12:18pm

Visit Nubile Films

Nubile Films

In need of more facial cum play + POV BJs

This site is gorgeous to behold -- with high quality models and gorgeous lighting and beautiful, breathtaking scenes.

Its main weakness is it needs more content -- and I would say also of a slightly more intimate sort.

Totemic of the problem is that extraordinary brunette blowjob picture of Zoey for "Dream Lovers" one sees on joining the site.

What's the problem with this incredible picture you might ask?

Once you watch the video, you notice a cameraman of immense stupidity cutting away from Zoey's eyes and refusing to indulge a more languid POV shot of her fiery beauty while suckling that cock tip. Instead the cameraman(-woman) rushes to show a side shot of the blowjob just when Zoey is looking into the camera. Hello?

If you can't understand that a blowjob -- (particularly, a blowjob with Zoey!!!) -- requires you to be almost OCD about POV, then you really don't belong in the business.

She is so gorgeous that this production oversight is one of the greatest pornographic sins I have ever seen.

I also sincerely hope that Nubile Films will consider more intimacy with facial cum -- as intimate, loving sex can involve what the woman does with the cum post-ejaculation.

Why should men at home have to rush their climax to fit a narrow 30-second window of facial cum?

Why not be truly daring and give us a full 30-minute exploration of semen?

I know that may seem too fetishistic -- but you might as well give it ONE try with a natural beauty like Zoey -- and then see if your ratings don't go through the roof.

(I parenthetically note that when Nubile Films shot their first extended cum-swapping video recently, it received one of the highest ratings ever. Wonder why.)

Nubile Films could improve by reading other comments on artistic facial cum:


08-02-13  01:53pm

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Visit VIPissy


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: An intense and beautiful exploration of peeing into gorgeous woman's mouths and on their faces and bodies. Videos unlike anything else on the web.

Have you ever imagined being able to pee into a supermodel's mouth?

This is the place.

There are no unattractive women on this site.
Cons: In its earliest stages, this site suffers from not nearly enough content, hence my 85 out of 100.

Also, they haven't yet figured out that if they're going to get gorgeous women to receive pee orally, most male viewers would just assume prefer that pee coming from the tip of a penis and not from another woman. (And POV style, please. Not so many side shots!) Whereas about half their videos involve women-on-women.

There's also the whole moral dilemma about is material this hardcore too transgressive? I always feel conflicted on viewing it... (But it is truly spectacular, at its best.)
Bottom Line: VIPissy is the cutting edge for some of the hardest hardcore out there, but still in its early beginnings as a fairly small site.

It is more selective than other peeing sites in choosing only gorgeous models.

If they focused more on male-female POV scenes almost exclusively, they would gain more members.

It's a great concept, pushing golden showers to new limits, but will need time.

A 3-month sign-up deal for 49.90 is not a bad offering price.

01-02-14  12:33pm

Replies (4)
Visit X-Art

Reply of pat362's Reply

Facials do evidently still command a large % of endings in glamour sites. There's a whole raging debate about cream-pies versus facials debate on many porn sites comment pages... I definitely favor the latter.

Agreed that porn behavior must adjust to incorporate the latest information on what's safest for the women.

There's a lot of stuff out there disrespectful to women... Fisting, slapping, peeing on women, double-penetration, anal sex (of most varieties) and yes, gratuitous sloppy cumshots in the eye or bukkake.

But laying aside how the cum gets there, many men seem to find the sight itself of semen on a gorgeous woman's face arousing. It doesn't necessarily have to be sloppily shot all over her eyes. It doesn't have to be large quantities from men of unknown provenance (i.e. with possible STDs.)

It might be cum art of the sort Camille Crimson might shoot with her trusted boyfriend.

I guess the point is, as with other sorts of porn -- like anal -- there may be a way to shoot things in a safer manner that are still visually arousing without being unsafe.

Men love to see women eat their cum; Chris Rock had a quip about believing he could speak Arabic after watching his girl swallow.

I think there will always be a market for it, but yes it does need to be done safer.

Artistic displays of semen on a woman's face for longer periods of time may have only a small % niche appeal -- but I can certainly imagine that appeal is real for some men given how historically popular the facial itself is.

There is, after all, always a slight risk to almost any kind of hardcore porn conceivable...

09-23-13  10:54am

Visit X-Art

Reply of pat362's Reply

You may be right... though I envision something new that hasn't been done.

I'm not concerned with gross-out quantities of sperm or men treating women badly.

I'm more interested in the artistic HQ/HD display of facial cum in creative ways and women eating it.

Perhaps even from just one man... The point is a new kind of porn for sperm fetishists that makes eating the semen a more slo-mo affair -- with lots of eye contact.

Many guys love the sight of semen on a gorgeous woman's face -- I'm all for extending the fantasy.

09-22-13  10:04am

Visit X-Art


X-Art gorgeous but could be harder...

I for one wish X-Art would hurry up and launch their harder-hardcore version -- it that is indeed still in the pipeline.

I keep looking for videos that explore more vigorous anal and facials but with X-Art models, style, production values and beauty.

One idea I've become increasingly drawn to is seeing "glamour bukkake" or high-end, high-quality art videos devoted to women consuming semen slowly from their faces. It doesn't have to be a gross-out 20 men who provide the semen, but it might be from 2 or 3 guys.

The point is there really aren't any HQ artistic videos exploring the semen fetish today out there. Glamorous facials that take some camera time (like 5-15 minutes) and show lots of semen worshiping and slow semen eating -- this sort of fetish I would love to see from X-Art.

All with lots of eye contact.

Many men get off only after the male actor has ejaculated. For that very reason, X-Art and other glamour sites ought to spend more time on the post-cum head and various fetishistic ways of eating cum. Perhaps from champagne glasses or pacifiers, perhaps just right off another female model's face, perhaps off a glass table top.

But something harder-edged and more fetishistic is in order. Not gross and mindless, like "1000 Facials" or some German/Japanese bukkake high-volume site, but something artistic and expressive of the love a woman can show for a man's sperm.

09-21-13  01:10pm

Replies (4)

Shown : 1-13 of 13  

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