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Visit Kick Ass Pass

Kick Ass Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A network with around 10 hardcore sites
- Features younger models and porn starlets
- Exclusive content from Kick Ass Pictures studio
- Over 700 videos
- Newer videos feature high quality 640x480 resolution
- Great price with TBP discount
- No DRM on movie files
- Daily network updates
- Excellent download speeds (around 1MB/sec) and compatible with download managers
- Navigation greatly improved since site redesign
Cons: - Pics and videos are updated separately and count as 2 updates; up to 7 days in a row of only pic updates
- There is no set update schedule for individual sites
- Some links for one network site's "Top Movies" lead to another network site
- Some network sites are still very small, like the MILF site
- Older videos are low quality (320x240) and very blocky
Bottom Line: I was pleasantly surprised by this network following my prior experiences with networks that have duplicated content or abandoned sites. This network has around 12 sites and it appears that all are actively updating. Also, there is a new network update everyday.

I also liked the fact that videos are download manager compatible and do not contain DRM. For newer scenes, the entire scene can be downloaded in one part at very good resolution. For older vids, they are broken in parts and are only available at lower resolution. I would really like to see the network re-upload those older scenes at the new resolution and scene length.

Given prior comments about navigation, I was a little worried, but the site re-design has helped navigation tremendously. All of the sites are linked to tabs at the top of the page. From there, movies and photos are split up and then presented in the order that they were uploaded. Since the older scenes are broken in parts, I suggest starting with the last page and moving backward to get the scenes in order. My only other navigation complaint is that some links lead to other network sites.

Given the large volume of content and the very good price with the TBP discount, I heartily recommend the Kick Ass Pass for hardcore porn seekers.

08-11-07  10:48am

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Visit 5-Guy Cream Pie

5-Guy Cream Pie

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of exclusive scenes of internal cumshots
- Newer videos are hi quality (640x480) wmv files and downloadable in 1 file
- No DRM
- TBP Discount
- Access to rest of Kick Ass Pass network
- Excellent download speeds (about 1MB/sec)
- Photo galleries available for many of the scenes
Cons: - Older videos are only available in parts (typically 2 parts per scene)
- Older videos are also of mediocre quality (320x240)
Bottom Line: This is definitely a niche site for those who enjoy internal cumshots or creampies. Each scene features one girl taking 5 internal cumshots.

It's not the typical porn setup where all 5 guys have some time with the girl, but then all get ready and pop one after another. In these scenes, each guy gets to do the girl and cum before the next guy. I feel sorry for the last guy in each scene. Talk about sloppy...fifths.

I found the models very attractive, although the interviews kind of threw me off. I mean, the majority of the time, the model is a pornstar who comes on camera and says "I never let guys come in me in my personal life." It's kind of hard to believe and that detracts from the scene. Also, the scenes include interviews with the guys (which I'm really not interested in) far too often.

On the positive side, there is a ton of content for those interested. Additionally, the videos are all DRM-free. Combine that with the discount from TBP and access to the rest of the Kick Ass Pass network and this site is a good deal. Additionally, to address a prior review issue, the site has been redesigned. I had no problems with navigating the site and finding the movies that I wanted to download. I definitely recommend this site.

07-26-07  10:00pm

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Visit Galactic Girls

Galactic Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very unique content: alien girls and human girls with alien "males"
- Lots of pictures and movies available for download
- Movies are wmv and mpeg; clips are around 100MB (for wmv)
- Full access trial: You can check out the entire site & network
- Access to Adult Fantasy Park network (10 sites total)
Cons: - Navigation is awkward and not user friendly: pics and vids are buried in multiple layers of menus.
- No updates in a while. Only updates for other network sites.
- Full price is a little high. Use the trial.
- Daily download limit of 3GB. Not compatible with download managers. The server will stop honoring the download manager's file requests.
Bottom Line: For $3, this network is worth a try. However, for the full cost, I would probably avoid as the niche is not quite for me.

07-02-07  10:48am

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Visit Butts And Blacks

Butts And Blacks

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 100 interracial scenes
- Newer scenes are high quality wmv or mpg
- Newer scenes feature streaming or 1-minute clips
- No DRM
- Newer scenes feature pics and vidcaps with zip file option
- Fast download speeds (around 1MB/sec)
- Access to Brazzer's Pass network of 16 sites
Cons: - Around 60% of the archive are older, lower-quality scenes
- Videos appear to be non-exclusive
Bottom Line: This was neither my favorite nor the worst site on Brazzer's Pass. The site features inter-racial scenes with lots of pornstars. Some, including Gianna Michaels and Barbie Cummings are well known for the IR exploits.

With over 100 scenes, it is easy to spend lots of time in the archive. However, you will soon discover that nearly 60% of the archive are older videos shot in either 320x240 resolution or at low bitrates. These are very difficult to watch at full screen. The newer scenes are much better quality and are very enjoyable.

All in all, I downloaded a few of these scenes and enjoyed them, but I would probably not join this site on its own. Members who have Brazzer's Pass should definitely check it out.

10-15-07  03:38pm

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Visit Strapon Lesbians

Strapon Lesbians

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Scenes of hardcore lesbian strapon anal sex
- Movie updates twice a week (one complete scene per week)
- Around 100 scenes available
- Photoset updates once a week
- Over 150 photosets (most have around 100 photos)
- No DRM
- Discounted 1-month membership (see below)
- Fast download speeds (around 1.5MB/sec) compatible with download manager
Cons: - Video quality for older videos is quite poor. The videos are at high resolution (up to 720x480), but at such low bitrates that they are very grainy and hard to watch at full screen
- Video download page is just a list with 1 screencap from the movie, but no description or actress names, unlike in the preview
- Photosets do not have zip file option
- Lots of banner ads at the bottom of the member homepage for company sites
Bottom Line: This site's slogan is "Girls Get Anally Punished With Thick Strapon Dildos!" and the site does not disappoint. All of the scenes feature lesbian anal strapon sex, and many also include vaginal strapon sex. There are close to 100 scenes available.

The majority of the scenes feature a similar setup: one girl has wronged another (stealing money, cheating with boyfriends, etc.) and must pay. The revenge usually progresses from spanking to strapon fellatio to anal intercourse. As mentioned above, there are some scenes when vaginal intercourse is also performed. As other reviewers have mentioned, these setups can get a little monotonous, particularly since they are often so similar. A little more imagination would reveal a lot of different scenarios could have been used.

The site includes some foreign (Russian?) lesbian strapon scenes. These scenes are much more hardcore than the English scenes and ignore backstory for simple anal sex. These scenes felt "angrier" than the story-based English-language scenes.

The biggest issue with the site is the lack of video quality. The newest videos are pretty good, but the older videos suffer from low bitrates and have lots of artifacts and blurring. The high resolution goes to waste because so much of the picture is blurry. This is a serious deficiency for a video-centric website.

In the end, I was happy enough with the site. Just join for 1 month using pat362's $19 method.

08-18-07  09:17pm

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Visit Real Rookies

Real Rookies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Girls appear to be amateurs and are young and attractive.
- Scenes appear to be original and exclusive.
- Vid quality is very good (up to 2100k wmv)
- Lots of vid options: wmv, mpg, iPod, mov
- Access to PervNetwork (20+ sites)
- Fast download speeds and compatible with download managers.
Cons: - Irregular updates. Last update was 6/2.
- Only 24 movies.
- Some links are broken. Ex: one of the top rated videos on the home page links to a page that doesn't include the model's video. After browsing all pages, this model is nowhere on the site.
- Quite a few ads on the member homepage add clutter.
Bottom Line: This site is a little small to justify spending $30 a month for a subscription. While it seems content may be added to the site, the site doesn't appear to be growing right now. Broken links and ads don't help the site's rating, either.

On the other hand, these girls appear to be true amateurs. I don't think that I've seen any of them on any other website. Additionally, about half of the scenes are solo girl and half include a guy/girl at the end, so there's a broader appeal.

In spite of its small size, this is one of the better sites on the PervNetwork due to its unique, exclusive scenes and attractive ladies. However, because it is so small, I can't rate it very high. This is definitely a bonus site for this network and should only be joined in that circumstance.

07-04-07  10:22pm

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Visit Fucked And Bound

Fucked And Bound

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of hot BDSM sex
- Attractive fetish models, including Deliliah Strong & Roma
- Over 100 scenes available for download
- Full zip file photo galleries for each scene
- Fast downloads (around 1MB/sec)
- Lots of anal sex, especially tied down anal
- TBP discount makes it less than $20/month
Cons: - Videos are only available in wmv & mov formats
- No full scene downloads: if you want the whole scene, you have to download a zip file with all of the parts and assemble it yourself
- Only weekly updates
Bottom Line: I enjoyed my membership to this site. I have been getting further into BDSM and this site fulfilled a nice niche in my life. I particularly enjoyed the non-rope bondage since that doesn't really do anything for me. On the other hand, simple domination techniques were frequently featured that I enjoyed watching.

As I mentioned above, I was thankful for the large quantity of anal sex content. I like how it was integrated into the sex and bondage, such as having the girl over a sawhorse with a hook up her ass tied to her hair while fucking her pussy. (Yes, it's a fairly standard scene, but it is still very stimulating.)

My biggest complaint about this site is the lack of single file downloads for movies. Instead of giving me a zip file with the movie parts, just compile it into one file for me. The updates are only once a week, so there has to be enough time to do the processing.

All in all, I enjoyed the site. I'm just not enjoying have to encode all of these videos myself.

03-04-08  03:15pm

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Visit Mega Site Pass

Mega Site Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Huge archive of older DVDs
- Daily updates of 4 or 5 scenes plus 4 or 5 photo galleries
- Searchable database
- Innovative search function to group by DVD series
- Great price for such a large archive
- Large number of photo-only models: just wish some had videos, too
Cons: - NOT compatible with D/L managers
- Older videos are streaming only
- Web 2.0 navigation is a little buggy
Bottom Line: I joined this site due to its low, low montly price. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of content. There are thousands of DVDs in the archive and new scenes are added daily. I'm not a huge fan of the method of adding scenes: the site adds 1 scene each for 4 or 5 DVDs a day. Therefore, it takes 4 or 5 days for a complete DVD to be uploaded. That stinks if the scene you really want is the last on the DVD.

I enjoyed being able to sort by category and especially being able to group by series. There are some really good anal series that the site includes and being able to see all of those DVDs at once was nice. Unfortunately, all of these advance navigation tools come at a price. The site relies heavily on Web 2.0 for navigation, particularly in the model index. While it worked flawlessly at times, there were also times when it would freeze up when changing pages.

My biggest complaint, and the reason I scored the site so low, is that it is not compatible with download managers. With such a large archive, I want to be able to download these movies to my hard drive. But, the site doesn't work with my D/L manager and I just get a bunch of error messages.

For the price, it is a great site. I just wish that they would enable support for D/L managers so I could enjoy the content offline.

01-23-08  09:46am

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Visit Third Movies

Third Movies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge archive of 3rd Degree Films. Over 150 DVDs and 1000 scenes.
- Lots of download options: 3 levels of wmv (up to 720x540), Xvid
- Flash-based streaming option available for most videos
- Most vids have no DRM
- Fast downloads compatible with download manager
- Access to Zero Tolerance on Demand (ZTOD) and Black Ice Pass
Cons: - Some vids still have DRM protection
- Updates are irregular; score dropped 5 points for going more than 2 weeks w/out an update
- Many older videos are ONLY available as streaming with no download option
- Browsing by pornstar name lists the actresses by number of scenes, not in alphabetical order; no option to make it alphabetical
- Organization issues 2: There are a number of scenes with the wrong actress listed
Bottom Line: This studio site is quite impressive. It features a large collection of DVDs available for download. While a very few movies still have DRM issues, the majority are available to keep on your hard drive, even after your subscription ends.

The fact that the site includes access to 2 other studio sites makes it a better value. 3 studios for $30 is a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, all three studio sites suffer from a very irregular and unpredictable update schedule. Despite claiming that new DVDs appear on the website prior to their release, this was not the case. There were periods of 10 or more days without a new DVD update.

Navigation was a bit strange, as normal conventions, like alphabetical order for pornstars and movie titles, was ignored in favor of listing the number of scenes or the most downloaded movies. Not a huge issue, but it did take some getting used to.

All in all, this is a very nice site. It is good as a break from VideoBox or other DVD sites. I only wish that they would set a more predictable update schedule and/or possibly lower the price.

12-28-07  12:51pm

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Visit DVD Box


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of DVDs available, although some are older and lower quality
- Two quality levels, but only wmv
- No DRM
- TBP discounted price
Cons: - Unreliable updates: there is an update clock, but it doesn't reflect actual updates; updates are erratic and vary from 0-2 DVDs per day
- Actress names should be assigned by scene and not by DVD. Often the screencaps are too small to figure out who is in what scene
- It would help if file names reflected the movie titles
- Some scenes, despite being downloaded at the high quality level, are very poor quality
- Download speeds varied wildly: as fast as 1MB/sec down to less than 50KB/sec
Bottom Line: For a giant DVD repository, DVD Box is pretty good. It has a few flaws, such as the unreliable updates and the poor searching for actresses or movies. Also, the quality of the movies (in terms of content) varies wildly from one DVD to the next. There is also a large focus on fetish (latex, primarily) and gay films so that may be a turn-off for some members.

However, despite those reservations, the site is a good deal. I would only join for a month so that I can peruse the collection and download the scenes that I want. Thankfully, there is no DRM, so I can keep the downloaded movies as long as I want. I have found, though, that I usually delete the scenes I download from DVD Box after I watch them, unlike from VideoBox, where I find myself archiving a lot of scenes.

I guess that comparison is inevitable: VideoBox is the 500 lb. gorilla of the DVD archive sites. When I compare DVD Box to VideoBox, I prefer VideoBox for its more frequent updates and newer titles. However, DVD Box does include more fetish and "off-the beaten path" movies. It's good for a change of pace. Therefore, I recommend that you give DVD Box a try.

11-18-07  11:58am

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Visit Doctor Adventures

Doctor Adventures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large archive with around 92 scenes
- About 75% of scenes available in high quality wmv
- Scenes available as wmv or mpg downloads
- Newer scenes offer wmv streaming and 1-minute clip downloads
- All scenes include screen caps or pics with zip file option
- Access to Brazzer's Pass network
- No DRM
Cons: - Irregular update schedule, maybe once every 2 weeks
- Lower quality movies are so bad that they are difficult to watch
Bottom Line: This site focuses on one of the popular fetishes: nurses and doctors. For the most part, it doesn't take itself too seriously and that is important in this setting. Rather than try making everything realistic, it shows some of the more ridiculous scenarios like a doctor fucking a patient in a wheelchair to fix his paralysis.

The quality on this site is pretty good. I was impressed with the newer scenes. Unfortunately, about 25% of the archive, namely the older movies, were only available in 320x240 files. They were so grainy and jerky that they were hard to watch. After downloading a couple, I skipped the rest and just looked at the newer content.

This site almost feels like an outsider to the rest of the Brazzer's Pass network. While the majority of the sites focus on big-breasted women, this site plays to a different niche. Don't get me wrong: there are plenty of big breasts in these scenes, but the focus is not as blatant as in some other sites.

In the end, this site is pretty good. It fills a unique niche and adds some variety to the Brazzer's Pass network. While I wouldn't join this site on its own, I think that any member of Brazzer's Pass should take a look.

10-12-07  09:01am

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Visit Sex Pro Adventures

Sex Pro Adventures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of featured pornstar movies
- All videos are available in high-quality wmv or mpg
- Movies are also available in clips
- No DRM
- All scenes include photo galleries with zip file option
- Access to Brazzer's Pass Network (16 sites)
Cons: - Small site: only 40 scenes available
- Clutter and ads on member archive pages
Bottom Line: This site has an interesting premise: use pornstars to teach "amateurs" new sex techniques. While I always care more about quality than plot, I also enjoy creativity in porn. This site has that, plus it also features lots of pornstars in hot scenes. Unlike other reviewers, I didn't think that the scenes were too repetitive. When working from a set premise, you can only do so many things. I don't fault them for that.

The site's video quality is very good. All movies are 640x480 and available in single-file downloads. Movies are also available for streaming and in 1-minute clips. All scenes also include a photo gallery and vidcaps, both of which include a zip file option.

The biggest drag against the site is its small size. Unfortunately, there are only about 40 scenes available right now. Updates appear to be coming weekly and site growth should be the biggest factor for the site's webmasters.

All in all, I was really impressed with SexPro Adventures. I really enjoyed the high quality videos and the plots were a bonus. Combined with the rest of Brazzer's Pass, this is a good site to join. If the quality remains and the site grows, the site will only get better.

10-04-07  05:14pm

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Visit Busty And Real

Busty And Real

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 100 scenes posted (see Con below)
- Newer vids can be downloaded in mpg or wmv or in 1-minute clips
- Newer movies are available up to 640x480
- No DRM
- About 1MB/sec downloads
- Weekly updates
- Access to Brazzer's Pass network
Cons: - Not every scene has a video download option; some are pictures only
- Older videos are only available as low-quality downloads.
- Site navigation is quirky, like the rest of Brazzer's Pass network
Bottom Line: This site has a definite niche and caters to it well. The site is of respectable size, but some of the content is lacking. I wish that they could fix the navigation issues as well as repost the older movies at higher resolutions.

For big boob lovers everywhere, this site is close to great. The site features tons of large-breasted women masturbating (some with toys) and some hardcore scenes, too. My biggest issue is this split personality of the site: is it a hardcore site or is it a softcore site? It doesn't have enough hardcore content to justify it as a hardcore site, but the inclusion of hardcore sex kind of puts it out of the softcore camp. It would be nice to have a particular focus for the site.

Another issue with the site is the older scenes or about half of the archive. Many older scenes only have vidcaps, but no movies. Others have movies, but in such low resolutions that they are unwatchable. The newer scenes don't have this problem and that is great. However, I would like to see the older scenes fixed with high resolution movies.

Access to Brazzer's Pass and its network of sites is what really justifies this site. I like some of the cross-referencing between sites by model name, but random links and lots of advertising detract from the site design. All in all, I wouldn't join this site on its own. However, since it was included with my Brazzer's Pass subscription, I'll take the time to download some of the (newer) movies.

10-01-07  03:15pm

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Visit Big Tits At School

Big Tits At School

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 50+ scenes available for download or streaming
- Movies available in mpg & wmv & 1-minute clips
- No DRM
- Network access to Brazzer's Pass (16 sites)
- Photosets and screen caps for most scenes with zip file option
- Downloads averaged 1MB/sec
- Weekly updates
Cons: - Same navigation issues as other network sites: lots of ads and cluttered design
- No TBP discount
Bottom Line: This site features large-breasted women in school-like settings and scenarios. They have started to widen the definition of "at school" lately by including such scenes as the "end of school pool party." While it doesn't detract from the beauty of the ladies, I think that it shows that they are running out of new ideas.

The site features over 50 scenes that can be downloaded or streamed, so it is not the largest site on the network. The movies are available in wmv and mpg formats and also available in 1 minute clips. Download speeds were reasonable around 1MB/sec. The site also updates once or more per week.

I really dislike the number of ads and general organization of the site. It makes the site appear cluttered and makes navigating the site more difficult.

In general, I like this site. I wish that it stayed more true to its theme, but that is forgivable. The site includes many attractive models and is well produced. The only ways to improve it would be to clean up the site design and offer a TBP discount.

09-18-07  09:11am

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Visit Kick Ass Pussy Pump

Kick Ass Pussy Pump

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Unique, exclusive scenes of pussy pumping.
- Newer videos are hi quality (640x480) wmv files
- All scenes are downloadable in one part
- About 45 scenes in total
- No DRM
- TBP Discount
- Access to Kick Ass Pass network (10+ sites)
- Photo galleries
Cons: - Older videos are only 320x240 resolution
Bottom Line: I had only seen one movie with a pussy pump before joining this site. However, this site features young models using pumps to engorge their lower lips. My understanding is that the added bloodflow to the area is supposed to increase sensitivity and enjoyment. Based on these videos, that appears to be true.

The site can almost be divided into newer and older videos. The newer vids are available in hi quality wmv downloads. The older vids are only available as lower quality downloads. File sizes and picture quality differences are noticeable. The older vids are not unwatchable, but they do leave a lot to be desired.

While this fetish doesn't directly appeal to me, I won't disparage it, either. It is definitely a unique sex enhancer. Given the exclusive content, the network access, and the TBP discount, this site is a pretty good bargain. If this fetish interests you, I would easily recommend this site.

08-10-07  08:24am

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Visit Porno 4 Portables

Porno 4 Portables

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive scenes from Kick Ass Pictures
- All videos are available as m4v files formatted for iPods
- All scenes are downloadable in one part
- Over 370 scenes! All new scenes added to the Kick Ass Pass network are also added to P4P
- No DRM
- TBP Discount
- Access to Kick Ass Pass network (10+ sites)
- iPod formatted photos galleries (with zip file option)
Cons: - Content is duplicative of the rest of the Kick Ass Pass network. There is no unique content solely for this site
- When browsing scenes in P4P, the original Kick Ass Pass site name is removed, so you can't be sure what type of content the scene contains, particularly for the older movies
Bottom Line: While I don't own an iPod (I refuse to get locked into iTunes), I can see how this site would be really useful. With the video capabilities of the later generations of iPod, it makes sense to put porn on it. There are times when it would be much easier to conceal an iPod's screen from peeping eyes than it would to mask a laptop or desktop monitor. There's also the advantage of not having to use the company laptop or ordering PPV when on business trips.

This site manages to fill this niche very well. It appears that most of the Kick Ass Pass network content is available formatted for iPods. Unfortunately, that means that there is no unique content just for P4P, but that it makes the content on the rest of the network more accessible. These are also complete scenes, not just clips. This does mean that file sizes are over 100MB per file, something to think about when it comes to download times and storage space on your portable.

It is a very unique site that fills a new niche and I am impressed with the ingenuity. The effort to reformat all of these movies for the iPod also impresses me. Therefore, I would recommend this site to all iPod users who would like to take some adult entertainment on the road.

08-04-07  04:40pm

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Visit Teach My Ass

Teach My Ass

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: 1. Lots of anal action, as the title implies. All girls take it up the ass.
2. While predictable, I like the use of toys to "loosen up" the girls before the main event.
3. Most girls have the "deer in the headlights" look when they come in, which implies an innocence that may or may not be real. Either way, it looks nice on camera.
4. I really enjoy the POV perspective for all of the vids. This is a personal taste.
5. Newer vids are available for download as complete scenes. Older=parts.
Cons: 1. Price: As a poor porn viewer, $30/month is a little pricey.
2. Lack of updates: While I was a member (about 1 month) there was only 1 scene updated. As I said above, $30 for one update is a little disappointing.
3. While the site appears to be girls taking it for the 1st time, many of the girls appear to be anal pro's.
4. Personal taste, but I think that most of the girls are too quiet. We hear more grunting from the guy than the girls.
Bottom Line: For a small, anal-only website, it is pretty good. The girls are cute and young and the action is hardcore and intense. However, the lack of updates and the high price make it hard for me to recommend.
If you are looking for an anal-only website, it is hard to beat Asstraffic, which I would recommend over TMA for the same price.

07-02-07  03:07pm

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Visit Blacks In Cracks

Blacks In Cracks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - High quality vids, up to 2100k wmv
- Membership includes access to entire Perv Network (20+ sites)
- Many different download options and formats (wmv, mpeg, iPod, mov)
- Adds 1 scene per week. (Not great, but you get updates from the rest of the network, too.)
Cons: - Price is a little high, especially for non-exclusive content.
- Vids are all DVD rips. No exclusive content.
- Not all vids are interracial...which hurts this site.
- Doesn't work well with download managers, which hurts because files for hi quality are over 400MB.
Bottom Line: For the most part, this site delivers what it promises: interracial sex with good looking white girls. As a part of the network, it makes sense, but on its own, it is too expensive.

07-02-07  11:25am

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Visit hSiren Hentai

hSiren Hentai

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A ton of anime and manga content
- Features 300 movies
- Includes almost 1700 mangas
- Over 40 anime games
- Great price for so much content
- No DRM on movie files
- Weekly updates
- Good download speeds (around 600KB/sec) and compatible with download managers
- Easy navigation
Cons: - Movies and mangas are updated separately
- Movies come in many different file formats and may not be compatible with your favorite media player
Bottom Line: I'm not a huge anime fan, but I joined this site on account of Schnitzel's review and the low price. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of content given that they are only charging $9.50/month. I joined primarily for the anime movies that were available. I especially liked that almost all of the movies were subtitled in English. With 300 movies, it is a really good thing that the site worked with my download manager.

There were a couple minor drawbacks to the movies section. The movies seem to have been collected from sources all over the internet and feature watermarks for different hentai websites. Additionally, the different movies were encoded in many different formats, like Ogg, Matroska, WMV, and DivX. Each movie was only available in 1 format, but the formats differed between movies. Most of these file formats require additional codecs to be installed on your computer. I was able to get all of them working in Media Player Classic.

While I subscribed primarily for the movies, I was amazed at the number of manga comics that were available on the website. I guess that I shouldn't be that surprised since they are really just big photosets, but the number of titles available was great. Unfortunately, I cannot read Japanese, so the mangas were of less interest to me.

Overall, given the price and quality of content, it is easy to recommend hSiren. The value would be even higher for someone who can read or understand Japanese. Either way, it is a great value.

08-15-07  03:40pm

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Visit Baby Got Boobs

Baby Got Boobs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 100 scenes of large-breasted young models available for download
- Exclusive content
- No DRM
- More than 75% of scenes downloadable in 1 file
- Movies available in wmv or mpg format
- Newer movies also have 1 minute clips
- Picture sets for almost every scene with zip file option
- Compatible with download managers & fast speeds over 1MB/sec
- Part of Brazzer's Pass Network with 16 sites
Cons: - Site navigation is a little awkward. Each page of updates starts with the latest update, highest rated models, top favorites, next week's update, a large ad, and a poll even for older updates
- Movies have different resolutions: 640x480, 480x320, 320x240 and no way to know before downloading
- Could not get streaming video option to work
- No TBP discount
Bottom Line: The site advertises that it is the only site dedicated to busty teens. While that isn't true, this site does contain a lot of content featuring busty teen girls. The large quantity of content, combined with network access, makes this site a good deal.

My biggest annoyance deals with the video resolution. Not even all of the newer updates are available in 640x480 and none of the movies have the resolution displayed prior to download. Another issue deals with navigation. The site puts a lot of clutter at the top of each page of updates before listing the updates. More than HALF of each update page is filled with the same duplicated listings and ads. I can understand it on the first page, but subsequent pages don't need all of this junk, especially since it is the same on every page.

On the positive side, this site features close to 120 scenes and almost 100 are available as single-file downloads. All but one or two scenes also include photo galleries with zip file options. I wish that the site would update some of the older scenes to make them available as single-file downloads, too.

All in all, given the network access and bevy of content, I would recommend this site to both teen lovers as well as big boob lovers. Since I qualify for both of those, I am quite happy with this site.

09-13-07  02:36pm

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Visit Rectal Rooter

Rectal Rooter

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive pornstar scenes featuring lots of anal.
- Separate section of DVD movie rips with more pornstar anal.
- All scenes can be downloaded in multiple formats: wmv, mpg, and rm.
- No DRM.
- Access to PervNetwork of 20+ sites.
- Excellent download speeds (about 1.5MB/sec).
Cons: - Including the DVD section, only 59 scenes.
- No updates since January 2007. I don't expect any more updates for this site.
- Scenes can only be downloaded in parts. As with other PervNetwork sites, 6 parts per scene.
- Video quality leaves much to be desired.
- Price is very high for a site with no updates.
- Scenes are very poorly organized. Lots of scenes have the wrong actress name or just a number. Each scene opens a separate pop-up window.
Bottom Line: This is one of 3 sites on PervNetwork that features hardcore anal videos. Of the three, it is probably the weakest. It only has low quality videos, lacks updates, and scenes can only be downloaded in parts. (Note: Rectal Rooter got a higher score than She Gapes due to the fact that She Gapes inappropriately claimed that it has exclusive content.)

Video quality is pretty bad. The highest quality level is only 400x300 resolution wmv files. This is the same for all of the scenes, whether exclusive or DVD rip. The scenes are washed out and look more like VHS transfers than DVD rips.

This site has not updated in over 6 months. As I have expressed before, PervNetwork should combine this site with one of the other anal-themed websites on the network. However, because these scenes are such low quality, it would be incredibly obvious that this content was just tacked on to another higher-quality site.

If you couldn't tell by now, I don't recommend this site. The poor quality and lack of updates makes this site a terrible waste of time. Had I known about the video quality issues, I would not have included this as a reason to join PervNetwork.

07-19-07  09:06pm

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Visit Teen Brazil

Teen Brazil

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive scenes of Brazilian girls.
- Most of the women are convinced to take it up the butt which is a definite plus in my book.
- All of the models appear to be amateurs.
- There is a separate photo gallery that features vidcaps for most of the scenes.
- All scenes can be downloaded in multiple formats: wmv (up to 2100k), mpg, mov, and mp4.
- No DRM!
- Access to PervNetwork of 20+ sites.
- Good download speeds (about 650KB/sec) with my download manager.
Cons: - Only 28 scenes! No site growth, either!
- Updates were added pretty regularly up through March 2007. Since then, there have been no new updates.
- No zip file option for pictures.
- Lots of banner and text ads throughout the member section. It is the most ads I have seen yet on a PervNetwork site.
Bottom Line: This site features very attractive Brazilian babes having hardcore sex. The biggest plus for me is that most of the women are convinced to have anal sex, too. More than half of the scenes feature anal. Other genres featured include girl/girl and threesomes.

The site offers multiple download options, including a DVD-quality wmv download. Even though the file quality is very high, the videos themselves are a bit grainy and washed out. The scenes are around 20-25 minutes long each.

My biggest complaint is the failure to update and the small number of scenes available on the site. Considering that it is a niche site that has been around for more than 6 months, I expected more content. While the movies that they have feature very beautiful teens, I would have liked to see more, especially for the price that I am being charged.

07-17-07  09:12pm

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Visit Yank My Crank

Yank My Crank

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Features lots of pretty girls giving handjobs.
- Approximately 45 scenes.
- Older scenes feature pornstars while newer scenes feature amateurs. Overall, it's about 50/50.
- Lots of download options: wmv & mpg for all, older scenes also have rm.
- All scenes include a picture gallery.
- Access to PervNetwork of 20+ sites.
Cons: - No complete scene download option. Must download in parts: 6 parts per scene.
- Picture gallery has no zip file option, must download each picture individually.
- Irregular updates, if any. I don't think any updates have been added since I became a member. Prior updates are not dated.
- Price is high for this little content and no updates.
Bottom Line: I was kind of surprised to see both pornstar and amateur videos on this site. I expected one or the other, but not both. This was a pleasant surprise as many of the amateurs were very young and cute.

Unfortunately, the flaws for this site outweighed the positives: lack of updates, inability to download complete scenes, and high price all caused me to lower the score.

Handjob videos don't really do anything for me (unlike the real thing), so I don't have much to say. However, given its price and lack of updates, I wouldn't recommend joining for more than 1 month just to download all of the videos.

07-09-07  04:21pm

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Visit 1000 Orgasms

1000 Orgasms

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Women enjoying lots of LOUD orgasms on sybians. It's hard to argue with that.
- Membership includes access to PervNetwork (20+ sites).
- Around 40 videos, between 15 and 25 minutes, each. Good quality for older wmv vids (hi quality=320x240).
- File sizes for hi quality between 50-120MB and compatible with download managers. Excellent download speeds.
- Files available for complete scene/clips and at different quality levels (wmv and mpg).
Cons: - No updates since 2006, so I guess you can give up on any more.
- Lots of ads for 3rd party sites clutter the homepage.
- Expensive if you are subscribing just for this site. More reasonable if you are getting it as a bonus on PervNetwork.
Bottom Line: I only visited this site since I already had access to PervNetwork. Having visited, I found that the site is one of the better on the network. The scenes are complete, entertaining, and feature very attractive women and lots of orgasms on sybians and with vibrators. It is easy to navigate and the videos download very quickly.
It's a shame that the site stopped updating. These vids were a lot of fun to watch, even if it meant that I had to turn the volume down! I suppose that one could argue that using the sybian has become passe and has lost its shock value. I mean, even Howard Stern has one now!
All in all, I would not recommend a subscription to this website if it is the primary reason for subscribing to PervNetwork. There simply isn't enough content to justify $30 a month. However, if you are already a member or if you are thinking about joining PN for another site, this site is definitely worth your time for a visit.

07-03-07  09:18pm

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Visit Destroy That Ass

Destroy That Ass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - High quality vids, up to 2100k wmv
- Membership includes access to entire Perv Network (20+ sites)
- For a new site, there are plenty of vids (over 60 complete scenes)
- Good speed and works with download managers
- Adds 1 scene per week. (Not great, but you get updates from the rest of the network, too.)
Cons: - Price is a little high, even for a network.
- Scenes only have actress first names.
- Non-exclusive content: Unlike some other Perv Network sites, this site does not advertise as exclusive, so it's not a big deal. All videos are DVD rips.
Bottom Line: I got this site by joining SheGapes.com. While that site was truly false advertising (non-exclusive content advertised as exclusive), this site doesn't suffer from the same fault. It has nice scenes with cute girls getting it in the rear.
While I wouldn't join this site on its own for $29.95, getting it as a bonus for the network is more palatable.

07-02-07  10:24am

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