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Visit Homemade Paysite

Homemade Paysite

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - About 100 different exclusive scenes with beautiful amateurs. The vids are very well shot and each lasts between 10 and 20 minutes
- Content includes b/g, g/g, g-solo, and, of course, 3- and 4-way orgies, including a few anal scenes
- Melissa (webmaster) has over 30 scenes and responds personally to user e-mails and comments
- Complete scenes are available in wmv and mpg
- No DRM
- TBP discount!
- Multiple updates per week
- Very fast downloads (over 1.5MB/s) with download manager
Cons: - The site design and navigation could use some updating. Currently, all videos are organized by model, but each model's page is just a listing of scenes (with 1 vidcap per scene).
- Scene descriptions could be expanded with information such as run-time or background info like who came up with the scene idea or date filmed.
Bottom Line: I normally don't join amateur websites because often the content is poor or low quality or too soft for my tastes. Made2Order Videos is definitely not in that mold. As I stated in my comment, I found hardcore movies and great models. If you join, I recommend checking out Melissa's video from October 7th. I don't want to ruin the surprise, but WOW!

I have also corresponded with the webmaster (the aforementioned Melissa) and she has responded quickly to any of my questions regarding the site. It is great customer service. It's also why I became a member this month.

The site isn't perfect: First, the navigation is simple, but should be updated. The videos are just listed down a webpage without any organization other than by model. With this many scenes, it takes a while to load and is kind of unwieldy.
Second, add pictures of the models on the member homepage. It'd be nice to have a headshot of each of the models next to the link to her scenes.
Lastly, it's just my personal taste, but I would love to see more anal scenes added (boy/girl or girl/girl).

This is probably the only amateur website that I would join. The TBP discount, combined with the fact that there are a few featured amateurs makes this site a great bargain. But don't let the low price fool you: the content is hot and the quality is great. I don't normally renew memberships month after month, but I will for this site as I want to see what new ideas and new girls Melissa is able to find and film.

07-17-07  04:38pm

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: LOTS OF CONTENT: Can't say it enough, there are a ton of DVDs on the website.
FREQUENT UPDATES: They have recently started adding a new DVD every 5 hours. That's 4+ DVDs per day.
Great price: Through TheBestPorn, a monthly subscription is only $14.95. That includes downloading at DVD quality (720x480 or 640x480).
VideoBox 2.0: They are currently beta testing a new site design. It looks amazing, is much faster, and is very user friendly.
Cons: Lately, the quality of the DVDs added has been hit or miss. With adding so many movies, sometimes VB has had to resort to smaller studios and some odd movies.
Bottom Line: A great site for a low, low price. For about 1 DVD per month, you can access their entire database of movies. I highly recommend.

07-02-07  08:08am

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Visit Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Daily Updates
- HUGE database and archive of nude scenes
- Incredibly detailed search engine
- Videos available in WMV and MP4 formats
- News and Special Features to keep the site interesting
- HD TV and movie clips
Cons: - Price is still $30/month
- Many movies are still split into clips, sometimes less than 30 seconds each
- Search results page is still outmoded
Bottom Line: I rejoined Mr. Skin recently in order to catch up on my celebrity nudity in film and on TV. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there had been some changes to the site, most notably that most movie files had been re-encoded and that some HD clips were available. The new files are smaller, but higher quality and the HD clips are beyond compare.

I have also noticed an increase in news stories (like the Mr. Skin Minute) and other special features (like Top 10 lists) that help expose new actresses or movies. For example, there was quite a bit of excitement when it was announced that Jessica Biel would appear topless in Powder Blue.

The big downside is that the price of the site is still relatively expensive. For most, joining for a month or two every year or so should be plenty to fulfill their need for celebrity nude scenes. That's my plan, at least.

05-23-09  06:19am

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Visit 10-Man Cum Slam

10-Man Cum Slam

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Wonderful, hardcore vids of young girls getting at least 10 loads of cum
- All girls swallow all loads!
- Exclusive content shot for Kick Ass Pictures
- Hi quality new scenes (640x480) wmv files
- Separate photo galleries for most scenes (zip files of entire shoot)
- Access to all Kick Ass Pass sites (10+ sites)
- TBP discount
- No DRM.
- Excellent download speeds (about 1MB/sec) using a download manager
Cons: - Older scenes are only available in parts (3 parts per complete scene): I suggest starting with last page of scenes and moving backward to avoid missing any scenes
- Older videos are also of lower quality (320x240)
- Some girls have only photosets and no videos
- Navigation could use some work: a number of links in the "Top Videos" lead to videos from other sites in the network
Bottom Line: If you like to watch girls suck cock and eat cum, go join this site. This site targets this niche and does it very well. There are a lot of scenes, even when you account from the older scenes being split into parts. All of the girls are young and good-looking porn starlets.

The scenes are incredibly hardcore for blowjob-only videos. Some of the scenes can be a little too graphic: some scenes feature a "puke alert" for when the blowjob got a little too vigorous.

With regard to navigation cited in the TBP review, the site has undergone a redesign since the review. I didn't have any problems with navigation being choppy, but I did run into some links that led to other sites on the network instead of 10 Man scenes.

Access to the Kick Ass Pass network is a bonus. On top of that, the TBP/PU discount only makes this site better. I highly recommend this site.

07-26-07  10:17pm

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Visit Pornstar XS

Pornstar XS

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Excellent, growing site: Lots of content and 2 new DVDs every day.
- Decent navigation: You can sort by performer name, movie title, or niche. Actress names pop up a picture when you hover over them. Nice touch!
- Actress pages provide a list of aliases. That's very important since many actresses appear under different names. The aliases also work in the search function.
- Price: Very reasonable price for the content.
- Video Quality: They offer super-hi resolution wmv downloads.
Cons: - Quantity of super-hi resolution videos: Older videos are lower quality and broken into parts.
Bottom Line: Overall, this is a great site. I am a member of VideoBox and used this before getting VB's DVD-quality downloads. I was really impressed by the quantity and quality (of the new movies). I will probably join this site again in a few months to pick up the added DVDs.
If you are choosing between VB and PXS, I would still go for VB right now. But the competition is getting closer.

07-02-07  09:10am

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Visit Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Mr. Skin is THE definitive place to go for movie nude scenes. The database is excellent and large!
- Tons of clips from many movies, including DVD bonus scenes.
- Searchable database is available to non-members, so if you see an actress or movie on TV, you can look it up on Mr. Skin.
Cons: - Price: It is a little expensive for just movie nude clips.
- Site design is getting a little long in the tooth. Site still uses pop-ups for movie viewing and search results are a long list of movie titles or names with no pictures.
- Clips are usually broken into 2 or 3 parts. With broadband, even longer clips should be kept as 1 part.
Bottom Line: A site that I enjoyed a lot. Includes news and reviews for upcoming theatrical and DVD releases. It just got too expensive to keep membership.

07-02-07  08:28am

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Visit Premium Pass

Premium Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Excellent archive of older and newer films. Hundreds, if not thousands, of movies
- Unlimited downloads
- Full scene downloads, but have option for downloading in parts, too (wmv & mov)
- Access to other network sites, including premium sites like Jules Jordan and Jenna Haze
- Fast download speeds (around 1.5MB/sec)
Cons: - Does not work well with download managers
- Poorly designed search
- No movie titles for scenes
Bottom Line: I joined this site to get access to Ass Fixation. I'm glad that I did. They have a great archive of older and newer scenes and I have enjoyed downloading (most of the time).

Searching for content is a little more complicated than it should be. First, searching by model name is only available after clicking through 3 different levels. Even then, it is only an alphabetical listing and not true search. However, it gets the job done. I am kind of afraid of how many scenes have not yet been indexed and that I am missing.

Downloading was a little harder than it needed to be, too. The site does not play nice with download managers and needs to be babysat. If you keep accessing pages on the website while the DL manager runs, it works okay, but it does require you to keep loading/browsing the site during the downloads.

Lastly, there are no movie titles for the scenes. It's obvious that the content is ripped from DVDs, but they don't list the DVD title with the scene or the downloaded file.

Overall, I think that this is a great site for those who are looking for a lot of content and have the time to peruse the shelves, if you will. I enjoyed my subscription and I think you will, too.

04-17-08  11:57am

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Visit Girls Love Toys

Girls Love Toys

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great TBP/PU price
- Searchable pics and videos by name/category/ethnicity/etc.
- Frequent video & picture updates
- Very high resolution movies (up to 720x540 wmv)
- Complete movie downloads
- Over 200 photosets
- Download manager compatible
Cons: - Downloads do not support server resume feature
- Category links do not work, even though category search are ok
- Relatively small video archive (around 100 videos)
- Photo zip file access requires membership for over 30 days
Bottom Line: Let's be clear: this is a photo-oriented site and I am a video-oriented porn consumer. I'm not a huge fan of clicking through slideshows to see the action. I much prefer to see it in full motion video.

That being said, this is a really good site. There are quite a lot of videos, even if that isn't the primary focus. Currently, there are around 100 videos, both professional and amateur quality. The newer videos are available in very high resolution. Even older videos are available at 640x480. There are very few repeat models, so there is variety. There are also less than 20 videos which feature any anal play (toys or fingers), which was a disappointment.

As I said, I am not a photo guy. However, I did browse through the photo section of this site. On the photo side, there are more repeat models and significantly more scenes. My biggest gripe with the photo side was that zip files are only available after you have been a member for 30 days. In essence, if you want zip files, you have to be a member for 2 months.

I would normally be more against a site that requires you to stay a member for additional features, but the great price for this site makes it more reasonable. Still, as I downloaded most of the movies already, I doubt that I will stay a member past the first month.

For $10, this site is a great bargain for toy and masturbation lovers. There's not a single hardcore movie, so don't be shocked that it's just a lot of beautiful women touching themselves. ;)

12-01-07  08:39am

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Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

No Review.
07-04-07  09:26am

Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 270 beautiful, young models with photos or videos and 6 updates a week!
- Videos cover a wide range of tastes (bg, gg, anal, etc.) There's something here for everyone.
- Huge archive of over 800 videos between 2 and 10 minutes long.
- Even bigger archive of over 56,000 photos including hi-res photos at 1200x1800.
- "Temperature Gauge" for all photosets and movies that gives you an idea of how extreme the scene is.
- Very good search feature that can search by model or by activity.
Cons: - Longer scenes are broken up into 2 or 3 clips and updated separately, sometimes up to a week apart.
- The price is reasonable for the amount of exclusive content.
Bottom Line: I was fortunate to catch pat362's post about the special trial for the site. I joined only for the trial, but was able to sample the entire site. There are a lot of great-looking young women on the site. (My personal faves are Bulle and Cally.)

I really liked the Temperature Gauge feature. It ranges from Soft to XXX (1 to 5) and gives a quick idea as to the level of intensity of the scene. My only issue is that some scenes that were rated 4 should have been 5. (Anal sex should count as XXX, no?)

Most videos are available in a wide variety of formats, including a higher resolution DivX (720 x 576). Downloads were very fast and compatible with download managers.

I also really liked the fact that the hi-res photos were downloadable in zip format. While not really compressed further, the convenience of downloading 1 file instead of 50 individual JPEGs is huge.

If I had not seen the $5 trial offer, I probably would never have joined Explicite-Art. I always thought of it as too much glamour photography and not enough hardcore. How I was wrong! There is definitely some XXX-worthy material available.

What prevents me from keeping my membership is the price. A site has to be extremely unique or part of a larger network for me to justify paying $30 a month. Does that mean it's a rip-off? No, but the content and price don't make it a value to me.

07-03-07  09:53pm

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Lots of incredible vids: these toys are HUGE!
- Frequent updates: Yes, it's only one part of a scene per day, but that equals 1 scene every week
- All original vids are now downloadable as 1 file.
- Newer scenes are high quality wmv; older scenes are lower quality mpeg.
- Beautiful models: Hailey Young does it for me.
- Fucking Machines With Huge Dildos: There are a few older scenes with girls taking the brutal dildos with a machine. Amazing!
Cons: - Price: For unique and exclusive content, the price is right, but it is still high for a porn viewer on a budget.
- Bonus sites: Lousy bonus sites. All bonuses are DVD rips and non-exclusive. Older bonuses must be downloaded in parts.
Bottom Line: This is a fetish, niche site, no doubt. However, for what it is offering, I think it is wonderful. I won't be a long-term member, but I might buy a month every year to download the updates.

If it could join or start a network with more exclusive fetish/size sites and keep the same price, it could be an amazing deal.

07-02-07  11:09am

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Access to 16 sites
- Updates to at least 1 site Monday-Friday
- No DRM
- Lots of photos and vidcaps and all have zip file option
- Huge archive of older scenes
Cons: - Video quality of older archive is nearly unwatchable
- Some sites have stopped updating
- Some navigation issues, including lots of unwanted ads to 3rd parties
- Lack of amateurs, particularly in MILF or Sexpro movies
Bottom Line: All in all, Brazzer's Pass is a good bargain. For $25/month (when I joined), you get access to 16 sites and daily updates. The archives (in total) are huge and contain a lot of pornstars' scenes. Unfortunately, the lack of video quality in older scenes holds the site back.

Some of these sites really scream for amateur material (eg MILFs and SexPro). Unfortunately, there are almost no amateurs on the network.

As I've said in my individual site reviews, I found a consistent navigation issue across all Brazzer's Pass sites. However, even more annoying were all of the ads that were included on the member pages. I wish that they would get rid of, or at least move, the ads so that they weren't so intrusive.

While I did not plan on joining for more than 1 month, I'm glad that I did: it gave me more time to explore all of the different sites included with Brazzer's Pass. I think that it is a good value. With the new TBP discount, it is an even better value than before.

11-02-07  03:18pm

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Visit Chica Boom

Chica Boom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Site features exclusive movies of Hispanic or Latin ladies
- All scenes are downloadable in one part
- Over 120 scenes
- Newer scenes are available in high quality (640x480) wmv resolution
- No DRM
- TBP Discount
- Access to Kick Ass Pass network (10+ sites)
- Fast downloads (around 1.5MB/sec)
Cons: - Older videos are only medium-low quality (320x240) wmv
- Updates are irregular, but still coming; network updates 1 video or pic set daily, but with no set schedule for any particular site
- Sometimes the definition of "chica" gets a little stretched
Bottom Line: This site features very attractive Latina ladies in hardcore sex. While this niche is not unique, this site does feature exclusive movies filmed for Kick Ass Pictures. The newer scenes are of very good quality and feature 640x480 resolution. The older scenes (about 25% of all scenes) are only available at lower resolution 320x240.

I enjoyed the content on this site. First, about 30 scenes included anal, which I am partial to. Also, the site featured a good mix between amateurs and pornstars. Unfortunately, each actress is only featured in one scene. I wish some of these girls were brought back for a couple more videos. The nice thing about that is that some of these girls also have videos on other sites in the network, so you can see them featured in other hardcore action. These scenes are exclusively shot by Kick Ass Pictures for its "Chica Boom" DVD series and are posted online.

This site has a ton of content, both movies and pictures. The photosets also feature a zip file option. Combined with the great price from the TBP discount and access to the entire Kick Ass Pass network, I think this site is a great value. I definitely recommend it.

07-30-07  10:06pm

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Visit Pornstar.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge archive of porn movies from 80s through today
- Lots of pornstars' scenes, like Tera Patrick and Stormy Daniels, which are usually not available on DVD sites
- Full access trial for $2.95
- No DRM issues
- Most scenes have screencap galleries
Cons: - Some navigation issues related to DVD scenes
- Almost useless search function
- Pointless scene/dvd/studio rating system
- Scenes need more description
- Download manager stopped working after 2 days.
Bottom Line: I really liked this site for the $2.95 full access trial. Join this site for the trial and just download the scenes that you want. They are smart to offer the full access trial because it makes it more likely for me to join for the full month.

There are plenty of high-quality videos available for download. As a minor negative, some of the porn stars only have photo galleries, but no videos. Most have only videos, but no galleries. That doesn't bother me, but I know some prefer to have photos. There is no zip file option for the photo galleries.

There is only 1 download option (wmv) and files range in size from 100-700 MB. I don't mind the size, but this is definitely not a site for dial-up or slower connections, especially since this site does not support server-side download resume. That means, if a download is cut off midway, you have to restart from the beginning.

The other minor gripe is with the descriptions, file names, and DVD scenes. Almost all scene descriptions are cut off midway, but there is no way to read the rest of the description. These descriptions are very detailed, but since they follow the scene, almost all get to describing the blowjob before being cut off. File names reflect the studio, but not the movie title, which is strange. Lastly, even if a DVD is uploaded and the scene is available under a porn star's page, it doesn't always show up under the DVD.

Overall, this site is very good. If you have $3, join.

11-29-07  04:01pm

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Visit Mommy Got Boobs

Mommy Got Boobs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of MILF movies
- Over 110 scenes available
- Vids can be downloaded in wmv or mpg formats
- Scenes include photo galleries with zip file option
- No DRM
- Access to Brazzer's Pass network
- Fast 1MB/sec downloads
- Weekly updates
Cons: - Older videos are lower quality (about 50% of archive)
Bottom Line: This movie site features lots of older women with great tits. I guess that the accepted definition of MILF no longer requires a woman to be a mom, but simply older (say mid to late 30s). That's the definition this site uses anyway. I definitely don't hold it against them. There are lots of beautiful women enjoying sex on this site.

The majority of the women are established pornstars, like Brittany Andrews or Holly Halston. There's even a Nina Hartley scene. While I would have liked to see more amateur MILFs, I can understand that it is probably easier to get pornstars on camera than everyday moms.

The archive is quite large with over 110 scenes. Unfortunately, about half of the scenes are available in low quality video. I would really like to see these scenes reposted with the higher quality video available in newer scenes. It's easy to tell when the average movie size goes from 200-400MB to less than 100MB.

All in all, I thought that this was a really good site. I wish that it had more amateur mothers, but you can't have everything. I am holding out hope for the other MILF site on Brazzer's Pass might have more amateur vids, but I doubt it. Overall, I would recommend this site to any MILF lover.

10-08-07  11:27am

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Visit Bustyz


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Definitely NOT False Advertising: Some of the biggest breasts ever seen
- Over 70 scenes available for download
- All scenes can be download in whole or in parts (wmv or mpg)
- All scenes also include vidcaps and photo galleries with zip file option
- No DRM
- Downloads around 1MB/sec
- Access to Brazzer's Pass Network
Cons: - Same navigation issues (cluttered site, lots of ads) as other Brazzer's Pass sites
- Irregular update schedule
Bottom Line: BustyZ advertises itself as the Home of the Bustiest Girls on the Web! I believe them! This site features over 70 scenes of busty (both real and fake) women in softcore and hardcore scenes. Of course, the focus of the site is not on the action, but on the women's chests. As a breast-lover, I found this site to be right up my alley.

The site is a bit smaller than some of the other Brazzer's Pass sites, but the quality is higher. All scenes can be downloaded as 1 mpg or wmv file or in parts. Newer scenes also have a 1-minute clip option. There is no DRM and downloads were reasonably fast at 1MB/sec.

My favorite feature of the site are some of the double-shoots. For a few models, they shot both a softcore and a hardcore scene and posted them back-to-back. I was really impressed with the models that they chose for this treatment and I hope that they continue it.

The site has a few familiar navigation quirks, namely lots of clutter and ads. However, these do not detract much from the site. Also, updates seem to be coming irregularly, but I would join just for the archive, too.

All in all, I was really impressed by BustyZ. I highly recommend it for all big boob lovers. Access to Brazzer's Pass is just a bonus to this site.

10-03-07  09:40am

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Visit Ass Fixation

Ass Fixation

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Excellent network, including exclusive sites like Jenna Haze & Premium Pass
- Lots of Jules Jordan videos (100+) available (see below)
- Good download speeds
- Some picture sets, not only vidcaps
- Search feature available, but kind of flaky
Cons: - Not compatible with download managers
- Not all picture sets have movies
- Price is a little high
- All scenes are DVD rips, not exclusive or original
Bottom Line: Ass Fixation is the Jules Jordan DVD series that focuses on big butts and anal sex. This site definitely continues that tradition with lots of anal play.

I enjoyed the site for what it is: a huge repository of Jules Jordan anal scenes. While I didn't recognize every scene, most were simply ripped from the DVD series or from other JJ films.

As a pseudo-studio website, I have no problem with re-using DVD material, but I wish that the price was lowered to reflect that fact. Unfortunately, the price is very high for a lot of DVD rips.

The saving grace is the network access. By including all of those extra sites, the webmasters managed to salvage some value.

Overall, I would join if you like anal sex and can take advantage of the extra network sites. Otherwise, I would take my money elsewhere.

05-05-08  10:14am

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Visit Racks And Blacks

Racks And Blacks

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 100 scenes featuring black guys with both black and white girls
- Scenes can be downloaded in 1 part or in multiple parts
- Lots of pornstars mixed with "amateur" actresses
- No DRM
- Access to Brazzer's Pass network (16 sites)
- Weekly updates
- Photo galleries with zip file for every scene
Cons: - Only about last 40 videos are available at 640x480; all the older videos are lower resolution
- Slight navigation issues when using Firefox; did not have same problems in IE.
- Same issue with too many ads as in other Brazzer's Pass sites.
Bottom Line: This is a pretty good site. It features a lot of interracial sex, but is also includes some black on black scenes, too. The archive is very large, even though many of the videos are lower quality. I like the fact that it is still actively updating with new, high quality scenes.

If there is one knock against the videos at Racks & Blacks, it might be that there are too many "typical" pornstars. I'm talking about big boobs, blonde (usually bleached), white chicks. I'm not complaining, but some might find the lack of variety to be a negative.

All in all, I enjoyed this site. I wish that if offered a bit more variety, but I liked what they have. As with all sites in Brazzer's Pass, there is a slight navigation quirk in Firefox, but that's not a big deal. I guess the only 2 things that could improve this site are: 1) make the older videos available at higher resolution and 2) add a few more anal scenes for those big black cocks.

10-26-07  10:09am

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Visit Bikini Banger

Bikini Banger

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive, unique content featuring teens and MILFs in bikinis.
- Features attractive porn actresses and not amateurs.
- Very high quality video (up to 2100k wmv @ 720x480).
- Access to PervNetwork (20+ sites).
- Very fast downloads (over 1MB/sec) and compatible with download managers.
Cons: - Only about 40 scenes.
- Irregular updates, if any. Last update was 2/13/07.
- Price is kind of high for so little content.
- Ads for Fling and PPV movies on the member homepage can be distracting.
Bottom Line: As a member of the PervNetwork of sites, I found that this website was a hidden gem. The exclusive scenes all feature Dave Pounder. The premise is that Dave is offering these girls a chance to become bikini models. While a little repetitive, you can skip through the first few minutes of every scene. The site also features attractive ladies, whether they be teens or MILFs. It should be noted that the majority of these ladies are porn actresses and not amateurs. It doesn't really detract from the site, but it goes to show how contrived the setup is. Single-file downloads and compatibility with download managers adds to the value of the site.

There are a couple of issues that cause me to lower the score. First, the site doesn't seem to update or grow. At only 40 scenes, it's hard to justify paying $30 a month for a membership. Second, the execution of the site's premise isn't very good. Every scene opens up with Dave saying how awesome something is (often the weather) and turning around to find a willing model in a bikini. Since they feature pornstars, they could just do away with this little buildup.

Overall, I really liked this site. It features really pretty ladies getting "tricked" into stripping out of their bikinis and into bed with Dave. The videos are of high quality and the site delivers what it advertises. Given the small number of scenes, I would not join for just this site, but I could justify using this site as 1 of the secondary reasons for joining PN.

07-10-07  03:38pm

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Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hundreds of scenes of beautiful, primarily European, models
- Excellent organization of scenes based on themes
- Lots of updates: new scene with photos and videos every 2 days
- No DRM
- Hi-def, 1280x720 resolution movies in wmv or divx
- All pictures have zip file option
- Download speeds have returned to "normal"
Cons: - Many popular models only have older scenes at low quality (older scenes)
Bottom Line: I normally don't join sites that cost $34.95/month. However, with the 2-for-1 deal that was running around New Year's, I decided to take the plunge. I was really impressed by the content and organization of the site. The video quality was also astounding. Unfortunately, the slow download speeds made it more difficult to enjoy those amazing hi-def movies.

As I stated above, the majority of the models are European, and include some major stars, like Monica Sweetheart, Eufrat, and one of my favorites, the Euro Lucy Lee. I was surprised to see Gianna Michaels, but she has 6 scenes on the site. These ladies are beautiful and run the gamut of body types and looks.

The site's content is also very well organized. I have come across too many sites that are poorly organized not to mention one that does it well. Scenes can be accessed by model or by category, such as FFM, MMF, B/G, 100% Anal, Gangbang, and IR. I particularly enjoyed the 100% Anal category and it helped introduce me to new models.

After reading the response to my earlier comment, I am happy to report that download speeds have returned to "normal." Towards the end of my membership, I was getting download speeds around 850KB/sec. This was an improvement from the 200KB/sec I was getting when I first joined.

All in all, I found the site to be a great value at $17.50/month. However, I don't know if I would join it at full price.

01-27-08  09:21am

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Visit Big Wet Butts

Big Wet Butts

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of anal scenes featuring busty women
- Over 100 scenes available for download
- All scenes can be downloaded as one file
- Scenes can also be streamed (see below)
- Movies available in wmv or mpg format
- Scenes include photo sets with zip file option
- No DRM
- Access to Brazzer's Pass network (16 sites)
- Pretty speedy downloads around 1MB/sec
Cons: - Same navigation issues as sister sites: lots of clutter and ads on every single member update page
- Older scenes are only available at much lower 320x240 resolution
- Only a few videos are available for download in 1 minute clips
- Streaming video: I could not get the streaming video to work
Bottom Line: This site features women with big butts and lots of anal sex. It has a lot of the older scenes from the movie series Big Wet Asses. I haven't seen that series in a while, so I don't know if the newer scenes with the younger pornstars are also pulled from DVD.

The site has a strong emphasis on European women and also on pornstars. This is not really a site for "fresh off the street" amateurs, which doesn't bother me. There's also no mistaking that these are gonzo porn scenes. The sex is hard and rough and most of the models vamp for the camera. However, the scenes are well shot and those who love anal will really appreciate it.

The site suffers from a couple of issues: 1) older movies are only available in low resolution. These videos should be made available at 640x480 as they contain a lot of classic scenes. 2) This site has the same design as its sister site which features lots of unnecessary information about the most popular scenes as well as a very large ad for other websites. Even worse, this poor layout is copied over onto every update page, which makes navigating through the 100+ updates a bit tiresome.

I really liked this site. Access to the Brazzer's Pass network, lots of movies, and a niche that I particularly enjoy combine to earn this site a hearty recommendation.

09-15-07  10:38am

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Visit House Of Taboo

House Of Taboo

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hundreds of fetish videos, organized by theme
- No DRM
- Videos available as single-file downloads
- Newer scenes have hi-def options: wmv & divx 720p
- All scenes have picture sets associated.
- Picture sets have zip file option.
Cons: - Slow download speeds (less than 500 KB/sec)
- Updates are not as frequent as on other DDF sites. I would put it roughly 1 or 2 updates per week.
Bottom Line: I joined this site as part of the year-end 2-for-1 deal on DDF sites. I picked it for 2 reasons: I wanted something a little different and I enjoy a good fetish site every once in a while. I was not disappointed by the content, but the execution was a little below par.

The majority of the models are European, but I was surprised to see so many American women on the site, like Amy Ried, Inari Vachs, and Violet Blue. There are some very entertaining scenes, as well as some that I didn't know I would find erotic, like age-play. I ran into a problem a couple of times where the model listed for a scene wouldn't show up in the Model (Our Girls) Index. That made it a bit harder to find scenes featuring some very hot Euro models. Not a huge complaint, but an annoyance.

I also didn't enjoy the really slow download speeds. It improved over the course of my membership as DDF added more servers to handle demand, but downloading hi-def content at 500KB/sec is pretty painful.

I wish that the site would update more often. I know that it is a niche site, but compared to its sister sites, House of Taboo waits a long time between updates. There are also a few scenes where the message "Video coming soon..." has been up for weeks.

Overall, I liked the content. Some of the fetishes were not my taste, like watersports. But I did enjoy the bondage and spanking sections. I doubt I would join as a full-price member, but I am glad that I used my free visit on this site.

01-28-08  09:11am

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Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 450 DVDs available online
- Most DVDs have no DRM
- Multiple download options: 2 levels of wmv & divx
- Online streaming available
- Download manager compatible
- Access to Third Movies and Black Ice Pass
Cons: - A few DVDs still have DRM protection; cannot tell until after downloaded
- Updates are irregular; score dropped 5 points for going more than 2 weeks w/out an update
- Browsing by pornstar name lists the actresses by number of scenes, not in alphabetical order; no option to make it alphabetical (same as with other network sites)
Bottom Line: Zero Tolerance is one of the great gonzo film studios. To see a large collection of their work available online is great. I really enjoyed being able to sort through the over 450 DVDs (grouped by series) on the site. I only wish that the DRM situation was fully resolved and that updates were more frequent.

One of the biggest issues is that updates occur at the same time for all 3 network sites (Third Movies & Black Ice Pass). That means that there might not be any updates for the entire network. It has been over 2 weeks since the last update and I'm getting a little frustrated with the webmasters.

Overall, I guess that I don't feel too ripped off: I did get access to the ZT archives for a month. I really hope that they fix this update issue soon, though.

12-28-07  12:52pm

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Visit Big Tits At Work

Big Tits At Work

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - About 65 scenes available for download or streaming
- All vids can be downloaded in mpg or wmv or in 1-minute clips
- All movies are available up to 640x480
- All scenes have HQ pics and screencap galleries (with zip file option)
- No DRM
- Fast 1MB/sec downloads
- Weekly updates
- Access to Brazzer's Pass network
Cons: - Navigation could be improved to get rid of ads and clutter on every page
- Site growth would be welcome
Bottom Line: Unlike its sister site, Big Tits at School, this site has more latitude in terms of the settings and scenes that it can use. The site features over 60 scenes of big-titted women having sex in the office, at home, and anywhere in between.

The site stays true to form by having a very cluttered appearance and ads for 3rd party websites on every page. Along with the number of scenes, these are the two areas where the site could use the most improvement.

I liked that the site features very beautiful women having sex in the office. It has been a longtime fantasy and I'm sure that many others share it. This site does not disappoint. I recommend it.

09-21-07  11:26am

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Visit Chanta's Bitches

Chanta's Bitches

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content featuring Chanta dominating lots of young, attractive models
- Unique lesbian domination fetish niche
- Around 75 high-quality scenes available for download or streaming
- Scenes available in wmv or mov formats
- Weekly updates
- No DRM
- Fast downloads (around 1.5MB/sec) with download manager support
- Each scene has a photo gallery and all have zip file support
Cons: - Scenes can only be downloaded in parts (can use zip file to download all parts at once)
- No TBP discount: $24.95/month can be a little pricey for only 4 updates
Bottom Line: Chanta Rose is an amazing domme. On Chanta's Bitches, we get to watch her play with some very attractive, young girls, including some who have never tried BDSM before. The site features a lot of tight bondage, pussy and ass licking, and strapon fucking. I wish that the site included more anal sex, but I know that even these extremem models have their limits.

The site currently has around 75 scenes, including 1 scene when Chanta is the sub. These scenes can be downloaded or streamed. Unfortunately, the downloads are in parts. A zip file option allows you to download all of the parts in 1 file, but you will still need to find 3rd party software to join the files. I would like to see new scenes available in 1 part downloads. Video quality is quite good and video files do not have DRM.

The site includes photo galleries for nearly all of the scenes. These galleries are organized to fit with the scene and can also be downloaded in a single zip file. The galleries often contain over 100 photos per scene.

I wish that there was a TBP discount for this site. While you have access to the past updates, it is hard to justify spending $25 for only 4 updates (4 weekly updates during a 1-month membership). While I don't regret joining, I wish that I had waited until the end of the year when there would be more than 100 scenes in the archive to download. I will probably join again next year to see what kind of new toys Chanta has to play with.

08-23-07  09:28am

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