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Visit Touch The Body

Touch The Body

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Not a total ripoff
- HD content
- Two of the female models are super hot
- Erotic massage scenes
Cons: - No streaming player; you have to download everything
- Download option = Death by a thousand cuts (1-hour length HD videos cut into TWENTY 5 minutes video files)
- Photo gallery is not good
- Seriously only 12 videos on the entire site (there are some sites with literally Thousands)
- No money shot in several of the videos
- The section with "additional content" is links to other low-grade, poor-quality porn sites. These are so low quality, that they actually feature videos shot over TWENTY YEARS AGO as new content
- Expensive (there are sites charging less than this for literally 200 times the content)
- Did I mention the cheesy bandwidth limiter plugin they use?
Bottom Line: They really trashed a great idea here. The main reason I signed up was because the model that appears in some of the videos is really hot, the quality was really good and it seemed like between that and the lighting, camera work and concept, the site would be a treasure trove of amazing content, but there area literally three videos that are worth watching on the site, and if you don't want to have to stitch 20 of them together in a playlist, you have to merge them yourself somehow. What was really insulting was that to make up for the lack of content, they feature videos from "affiliated websites" that also lack content, and feature content advertised as new but I recognize from videos made from over twenty years ago. Any Randy West fan will instantly recognize his content robbed and reused to pad the lack of original material and charge the nearly $30 a month that a membership costs. If it weren't for the handful of videos that are good--which would run almost $30 if bought on DVD--the site would be a total rip off. Instead, grab what you like, and then cancel right away.

03-06-15  08:27pm

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Visit Nude In SF

Nude In SF

I subscribed for what felt like 2 seconds.

I discovered this site the way I've discovered most of them over the last four years. Putting phrases into search engines, especially those that can search images and I turned up some hot shots that turned out to be from this site. I had to subscribe because I am big into this genre, but as it would appear others have found out, the content is severely lacking. Short, low quality videos, with updates far and few in between. The models appearing, while a healthy variety, are not what you might call 9s and 10s. I was happy to take a look, but I've since moved on and have not looked back.

12-24-14  03:58pm

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Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Decent video player that doesn't buffer much, plays back soon enough, with excellent, HD picture quality
- Decent sound quality on videos
- ULTRA high resolution photographs
- Convenient ZIP file collections
- iHegre mobile site works very well on tablet and smartphone devices
- Neat podcasting feature on both videos and now massage videos
- Genuinely sexually aroused nude models
- Some of the models are incredibly beautiful, just watching them get naked is joy enough in itself; especially Flora
- The scenes are getting more explicit (oral sex, again, by Flora, usually on Alex or Mike--EASILY worth the cost of subscription alone)
- The tantric massage videos are epic
- Some of the masturbation videos are better than others
Cons: - Photo sets ending cold after escalating well is a disappointment and, unfortunately, increasing in frequency
- Sometimes the content is boring or weird
- Some of the models are too thin, too plain
- Videos, particularly the massage videos, can take a long time to update
- New look and feel of the site is cluttered
- Picture navigation is getting dated
- Some of the masturbation videos are better than others
Bottom Line: I can't believe I haven't reviewed this site before, as I've been subscribed off-and-on for over four years, but here goes. Love it or hate it, Hegre-Art.com is one of a kind, with photo sets that I've been lusting after ever since the original baby-oil covered model graced my screen from a set I picked up from an old USENET Newsgroup over eight years ago. Before anyone else was doing it, erotic photographic artist Peter Hegre had been leading with way, shooting models with super-model level looks in the highest pixel dimensions of anyone on the Internet and, to this day, still leads the way, using an 80 megapixel camera to shoot some of the highest resolution, large format nude photographs not in print (although he does sell a book, as well as DVDs).

Before anyone else was shooting erotic massages, Hegre-Art.com was producing HOUR LONG tantra videos eventually cutting the length to more reasonable times, and letting us see the forbidden cum shot that was a big risk, even for Hegre. Fans stormed the comments section with angry "I am not gay!" comments, but fortunately, those have been far overcome by the rest of us celebrating the male-female sexual tension in the massage videos.

The photosets got hotter and hotter too, with numerous female models sporting obviously wet pussy. We even now get to see oral sex--but not in the way typical for porno sites. In the Hegre Art way... With all of the gorgeous cinematography they've offered over the years. Great light, clear pictures, clean settings, expert editing and quality audio. This is not a cheap site, and easily offers more than others that charge more.

The one problem the site suffers from is that it enters into months-long lull periods where the material just gets plain boring, and bland. You'll be riding high on super hot pictures photographed in Japan, male models unloading cum onto the sexiest European models in the world to amazing, tantric handjobs. And then you'll get these sets of overly posed, uninteresting models that are good looking, nude, and standing around on a cold set doing different things, wondering--what happened? The massage videos will slow down, or go cold. The films will go cold, and feature uninteresting attempts at being artistic.

So you, as I frequently do, will find yourself subscribing and unsubscribing. Constantly. Were it not for the inconsistency, you could set it and forget it but with the cutting edge, experimental nature of the site, sometimes to get those few hits, you're going to have to be patient with all of the misses.

12-24-14  03:41pm

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Visit Joy Mii

Joy Mii

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Mobile friendly site with good, clean, modern web site design, a fast, video player with little buffering, and superb, HD picture quality
- Offers downloads in addition to streaming
- Majority of the models are absolutely STUNNING
- Some of the models are famous (Faye Reagan to name one)
- The models are mostly not fake (tat-free skin, no implants)
- Beautiful settings (poolside, outdoor shower)
- Sensuous love making (slow and erotic, eye-contact during oral sex, etc.)
- Lots of intimate, hot cream pie scenes
- No screaming, no bad music
- No condoms
- Gorgeous lighting and camera work--stable, nice angles and no CrazyCam (handheld extremes, garish lighting)
Cons: - A little too posed at time (it would be nice to see more organic lovemaking, like DaneJones, with the occasional "accidental" cream pie, early cumshot, behind-the-scenes extra lovmaking)
- Lack of variety
- Newer video and photo sets aren't as hot as some of the older ones while the oldest ones are missing some of the hardcore they eventually introduced later
- Painful login process (CAPTCHA)
Bottom Line: The much-welcomed, highly lauded reign of the so-called female-friendly our couples friendly porn genre is here and thank God. It is about time that the porn you're expected to pay for is at least on-par with any other audiovisual entertainment you'd come to expect... With decent camerawork, decent audio, good lighting, attractive talent, professional editing. We're finally getting to the point that the cut-rate garbage being churned out of the San Fernando Valley is being passed over for the quality, high-end stuff coming out of Amsterdam. That said, some of the content is beginning to repeat on itself, and so I ended up giving up my subscription for now--satisfied with the downloads I've obtained thus far, but I check back often, and will probably end up subscribed again for another several set of months.

12-24-14  03:22pm

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Visit Fantasy HD

Fantasy HD

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nice modern look and feel to the site
- Great video player with fast playback, very little buffering, quality video
- Downloads offered as well as streaming
- Good quality photo sets
- Many of the models are very sexy
- Pristine video footage including brilliant lighting and clean, beautiful backgrounds
- Good videography including stable shots instead of the usual CrazyCam (handheld extreme closeups)
- Not a whole lot of fake stuff (fake boobs, fake screaming)
- Hot sex, sometimes ending in creampies
- No condoms otherwise
Cons: - Low on updates
- Mostly straight sex with the normal position progressions; nothing unusual, no surprises
Bottom Line: FantasyHD.com is a part of the new school of Internet porn ushering the era of higher standards: better lighting, better editing, clearer, cleaner pictures with more beautiful models having sensual sex in elegant surroundings without intrusive, painful music, jarring camera angles. Billed female-friendly, or "couples friendly porn," FantasyHD is another site that focuses on the intense pleasure of the female instead of some guy on steroids speed fucking a bleached-blonde with fake tits, tats and a spray-on tan for 25 boring minutes. The one thing making it hard for me to keep paying for my subscription, nevertheless, is that the updates are coming FAR and FEW in between. I suppose you can't rush perfection, and you'd rather have a few scenes so hot that your dick will leak precum without touching it than to get week after week of weak sauce--pardon the pun. But at $25-$30 a MONTH, and thousands of sites out there, you Have to be able to deliver so perhaps they launched too soon. In spite of that, I plan on sticking around, and checking back for when they do upload that new video that gives me what I'm paying for.

12-24-14  03:12pm

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Visit Chelsea Vision

Chelsea Vision

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Downloadable videos; fast downloads
- New content as of Fall, 2014
- New content is more explicit
Cons: - More of the same
- No apparent orgasm
- Appearance of key model has not improved
- Priced above the quality of the content
- Site navigation has not improved; no search, no streaming
- Poor photo viewer
- Page appearance plagued by 10-year old, outdated design
- "Webcam" feature remains saved videos; nothing live
Bottom Line: She's back! Around four years year, she was just starting to heat things up... Even selling a private collection of actually explicit videos but in 2013, she started doing full-frontal, penetration (with toys and fingers, vaginal only) in the videos, photos and webcam photos. On the downside, she's kept on larger appearance so unless you're into that, this won't be good news for you. Updates basically died off for almost a year, but in September, 2014, she came back and started delivering new vignettes. Unfortunately, they're now more of the same. Posing and masturbation. Still no men in the videos or photos. No ass play and she doesn't even appear to orgasm in the videos, although she gets wet at least. Diehard, loyalists will be happy to see the updates again, and I'm sure that's what's being counted on in order to get the subscription money flowing again, but I'm afraid that in the landscape of sites like this, it comes up short, and unless things change, the few remaining subscribers won't have much to remain subscribed for.

12-24-14  03:01pm

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Visit LeLu Love

LeLu Love

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Key model GORGEOUS (hair, face, lips, tits, body--perfect)
- Video vignettes with plots you will not see anywhere else
- Caters to the highly specific niche of condom removal scenes
- Epic creampie scenes
- Hot masturbation scenes
- Lap dance/grinding stripper/hooker scenes are hot
- Real spycams; live cam shows (and they are HOT)
- Expert dirty talking; damn good acting
- Truly appreciates and engages her fans. Very open.
- Site gets better, not worse
Cons: - A porn site ran by a couple, so, the male talent never changes--which gets boring
- Scenes filmed outdoors would be nice
- Not all of the niches they try to appeal to will appeal to you (they work in some humiliation, male gay themes, etc.)
- Somewhat awkward navigation; no search
- Video requests are EXPENSIVE (the old crazyslutty.com site integrated fan requests as part of their routine content)
- Older videos of lesser quality
Bottom Line: I was looking for "removes condom" on a free porn video site when I discovered LeluLove's videos (uploaded by LeluLove.com) and was convinced I had to have a membership, and get the full videos. Creampie isn't so rare in porn anymore, but women this hot are, and especially doing the kind of things that will make your dick throb just hearing her talk about it. It's actually hard to describe in words how great the site is, but the best way I can describe it is, it's worth paying for if it can actually double your heart rate and this one absolutely, positively Will deliver that experience to you.

12-24-14  02:51pm

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Visit Bella Club

Bella Club

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - Content matches the pricing
- Hot ass Brazillian women wearing thong bikinis, lingerie and showing you their tits? Yes, please.
- SEXY as hell behind-the-scenes video
- Photo sets sometimes more risque than the video
- Caters to those with a foot fetish
- The follow-up photosets and videos really crank up your heartrate
- Beautiful settings
- Some of these models are so beautiful it will make your eyes pop
Cons: - NIGHTMARE picture navigation. This should be in a class on how not to write Javascript
- Lots and lots and lots of fake tits
- Many models sporting body hair here (arms, butt cheeks)
- Some are really tatted up
- A little less teasing, a little more straight-on asshole/labia
- Sometimes the video is slow to playback from the United States; there can be buffering
- The mobile site is, for all intents and purposes, totally and completely broken--the navigation basically doesn't work
- Browsing the models is hugely inconvenient; you should be able to sort by date at least
- Pointless blog and "extra" features (who's reading these silly articles?)
- Christmas photo sets are reliably awful
- Sometimes the feet featured in the foot showcase photo sets are nothing special
Bottom Line: Large swings in intensity from model to model; there are some that look like they are ready to fuck the camera man while there are others clearly too nervous to be doing this, barely able to lose the arm-bra. Some of the sets are just too posed with too much going on (all these different kinds of lingerie). The concept sometimes overpowers the content in some of the photosets. Nevertheless, many of the models are SUPER gorgeous and some of them get into some relatively nasty poses. The content here is just a bit hotter than mid-1990s circa Playboy, but even Playboy is getting more intense with assholes in some of their photo sets, so I'm not sure how this site is keeping its audience and growing it. I like the content because I like getting shocked and surprised by the occasional model willing to show a little lip, but if it was one penny more, I swear I wouldn't renew. The dirt cheap, annual subscription is the one reason why it would be worth signing up though. In the end, this would be a MAGNIFICENT site--in spite of its many flaws--if they just stepped it up a bit with the hotness and quit playing around with shadows and cleverly placed objects in front of the camera.

12-24-14  02:41pm

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Visit Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good for what it offers (categorizes video and photo by what you want to see, whether it's boobs, butt, bush or hardcore--or as Mr. Skin calls it: backburger)
- Save a shipload of money on buying/renting movies fast-forwarding to the good parts yourself
- Every now and again, a porn star will really make your eyes pop, but, there's nothing like seeing a female celebrity making seven figures get naked or almost naked
- Dirt cheap!
- The Mr. Skin minute is a nice way to keep up with the site content
- They keep you posted via e-mail with very sexy updates
Cons: - Cross-subscribing new subscribers to other sites is annoying; you need to look for the e-mail that subscribes you to the other site and unsubscribe (unless you really want to stay subscribed)
Bottom Line: This is one of those sites that seems like it'd be a waste of time but you cannot beat the price. The beauty here is they only have to cut the videos, not make them. So their production costs are so low that they don't have to charge much--just enough to cover their bandwidth, hosting, labor plus a little more for profit. Meanwhile, you get the benefit of Seeing videos from films--some of which had budgets into the millions of dollars, resulting in high quality video featuring some of the most beautiful actresses in the World. And then you don't have to watch an entire movie to see the action. They even throw in their own extras like "Skinvision" instant replay, where the good parts that went by too fast at normal speed gets played back again, much slower. It's good stuff.

12-24-14  02:31pm

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Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - STUNNING models
- Decent video quality with the last several years in HD
- Video player is good (quality video with little buffering and fast startup); the Scene Jump functionality in particular is greatly appreciated
- Boasts site portability across numerous devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
- Downloadable videos in appropriate formats (MP4 for your iPod, Android device, etc)
- Real-life situations (actual public settings, real strangers watching at times)
- Very few fakes (natural, truly "First Time Girl" models)
- Real orgasms including wet pussy
- Some models showcasing special talents (gymnastics, dance, yoga, karate)
Cons: - They flirted with hardcore but didn't go all the way with the old FTVx.com site redirecting to ftvgirls.com now; that said, they've kept around some of the boy-girl content, and some of it was passible but typical and nothing special
- Same situations over and over again
- Too much dildo/vibrator action for me
- Inadequate search
Bottom Line: These girls are unbelievably good looking. I'd been visiting the site or seeing pictures from it for four years before finally caving in and getting a subscription. I haven't been able to find a site with a more steady stream of this many incredibly good looking girls. That said, I really wish there was either more hardcore, or that the hardcore they had was better. Real boyfriends, creampie, etc. They're doing that now with some of the other sites of this higher quality. The settings do get old from time to time, but the situations and the girls as well as their reactions do keep things fresh enough that it doesn't too much matter, really. You will love how they will sometimes bring a girl back after years and see how much she's changed, grown, become different, or better. This is one site that really gives you your money's worth for a fan of "girl next door" types.

12-24-14  02:25pm

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Visit Massage Rooms

Massage Rooms

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - Excellent streaming video player with fast loading, high quality and very little buffering
- Downloads available
- Super hot models (women and men)
- Highly erotic concept (oil massage on hot models with sex? awesome)
- George loves to cum inside of his models
- Some foot fetish thrown in for good measure
- Love the sheer white outfits the girls wear
- Very real sex, one model cums early in a scene
- EXCELLENT quality video (HD, gentle angles, superb lighting)
- No crappy audio (screaming, horrible music--not here)
- Not made in LA County so no forced condom scenes
Cons: - They mix things up sometimes, but, not enough so, after a while, you might get bored
- CAPTCHA during login is absolutely LOATHSOME.
Bottom Line: While not Perfect, niche-content is hard to pull off so well that you can and will pay for membership month after month. However, this is one of those sites that can and will keep you busy for a really long time. There are DOZENS of "must see, must have" videos on here. The girl-on-girl videos are hot, but the boy-girl videos are even hotter and the angles are just crazy sexy. This site does it right and I recommend it HIGHLY.

12-24-14  02:15pm

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N/A Reply of Denner's Reply

Tell me about it. When I'm with the Mrs., ceiling fans are suddenly the most interesting objects in the known universe. ;-p

07-06-10  03:14pm

Visit Chelsea Vision

Chelsea Vision

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - It has taken more than four years, but the content is beginning to get a little more explicit
- The site is frequently updated enough to justify keeping a membership
- EXTREMELY fast website
- No DRM on the videos
- Sometimes you get a little extra out of the "webcam" stills
- High quality stills
- "Vintage" material might be more appealing to those that would prefer their models on the thinner side.
- So-so guest area
Cons: - Very little explicit content
- New content, while frequent, does not always include new video
- Priced the same as a hardcore site with softcore content
- Image gallery could use functionality enhancement
- "HD" videos are still grainy due to low megapixel 1-CCD camera system
- Sometimes, not much difference between webcam stills and other material, except grainier.
- Stills could use a little more variety
- If you like your models on the heavier side, the site is beginning to appeal to you.
- So-so guest area
Bottom Line: No matter how many times I decide to drop my subscription, I will check back, and see something that makes me sign up again. That's a good sign as very few other sites can get that kind of retention out of me. Over the years, you can see some differences in the model, but she is finally starting to venture past tedious jump cuts, awkward positions and hand movements. Nothing wrong with a strip tease so long as there is finally ever a pay-off and with the most recent video put out, I think we're finally there.

If you've taken a look at this site before, perhaps even as recently as last year, and decided you weren't interested, take another look. This site has not undergone any kind of major redesign or anything, but, honestly, that's never what it's needed. The improvements that have been made are being made to the "right" areas, and I think it's worth checking out. It's very unique content in that there are very few strip-tease sites out there, and one as totally captivating as this one.

Have patience with this one. chelseavision.com is coming around...

07-01-10  07:46am

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N/A Reply of Duante Amorculo's Poll

There is already a form of porn for women. It's called reality TV shows.

09-01-09  11:26am

Visit Nude Sport Videos

Nude Sport Videos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Watching hot girls work out naked is a turn on and I'm surprised how rare this concept is in adult video
- Many of the models are extremely attractive
- Older videos have more masturbation
- Newer videos are higher in quality
- Lots of videos
- Lots of stills
- DRM-free files that play on anything
- Nice 3-day trial option
Cons: - "Exercises" can be highly distracting due to the lack of a passable attempt at aerobics, calisthenics, yoga, etc.
- Unenthusiastic athletic activity (i.e., girls giving up half way through routines, apparently "walking" through their sets, etc)
- Rare sex acts
- Some models look very homely
- No interview or other information present about the model (not a deal breaker, but is aesthetically pleasing)
- Don't bother with the audio soundtrack
- Files can take a while to download
- Stills appear to be just screen grabs from the video and are, therefore, lo-fi in quality.
- Relatively expensive - there are cheaper hardcore sites
Bottom Line: I've been orbiting this site for a year, toying with the idea of slapping down $30 for a subscription until finally getting it done while I getting my home all to myself and I was slightly disappointed. The previews seem hot enough, but there is very little variety between the videos. On the one hand, many of the girls are pretty enough, with some masturbation, some outdoor action, and gyrations as part of an exercise or dance with plenty of appealing camera angles (without the annoying wide angle lens and zooming to which San Fernando valley-based porn is thoroughly addicted). If you're into Euro-Russian girls, this site can be particularly appealing. Nevertheless, there are big problems like the girls seem to be half-assing the exercises and while I shouldn't care, it's more of a distraction than it is erotic if they're just phoning it in. Don't bother with the sound. Some of the videos look like they were shot onto VHS and then dubbed off using a vid-cap card. Some of these ladies are rather plain looking and there is no play/interaction with the camera, so there's a somewhat cold feel to the videos. Overall, I would recommend (trying) to download as much as you can with their iffy bandwidth in a 3-day trial and moving on. Hopefully someone really executes their idea to a much higher level or they someday elevate their own standards.

08-16-09  12:45am

Replies (3)
Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale
Reply of james4096's Reply

Perfectly understandable. I think I spent 15 minutes deciding which video to buy because it is very easy to get them, yet they cost so much. They really should have a half-and-half system ala Columbia House (in the old days), pay a monthly membership fee of $9.95 and get the clips 50% off, or even, offer a "bulk" discount (buy 10 as a member, get each video for just $5). I think people would buy more (good for the producers) but it wouldn't be so expensive as to be not worth it.

The only way this site will work is with very niche, difficult-to-find content (creampies, slow hand jobs, pre-cum, bisexual, etc.) because if it descends to the level of the porn you can buy anywhere, then, no one will spend $10 on a 15 minute clip, for $10 more, you can buy a 4 hour DVD.

06-25-09  11:12pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Poll

I've already performed on film. :-) I wish I could do it again but my fiancée is jealous as hell.

06-25-09  11:05pm

Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - HD-quality downloadable videos with no DRM
- Huge variety, lots of niche material
- Multiple ways to search for content
Cons: - The cilps are expensive ($10 for a 15 minute file)
- No way to create an account and save billing info (this can be a real buzzkill in certain "situations")
- Not the most modern looking website design I've ever seen
Bottom Line: WOW. That was my reaction when I found this site. I think I have been looking for over two years for a source of the kinds of stuff I'm into and this place finally has it. I ended up discovering it by accident looking at videos through a popular search engine site, so, clips4sale.com needs to really invest in some SEO. They can certainly afford it given how much they're charging for video clips. However, I've already purchased two. If they could offer some bulk-purchase discounts, I'd buy a lot more.

06-23-09  08:07pm

Replies (2)
Visit Wifey's World

Wifey's World

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - THE best Hand Job videos you will EVER see!
- Highly imaginative website ("guest stars," Flash animated Cartoons, erotica prose and audio files)
- Beautifully designed website; not just a bunch of porn slapped together on a generic, plain-looking CMS-templated PHP site. Updates are made easy to find.
- Material shot in a variety of locations
- LOTS of outfits
- The output from "Hubby" will seldom disappoint
- DVD (and even VHS) videos available
- DRM-free videos in common, guaranteed-to-play formats
- New Blog, a companion to the Chat Room
- Fans of big tits will LOVE "Wifey"
- Fans of blondes will ALSO love "Wifey"
- Very reasonably priced
Cons: - They're married yet not a single creampie video or pictorial in sight??
- Looks like some videos from this site are no longer available
- Wildly varying audio quality
- Not too many pictures in the image gallery.
- Image gallery are mostly software pictures of "Wifey" - very little hardcore
- Some videos split up into 2 and 3 part files; good idea for the bandwidth limited, but there should be "whole video" / "high-res" options for those of us on cable!
Bottom Line: The main reason I signed up for this website is that I got tired of the pathetic hand jobs I see everywhere else. You know what I'm talking about--clearly inexperienced girls, the dude having to finish himself off, or worse yet, wild, extreme camera angles and fast, aggressive dick jacking. Just not anything close to being affectionate, intimate, arousing or erotic. Wifey's World is one of the few sites to deliver the goods; she tenderly strokes Hubby's pre-cum oozing dick so slowly without stopping until he ejects his load, long distance-style! I was really hoping for a creampie video or two but there's none of that...yet. For the price, this site is DEFINITELY worth checking out. Especially if you love blondes with big tits and a well hung dude get down with her. There's also some pretty hot scenes of her cumming with a vibrator as well.

With a FEW improvements, and perhaps slightly more frequent updates (i.e., shoot a lot of content in advance, released weekly), I'd never be lost as a member. I highly recommend people check this site out for some real hot lovin' between Hubby and Wifey.

06-12-08  12:20am

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Visit Bikini Dare

Bikini Dare

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Maximize your money and look for "Bo" - she is one fiery model
- A little bit of masturbating! Hot models changing in and out of super skimpy bikinis
- Excellent image gallery; very talented photographers at work
- Videos are "behind the scenes" like so you get to see a lot of horseplay, models getting ready in between shots, taking direction, changing, etc.
- DRM-free video files; no annoying daily download limits
Cons: - Very little hardcore content
- Very, very short videos; highest quality videos are on the lower end of what can be had
- Highly repetitive after a while
- Low quantity of content
Bottom Line: Beach Model proved to be the better site; more erotic models, modeling in more public places. But still this is one of the pioneer micro-kini modeling sites that keep companies that make those kinds of bikinis in business so it's worth checking out. WAY hotter than anything you'll ever see on Showtime or Cinemax, or in any Maxim/FHM/Stuff/Gear/Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazine. There is no sex though, and only a tiny bit of masturbating. This would be what I would regard as beginner's porn--not too intense but still Highly enjoyable with enough material to keep the less experienced porn fan dazzled for a while.

05-31-08  11:25pm

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Visit Beach Model

Beach Model

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Material excellently caters to voyeurs and fans of exhibitionist erotica - some of the beaches are occupied whilst the model becomes totally nude
- High quality, DRM-free videos with no bandwidth cap
- Lots of content
- Frequently updated
- Extremely attractive models
Cons: - Poor Image Gallery (more on this in the "Bottom Line")
- The music in the videos doesn't add to the atmosphere; it's just annoying.
- Overuse of Slo-Mo in the videos
- Some girls do not get completely naked
- VERY few girls get freaky; it's mostly posing (similarly to Bikini Dare but not quite as lacking in content of this nature).
Bottom Line: The girls are hot enough that it's definitely worth paying for a membership and getting a lot of the videos because they are a turn on, especially those on the beaches that are occupied while the model is getting naked. The camera work is not bad but again, the slo-mo gets old and the music is annoying. Since there is no dialog, there is no point in turning up your speakers for these. Most importantly, the image gallery is a problem. Lots of good quality pictures but spread out over sometimes more than a dozen individual web pages rather than a build-in automatic slideshow, or at least a way to download the gallery as one or more ZIP files (as Bikini Dare did). Hard to know what you want just by looking at the previous in all cases.

You wont like this site too much if you are looking for hardcore content; this material that is JUST over the Showtime/Cinemax "softcore" line, but fits snuggly into "Playboy TV" level of intensity. I would recommend this site for beginners that are looking for porn that is, while not too intense, still enjoyable. These girls are wearing bikinis and striking poses you will NEVER, EVER find in Sports Illustrated, Stuff, Gear, FHM, Maxim, etc.

I was signed up for at least two months, it was that good.

05-31-08  11:17pm

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Visit I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Extremely high quality content
- Updated often
- Some of the models are very hot; if you have a British Accent fetish, this site will feed it often
- FINALLY, realistic orgasms--not the feigned screaming, shouting and gasping in typical porn
- Deviates from the annoying fish-eye camera lens extreme close-ups; very organic, stable videography for maximum viewing enjoyment
- Some of the videos have outdoor solo shots
- DRM-free WMV files at 900kbit/sec. bitrate; high quality videos that will play on any decent PC.
Cons: - Absolutely, positively NO intercourse--even when "Friends" are in the picture (unless you get off watching dudes give their girl a hand job)
- Porn very clearly aimed at the female demographic; the bisexuals/Lesbians aren't the sort you would find in porn aimed at heterosexual men
- Many videos will cheat you out of a good view, lots of models never take off all of their clothes
- The camera angles, while pleasantly stable and pointed at the important stuff - girl's faces, their bits - it can get old. Videos with different angles with girls in different positions is very rare.
- "Mood" lighting overused; the better videos are shot in daylight
Bottom Line: Highly erotic content, I've downloaded A NUMBER of videos, so there's lots to enjoy here. I honestly thing there isn't enough realistic "females masturbating" porn out there; the only other site I can think of with material this engaging is AbbyWinters.com and I honestly think ifeelmyself.com is more compelling--especially with their 900k bitrate WMVs. Nevertheless, I was only able to find 2 videos on each page to be keep-worthy. So my recommendation would be to sign up, download what you like, and then sign back up in another 3 or 4 months for the next batch of goodies.

05-31-08  11:02pm

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Visit Melissa Midwest

Melissa Midwest
Reply of apoctom's Reply

No, there is not that much more; there is - exactly - 1 intercourse video, 1 footjob video and I believe 3 oral sex videos (her giving head). She swallows most of the time, while he's still in her mouth. This is actually hot in my opinion, but you can't really tell the guy is having an orgasm (he stays ultra quiet; there's no breathing, no obvious reaction on the part of the guy--everything just stops).

The site tries to make up for the lack of Her doing anything HC by linking to a buffet of generic porn. But the canned content in this case is a bit of a let down because the whole reason for signing up for specifically her website is because everyone wants to see Melissa, herself, do these things.

03-12-08  09:39pm

Visit Melissa Midwest

Melissa Midwest

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Mellisa is absolutely, without a doubt, the most gorgeous girl getting naked and doing explicit things (masturbating, sex, oral sex)
- She swallows
- High quality content; membership yields even more from other sites and no DRM.
- Trial makes up for lack of teasers on the "free" side
- The webcam shows are fun.
- Lots and lots of exhibitionism - if you want to see a hot girl get naked in public, this is the site for you.
- A fair amount of content; particularly pictures.
- She actually does respond to fans, and is rather nice; quite good at promoting her site
Cons: - VERY little hard core outside of some masturbation
- Male model average at best
- No variety; feels more like a reality TV show (ie., lots of pictures/video from TV news, including her indecent exposure arrest)
- Cumbersome photo gallery navigation
- Seems to be lacking in updates
Bottom Line: Even though I write more pros than cons, I feel the cons outweigh the pros when you consider the adult entertainment marketplace. Melissa is real and extremely hot, which is a significant draw, but I don't think just those things add up to a nearly $30/mo. subscription. For half that, you can see 7-14 girls just like her in a print magazine doing just about the same things.

I say, give it a look and move on. If you love exhibitionists, this site will turn you on. No question. Otherwise, I don't think it's worth hanging onto month after month.

03-12-08  02:43am

Replies (2)
Visit Nikkiee Handjobs

Nikkiee Handjobs

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Really hot; rare emphasis on pre-cum as previously observed
- Reasonably priced
- Does not auto-renew; only pay for it when you need it.
- The rare offering of actual, physical DVDs
Cons: - Atrocious site design
- Low grade video quality
- Key model only shows T&A; no sign of cooch
- Only handjobs/blowjobs, nothing else (even "dedicated" hand/blow/foot-job site have a little bit of real sex)
Bottom Line: They take pride in the fact that they made the website themselves but, unfortunately, it shows; there's broken links, content that expect to be theirs which isn't, the blatant use of automatic conversion software to generate lists of files so you don't get modern-day conveniences such as thumbnails or screen-shots from any video or photo galleries. It's pretty routine stuff, although if you're into kinky stuff like a guy getting fingered while he's getting a blowjob, this site is one of the few that will cater to such a niche demo. If you can get past these issues, the low quality video, and you really are into the sort of "milking" action this site offers, I haven't found any others that Really does a better job at it.

02-23-08  11:31am

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