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N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

If the girl is in Latex then it's most certainly a start. I tend more to go for solo than lez, as for some bizarre reason some studios seem to think that if a girls tongue touches another then it must be lesbian kissing and therefore it is lesbian porn. If the girls are actually going at it then I'll consider watching it, but I mostly go for solo.

05-18-12  07:39pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Ads should not be in a members area unless it's a small banner promoting another related site and it's out of the way.

05-18-12  07:31pm

Visit Latex Heaven

Latex Heaven

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large selection of models

- Site is simple and easy to navigate

- Photos appear to be well shot

- Photos come in 3 different sizes - described as Small (800px), Medium (1024px) and Large (2000px)

- One update every 3 days (2 updates per week)

- Members get half price on joining the sister site which deals with videos (Latex Heaven Video)
Cons: - Some models look like they aren't all that into latex.

- No download options for sets

- No videos available, available on a separate sister site (Latex Heaven Video)

- Lack of variety in outfits shown.

- No model biographies
Bottom Line: OK, So I've been a member of this site several times for a total of about 8 months now and when I first joined it (after closure of old Latexotica) I was excited at the opening of a site with apparently similar ethos.

The site continues to stick to those ethos however the site is starting to become a bit tired for a couple of reasons.

Over the last few months a sizeable percentage of sets made available were of one particular model who goes by the name Natalia K.

Whilst Natalia is decent enough model, at times it felt like she was the only model working for the site.

Second is the outfits, whilst all the outfits are very nice, for the most part they all come from the same designer and a lot of the outfits they have are identical in design but differently coloured.

It would appear that there is little originality left when it comes to investment in new outfits, choosing not to take a risk on new kinds of outfits.

With regards to outfits, for the most part it's a top, pair of hotpants and a pair of stockings, sometimes with a pair of capri pants and the odd dress making an appearance.

I am also sometimes a bit baffled by the choice of models, Latex looks best on a girl with curves. There are several models on the site who have virtually no curves, with parts of outfits hanging loose and most certainly not giving a second skin effect.

The site does a few good things though, it offers high resolution images, has 2 updates per week and isn't overly expensive

It's also pretty easy to navigate, featuring a model page (so that one may view all of a certain girls sets) as well as the normal update page. The standard update pages feature 6 updates per page and a bit at the bottom where you can go to the previous/next page.

I originally intended to give this site an 80, but after careful consideration I have instead awarded it a 70.

I am a fan of this site, but if I'm honest, I would only recommend this site to someone who liked latex along with a number of other things.

I would not recommend this site to someone who has a serious latex fetish, as this site does not cater to those who are serious about latex.

05-18-12  06:16pm

Replies (4)
Visit Saffron Taylor

Saffron Taylor

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: HD Videos in a variety of settings.

Good resolution images, crisp with no blurring, good lighting, looks professionally shot

Variety of latex outfits worn, in different colours

Site is not too difficult to navigate, when you click on a set/vide part you are directed to a page dedicated to that set/video where it is possible to download each individual part and read a small description about each set/video
Cons: All updates are segmented and are often released over the course of several months.

Model is often static or moves very little for extended periods in the videos.

Videos feature no sound, just a music track over the top (so we don't hear the creaking of the latex)

Videos are downloaded in zip files, leading to slight compression within the video

Each video part is barely longer than 5 minutes

Not a very big site in terms of updates compared to some others that have been around similar lengths of time
Bottom Line: Ok then so here is the bottom line

All updates are segmented, both videos and sets, split into 3 parts. Completion of a set or video series can sometimes take a couple of months.

The videos promise a lot but I feel that they fail to deliver as the model does not move very much within the videos, with several minutes often being spent looking at the model from several different angles with nothing really happening.

The videos also do not feature sound from the shoot itself instead a music track is played on top.

People joining this site and hoping for nudity are going to be disappointed, as the model only exposes her breasts.

At some angles and in certain lighting conditions the models face can look angular and a bit plastic.

The pictures are decent sized and are well shot but show limited creativity, featuring standard modelling poses and a variety of simple (although sometimes colourful) latex outfits.

Saffron Taylor has a large collection of latex outfits, however she does not mix and match different items to create new outfits.

I've given this site a 78 as I feel that at first glance as a non-member the site looks as if it could be a very good site.

As a member though, it's a bit different, as mentioned earlier videos have only a music track, and sometimes feature little movement from the model. The videos are the main draw for the site with sets being a lesser draw.


Avoid spreading updates over the course of a couple months.

No music in videos, use sound from shoot instead, also in videos get more movement from the model instead of having her stand still sometimes and move the camera around.

Start mixing and matching on outfits, be a bit more creative.

05-18-12  06:45am

Replies (0)
Visit Bianca's Latex Lair

Bianca's Latex Lair

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Plenty of content to choose from (395 sets available in various categories)

Pics are very good quality and very well shot. Latest sets all feature High Resolution images.

Decent selection of videos.

Sets always show a great deal of creativity.

Frequent updates (3 new set/month, split to 4/5 parts)

Visible update schedule

Good mix of heavy and glamour-type latex shoots

Relatively easy and straightforward to navigate
Cons: Expensive

Only 74 video clips (small when compared to number of sets available)

Videos generally quite short.

No download options for sets
Bottom Line: First off I'd like to say that site is a bit over priced normally, however from time to time there are periods when initial membership fee is lower.

Every time I have joined I have been sure to join during one of these periods. The current period has been ongoing since January at least (last time I signed up, prior to this time).

So when considering singing up for this site, do not be immediately put off by the information provided with regards to the first charge, check the join page and see if there is a reduction in price.

Now as for the actual bottom line, I'll say this, this site is very good, especially when you get cut-price membership, the sets are incredible and often very sexy, very creative and each has a story behind it.

Sets have on average 100 pics, some sets might have more, others less but you will get at least 80 pics with each set.

There are unfortunately no download options for the sets so you are probably going to have to go through each set downloading each pic individually.

There are videos, more than 70 of them, however they are mostly just clips and aren't particularly long. Most of the videos available are about 640x480 in terms of resolution with a small number being bigger or smaller overall resolution. Videos can vary in terms of length with most recent videos rarely being longer than 5 minutes.

With regards to videos there is no apparent standard, and only one file type on offer for each one, with MPG, AVI, WMV and MP4 all making appearances.

So, Bianca's Latex Lair gets a respectable 85.

This is a good site that could be improved upon by reducing the price of membership as it is currently too high for most to consider.

Improvement could also be had with regards to videos, featuring videos more often (every couple of months would be perfect), making those videos at least 5 minutes long and standardising the video format and upgrading them to at least 720p HDV.

I'd also like to see a zip download option for each set as that would mean that users don't have to spend a large amount of time downloading each pic individually or have to rely on programs such as Bulk Image Downloader to do all the leg work instead.

05-17-12  04:51pm

Replies (2)
N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Most certainly at least 2 updates a week, so really you're talking about an update once every 3 days at the least.

In terms of sites I have joined, I've joined several sites advertising at least weekly updates and been a member for a single billing period without a single update Lilly Roma and her personal site fell victim to that at one point although it now looks to be back to weekly updates.

I'm fairly certain that I wouldn't join a site if it only updated once a month, unless it was dirt cheap.

Fortnightly updates I feel push the boundaries a little bit, unless of course it's a very big update in which case I might be swayed.

05-17-12  02:56pm

Visit The Rubber Clinic

The Rubber Clinic
Reply of RustyJ's Comment

At the Rubber Clinic the videos are still DRM-ed, and it is a pain as you have to make sure that you don't move the files to another location on your hard drive (or off it) or rename it otherwise once the membership expires you have a video that can't be played.

To be honest I don't see a lot from Rubber Eva or The Rubber Clinic being shared on sites unlike some other sites (Saffron Taylor, Rubber Tanja and Fetish Kitsch are three that spring to mind as being distributed all over) now I don't know if that's because it's not the kind of thing most people who have a passing interest in latex would like or because of the flash DRM.

05-17-12  04:25am

Visit Rubber Tanja

Rubber Tanja
Reply of Ergo Proxy's Reply

I've seen it plastered all over certain forums and been pretty shocked at how much has been taken - I'm talking hundreds of posts and a fairly decent sized chunk of the site in terms of the videos.

True they have effectively dug their own graves by implementing DRM - of course this assumes that it is DRM we are talking about as the security measure (hardly likely to be anything else tbh) - but even if they do that, they'll still find content making it's way onto sharing sites because people will find ways to break the DRM encoding on the video.

A pity that a site with such potential has to resort to this sort of tactic, and thereby go and ruin any sort of chance they have of having a top notch site.

05-16-12  08:04am

Visit Rubber Tanja

Rubber Tanja
Reply of Ergo Proxy's Review

Good review, I had a look at the front page and I have to say that it looks very clean and tidy that's easily navigated. This site looks promising and given the front page you would think that the site would deliver well on that front.

However as mentioned the site is young and maybe given a year or so the site can improve as the potential is there.

Glad to see that the webmaster has replied and has done so positively.

Will keep an eye on the site to see what happens.

EDIT: Or maybe I won't looks like DRM is going to be implemented due to "massive copyright infringements and illegal downloads"

It's a pity.

05-16-12  07:12am

Visit Rubber Eva

Rubber Eva
Reply of Ergo Proxy's Reply

There are some decent scenes and Rubberdoll is hot, but she's prioritised her stage show to the detriment of her site that I feel it's not worth the money.

I find it odd that even though The Rubber Clinic is part of the RE Productions banner that the two sites do not have a similar layout, combining the best of both?

05-16-12  06:56am

Visit Rubber Eva

Rubber Eva
Reply of Ergo Proxy's Reply

Whilst I do feel you are being a bit harsh in your criticism due to previous experiences with the site being unsatisfactory, I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own individual opinion.

I like this site, as I am a very devoted fan of latex and sites like Eva's are few and far between in terms of standard of production, time between updates etc.

Sites I have enjoyed in the past like Rubberdoll were good in the past back when it was just Rubberdoll doing her thing in latex, but now the site has gone downhill a bit, focussing less on Rubberdoll and more on other girls. Even when Rubberdoll does make an appearance it's now very tame and the latex seems to be minimal.

As for bad acting/fake moaning - isn't that part and parcel of watching porn? I don't care though they're doing porn, it's in latex, result.

As for the music, it may be irritating but I don't really pay much heed to it it's secondary to what's actually happening on screen and besides I've heard far worse background music in pornos.

The site sets out to do a job, does it very well, doesn't use DRM on videos any more and has plenty of HQ/HD content and whilst finding the videos or sets you want may be a little tricky, you get your stuff without too much difficulty in the end.

05-16-12  04:41am

Visit Saffron Taylor

Saffron Taylor
Reply of Latex Addict's Review

Nice review, although I might have to say that I perhaps disagree with the score you give, 95 seems a bit high I'd have probably scored it more towards 80 for a number of reasons.

First is the segmented updates, I'm not a huge fan of this as it often means that if you end up finishing your membership you can often end up with only part of a scene.

With these updates, the videos are often quite short and I often find that Ms. Taylor can be a bit static at times.

Second is the download speeds, when downloading the zip files of both videos and sets I have found download speeds to be lacking with videos sometimes taking the best part of an hour to download even when I'm doing nothing else on the internet.

Third is the price - I feel that the price I pay for the content offered is a bit steep, the videos aren't very long and picture sets are somewhat limited.

The final reason is Saffron herself, whilst she is stunningly beautiful her face has an almost barbie doll like quality too it and for me it's a little bit of a turn off.

I've seen other peoples replies and I warmly welcome you to the site however I feel that you should avoid calling sites 'a MUST join' instead say that you highly recommend this to others.

It would appear given your name that you enjoy latex if that is the case then might I suggest taking a look at other sites such as 66Latex, Latex Heaven, Rubber Passion and Rubber Eva.



05-15-12  11:29am

Visit Rubber Eva

Rubber Eva

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: No more DRM-ed videos! The site formerly used DRM on all it's videos however they now appear to be free of DRM.
HD Videos
Lots of hot models (some well known) and Eva
Regular updates
HQ Galleries in Zip format
Scenes show some fantastic creativity
Long scenes
Lots of content
No download limits
Cons: Uncommon flash video format (f4v) that is not easily converted to more common video formats (.wmv, .avi, etc.)
Segmented scenes and galleries are spread out over one long page.
Heavy Rubber element may not be to most peoples liking.
Navigation can be tricky on some pages due to number of items available for download.
Bottom Line: The bottom line with RubberEva.com is that this site has improved a lot from what it used to be.

I have been a member of the site several times, and in the past I have found myself being disappointed
by the site due to the use of DRM in videos.

The videos now no longer feature DRM but are still in the uncommon format .f4v which is not easily converted to more common formats for easier viewing which is a slight negative.

This site is similar to Rubber Eva's other site The Rubber Clinic in that all scenes and galleries are segmented and split into multiple parts.

However unlike the aforementioned other site, the sets and scenes share a common title only distinguishable by the fact that it features a suffix which displays the part of the series within. The sets and scenes also feature a date of publishing to further aid identification.

The sets and scenes often show a great degree of creativity in a variety of settings, from outdoors to the clean white tiles of a clinic with many different kinds of latex outfits in a variety of colours.

Although the scenes are segmented once an entire set has been released then the sets can last up to an hour sometimes longer than that.

Overall this site is very good, and maybe a little bit on the expensive side at nearly 30 per month but now that the DRM-ed videos of old are gone the value for money has gone up in my eyes.

Things that this site could improve on are:

1) Changing videos to a more common video format
2) Releasing parts of videos and scenes one after the other instead of being released over course of several months.
3) Improving navigation by making several pages of content split by year/month rather than one long page or by

If all of these improvements I have suggested were implemented then in my opinion this would probably be the perfect site. It's a damn good site as it is but a few improvements would be gladly welcomed.

05-15-12  10:42am

Replies (5)
Visit Rubber Passion

Rubber Passion
Reply of Minea's Reply

DRM coding issues on the DRM suppliers end, are what has caused the major delay. I actually mentioned this to Lucy and she said that it was being looked at but EZDRM (who supply the DRM) weren't of great help with the issue and were relatively slow in getting back to her.

I really hope she does another video in future where she's pissing, as there is that one video which features pissing and that really gets me going.

I have no qualms in joining the site as it's only £16 for me which is dirt cheap for a site like that.

In other news, just saw some Latexotica preview pics this weekend from Lilly Roma, I can just tell that it's going to be awesome.

04-25-12  02:38am

Visit Rubber Passion

Rubber Passion
Reply of LatexRyan's Reply

OK, since I am unable to edit my prior reply, I have to do it this way. With regards to communication with Lucy, as there is no webmaster address currently working I suspect that much of the mail ends up going to her. I've emailed her a couple of times about various different things and she seems like a really nice person, and tries her best to reply to everyone, so my criticism of her earlier was perhaps uncalled for.

04-22-12  09:10am

Visit 66 Latex

66 Latex
Reply of tangub's Reply

They are indeed separate subscriptions, although I'd perhaps like to see and offer where by if you are a member of one site then you can get a discount on the subscription cost to another site.

The plain backgrounds are a bit uninspiring, but sometimes there are props, however the background is still plain. For the most part though, I find that I tend to focus more on what the model is doing.

If they did provide slightly more interesting settings then this site would be incredible.

03-02-12  07:06am

Visit The Rubber Clinic

The Rubber Clinic
Reply of RustyJ's Reply

Thing is though, I've heard that RubberEva has done away with DRM on the videos on her personal site, so why they don't extend that to The Rubber Clinic too, I'll never know.

The videos are brilliant, HD, high quality and well shot, but as you said the DRM is often a deal breaker for many.

03-02-12  12:23am

Visit 66 Latex

66 Latex

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -High resolution images
-Regular Updates
-Good looking European models
-Zip download of galleries
-Multiple resolution choices
Cons: -No videos
-Photoshoot backgrounds are rather simple
Bottom Line: This site sets out to give us young, sexy models, wearing a variety of latex outfits, and it delivers and does so well.

The site updates regularly, but I have noticed that the site may not update with new sets for more than 4 days at some point, but this is made up for by having a number of sets posted on consecutive days.

The sets are offered in a couple different resolutions, the highest being 2000x3000, the photos are always crystal clear and are of a very high standard of quality.

The back catalogue isn't the biggest but there are still plenty of updates to be had.

Some sets give a more pornographic edge than others, but for the most part the outfits the models wear are transparent to an extent and when they're not the outfits often barely conceal that most precious of parts.

The sets that are pornographic range from simple pussy showing to playing with toys, with one model, Katja, having a fondness for anal play with said toys.

Things that let this site down are the fact that there are no videos, if they had videos that were even just behind the scenes type shoots, then I'd be pleased.

The backgrounds for photoshoots are often fairly simplistic, a simple monochrome background. I suspect that for most though, that is a minor concern, as the models are what this site is all about.

In short, if you like young, innocent looking girls wearing latex and getting naughty in said latex, then I advise you join this site.

I give this site a solid 80, the site sticks to an idea, runs with it and does it well, it may not have the fanciest settings, but in most cases it is secondary to what the model is doing.

If they offered videos this site would be a good 85, simple but solid.

03-01-12  06:15am

Replies (4)
Visit Rubber Models

Rubber Models

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Good looking models
Large galleries
Good quality videos
Hi Res photos
Cons: Promises 720p videos - but fails to deliver, explained in bottom line
No zip sets
Appears to recycle content
Limited back catalogue
Advertises sets/videos that aren't available
Bottom Line: I was a member of this site for 2 months, about 4 months apart, the last time being over Xmas/New Year.

I am disappointed in this site, it promised a lot but often failed to deliver for me.

The site offers galleries with large numbers of photos, but does not give the user the option of zip download, and Bulk Image Downloader is incapable of downloading full sets.

As a consequence, I often had to download more than 200 photos, individually, photo by photo. Whilst doing so I often found numerous photos were broken or only displayed partially.

The site promised HDV (720p) videos, and to an extent it keeps true to that, the videos are 1280x720 in resolution, but are not HD quality and are most likely up-scaled from a smaller size.

The site appears to have a very limited back catalogue only going back at most 18 months, it also appears to recycle sets which are no longer accessible to users, this to me suggests that the site is no longer shooting models.

This site does provide some very good quality content, some with a slight pornographic edge, but for the most part, it's non-nude.

Bottom line is - it appears to offer a lot of quality content given the previews, but often fails to deliver on it's promises.

02-29-12  12:59pm

Replies (0)
Visit The Rubber Clinic

The Rubber Clinic

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: HD Quality Content
Lots of Galleries
Large selection of Models, who all seem to enjoy latex.
Several Updates per Week
Lots of Videos
Cons: DRM encoded videos
Videos done in multiple parts
Galleries done in multiple parts
Videos/Galleries not dated
Browsing can be confusing at times
Uncommon video formats
Bottom Line: I have been a member of The Rubber Clinic for at least 3 months on and off and as such feel that I can deliver a fair review.

If you enjoy latex, enjoy the medical theme and don't mind a healthy dose of pissing then you will really enjoy this site.

The galleries and videos are all shot to a high standard and are high quality, with videos coming in HD. Pics are a little on the small side though.

Although the videos are great they are DRM encoded in the very uncommon flash .f4v format, it would be far easier to watch videos if they were in a more common .wmv format.

The DRM can be VERY restrictive, the site claims licenses last for 5 years, and I have read from some people that they do indeed last for that length of time, but I have struggled to watch videos in the past after having left the site.

I have been told that this is due to a problem with Adobe Media Player which was used before to watch the videos and due to the fact that I moved them, so don't move the videos from their original save location or you won't have access unless you rejoin the site.

The site now uses EZDRM AIR Player which is a far better and far simpler player compared to AMP as was used previously.

The videos are split into multiple parts of between 4 and 8 minutes each, these parts are not uploaded together at the same time, instead being uploaded over a period of time, so if you join for a month, you will only have a few parts of newer videos.

Once all parts have been downloaded though, the series can last the best part of an hour, and sometimes more.

The videos are also not dated and do not have visible titles until downloaded (in which case it will be downloaded in the form: Series_Name_Part_X) so finding earlier parts of videos can often be a confusing and time consuming process.

The same applies to the galleries. An entire gallery will have more often than not more than 100 pics, split into parts of between 30-60 pics in each part.

Unlike videos, galleries all have their own names, so always try to download all parts of a gallery available into a folder before extracting the files. Again it can be a long, laborious and confusing process to get all the parts of a gallery.

Despite all the negatives I have outlined here, someone who is patient and who enjoys this type of Porn will like this site. As far as I am aware this site is unique in terms of the content it offers - A mix of Hardcore Porn, Pissing, Latex and Medical Play.

If the site did away with DRM encoded videos, went to a more common format and grouped videos and galleries together as part of a series rather than spread out across several pages along with other series, this site would be damn near perfect.

02-29-12  12:37pm

Replies (3)
Visit Rubber Passion

Rubber Passion
Reply of RustyJ's Reply

According to the site, the webmaster's email does not work, there is an opportunity to contact the model herself, who claims to personally reply to every message, I messaged Lucy more than a week ago and have still not received a response, a shame really, especially given her claims.

I've also seen a page that allows members to pay for a private webcam show but you have to communicate with the model herself to arrange a time, and given her claims and what I have seen in practice has me doubting that members have the ability to go on cam with her.

There was supposed to be an update on Tuesday, however I have yet to see the update posted, despite the quality of the updates, if they can't stick to an update schedule I'm worried, I can understand it being a day late, but 2 days, almost 3 is worrying, especially when there is no reason posted as to why it is late.

This site could be one of the best, but they shoot themselves in the foot over and over again and on the most basic of things too.

02-23-12  01:51pm

Visit Rubber Passion

Rubber Passion
Reply of otoh's Reply

I am familiar with Mosh and I do like some of her stuff. If you take a peek at Latexotica.com then you'll see a new front page, and you'll get an idea as to what Lilly is looking to do with the site.

Lilly's site is ok, there aren't any zip sets, and the videos are limited in terms of quality and length. Updates are also somewhat sporadic, you can be a member and see not a single update, I love her, but her site sucks, and webmasters are totally non-existent.

02-22-12  08:56am

Visit Rubber Passion

Rubber Passion
Reply of otoh's Reply

You would like Latex Heaven, not heavy rubber and more of a glamour look. You would also have liked Latexotica, prior to it's shut down. Latexotica is now under new ownership and this summer a new site is coming, under the ownership of the most popular model on the site, Anastacia, aka Lilly Roma. Was speaking with her on webcam (hell yeah!) and she tells us that the site will have a slight pornographic edge to it, so I'm hoping it's all good.

02-20-12  11:36am

Visit Rubber Passion

Rubber Passion
Reply of RustyJ's Reply

It is a pain, as I feel such restrictive DRM only encourages people to bust it and share it online, which is a real shame, as it means that the webmaster has his hands full dealing with copyright stuff.

I've seen her stuff shared online quite a bit by others, a shame really, as that only reinforces their case as to why DRM is needed on their videos.

Lucy's blog in the members area talks of a big change to the site, hopefully this means that they are going to de-DRM videos and change the layout to make navigation more easy.

I've seen the DDF Network stuff and once the money I'm owed comes into my account I'm looking to get right in there and sign up for the site as it would appear that there is a lot of good stuff that isn't just latex on there.

02-19-12  07:25am

Visit Rubber Passion

Rubber Passion
Reply of RustyJ's Reply

I'll do what I can, I know that Latexotica, which stopped updating last year is being re-opened - but under new ownership from one of the models that worked there - soon, so when I get in there I'm gonna have to review it.

I've got current memberships to both Latex Heaven and Latex Heaven Video so I'll see about getting a review out for each of them.

02-19-12  03:24am

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