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Visit 90s Panties

90s Panties
Reply of atrapat's Reply

Lols indeed, when I saw this i couldn't help but to see a very, very poor attempt at recycling some very recycled content!

03-02-12  09:44am

Visit Steve Bones

Steve Bones
Reply of otoh's Comment

Can't say this gives me a 'boner' (sorry, someone had to)...

Yes I agree, one of the more fringe fetishes to have an entire site dedicated to it, I wouldn't be surprised if the number of vids was very low as it's a network site though.

And I mean, the dude can't move so it's gonna get pretty boring pretty quick no?

Unless it becomes steve re-animated bones which is one step to zombie-porn which I just can't bring myself to google...

02-01-12  03:21am

Visit Teen Sex Couple

Teen Sex Couple

Joined for a month

For an amateur site it's not bad, yes I'd say Jessica has pretty great breasts, Dave's cock is great looking and if it's all honest then they're doing a great thing.


Dave take the bag of your head and be proud of what you're doing, it makes me as a viewer feel quite uneasy.

Please get someone else in to do the filming so you can get some variety in your angles throughout a scene.

Maybe plan out the scenes rather than just picking up the camera at the last minute as at least 70% of the scenes I found very dull even if Jessica is dressed up.

I applaud their site and have kept some of the videos but I guess their POV gonzo style just isn't for me.

01-07-12  08:22am

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Visit Only Teen Blowjobs

Only Teen Blowjobs
Reply of PornoPro's Review

I got confused as this has the 'Only...' title and it clearly isn't part of the 'Only Tease' group of sites, obviously quite different!

Thanks for the review.

01-07-12  08:08am

Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn
Reply of bloomoon's Comment

I'm a full member of Diesel at the moment haven't had any problems downloading the movies at all, it's a shame you have heard nothing back from their support though :(

01-05-12  04:53pm

Visit Anna Angel

Anna Angel
Reply of Marcus's Review

Wow that's a new low, thanks for the warning.

12-31-11  11:23am

Visit Teen Sex Couple

Teen Sex Couple
Reply of bacardiancoke's Review

Thanks for the review, all things considered I'll give this site a trial and see how I get on, sometimes the real gems are hidden in the rough!

12-21-11  11:17am

Visit Teen Sex Mania

Teen Sex Mania
Reply of theonon's Review

Call me cynical but personally i think this is a poor review.

Almost all the pros and cons state exactly the same thing:

90% of videos are technically great :)
10% videos are not technically great :(

Also a lot of the cons are disguised pros:

'10% poor videos' - i've paid for a lot worse
'no proper codec *but* multiple format's - pro
'no jaded old male porn stars' - pro
'dirty talking russians' - pro
'70% portable format' - better than a lot of sites

None of your pros are explained in the bottom line section:

Why did the anal scenes on this site do so much for you?

Describing videos as special and magic is fairly ambiguous and vague, again some kind of elaboration on this would be helpful.

What other sites did you join that were't as good as this? Why is this specifically the best site?

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh for a first review, it *does* look suspicious to me and I look forward to the OP updating/adding a few replies with more information as I think the site looks great.

12-20-11  02:11am

Visit Mistress Jessica

Mistress Jessica

December 2011 update

Updates are currently twice a week, one new HD vid and one older non-archived video. Note that many videos posted now are being posted for 1 week only.

Jessica has made it clear that she intends to do less nudity (though there was very little of that in the first place as it's not the theme of the site) and ultimately is looking to shut down the site in the not-to-distant future.

She hasn't given any firm dates but has said she will remain updating at least through 2012.

12-05-11  10:59am

Replies (1)
Visit Juliland


Jada Fire sets, b/g sets?

Bit annoying you cant preview specific model sets without joining (unless I missed something?), does anyone know how many Jada Fire sets there are and are tehre any b/g sets or is it all solo model?

11-23-11  03:43am

Replies (1)
Visit Mistress Jessica

Mistress Jessica

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Now offering HD videos
Large collection of archive galleries and videos
Content is exclusive to the site
Jessica is thoughtful and passionate about lingerie
Sticks to lingerie/stocking/vintage fetish
Can email her direct and make requests
Cons: No longer adding new galleries (HD videos only now)
Wont be updated frequently enough for some people
No hardcore, purely softcore/tease
Videos are quite short
Images are not high-res
Bottom Line: This site is for people into lingerie and stockings, it is very tame softcore tease only with some nudity, topless mainly.

The 85 score is based on a 'best in class' minus some points for the length of the videos and old school site design/layout.

I've tried to find other sites that that covers vintage lingerie, girdles and shapewear, robes, gloves, bra/panty fetish etc and so far not found one.

Also a site that is pretty well maintained by the model herself, who will reply to emails and even do requests.

The site itself is very basic, looks a bit 90s but navigation is simple enough and all image galleries have zip link at bottom of page. In fact each gallery has a running commentary which is fairly unique.

There are roughly 300 image sets in the gallery, all medium res (roughly 700x900 size). Jessica is no longer doing image sets and producing only HD videos now.

90% of the ~330 videos are 640x480 and mostly shot herself using tripod and some decent lighting. More recently she's been doing HD vids which are significantly better quality.

All videos are downloadable and in WMV format, there are screencaps and a detailed description for each.

Videos aren't that long, out of the 327 i have access to right now, most are less than 10 minutes. Strangely I never noticed this but actually that does seem quite short.

There is a daily cap of 7.5gb and an hourly limit of 3gb. If you are downloading the lot (~50gb) then you'll need about a week to get it, however, probably about 50 of of the vids are a 'bonus' which she doesn't link to on her site and releases every now and again, so you obv need to stay a member to get them all.

There are a couple of extra areas on the site, a section for stories which is something i've never really looked at and then an image gallery for slips and one for stockings. These are rarely/never updated and just good to pick up, there are about 40 image sets in each section.

So I can highly recommend this site to anyone with lingerie/stocking fetish, looking forward to any questions/comments.

10-09-11  01:24pm

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Visit Cosplay Deviants

Cosplay Deviants

Fair-play but too many reviews

So I think fair play to the webmaster for getting involved with the review replies, and ultimately the reviews do look truthful.

However I think one review would have been plenty at 60/65% I reckon, we could all put 97% for a site just because it was bang on what we were passionate about but it's useless to other people and not really (in my mind) the driving force behind a score.

Also all the cons are the same across all reviews and most of the pros simply state 'nice range of involved models', the 4 more recent reviewers could have just trusted and added comments to the first review, no need for that many seperate reviews.

It does look like a genuine site though, looks very transparent with contact details and cancellation links, lots of info in their FAQ section (probably more useful to read that than these reviews) and there are a couple of deviantart/youtube links on their site which sort of make up for a tour.

10-04-11  08:56am

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Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network
Reply of pat362's Reply

I can answer on his behalf, no there are no movie format options and no split scenes, it's all or nothing. So far i've just had WMV format ranging 900MB to 2GB+. Also if your downloader fails half way through, I believe the full size of the file is counted towards your limit (easier for them I guess). So whilst you can download 3 or 4 vids at once, I would download 1 at a time if you have an unstable connection/pc/browser etc.

09-20-11  03:31pm

Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network

Storage servers

I just joined up and noted that they have a CDN with all the video content stored on 12 or 13 different servers.

So when downloading a file, if it directs you to a server you've not accessed before, it will ask you for your user and pass again so keep them handy.

Also the speed of each server appears to vary, not sure if you can switch server to get a faster speed, I'll try it later.

09-20-11  02:51am

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Visit Scandinavian Feet

Scandinavian Feet
Reply of Berrinchez's Comment

If the photos you want are all web-accessible and have some kind of pattern to their file names (i.e. all located in the same folder, named 0001, 0002, 0003 etc) then Download Them All can be setup to batch download them (Firefox plugin).

I used this on the sexy pattycake site which put all photos on seperate html pages with no zip options. Just needed to work out where the photos were stored, what naming convention they used and then setup DTA to batch grab them.

Needs quite specific conditions to work but can be a life saver when it does, might be worth a look.

09-20-11  02:35am

Visit 18 And Busty

18 And Busty
Reply of BradlyH's Review

Yeah it surprises me when webmasters fail on the file/zip naming front, it's actually very easy to automate that kind of thing and there is really no excuse!

Also regarding archive content I guess it's a real difficult one for web masters, it annoys me too when a specific model is broadcast on the front of a site only to find her portfolio is 8 years old in 320x240.

Old digital media can't be re-scanned like film and I guess most studios have used digital equipment since inception, I actually think that on most sites they should cull the older stuff in a yearly quality control process because it can really bring the overall site down.

Or at least archive it with a warning and don't make a point of advertising those models.

I liked this review, thanks!

09-20-11  02:27am

Visit Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: +exclusive jelena content
+live shows
+plenty of content
+she appears to be involved in the running of the site
+lots and lots of personal-life stuff
Cons: -fair bit of lower res older stuff
-quite pricey
-not updated frequently enough
-live shows often cancelled/re-scheduled
-blog not been updated since jan 2011
-lots and lots of personal-life stuff
Bottom Line: I got a massive Jelena fixation about 6 months ago and joined up on the 6 month deal.

I was pretty lucky in that the site was updated reasonably frequently and there was enough content to keep me occupied for about 3 months.

The navigation is simple (categories limited to pics, boy/girl vids, official vids and and friends). For some reason there were a few rendering probs with most of the content pages, but I was just after the zips so no real issue, zips just come in one size for pics, vids in a couple of different formats.

Webcam chat videos come in 640x480, roughly about 800mb and range between 30 mins and 1 hour. I picked up a few 720x480 chats looking at the collection but not many.

Timings for live shows are no good for UK residents, usually about 10pm EST from what I recall. But all are put up for download a few days later.

Official vids are very varied, ranging from tiny, tiny archive 320x240 clips up to 1280x720 running about 25min, the most common being 856x480. Most of these are about 300mb.

The last vid I picked up was 'Tie Her to the Tree' released August, this is some pretty nice light rope bondage with Aria.

The last pic set I picked up was again Jelena gagging Aria with ballgag, b/w set with pics 1071x1600. Not terribly high res but sharp and certainly acceptable, though no good for 1920 wide screen background.

This site is focused quite heavily on live webcam sessions and Jelena's private life. She posts a fair few pic sets of her and her friends out skiing, partying, holidaying etc. All of the live shows did include some hard core always with the same guy and plenty of actal chat. Not great quality but acceptable for web cam.

I was impressed that when she had problems with a potential site hack, she very quickly managed and resolved the problem with ccbill, it even looked like I received an email from her when I queried the situation which was nice.

Personally I'm glad I joined, I wouldn't join for 6 months again though, maybe 3. I picked up plenty of chat vids I've not listened through yet and there are plenty of photos sets stashed away to work through too.

Anyone manically obsessed with the woman could do a lot worse than joining the site, the personal touch to the site is nice and I think fans can get a decent fix whenever they need it.

09-19-11  01:45am

Replies (1)
Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn
Reply of lk2fireone's Review

Yep I second the web chat is a total waste of time, I joined a few times and sat there for an hour thinking of other things whilst the model randomly chatted and went through a fairly predictable routine.

I found Beata the worst for this, she's done some wicked videos but her live web chat was sadly boring.

I had no dl issues at all, all very fast and hit no limits.

09-16-11  05:46am

Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art
Reply of otoh's Reply

Yeah actually both sites i've pondered in the past, £10 a month for PP looks pretty good and the lingerie tease looks pretty nice.

09-16-11  03:09am

Visit Sexy Pattycake

Sexy Pattycake

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: +plenty of galleries
+plenty of vids
+new blog
+twitter feed (scraping the barrel as a pro)
+still alive and updated maybe once a week
Cons: -video quality is terrible (even newer vids)
-updates are too infrequent for sub cost
-blog is updated to infrequently
-forum is barely active
Bottom Line: this is a real struggle for me, i love patty, i love her vids and her pics. the teasing panty shots, the bum slapping, the dancing and the cheeky facial expressions.

creatively speaking i'd say the site and model are a gem.

but in 2011 they are producing horribly low quality videos (more recently vids are mp4 but still no better than wide 640x480).

the galleries have way too few pics, usually about 30 to 40, also generally no bigger than 1024x768.

no zips are provided and all pics are stored on seperate html pages so you'll need a plugin like DTA and some batch download jiggery-pokery to get all the images.

updates come in the form of gallery, video or webcam, the webcam update is just a series of very low res vidcaps which i still don't see the point in. just pissed me off that it was used an update slot. maybe i missed a selling point, does she do live webcam sessions?

i joined for 3 months and i was excited about updates as they were so few and far between, but i was consistently dissapointed to the degree that i had to cancel my sub.

i *wish* the site was better and i *wish* i could give it a better score, I genuinely hope she ups her game and i'll be back like a shot.

09-15-11  08:05am

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Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +loads of galleries
+newer sets very, very high res
+well chosen zip sizes + resolutions
+good zip/vid naming
+interesting/hd massage vids
+nice light & clean layout
+frequent updates
+feels like a very safe site
+didn't hit any download limits
Cons: -not much variation in content
-not many vids compared to galleries
-vids are quite short and seem like an after thought
Bottom Line: thought i'd offer a review for 2011.

objective thoughts (hopefully)

+site is very good value for money in terms of amount and quality of content.

+good support for different video codecs, really easy to download the site and add substantial value to any euro-model collection.

+navigation is straight forward, easy to work backward/forward through archives of both pics and vids.

+model summary pages contains direct download links to each gallery, they don't make it hard to pull the site.

-seemed like auth cookies had 1 hour expiration regardless of activity, sometimes half way through downloads i had to re-enter auth details, might be an issue if you stack up a load of downloads and leave computer.

subjective thoughts

i found a lot of the content very samey, although i still picked up most pic sets mainly for an endless supply of backgrounds.

i was really dissapointed with the videos, i thought there were far too short and not all that interesting.

seems like most subscribers are into high-brow art/very very very softcore nude and personally i don't consider hegre to be erotic enough to be sexually arousing.

if you like super high-res, soft core euro-model shoots then this is probably one of the best sites for you.

even though that doesn't describe me, i am very glad i joined for just 1 month to bolster my collection.

09-15-11  07:13am

Replies (5)

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