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Visit POV Hotel

POV Hotel

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: -No download limits,and each episode is available in small chunks or whole videos
-resolution at 1280X720:5074kbps or at 640X480:2117kbps
-TBP offers membership discount
Cons: -New site means smaller amount of content
-Stunt cock won't shut the fuck up sometimes.These chicks are trying to make his weasel go pop and he's ruining their concentration...and mine!
Bottom Line: POV HOTEL is the next best thing to getting laid.With point of view porn you can imagine yourself in the middle of the action.Pretend that it's your cock getting smoked and slobbered on by drop dead gorgeous sluts,gazing at you with big,oh so sexy eyes that scream "FUCK MY FACE!".

Cute little cunts are lured and seduced by a lecherous old camera man into joining him in a seedy, by the hour no-tell motel.Once there,these bimbo's are coaxed and cajoled into giving the photographer a hot and steamy mouth massage.They drop to their knees and inhale his pole balls deep until his nuts are slapping against their chins.These sexy little coozes purr like kittens as he slides his salami in and out of their mouths and pussies until he erupts a bellyful of protein shake down their throats.

The scenarios at POV HOTEL are completely staged.These chicks aren't there to party,their at POV HOTEL to get PAID!The suck sluts at this site are new enough to the XXX scene to give it an authentic amateur vibe.I was able to spot a few professional PORN-BOTS in the mix,but not enough to make it the same tired blowjob site.

Like it's sister sites GHETTO GAGGERS,EBONY CUM DUMPS,and PORN ADDICT,this XXX site offers streaming and download capabilities in many formats(flash,quicktime,windows media,as well as MPEG & MPEG4).If the 20-30 min.videos don't offer enough sucking and fucking action,you still get a accompanying set of pictures that correspond with the movie.The 150+ pictures that make up each set can be viewed individually,in a slideshow,or downloaded into a ZIP file.

I like the way the girls look on POV videos.All the camera angles are made to exploit the real life,one on one effect and make you feel like you're the lucky SOB getting his nut sack slathered by some slutty little hussy.When the girls aren't too busy puffing on the meat cigar jammed between their lips then they put their mouths to good use talking nastier than a drunken sailor.

There is a small amount of anal and vaginal penetration(even an internal cum shot or two),but most of the content is made up of sloppy wet blow jobs.Sometimes the content doesn't do justice to the quality of the videos,but these bitches give it the old college try.Generally the out-CUM is top drawer.We can't let a few bad apples ruin the bunch.

POV HOTEL is worth the price of membership for maybe a month or two.Just enough to get your spank on and get acquainted with some of the bonus porn that comes along with the package.As the rappers are saying, "HIT IT & QUIT IT!".

09-22-10  08:29pm

Replies (0)
Visit Ebony Cum Dumps

Ebony Cum Dumps

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Bonus sites
-exclusive content
-high def videos
Cons: -Slow downloads
-variable content quality
-Watching chicks slurp semen is NASTY!!!
Bottom Line: EBONY CUM DUMPS was one of the bonus sites included with my membership to GHETTO GAGGERS.The site is just what the name implies.Black girls get their mouths used as sperm receptacles.These African American "hood" whores are on booty call,and they deliver the goods faster than DOMINOES pizza.They have some banging bodies,luscious lips,and are as used up as A '76 PINTO.These obliging bitches strip down to their birthday suits and drop to their knees.The white boys on this site mash their meat down these ho's muzzles while they pinch,squeeze,and slap their titties.The girls black bazoos are pressed down on the guys penises until they go balls deep and are getting their tonsils tickled.Every scene ends with these broads taking A deposit from the sperm bank.The load is either shot into their mouths or into A martini glass,which they gulp down like A shot of jager.

All in all I wasn't too impressed with EBONY CUM DUMPS.Some of the scenes made my meat Major stand to attention,but most of the girls were just going through the motions.After all,these are the same chicks used in every black porn site.They must be burnt out and exhausted from sucking so much cock.I'm surprised they don't have lock jaw by now.Also,the whole drinking and slurping cum out of a glass is nasty with a capital N.Why is it that black XXX sites,more than any other sites,insist on degrading and debasing the women on them by making them spew or slurp cum off of A table.I'm no politically correct douche bag,but sometimes enough is enough.

At the time of viewing there were about 120 episodes available, which furnish some very fine features such as WINDOWS MEDIA STREAM,HD WINDOWS DOWNLOAD,and A bunch of other formats for MACS,iPOD/iPHONE,and APPLE TV's.Full scene downloads run about 15 min. in length.30 sec clips are available for those with connection speeds slower than A special ed. class doing A sodoku puzzle.You also get access to to 120+ photo galleries.Included are 50-200 regular res. images that can be downloaded into an easy to access ZIP file.

EBONY CUM DUMPS delivers A barrel full of blow jobs and semen slurping action.The site also dishes up A bonanza of bonus content.If you're an interracial blow bang aficionado and dig seeing black broads take it in the bazoo then you won't feel cheated.Otherwise... stay away.This site is another depressing example of bottom of the barrel black porn.To paraphrase MALCOLM X:"Ebony porn needs to get better...BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!".If you can't dig that,then you ain't got no shovel.Keep on keeping on!HARRY KUNTZ over and out!

09-20-10  12:23pm

Replies (0)
Visit Real Slut Party

Real Slut Party

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -exclusive group sex content
-Windows,flash,& MP4 formats
-long scenes
Cons: -no hi-def photos
-expensive trial rebill
-limited trial
Bottom Line: The last party I went to consisted of middle aged caucasians politely discussing taxes,mortgages,and President Obamas new stimulus package.At no point in this soiree did any of the women here get shit faced drunk,dyke out with each other,or try to stimulate my package in any way,shape,or form.Real life is hardly ever as exciting as A porn movie.Sad but true.Thank god we have REAL SLUT PARTY to live vicariously through.

REAL SLUT PARTY is the new kid on the XXX block.It mashes multiple genres together giving the viewer A movable feast of fucking & sucking.A veritable potluck of pornography.Scantily clad sluts,tarted up in tube tops and mini skirts,show up to the party and drink liquor til they get shit faced drunk.Their clothes disappear just as fast as their inhibitions.Before you can say "beer pong", these sexy little strumpets are playing some lesbo slap & tickle with each other.They tease the boys until their cocks are harder than college level algebra.Then the party really starts.Gang banging,dyking out,sloppy blow jobs,you name it.The viewer gets serenaded by A symphony of grunting,squealing,and caterwauling.Bodies get tangled up into A mass of assholes and elbows as the party erupts into A full blown orgy.

The reality of RSP is highly suspect.Most of the models on this site are of the professional caliber.They at least are newer,up & coming girls that aren't as over saturated as other "porn stars".The site does A good job of capturing the amateur feel by using less known girls and employing shaky and low grade camera work.

For all you techno douches out there in cyber land,here are the specs.There are 36 episodes to yank your crank to.the average length of the videos is about 45+ min. and acn be streamed & downloaded in HD formats.Each video includes a picture set of 150+ images.When all is said and done,white hot honeys and hard boiled boinking are the rule of thumb at this site.

The collection of videos is very small,but it boils down to A matter of quality over quantity.These movies make you want to slap your salami until it erupts penis lava.Nuff said!You can't fault A site for being brand new.They have to start somewhere.REAL SLUT PARTY does an admirable job of showcasing pussy pounding par excellence.

09-19-10  09:10pm

Replies (0)
Visit Can She Take It

Can She Take It

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Exclusive content
-high quality videos
-multiple video formats:WMV,MPEG 1&4
-streaming or download capabilities
-Full length,5min.,and1min. clips
-Ipod/PSP download capabilities
-8 bonus sites
-low price of $19.95
Cons: -Site no longer produces updates.Only 30 episodes on site.
Bottom Line: The premise behind the site CAN SHE TAKE IT goes like this:A-list porn sluts compete with one another to see which one can have the most meat packed into their holes.The scenarios spoof famous game shows like FEAR FACTOR and WHEEL OF FORTUNE.These parodies give the girls A chance to show off their comedic chops,before they get their beavers bludgeoned by some gigantic tube steak.

Let me start the review by saying this.Watching porn skanks trying to be funny is about as painful as watching A loved one die of cancer.It is one of the most agonizing things that A person could experience.If I want A good laugh I'll watch the YOU TUBE video of a monkey humping A football.Now...on to the sex.

This site is chock full of the best porn talent that money can buy.Yes,we've all seen these chicks get porked in A million other videos.That goes with out saying.But,...who gives A shit.If it ain't broke,why fix it?They're the cream of the crop of their chosen professions for A reason.That reason is this:they still make us want to jerk off.After all,isn't that what porno is all about?

And jerk off you will to hot little hump sluts like MEMPHIS MONROE,NIKA NOIRE,CLAIRE DAMES,and A gaggle of other goo guzzlers.The stunt cocks on this site(JOHNNY SINS for example)put their pussies through the paces and mash these bitches meat wallets until they're as soft and supple as chewed bubble gum.

What you end up getting for the $19.95 you spend is this.Good old fashioned,back to basics porn.Nothing more & nothing less.Just A heaping helping of hot bitches getting fucked by abnormally large penises.Yes,the plot is stupider than BURT REYNOLDS on celebrity JEAPORDY,but anybody who's watching these videos for the acting needs to have their porn license revoked.

Sadly though,this site no longer makes new segments.The thirty episodes you do get are well worth the price.Eight free,exclusive content bonus sites are added to package and help make up for the lack of content.All good things must come to an end.CAN SHE TAKE IT decided that thirty episodes was more than enough.After all,how many game shows can you parody before you run out.Don't fret porn fans.Time heals all wounds and we'll find another XXX site to be near & dear to our hearts.Until then,keep jerking!

09-18-10  04:44pm

Replies (1)
Visit Ghetto Gaggers

Ghetto Gaggers

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Customer service is top notch
-access to several other sights included in membership.
-Majority of content is exclusive.
-Misc. videos,erotic stories,jokes and other extras
-160+ episodes
Cons: -Only 2-3 episodes added per month
-vomiting.Watching chicks throw up while giving head is about as appealing as watching some redneck fuck a piece of road kill.Unnecessary.
Bottom Line: If TYLER PERRY could make movies that were half as good as the ones at GHETTO GAGGERS,I might be able to sit all the way through one with out falling into A narcoleptic trance.

GHETTO GAGGERS is the site to see if you like watching hood honeys get their tonsils tore up with some rough,rude,and raunchy face fucking.These streetwise sista's are persuaded to participate in some hard boiled vocal cord violation.Each scene ends with one of these ditzy bitches getting A copious blast of ball butter splattered across her face.

CAVEAT EMPTOR!(let the buyer beware)...Some of these chicks get cocks rammed down their throats so hard and deep that they end up spewing more vomit than Linda Blair in THE EXORCIST.

The 160+ movies on this site can be streamed or downloaded,and new ones are added every week.If you're too impatient to wait for the files to download you can stream them in A FLASH or QUICKTIME player.The picture quality looks superb on both.

Most of the videos have A matching set of picture galleries.The quantity of the photos in the gallery varies,but they all consist of out of sight high-res pics.Were talking about A monster amount of snapshots of these sable skinned cuties getting hot & nasty with some pasty skinned caucasian pole.you can view the pics as A downloaded ZIP file or as A slide show.

If you still can't get enough of black girls getting their jaws jack jammed up with penis plasma,then as A bonus you get full access to the site EBONY CUM DUMPS, as well as other XXX sites.You also get hooked up with oodles of extra movies,erotic stories,and other premium perks.

GHETTO GAGGERS fixates on out of control face fucking.The raven skinned stunners on this site pant,puke,and retch on some well hung honky meat until they get their faces frosted like A birthday cake.If that ain't enough to convince you then you are one jaded porn addict.

Harry Kuntz signing off...

09-15-10  09:28pm

Replies (1)
Visit Jurassic Cock

Jurassic Cock

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -RON JEREMY!!!
-A-1 quality MPEG & WINDOWS media formatting
-56 video/picture sets
-Geriatric theme A new twist.
-Bonus access to PORN PROS network
Cons: -Updates slower than a chess game at the Special Olympics.
-Old guys aren't really that old.
-Same cast over and over and over...and over.
-Prevalent amount of pitches for other porn sites(or in English...too many fucking advertisements)
Bottom Line: Some young girls prefer to have their first sexual liaisons with older, more experienced men who are wise in the ways of the world.The very thought of getting broken in by some gawky, acne riddled,two pump teenage chump is horror enough to make any girl want to join the convent and renounce sex.The teen tramps at JURASSIC COCK have taken the May-December romance conundrum one step further and set their sights on penises attached to men old enough to have been present at the invention of fire.The old dogs at JURASSIC COCK have some new tricks to teach these scrumptious young sex kittens.

Porn legend Ron Jeremy leads this cast of dirty old men as they get every last drop of their cocks milked by A pack of ripe & ready juvenile jezebels.These long in the tooth beau hunks bend,twist,and pound those tight young pussies until they're as supple as A jar of play-doh.

The rest of the cast is made up of such tantalizing porn tarts as LEXI DIAMOND,TANNER MAYES,and TESSA TAYLOR.They purr,coo,and moan as they take these geezers fossilized fuck wands in every possible hole.The old fogey's at JC are taking these bitches to school!

You have to take JURASSIC COCK with A grain of salt.The story lines are inane if not completely ludicrous.As in most skin flicks,the acting is atrocious and borders on down right embarrassing.The stunt cocks in these videos are in their mid to late 50's.Hardly what I would consider Jurassic.It would've been much more sick & depraved to watch these bimbos get worked over by some decrepit ass mummy looking mother fuckers than these middle aged pretenders.

All in all I think this is A funny twist on the regular old teen genre.If you're A dirty old man looking to live vicariously through RON JEREMY and the rest of this gang of grandpas,then the price is reasonable enough to not eat away your whole social security check.The bonus sites included in the PORN PROS package is worth the price alone.Whoever said retirement had to be A drag obviously has never seen JURASSIC COCK.STEVEN SPIELBERG and his CGI dinosaurs ain't got nothing on this site!

09-15-10  03:55pm

Replies (0)
Visit I Know That Girl

I Know That Girl

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Hot girls
-High quality video
-A-1 members area
-Download & streaming capabilities
-46 videos/picture sets
-8 bonus sites
-MP4,MPEG,& WINDOWS MEDIA video formats
Cons: -New site.Needs more content.
-Faux amateur site.Chock full of porn stars.
Bottom Line: We've all encountered these coquette cock teasers at some point in our life.Maybe it's the slinky slut shopping at the mall,the tight teen tart prancing down the street,or the nubile neighbor next door.Who ever she may be, you'll say to yourself,"I know that girl.".

I KNOW THAT GIRL is another "AMATEUR" site claiming to be made up entirely of user submitted content that spotlights self shooters,naughty girlfriend pics taken by ex-boyfriends,and girls having horny hijinks in front of the mirror.

The name of the site couldn't be more true.I do know these girls.Intimately.I know them because they're all PORNSTARS!!!Most sites claiming to be amateur are A complete hoax worthy of P.T. Barnum,but this site was too fucking lazy to even try and pull the wool over our eyes.roughly 90% of the chicks on I KNOW THAT GIRL are professional fuck bunnies well in age past their teens.Rita Faltoyano is showcased here and she's in her 30's for fuck sake!Eva Evangelina,Kitty Bella,and a host of others round out the usual suspects found on every other teen site.

What you get is another mainstream hardcore porn site and the obligatory lesbian,three way,and ass fucking that goes along with such sites.Not that high quality porn is A bad thing.Far from it.The bitches at IKTG fuck & suck like vituosos and are hotter than the 1871 Chicago fires.

I KNOW THAT GIRL certainly sizzles and is well worth A wank,but fans of true amateur home made porn will be more disappointed than A New York mets fan at play off time Suspend your disbelief that these chickies are actually amateur ex-girlfriends and enjoy the site for what it is.And what it is is this:a bunch of feverishly hot pro fuck floozies doing what they do best...being whores.

09-15-10  11:38am

Replies (0)
Visit 40 oz Bounce

40 oz Bounce

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Funny ass shit.Porn and comedy come together at this site like peanut butter & jelly.
-A voluptuous ass lovers wet dream come true.
Cons: -Same old porn chicks
-not enough ethnic variety.Black girls ain't the only ones with big,jiggly asses
-Hardly any anal sex.
Bottom Line: For those of you living under A rock, there's A tradition in the 'hood' of pouring your 40oz malt liquor on the ground in. memory of your homies who are either dead or in prison,but at 40oz BOUNCE they pour their Mickey's & King Cobra all over some big,juicy ghetto asses.Why would anyone want to waste perfectly good malt liquor like that?Who cares. I just want to watch round & brown butt cheeks getting sloppy wet.

These are some of the most bootyliscious babes that the world of porn has to offer.You'll spank your monkey black & blue watching these coffee skinned coozes boogie down on some Alabama black snake.This definitely isn't the same ol' shit.40oz Bounce delivers the goods!

With story lines that parody movies like the WIZARD OF OZ and APOCALYPSE NOW,you'll laugh so hard that you'll piss your pants.While the girls get poor marks for acting ability,they do receive an A for oral.The productions are cheesy and low rent and the sex is pretty formula,but they make up for it all with A good sense of humor and spirit of fun.

The only complaint that I have is that for A porn sight devoted to asses there is a severe lack of anal sex.I wanna see that brown eye getting poked!Also, little more ethnic variety would've been nice.Black girls ain't the only ones with big ass booties.Throw some Asians and Latinas into the mix dawg!

If top shelf booty,funny ass plots,and gallons of malt liquor is your kind of kink then 40oz Bounce is just what the doctor ordered.Between the HD quality videos and the great bonus sites,you're looking at plenty of masturbation material for your money.

09-13-10  12:52pm

Replies (0)
Visit Cum Bang

Cum Bang

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Politically incorrect.Martin Luther King had a dream,but it sure as hell didn't include some backwoods bubbas face fucking beautiful black girls.
Cons: -Same old porn stars that are in every other black porn site.
-Same plot/story over and over again.The novelty wears thin really quick.
-No gang bang action.Strictly bukkake.
Bottom Line: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!In this case the woman is some gorgeous black girl who has been cheated on by her significant other,and the only way to make things right is to...get her face fucked by A gang of retarded ass rednecks.These back wood bumpkins are living proof that the south will rise again.
The story/plot in CUMBANG never changes.Black girl finds black boyfriend/husband cheating on her with some skinny, blonde white bitch.Black girl gets even by getting on her knees and sucking off A clan of redneck rubes til they baste her face with penis pabulum.
Yes,the girls on this site are definitely some hot chocolate,but they're the same girls you see in every other black themed porn site.If you've seen these chicks suck & fuck in every other video then what's the point.It's not worth the money for the novelty of seeing some douche bags wearing confederate flag t-shirts get their knobs polished.Even Larry the cable guy would think this shit is lame.Save your money.

09-13-10  11:09am

Replies (1)
Visit African Fuck Tour

African Fuck Tour

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Real African chicks.No black girls from Compton putting a bone in their nose and pretending to speak Swahili.
-Real sex.No fake moaning & groaning.
Cons: -Video image grainier than an 8mm snuff film
-Production value about as amateur as a community theater doing JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.
Bottom Line: Porn stud Antonio isn't some peace corp douche bag trying to save starving villagers in Ethiopia.He's
a great white hunter on safari for the choicest black pussy the dark continent has to offer.He's on an AFRICAN FUCK TOUR.
Of the 20+ episodes of AFT that I've seen,each one spotlights some sable skinned bush bitch from such exotic locales as Tanzania,Uganda,and Zimbabwe getting poked in every available orifice, until Antonio erupts a batch of baby batter all over their eager faces.Tarzan never did this!
While most so called "African" sights were filmed in the alleyway behind a POPEYE'S chicken in Atlanta with some used up porn star masquerading as an amateur,these girls are honest to goodness real life Africans.Sho' nuff'.
With that said...I think I'd rather smear peanut butter all over my nuts and let hyenas gnaw on them than fuck an STD marinated African hooker without a condom,but Antonio is one brave stunt cock and dares to fuck where angels fear to tread.
While the camera work an editing won't be winning an Academy award anytime soon,there's a good mix of multiple camera angles,POV,and hidden cameras to add a little variety.Most of the content is filmed in dingy hotel rooms and the poor quality lends itself to its sleazy voyeurism.
For the money you pay you get access to 80+ bonus sites that includes a lot of ebony porn.The sex is pretty meat & potatoes but you receive a medley of blow jobs,facials,and anal sex. Enough to keep your interest level high.If real African amateurs having real interracial sex is your pervy predilection then AFRICAN FUCK TOUR is for you.This ain't your Daddies NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!

09-11-10  02:30pm

Replies (2)

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