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Visit All Sites Access

All Sites Access
Reply of Cooper7's Reply

Did not encounter any restriction, except the first day where they kick me off. I have dowload everything I have missed since my last membership maybe two years ago witout any bandwith restriction.

I think they already have a lower membership with restricted bandwith. I could be wrong, but I think so. Regular membership have ne restriction.

If you have already download content prior to last year, you may be a bit deceived like me. Really look like SinDrive have now their full attention. Fullclothedsec has 27 update in the last year, that about twice a month. Half of what they provide before. Recent update doesn't have the same luxury feel, look a bit like they produce just enough content to keep the site alive.

Sindrive look like what Tainster supposed to be. But since it new, probably not that much content for the price. I would probably try it in a few month. Right now look like there is less than a thousand video on Sindrive.

09-15-14  06:50pm

Visit All Sites Access

All Sites Access

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Many sites, lots of content.
- Nice navigation, clean and well done.
- One logon for all sites.
- Enough updates, considering those already there.
- Streaming in few individual files each movies
- Download in one single file or few parts (no DRM)
- Picture viewable online or downloadable in zip archive (either real photo or sreencap)
- Picture and video quality in progression
- Download manager friendly
- Good looking girls for most of them
- Sites for nearly any taste
Cons: - Repetitive scenario within site.
- Long and boring introduction on a few video before any interesting action
- Older stuff quality is average.
- DAILY LIMIT!!! I get banned because I have exceded 5Gb within the same day (as written in a mail sent to me). I have download more than that before being blocked and have to wait 24 hour before being garnted access again. AND THEY WILL BAN YOU EVERY TIME YOU REACH APPROXIMALLY 5GB by day. 5Gb come fast with video file 300mb to 900mb.
Bottom Line: I'm a returning consummer on this network. It's the third or forth time. Last time was nearly one year ago, and I am glad to see that navigation as improved. It's well done.

Quality is a bit better than before on picture and video (larger files), with some interesting new sites. Older updates don't look as good as the new one.

As it is the case with this kind of network, action are very repetitive within a site. You have seen a few of them, you have see them all. Only the actor changes, and on some sites, it's alway the same male actor.

Pictures could be larger.

"Trannysurprise" is a strange offer, since it's the only site of this kind on the network. I would say the same about "Money talk". There's 22 sites, and must of them with tons of content, so if few sites has no interest for you, it doesn't really matter.

Not the best network, but a good one. The main value is the the quantity. Quality is from ok to good.

But I which to see some diversity in scene. It's even more boring to have in Milf Hunter the same guy on nearly 300 episodes. Most sites has a repetitive scenario. It's OK when you have few dozen of update, but when you have hundred ... BORING! :-)


01-08-08  07:44pm

Replies (3)
Visit Big Boob Pass

Big Boob Pass
Reply of King's Reply

You're right, doesn't deserve a 68/100, I have correct my vote to 72/100. This site could easily stand near 90/100 if they correct their technical issues.

04-23-07  07:09pm

Visit Big Boob Pass

Big Boob Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Many big boobs sites to access.
Many bonus streming sites.
Most of the girls are good looking, some very cute.
Many choices to view or dowload files.
Quality WEB site design.
Cons: Video quality are uneven for 500Mo+ MPG files (WMV or MPG).
Pictures are small (zip option available).
Bonus streaming site are so-so as usual in many other offer. But not the worst that I have seen.
Navigation could be improved, to much distracting links when accessing update.
Not downloader software friendly.
MPG Video files have the same name(ex: complete.mpg) so you have to rename each of them before downloading. Take time.
Bottom Line: This site could be really hot, if there are not all those technical issues. Usability, quality could be improved.

Even if content have serious potential, I found my experience very frustrating in the dowloading process.

The site seem to permit the use of download application. I can download 3-4 complete files before being kick off of the servers. My download switch to badlogon.shtm and bye-bye. I can't restart the download at all. I have to go back to the site to program each download, and of course, redo the renaming of file. Very frustrating.

Never had any problems with my downloader before and after with any other sites. Just this one.

I have reach technical support to know if they disconnect sockets after a certain time, or limit access. That I have problems only with their servers, and getting disconnected everytime after a certain time (3-4 download). I have ask if I had chance not to be disconnected by reducing connections or anything else. The answer I get was this one "As for download managers, we don't offer any tech support for such programs. Contact the download manager's technical support for help."

Sound to me like "We really don't care". Actually I am also a member of eromaxx.net, and everything work fine with my downloader. I have done also many large download (Linux distro) without any problems. It would be fare to recognize that they are not downloader friendly.

04-23-07  02:17am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive good quality video.
- Pictures dowloadable in zip files.
- Girls and women are looking great.
- Regular update.
- No problem enconter when using my download application.
- Price is OK now vs content
- No DRM
Cons: - Some sites less interesting than others.
- Repetitive scenario.
- Few lesbian scene, mostly one girl/one man.
- Older video don't look as good.
- Some video has a boring introduction (pub).
Bottom Line: I have been a member a first time around 2005 I guess. At this time, the network has maybe 5 or 6 sites, and some of them with few udate. I come back recently and really enjoy the network.

Lot of content, better video quality.

The most interesting site as I'm concern are:
- Naughty Bookworms
- My first sex teacher
- Naughty Office
- My friend hot mom
- So cal Coeds

The company has a small but similar network accessible via site like "Neighbor affair", "seduce by a cougar". Similar niche, same quality. You can join this network with a rebate, when you subcribe to Naughty America.

I'd like to see different actions, because like many sites on the WEB, each site as the same pattern, similar story. Recent updates present more lesbian scenes, nice variation. But hope to see in future more diversity around each theme.

I recommend this network because there is good content, good quality, and no real disapointment. Well balance network.

04-24-07  09:08pm

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Visit Orgy Max

Orgy Max

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Really great looking woman
- Good quality (DIVx and WMV).. but could better.
- Good quality picture (not screencap), alvailable for dowload into zip archives.
- All exclusive full-lenght videos, 5-6 update/week
- Cover many fetish niche, but mainly around chic clothed fetish.
- 10 current sites + 3 archive sites. From 80 to 700 updates by site. Most around 150-200.- Hardcore action without violence.
- Basically group action (3-4-5 or more).
- Support downloader, fast servers
- No DRM
Cons: - Cost more than other sites, like many european sites.
- Foreign langage (Polish ... tcheck?) .. if you don't mind earing yâââ!-yâââ! all the time :-)
- Sometime repetitive scenario within site theme
- Earing photographer camera shutter during video.
- Party could be more focus on the action
- Some video in archive sites badly encode
Bottom Line: Very nice classy girl in nylon and silk, (few lesbian dedicated scenes, guys are never far away). Sites are by theme, exemple ... guys pissing on girls, coming on them, golden shower, etc, real party.

That one of the best site I have been a member of. Certainly on in my top3.

We can recognize the same guy and models across the site, and like many sites on the Internet, the scenario doesn't change to much within a site theme.

WEB design isn't fancy. There is a blog for those who like that stuff. News page log all new addition to the network. Don't have to dig to retreive video. One login for all the network.

If you like classic girl doing dirty hardcore actions, you would probably appreciate this site a lot. If you don't mind, not understanding a word.

04-23-07  06:53pm

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Visit Pantyhose Discounts

Pantyhose Discounts

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: More video that you could download in a month :-).
Quality and exclusive video (Divx).
Many sites covering many niche.
Mostly focusing on video, piture are screencap of the video.
Many update each week
Internet downloader friendly
Cons: Video files split in 3-5 smaller parts (around 50Mo), so you will have to join the files.
Foreing langage (russian?) could be a turn off for some.
Very average folks, few girls are really good looking
If you're a big tits lover, you should definitively look elsewhere.
The same actors accros the sites.
Actor won't win an Oscar for sure. No feeling, mecanical.
All video looks like they have been shot in the same house with shade close, and it is probably the case. No outdoor action.
Bottom Line: Very very expensive tag price, even if it worth the money in term of quantity. They certainly don't help themself, since no samples are accesible before subscription. At this price, take a chance on the content certainly limit subscription. Price drop as you stay a member, they even add sites to membership. But still $85/mounth, it's expensive, and price stay higher than competition. Many network have as much stuff without billing so much.

The strenght of the site is the quantity of sites and quality of videos.

Lot of interesting content if you are into nylon. But don't look for expensive lingerie here. That on the cheap side. The actors don't seem to have any fun, and it's hard to beleive in the scenario due to poor acting and the fact that everyting is shot at the same location. It took more than a suit to make you beleive that you are in a hospital :-).

I'm satisfied with my membership, but won't comme back again. On the technical side, everything is good, navigation is simple, speed ok.

I will recommend if you are interested in one of those site, not to join the entire network like I have done. Many of those offer you a few bonus sites wich are in the global access. If you stay more than a month they will permit access to other site.

04-23-07  03:14am

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Visit Tainster


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Unique niche. This site is dedicated to clothed sex action, that for my perpective is not enough present across the web. Very classy, very fine looking women. Have been a member a few time since the last 10 year, under actual name Tainster, or previous Eromaxx.

Women stay clothed during all the scene, but it's generally real harcore scene with partly undressed women. May not be at the taste of everyone.
Cons: If you haven't been on this site before, you will find a lot of really good content to view. But since a few months, maybe a year, quality of content is a lot lower than before. Maybe since the same producer has launch another site in the same niche, SinDrive. Some sites on Tainster don't update anymore, and recent productions show a lot less classy looking action. Look sometime low-budget production. They bring back older content from Eromax years on some site, that only provide lower video resolution (when there's no 1080p option, that's content maybe 5-6 years old). Really looks like they do a minimum to keep the site alive.

A real deception for me who was a real fan of this site. At the point that a will probably never become a member again.
Bottom Line: If you like the kind of content this site offer, you will probably have a great experience if you never have been there before. There is enough very good content to view, most video available in HD (except older scenes, and update where they bring back scenes produced 4-5 years ago telling they are new production). Older content are at very low quality. If your looking for pictures, there's zip archive that can be download, but number of shot of the scene is generally a deception.

But for my concern, this site is just a pale shadow of what it has already been. Quality of production has drop (not as classy anymore, less update).

Look like they don't care anymore about this site. Many publicity and promotion to other site when log in the member area. Some option where they ask more money (even if the main content is included in the membership).

The party site could be better. You never have more than 30-40 seconds on particular action, always jumping from place to place make viewing anoying.

Some repetition in the scene. Fullclothedsex and Fullclothedpissing ar basically the same filming session each update, just different montage, the last one ending with pissing action. Party update update are parts of the same party (for 4-6 update you could see the same party action). Would have been better to follow the same poeple longer that having 4-6 update jumping scene each 30-40 second.

MyFetish, no update since may 2011. Most sites now update less often than before.

For a regular member, this site is a deception now. If you like the niche, and never been here before, that do worth a visit, basically because there aren't many other site in this kind of action.

For a non-returning custumer, this site may earn a better rating maybe between 80 and 85. But as I'm concern, they don't earn that for the last year of update.

09-15-14  05:59pm

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