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N/A Reply of Stas RC's News


03-08-11  05:47am

Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch
Reply of dracken's Comment

ive been a member for a few years now...the chicks are average at best..i have to disagree with dracken there..and not sure if or how bcc is linked to the new castingxxx site (they link to it thru bcc)..but that sites' chicks blow bcc's out of the water...hands down, no comparison..period!

however, there are some funny things like he mentioned..

the latest update is with a prego, which actually is pretty good...

i will say however...as of the last 3 months..updates HAVE NOT BEEN COMING...i think there have only been 3 updates in 3 months or something like that...

rick wont reply to your comments..and they ban you when you ask wtf is going on..

this will be my last month of membership...unfortunately..because i love this kind of niche...just not worth the $24 bucks with such inconsistency..

hey dracken..you said youve been a member of the site on and off for a year...then say this is at the top of your list of must join...huh?? lol

12-25-11  12:56am

Visit College True Life

College True Life

just another name for...

im sure many of you will be able to figure this out relatively quickly, but i just thought i would mention it..this site is made up of all collegefuckfest's videos. now, im not sure about the other "gf fill in the blank" sites they have listed in the network, but i would have to assume, these too are just some of our old favorites renamed.

if you follow the clone links im sure you will figure all of this out...i just wanted to mention something on this particular site, just to inform you as you start investigating this site/network.

11-15-10  06:16pm

Replies (0)
Visit Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm
Reply of Khan's Reply

hey khan....its not that i dont initially see the special price...i do...i see both clickable link options, one for the 2 day trial, and one for a full month subscription and the discounted 17.95 rate...when i click the full month discounted link...it takes me to a page that has my credit card info (prob from my previous and current subscription to realitykings), but on that page it says you will be charged for a 2 day trial at x amount and will be rebilled at 39.00 or something per month after that until cancelled...my point with all of this is that even when i click the full month link, it always goes to the "you will be billed for a 2 day trial blah blah"...it NEVER goes to the full month billing page...maybe this is their way of suckering previous subscribers in hoping they dont read the details and just click ok, seeing as though their credit card info is already given for them?

in any event, khan is there a way i can email with you personally, or can we recieve emails to our pu accounts? i have an idea i would like to run by you...thanks for all your help too!

01-09-11  02:43pm

Visit Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm

is it just me??

so its happening again now with this site...i am trying to join daredorm.com...ive tried going thru tbp links, which take me to the intial sign up page that gives the two options either 2 day trial or 1 month subscription..i click one month...and it takes me to the billing page..and it says

"Bonus purchase
Trial: 2 day trial to a subscription renewing every 1 month(s)
Epoch.com is the designated Payment Processor for: www.daredorm.com
Brought to you by RKNetmedia

Today's charge is: $4.95 for 2 Day Trial
Membership renews automatically at $39.95 every 1 month until canceled. "

it doesnt matter if i use a different browser either...maybe the fact that i have a paid membership to reality kings, and my browsers remember my info for that account, automatically takes me to the 2 day trial instead of the desired one month subs billing page..because it shows my credit card info right below that??

update: i was able to go straight thru to daredorm via int exp...just curious why now for the second time on a different site..(first was gf revenge)..i follow appropriate links for one month membership, and 2 clicks later only end up at the trial sign up page regardless of me clicking the one month link..its gotta have something to do with my memberships on their sister company sites...maybe thats why admin here couldnt duplicate my problems? can anyone plse advise me on why this might be happening? thanks!

01-09-11  02:00am

Replies (3)
Visit Ex GF Box

Ex GF Box
Reply of DpornGuy's Reply

hey dpornguy...

its devmsr aka kiddoc ;)

just read your post...as far as i remember, exgfbox WAS listed as one of the network/bonus sites...i dont specifically remember if it was on the page that opens when you click the green box on the right column titled "NETWORK SITES" "26 SITES"....as of today, it is listed as one in the 26..i just dont remember if it was listed on that page back then...regardless..seeing as though its on there as of today..i was just curious to see if it was now accessible...

honestly though, it was too much trouble/effort/work to keep inquiring about it and not getting a reply for weeks to months...i gave up..

06-14-11  04:12pm

Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls
Reply of dracken's Comment

hey dracken, i respect the hell outta you..really i do..but damn, how can you be so high on bcc lately...there havent been updates but every 2 to 3 weeks as of late..and before the last 2 hotties...many of the members were bitching about the substandard girls as of late...

you do get ECG by joining BCC...its 10 bucks more than if going thru ECC


i just dont see this relationship lasting with bcc and all of its inconsistencies ...just my opinion..

12-25-11  01:11am

Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens
Reply of bjorn7's Comment


03-06-11  12:40am

Visit GF Revenge

GF Revenge
Reply of Khan's Reply

oh well, thanks for trying though..i tried to go back and click thru the same path..but because i already have a subscription now, it wont let me get to the page im referring to...would it let me if i used a different browser maybe?

12-18-10  10:24pm

Visit GF Revenge

GF Revenge
Reply of Khan's Reply

did you follow the special price link all the way thru to the step prior to actually paying? i too, saw the special price in the link that leads to the payment site...but when you go a step further, thats when it only went to the trial membership...anyways, thanks for checking..i will try in a different browser and come back and update...thanks again..

12-15-10  08:21pm

Visit GF Revenge

GF Revenge

some nice scenes, but

i just dont think its worth the price...even with the "discount" via links thru tbp/pu, which i noted didnt work, as they just led to a 2 day trial membership..i ended up paying the 24 bucks. these "real" or what seems pretty real scenes of hot chicks, getting drunk and you know the rest, are exactly what im looking for...ive been thru the regs ie cff, cwp etc...so im really searching for some newer more genuine content...

in any event, as i mentioned in a different comment section, i had stumbled across gfrevenge while logging into realitykings on my cell...i had access to gfrevenge for whatever reason, i have no clue...anyways, it peaked my interest enough for me to get a one month subs...

from what i can tell, as of recent, they are getting a better idea of what the customers want...some of the older vids are nothing more than a few girls showering for a few mins, or something equivalent...i couldnt believe they actually posted some of these worthless vids!

i think there are something like 80 vids with VERY infrequent updates...i would consider keeping my account, if the updates were more frequent AND the vids continue to be more than just 2 mins of a hot chick getting dressed..

i know, im asking alot! ;/

12-14-10  10:26pm

Replies (6)
Visit Killer Gram

Killer Gram

please help!!!

ok, so like one of the other reviewers that commented on how disappointed he was with this site....at this point i would have to agree...the navigation is terrible...i have to re-enter my username and pw everytime i click to save/open a video..the videos take forever to stream let alone save...at this point im really wondering how this site has gotten such high ratings...i pretty much relied on those ratings to decide if i should join...and all i saw was about the slow videos....maybe i need to change some of my settings?? any advise would be much appreciated!!...thanks!

10-20-09  02:52am

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Visit LeLu Love

LeLu Love
Reply of pat362's Reply

hey pat,

ive told u before how much respect i have for you on here..however, i was alittle disappointed in your follow up reply once Lelu posted her reply comments...

i can understand your reasoning for wanting the hard facts of the site..and you even said "I'll pass on this one unless I see a lot more info."...now granted it took over a month for lelu to reply with her post...but with all due respect pat, you were provided with those hard facts that you were looking for...

then, when i read your final comments, (this one im replying to), i was kind of surprised to see that rather than commenting (now that you had a few hard facts you requested), basically all you replied with were YOUR own OPINIONS..ie site is not something that does anything for you, you get the feeling her content is like a cam site etc etc...i guess i just felt like wait, isint this the very reason he criticized marcdc in the first place?? your opinions are fine, i was just hoping to see more than just that now that you had those site facts you were looking for...not to mention, although constructive, i felt you were pretty harsh in your initial reply to marcdc's review for his lack of hard facts..(sorry to sound repetitive)

that said, i agree that his initial review lacked many necessary hard content facts..but that is not my point here...

and not that you care, but i want you to know i still respect the hell outta ya! lol


after re-reading this after i posted it, im not even sure if i made any sense..lol..if not..ignore me. :/

10-11-12  05:14pm

Visit Lesbea

Reply of xtb500's Comment

can anyone or hopefully the webmaster verify this?

03-28-12  11:13pm

Visit Massage Girls 18

Massage Girls 18
Reply of Shasta90418's Comment

i was going to say the same thing. its definately the same guy and setting. havent gone thru it enough to compare girls names to see if they are on the other similar sites...MassageRoomSeduction.com....FuckedHard18.com...and happyendingspycam.com....the only differences so far are the added bonus selections...once i navigate a bit more i will update...i will say however, the girls are absolutely incredible!!

11-12-10  01:58am

Visit My All Access Pass

My All Access Pass


i am truely SHOCKED at the high ratings for this site!!...as i have now seen this abnormally high rating for more than one site, i am losing my confidence quickly in relying on these review sites when looking to join a site or network...actually when reading spencers written review, i agree with just about everything he wrote, i just think that a 78 is just alittle too high for a site thats "an ok network" according to spencer...and i have to admit...i rely heavily on spencers reviews when chosing between new sites..

secondly, there is no mention about the rediculously near imposible route you have to go thru when trying to cancel..not to mention the cross checked sites...(although i understand thats the nature of the business these crosschecked sites)...my only issue with this is that even when you uncheck EVERY possible box on that page, you are still given these "trial memberships".....THEN when you try to get ahold of www.purewebpower.com for customer support, they have no phone number and the only way to cancel is to go back thru that page with the cross checks, only to uncheck them AGAIN and on and on...maybe im missing something and one of you can tell me i was missing something on this site...thanks for letting me vent!! i feel better! lol

11-28-09  07:53pm

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Visit Nebraska Coeds

Nebraska Coeds
Reply of devmsr's Comment

lol.sure enough..he replied!

funny how when i post a comment on here..sh*t gets done immediately!!

05-10-11  03:44pm

Visit Nebraska Coeds

Nebraska Coeds

you think i would learn eh?!?

formerly screenname below of rsmdev...this guy is an absolute joke!! i have emailed him numerous times...NO REPLY! i kept getting promotional emails from them that if i came back blah blah...and he threw in access to southbeachcoeds and some other crap site...

anyways, i figured ive been watching how often hes been updating and it started to pick up to roughly every 5 or 6 days..give or take...

sure enough!! as soon as i rejoin...no updates for almost 2 frickin weeks!!on this site...and forget about updates on those other two freebies..i doubt those will ever be updated again!!

in addition, he CLAIMS...all over the internet i might add...FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT BLAH BLAH. "IM KNOWN TO GIVE VERY QUICK REPLIES"


anyways, ill give him 24 hours...otherwise..time to hit the "cancel" button...

again! ugh!!

devmsr (formerly rsmdev)

05-05-11  11:27pm

Replies (2)
Visit Nebraska Coeds

Nebraska Coeds
Reply of Coed Production's Reply


i emailed you the other day, and am still waiting for your reply..did you get my email? same name as here? please advise..


10-29-10  08:57pm

Visit Nebraska Coeds

Nebraska Coeds

not impressed, then very very impressed!!

so, after about a week of going thru all of the videos on the site, ive noticed the last few have really gotten rediculous..honestly, the most recent one, was of a naked chick carving a pumkin...THATS IT!! i swear! it was followed up with a very soft masterbation episode..but it was crap..it is getting so far away from when the site first started, with picking drunk chicks up and bringing them home blah blah...very very little of that as of recent...soooooo

i came on here to refresh my memory of the reviews...i read from the sites webmaster that they are adding old scenes as they are getting remastered, and if you emailed him he would reply quickly...well, one out of two isint bad...its been 3 days and i still havent heard from him...the good news is i went back just to see if there were any new scenes added...and much to my pervin pleasure....YESSSSSSS...and they look very promising...hot chicks..in bars ..you know, the good stuff!!...anyways, i havent watched them yet...but im impressed with this part of the site..

also on a side note, i think if they added afterhours exposed as a bonus site, it would look more attractive package, eventough many of the scenes are taken from the same night or even same scenes...anyways, thats all...now time to watch those old scenes!! ;))


i might have been navigating the site wrong..i guess there is no way to tell when the older remastered scenes were added..they give the original date but not the revised added into the new site date...ugh, im confusing myself now!!

bottom line, prob worth a month or two, if they include afterhours exposed, (just to make sure you see all the drunken filth!)

10-29-10  08:56pm

Replies (1)
Visit Net Video Girls

Net Video Girls

i just had to..

write something in favor of nvg's..

granted the site may be alittle outdated in its presentation...but im telling you...this guy gets extremely high marks in my book..

for someone who absolutely loves this type of niche/content...i love this site...its genuine..and to me, it comes off as true reality...

i could care less about having any bonus material..chances are it would be the same ole bonus junk we get from all the other sites..ie a pink visual site here and there...

what is the biggest bonus to me..is that this guy is very very true to his word...he posts often..usually about personal goings on with the site..he emails himself directly...he is very willing to take suggestions on how to improve the site..

lets understand something...HE IS NOT A RK/BB/MOFOS CORPORATE GUY....those guys could care less if im not happy with something on their sites...hell, they just delete every single negative comment....EVERY FRICKIN TIME I WRITE ONE!!..not to mention, the women on RK have been getting worse and worse...its aweful to be honest...

anyways, just had to give my 2 cents in support of nvg's...its really no wonder why it was one of the first of its kind..and yet continues all these years later, in my mind at least, to be one of my fav's!!



05-10-11  03:58pm

Replies (0)
Visit Reality Kings Mobile

Reality Kings Mobile
Reply of atrapat's Reply

i think this was different than what you are describing...i had access to all of the videos on gf revenge via my cell...granted it only lasted a day or two...(which was plenty of time to get thru all of their vids! lol....but i was able to watch all of the updates in their entirety...

hasnt happened since though...and come to think of it...i havent been able to log into rkmobile on my new ipad yet no issues logging in on my pc...

anyways, wont matter much..im done with this companies sites...quality has gone WAY down hill and they could care less..


10-16-11  06:24pm

Visit Reality Kings Mobile

Reality Kings Mobile

pleasantly surprised!!

so just for the hell of it i logged into my rk account via my cell...i wasnt aware that my regular subscription would log me into the mobile version...anyways...bingo!! logged in perfectly...and to my pleasant surprise...i saw an update for gfrevenge.com!!! i really enjoy these types of "real college party chicks" and this is exactly what i found with gfrevenge...nonetheless, i am about to get a subscription to it for a month...unfortunately, or maybe ive overlooked it but ill look again, but its not included in my regular rk online subsc...

i apologize if this fact was noted elsewhere on here..i only did a brief scan on here...just thought i would mention it here!! ok, off to gfrevenge!! ;))

ok...so i just went back to log in via mobile...and now gfrevenge doesnt show up ;( lol...i swear!! i absolutely know for a fact i was "watching" it last night!! oh well

12-13-10  08:47pm

Replies (2)
Visit Spunky Bee

Spunky Bee
Reply of lk2fireone's Reply

does anyone know if this offer of 9 bonus sites still stands?

i have looked up spunkybee.com on a few review sites and not one of them shows spunkybee.com as having ANY bonus sites...

03-05-11  02:48am

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of slutty's Reply

thanks!!! i actually was considering rejoining when i saw the wm's reply that my log in would work...quite frankly..thats just all too much effort...and thats just to contact member support!!!..

forget it!!


again, thanks for the heads up!!

04-25-11  09:53pm

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