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1. Bangbros Network (4)

pat362 (373) 05-10-12  07:00am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They update with 2 or more scenes per day.
+They currently have over 5000 scenes to choose from.
+They have a wide selection of performers and they tend to lso have a slightly greater variety than the other sites with similar content.
+You can download the videos in WMV and MP4 and all videos since 2009 are offered in HD.(The HD is 1280x720)
+All the videos have an accompanying phototsets that can be downloaded as a single zip file. The resolution is 1200x800 on the last. the others appear to be 800x550.
+They have started to remaster some of their older scenes.
Cons: -A percentage of their updates are in fact remastered older scenes so not really new content.
-A percentage of their content is either only BJ or footjobs.
-They tag anal on many scenes but the only anal is maybe a finger
-They have some pop up adds on their main screen.

**-These following cons are in reference to the new site design and not the older site(see bottom line for info on old site).
-An annoying site design where it feels more like advertising for their other products and less about offering the best acces to this sites content.
-Search option are rather limited and results cannot be accessed chronologicaly.
-I always had to double click to get back to the previous page once I had selected a specific scene.
Bottom Line: *This is the second best reality porn site after Brazzer. I guess they equal or surpass Brazzer depending on the type of porn you like. I still prefer the type of porn Brazzer does but I like scenario porn and this is not what these guys really do. Their idea of scenario porn is mostly the fake amateur girl agreeing to do porn right off the street.

*I think Bangbros shoots in Florida so they have access to a different group of performers than their West Coast counterparts. I think that's the reason why they have more interracial content vs the other sites. The interracial aspect may be a plus or a negative based on your preferences. They appear to employ some unknown male performers and that can sometime be a plus but I found it slightly negative because the guys are either not very good and sometime they aren't able to keep wood.

*It's nearly impossible for anyone that likes the type of porn that Reality king, Naughty America or Brazzer do to avoid joining Bangbros at least once. I know that I've done it more than once because they still have certain exclusif types of scenes not found on any of the similar sites. my last time on this site was a couple of years ago and scrolling through the past updates was bitter sweet for me because I noticed so many performers that shot only a couple of scene for thse guys and then disapeared from the industry.

*They currently have 96 remastered scenes so anyone that wanted to see some of their older content but wanted better quality may be satisfied butI mostly avoided those because most of them didn't appeal.

**In regards to the new design. My suggestion is that you simply log in to the old members sarea. It opens into another window and you will not have to deal with any of the issue found in the new site design.**

**The only people that might want to avoid this site are those that don't like interracial porn, BJ only and footjopb only stuff. If you remove those 3 things then you may find the pickings a litle small.**
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2. Bangbros Network (4)

bettercallsaul (0) 09-20-13  05:07pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: updates every day

decent variety of attractive women

impressive archive of content
Cons: Site is incredibly dishonest.I signed up for the bangbros network for 29.95.When I signed up I went through the standard procedure,like on every website, where you get to review then submit your purchase. I used the website for about a week, and never once during that time did I attempt to purchase a subscription to any other website,nor was there ever the standard procedure for doing so presented to me. Checking my bank account after about a week after my bangbros purchase, I saw I had 2 more charges from bangbros, for 29.95 and 14.95. I called bangbros support to find out what the additional charges were for and they told me they were for dancing bear and college rules. I explained to them I did not want or purchase either of those, to which the girl replied "maybe you didn't uncheck those before you joined" I told that i made sure nothing else was checked, and if in fact I had not unchecked anything why would my initial purchase only be 29.95, THEN I had 2 more charges afterwards
Bottom Line: I had to threaten to contact the state attorney generals office about their fraudulent charges, then she offered to credit my account for the 2 sites I did not order. From what I can gather if you click on a girls profile on the bangbros website, and one of her video credits is for a website not in the bangbros network, and you click on that video, they automatically bill you for it without telling you or giving you an option. I have never encountered a problem like this on any other website, I am astounded by their dishonesty and thievery.

Bottom line is that it doesn't matter how good the content is on a website, if that same website steals your money, the content means nothing.

Trust means everything when you are making online purchases, bangbros is completely untrustworthy, shame on them

I will update my review when or if i actually get the refund they promised me.
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3. Bangbros Network (4)

bobby23 (2) 07-20-15  02:28am
Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: I would recommend this site to everyone!! Content is awesome with so much it's impossible to get through. Download speeds were always excellent!! (guess they fixed the problems from a yr ago) Quality is excellent and they somehow manage to keep the file size smaller than both Naughty America and PornPros.
Cons: None of those women are doing it with me.
Bottom Line: Great content, fast downloads and their downloads are small for 1080P. I don't know how they manage, but I hope they keep it up!!! Didn't check out their billing practices, good call with the secondary billing trick.
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4. Tug Jobs (0)

SnowDude (214) 07-02-07  06:24pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (66), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Nearly 200 episodes that include two pic sets (caps and real digital shots) and a video, usually between 10 and 20 minutes long
-Videos can be streamed in browser (WMV) and downloaded in two different formats (WMV & MPEG) with convenient dropdown menus on each girl's page
-You can choose between one long clip, divided into 4 parts, or 1 minute clips for downloading
-With your membership you get access to a dozen network sites with tons of content on a variety of niches for under $25 a month
Cons: -Although they are described as "high quality", the digital picture sets are mostly around 600 x 800 at best while the highest resolution on the vieos is 1000k with older ones running about 500k or less
-Neither the picture sets or the videos can be downloaded as zip files and all clips are only available at one speed
-The majority of episodes are shot POV style and many don't include blowjobs, which may not appeal to everyone, and most of the girls are pornstars, not amateurs
Bottom Line: In the handful of reviews I've done for the Bang Brothers network the most consistent aspect of the sites so far has been their inconsistency. Some have shown a bit of flare for the dramatic or done something unique, but other than offering some very average performances this site doesn't really fit those descriptions whatsoever.

There's no disputing the fact that you get a large volume of content with almost 200 episodes that have been updated weekly since 2003. In most cases there isn't much of a plot since each video only averages about 15 minutes. That's often the same amount of time for setting up the story on other network sites, but fortunately here they get to the action directly except for a few lame themes.

I'm always hopeful to find some amateur action on network sites since it's rare, but all of the girls here are pros as far as I could tell with little creativity in casting or the performances. There are some sexy girls, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to see some different faces once and awhile.

Compared to other sites on the network, I thought this one was just a bit above average since they do get right to the action. On the downside is the fact that it's so short and the scenes motly go the same way. Basically the girl comes services the cameraman, takes a cumshot in the face or on the breasts, and that's all she wrote. By itself the site doesn't really offer a full meal, but I suppose it serves as an adequate appetizer for the rest of the network.
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5. Bangbros Network (4)

rearadmiral (380) 04-17-14  04:37pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A mega-site that still manages to get specialties right
- Something for everyone
- 2-3 updates per day
- Broad spectrum of niches
- Many different types of models
- Logically laid out site
Cons: - Many complaints of misleading practices
- Links time out very quickly (2-3 minutes)
- Not all sites update
Bottom Line: Bangbros seems to be the most polarizing of the mega sites that gets reviewed here, and it doesn’t really have to be that way. The sites included with the basic network are large, many (but not all) are updating regularly and all offer some great porn. But working against BB is the perception of misleading signups and shady billing practices. It seems unreasonable to me that BB isn’t aware of these concerns since the misleading signups are obviously a choice they made (and the billing flows from that) and if they are aware of the concerns, it baffles me why a site of this calibre would continue to do that.

BB really needs no introduction, but I’ll add a quick one in case someone has just discovered internet porn. BB is a large network of sites, which isn’t unique, that offers sites catering to just about any niche a member could be interested in. Anal? Lesbian? Big breasts? Reality? Glory Holes? They’re all here. What sets BB apart from most other mega-sites is that (at least in all the niches I downloaded) they are done really well. So many other mega-sites have a feel of a low-cost buffet where your appetite will be sated but you won’t rave about the quality. In the niches I viewed I was pleasantly surprised to see that just because the network covers so many niches that they still seem to be able to understand what makes good porn within a specific niche. For example, I love both anal sites and glory hole sites and the BB sites Mr. Anal and Glory Hole Loads are among the best of each niche that I’ve seen. Each could easily be a stand-alone site and still have value. I have every reason to believe that the same thing applies to the niche sites that I’m not interested in.

The other great thing about BB is that they offer models from a range of ages, body types and ethnicities. The models also range from A-listers to relatively unknowns.

I’m going to break with my own convention of providing a lot of detail in a review because I don’t want to risk misleading anyone. The reason for this is that I added an optional “SuperPack” of sites that appears in the scenes available to me. To give the number of scenes available would include those and mislead someone who buys the basic membership. But don’t let me mislead anyone in the other direction either: the basic membership includes thousands of scenes. For a first-timer or a recurring member there is real value here.

The site started adding HD videos in January 2009. Prior to that the videos were available in WMV (852x480, 1500kb/s), and MP4 (720x404, 1000kb/s and 852x480, 1500kb/s). The HD videos are in MP4 and come in at 1280X720 at 3000kb/s. Those aren’t the best the industry has to offer, but they look good on both a monitor and a 50” TV.

The network is logically laid out and has a search function and also uses tags. I can’t speak for the effectiveness of those, as I’ll explain.

Perhaps the biggest issue with the network is their apparent use of misleading upgrades. Many PU members have reported that all they have done is click on a thumbnail and ended up joining something that they didn’t intend to join – and being billed for it. I have good reason to think that this is an accurate description of what can happen, so in the interests of providing a public service I’ll make four recommendations:

• If you only subscribed to the main network, when you go to the main page ONLY click on the link to the “Bang Bros Pack.” That’s what you bought and paid for. Clicking on any other link MAY cause you to join that site.
• When you’re in the BB Pack that you bought, be extra careful about using the search function and tags as these MAY bring you scenes in a site outside your pack. Opening that scene MAY cause you to be signed up.
• Keep your joining email – it will provide you a link to a site where you can cancel. (This worked for the main network for me, but I did need more effort to cancel the add-on even though I had the right link.)
• If you don’t want to be rebilled plan to cancel a bit earlier than usual in case you have problems. Your membership will still be active until the end of the subscription – at least it was for me. (I should also add that even though I had problems cancelling the add-on it was quick and effective.)

One other minor issue is that while download managers seem to be permitted, the short life of the links make it impossible to use a manager to queue downloads. Links die after 2-3 minutes, so even with a fast speed (I saw 11MB/s regularly) queuing more than two HD scenes wasn’t worth it.

So would I recommend this site? Absolutely. They are among the best – and maybe the best – mega-site on the internet today. They offer something for all but the most extreme tastes, and what they offer is top-quality. The website is logically laid out and easy to use. My bottom line with BB is much like it would be for a lot of sexual activities: have fun, but go in with your eyes open and use protection.
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6. Blowjob Ninjas (0)

SnowDude (214) 07-06-07  01:10pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (66), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get about 23 episodes that have been updated weekly since the end of January '07 and the video quality is decent at just over 1000k
-All episodes include two picture sets (one true digital, the other vidcaps) and a video anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes long on average
-The site has a simple but effective design and each girl gets her own page with links to the various content presented in a standard way throughout
-For under $25 a month you get this and half a dozen other network sites
Cons: -The collection is small, but that will get better over time
-A few of the scenes were shot in 2005 while the rest were shot in 2007, which made it seem like the site was thrown together quickly
-The videos vary widely in style with some having one or two girls, POV or traditional filming, some where the guy talks and others where he doesn't, leading to a "hodgepodge" feel
-Video quality could be improved since many other sites now shoot at 2000k and you can only download vids at one speed
Bottom Line: By now I've reviewed about half of the sites on the Bang Brothers network (otherwise known as Ox Pass) and while I haven't liked all of them, some have been decent and no one can complain about the volume of content on the network. This particular site offers some good niche content if you are a big BJ fan, but there are better options even on the same network.

The site seems to be one of the newest offered on Ox Pass since the first update was posted at the end of January from this year. In all you get 23 episodes that have been faithfully updated each week, which is also true of the network overall. One minor note is that some of the videos were filmed in 2005, including the first 3 that appeared on the site which suggested to me that they were cutting room floor material which got recycled.

Despite that, most of the material has been filmed this year and the video quality is good, although I have seen better elsewhere. The setup in each video varies quite a bit, which does break up the boring scenarios we usually get, but none of them are innovative in any way.

In the end, if you like BJ content you will probably be very happy, but if not I think you'll be disappointed. Of course I enjoy a good BJ, but here it's just an appetizer that never offers a main course. The full network access is a very nice touch, but by itself it's just average and even if this is your thing it needs some more time to grow. Maybe it'll find a style over time, but not quite yet.
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7. Bangbros Network (4)

pat362 (373) 09-14-13  10:04pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Their content is all exclsuif and they add 2-3 new scenes per day.
+They have over 6400 videos to choise from going as far bask as 2002 and they can all be downloaded as a single file.
+Videos since 2009 are offered in HD 1280x720.
+They have an excellent selection of mostly American performers with a good mix of body type and age group.
+They offer a photoset for each of their scenes which can be downloaded as a single zip file and resolution for the ones from 2011 to now is 1224x816.
+All the scenes are tagged with multiple keywords so that you can search for a particular word.
+They keep remastering some of their older videos.
Cons: -The site is still clutered with advertising for their other sites and offers for cam shows.
-You have to go through two pages of advertising to get to the main Bangbros page and one of these is sort of made to trick members into believing they have access to certain sites.
-About 1/4 of the first page is dedicated to useless crap and cam shows and worse it's at the top of the page so you have to scroll down to actually see the content you want.
-All the videos have multiple keywords but some of the words aren't correct for the content.
-They haven't fixed their search option so although you can search for keywords. The order in which the videos is presented is never chronological and no way to do that.
Bottom Line: *It really sucks when a good site like Bangbros can't or won't clean up their site to make finding stuff easier. Here you have one of the really good porn sites who updates more often than most of the others and does a very decent job at shooting a wide variety of porn but where the site design is so annoying as to make each visit a pain rather than a pleasure. I'm just glad that I'm a returning member who already has most of the content he wants and is only looking for the last few months worth. The thought of having to find stuff through 11 years owrth would be a daunting task.

*They still manage to hire some top performers and they get them to do hardcore porn. They also seem to have a higher number of unknown girls as opposed to their counterpart in the US. That's both a good thing and a bad one because it's quite common for those girls to shoot porn one or two scenes for Bangbros and then disapear to never be seen again.

**The bottom line is that it's only 15$ and you will more than get your moneys worth. The only people that should avoid this site are those looking for softcore to midcore content because there is almost none.**

*I took a couple of points off from my last review because the clutter is starting to annoy and they really need to fix the search results.*
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8. Bangbros Network (4)

BenThruston (11) 03-24-14  02:35pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (15), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Hard to beat the content for assmen
-That content is massive, going back a decade
-Reg updates
-Fast dl speeds
-Format Options, mp4[moble, 720x404, 852x480,1280x720], wmv [852x480]
-Photos avail in zip, but...
Cons: -Upon joining, I can see how some cases of trickery can occur. Especially if under the sites that aren't part of the core BBnet are added and billed immediately by clicking add site or the special offer images from home page.
-HD is only 1280x720. Fine for me since 1080 vids are too big for me, but sure some prefer best they can get.
-Photos avail in zip, but in some cases are as big or bigger than the highest rez video its from, some with over a 1000 pics @ near 1MB or over per.
-The really old videos are rough to look at these days. Old blocky, low bitrate compression. Some been re-encoded in their remaster section.
Bottom Line: This is a popular site for good reason. If you like juicy butts, and sometimes breasts too, getting plowed by enhanced male talent, this is probably top of the list.

Only think really holding it back imo are the obvious billing issues and questionable upsells, but those are pretty major. Think they're mostly avoidable, but guess I'll find out. Not good though for someone willing to pay for their porn feeling like they have to walk on eggshells virtually across a site to avoid hidden charges or scared of later billing issues. I'd recommend, but be leery about where you click,
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Visit BangBus

9. BangBus (0)

uscue (39) 03-01-07  01:38pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: The entire network comes and each site alone is worth the price alone, let alone getting all the sites for the one price. BangBus updates every Wednesday but each site in the network updates a different weekday, so there's always something new.
Cons: Nothing, except that the Bang Bus from 3 years ago was better than the Bang Bus now. When it was still rather unknown the models were all amateur looking and the site weemed more real. Now it's like professional wrestling...you know it's fake but it's still exciting to watch.

They also deleted a few scenes from when they first started the website years ago, like Pantera and Reagan.
Bottom Line: Join, there's a reason you've heard of Bang Bus.
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Visit Busty Adventures

10. Busty Adventures (0)

Denner (235) 09-23-08  06:49am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (77), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A good variation of big titted models
Euro and US-models
Good downloads speed (at all hours)
Fine navigation with a lot of scene-details, thumbs, preview and small downloads
Most scenes with strip/foreplay first, before fucking.
Looks exclusive to me.
Cons: No full-scene downloads - maximum is three scenes.
Updates seem slow
Price too high
Some girls/models from preview is NOT at the member-site.
No photos, just vidcaps
Video quality just average/older stuff worse
Bottom Line: If you're into big, natural tits, this is somewhat a good/ok site to join.
A fine mix of US and Euro-models - all doing hardcore.
At first I was a bit dissapointed with the site and stated "no review". But after a while the sites growes better - even if a lot of the video-scenes seems a bit stereo-type - there is a lot of repeating ways in editing and fuckscenes.
This is a tit-site, but I miss tit-fucking - too little of that.
(BTW: Just joined Fuck My Melons - that site has IT - will be back with a review).
This is only a video-site - the socalled "high quality pictures" are a laugh - they are just a little better than vidscaps (800x533)
But even if it's a video-site the quality here is not up-to-date. Average size for videos are:
640x480 - and NOT crisp.
The lack of new - 2008 - crisp full screen videos are the worst here. That's the reason this user do not feel for saving too many of the scenes - only some with special interest.
Formats are only WMV - exept if you want to download one minute clips - they are in MPG. But who today want to have 25 small 1-minute-clips from one sequence. (Again: They are quite good for previews).
There are some ok bonus sites: Public Invasion and Big Ass Adventure (plus a lezz site). But all have the same lacks and quality as Busty Adventure.
And bottum line:
If they could do better with the video-quality, the site/sites could deserve a better score...
Still it's recomended for big tit-lovers.
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11. Bangbros Network (4)

forddk (Disabled) 05-23-07  07:13am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (3)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Some beautiful girls, nice big breasts. The big breast site is great for bouncing tits.
Cons: Lots of skinny and fake girls, lots of dicks, same scenarios and scripts. It just gets old. Don't even bother with the 3 day membership. It is a total waste of money.
Bottom Line: This is fun for a while, but the girls repeat a lot, and so does the script. In other words, it is just feels like the same thing over and over. Tug jobs? Come on! I don't want to see that!
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12. Bangbros Network (4)

TrashMan (Disabled) 02-26-09  12:23pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (38), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: BB=bang bros

+Like NA/RK/Braz, all network sites updates are browsable in one main BB page.
+Site search, works well
+No extra login to network sites (all hosted on BB domain)
+First site I have seen which puts the bio info and lists whether a girl's tits are fake. Fake tits are sometimes hard to tell (I thought Mason Storm had real tits for the longest time) and I really wish more sites would list this information, especially IAFD
+5 star rating system for each girl and scene, big-name girls have 10000 or more votes, and good scenes have 2000. It is nice to see a lot of votes - most other sites with voting systems dont generate votes
+Movies available in low and high WMV and MPG, split or full
+Model directory w/ thumbs
+Every scene has associated trailer , HQ pictures, and screencaps.
+Every update is date tagged on every page it is seen (model page, updates page, home page, etc.)
+Every year since the start, the number of updates per day has gone up (see bottom line). Now at ~2.33.
Cons: -Like Brazzers, too much focus on certain girls. E.g Gianna Michaels has 23 updates.
-Updates, for the most part, lack the actress name in the title. If you know the girl in the thumbnail, great, otherwise you have to click the link to see who the tagged actress(es) is.
-Too many asshats in voting. New updates have 1-2 stars right off the bat. Takes a while for the ratings to goto norm.
-Neither HQ pics or screencaps are available with ZIP downloads.
-Watermarked images and videos
-When you click an update a link to the actress page is at the bottom, not somewhere I'd expect it. Similar problem with the updates page - I expect to see a link to the actress on the updates page under each update (not the case with BB)
-BB comics? Um...this is something a junky site with no content would offer.
-Model directory, when sorted alphabetically, are not organized. From the "A" page, in order (first two letters of names): Al,Al,An,Al,An,As,Am,Al,Av,etc.
-Non standard names for some girls
Bottom Line: Overall a decent site, but a lot of improvements need to be made to put it on the same level as Brazzers or NaughtyAmerica. I feel like I am on NA than Brazzers (thus I'd be leaning to give BangBros a better rating), the problem is that there are some glaring problems with the site, a lot of which I could not fit in the cons, and while we all know BB has been around 2001 (all updates 2001-now are available) other networks have followed their model and just passed them by.

Things I couldn't fit in the Pros/Cons because of char limit:
Like Brazzers, there is the kind of crap you don't want to see on a MEMBERS section of a paid site. While Brazzers makes the crap a bit more apparent, BangBros is more subtle, but its there. In the top bar there is a button titled "Meet girls near you, GET LAID". Click it and you get links to Fling (dot com). I dont need to see this shit on members areas of porn sites.

More on the non-standard naming with girls. I routinely find that some girls are just not given their proper name, and even worse is that they run with it, making multiple updates with the name. For example, Jackie Ashe is named "Melissa" and there are two updates as "Melissa".

All updates March 30, 2005 and later are available (in HQ) at 640x480. Prior to that you get into the previous (4x3, but non-standard) HQ encoding resolution of 448x336. Yuck. 480x360 please!

Due to character limits in the cons I could not elaborate on the alphabetization problems in the model directory. Put simply, every letter has its own page, but the girls are not organized by the alphabet (based on their second letter, third letter, and so on). And the problem is magnified by the fact that they split up each letter over multiple pages, 40 girls per page, max. So with letter A there are 167 girls split over 5 pages. I wouldn't have a problem with this if the girls were alphabetized properly, but since they aren't I have to browse all five page to find a name of a girl I want. Absolutely terrible. Add this to the fact that some girls I like are not named properly (e.g. Jackie Ashe being named Melissa) and it does not make for a very enjoyable experience.

I counted up all the updates and this is what the daily update rate looks like since 2001 (mulitply by 365, except where noted, to get number of updates for the whole year):
2001 - 0.07* upd/day (approx, 7 updates over 104 days)
2002 - 0.18
2003 - 0.44
2004 - 1.02
2005 - 1.16
2006 - 1.21
2007 - 1.48
2008 - 1.98
2009 - 2.33* (approx, 133 updates over 57 days)
It is certainly nice to see that they keep improving the update rate. They are at the point where they have surpassed NA and Braz (both at 2 per day).

Again, a lot of improvements need to be made, a lot of which might be nit-picking, things that some people wouldn't kill a site over, but others, like the ZIP downloads, and the alphabetizing issue, are rather urgent in my eyes.

One last note:
The full scene downloads work with download managers, split scene don't.
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Visit Bangbros Network

13. Bangbros Network (4)

MiztaBlu (28) 01-07-13  10:13pm
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (29), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +TONS of Content
+Something for pretty much everyone
+Regular updates...12-13 per week, the norm (not counting their extended membership stuff)
+Hot ladies!
+Not only hot ladies, but also alot of girls you dont see elsewhere.
+Hi Definition videos and pictures (for more recent stuff)
+They regularly remaster old stuff.
+Nice price with discount
+Older content not remastered still has better quality than alot of older stuff you see on other sites.
Cons: -Content feels very cheap compared to other companies
-While there are alot of updates, several of the sites that they regularly update now are ones Im not into.
-Amateur girls are hit or miss. While some are very hot and hard to find, some are not into the scene at all and it hurts alot of the content.
-Fucking Cameramen never shut the fuck up.
-Many videos have technical issues...including incomplete files and out of sync audio.
-Site design and navigation is fairly straightforward, but below standards compared to other porn sites IMO.
-Zip files for picture sets are ridiculously huge. I expected big, but some are ridiculous. There are some sets that are a 1.5+ GBs. Ive seen sites with better picture quality and just as many pictures that are not even a gig. Thats ridiculus.
-They discontinued formerly great sites like MILF Lesssons and Brown Bunnies, among others.
-Prechecked sales...beware. Not a big deal anymore as Ive gotten used to them, but still worth noting.
-For some dumbass fucking reason, BangBros decided to put scrolling watermarks at certain points in their newer videos. Now, in the middle of the action, suddenly text will scroll across the screen saying "BangBros Exclusive Content". WHAT A TOTAL FUCK UP! Seriously....this is the only place Ive seen that in the fucking members area. Its only thing to include it in preview videos, but no...full length videos in the members section. HUGE DOWN I needed to mention.

BangBros, IMO, has always been extremely overrated. Maybe its a preference thing, and I respect that. Not that they have bad content, but I just dont feel its as consistently good as other porn companies. Their scenes always feel extremely hit or miss for various reasons...some just feel very cheap in quality, some have girls that dont really wanna be there which KILLS a scene for me, and my god....the cameramen need to shut the fuck up. Reality Kings has improved in this area over the years, but BangBros has only gotten worse.

Would I recommend BangBros? Yes...for a month. Even if you dont love all their content, its very much worth a month or two, especially with the discount.

But its definitely not a site that I would sign up for long term. I hadnt been a member of BangBros for 4 years before signing up recently, because there was alot of older content I wanted. But their updates are still very hit or miss, so after you have the old stuff you want, its really a matter of how much you like their updates. Usually, there are 3 or 4 scenes a week I like, and sometimes not even that. Thats not enough compared to other companies...some of which have 8 or 9 I like.

Bottom line, it comes down to preference. I dont mind the whole "real reality" porn stuff, but the downside is it feels really cheap sometimes and the cameramen ruin some scenes with their blabbing.

Betweem Naughty America, Brazzers, Reality Kings and BangBros, Id say...

1. Naughty America
2. Reality Kings
3/4 Brazzers and BangBros are interchangeable.

Ill be doing my Brazzers review soon too.

As for BangBros...give it a shot. Not nearly as great as some make it out to be, but worth a try.
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14. Blowjob Ninjas (0)

roseman (253) 10-21-07  12:06am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (66), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Multiple download formats for videos.
- High quality photos and screencaps.
- Nice website design.
- Navigation is easy.
- No download limit.
- Exclusive content.
- No DRM videos protection.
- Cool girls and scenes rating system.
- Downloading was fast for me (most hours of day).
- Dated content.
- Network access (15+ websites).
- Bonus feeds (behind the scenes episodes).
Cons: - More download options would help.
- Monthly subscription price could be lower.
- Needs growth.
- Videos and photosets quality could be even better.
- No full access trial option.
- No ZIP download option for videos.
Bottom Line: A new BangBros Network adult website.
When you join you will get access to 15 more BangBros websites for free so plenty of content and variety is waiting for you.
Members can download videos in multiple formats as one minute clips (.wmv, .mpeg format), in parts (.wmv, .mpeg) or as full length movies (only in .wmv format). Online streaming option is available. Videos quality could be better and some more download options would definitely help. There are high quality photosets and vidcaps available for members but ZIP download option is missing and their size is a bit small.
There is no download limit or DRM videos protection and downloading was fast for me (most hours of day). Site's content is small at the moment and surely needs growth. Content is dated and exclusive and there is a cool scenes and girls rating system. Also a helpful customers support e-mail can be found.
Monthly subscription price could be lower and a full access trial option would help. Updates come every week and are regular. Most site models look awesome.
In conclusion, I like the idea of this site and I am sure that it will be getting better and better as time passes. Recommended.
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15. Sausage Party (0)

manholelover (24) 06-27-11  03:23am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (24), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -More than your average "stripper" site, with increasingly hardcore interaction, although the latter has only recently been incorporated.
-Lengthy downloads of more than 40 mins
-Reasonable variety of model "types": racial and body type mix.
Cons: - Infrequent uploads: currently only 16 videos
-Unfortunate title (come on, you cant have a title like that and not expect a comment!)
- No search function for individual models (not that important now, but as the site grows this will be needed)
- Unable to download photos as zip file
-Poor editing and continuity (one minute the models and audience are naked, next they're clothed for example)
-No additional content other than the stripper videos, although there's an option to buy other sites in the family for $14.95!
Bottom Line: The concept for this site is seen all over the place in both gay and straight porn. Male strippers performing at (gay) private parties or clubs and interacting with the audience. This is far harder than most of the other sites, and the audience are encouraged to suck the strippers cocks, lick their arse etc, and the strippers cum over the audience. This concept tends to get repetitive, although I must admit the strippers really are hot. In the last few uploads, the stripper will actually pick an audience member and fuck him. All good, and now they've added the twist that the audience members have sex with each other as well.

Although the concept sounds hot, the "group" sex scenes are contrived and amateurish. You can see the audience members looking at the director and waiting for their cue to start the action, you see the crew walking in and out of the shots. The "orgies" aren't actually orgies, but different pairs of guys having sex in the background, whilst the stripper does his stuff. All this leads to a very confused and messy look.

I think the problem is they're not sure whether to tap into the market of the excellent GuysGoCrazy site, or to stick with the concept of hardcore stripper action. It seems they've lost their way in trying to please too many people. I did add this to the site's comments page, but of course, it was never posted.

I do have to mention the title, as it doesn't create the most erotic or sexy atmosphere. In the early videos, if you can believe this, prior to the strippers coming out, they actually have a man dressed as a giant frankfurter walking amongst the crowd!! Perhaps this really illustrates how the site hasn't found it's way yet!

The design is very basic and for the money I would expect a few extras, at least some more info/pics of the strippers, perhaps some solo/interview scenes. They do offer reduced membership to its other sites for $14.95, but that's small compensation.

The uploads are infrequent, but this is a fairly new site. However they are lengthy and there is some hot action.

All in all, this site is very much a work in progress and hasn't really found its niche. It offers far more than your average male stripper site in terms of action, and the guys are generally hot. If you're into strippers, this site may be worth considering for a short membership (but don't take the trial, as someone has commented, it's a bit of a rip off), but it may be worth waiting a while.
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16. BangBus (0)

exotics4me (463) 12-10-07  09:04pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - More goodness from the crazy Bang Brothers network
- Price is good for what all you get, $24 for 15 sites
- Movie quality is a still nice 640 on high end
- One of the few sites that actually does humor right in their porn
- Download speeds are in the average to above range, getting 900kb/s on 10M connection
- If you enjoy the basis of the site, the repititive quality of it is a good thing!
Cons: - Repititive content could bother some
- Not for sure if I consider this a con, but everyone seems to be going to HD or at least close to HD. As long as these clips are, that would be a huge file to download
- Tries a little too hard to be funny all the time, humor should be in moderation
- The basis of the site seems a little less dangerous as did a few years ago, maybe add something new like parking the bus in a parking lot?
Bottom Line: Bang Bus was my first exposure to reality porn. I guess it was 3 years ago or so. Since I have a voyeur fetish, this site really pulled me in.

The humor will bother some people, so be warned ahead of time. The guys running the camera and driving act more like a bunch of 30 year olds trying to be frat boys than serious porn makers. I would imagine this humor goes over better with the American members, not for sure why, but there is very little on this site that would be considered classy.

What you do get is a funny, terribly acted script that these guys pick up a girl, pay her to expose herself, then keep paying her until she goes from innocent girl walking down the street, to hardcore nympho from hell in the back of a bus. I still like it. Just not as much as I used to.

Most networks these days, this one included, look the same as they did when they started out. Please update look!

The movies are very good quality. There are pictures, but the pictures are not high res and they are not downloadable in zips. I use them just to see what the girl looks like, sort of a preview if you will. This site is still the best in the reality niche. Mainly because you can't pay traffic to just appear and drive by the bus. This is very real. I've seen videos on here where the other cars beep their horns. Some of the girls seem to be shy, since they end up in the floor instead of in the seat. Still, recommended for those who are into voyeurism and/or hardcore sex.
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17. Busty Adventures (0)

nygiants03 (162) 07-25-07  08:12pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (63), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -consistent updates once every 7 days
-171 girls and video(on 9 pages)(however maybe 2 or 3 girls show up more then once)
-hot girls with large breast, and no girl is overly large , most rather skinny
-good selection of hardy seen before foreign models(however there a few familiar faces)
-access to 3 other websites with bigasspass
-videos around 25 minutes long
-newer videos are good quality
-most models have around double d's
-fast streams
Cons: -the guy fucking the girl in msot the videos has an annoying mike tyson tattoo on his face
- photo only offered with newer sets, decent quality. about 52 sets offer photos. over 200.
-no full scene downloads. only 3 bigger clips(like 8 minutes) or many short clips (closer to 2 minutes)
-older videos lack quality compared to newer videos
-limited trial access
-the guy filming has bad accent
-bigger clips only downloadable in wmv, and smaller mpeg
-takes place in europe i believe
Bottom Line: - first video was on November 30, 1999 the updates were slow in the beginning.

-screen caps come with some of the videos

-most videos have a breast massage in the beggining, then the girl fingers herself for a lil, then blowjob, then sex and money shot usually on face.
However some videos vary. Some are approached then talked into fucking, obviously its a fake setup.

-This is the best of the 4 sites i believe in the bigasspass. It has the most videos and there big boobs, really really big natural boobs. But your also going to get big ass adventures which has very nice round female asses. Public Invasion with a very amateur feel, claims not to be staged, but no way is this goofy guy banging these hot chicks with that little of money and some small talk. The welickeachother hardly has any content but lesbians nonetheless.

-If you like really big natural tits you cant skip this site. Theres so much big boobs to choose from, from big c's to triple f's. The site is 23.95 for a month which isnt all that bad.'
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18. Bangbros Network (4)

roseman (253) 10-16-07  05:09am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (66), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Access to 16 websites.
- High quality photosets and vidcaps available for download.
- Multiple download formats for videos.
- Good website design.
- Navigation is easy.
- No download limit.
- No DRM videos protection.
- Bonus content.
- Downloading was fast for me (most hours of day).
- Content is dated and updates are regular.
- Original reality porn.
- Stream option for videos and cool scenes and girls rating system.
Cons: - No full access trial option.
- Some network sites don't update anymore.
- Faster updates would be good.
- No ZIP download option for photosets and vidcaps.
- Video quality could be even better.
- Full length movies can only be downloaded in .wmv format.
- Some network sites are small.
Bottom Line: Bangbros network is very good with lots of content and variety.
Network site is very good and navigation is quite easy so I don't think that you will have problems getting around. Content is dated and updates come regularly but sadly (most sites) per week.
Members can download videos as full length movies (in .wmv format), in parts (.wmv, .mpeg) or as one minute clips (.wmv, .mpeg), you can stream them online. There are high quality photosets and vidcaps but ZIP download option is missing and their quality needs some improvement.
There is no full access trial option, which would be very helful especially for new members and monthly subscription price could be lower. Network's content is huge but some of its sites have only a few episodes available for download and don't update anymore.
There is no DRM videos protection or download limit. There is also some bonus content (behind the scenes episodes) offered. I had no downloading problem in here (most hours of day).
In conclusion, BangBros Network is one of the best Networks that I have joined so far, I really like its content, most models look awesome, and I believe that it can be even better with some quality improvements.
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19. Bangbros Network (4)

elonlybuster (39) 08-24-08  05:27pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (24), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Updated: 09-01-08  09:42am  (Update History)
Reason: added affiliate info as well as updated the score to match.
Pros: -TONS of videos
-Any added material you can count on it being there for a LONG time
-Streaming or Download options
-Download movies in 1 whole scenes or multiple parts in various qualities and formats
-Tons of bonus material including deleted scenes, bloopers, comics, and lots of other stuff
-Sex-types to satisfy anyone
-Lots of different types of girls
-Famous people show up
-Over 20 affiliates
-Switching from one affiliate to another doesn't involve re-logging in and is incredibly easy to do
Cons: Something does get repetitive, if you're into one type of female
2 simultaneous downloads at a single point in time
The older material from years ago isn't the best quality
Some trailers do give away alot (but alot of others don't)
Bottom Line: You're paying about $20 a month for a1 website with bout 20 different sub sites each with something different. Even when you think the content gets old something new comes out. After being a member for a lil over a year and seeing ALOT of other websites as well as their sister sites you won't find too many other websites like this.
One of my favorite features is the fact that when you decide to go from one affiliate to another you don't have to log in and there's actually links on the side of the site. You get updates from ALL the affiliates the day of. It's the epitome of 20 sites working as one flawlessly.
I suggest you not go with a trial because you really only get part of the full effect of the site.

But in short if you like a variety of types of girls and sex acts this is the place for you. You'll see everything from sex in a bus, outdoors, anal, big girls, skinny girls, exotic girls, huge cocks, multiple people, handjobs, creampies (guys climaxing in the female's vagina) and ALOT more.
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20. Bangbros Network (4)

LewdyPig (Disabled) 08-19-11  01:29pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Daily updates
+ Huge archive
+ Large network
+ Lot of models
+ Videos, pictures and screecaps
+ Many download options (download, streaming, parts)
Cons: - Redundant content (lack of anal, dp and gangbang)
- Navigation could improve (number of pics per page)
- Pictures size and quality is low to medium
Bottom Line: With a fair monthly price of only $17.95 (when joining via www.thebestporn.com), you can't go wrong with BangBros! Their network is large with more than 20 sites and they add new scenes everyday. The number of models is simply amazing! I see new faces every week and almost all of them are sexy and beautiful. There is so much content out there that keeping your membership is well worth it as you'll never be able to download everything.

BangBros is all about Amateur and Reality. If you like the "girl next door" type of model well let me tell you that BangBros is for you and if you like nice round asses and curvy girls then it was made especially for you! I've been a member of this network more than 15 times so far and I always come back for their new stuff every once in a while.

BangBros is one of the best porn paysites on the internet if not the most popular itself. It features both amateur and pornstar models in softcore and hardcore reality scenes. The price is very good considering they probably have the biggest archive to date.
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21. Bangbros Network (4)

rearadmiral (380) 07-10-12  04:47pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge collection
- Many sites
- Offers HD on many scenes (in MP4 only)
- New sites added
- Good variety of ethnicities, ages and body types
Cons: - Video quality isn’t great (with WMVs)
- Time-outs for links are very short
- Some sites have just been abandoned
- Found an unusually high number of WMV files with sound that wasn’t synchronized with the video
- Large number of ads and upsells – many sites are additional cost
- Sites don’t list scenes by model – they’re given a unique name
- Doesn’t bill through a reputable biller
- A lot of fake breasts and tattoos
Bottom Line: This has been one of the most difficult reviews I’ve written here. On one hand, this network offers a lot of decent porn for a low price. On the other hand, it takes an “all-you-can-eat-buffet” approach to porn: there’s lots of it but a lot of it seems the same. I would (and will) recommend the site, but only for people looking for specific things in a porn site.

Bang Bros doesn’t need much of an introduction here, but for those who don’t know it, it is a collection of 20+ sites covering a wide variety of niches. The sites are listed at TBP so I won’t mention them here. There is lots of variety, and lots of well-known talent here too. The scenes are shot reasonably well and the website is relatively easy to navigate and use. I have no idea how many scenes are on offer, but it has to be several thousand at least.

Each scene on each site opens into a separate page where you can select how to view the scene or photos. The scene can be streamed in “light,” “medium” and HD. I can’t vouch for those as I prefer downloads. Downloads are available as WMVs and MP4s. While the MP4s are available in several file sizes (from “small” to “HD”) the WMVs are only available in one size. I prefer WMVs so that’s what I downloaded. Those come in at 640x480 @ 1100kb/s and 30fps. Subjectively, they’re what you’d expect for those specs. I do wish that the network offered more choice for WMVs. While this isn’t widespread, I did find a higher number of WMV files with unsynchronized audio than I’d see on other sites. This is a fairly rare problem, so to have it occur on 20+ scenes seems high.

The network does offer a lot of material in HD. The HD is MP4 only and comes in at 1280x720 at 3000kb/s and 30fps. These, obviously, look a lot better than the low resolution WMVs.

While photos are available, this really isn’t a photo site. The photos are screencaps of the videos and are available as singles or as zips. I didn’t download any photos.

Speaking of downloads, while the network would allow you to use a download manager to increase the download speed, the link timeouts were so short that a manager couldn’t be used to queue up multiple scenes. The timeouts are the shortest I’ve ever encountered on a site that still allows download managers, being less than two minutes before the link would go dead.

This isn’t a pro or con, but it seems odd that the network stops updating sites but creates another one with a similar niche. It really doesn’t matter, but why stop updating one BJ site only to create another similar one? Not to be too cynical, but my guess is that it helps in marketing by being able to say you have more sites.

The network does have its flaws, though I’ll admit many of the flaws I see are subjective. My biggest issue is that when browsing a specific site you have a thumbnail of the scene and below that is the scene name and the date it was uploaded. While I have nothing against providing that information, I do wish that they’d also provide the model’s name. I found it easier to browse the network by model than by site.

This is definitely a subjective criticism, but the site seems to favour larger models than I normally like. I’m not talking BBW or anything like that, but my preference runs to the more petite models. Petite models are here, but the site seems to favour those with larger breasts and asses. Tattoos are also plentiful. If you like your models petite and unadorned, you may not like this network. On the other hand, there are a lot of different ages and races here too.

Another issue here is that even after joining the network you’ll see lots of ads for other sites and up-sells for other, additional-cost, network sites. While I can understand why a network would want to generate more income, this network really makes these ads and up-sells prominent. (But since I joined two of the up-sells, they obviously work.)

The network manages its own accounts so there is no biller. As exotics4me noted in a comment, you really need to make sure your membership is cancelled, a particularly is you’ve added sites for additional cost. The simple means for cancelling only applies to the main network so unless you specifically cancel the add-on sites that billing may recur.

As I said at the beginning, even with the flaws I’d still recommend this site, though not to everyone and only after explaining the site’s weaknesses. I’d recommend the site to someone looking to access a lot of porn for a decent price where quality isn’t the motivating factor. Who would this be? Likely someone deciding to give up on “tube” sites and start actually paying for the porn they use. I wouldn’t recommend this network to a long-time porn collector with experience with great sites. That would be recommending that someone who dines at Morton’s Steakhouse try Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag. Both serve a purpose, but some people won’t feel satisfied at Moe's.
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Visit BangBus

22. BangBus (0)

Levchik (17) 01-08-07  04:16pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (16), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -100% exclusive content
-A new episode every week
-Rich archive of episodes
-You are getting access to 14 networked pay sites.
-Options to play/download 1 minute partitions, watch a trailer, download/watch the movie in big parts or in one big file.
Cons: -Pretty small pictures
-Too few pictures in most galleries
-Few advertisements on main and download pages
-I've found it boring after watching some episodes
Bottom Line: In conclusion, it is a pretty attractive pay site which might become boring after some period. Luckily, with your membership you are getting access to additional 13 BangBros pay sites. The price looks kind of expensive at first glance, but as said above, you will have access to 14 exclusive, unique and sexually-entertaining pay sites.
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Visit Big Tits Round Asses

23. Big Tits Round Asses (0)

BubbaGump (18) 01-20-12  04:02pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (28), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -- Good amount of content.
-- High video quality
-- Nice range of models.
-- Decent camera work.
-- Intros and elements of tease.
Cons: -- Download Speeds could be better
-- Poor image quality on stills.
-- Cameraman can be chatty and sometimes the background noises are annoying.
-- Older content lacks in quality.
-- Some models are overused.
Bottom Line: Background:

My erotic interests: I am a breast guy. Curvy Women, Slim-and-Stacked or Voluptuous, Natural Women, MILF, Shapely Behinds.

I am primarily a photo guy, as well. I enjoy streaming videos but my primary taste in erotica is photography. I also travel quite frequently, so much of my viewing takes place on an Ipad, after transfer of data. Keep this in mind here.


I have this site as part of my BangBros subscription. It is worth a seperate review.

This is my favorite site from the Bangbros collection and was worth the price of admission to the BangBros network. There is a large collection of videos and photosets and the updates seem to appear weekly.

The models range from thin and stacked to voluptuous, with a bias towards the latter. There are a number of well-toned runway model types but the emphasis on this site seems to be more along the lines of curvy women, not thin and petite. If you are looking for the latter, you will likely find the site lacking. My two favorite models are Selena Starr and Jazmyn. Although the site is named Big Tits, Round Asses, the emphasis here is definately on the former.

There is enough content to keep the breast lover happy for a while. Site updates appear to happen weekly. Older content does suffer from quality issues, but in fairness, you have to go pretty far back.

The quality of the videos is generally very good to excellant. HD videos are pretty stunning, even viewed on an Ipad. Camera work is fine for my tastes. This is an amateur studio and it is not a professional studio setting so if you are looking for the spiffy lighting effects and all that, you might be dissapointed. If you just want high-quality video feeds of action, you won't be dissapointed.

The composition of the XXX video action tends to be of the up-close and personal variety--not POV, but there is a large use of wide angle perspectives from relatively close distances. Camera movements are not frequent enough to be annoying, as can often happen with some directors. The are intros to the clips and an element of tease. The models don't jump right into the action.

The only gripe I have about the videos is that the directors and cameraman can sometimes go overboard with dialogue. You can often hear the cameraman giving directions or engaging the actors in what most would consider to be cheesy conversations. Background sounds can also sometimes be present.

DL Speeds are nothing to write home about. I have seen better and I have seen worse. There is definately room for improvement here, however.

As far as the still images, this is not what this site is really designed around, IMO, and is where it is lacking. There are plenty of galleries with loads of images. The actual content and compositions of the galleries is not all that bad. The actual quality of the images, however, can be just OK in a bright sunlight setting to terrible indoors. The site should shore this up and use equipment for stills that deals adequately with the noise present at high ISO settings.

Although I am using this as my primary video site, I wish they would offer more quality in terms of the photo galleries.


IMO, who would enjoy this site: Video fans, breast-lovers, and those who salivate over curvy women with a little bit of meat on their bones.

IMO, who won't enjoy this site: Those who prefer slim and petitie figures, prefer extreme hardcore action, or photo-hounds not interested in videos.


Grades(obviously subjective):

Amount of Content: B+
Video Image Quality: A
Video Composition: A-
Photo Image Quality: D
Photo Composition: C+
DL Speeds: C-
The Models: A
XXX Action: B


Suggestions for improvement:

-- Pick up the DL speeds a bit.
-- More attention to photo quality. This site is excellant for high-quality videos. It would be an outstanding ste if the photos were up to the same standards.

As with any review, these are just my subjective opinions and YMMV.
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24. Tug Jobs (0)

jd1961 (95) 09-21-07  03:44am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A Lot Of Material
- Access To The Whole BB Network
- The Models Understand The Concept
- Good Video options
- Riley Mason Twice
Cons: - Producer/Director Doesn't Get Concept
- Photos Are Low Quality
- Video Production Poor
- Plastic Love Dolls Would Be Preferable To Male Porn "Talent"
Bottom Line: It seems to me that the males in pornoland do their best to ruin adult entertainment. It's epedemic, and this site is a perfect example. The concept of this site is POV handjobs. In other words, the girls are to pretend that they are interacting with the viewer. And the girls are outstanding at it, they always are. they understand this business. The male element do not understand at all. Take the POV genre. If they could only understand how irritating it is to hear them talk to the girl with the camera and microphone right next to them, thus destroying the illusory symbiotic relationship between me and Riley, um the actress! Duh!!! $23.95 for this site, more for their DVD's, all the production costs, and fees for the girls, and these slugs are still acting like these videos are being made for their personal pleasure!! OK, male porn performers are not the brightest bulbs in the lamp, so I place the blame on the producers. Especially in a POV site that should be showcasing the great girls who mean everything to the business. Dear producers: We don't give a $@#&*! about the males! Control them! The camera work in these videos is abysmal. Girls without heads. Too many closeups of body parts. Only amateurs think they have to constantly move the camera. get a tripod! A perfectly simple concept destroyed! Photos aren't worth talking about. Access to the whole Bang Bros. network may salvage this for you. But I swear with Johnny Wadd as my witness- I could do better!
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25. Busty Adventures (0)

Monahan (42) 01-19-07  02:45pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (55), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Great video quality in recent additions. (Bang Bros. affiliation)
- All natural models.
- Excellent camerawork and lighting
- Good assortment and getting bigger (one new video per week)
- Each video has 60 minutes of content, 40 or more minutes nude/hardcore.
Cons: - Same 3-part sequence for each model. No variety. Scene 1- Pickup; Scene 2 - Solo; Scene 3 Hardcore (or just BJ in a few cases). Hardcore always vaginal, sometimes anal as well.
- Same stud does them all. He's good (lets the babe show all her stuff) but no variety
Bottom Line: If you love gorgeous women with large, natural breasts captured on video by a great tit loving cameraman, you'll love this series. You'll recognize several of the models who are quite popular in porn such as Jane Darling, Anastasia Christ, Sandra DeMarco, Tiffany Rousso and others.

Partner sites vary in quality but provide a good value add. Best one is Big Ass Adventures.

Heed the TBP warning. The "trial" membership gives you only the first of 3 scenes, which seldom has much nudity and no hardcore. The site has 1 minute (FREE!) trailers for each model that are far better than what you'll get with a trial membership.

Best move is to sign up for a full month and give it a full shot. You won't regret it if you're a bit tit fan.

(I was a member for 3 months then cancelled a few weeks ago just because I'd pretty much seen all the content and downloaded (NO DRM!) the ones I wanted to keep. I plan to rejoin in about a month or so after several new models have been added.)
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