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Visit Babe Ink

1. Babe Ink (0)

neil312 (0) 01-11-07  01:31pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Tina is the best girl I have ever come across on the internet.
She is Genuine has a nice personality and is absolutley stunning.
She does all her own work on her website and puts 101% into it, the updates are constant and she is very creative with all her unifors and themes she does.
I have been a member of other girls sites and have even met a couple of them but there is only one site I will ever be a member of now and thats Tinas.
Cons: Non
Bottom Line: If you are looking to join a great site run by a genuine girl you cant go wrong by joining Babeink.
Ps thanks for the stockings etc Tina
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Visit Burning Angel

2. Burning Angel (1)

rearadmiral (388) 11-24-12  10:01am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - There is a cross-sell on the sign up page but it isnít pre-checked
- Bills through CCBill
- Great chance to see some new models
- Many familiar porn models appear
- Many download options for newer videos
- Supports download managers
Cons: - No zips on pics
- Pics relatively low resolution
- No search function
- No specific tags
Bottom Line: I have to confess that I never expected to be writing a review of a site featuring models with tattoos and piercings, Goth models, punk models and others along that theme. Iím as anti-tattoo as the next guy, except that it turns out Iím not. Iím still anti-tattoo and piercing unless the model goes all the way.

The biggest surprise for me was how conventional the porn here actually is. I donít know what I was expecting, but whatever it was I was wrong. This is a typical porn network that just happens to showcase models with a look that is slightly out of mainstream.

The main page is laid out as youíd expect with any network: there are tabs for going to pictures, videos, the individual sites, or sorting by model. One choice conspicuous by its absence is a search function. If it exists on the network I havenít found it yet. (This lack of search is further worsened by the lack of scene tags. Tags exist, but are too broad to be of a lot of use in specific searches.)

The network is made up of eight individual sites. (Cum on My Tattoo, Fuck me in the Bathroom, Heavy Metal Pussy Party, Joanna Angel, POV Punx, Punk Porn, Punk Schoolgirls and Big Boobs are Cool Ė Iíll post some stats as a comment on each siteís PU page.) While several of the sites have a reason for being stand-alone, several others could just as easily be grouped together. This is neither positive or negative, itís just a fact.

Each site is laid out in the same way: the site opens into a page where there are thumbnails for 20 scenes per page. Under each thumbnail is some basic information about the scene, including a scene name, the genre (girl/boy, solo, etc.), the running length, user ratings and the female star.

When you select a scene you get a larger thumbnail and four small thumbnails to give you some idea of whatís in store. Each scene has multiple options for downloads. You can download a trailer, the full scene or the full scene broken down into parts. I have to question the value of offering the scene in parts in 2012, but maybe there are still people with slow internet connections. For each of those options there are usually some choices for file type and resolution. MPEGs are offered (in resolutions up to 1400x800 Ė 5000kb/s and 24fps Ė depending on the upload date, of course), as are WMVs in high and low resolutions and a mobile version. These options decrease as you get into older files. Prior to 2010 MPEGs werenít offered but Quicktime files were. The oldest scenes on the network, which date back to 2007, are often only available in one resolution and only in WMV. The resolution on the oldest scenes is low at 480x360, 1800kb/s and 30fps.

This is being a bit picky, but the way the download options are laid out with the trailer as the first option made it too easy to select that instead of the full scene. It didnít happen to me, but it required that I pay more attention than Iíd normally do when just downloading porn. Even having a trailer as a download option seems odd to me, but at least they could put it lower in the option list.

The site supports download managers and I had no problem with the links timing out.

The network bills through CCBill so you have confidence in that. There is a cross-sell, but it isnít pre-checked.

If the site has a major flaw it is how they provide pictures. I donít normally download photos but in this case I was looking forward to doing so. I had flagged several models that I really liked that are rare on more mainstream sites and wanted photos too. I was disappointed to see that zips arenít available and that even if they were, the resolution isnít great. The newest photos are 1080x720. I know that isnít bad, but they could be better. Older photos are obviously a lower resolution. I gave up on getting photos since having to save each one individually seems like too much work for porn. The lack of zips really needs to be addressed.

I know this is highly subjective, but I found most of the models on the site to be very attractive. I do question why some models appear on the site though. Katie St. Ives has a few scenes here and Iíd not normally think of her when I think tattoos, piercings, Goth or punk. Donít get me wrong, Iíll take any of Katieís scenes when I can get them, but it just doesnít seem to be a good fit.

Dracken posted a comment back in í09 that the network appeared to be a Ďcommunityí site for people who like the Goth / Punk / etc. look and lifestyle. That is true. There are blogs and forums for the look, the music and the life. Iím only interested in the naked chicks so I really canít comment on the non-porn parts of the network.

The bottom line is that this is an excellent network. It is well laid out, easy to use and offers some great porn. If youíre like me and want to push your porn boundaries a bit then Iíd highly recommend starting with Burning Angel. The models are beautiful and the scenes are hot.
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Visit Suicide Girls

3. Suicide Girls (0)

HeatherMcXxx (10) 07-15-12  06:45pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Trusted User  Female Profile TRUST USER?   YES (38), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -- Lots of picture sets
-- An engaged community of models and members who participate in an abundance of groups both sexual and non-sexual
-- A well-organized home page allowing for easy navigation
-- Models representing lots of shapes and sizes, all of whom reflect different notions of beauty
Cons: -- Quality of pic sets varies markedly
-- Some models won't be to your liking, more so than on other sites where you find a more consistent level of beauty
-- Videos are brief and eclectic, not typically erotic (and, usually, superfluous)
-- Pic sets can't be downloaded
Bottom Line: Welcome to the post-Rigel era at Suicide Girls. Rigel was a popular model (and administrator) on the site until 2010, when conflicts at the company -- as well as a desire to return to school -- hastened her departure. She represented the ideal SG: gorgeous, shapely, inventive, and, of course, irresistible thanks to her stunning tattoos. A new Rigel set was an event -- you knew you'd get high-quality, erotic photos shaped around a creative concept. She was the best.

Her exit came after the site began expanding its model roster, and, given the influx of new talent, the quality of the photo sets diminished, and the models themselves became less compelling. Fewer and fewer captivate me now, and it's difficult to keep up with the ever-changing and expanding roster. (Only a handful of true stars, like Annalee, remain.) Many of the sets will leave you flat; others will have you scratching your head. Occasionally, you'll find a model and set that capture you. Quality control seems lacking, though part of the aim of the site, no doubt, is to be more democratic in who they feature. It is what is -- no more.

One of the advantages of SG is the active (and large) community, comprised of both models and members, who post to the site's board and who participate in an abundance of groups that cover sexuality, religion, philosophy, the arts, and pop culture. Many of the groups have active discussions. I suspect some members, like me, continue to buy a subscription merely to keep abreast of group goings-on.

On the topic of subscription rate, it's not expensive. You pay $49/year, and if you let your membership lapse, eventually you'll get an offer to renew at $29/year. So it's not a prohibitive investment, and, frankly, it's not worth any more than that, unless your fetish happens to involve tattooed and pierced women.

I've become bored with the photo sets -- they rarely have the charm that Rigel's sets (and those of other classic models) exhibited. But once in a while you're treated to a gem, and the community is always there to engage with. In addition to the pics and videos, you'll find blogs (by both models and members), interviews with well-known figures in the arts community, and a chat feature.
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Visit Suicide Girls

4. Suicide Girls (0)

PinkPanther (46) 12-12-08  07:13pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Unique site - if you're tired of cookie cutter porn, you might really enjoy this site

Not the usual girls - again, if you're sick of sites that cycle the same models between them, you might find this site quite refreshing

Frequent updates - they have 2-4 updates of official Suicide Girls photo sets per day plus the same amount or more from the hopefuls

I really like their photography. There's a lot of variety of styles, there's a lot of personality to the photo sets, a lot of humor and it has a very fresh feel to it - which is not something I can say about a lot of stuff out there.

They have this "tag" thing where you can click on words that other members have "tagged" a photoset with - like outdoors, motorcycle, fishnets, pinup - and if you want to see more sets similarly tagged, click on the word that interests you and you will have other sets come up that you might also like - with a site like this that's got so many updates, that's helpful.

Price - not expensive
Cons: It's all pretty soft. If you're looking for hardcore porn, don't bother with this site

The site's niche is body modifications, which can mean piercings or tats or spikes or whatever - if you don't care for that particular niche - stay away

This is a pic site as far as the porn aspect goes. If they've got vids of the girls, I haven't found them.

The navigation on this site confounds me. If you know the name of a girl, you can put in her name, but the browse function seems completely disabled so it's a site that I wind up stumbling around in - and it's got enough cool stuff that I find stuff I like everytime I check in, whether by using the "tags" or by looking at the new stuff prominently featured on the home page.

The pics aren't very large - 87.1K is what is shown in properties when I look at an average pic from the site

There's a whole "community" aspect to the site that also requires some work if you're going to be able to get into it.

You'll see heavy girls.
Bottom Line: If you want to check out an inexpensive site that has a lot of girls that haven't been seen all over the place and are shot by photographers with real talent and creativity and you like hot girls with tats or piercings, or at least like some hot girls with tats or piercings - and you don't mind going past the girls that aren't your thing, well you might like this site.

I find it quite refreshing. I would be happier if the pics were bigger. I would be happier if there were vids of the girls that I really like.

As it is, I rate it very good for the value and the freshness and originality and the charm of the site.

It's definitely a site that makes me look forward to checking it out every day, because there's always new stuff - and it's never the case that the new stuff looks just like yesterday's new stuff. They'll have different locations, different poses, different "stories" to the sets, etc.

I like that you can delve into the life of the girls a bit - one of the first girls that REALLY turned me on was a tattooed pierced small-breasted brunette with a gorgeous bod that turned out, when I started reading her story, to be from rural Tennessee, really into cars - building them and racing them.

As to the prescence of girls that I'm not into, it's like going to a low-key strip club - you just pass by the girls you're not into and put your energy on the girls that interest you.
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Visit Suicide Girls

5. Suicide Girls (0)

247skizia (5) 06-02-10  12:58am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Easy to use interface
-Beautiful Models who are exclusive to the site
-Great community and interaction with the models
-Models sorted not just by country, but city and state as well
Cons: -Little to no worthwhile video content
-No hardcore at all (that I could find)
-very few models who are willing to show explicit pussy shots.
Bottom Line: Suicide girls is genius. I can't stress this enough. Very few (see: none) other porn sites have actually made your average girl want to pose nude for their site. I have 3 of 4 female friends who really want to be a suicidegirl. Unfortunately none of them have made the cut yet. Which brings me to the next point, models will pose nude on the site for free. A whole section "hopefuls" is full of girls who want to be SGs, but have been rejected, and so they have their sets posted in hopes that it will get enough love to go live.

Of course there isn't much explicit material, and no hardcore. Also the videos are mostly just nude vblogs, but suicidegirls is worth the cost (which is surprisingly inexpensive considering the content).
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Visit Crazy Babe

6. Crazy Babe (1)

LPee23 (24) 04-11-14  06:54pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 04-13-14  09:57am  (Update History)
Reason: Bob Coulter corrected me that larger photos are available on site (see full explanation in "Bottom Line")
Pros: This is one of the best Alt porn/Art porn sites I have ever seen. Bob Coulter is brilliant in producing these one of a kind shoots.
-unique artistic photo composition among the best
-innovative camera angles, tilts, lighting and settings
-5616x3744 resolution (post-2008) otherwise mostly 1200x800 resolution with some 1024x768 in the earliest sets dating back to 2000
-over 700 photosets with 200-500 photos each
-3 to 4 new shoots per month
Subjects include solo girl, peeing, showers, public nudity, smoking, occasional b/g action with condoms, tattoos, and piercings.
Settings offer a glimpse into the gritty underbelly of NY and other US cities in the 2000's to present.
Cons: This is a photography site. I don't personally consider that to be a flaw, and it does have a few videos too, just don't come here for the videos.
Before reading the other cons below, please remember that while some of this stuff may be objectionable, it is meant to be taken lightly.
A very, very small number of shoots feature:
-simulated violence (models all shown unharmed at end)
-simulated heroin injection (venipuncture is real)
-fake guns
-real knives
-if you are in the UK, steer clear, because some of these shoots would be considered extreme porn
Bottom Line: I mentioned this site in a thread recently, then checked in for a full membership, and now I am so impressed by Bob Coulter's photography that I feel this site deserves a full review. His style of photography is unique, and I cannot name another site that emulates what he does. People throw this term "Art Porn" out there, and I think it's a bit misguided, because art and porn really exist on a spectrum. That being said, part of me wants to say his work is higher up on the art scale than the porn scale, but then at the same time I have to call it porn because it is so erotic. If any of you love the art of photography beyond porn, you will be so glad to find this site. His shots feature very innovative camera angles. He circles the model and shoots from some very unusual perspectives. He also tilts the camera aggressively but with a purpose, aligning with other elements in the scene, usually lines in the model's poses, rather than the horizontal. His models are amazing too. Starting in the year 2000 he has been photographing Alt models, mostly out of New York, NY. It's not a pro or a con, but many have tattoos and piercings. Interestingly, if one of his subjects had a webpage as a model or dominatrix he links back to it. He started photographing his models in 2000, and most of these links to the model sites from the 2000's are dead, yet his site remains as this amazing catalog of Alt models from that decade. He has some of Bella Vendetta's oldest surviving work. Despite this great back catalog of work, he is still actively updating. While his models enjoy the spotlight, his settings are just as amazing. They show the darker, grungier side of New York and other cities including Philly and LA. He might shoot a woman against a backdrop of graffiti in an abandoned building and make the graffiti pop off the wall with almost phosphorescent color saturation. Cheap, grungy, NY hotels with a unique character are a favorite setting, but it's not what you would expect from that. He doesn't just bring models to some cheap places and take some snapshots like an amateur. The way he shoots the models in these settings is clearly deliberate, and the settings fit perfectly with the models' Alt style. He has also done some amazing outdoor shoots in industrial parks, railroads, etc with literally the best rim lighting I have ever seen in porn. In short, I would highly recommend this site, especially for the photo fans. It's totally unique and amazing, just come prepared and don't take some of it too seriously.

*I have updated the score from 86 to 90 after talking with Bob Coulter. While I initially overlooked this, all of his photos from 2009 onward are also available in a staggering 5616x3744 resolution. I had only seen the 1200x800 photos, which is a low resolution for a site that focuses on photography. In contrast, 5616x3744 is about the highest resolution that I have seen. To get the high res photos, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page where each 1200x800 photo is individually displayed. There is a small link there, which is easy to miss if you don't scroll down, that says "Full Size." Thanks for the correction!
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Visit Burning Angel

7. Burning Angel (1)

rearadmiral (388) 10-08-13  04:17pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large site
- Updates regularly
- Good variation in body types
- Variation in level of tattoos and piercings
- Class-leading video quality in newer videos
- Many download options
- Streaming available (with options)
- Supports download managers
- Fans of Joanna Angel should definitely join Ė lots to see
- TBP discount
Cons: - No zips for pics
Bottom Line: The first time I joined this site I surprised even myself as Iím not a big fan of tattoos and piercings. Or so I thought.

The site seems to be quite a bit different now than the last time I reviewed it. Back in 2009 when dracken commented on it, and even as recently as a year ago when I reviewed it, the site had a Ďcommunityí feel to it, like it wasnít necessarily a professional porn site but a site owned and run by people into this lifestyle. (That was and still is highlighted by the obvious connection that Joanna Angel has with this site. Any of her fans NEED to get a membership here.) The site still has that feel to it with the blogs, a forum, event listings and chats, but it is clearly more Ďprofessionalí now.

The last time I reviewed the site it was broken down into several sub-sites. Those are listed in my previous review if youíre interested in seeing what those were. Those divisions seem to be gone now in favor of putting all the videos up on the main page and relying on a pull-down menu to sort by niche. This may be a personal thing, but I prefer the new way: all the scenes are right there and there are convenient ways to sort by star or niche.

The site is part of the Fame Digital family of sites. In my opinion, Fame has the porn Midas touch in that they nail the Holy Trinity for porn sites: the porn is incredibly hot with high production values, the site is well organized, and the porn is easy to access for streaming or downloads. The only caveat with Fame is that you need to track which of their billing companies you paid through because youíll need to know that when it comes time to cancel.

Another way the site is different now is that they use a look more common to other Fame sites: the scene thumbnail opens into a page where all your options for streaming and downloads are in sub-menus. If youíre familiar with any of Fameís sites youíll realize that this is both intuitive and easy to use. Also like other Fame sites, this one offers some of the widest choices for streaming and downloads. Other porn companies need to copy this. The oldest videos on the site date from 2008 and are available for download in either WMV or MP4 in 160p, 240p, 360p and 480p. Obviously these arenít great, but they look okay and they were great when they were uploaded. The really good news, however, is that like most Fame sites, this site jumped into HD early: videos uploaded as early as mid-2009 offer both 720p and 1080p in MP4 format. This was way ahead of the curve for most adult sites in 2009. The icing on the cake is that however fame encodes its scenes, in either 720 or 1080 they look amazing. Some sites offer 1080 that still looks pixilated. Please Fame, if youíre reading this please offer encoding lessons to other sites. Or just buy them out.

I downloaded the 1080p versions and those come in at 1980x1280 and 6800kb/s bitrate.

The site currently has 719 scenes of varying length. The scenes run the gamut from solo, POV, b/g, group, g/g, anal; in other words, just what youíd expect from an adult site. The models also have some variation so depending on the look you like youíre apt to find lots to satisfy you. The site updates frequently and regularly with several scenes being added weekly.

If the site has one glaring fault itís that pics are still not offered in zips. I know this is primarily a video site, but for those who like to collect photos of their favorite models it would be a good idea to offer zips.

Download managers are supported and like other Fame sites this one has resolved the issue of short-duration time-outs. Links donít last forever, but they will last about an hour and that is a huge improvement over what was offered even a year ago.

So that leaves dealing with the 800lb gorilla in the room: that the models donít sport a mainstream look. If that is an absolute deal-breaker for you, then there is no way youíd like this site. If, however, you have even a remote interest in this niche then I highly recommend checking this site out. The models are all really beautiful and but for the tattoos and piercings they look like the beautiful models that work in other parts of the porn industry. There are varying levels of body modifications too: not all the models are heavily tattooed and pierced; some are very light on both. Katie St. Ives, for example, is on this site and I doubt many would consider her a niche model.

The bottom line is that just in the past year this site has made some changes that, while subtle, have made a great site even better. Itís a large and growing site that offers excellent quality (in production values and in how they look on your monitor or TV) at a discounted price and features unique-but-beautiful models. Whatís not to like? I highly recommend joining.
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Visit Babe Ink

8. Babe Ink (0)

magoonigal (1) 01-10-07  01:02pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Regular Updates of Photo's and/or Video at least once a week.
-High Quality Large Size Photo Sets , most containing at least 30 Pictures and some over 100.
-880 mins of Video to date at 700 kbps.
-Site under personal control of Tina.
-Good personal contact with Members.
-Wishlist so you can buy an item for Tina and she will wear them for you but be patient.
-Webcam and Phonechat available via third party site at extra cost.
-Site Forum.
-Tina's Blog.
Cons: -If you do not like Tattoo's this is not the Site for you.
-Single Model Site. (Neutral Comment some of you may consider this Good some Bad)
Bottom Line: Tina does all the Modelling for the Site with the occassional assistance of her Partner. If you like a High Quality One Girl Site then give this one a try. All emails are answered by Tina not a Third person. (I used to belong to a site where the emails were answered by the Guy who ran the Site, very embarrasing when I found out!!). With Tina, "What you see is what you get" and you do get a lot for your subscription, so do not take my word for it. Join the Site for a Month, see what you think, cancellation is easy if you do not like it.
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Visit Suicide Girls

9. Suicide Girls (0)

elonlybuster (39) 09-14-08  06:57am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (24), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - LOTS of different types of girls

-TONS of girls. Don't even bother counting there's soo many

-The girls manage their own pages so it's more authentic

-TONS of updates

- Lots of pics per update

-Lots of videos (most model-type sites don't have too many vids)

-Live chats with the actual girls

- Long term members usually get free items (if desired)
Cons: - Some girls are pretty extreme and it can scare you away

- Because there's a forum you may run into a few psychotic, obsessive fanboys

- Not all the girls have vids

- Some of the girls will try to advertise their bands and such if you friend request them.

- Most of the girls keep blogs for members to read. It's kind of stupid and dumb at times.
Bottom Line: This is a site for people who love to look at the alternative girl, alternative being something other than your typical tall, blonde, big-boobed girl. There are some typical girls on there but the majority of what you will see are girls with tattoos, piercings, exotic hair styles, and a few other things.

There are A LOT of girls on the site and the majority are active in terms of adding updated albums containing quite the amount of images. The site also contains a forum for your basic conversations about the site, girls, or any other subject you may want to talk about.

A few of the girls have videos you can download and watch and the content just depends on the girl. You may see anything from a girl just telling you about their day, to them outside of work or maybe a random photo shoot.

Quite a few of the girls are friends with other girls so you can count on seeing a lot of albums with more than 1 girl, a few even have 3 or 4 if you're lucky enough to find them.

The price is great, if you get a year subscription it comes to about $4 a month, the cheapest you'll find probably anywhere. Once you've been a member for a while visiting often you may receive messages about free DVDs, promos, and other things.

The live chats with the girls (if you find one online who wants to chat) aren't what you think. The girls are models not call girls, so count on having a normal person to person conversation with them. That's the one thing I like about the site, the girls aren't just in it for the money, but because they want to be an adult model AND have a life.

Most of the girls keep blogs open to members, I personally think it's kind of stupid at times, but it's a little interesting if you're a fan of one of the girls.

The updates never really get boring because they also use sets to match the girls. There's always something to catch your attention.

The one thing that annoyed me was after favoriting and becoming "friends" with a few of the girls you may receive a random message from them telling you about their band or some other side project or asking you to add their myspace page.

If you haven't guessed this is a softcore site, so don't count one seeing any penetration, or any other sexual acts.

The site itself has A LOT going on and if you're into the alternative girl this is the place for you. I'm sure there's a few things I haven't touched base on so you can count on more information being added to this review later.
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Visit Suicide Girls

10. Suicide Girls (0)

toba85 (0) 01-03-09  04:23pm
Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: not your average porn. beautiful alt girls. if tattoos and piercing and crazy hair colors are your things then this is the site for you... it has tons of daily updates from sg's and hopefulls alike. they also have a community of other members and a ton of different groups to join and participate in..
Cons: they dont have the ability to download sets in a zip format which would be nice. thats about it
Bottom Line: ive been a member for years and will be for many more.
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Visit Gods Girls

11. Gods Girls (0)

TeFloN (0) 04-29-07  08:08pm
Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: the quality pictures is great better than the lider , most of the sets can zip download in 3 different sizes but not all,The Models are fantastic,and versatile scenarios 1 each girl can have from one to 20 sets ,
Cons: since i by member i just can download one video clip
the page freeze and cut connections , in fact all the site is very slow ,
Bottom Line: if you like the other beauty options than the traditional , this is a good option , all the girls are fantastic, the quality is great and each set contains about 80 and Up pictures full of creativity
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Visit Amateur Emo Girls

12. Amateur Emo Girls (0)

Nathan1000 (0) 02-13-10  08:40am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -mostly nice girls.
-aesthatic pix.
-nice looking site.
-european direct debit is possible.
Cons: -the content contains only 9 Video-Clips.

-you cant download zipped files. You have to click on every single pic.

-there is no option to select. ( sorted alphabethically ) for example: if you want to see fuck, blow or nacked pictures, you must click over a mass of pictures.

And that fact is connected with the biggest disadvantages of the website:

-to manny pictures are face-pictures or pictures with clothes on.

-the site is not slow but not really fast, too.

-to manny pics in bad quality

-no customer service, no reactions.
Bottom Line: conclusion: Im very disappointed, not recommendable

25 Euro for 1 month is tooo much.

no bonus sites.
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Visit Suicide Girls

13. Suicide Girls (0)

Mr Fountain (50) 07-16-08  06:59pm
Rookie Badge  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (38), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Suicide Girls spoils those who seek interaction with a site- this site offers just about all the interaction you could hope for: model interaction- leave and recieve messages from models; participate in SG events (music); realtime webchats; subject based webgroups and boards; even radio talk Sunday nights with Missy Suicide via podcast about luv, relationships, and sex.

#suicide girls has a community appeal of hot goth/punk/artsy models who like to show off their tattoos and piercings; streaked bangs for you.

# about 800 vids 3-7 mins long

#pics are 1000x625, 625x1000

#models are 18-21 years old

#offers webchat where you click a link and can instant message with other members in real time; also you can see all members currently logged in; click on their link on the list; and view them live on webcam ( if their name has a green v by it.)!
# very reasonable price: $12 a month or $48 per year.
#1,817 girls usually with 3 updates avg. each and 100-120 pics in each update.
Cons: #sets run on the artsy theme, abstract; be prepared for the nontraditional softcore set.

#this is a softcore; not a hardcore site- though there is nudity.

# vids don't stick to one particular theme; navigation via name tags may still pull up vids that you didn't want.

#need more than dial up connection to see vids without long dial up times

#not all girls are available for chat or friend request. They can set to private.
Bottom Line: I have been a member of Suicide Girls I think twice before. I was able to join for $29 for a full calendar year as a returning member so that was very appealing and a great deal. Suicide Girls typically are in college: are punk, goth chics, artsy chics with glasses; definately are a lot of rock chics and cheescake bombshells that could pass for pin ups.

The appeal is that these are real girls who contacted SG at some point to be a model- so you get real girls from all around the world, not professional models that you will see on other sites.

you get to have a profile; look at models profiles, see their updates, their artwork, and even browse through their personal pictures. These models also have brains, are very intelligent with unique personas.

The great thing is that I am not really into texting and messaging; yet the models and portfolios lures me in to joining. These models are super cute and are very appealing.

You can expect vids of tatooed and non tattoed SG girls dancing to music; playing music; showing off their cat; or doing something funny so you will have decide what kind of vid you want to see and type in the search word for it.

But for $12 a month or $48 ($4 a month) for a year. Suicide Girls is probably the best porn buys for me. I paid $29 bucks and won't have to worry about rebill untill next July.

I assure you; Suicide Girls is worth taking a look for yourself. If you like porn; don't miss out.
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Visit Suicide Girls

14. Suicide Girls (0)

brucelee (8) 12-07-09  04:43pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (13), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -exclusive, excellent content
-huge number of beautiful photos (>200 000) and models (>2000)
-good quality of pictures (1200 x 800)
-regular updates (2 / day)
-stylish site design
-big superb (>200 photos) free gallery
-low price (48 $ / year)
-chat, board, live-cam, shop, etc.
Cons: -not hardcore
-no zips for pictures download
-video, usually, non erotic and non-downloadable
-many things are not erotic at all
Bottom Line: Amazing, wonderful, strange, awesome, provocative, startling Ė thatís all about this one, like nothing site. If you are bored with officially declared beauty, glamour, if you like tattoo, piercing Ė you shouldnít miss this one. They called itself site of alternative beauty and alternative culture.

The site of alternative, non standard erotic, with excellent stylish design, with huge, more than 2000, number of young erotic, sexual, stylish models (piercing and tattoo - obligatory), few hundred thousands photographies, few ten thousands photosets. But only alternative erotics Ė emo-erotic, punk-erotic, goth-erotic .. All photosets are excellent, exclusive and creative, nothing standard and usual. With about 50 pictures in each one, with good enough quality - about 1200 x 800, they may be launched as flash or as html gallery, but downloading may be executed only one by one.

And other side, the suicidegirls.com is more than site, it looks like as thick illustrate magazine or as social network with its own groups, friends, chat, board and big community. There may find different near-suicidegirls news, interviews, even shop and many other things.

For conclusion: very-very interesting, exciting and attractive site, but really not for all.
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Visit Gods Girls

15. Gods Girls (0)

ShellyWerewolf (1) 01-31-07  03:15pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (2)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Website has wonderful and hot girls. Great photography. Best community. Staff is good with the customers and the models. Just enough features, not too little, not too much. Models are very friendly.
Cons: Has it's still pretty new, there are missing a little bit of members to make the forum and chat really interesting. Even though it's open to all kinds of girls, the site is still lacking of ethnic diversity. This will all be solved with time and with people joining the site.
Bottom Line: Best site of its kind. You absolutely can't find anything better. It is worth the money.
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Visit Gods Girls

16. Gods Girls (0)

farhaad (0) 01-31-07  03:54pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Amazingly beautiful women from all over the place! The photography is pretty much the best I have ever seen. The staff is incredible. They are on top of their game. I have never been a member of a porn site that had a staff as good at this one. The community aspect of the site is a great. Cool features such as journals, band interviews, album reviews etc.
Cons: Since the site is still pretty new, the community goes a little slow at times. Members need to become more active! This should improve over time though.
Bottom Line: The best site of it's type. Definitely worth it. Check it out!
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Visit Gods Girls

17. Gods Girls (0)

mojojones (0) 01-31-07  05:16pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Beautiful friendly girls
Friendly funny and outgoing members.
The site is easy to navigate and is so endearing that the members spend so much time there , that Im sure theres a family somewhere that ha sfiled a missing persons report.
Cons: Its new , so still growing.
The number of active members is growing and some are still shy about getting more active
Bottom Line: GG is AMAZING
plain and simple.
You'll love it
join now.
Or I visit your house and play bagpipes in the front lawn at three in the morning
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Visit Gods Girls

18. Gods Girls (0)

CResponsible (0) 02-01-07  01:19pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Beautiful models, interraction between models and members, models are interesting and engaging as well as beautiful, superb photography, interesting photosets.

I am NEVER bored browsing this site. I could easily kill 5 hours browsing it. The community feel is amazing.
Cons: they don't get the attention they deserve in their genre.
Bottom Line: I plan on being a member of GodsGirls for a VERY long time to come. You should probably be, also.
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Visit Gods Girls

19. Gods Girls (0)

bailey (0) 02-01-07  02:41pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Hustler magazine meets Vogue magazine, only with tattoos.

Not only are the GodsGirls painfully hot, but they also have personality. Member interaction is big on this site, and the girls are highly active in the forums and chat rooms. Which means after you're done drooling over their high-quality photosets, you can talk to them, too.
Cons: GodsGirls is addictive. Be prepared to spend large amounts of time on this site.
Bottom Line: Bottom line? Highly recommended for a reason. This isn't your average alt-porn site, boys and girls. GodsGirls.com - get into it.
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Visit Minx Addiction

20. Minx Addiction (0)

ilikeeggs (0) 03-16-07  06:28pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I've grown restless on other alt-porn sites, so I was happy to stumble across Minx. In addition to being an exotic looking, tattooed beauty, she seems very real and down-to-earth. The candid photos are particularly cute. The photo sets are creative, well-lit, and artistic, but Minx knows what we're really there to see, and she delivers every time. "Frame Sanguine" is my favorite set so far, but some of the sets are quite unusual for a porn site.
Cons: I'd like more videos. Maybe camshows.
Bottom Line: Great site if you're looking for genuine, un-corporate alt-porn made by a pervy girl.
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Visit Goth Rock Girls

21. Goth Rock Girls (0)

monty2222 (19) 03-31-09  10:44am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (30), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *25 exclusive scenes: 2 solo and 23 girl-girl, length from 13-23 minutes, all scenes offered in a 960x540 resolution and 2,500-4,000 kbps.

*I'm no expert on goths, but I'll call this "goth light". The girls' looks are stunning, but they're pretty much all regular porn stars who has been given a goth makeover.

*The sex is overall above average, the girls seem into it, has a little more intensity than an average lesbian scene, good varied action both with and without toys.

*Easily navigable (the site's small size helps in this regard): Ever present at the top of the page is a link to a behind-the-scenes section with 10 clips, a customer service link, and a link to the network main site. The rest of the members' area is used for the scenes spread across four pages with descriptions and download options for each scene.
Cons: *Apparently doesn't update, if it does it's very irregular.

*Scenes have no date for when they were added, only exception is the "new" update from 5th February 2009.

*No update log or schedule on the site itself. The network main site has a log with the 25 most recent updates, but it's for the whole 40-site-network.

*Only twelve 960×540 pictures per scene, and they look like frame grabs, so this is not for picture lovers.

*As mentioned under pros, while the girls' looks are great, at most two or three are real goths and I'm not even certain about those.
Bottom Line: Goth Rock Girls (GRG)

First of all the rating I've given only takes the GRG site itself into account, I gave the other network sites a quick glance but while there is a lot (the network claims to have almost 3,800 scenes & 500,000+ pictures and that's probably about right) and some of it seems interesting, it's all streaming-only and the pictures, if they aren't flash, can only be downloaded one at a time.

Now back to GRG, the scenes are offered either in parts or as full movie in the following qualities:
"HD" with a 960x540 resolution and 2.500-4,000 kbps; "Standard" with the same resolution but the bit rate is about 1,100 kbps; "Low" with a 640x360 resolution and a 635 kbps; as well as options for iPhone and iPod.
The 23 lesbian scenes includes one foursome and five threesomes, while one of the two solo scenes includes masturbating with a gun made of glass. Total runtime for the 25 scenes amounts to about 7+ hours.
A scene usually has little build-up, it starts with a little chitchat between the girls, but quickly moves on to the kissing and screwing. Generally the scenes are well-shot, lighting is good and an attempt has been made to give the sets a stereotypical goth touch (I.e. black sofas, black bed linen, dark blue curtains, candlelights). Music plays throughout the scenes, but I don't find it too distracting.

As I mentioned above, I'm no expert on goths, but the girls, though not real goths, look great with the striped purple/pink/blue/black stockings, matching armwarmers and hair extensions, piercings, tattoos, etc.
The following models appear on the site: Scarlett Pain, Kissy Kapri, Savannah Stern, Lola Banks, Amber Rayne, Hailey Young, Mya McKay, Kayden Faye, Holly Wellin, Kira Silver, Tricia Oaks, Kelly Skyline, Stephanie Cane, Nikki Rhodes, Alexa Jordan, Vanessa Lynn, Scar13 and Superna.

Of course the big con for GRG is that the site doesn't seem to be updated: The newest update, at the time of this review, is from early February 2009 (was apparently shot as far back as 31st of July 2008 according to the beginning of the clip) and it doesn't seem like an awful lot has happened since the last time I was a member, about seven months ago.

All in all, if you like lesbians and/or the goth look and haven't visited this site before, then I can recommend giving it a visit, but if you have been a member before at some point then I don't think there's enough news here to warrant a revisit.
A real shame really, it would be great to see girls like Regan Reese and Roxy Deville on this site. And I would love to give the site a higher rating, but in its current state I feel that more than 79 (for people who haven't been a member before) and 60 (for people who have been a member before) would be too much.

Feel free to ask if there's anything that's unclear, all comments will be appreciated.
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