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Visit Met Art

51. Met Art (4)

luv lickn clit (19) 12-18-12  01:42am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (24), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Updated: 12-30-12  03:26am  (Update History)
Reason: Added important info about the shortcomings of the search engine
Pros: Met-Art has a huge number of very attractive models (2700+). A new user could easily spend months going through the entire site. They usually have 4 to 6 updates a day. Excellent photography overall. This is primarily a photo site. They have videos, but they are very soft core. It is also primarily a solo girl site--the occasional "lesbian" sets are really just 2 girls posing together. Another thing worth noting (not necessarily a "pro") is that their Met Live Cams is just their name branded version of Streamate. I don't think there is any advantage to accessing it through their website, and I've only seen one Met-Art model there (Malena Morgan). The main attraction here is the huge volume of quality photos of beautiful naked women.
Cons: The videos are way too soft core for my taste. They are really just an extension of the photo sets. There is no masturbation and not enough explicitness in the videos for me. The site seems to have a rule against the models touching themselves, so there is no pussy spreading here. Too many models don't do explicit pussy photos. The 2-girl photo sets are not lesbian photo sets--they are pretend lesbian photo sets. There is rarely any actual kissing, and no pussy play etc. I guess the site has a rule against actual sex. I know thats their niche, but it does get annoying sometimes. Many other sites have shown that it can be done tastefully. Some of the photo sets do suffer from less than top quality lighting (this seems to be an issue with some of the European photogs). A lot of the sets have too many redundant photos--by that I mean photos that are nearly identical. This makes many of the sets unnecessarily large. Some user submitted search tags do not seem to work at all.
Bottom Line: Probably the best soft-core porn site out there, with a huge number of very attractive girls, quality photography, and lots of daily updates.

One month is nowhere near enough time to explore all of the content. In fact, narrowing down the 2700+ models to find the ones you like is the most problematical aspect of Met-Art. Their search engine uses 9 standard tags (e.g. hair color, breast size, etc), and this is useful to a degree. They also have user submitted search tags which potentially could be much more useful. For example, you can search using the term "beach". However, many of the user submitted search tags do not return all sets that have that tag. One example is the term "perfect pussy". Its in the 100 most popular user submitted tags, but when you enter it, only 15 sets are found, all of which have the word "perfect" in the name of the set. It would be very useful if they could get that fixed. Bottom line though, this a must join site, even if you only try it for a month.

Update: I contacted Met-Art support about the user submitted search tags not working. The next day I got an email back from them, stating that they had corrected the problem (I checked, and they did), and as a way of thanking me for alerting them to the problem, they gave me a free two week trial to one of their other sites! Sweet!
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Visit Team Skeet

52. Team Skeet (3)

rearadmiral (306) 12-13-12  04:08am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (69), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - An excellent network of teen-oriented sites
- 14 sites available
- Network continues to grow (new sites added recently)
- Updates regularly
- Many incredibly beautiful young (18+) models, many early in their careers
- TBP / PU Discount
- No download limit
- Permits download managers
- Streaming available
- Photos available
- Bills through Epoch
Cons: - Download speeds are a bit less than I get at competitor sites
- The search function has less function in the memberís section than on the preview pages
- Iíd prefer more anal scenes
Bottom Line: I have to admit to being a bit surprised that this network hasnít been reviewed more often here. Iím guessing that part of this is just due to the wide variety of interests within the PU community such that a great teen-themed site goes without the attention it might get if everyone shared my (limited) interests.

The network is a collection of 14 sites and each of them is either specifically teen-oriented (18+, of course) or has a non-teen-specific theme but still uses the freshest faces available. Of all the sites, only one, Her Freshman Year, doesnít appear to be updating. This isnít a deal-breaker though since it is a relatively generic theme that is easily satisfied with several of the other sites on the network. If there is one usual theme not represented by a site it would be anal sex. The whole network only has 32 anal scenes out of the 1000+ available. If it wasnít for the exceptional teens I might just take this as a personal insult.

The network also includes a massage-themed site called Rub-a-Teen. This site has stirred up a bit of controversy around here because it is a clone of the Tricky Masseur site at Teen Mega World. The site sticks out for two reasons Ė it appears to be the only non-exclusive site on the network (I might be wrong on that though) and it is the only site that has non-U.S., non-English speaking models Ė apart from the Latina site. I donít hold it against the network that they bought a whole site, but Iíd have preferred to join this network to get it rather than Teen Mega World. And honestly, Iíll bet that if the guys behind this network made their own massage stuff it would be top quality.

When I last joined this network about 18 months ago I found it to have great porn but the technical bits were a bit dated. There were limited choices for file formats and their definition of HD was a bit loose. The good news is that this is no longer the case: in October 2011 the network rolled out mp4 as their standard format and all new scenes are available in three resolutions, including 720p and 1080p. One WMV file is still available as is a file size for mobile users. I downloaded the 720p and those come in at 1280x720 at a 2400kb/s bitrate and 30fps. They look great on a monitor and I suspect theyíll look fine on a TV when I get around to trying that.

Each of the scenes is available in a variety of ways (in segments, full scene, etc.) so most users will find what theyíre looking for. I may not understand why the network has so many options, but I appreciate that they do and I think this shows their positive attitude to members.

Photos are also available Ė as singles and zips Ė and as stand-alone and screencaps. I wouldnít call this a photo site but for those who like photos you can get a fix too.

Other positives are that the site bills through Epoch, allows download managers with no obvious timeouts, and doesnít impose any download limit.

There are some negatives, but I donít want to over-emphasize these as they really are minor in light of the overall quality of the network. The most serious of these negatives is the search function. Full disclosure here Ė I might be dead wrong on this, but I searched and tried for an hour and couldnít find a solution. Hereís the weird issue with the search function: each scene has a series of tags. The tags can be used to sort the scenes. ButÖ when youíre on the preview page the sort function works to narrow your choices, which is, I assume, what it is intended to do. You want ďblonde,Ē ďfootjobĒ and glasses? On the preview page youíll be left with the precise scenes that have those three elements. When youíre in the memberís section though, the tags just pile on each other. Select ďblondeĒ and you get any scene with that. Add ďfootjobĒ and you get all the footjob scenes on the network rather than just the footjob scenes with blondes, which means you get a lot of stuff you donít want. I looked long and hard and canít find a way to make the tag filter work when in the member section. If Iím wrong, please say so in a comment.

Other minor negatives are that the download speeds are a bit slower than Iím used to. Not enough to really complain, but noticeable mostly because the site is so well done that this minor issue sticks out.

This is neither a negative or a positive, it just is, but given the newness of some of the models theyíre only doing solo stuff at this point. This is a bit disappointing but if thatís the choice of the models then I canít criticize the network for that. Iím just stating this as a fact.

This is a great network that continues to add sites and scenes. One scene is added per day, spread over the 13 updating sites. I think this is a great network even at full price, but at the TBP discount it is a must-have for anyone who likes teen-themed, high quality porn. Not only do I recommend it, Iíll definitely be back again and again.
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Visit Innocent High

53. Innocent High (1)

rearadmiral (306) 12-10-12  04:10am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (69), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of a large teen-themed network
- Close to 350 videos now uploaded
- Updates regularly but not on any obvious schedule
- Site now offers HD in mp4 format
- Bills through Epoch
- Supports download managers
- Many new models just starting out in the adult business
Cons: - Slower download speeds than with similar networks
- The same male talent appears too often
- Not much anal
Bottom Line: Iím a huge fan of teen-themed sites with the young models (18-20ish) playing schoolgirls. I suspect that this is a common fetish for a lot of men. While this is a niche that is served fairly well, Iíd never say no to a well-done site, and this is a pretty decent site.

This is the second time Iíve been a member here and was enticed to join when the network (Team Skeet) offered a special discount on top of the discount they already offer us. I liked the site the first time I was a member there and theyíve made some improvements that made it worth a revisit.

As I noted last time, the theme is schoolgirls and the setting is almost always a classroom. This obviously limits the kinds of scene setups that are available which can make the scenes a bit repetitive. There are only so many scenarios that can be done within these limits and theyíve done them all frequently. The good news, however, is that even though the scene set-ups can be repetitive the modelís appearance and Ďskillsí keep the scenes interesting. The site books some of the freshest new faces in porn so it is worth a membership just to see the latest crop of models.

The site is quite large offering just shy of 350 scenes. It continues to update but the update schedule is fairly irregular. There is at least one update per month though there are many months with three or four updates. Keep in mind that this site is part of a network so the other sites are updating too.

The biggest change that happened since I was last a member here 18 months ago is a significant improvement in video quality. When I was last a member here the only file format was WMV and while they advertised the scenes as being available in HD their definition of HD was pretty loose. Starting in October 2011 the site made a big move forward by offering true HD in mp4 format. A decent resolution WMV is still available but the scenes are now also offered in mp4 SD, 720p HD and 1080p HD. In the interests of balancing video quality with hard drive space I opted for the 720p. Those come in at 1280x720 at a 2400kb/s bitrate and 30fps. Subjectively they look great and I can safely assume that the 1080p would look even better.

The negatives to this site are pretty minor, and some of them are also admittedly subjective. The one objective problem is that download speeds still tend to be lower than I expect at a quality site like this. Iím used to seeing near 7MB/s with Internet Download Manager and most of the time here I was getting no more than 4MB/s. (As an aside, TBPís review notes that there may be a download limit and that there may be issues with download managers. I had no problems. The siteís TOS does say that they Ďmayí impose a limit but I purposely went looking to see if Iíd get shut out and I called it quits at 30+GB in one day and had no limit imposed. Also, I had no issues using a download manager and the links didnít time out.)

The other negatives are, admittedly, subjective. The site uses the same male talent in a lot of their scenes and I find that makes the scenes even more repetitive. I think of the male talent in a straight porn scene as furniture, but I do wish these guys would change the furniture more frequently. The last (subjective) negative is that on a site with almost 350 scenes there are only three anal scenes. I realize that this is likely a reflection of the newness of many of the models, but guys, give the members some variety!

The last time I reviewed this site I found it to be a great value because of the combination of some great teen-themed porn and a TBP discount. With more scenes available and being added regularly this site continues to be a great value and if this is your kind of porn then Iíd highly recommend joining. (And if you act soon the extra discount may still be available.)
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Visit Teen Mega World

54. Teen Mega World (3)

rearadmiral (306) 12-09-12  08:57am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (69), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large network (nearly 3000 scenes)
- Network updates daily with one scene per day for the network
- Great teen-themed network
- Beautiful Russian and Eastern European models
- Decent proportion of anal scenes (though this is definitely NOT an anal-themed network
- Supports download managers
- No obvious time-outs for downloads
- No download limits
- Several under-served niches are here
- TBP / PU discount ($20 instead of $30)
Cons: - Non-English-speaking models can cause the heat to be turned down a bit
- Several sites not updating
- Download speeds can vary and are generally lower than average
Bottom Line: I know this network has some detractors here but Iím definitely not one of them. This network wasnít even on my list of Ďmust havesí but I joined it to get access to sites that feature under-served niches like young women (18-20) with older men, for example, and Iím glad that I joined. One advantage I have is that while many members here state that the site has lost its edge I have nothing to compare that to so the site still looks great to me. If you join now you likely wonít be disappointed.

The entire network has a theme of promoting young (18-20) Eastern European and Russian models. There are 36 listed sites (but two of them are network duplicates) that offer these models in a variety of niches. The most common niches are here, which is good, but the better news is that several under-served niches are here too. For example, there is a massage site, a nylons site, a voyeur site and an old-and-young site. The network is large, offering just shy of 3000 scenes now.

The network is still active with one new scene being added per day. Thatís one scene per day for the network, not for each site. Several of the sites havenít updated in a while so they may no be updating at all now.

Each site opens into its own page where you see 10 scenes per page. Clicking on a scene you want to see opens it in a new page where you can either stream or download the video. I donít use streaming so I canít really pronounce on it, but the streams arenít offered in different resolutions. The good news is that unlike many other sites the stream doesnít start automatically. The site layout is simple, effective and easy to use.

The downloads are a bit odd in that while there are options those options are limited. Unlike other similar networks where you can choose any number of resolutions in your preferred format this network doesnít offer that. For each scene there are usually options, but each resolution is offered in a different format. So if you want a particular resolution (and file size) you canít choose the format: youíre stuck with the encoding that the network chose.

If photos are available, theyíre well hidden because I didnít see them. I donít normally download photos either so I have to admit that I didnít look that hard.

The biggest advantage for the network is the look of the models. I donít normally take memberships to sites with Russian and Eastern European models but there is no good reason for this, especially since it seems that so many of the newest and most beautiful models are now coming out of Russia and Eastern Europe. This network is no exception: many of the models are new to me and many of them are incredibly beautiful.

This may be a pro or a con depending on your view, but while the network isnít anally-themed (though there is one anal site Ė Anal Angels) there is a decent amount of anal sex here. Iíd prefer more, so that should be an indication for non-anal-fans that the site isnít overwhelmed by anal scenes. Iíd say the proportion is about right.

Some minor positives are that the network offers a TBP/PU discount and it bills through Epoch. They also allow download managers and there are no obvious timeouts on the links. There are also no download limits.

The site does have some negatives. Objectively, the limited download options is a problem (see above). Also, the download speeds can vary quite a bit. Iím used to seeing speeds approaching 7MB/s and I admit that this occurred here, but it was more common to see speeds about half that rate. The lowest speeds I saw were down around 1MB/s but those only occurred at what I assume were peak download times in Europe.

This is a purely subjective negative, but I find that when the models donít speak English that takes some of the heat away from the scene. Iím a big fan of the scene set up and when you canít understand what the models are saying it seems to turn the heat down a bit. This reason alone isnít a deal-breaker because so many of the models are stunningly beautiful, but if you plan to join you should be aware of this.

The bottom line is that the positives far outweigh the minor negatives to make this network a good value. Yes, they could offer more download options and the download speeds could be more consistent, but the large network size, the access to under-served niches and especially the stunning models make this a worthwhile membership.
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Visit FTV Girls

55. FTV Girls (4)

exotics4me (463) 12-03-12  01:00pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (87), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A long-running site that is a good place to start as a porn collector.
- 1920x1080 on the videos over the last 3 years
- Pictures come zipped
- Weekly update could be considered a con
- They do continuously get amateur models in their first or at least close to their first shoots
- Good download speeds, around 90% of my max download speed.
Cons: - My biggest gripe is with the pictures. I never understood the purpose of having a "superpic" section where the webmaster decides to put 3000 high end and 4000 high end zips for his favorite sets. These are not that often and the vast majority of sets are only 1600 high end.
- Has been in a slow decline, could be because I've joined it once or twice a year, will further in BL.
- That one weekly update just isn't enough and will further this as well.
- No real reason to complain about it since they do separate the videos into parts based on the action, but it's becoming a con to me not to be able to download full scenes.
Bottom Line: FTV has had its really strong years. If you've never joined the site would score higher than I'm scoring it, but I just can't give it a higher score based on my most recent join.

I'll start by saying I had everything I wanted from the site up until March 2011's updates. I have always liked their style of photography and most of the videos as well and have kept those on an external. I probably wouldn't have rejoined if not for a promo that dropped the price nearly in half. Even then, as a returning member, I'm not for sure I feel like I got my money's worth. For this whole membership, I downloaded and will keep:
14 models, videos and pictures.
I'm sure the everyone has different tastes rule applies here, but only 14 models appealing to me out of 70-75 since my last membership just isn't good, at least not for me. In comparison, I have over 200 FTV models, so you can see how it has declined for me. I would normally find 30-40 per year I liked, this time it was 14 in 20 months.

It's possible it could be more than just the model's not appealing to me. The scenes, similar to how they have always been, have several videos for each model being more playful and acting silly than being nude. Maybe I'm just getting older and find those more irritating than cute? So you can decide on that one. If you like that style of porn you can disregard my negativity towards it.

The picture size is a no longer an excuse situation. Saying we're going to post 3000 or 4000 high end resolution photos on our (FTV) favorite sets and make the other 90% or higher only 1600 high end is unacceptable to me. You're catering to members not your own taste or maybe I'm wrong on that.

What this equals for me is a site that isn't appealing to me with as many models. Then you just get one update per week with a 1/5 chance I'm going to even like that model, only 4 updates per month, so my 1/5 chance isn't looking so good. A premium price if you join it without a promo, only to find out you only get the highest resolution photos for the sets they pick to do those high resolution ones on. Videos broken up into parts and the scroll like mad navigation, all of which are minor problems by themselves, but when added together make for a big problem. Something has to give. Either the price goes down or more updates or added or you give full scene downloads or you give 3000x4000 resolution pictures on all sets. Or be daring, give them all for the premium price and I won't bitch about the price.

Having said all this, I won't throw FTV completely under the bus, so to speak. They have their strengths. You will see pornstars you know of, but most of their sets were shot early in the model's career. You do get to see a different side of the models than on nearly all other sites. And when they do it, you get some of the best exhibitionism content available. If you've never joined it, I would give it one of my highest recommendations for a first time membership. You also will see some models you've never seen before and probably won't see them ever again. The video quality is as crystal clear in 1920x1080 as any 1080p porn videos I've seen. I think that just hurts the lower resolution photos since it's obvious they have the ability to shoot extremely high quality video. And the superpics section ends up becoming more of a poke from them to say, "we could be giving you these resolution photos on every set". May not be their intentions, but it sure seems that way.

I also don't care for the girl/girl content which has become more common. This just goes into a whole feeling of, there are lesbian sex sites out there that do it better. I didn't list this in cons though since it's no worse than having a pretty girl do cartwheels for 5 minutes. I do get the feeling and have had the feeling before that as a member, you're going to get content based on what the webmaster likes or has fetishes for and still feel that way. I would like to see more variation in the models too. There has never been a maximum age limit on the models and they used to shoot more mid to late 20s models. It now seems like a purely teen site in the newer updates.

As I'm leading to recommending it, there has to be some stipulations added here. If you've never been a member or have only been a member once or twice, it's still a definite join and recommendation. If you're like me and have the majority of the archive and are only missing the last year or so, look at the previews and decide if enough of the models would appeal to you. I should have, but I was shocked to find a promo through, I think Twistys, that I just jumped on the deal before checking out the newer updates. I'm running out of room, but will add a comment about what seems to be a slightly different version of their site, not for sure if it's a mobile version or if it's a new format since the promo I used sent me to it instead of the regular site.
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Visit Tricky Masseur

56. Tricky Masseur (2)

rearadmiral (306) 12-03-12  03:59am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (69), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of the large Teen Mega World network
- 93 scenes available
- Beautiful Russian and Eastern European models
- Allows download managers
- Bills through Epoch
- TBP / PU discount
Cons: - Updates infrequently
- Language reduces heat
- Slower than average download speeds
- Limited options for video download
Bottom Line: Iím a big fan of the massage niche and will usually try a site at least once to get access to new material, as I did here. One advantage with this site is that is that it gives you access to the entire Teen Mega World network. The name of the network should be an indication that the network and the sites within it arenít for everyone: the site owners take the teen theme seriously so the only models here are beautiful young (18-20) Russian and Eastern European models. If your tastes are for older women, you probably wonít like this site or the network. (But for those of us who do prefer younger and more petite models, this site and the network are great.)

The site currently has 93 scenes available. The scenes follow the usual setup used in the massage niche: model walks in to get a massage from a male masseur, she undresses and gets on the table under a sheet or towel, the massage begins with the masseur slowly exposing more of the model as he massages her, eventually sheís naked and the fun begins. While this can be repetitive it can also increase the heat of the scene if it is done right. The right chemistry between the models and the right amount of tease can make for a great scene.

ButÖ hereís where TM has a bit of a problem. I realize that this is very subjective and is beyond the control of the site so I wonít say this is a negative and I didnít consider it when assessing a score. The problem is that in most massage scenes a lot of the heat is built by the interaction between the male and female models. But since this site uses Russian and Eastern European models they donít speak English so the viewer loses a key element of that interaction. The site does use subtitles which certainly helps, but it doesnít generate the tease and heat of a site that uses English-speaking models. The language issue is partly offset by the female models though, as most of them are incredibly beautiful.

The site layout is simple and easy to use. Each page has ten scenes listed with basic information about that scene. Clicking on a scene opens a new page where you can stream or download the scene. I didnít try the streaming so I canít comment on that. The scenes are available as one complete file or in parts. I only downloaded the complete scene so I canít comment on the scene in parts either.

When it comes to downloading the scenes the site has made a choice that seems a bit odd. I donít know enough technical stuff to understand why theyíd do it this way, but Iím assuming that there is a reason. On most sites there are multiple file formats and sizes available. So, for example, you might prefer WMV files and those are available in two or three resolutions. If you prefer mp4 files, those are available too and in multiple resolutions. Here the choices are a bit different: there are multiple file sizes available but each one uses a different format: the high resolution is a WMV, there is a medium resolution in either MKV or FLV format and a resolution for mobile devices that comes as an mp4. So if you prefer WMV format but donít want a 1GB file youíre out of luck.

Iím fine with WMV so I downloaded the highest resolution available which is in that format. Even the oldest scenes on the site (which arenít that old Ė the first scene was uploaded on November 28, 2010) come in at 1280x720 at 4800+kb/s and 25fps. They use WMV Codec 9. Subjectively they look great. I canít speak for the lower resolution files as I didnít download them.

The site permits download managers (I use IDM) and I had no issue with links timing out. One issue that I did experience is that the download speeds could fluctuate. With IDM Iím used to seeing downloads near 7MB/s on most sites. With this site there were times when I could see those speeds but those times werenít frequent or sustained. I could regularly see speeds well below 2MB/s. On average, Iíd say that I got 4 to 4.5MB/s. Still not bad, but less than I normally get. The slower speeds also seemed to correspond with peak download times in Eastern Europe so I could often improve my downloads by waiting until those members were less likely to be downloading porn.

The site appears to be still active though updates are now infrequent. There was an update on November 24, 2012 but the next most recent was in April. As recently as March 2012 they were adding four or five scenes per month.

One factor that some potential members may be interested to know (and it could be a pro or a con depending on your preferences) is that while there are a good proportion of anal scenes on the other sites in the network, Tricky Masseur has no anal scenes.

The bottom line is that this is a pretty good massage site. The models are incredibly beautiful, young and petite and make for some great porn. If you like massage porn Iíd recommend giving the site a try and as an added bonus you get access to a huge network and you get a TBP / PU discount too.
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Visit Rub A Teen

57. Rub A Teen (1)

lk2fireone (194) 12-02-12  10:45pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (74), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Easy login. Username and password. No captcha.
-Epoch is the billing company.
-You get a confirming email on signup. Which is starting to get rare, for some reason. At least some of the sites I've joined in the last year, I've gotten no confirming email. How much does it cost to send an email? But why bother, since if the customer forgets his username or password, or has some problem about cancelling his membership, that's his problem, and in the meantime, the site can continue charging him for his membership.
-I'm seeing so many lovely young models at many different networks/sites. And this network has some truly gorgeous young models.
-Default viewing option. Select your favorite viewing option on how to view a scene, and the site will remember it. Not sure how useful this is, seems more like a gimmick than anything useful.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Download manager works. I use DownThemAll.
-Good download speeds. I regularly get 1.3MB/sec, which is my max download speed.
Cons: PROS (continued):
-Membership price recently reduced to $17.87/month. I'm not sure how long that price reduction will last.
-Videos have the date they were posted to the site.


-Pre-checked offer at signup has to be unchecked, or you will have a $1.00 1-day trial membership to some site, that automatically renews at $38.57/month. So if you miss the pre-checked offer, you will be paying $38.57/month until you figure out what's happening.
-Get thumbnails advertising other sites on the member's pages. If you paid to get inside, do you need this advertising thrown at you? But many sites are doing it.
-Large watermark bottom right side of videos.
-Small site. Only has 20 videos so far.
-19 of the 20 videos were previously posted at Tricky Masseur (part of the Teen Mega World network). There was one video at Rub A Teen that I did not match up. But that's probably because I didn't want to spend the time going through each video at Tricky Masseur.
Bottom Line: If you've been a member of Teen Mega World in the last 6 months, and you examined the Tricky Masseur site of that network, then you've probably seen all or almost all of the videos that are at Rub A Teen.
The Rub A Teen site offers more choices in the video definition than the Tricky Masseur site. For the videos that are at both sites, Tricky Masseur offers a low, medium and high definiton download. Rub A Teen goes one better: a low, medium and high definition, and a higher definition. (The high definition is 720p, the higher definition is 1080p.)
The Tricky Masseur site often has subtitles to go with the foreign language the actors/models speak. The Rub A Teen site videos do not have the subtitles. But once you have read the subtitles, you realize the words have little meaning, so the absence of subtitles is not a problem, because what the actors/models are saying is basically just noise.
Teen Mega World is a huge network, with a lot of great-looking models, and a lot of hot hardcore videos. It's certainly worth joining the network at least once, to look through their tremendous archive of hardcore videos.
Tricky Masseur has 93 videos. It's basically an archive site, having added only 1 new video in the last 7 months.
The Rub A Teen site has 20 videos total. 19 of the videos were already posted at Tricky Masseur (part of the Teen Mega World network).

The difference in file size between the 1080p version and the 720p version is huge:
For example, for a video with a runtime of 29 minutes 30 seconds (the Laura video):

Rub A Teen Laura video:
The 1080p MP4 file size is 2.08 GB.
The 720p MP4 file size is 1.05 GB.

Tricky Masseur Laura video:
No 1080p version is offered.
The 720p file size is 999 MB.

How many people are going to spend 2 GB per video of hard drive space?
Most of the videos are between 25 to 30 minutes in runtime.
So if you are going to keep the 1080p version on your hard drive, you are allocating around 2 GB per video. And if you are a collector of videos, you will be buying lots of hard drive capacity to store these huge video files.

Actually, I don't know why the file sizes at Rub A Teen are so large.
At Diesel network, for instance, they give you 1080p video for a 30 minute runtime, and the file size is 686 MB. That compares to 2.08 GB at Rub A Teen.

Comparing the bit rate of the 720p files (of the same video):
Rub A Teen Total bitrate = 5134 kbps Frame rate = 29 frames/second
Tricky Masseur Total bitrate = 4736 kbps Frame rate = 25 frames/second

Comparing the bit rate of a 1080p video, with a completely different 1080p video:
Rub A Teen Total bitrate = 10136 kbps Frame rate = 29 frames/second
Diesel site Total bitrate = 3199 kbps Frame rate = 29 frames/second

To increase the bit rate by a factor of 3.2, you are increasing the file size from 686 MB to 2.08 GB.

I don't know how these technical details play out. But as far as I can tell, you can't really tell the difference on a computer monitor that is 20+ inches in size between the 3199 kbps and 10136 kbps files.

Maybe on a large-screen TV monitor, you can tell the difference. But you are going to be spending hundreds of dollars on hard drives, as cheap as they are today, if you are going to collect videos that are 2GB in size.

If you enjoy the erotic massage niche, then I suggest signing up with the Teen Mega World network, where you get one site (Tricky Masseur) that focuses on that area, with 93 videos. Plus you get over 20 other hardcore sites that are mainly boy-girl sex, some solo vids, some lesbian vids.

All the Rub A Teen videos (except possibly 1 video) are at Tricky Masseur. And Tricky Masseur has over 4 times the videos that Rub A Teen does.

Basically, I think it makes little commercial sense to build a site that is a clone of a competitor's site. But I guess that the owners of Rub A Teen decided that the erotic massage niche was popular, and this is what they came up with as an inexpensive way to do it, because they are just buying/leasing some of the same videos that Tricky Masseur bought/leased.

For people who don't know about Tricky Masseur, then the Rub A Teen site can be a nice introduction to the erotic massage niche.

Rub A Teen is part of the Team Skeet network. Joining any one of their sites gives
access to 11 sites in that network, which currently consists of: Exxxtra Small-Her Freshman Year-Innocent High-Oye Loca-POV Life-Self Desire-She's New-Solo Interviews-The Real Workout-This Girl Sucks-Titty Attack.

I'm giving the Rub A Teen site a score of 73. If the Tricky Masseur site didn't exist, the Rub A Teen site score would be much higher.
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Visit Teenie Cheerleaders

58. Teenie Cheerleaders (0)

JoePrivate (1) 11-30-12  10:03pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -High Quality Pictures
-Pictures Sets Contained in Downloadable in Zip Files
-Fair Amount of Bonus Material from Other Sites
Cons: -Low Quality Videos
-Very Few Pictures Available
-Very Few Videos Available
-Badly Organized Website
-Unsavory/Deceptive Business Practices
Bottom Line: Don't be fooled by the initial splash screen!! You will scroll down to see a bunch of girls, mainly high school cheerleaders named "Candice," "Allison," "Emily", etc, which appear to link to content on this site which you can access only if you are a member.

However, these particular girls are not anywhere to be found on this site... What's on the site are a grand total of 784 pics (as of 11/30/12), all pics are actually of college cheerleaders, and all of these pics appear to be lifted straight out of the public domain (Internet scouring/newsgroups).

784 may sound like a lot, but this site has been running for years, and I know there are cheerleader newsgroups which post 60-100 pics per post, per day. And this site says that it is "the largest collection of teen cheerleaders on the net." You have got to be joking.

Also, there are a grand total of 24 cheerleader videos for download, the majority of them are grainy/blurry (even in the best formats), jittery camera, and a fair number of these are videos of asian/thai/japanese cheerleaders.

As for their business practices--BAD. When you first sign up, they automatically check certain checkboxes for you, essentially stating you want to sign up extra features where you will be billed in a recurring fashion. It's off to the right in small letters, if you aren't paying attention you will find that you accidentally signed up and will be hit with "surprise" charges.

After that, they try the same trick again to get you to agree to a free four day pass, (and in a small asterisk to the side--after which you will be billed $39.95 recurring). Brazenly, the website even states this is "for your convenience." If you unwittingly agree you will get hit with more recurring charges.

Also, the datestamp of the updates appears to be algorithmically generated (i.e., it is a "lie" to make you think they are still updating this website). I saw one set of pics that actually stated it was posted 12-01-12. Problem: That's actually tomorrow. And it was too early west-coast time to be explained by time zone differences.

The organization of the website is also pretty bad. Nobody tells you pictures appear after the vids in the result set. And rather than the content being tailored just for Teenie Cheerleader, which is what you paid for, the home page is more like a portal to all the other websites you didn't really sign up for, but came with your membership. A minor consolation is the drop down filter at the upper right.

At the end of the day, you're frustrated that they tried to swindle you out of money right out of the starting gate, the content that appeared on the splashscreen wasn't actually there after you signed up, the content that was there (pictures)...even though it was high quality, it really wasn't much in the way of quantity and you could probably get the same content for free on Internet newsgroups. And the video quality was so bad, the 24 vids aren't even worth downloading.

So what do you think? Ready to sign up for it now?
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Visit Fast Times at NAU

59. Fast Times at NAU (1)

marcdc1 (163) 11-20-12  02:00pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (40), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of the Naughty America Network which includes over 25 sites
- About 150 shoots in this site, more than 5,050 across the network.
- Aggressive update schedule. This site updates 2-3 times a month, and within the network there's usually 2-3 updates EVERYDAY.
- Navigation is awesome. It's easy to find what you're looking for or case a wide net for a serendipitous adventure.
- The preview section is generous enough to let you know what you'll get as a member without giving away the farm
- 1080p available. Anything from post mid-2007 is in "DVD Quality". And anything older than that is decent 480 2k quality (good for the time it was shot)
- pix are available in zip format - over 150 pix per shoot.
- .wmv and .mp4 formats available.
- 5 minute preview available to let you know if the whole scene is worth it for you or not. It's nice as a highlight roll
Cons: - My biggest complaint is they discontinued the live shows that they did a few years ago. There now available as achieves, but it's not the same
- With each log in you have to go past annoying full screen ads.
- de-select sign up cross sales :(
- most girls have implants (no problem for me but I know some object).
- Almost ever shoot ends in a facial. Nice to see more variety instead.
Bottom Line: This site has a fun premise and enough lee-way to mix up the scenes. The talent is top totch and the directors have been better in the more recent shoots (within the last 10 months or so)

They routinely offer discounts and there's so much here you really can't go wrong. If you've never been a member you should check them out. If you have been a member, not much has changed, maybe look to see if some of you favorites have done shoots. It may be with a discount membership to pick up some of the girls you really like.
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Visit ALS Scan

60. ALS Scan (2)

etomi (1) 11-18-12  03:16pm
Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (7), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: 1-Great quality content and download options.

2-Huge selection of models.

3-Girl/Girl pairings that I watched seemed very authentic and unforced.

4-Great attitude from models in all the scenes I watches. They all seemed to really enjoy themselves and showing off for us.

5-Lots of good toy play.

6-Fast DL speeds.
Cons: 1-Navigation could be improved a bit.

2-Some scene types got a bit repetitive or had a lot of posing instructions from camera operators.

3-Nothing major here, almost feel like the points above are nitpicking.
Bottom Line: Great quality site with lots of attractive ladies. If you want hardcore action go elsewhere, but if beautiful shaved young women sharing the enjoyment of their bodies is your thing, check this site out. I thought it was well worth joining and definitely earned its reputation as one of the best.
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Visit Debbie Teen

61. Debbie Teen (1)

tangub (151) 11-13-12  11:52am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (55), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of a network of 13 solo model sites that includes Mollyís Bedroom, Lanaís Fantasies, Busty Alli plus more.
Decent sized solo site with 183 photo sets (20,000+ images) and 71 videos.
Most photo sets sized at around 1033x1550px
Zip downloads for photos
Good mix of indoor and outdoor shoot locations
Videos can be downloaded or streamed online.
Bonus sites accessible from single network page with no further login required.
Cons: Video quality is mediocre
Mostly softcore solo nude posing which may be a con for some
Content can become a bit repetitive.
She fakes masturbation
Site not updating
Only 1 site in the network is updating with actual new content
Most of the content is probably 5-7 years old despite the site showing posting dates as between 2009-2012
No model info or bio.
No model interaction
Bottom Line: This is the solo site of Debbie Teen a cute blonde with a fit, tanned body and quite distinctive tan lines around her boobs and ass. The site gives you very little info about who she is other than a brief introduction in the tour which says she is 18, was born in Texas and is studying English Literature at college. After doing a little digging around I discovered sheís actually Ukrainian and has appeared at a few other sites looking totally different with black hair under the aliases of Venus A at Met-Art, Venus at Nubiles and Kerri at Femjoy.

The content here is mostly solo with some explicit nude posing and some implied masturbation. There are also a handful of two girl sets where she poses with her friend Lizzie who is a rather cute small breasted blonde but they never really get up to anything other than playing around and posing together. Considering the age of the content the photos looked surprisingly good and for the most part are fairly well shot. Given the large number of photo sets I did feel however that the set ups and outfits did become a little repetitive. In so many shoots she starts out wearing cotton panties, a thong or shorts with a cotton sleeveless top or t shirt. Sometimes you see several shoots in the same location and the only difference between one shoot and the next is the panties or top are a different colour.

The downloadable videos are 640x480 mp4s with a bit rate of around 1900kbps. They are mostly quite short at between 2 to 4 minutes and usually consist of a strip and posing naked. Sometimes she pretends to masturbate putting her hand down to her pussy but in reality she is barely touching herself but gives off a few fake moans. In a few other videos she gets out a vibrator and makes out as if she is masturbating with it. She just holds the vibrator down close to her pussy and moves it around a bit without actually inserting it while letting off some more fake moans. Quite honestly Iíve not seen anything as unconvincing and fake as this before so thankfully being a picture lover I donít get too concerned about a modelís lack of acting ability as long as she looks pretty in a photo.

Thereís none of the extras you might look for in a solo site such as a diary, blog, cam shows or even a basic ďabout meĒ section so you can get to know the model; itís basically just an archived collection of pictures and videos. The network overall provides nearly 1300 photo sets and 560 videos which if youíve not been here before should be more than enough to make a monthís subscription worthwhile but if youíve been here within the last few years you would probably find little actual new content.
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Visit Exploited College Girls

62. Exploited College Girls (2)

bestimmt (2) 11-10-12  02:00pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - New, fresh, beautiful women.

- High quality video.

- Long videos with LOTS of sex.

- Videos contain a large degree of variety - different sex acts (blowjobs, vaginal, anal) and lots of different angles.
Cons: - Most videos force these poor women to lick - for a long time - this disgusting guy's disgusting butt-hole. I don't know who finds that sexy, but I think it is absolutely disgusting. Gross.

- The male "talent," (i.e. prop) who is also the camera guy, talk throughout the entire video. And not what you'd expect like asking the girl to talk about herself, etc. They ask stupid questions like "does that feel good?", "am I better than your boyfriend?" and "have you ever had one that big before?" It is constant and is a complete distraction and turn-off. Its gotten to the point where I have to completely mute the videos to watch them or I can't stomach it. Recently, they started using a new prop, whose voice is not quite so whiny, nasal and annoying as the guy who used to do this before, but the new prop still won't shut up and its a big problem.

- Site navigation is very difficult. 5 or so videos per page, in date order, that's it.
Bottom Line: This site's (lone) redeeming quality is, without a doubt, the girls. They are new, they are young, and they are beautiful. Usually I have never seen them before, or this is the first time I've seen them and I see them again later on. They do a lot of different sex acts (more on this later), sometimes do anal, etc. (The people who complain that the anal is not sexy because the girl is in obvious pain are absolutely correct. I like anal but I completely avoid it on this site).

There are two major problems with this site that make it not worth the $35 to join - first, the constant inane talking out of the male prop. As I mentioned before, its comments like "is that a big dick?" and "tell me you're my little whore". The talking is constant and appears designed to stroke the performers' fragile egos rather than designed to contribute to the video. Originally, they had a guy doing all the videos who not only talked CONSTANTLY, but had the single most annoying voice on the planet. Thankfully, they seem to have replaced him (no doubt after constant complaints from members), but the new guy, while he does not have as annoying of a voice, is no better in the constant blathering department.

But the one thing that drives me absolutely nuts about the videos is these guys' obsession with their own ass holes. I am convinced they are actually homosexuals (not that there's anything wrong with that). The video will be going along nicely, and then all of a sudden, out of the middle of nowhere, its "lick my ass hole baby." Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Not to mention degrading to these women. And it lasts a LONG time too - its not just one lick and they're done - no - "more," "stick your tongue in there, baby." How these beautiful models can allow themselves to be subjected to sticking their tongues inside the butt hole of a disgusting guy is beyond me. I hope they're getting paid piles and piles of money for this. This absolutely ruins their videos for me. I mean, if it were in one predictable place, you could at least know to fast forward through it - not that that would redeem the fact that they do it. But it appears at random and there is no way to predict when you're going to get a long, detailed close up of man anus and scrotum. Without this act in their videos, I give the web site a 75. This just ruins it for me - there are no redeeming qualities to this despicable act. I feel so sorry for the models who are subjected to these animals.

Lastly, as others have pointed out but it merits repeating, these guys are chicken to have their faces shown on camera (of course, no problem putting the women on camera, but you get their faces in the shot and they run screaming like little girls). This severely limits the angles (its pov/mounted camera shot, so the angles are already severely limited). While I think they do an ok job editing the videos together, it is still a problem.

All in all, the videos are long, lots of sex, and the quality is decent. But, the incessant talking and the lengthy close ups of disgusting hairy man anus ruin it completely. Not worth the money and I would not recommend spending your hard-earned money on a membership to this train wreck of a web site.
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Visit In Focus Girls

63. In Focus Girls (2)

Cybertoad (100) 11-05-12  01:21pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (56), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Nice new clean look.
MP4 HDV UP To - 1280 x 720 @ 4Mbit (MP4)
Unique Material to this site.
Streaming Material is fast smooth
Many Vids have matching Photosets.
Navigation is good.
Very professional looking site.
Cons: Older Movies SDV - 640 x 480 @ 964Kbit (MP4)
Photos not accessed on video page.
Search engine did not accurately search.
Downloads on my 50MB connection was average not impressed.
Sameness in shoots.
Bottom Line: Toads over view:

The site has improved greatly since my last review in 2008. I did notice PU icon is not accurate to the new site format makes one think the site has not updated the look.
I found joining was easy and accessed with no problem. Girls are stunning and very nice bodies.
I was disappointed that most all the girls appeared under 24 and looked award when dressed in clothes for a person in their 30's. But were good non-the less.

Conerns I had:
I disliked the older material, some as old as 2005 and did not look or feel fresh. The newer
material was great and very high quality.
I was troubled by the poor results from a well designed search engine. The look of the search engine looked intuitive and clean but gave bad results. A search for blonds would bring up black hair and blond. Other niches did the same.
I ran a check on my PC and connection several times and took longer per movie then it should on this site.

Toads take:
This is one of the best overall sites out there, the search engine and old material are bothersome but the site over all is clean fresh and feel right. Those issues are the only reasons that kept me in the mid 90's score wise. If the search worked well I would have bumped my score up to 96.
The girls are amazing with many niches this is a girl only site there is some hardcore solo activity and some Lesbian shoots by over all is mostly solo. Allot more outside shoots then I would like, and would not make not of it but the search engine did not omit these well and added to the confusing finding the idea user material.
If you join any solo site make sure you do not miss this one. The unique material alone makes this a high mark site and quality is great except on older material which in my opinion should be archived and not included as total videos the site offers. I was also impressed that each video had picture sets. However in the video section there was " UNCLICKABLE" photos icon and access to the photo was done by a almost missed link. The link is fine but pictures should be clickble to the set. Just some small annoyances but the the site is great and worth the join.

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Visit Victoria Divine

64. Victoria Divine (1)

tangub (151) 11-03-12  05:16am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (55), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Independent billing via Epoch with no regional pricing
Gorgeous model with hot body
Exclusive content
Content date stamped.
Updateís with 1 new photo set and 1 new video each week.
Nice high resolution photos, most sets 2000 x 3008px, a few at 1463 x 2200px
Zip downloads for photos
Videos available to download and stream online
Bonus content gives access to another 13 solo model sites.
Cons: Small site, 27 photo sets (2267 images) and 21 videos to date.
Very softcore, only naked posing.
Photo zips all have the file name ďpicturesĒ so renaming required.
Video quality is poor by todayís standards.
Videos are short at around 5 minutes each.
All except 3 of the videos have the same annoying backing track.
None of the extras you might look for in a solo site to add some personality, no model info or ďabout meĒ section, no interaction in the form of a diary, blog or cam shows.
Difficult login, a partially obscured captcha where I usually have to refresh the page several times before I get one I can read.
Bonus site access not immediate. They say it can take up to an hour to set up the login for the bonus sites but after 2 hours I still couldnít access them so sent off a support email, never got a reply but 10 minutes later tried again and the login worked
Bottom Line: I discovered Victoria Divine listed as a new site while browsing one of my favourite TGP sites a couple of weeks ago and while Iím not normally one for rushing out and spending $30 on a new site with little content the thing that most interested me about this site was the fact it gave access to a bunch of other solo sites including Mollyís Bedroom and Lanaís Fantasies that have been on my ďto joinĒ list for a long time. As Mollyís Bedroom bills via CCBill with regional pricing for me the fact I could sign up to Victoria Divine via Epoch meant I was getting an extra site for less money so nothing to lose as far as I was concerned.

According to the site tour Victoria is a 19 year old former fashion model who is venturing in to nude modelling for the first time to help pay her tuition fees, Yeah right! Once inside the members area there is no further information telling you who she is or where sheís from. Once I started browsing her photo sets I got the feeling that she looked familiar so ended up doing some digging around to try and discover where I had seen her before. It turns out she is a Ukrainian model known as Vika R at Met-Art with photo sets on there dating as far back as 2004 so I guess that throws the 19 year old theory out the window. In fact comparing how she looks in those old Met-Art sets compared to these so called recent updates here just makes me wonder how recent the content actually is on this alleged new site.

Another thing that makes me wonder how recent the content actually is at this site is the video quality as itís certainly not up to the standard you usually see in 2012, itís not even in wide screen let alone hd. The download options are 720 x 576 wmv or 480 x 360 mp4. The bitrates for both are around 1600kbps. The videos are also quite amateurish, poor lighting, jerky camerawork at times and poor editing. The action is all fairly tame; you get to see Victoria naked but nothing more than that. In one video you get to watch her sat on a sofa fully clothed reading a magazine for 5 minutes, she does get up and walk to the kitchen half way through to pour a coffee and you get a nice view of her ass in a tight pair of jeans. In another video you get to watch her stand in front of a mirror topless brushing her hair for 5 minutes. In some other videos you can watch her rolling around on a bed playing with some stuffed toys and taking a shower and a bath and thatís about as exciting as the action gets. Oh and the same annoying sound track accompanies almost all the videos; if youíre planning a membership here better search youtube first for Magnus KollbergĖMy Name is Courtney to make sure you could stand listening to that track 18 times.

This is the list of bonus sites you get with Victoria Divine: Lanaís Fantasies, Mollyís Bedroom, Busty Alli, Fun With Amber, Little Danni, Debbie Teen, Kimmy Teen, Abigail 18, Lovely Anne, Lovely Irene, Lovely Tera, Ericaís Fantasies and Jenny Reid. A separate login is required for the bonus sites but once logged in to one of them they are all available from a single user interface. It takes less than 3 hours to download and watch everything at Victoria Divine so itís mainly the large amount of bonus content that keeps me from scoring it less than 70.
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Visit Amour Angels

65. Amour Angels (1)

tangub (151) 10-31-12  11:54am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (55), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Independent biller, choose from Epoch or Segpay with no regional pricing.
Exclusive content
A new update added every other day. In the last month 11 new photo sets and 5 new videos which is typical of most months.
Photos are available in 3 different sizes, small 683 x 1024, medium 1668 x 2500 and original which varies and can be anything from 2136 x 3216 up to 4912 x 7360.
Zip downloads are available in each size.
Photo set cover included in each zip and set name included in file name.
Most videos are in 1280 x 720 hd in both avi and wmv format. The latest wmv updates play at 10000 kbps. The videos also have the option to be downloaded in 1 minute clips or streamed online.
Lots of information provided, model stats and bios, content date stamped, all file sizes shown and run times listed for videos.
Model ratings and user comments allowed.
Excellent browse and search options.
Cons: Normally Iíd list a bonus site as a pro but the Teen Art Club bonus site and bonus Amour GF content adds little value to the site and even detracts from the rest of the high quality content IMO.
Their online flash based photo slideshow viewer is the worst Iíve seen although itís not something I ever use.
An annoying captcha at login, a line of 5 numbers that rotate in and out of view, first time Iíve seen that.
Every video has the file name ďfullĒ so will need to rename everything yourself.
No ethnic diversity amongst the models
Some may consider the site too softcore if you want more than just naked girls posing.
Most of the above cons were not really much of an issue for me personally; the single most irritating thing about the whole site for me was one aspect of the navigation in that hitting the back button didnít always take you back to the page you came from.
Bottom Line: Amour Angels is a softcore teen glamour site featuring a fine collection of 562 models and the work of around 90 different photographers. The site has been online since August 2006 and has built up a collection of 999 photo sets and 253 videos to date. The models here nearly all come from either Russia or The Ukraine and all but a tiny handful; are in the 18 to 21 age range. The model collection is not really very diverse; most are slender with small to medium breasts. Using the excellent search engine I established that 90% of the models have a B cup bra size or smaller so if you like your women with a fuller figure you will have fairly slim pickings here

The site is well laid out with plenty of navigation options; you can browse all updates via the year and month listings with separate sections provided for videos, photos, a model index and a photographer index. The main problem I had with the navigation as mentioned in the cons was that whatever section I was browsing after clicking on a model/photo set/video when I hit the back button to return to the page I was on before it would constantly dump me back on page 1 again and I would have to constantly navigate back to where I was. Eventually I got into the habit of ďright click open link in new tab/windowĒ to avoid losing my place I tried the site with Chrome to check if it was just a problem with IE but still the same problem exsisted.

They also have an excellent search engine allowing you to search models by criteria such as age, eye and hair colours, country and bra size. You can also search the photo and video sets by many different indoor and outdoor locations. Same problem again with the navigation though; click on a set or model in your search results then hit the back button and your search results have disappeared.

The photo sets themselves feature mostly solo girls often starting out either clothed or partially clothed and showing off their naked bodies. Many of the sets feature full explicit nudity with plenty of open leg and up close pussy shots however you wonít find any masturbation or toy use going on here. There are also some 2 and 3 girl sets/scenes that feature some mild simulated lesbian kissing and touching. Thereís more or less a 50/50 split between indoor and outdoor locations. One slight negative was that I often found models that had two different photo updates that are clearly from the same photo shoot, i.e. same location and outfit

I much prefer photos and havenít spent an awful lot of time browsing the videos. I quite enjoyed seeing some of my favourite models like Sunna, Ingret and Anna with the amazing F cup breasts come to life in the videos but the videos actually go on a bit too long for me and I tend to lose interest after about 5 minutes. Take the video of Alya titled ďSpring LoveĒ for example, thereís only so long a girl lying on a bed rubbing a tulip over her body can hold my attention and that video goes on for 28 minutes. Most videos probably average 10-15 minutes though and all the ones Iíve watched so far contain background music which I actually prefer to the dead silent ones Iíve come across in several recent subscriptions.

Regarding the bonus content the section titled ďAmour GFĒ is just 15 galleries of 2-10 pictures each and the bonus site Teen Art Club has another 57 photo galleries with maximum resolution of 682 x 1024 and hasnít updated since 2007.

Overall a fine site for lovers of softcore teen erotica, I just wish theyíd fine tune the navigation by fixing the back button.
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Visit Tamed Teens

66. Tamed Teens (0)

tetros (2) 10-31-12  11:45am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (5), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - video style
- special content
- hard fucks (slapping, rude talk)
- hot girls from Romania and Hungary
Cons: - not active
- it should be at least 20$ instead of 30$
- regional pricing
- photosets
Bottom Line: So i am going to write a review for this site, because there hasn't been one for a long time. Thats maybe because of the reason, that this site isn't really active anymore, it suddenly stopped in 2009, thats sad and nobody really knows why, but probably because the company moved from Hungary to the USA, where they started a new project called livegonzo.com. Whatever the main time of the site was between 2006 and 2009, but it's still a good site with great content, worth checking out. TamedTeens is one of these sites which are under the hand by Raul Cristian, like AssTraffic, SpermSwap or AllInternal. Raul Cristian is a very good camaraman with a unique style, which makes his movies special. TamedTeens is a site, where teens are introduced to porn "the hard way", there are dressed up like sexy sluts and fucked pretty hard. Hard means powerfucks, deeptroat, some ass and face slapping and rude talk(every girl is called bitch). So the girls arent threated very nice, but it has style, it's not too much, unhuman or brutal.
So when you want to become a member, you will be charged with 29.95$(USA) and 29.95Ä(EUROPE) per month, this "problem" for people from Europe is known, but the site is still worth it in my opinion. After the login, you have access to 155 movies, 128 from TamedTeens and 28 from Asstraffic. Most of them are in HD, the first 28 Videos are not. For every movie you get a high quality photoset with 20 up to 50 photos, most of the sets are good, but there are some weak ones too. Also there is a set with about 200 screenshots from the movie, which i really recommend. You can preview the movies directly on the site in low quality, because the site is a little old, the player isn't the best, but its working for quick overview of the movie. When you like one of the movies, i liked a lot of them, than you can download it with four different download options. I prefered the 960x540(wmv) format, the full-HD video is too big, the download would take very long and it would take much space on my disk. The download speed for one movie moves between 500KB and 1000KB, but of course you can download more movies at the same time.
The girls are mostly from Romania and Hungary, some are from Czech, Germany or France, but i "love" the Romanian girls. Most of the girls look good, and some are extremly hot, they dressed up sexy, bikini, fishnet and high heels. However, you can preview everything on indexxxed.com. There you will see Raul Cristians special gonzo style in the movies. Like on most sites, the male actors are a problem, first it's always the same 5 guys and mainly one(Mugur), annoying. Ok, the male actors aren't ugly, good builded and have proper cocks, but sometimes acting like retards, James Brossmann is a good actor. Sometimes Rauls talk can be annoying as well and it mostly isn't very creative.
This site has no user interaction, you can't write comments or write something in a guestbook and there is no customer support.
In the end, i just recommend the site, and when you want to cancel your membership, for example after 2 months, then you get a really great offer.
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Visit So Cal Coeds

67. So Cal Coeds (1)

marcdc1 (163) 10-22-12  04:46pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (40), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great network. Naughty America is huge with tons of girls and a new shoot just about every day
- Hot talent Julia Bond, Penny Flame, Haley Paige. Tiffany Taylor
- Easy organization. There are keywords and categories plus a cool "find my fantasy" feature where you can select the most minuet detail of what you want to see.
- pix with zip downloads
- mobile version of site available
- mp4 and wmv formatting. "trailers" available for download so you can "preview" a shoot before downloading it all (useful if you're still on dialup).
- they keep your favorites - even if you laps your membership they maintain this info.
Cons: - Dead site. Last update was in 2007.
- Only about 40 shoots in this site
- Live shows of amateur are available (but it seem like every girl I like requires an extra charge).
- I've seen some of these girls in other shoots and for some of them, this is not their best work. (bad directing I guess).
- cross sells when you join and ads in member section
Bottom Line: The network is good. It's a shame this site is not updated any more.

I Love the way they offer discounts to those on their twitter feed/email newsletter.

Bottom Bottom Line: If you join the network, check out this site (there are some hot girls and there aren't that many scenes). The discounts often make it worth it and I can't think of a girl that shoots pro that hasn't done Naughty America. While it's not usually my favorite example of a girls work, you can't argue with the range NA covers. They specialize in fantasy scenes and whether you're looking for nurses, milfs, or teachers - they probably have it here.
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Visit Sugar Paradise

68. Sugar Paradise (1)

lk2fireone (194) 10-15-12  11:54pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (74), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The photosets and videos are dated by when they were posted to the site.
-The zip file for each photoset has the name of the model in the filename.
-There is a small bio for each model. Gives her name, age and hair color.
Also gives some background on the model, which is probably fiction.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Good download speed. I got 1.0 to 1.4 MB/sec at this site (which is my maximum download speed).
-DownThemAll download manager works at this site.
-Because the videos are so short (3 to 4 minutes runtime), the file size is very small: 50 MB or less.
Cons: -On login, have to enter a captcha, which is a moving string of 5 numbers. You have to watch the captcha for a minute or two, to try to read all the numbers, since the string is moving on and off the screen. Just a minor annoyance, but it indicates poor site design, along with a bunch of other site design problems. Logging into Met-art or Erotic Beauties, major porn sites, is so easy and effortless. Why can't other sites make it easy to log in?
-Archive site. Stopped updating in 2009.
-Although photosets download with the name of the model and a unique number, videos download with the default filename of "full.wmv" or "full.avi" (depending on whether you chose the wmv or avi file format).
So you have to rename each video you download, to know what model is in the video. And there's no description on the site of what the video is about.
-Navigation is very basic.
-No search function.
-Site only has 3 models. Very limited selection of models.
Bottom Line: This is a very softcore teen site.

Their model listing consists of 3 models:
Diana, brown hair
Liza, black hair
Nika, blonde hair

I thought at first I was mistaken. Where are all the different models? But those three models are used for all the photosets and videos. So if you
like those three models, you will find plenty of photos and videos with them.

There is very little eroticism. Very little touching themselves. No masturbation. Little or no spreading of the legs. This is really very
softcore. Met-art is the biggest teen softcore site there is, for photographs. But the Met-art photos, if you can imagine, are harder edged than what this site offers.

In a way, that's good. It almost makes you feel like a "clean" pervert looking at these innocent photos of naked teens.

No boys at this site interacting with the girls. This is a girl-only site.
In some of the photosets and videos, there are two girls. But the only touching between the two girls is girly innocence. I mean, these girls
hardly ever kiss the other girl softly on the lips. They are playing around, maybe touching one another's arm or leg. But really innocent. This
is the very softest of softcore.

Site statistics:

Number of photosets: 167
Number of photos per set: around 70+
Each photo has 3 sizes: Low Res., Medium Res., Original size. The original size is between the low res and the medium res.
Original res dimensions: 800 x 1200 pixels, or 1500 x 1000 pixels
Each photoset has a zip file option. You can download a zip file in your choice of low res, medium res, or original size.

Number of videos: 88
Video runtime: 3 to 4 minutes.
Frame width x height: 720 x 480
Total bitrate: 6096 kbps

You can download the videos as WMV or AVI files.
There is no choice of definition for the videos. Videos download in one definition only.

The videos are really short. A lot of the videos have a runtime of 3 or 4

minutes. The video file size is small, 50 MB or less.

The videos have more tease to them than the photosets. There is stripping in the videos. But it's done in a girlish way, very innocent, not even midcore, just young teens taking off their clothes and playing in an innocent manner to an unseen audience. No sex, no masturbation, very
little touching of their own body, no spread legs, no close-ups of the groin or ass.

The videos are poor to just OK. The girls go in and out of focus, which is annoying. This is not an artistic effect, but the camera operator just
can't keep the model in focus, even though she is barely moving from one spot to another. The camera operator is definitely not a professional.

There is no story line to the videos, it's just a girl or 2 girls getting naked, moving around, flashing parts of their bodies. They are interacting with the camera, being teasing, but innocent.

The lighting is OK, the colors are OK. These are scenes shot indoors, so the lighting is easily controlled, and there is little or no annoying
random noises in the soundtrack. The soundtrack is canned music, which I wouldn't mind hearing eliminated. But I've heard worse canned music.

The site design and navigation is basic but acceptable. There is no search function. But you have pages listing the photosets, and other pages
listing the videos. The listing shows what model (or sometimes 2 models) is in the photoset or video. But there is no description of what the
photoset or video is about. But then again, it's basically a girl getting undressed, and flashing her body at the camera. That's it. No script, or

I am giving this site a score of 70. But I think, unless you know that this is a very softcore site, with just 3 teen models, and that it hasn't updated in over 3 years, and that the photos and videos are poor or just OK in technical quality, you will be disappointed you spent your money on this site.
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Visit Wank Pass

69. Wank Pass (2)

rearadmiral (306) 10-08-12  08:51am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (69), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Access to 44 Sites
- Interesting niche content
- Updates daily
- Site might be good for people who use streaming rather than downloads
- Photos available
Cons: - No usable search function
- No Stars named
- Meaningless file names
- Doesnít support download managers
- Many scenes appear to be clips but the others in the series arenít readily identified
- Must wait one minute between downloads
- Files only available in one format and size
- Scenes stream and play automatically
- Photos vary widely in quality
- No zips for photos
Bottom Line: There are certain porn niches that I really like; two of those are public nudity and group sex parties. This network has several sites that offer material in those niches and since those sites that have this material are relatively rare I often take a chance when I find one. But given the reviews posted here and the information at TBP I should have avoided this site. Iíll skip right to the bottom line now: with a narrow exception, do not join this site!

Iíve said many times that I think for a porn site to be great it has to have good porn, the site needs to be well laid out and finally it has to be easily accessed or downloaded by the user. A lot of sites hit two of those targets but fail on a third and donít become great sites. Theyíre stuck at merely good. It is arguable that this network offers good porn. I think they do: some of the material available is interesting and looks pretty good. But on the overall layout of the site and the ease of access by members this site falls flat.

The network is made up of 44 sites. Unlike a lot of other networks that follow a formula, this one has unique concepts for many of the sites. Most of the standard porn niches are covered, like teens , MILFs and cumshots, but rarer niches are also covered here, like feet, pubic hair, drunk girls, BBWs and femdom. What drew me in were several sites that feature a strip club motif and sites with public nudity and group sex parties.

While I like many of the unique niches available here the scenes themselves are just mediocre. In most cases the scenes are quite short. Many of the niche sites have scenes that average less than five minutes. The layout of each site is the same: there are 16 medium-sized thumbnails per page with a short, mostly useless description. Clicking on a thumbnail open that page where the scene starts streaming and playing automatically. This is a pet peeve of mine: I donít like that it hogs bandwidth and I donít like the audio surprises that come with sites like this. There is an option to download the scene too. The downloads are only available as mp4s and only in one resolution. That resolution varies from fairly low (720x480 at 1500kb/s) to fairly decent (1280x720 at 3500kb/s). I didnít download a lot of material so I canít really say how much is at the higher resolution.

I have a number of complaints about how the downloads are accessed. First, the file names are meaningless, consisting of just a number. I can live with that, but many of them include ďpart 1Ē as part of the title, obviously implying that there are other parts. I really donít like scenes broken into parts in 2012 because for the vast majority of user it simply isnít necessary, but to make matters worse, if the scenes actually are in clips the other clips in the scene arenít identified. How do I find them? The name gives no clue and there isnít even a usably search function if the names had any meaning.

The biggest flaw in downloading is something Iíve never seen before on a website. The site doesnít allow download managers (which isnít unique but still a very annoying) but the strange thing is a restriction that you have to wait one minute between downloads. This might not be such a big deal if the scenes were all 1GB files, but since many of the files are only 10MB or less that download in a few seconds, it is annoying to have to wait a full minute to download another. If you arenít willing to provide reasonable access to your members then I think you really need to rethink your business model.

One bit of good news is that the network does update regularly with at least a dozen clips being added each day.

I canít tell if the scenes are exclusive or not. Iíve not seen them anywhere else but given the wide variation in quality and the fact that they look like the same kind of clips that are available elsewhere Iím inclined to think that they arenít exclusive. But Iím certainly open to correction on this point.

The site also offers photos. I didnít spend a lot of time looking at them but I can report that the quality varies quite a bit and the site commits the serious sin of not allowing zipped downloads.

As for a recommendation, Iíd only recommend a membership to a narrow group: you like the niches they offer, and you only like streaming video. If youíre a photo guy or you prefer to download videos, my recommendation is to avoid the site. It is disappointing to see some unique porn but to have access limited to it by some bad decisions. I definitely wonít be back.
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Visit Teen Mega World

70. Teen Mega World (3)

pat362 (365) 10-06-12  10:04pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Huge network of sites catering to fans of young Eastern European models.
+More than 2800 videos and photosets to choose from.
+You can stream all videos online or you can download them in a variety of format from WMV, FLV and MKV .
+They added High Definition videos in 2011 so you have about 300 or more HD videos.
+Photosets can be downloaded as a complete zip file and resolution is 960x1440.
+All content is dated and they appear to add one new scene every 2 days.
+The members section is well designed and it's easy to find scenes using tag words, site name or the model's name.
+The TBP/PU discount of 19.95$ is amazing.
Cons: -I find that a large percentage of the content added in the last 4 months is subpar to what TMW used to offer.
-The vast majority of the sites are dead so content is either months old or more likely years old. The only sites that seem to still be adding new content are Teen Sex Movs, Teen Sex Mania, Creampie Angel and Anal Angel.
-They keep adding new sites to the network but this isn't a positive thing because the content on those sites can be quite good so having only a few scenes and then none drives me crazy.
-They have significantly dropped the number of anal scenes since June.
-A percentage of the content is leased material that is available on many other sites.
-They have advertising for other sites on all their pages.
Bottom Line: *Let me first say that a lot of what I'm about to write amy be negative but only for returning members and not for anyone just joining this network. Anyone just joining this network will more than get his money's worth. If you're a past member and want to join again then please pay attention to the following information prior to doing so. I was last a member in July of this year and even at that time. I was finding that some of the newer content was not all that good. You can imagine my surprise when I joined again last week and found that now almost all the content is like that.

*The first thing you should know is that if you are into anal then you will want to avoid the network for any new anal scenes. I did the math and they only added 19 anal scenes between June and September while they added 38 anal scenes between Feb and May. Those numbers are a lot worse when you consider that they only added 2 anals since July 21. Anal isn't for everybody so hearing that TMW replaced those anal scenes with standard b/g scenes should be great news but many of the scenes that replaced those anal ones tend to often be badly shot, not well lit, and the action is not very hot. also I'm not so sure that the content is as recent as it could be. The most obvious reason for me saying that is that the latest update dated Oct 5 for their anal-angels site is a scene that was released in March of this year on another site. The girl is cute as always but the scene is not well shot and it's frankly not very good.

*I don't know if I'm correct but my gut feeling is that the syphilis outbreak which hit Europe really hard coupled with Russia pretty much banning production of porn in that Country have significantly affected the ability of TMW to offer a higher quality product. I checked and many of the girls that have appeared on TMW are from Russia so that can't be good for business. The economy still being where it is must also be a huge factor and then you still have content thieves. I think TMW had very little already for release and when they started to run out of scenes then they started looking for content providers that had some unreleased material or had decent prices on already relased stuff and that's what you are now seeing.

*I don't know what the futur holds for this network. I hope they turn things around because it was a great network. All I know is that I won't be returing again until I see serious chnages in their content. of course that is going to be hard since their brand new site is just as bad as their old one so no way of knowing what is new on the network.

**My score is based solely on the fact that I'm a returning member who doesn't like their new stuff. Otherwise the score would be in the 90's.
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Visit Met Art

71. Met Art (4)

omberman (0) 10-06-12  10:10am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (4), NO (5)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Obviously a very professionally run site. Nothing to complain about the nuts and bolts
Cons: One man's meat is another man's poison. This is undoubtedly true but all men know a beautiful woman when they see one and they are going to see very few of them on this website. I have never seen so many average-looking females thrown together. Most are plain, many are almost ugly and Ė what is worse Ė few are genuinely sexy. The whole set-up is more reminiscent of nudism in the 1960s than modern erotica or porn. It beats me why anyone should want to see these plain janes without their clothes on.
Bottom Line: The models are neither beautiful nor sexy. Many look so incredibly softcore that it is doubtful that they would know what to do with a penis if they ever came across one.
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Visit 1 Pass For All Sites

72. 1 Pass For All Sites (2)

TheSquirrel (53) 10-03-12  02:31pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: No DRM, pre checked cross selling, regional discrimination, or download limits.
Mostly exclusive material, with attractive girls.
Less gynaecological close ups than some other sites.
Not too many tats, or fake breasts, and not too much choking, slapping and abuse of models, that many of us here hate.
High quality spec vids and pics on newer updates, and professionally shot.
Epoch as billing agent.
$24.31 membership available through Amour Babes instead of $34.95.
Cons: Poor customer service.
Not great membership home pages, with all of them looking the same. Once again, if you want to see what's good to download, the trailer advertising pages that are open to everyone, are far better that the membership home pages.
Only a few sites on the network updating.
Obviously with the majority of sites now defunct, the quality on those sites is below what is expected of modern standard.
Annoying navigation at times.
Irritating advertising links at top of membership pages.
Little build up or stripping in photos.
Another network with very little age, ethnic, or weight, diverstiy. The models are mainly young, white, and slim.
Most of the newer updates now have mp4, but no wmv downloads.
Bottom Line: First night of membership, most of the sites didn't load so any type of viewing or downloading was impossible. I mailed customer services and unsurprisingly, given their record as documented on here, received no reply. Next day the sites were functioning normally

One download later and I received a message that I had been banned for logging in too many times. I mailed them to say that's because I tried to log in at a number of sites several times to see if any were working. I was told by an automated message to apply to them to reset my password. Unbelievably, it was easy to reset my password as it appeared to be automated. Just as well, as no one seems to be in customer service at 1 Pass For All Sites. They should be renamed No Support For Any Site.

The next day I finally heard from them, saying they had temporary hosting problems, but now everything was fixed.

Even though there are 28 individual sites, they have the same appearance, with a number of the same girls appearing on different sites, only with different outfits, different settings, and different situations. To be fair, that means it isn't any different to most of the other "networks." Names like Tricky Old Teacher, 18 Virgin Sex, Creampied Sweeties, Young Anal Tryouts, Horny In Hospital etc, gives you an idea what to expect from each. The material on updating sites is well produced, with good lighting and photography, and appeals to my taste, as it is slightly less gynaecological than some of the other networks. The girls are attractive, and there are enough of them, and enough decent material, to make the membership worthwhile.

Some of the older sites look untended and uncared for. They often have a photo and name for the girl by the video download, then next to that, on the plot synopsis, have a different name for the girl. Some of the pictures are clearly out of sequence in the set. Either no one has bothered to put them into a correct order, or no one has noticed. It leaves a very bad impression of a site about to go down the plughole, and trying to pick up a few last memberships.They have dated updates, and it seems above board, with no bringing in of old stuff and passing it off for new. If they devoted just a few minutes to tidying things up, it would leave a much better impression.

The newer photos are typical of current porn thinking. Eight or ten all looking the same, then a fast forward to the next batch, without much stripping, teasing, or attempt to set out a chronological sequence of pics. Apperance of the models is young and natural, photographed in a professional way, with little airbrushing or retouching that I could see.

It may be just me being awkward as usual, but the older defunct sites like Wild Young Honeys, and Young Models Casting have better photos as far as being in a chronological and natural order, and looking more like a genuine photo set to those of us older porn consumers. Instead of 8-10 pics all looking the same then fast forward to another bunch all with the same pose, they have more of a continual flow, than most of the modern ones. Unfortunately their specs are below average for modern porn. Why the Tatyana set on Wild Young Honeys should have a yellow/orange hue, is beyond me, but it's a shame because they were only taken six years ago, not eighty.

There is wmv or flv streaming in high or low segments, which stop at the end, and do not automatically move on to the next segment. Slide shows, and full or part downloads are also available. The slide shows disconcertingly move from right to left rather that stay still.

Download speeds are on the slow side of average, but not unacceptable, with an unstated limit of six simultaneous downloads. Picture and video quality is good on the sites that are still updating. Pictures are 1200x800 on the newer updates, 1023x680 and 960x640 on the older ones. Examples of wmv video quality are Tricky Old Teacher and I Fucked Her Finally, 1920x1088 at 8447 kbps, Young Anal Tryouts 1920x1088 at 8447 kbps and 1280x720 at 5030 kbps, Young Models Casting 832x468 at about 2000kbps, down to Wild Young Honeys and Young and Banged 520x416 at about 1450 kbps. However most of the updating sites are starting to use mp4 only, instead of wmv, for their downloading and streaming, so now you have no wmv option.

Sites which are still updating - 18 Virgin Sex, Tricky Old Teacher, She Made Us Lesbians, Horny Thief Tales, I Fucked Her Finally, Spoiled Vigins, Young Anal Tryouts, Old Goes Young.

Despite all the faults I am renewing for another month. The older sites lack modern spec, but have an older porn look that appeals to me. It's a lack of gynaecological closeups, and irritating cameramen and male leads that I find refreshing. The new material is pretty good too.

This network appeals to me, but take a look at the TBP, and other PU reviews, before deciding. For me it's a nice little goldmine. They even have a "new site coming soon."
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Visit Pearl Teens

73. Pearl Teens (1)

lk2fireone (194) 09-22-12  07:59pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (74), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -The only reason I am writing pros is because PU wants a balanced review. But basically, this site has little or no value. Anyone who subscribes to this site is wasting their time and money.
-No DRM.
-Long time before site timeout.
-DownThemAll manager works at this site.
-Good download speeds. I get 1.3MB/sec, which is my max download speed.
-Some videos can be downloaded as either MPG or WMV files. Some videos only have a WMV option.
Cons: -Zip file for each photoset downloads with the default filename of "gallery.zip". So you have to rename the zip to know what photoset you have downloaded.
-Video files download with a generic default filename. So you have to re-write the filename to know what the video is. And since the model is not usually identified, and there is no description of what the action is, you make up your own description if you want to save the file.
-No streaming option to view the video before downloading it. So, you have to download each video and play it, before you can decide if the video is worth viewing or saving.
-But there are only 13 videos at this site, and none of them are worth saving. Or even viewing.
-Only have one option for the videos and photosets for definition. No high, medium or low choices.
-The photosets and videos are very low definition.
-This is an archive site. No updates in years.
-Tiny site. 13 videos. 55 photosets.
-Navigation is primitive.
-No search.
Bottom Line: CONS(continued):

-No posting date for videos or photosets.
-No model bio data.
-No models are named in any of the photosets.
-A few models are named in a few of the videos. But most of the models in the videos are not named.
-The video files are very low definition.


Site stats:
Number of videos: 13
Video size: 320x240 352x240 720x480
Total bitrate: 712 kbps 1628kbps
Different video files will have their own specifications. You don't get a choice of specifications. Most of the videos have the low 320x240 size. A few have 720x480, but even then, the video is poor, maybe from lack of focus or other factors.

Number of photosets: 55
Photo dimensions: 768x1152p or 1024x683p
Number of photos per set: 33 to 141

This is a hardcore teen site.
This is an archive site. The content was made years ago.

You get better looking photos at archive sites like My Precious Vigins and Teen Stars Magazines, as well as better looking models at those other sites.

If you like this style of photography, Amour Angels is a site that is still updating, and has superior photography and more attractive models, as well as superior site design.

There are some cute models at this site, and their photosets are OK. Not great, but OK. And if you're already a member, it's pobably worth saving some of their sets for completeness.
The videos are worthless, because of the low definition. Even if some of the models are cute, the picture is so poor no PU member would waste his time watching these videos.

Bottom line:
Because of the small amount of content, the poor quality of the content, poor site design, most PU members would give this site a miss.
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Visit Magic Porn

74. Magic Porn (1)

lk2fireone (194) 09-18-12  12:48am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (74), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Content is dated. The video dates range from November 2006 thru November 2008. The photosets are from 2007 and 2008.
-No DRM.
-No download limits.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Can download the videos.
-Zip file for each photoset.
-Good download speeds. I get 1.3MB/sec, which is my maximum download speed.
-DownThemAll file manager works at this site.
Cons: -Primitive site layout.
-No search.
-Archive site. No updates.
-Videos are from years ago. The definition is very low.
-Videos download with the default filename of full.avi or full.wmv. So you have to re-name each download, or else the succeeding videos will either over-write the previous video, or it won't download. Also need to rewrite the filename so
you know what the video is about.
-No model bios.
-Models not named in the videos or photosets.
-No streaming option for videos. Have to download the file to watch.
-Only one definition for each video.
-Only one definition for each photoset.
-You have a thumbnail illustrating each photoset and video. But the thumbnail is so small, and such poor quality, you don't really know what the model looks like.
Bottom Line: Videos:
Number of videos: 106
Width by height: 360x240 or 288x216
Total bitrate: 1340 kbps or 216 kbps
Runtime: 8 to 23 minutes

Number of photosets: 532
Number of photos per photoset: 70 to 170
Photo: 370x560 pixels or 600x336 pixels or 768x1024 pixels

This is a hardcore teen site.

Because of the low definition of the videos, they are only useful as a reminder of the early days of internet porn. No one who has access to most internet porn sites today would want to watch, or be satisfied with, the low-definition videos available at this site.

I didn't save a single video from this site. The girls might be attractive, but they are so blurry, and the videos are so low-definition, it's just a waste of time looking at them.

The photosets are like screenshots. The photoset is usually like a video-capture of a video shoot. So there is no posing for best effect, no artistic or sensual value to the photos. The colors are poor.

The truth is, I've been spoiled by the good and fine and excellent quality of the videos and photosets at today's porn sites. Looking at the content of this site makes me realize how far we've come in a few short years. This site might
have some curiosity value. But comparing the contents to what is available at other sites, this site is a waste of time and money.
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Visit Best Fucked Teens

75. Best Fucked Teens (1)

lk2fireone (194) 09-09-12  03:52am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (74), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -No DRM.
-Long time before site timeout.
-Zip files for photosets.
-Can download videos as AVI or WMV files.
-Can download a video as a single file, or download segments of the video.
-Can use a download manager. I used DownThemAll.
-Good download speeds. I regularly got about 1.3MB/sec, which is my maximum download speed.
Cons: -Content not dated.
-The zip file for a single photoset offers only one size definiton. There is no low, medium, high quality choices.
-The models in the photosets are not named.
-You only get a single, low-definition choice for the videos. No medium or high definition option. And the low-definition is really poor, 400x300.
-The photosets download with the default filename of "gallery.zip". So you have to rename each download, or the following zip files either won't
download, or will over-write the previous "gallery.zip" file.
-The captcha on login is hard to read.
-No search function.
-Navigation is basic.
-I found no videos worth keeping.
-The photos are better quality than the videos, but I found no photos worth keeping.
-No streaming. Have to download a video to watch it.
-No model index.
-No model bios.
-Some WMV video files can't be played, because neither Windows Media Player or VLC Player could recognize the file's input.
Bottom Line: Site specs:

Number of videos: 38
Average runtime of video: from 10 to 40 minutes.
Videos can be downloaded in AVI and WMV format.

AVI files:
400x300 width x height.
1,213 kbps total bitrate

WMV files:
400x300 width x height.
1,214 kbps total bitrate

Number of photosets: 219
Average number of photos per set: from 25 to 40.
Photo dimensions: 768x1024 pixels.

The number of photosets seems large. Certainly far larger than the 38 videos. But the reason for the large number of photosets is that photos of
a single video shoot are often separated into a number of photosets, so that the site contents appear larger. A single photoset is small, usually between 20 and 40 photos.

This is a hardcore teen site.
This is an archive site. Even though the content is not dated, I believe the content was shot years ago.

The video quality is poor. There are many reasons for the poor video quality. The main factor is the low definition of the videos. You only get
one definition in the video, and this is such a low definition that you see lines in the video on playback. This is such a low-definition video
that it's lower than the lowest definition offered at major sites like Teen Mega World or Nubiles. The colors in the videos are poor. The
costumes the models wear are cheap. The sets are cheap.

The models can be good looking, and they can put on a good show sexually. But they are wasted in these low-quality videos.

The photos are better quality than the videos. The video quality is just awful. The photos are decently photographed softcore and hardcore. Not
artistic, or sensual, but ok shots of hardcore action. The photos are low-definition, very little production values, but still better than the god-awful videos.

This site's contents might have had some value maybe 10 years ago. But compared to what is being offered today at other teen sites, this site is a waste of time and money.

Truthfully, you will find better quality videos at free tube sites than what you can find at this site.
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