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Visit Evil Angel

1. Evil Angel (6)

Ruby9 (0) 02-24-14  08:02am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some really great high quality pictures and videos. This site covers a wide range of niches not covered by many of the mainstream sites.
Site has a huge back catalog of content which will be impossible to get through, but you can try!
Cons: Inconsistent photo sets and inequality when it comes to membership prices.
In some photo sets portrait photo's are half of the resolution of the landscape photo's or vice-versa. Which in my opinion seems to occur on some of the best photos.
If you live in Europe you will be charged a great deal more than the US.
Bottom Line: Overall a great site, with a wide variety of mainstream and more niche content. If you live in Europe, be aware that you are being charged much more than in the US.
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2. Evil Angel (6)

Buckhead (13) 02-08-14  04:26pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (12), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: +Variety
+Lots of videos
+Lots of women (very good looking women)
+Plenty of updates
+Almost every kind of genre represented
Cons: -Some "HD" is 540p "Internet Hi-Def"
-Direction feels similar, regardless of the scene
-Search is mediocre
-Content is not always exclusive
Bottom Line: The positives from above (some combined):
+This site has a ton of variety and covers just about every type of scene imaginable. You have everything from from lesbian to trannies, so the likelihood of not finding something you like is quite small.
+This site has years of videos scenes. There was almost always new content to find if I wanted to look for it.
+Again, lots of women. Many of the women are European, but there a lot of American women are starting to show up. There is a lot of variety, too, from rail-thin to buxom and curvy. I would say that finding a BBW would be difficult/
+There are typically several updates a day, typically with good variety so you always have something new to watch. One downside is they sometimes block downloading until an entire DVD is available, but I did not see that too often.

The negatives:
-Probably my biggest gripe is their loose definition of hi-def. Unfortunately, most of the older videos are not in hi-def and there is another (far too) large group that are labeled as HD, but 540p "Internet Hi-Def" garbage.
-It seems that a good portion of most scenes are spent 2 inches away from the penetration. While I appreciate the action, it is sometimes nice to get the "whole picture" instead of a 5-minute intense closeup of the action.
-I will always complain if the site just offers a 1-option search, but there is almost no model search to speak of outside of knowing them by name.
-There are several evil angel sites that can be joined independently, plus a few other sites that can get Evil Angel videos, so those looking for a ton of exclusivity will feel left out.

Short of getting into more "niche" sites, I would say EvilAngel is the hardest of the mainstream sites. I liked the site, and appreciated the quality of girls and scenes.

*I forgot to mention. I originally had reservations about their privacy policy, but spam seems to be about the same levels as before I joined.
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3. Evil Angel (6)

jberryl69 (12) 05-11-13  09:39am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (27), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-12-13  06:00am  (Update History)
Reason: addition of "Privacy Addendum:" section in Bottom Line
Pros: Price: $14.95 per month.

Updates: 2 - 3 daily sometimes an entire movie.

Site Stats : Scenes: 8069 Movies: 1379 Stars: 2840

Good Navigation

Download WMV (160p, 240p, 360p, 480p) MP4 (same as WMV plus 540p, 720p, 1080p)#

Scene information: Video Front Cover shot, Title and Scene number, Date updated, Length in mins,
Size*, number of Images, number of Views, Who's in the scene**, Tag words, Director's name, Rate the movie, Current rating, Scene description***, Comment Section****, Links to other scenes by participants.
Cons: * File size listed has nothing to do with file size.

** You are forced to use the IAFD database to sort out who is in a scene.

*** Older postings have no description or relevant tags.

**** You're encouraged to comment. Don't hold your breath that your comment will be posted - ever! Not sure what the webmaster does with these - maybe sprinkles them on his cereal in the morning.

# Video quality of older films are of tubesite quality and will never be improved upon with the 480 being the largest size, yet if you're into a specific babe, it may be your only chance to have her in your collection.
Bottom Line: John Stagliano provides other directors an opportunity to offer their movies through Evil Angel (EA) without relinquishing ownership or profit participation. Thus, rather than a bunch of themed sites or purchased content, Evil Angel publishes DVD video's, generally released one scene at a time.

The EA website lists 33 directors associated with it at this time, including one couple (Le'Wood), three women (Belladonna, Bobbi Starr & Dana Vespoli), and eleven Europeans working there &/or in the States.


Gay/Lesbian - While EA does not have straight up gay porn, Joey Silvera has broached this area by offering Shemale / Tranny (393) scenes (a total of 598 on the site) and "Strap Attack" scenes (234). "Lesbian porn" pretty much happens anytime two women kiss though some directors such as Belladonna, Bobbi Starr and John Stagliano feature plenty of girl girl scenes.

Anal - This has become the mainstay penetration act of the porn industry and EA is no exception. Sometimes I think they feel that if there is no anal there is no porn.

Jay Sin leads the way with his over the top anal DVDs, though Mike Adriano has added prolapse eating to his anal tongue fucking sequences (as opposed to rimming) to his prolific anal penetration videos.

Other notable and prolific directors featuring anal are Euro Rocco Siffredi, Christoph Clark, Raul Cristian & Nacho Vidal.

Manuel Ferrara has always had an ass obsession but also a series of DVD's called "Raw" which have the most authentic interaction of the two participants. Jake Malone also had plenty of anal scenes in his releases.

Oral - Hands down best on the Internet is Jonni Darrko's series of oral themed DVDs. The late John Leslie plus Mike Adriano, Joey Silvera and Belladonna have made oral themed movies too.

BDSM - This is not a specific niche that is specialized in though there are 71 Fem-Dom scenes listed.

Certainly Francesca Le and Mark Wood's (Le'Wood) current offerings, "The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew" and "Facial Vi0lation", has sado masochism well represented.

Thinly Plotted Gonzo Porn - Only three come to mine at the moment. John Stagliano's vampire themed "Voracious" and his 2003, groundbreaking feature "The Fashionistas", which swept the AVN Awards. Rocco Siffredi's "XXX Fucktory - The Parody Italian Style", which is mostly in Italian so who the fuck can understand the plot? Yeah, I know - people who speak Italian.

The directors at Evil Angel do not stay strictly in a specific genre so you will find a lot of cross over.

Bottom Line:

One of the best porn sites available at a great price with a variety of niches where you might find something that you like. Highly recommended.

Privacy Addendum:

It was brought to my attention that the EA website has a horrible Privacy policy. Honestly I'd never really read it before and quite frankly it's rather ugly. You can read it at the following link.


or look at my rely to Buckhead in the "Replies" section below.

This would not be a deal breaker for me. Here are some suggestions:

First: Make sure you un-check cross sell ads as you make your way through the sign up procedure. Work you way through carefully.

Second: When you join, OPT OUT by following the link they provide.

Third: Don't accept any offers through their website, not limited to but specifically LIVE SHOWS or SHOP DVD STORE.

Fourth: Use pop up blockers and a script blocker.

Thanks for the feedback.
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4. Evil Angel (6)

littlejoe (23) 01-15-13  03:56pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (26), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -huge collection of movies, with different niches
-very high quality files, but also standard def is available
-streaming player is fast to skip around in. doesnt need to load whole movie to do so
-fast download speeds, no dead links
Cons: -while i loved the movies, they all seemed very similar. can get boring
-streaming player preview does not match timeline
-even the standard def downloads are huge
-cant sort movies
Bottom Line: great site for people whole want porn on the rougher side. great les movies, tho it does get repetitive. the site has 2 quirks that will keep me from staying another month:

when streaming a movie, you can mouse over the timeline and a preview image will show up. however, when you click at the time the video doesnt line up with it. its like the preview and timeline are off by 1 minute. can be very frustrating

my other complaint is that you can only seem to sort the movies by latest update. you cant sort by title, which is quite curious
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5. Evil Angel (6)

bibo (13) 12-28-12  09:12am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *two updates per day
*overwhelming quantity of content
*catering a lot of different niches
*featuring basically all top models of the world
*great value for price
*a lot of filter/search options
Cons: *some updates streaming only for a couple of days
*still some non-HD updates
*site looks a bit overloaded
*content might be a bit on the rough side for some viewers
*occasional connectivity problems
*no download resuming
Bottom Line: It's pretty hard to review a site with such an overwhelming ammount of high quality content as evilangel.com. According to the site statistics, there are currently 7536 scenes available, extracted from 1283 movies, which means 3521 hours of content and a total hdd space of 3830GB. I must admit that I did not check the correctness of this statistics, so they might have slipped in a GB or two there. :)

Granted, a lot of the scenes are older ones, available in lower resolution only. But there is still more than enough HD content to keep your modem busy for a week or two.

Downloads for the latest updates are coming in:

wmv 240p
wmv 480p

mp4 240p
mp4 480p
mp4 540p
mp4 720p
mp4 1080p

The older the updates, the lesser the quality (doh!).

Pictures are also available, but there is no option to download entire sets in one file. In addition, the picture quality is not that great anyways, so it's not a huge loss. This is clearly a video site, not a picture site.

Evilangel offers a huge variety of porn. You will find a lot of different niches (even some TS scenes if you like that kind of stuff), some mild fetish content and a main bulk of simple straight gonzo stuff. The model list is something like a who-is-who of the porn scene. Very few pornstars, EU as well as US, come to mind that are NOT at least somewhere on that list. A jack pot for model collectors.

On the down site, the scenes are all separated from movies, which means that there are occasionally 5-7 consecutive updates from one movie and if you're unlucky enough to not like that particular movie/niche of the week, you are grounded for the time being. And since some of the movies are *very* special (especially the buttman series might not be everyones taste), this might happen quite often, although they try to counter this effect by uploading two movies at a time, switching between the scenes.

Another annoying feature on this site is the "world premiere" thingy. For some obscure reason, some of the new scenes are only available as streaming for a couple of days (usually about 3-4 days after release). I completely fail to see the logic behind the choice of the scenes as well as the entire idea behind the feature. It only frustrates customers and that's about it.

The site does not support download resuming!

At first glance, the site looks a bite overloaded, a lot of confusing banners/pictures and the structure is a bit messy. It doesn't take too long to get used to it though and once you managed to get past that first guardian of chaos, you'll enjoy a lot of search and filter functions, which are admitedly neccessary on such a large site.

Technically, the movies are of very high standard. Of all the gigabytes of scenes I downloaded, only a tiny fraction are badly shot or otherwise dissapointing from the tech side.

What else is there to say? There is a live cam link on the site and they are advertising a free daily live show, although I never managed to figure out how the "free" part works, because when you register to the live site, all you get is a couple of free bonus token when you purchase tokens.

Bottom line:

Evilangel is kinda like fast food. Once you started it, it's getting addictive pretty quickly and you can't stop. The sheer ammount of movies with that much variety in the themes makes this site a no-brainer. This site is currently on my top 3 list. I can only recommend it.
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6. Evil Angel (6)

exotics4me (463) 10-22-12  12:47pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (87), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge DVD studio site
- It's maybe not as extreme as some will think, which is what led me to give it a try.
- Hard to get an exact number, but HD DVDs have been coming in for around 2-3 years.
- Navigation is good considering the site's size, but still could use a tweak or two.
- Lots of variety from traditional one on one sex to group sex orgies to the land of extreme with extreme anal and transsexuals.
- Very enjoyable DVD series Voracious. I would say it's the best continuing series I've seen on a porn site though there really isn't a lot of competition.
- Download speeds are good and you can download 6 files at a time while still browsing the site.
- Interesting and unique marketing style. If you swing by the site they often run promos no one would expect like Canadian Thanksgiving 50% off.
- Will even give them credit for being one of the few sites I have seen that has a cross-sale, but it's unmarked. Though I would still keep my eye on it.
- Lowest big option is 480p
Cons: - This is probably my biggest complaint. I wish the search engine had a little box for me to search from. Their search capabilities are probably enough for anyone, but having that box to search directly would be nice. Will further this in BL.
- It's a DVD site, not supposed to expect pictures, but they do have pictures for most of their DVDs and you know it, no zips. This is fairly minor on this site since some of the photo sets only have 15-20 pictures, but it would be a nice touch.
- Non-descriptive filenames, which also goes into con #1.
- Piece by piece updates
Bottom Line: The first con should be perception. I have joined or added the Evil Angel channel on Videobox for a couple years, but would only add it to get the scenes of my favorite models. I was under the belief their content was too hard, in general, for me to join their own studio site. I received a very cheap promo several months ago, took a shot and have ended up sticking around for nearly 4 months. I should add here that I haven't been able to download as much as I used to or the time I needed to download everything I wanted may have been lower. Still, the content was good enough that I wanted to keep downloading for 4 months so that should say something for the studio.

The negatives aren't very big. My main complaint with the site is not having a search box. In defense of the site, they give you these options to search from. A full model list that lists all scenes by each model. Thirty or so tags that take you to a specified niche. A drop-down box that lets you search by DVD series name, so if you download "Rocco Loves Cougars #8" (most likely not a real series), you can find which other DVDs they have in that series since you downloaded volume 8. These search tools are going to be enough for the vast majority of users, but when combined with filenames that follow this style 10007_03_HD, it can be a problem if you forget which volume of a series you have already downloaded.

I ran into the above problem when I was away from the site for 4 days. I had forgotten not only my last downloaded file, but also the series name. I could remember one word from the title name of the series, but had no search box to put that one word in to narrow down the series'. Instead, it was open the drop-down box and trust my eyes to find the one word I remembered out of 100 or more series names. While this is all fairly minor it still looks like a minor amount of work for a programmer to make what would have been a major difference.

The update style also caused me to knock a point or two off the score. They update regularly, daily, but they split their DVDs up by scene. And if you have bad luck, you'll be like me. One day before my membership expired a new DVD was posted with one of my favorite models. Her scene was scene #3 on the DVD. Which meant her scene wouldn't be available to download until 2 days after my membership ran out. I don't know if just releasing a new DVD, in full, per week would be enough to satisfy the average porn consumers desire for daily updates or not.

The good far outweighs those negatives though. The overall numbers don't compare to a Videobox or Videosz, but the overall quality of the scenes does and surpasses them. The total number of DVDs they have is nearing 1,300 and total scenes in nearing 8,000. I believe the video sites listed in this paragraph are both over 11,000 DVDs at this time, but a quick look at my folders says this:
Videobox: 868 GB
Videosz: 565 GB
Evil Angel: 1.1 TB

The Evil Angel number is much more impressive if you consider I have only been a member this year. I have probably had 10+ memberships to Videobox and the majority of that kept content is from the Vivid channel.

Maybe the thing that makes Evil Angel stand out to me is the variety. While I'm not a huge fan of extreme hardcore, if you get bored with same ol', same ol', they have plenty of extreme hardcore to break the monotony. When you've watched enough gaping, spitting, rough sex, you can go back and find the more mainstream, traditional scenes. To me, this goes back to my assumption of all their content being extreme. Once I was a member, I could see that they have a lot of less extreme DVDs.

It's kind of like they are covering all niches so you can most likely always find something to match whatever mood you are in. The Voracious series is worth mentioning since I was pretty hard on Sex Art on their ongoing series Kamikaze Love. Voracious, like Kamikaze Love is sort of like watching a cable series after dark, but unlike Kamikaze Love, it goes well into the XXX land. The acting performances are still mostly laughable, but if I was here for acting performance I would be watching Tom Hanks or Morgan Freeman movies.

I do think the harder scenes will push some potential members away, but I didn't see anything that hardcore or violent or disgusting. Maybe their hardest scenes are sitting on the border of "we're almost going too far, but not quite". All niches are covered except for gay, but there are transsexual scenes. And if you like the more imagination needed scenes, Buttman has compilations that focus on strip, spandex, feet, butts, etc...

These scenes, I'm pretty sure are just cut from whole scenes, but if you're just wanting a certain part, they've saved you the work of having to go through the full scenes to find it.

A few tweaks here and there would have pushed this site in the 95 range. Picture zips alone may have. Definite recommend, especially for DVD fans who want some variety.
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7. Evil Angel (6)

Victorycreed (4) 05-26-12  04:15am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (15), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of real hardcore scenes. If you like rimming, with spit and cum drooling all over another chick. This has it. I am a fan of Buttman and Rocco videos way back when, so I was happy to see some of my old favorites are available. The newer scenes had better quality, but gave several options like 240 WMV/MP4 to 1080p... but not all of them had that. The selection is large.
Cons: Here is why I won't be coming back or want to cancel membership. The big problem is the searching. When searching for a particular scenes, my results would be only small compared to the actual amount the site has. When I tried to seem more, it directed me to a broader selections of videos with nothing coming close to what I want. Can't type the title of the DVD, but have to scroll through their huge selections. When I found it, it opens and another page where I have to wait for it to load. If I go back, I have to start from the beginning. The searching experience left me angry and frustrated at the claustrophobic experience in searching. I even had to go other adult sites to search for the title of one of their DVDs. That suck!

Another big problem is that not all of their movies are available. I was looking for American Cocksuckers #1, and the DVD was not available but it's second DVD of the series.
Bottom Line: Even though it was $9.99 for the first month, and they had a large selections of great DVDs from old personal favorites to news, hardcore new favorites, the searching capabilities of the scenes make me want to stop watching porno. It's too annoying for me to continue to even look and all of their great videos.
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8. Evil Angel (6)

dracken (246) 04-29-12  06:44pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (66), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A lot of content and frequent updates (Scenes : 6516, over 1000 DVD's and they seem to update scenes daily, sometimes two scenes in one day)
- Hardcore stuff here, a lot of DP, a lot of anal. Around 2500 anal scenes, Ass to mouth (1513), Around 1000 DP and around 50 double anal... pretty crazy stuff in here. Also a decent amount of tranny stuff and a surprising amount of Asian girls doing anal.
- A lot of good looking girls with a nice a mix of American and Russian cute girls like Chastity Lynn, Proxy Paige, Aspen Richardsen, Isabella Clark, etc. A lot of big name porn stars and several amateurs
- I believe all videos are available in different formats, including mobile video, MP4 and WMV. But only the more recent ones are available in high resolutions (older ones are a most 480p and most new ones are 720p, with some 1080p )
- Almost all scenes have photos, but some have only a handful while others have over 100 images. No zip archives as far as I could tell.
Cons: - Older content is interesting, but a bit disappointing. I almost wish they'd give you the option to filter it out.
- Model navigation is hard with many models listed incorrectly or under different names. Some links to models don't work and they display the male models along with the female ones. There is a sort function but it doesn't work very well.
- Navigation overall was a bit clunky, with a lot of focus on directors of the DVD or the DVD itself. You can easily find all scenes directed by Mike Adriano, but the related scenes aren't really relevant half the time.
- Some content or very similar is already available on other sites (anal acrobats is a great example, but a lot of girls appear with the exact same male actor on 21sextury for example)
- It's a bit hard to preview scenes, as all you get are some tags which are not always accurate and one preview image. Although they tell you the length and size of the scene.
- Scene quality and content is a bit all over the place.
Bottom Line: This is another mega site and it feels like one. You get more content than you could surf in years and with very frequent updates you won't get bored soon. There are a lot of girls, some amateurs but a lot of them well known pornstars. The action is more hardcore then the average big network site (I'd say more hardcore then Porn Pros, Reality Kings and even Hustler, to name a few, but right on par with 21 sextury or Teencoreclub)

There are a lot of niches, including some great deep-throat POV scenes, some very nice lesbian scenes and a lot of anal.

However,like most big networks that have been around for a while searching through the older content is a lot like venturing deep into the jungle armed only with a flimsy weed whacker.

The older links, tags and even the content of the video is a bit confusing. You could easily watch a video halfway through before realizing it's a transvestite blow-job scene. The tags say blowjob and anal play but there are no actors listed and the image is too grainy to tell what is going on. Yes, a lot of the older stuff is shot with bad light, poor camerawork and a general feel that reminds one of 80's VHS porn.

Even worse, some of these older DVD's are mixed in with more recent updates, making it hard to mark a point in time past which you should not venture.

That being said the vast majority of scenes are much better quality and the new updated tend to be HD, and very well labeled. Overall I'd say you get maybe 4000 good scenes out of the 6500 available and their number grows every day, with many, many exclusive scenes (although you can get some of them with the bonus evilangel membership on videobox the site still has a decent number of exclusive DVD's)

While this kind of quantity is a great thing, navigating it can still be a bit tricky. The site follows a DVD system more then a streaming scenes or nice websites model. You can easily identify what DVD each scenes belongs to, who directed it and browse other scenes from the DVD, but it's a bit hard to find related anal scenes or all scenes by a particular model that are also DP scenes.

In fact the best way to find content is to select a DVD title (like Buttman adventures or Slurpy Throatsluts to give you a taste of the content available here :) and then navigate the scenes available on that DVD. That is the only way I found to get an animated preview for each scene as well as some quick categories of what the scene will contain.

It seems a bit backwards in the era of streaming internet scenes, but the authors of the site clearly would prefer to just release everything as DVD's.

This also means that each DVD is different in tone. Some feature only American girls and there are pretty standard interviews and English commentary during sex. Some DVD's feature Russian girls who barely talk or are completely quiet. Some scenes are pretty rough with make-up running down the girls faces, while some are softcore or solo masturbation. You have the Anal acrobats fetish DVD's (ever wanted to see milk shot up a girls ass?) and leather face masks, but on the other hand there are some blow job only DVD's that are pretty mainstream and tame.

There are also several DVD's focused on women with strap-ons or shemales fucking guys, around 500 scenes or so, not much but it's a bit strange that they don't really have a separate page for that. Then again, they don't have a separate page for the vintage videos although there are dozens of them.

It's a bit of mish-mash and sometimes it's hard to know what you're looking at. A more in-depth description of the scenes or the ability to preview them from the scene navigation page instead of having to go to the DVD page would have been nice. An easier way to navigate the female models would also have been helpful. Overall I'd have to say that this site could learn a thing or two from 21Sextury when it comes to organizing the website.

I mentioned 21sextury a few times, because the content here reminds me a lot of their stuff. There are anal lesbians, a lot of DP, several of the male and female actors appear in both, I sear even one or two of the outfits appear on both sites (mind you a different scene, but the same studio, same girl same male model) This is of course true of only some of the Russian videos, but it's still a bit strange.

The one area where evilangel is really different is that a lot of the girls look a bit more mature and they like to dress the girls in interesting outfits (Lexi Belle in a bunny costume anyone?)

Overall I'd have to say that the hardcore content, the cute girls and the exclusive scenes make this a must for anyone who likes anal or deep-throating. If you're really on the fence check out what they offer on the Videobox membership deal (I believe it's only 15 bucks on top of the videobox membership, so it's significantly cheaper).
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9. Evil Angel (6)

pat362 (365) 02-14-12  08:25am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to over 900 movies or over 6000 scenes.
+They have an excellent selection of EA movies and the bulk of their recent updates are all new releases.
+Scenes can be downloaded in WMV or MPG4 and resolution starts at 240p and can go as high as 1080p but normally goes to at least 720p.
+They appear to have some exclusif scenes/movies.
+They offer better resolution on some of their non-exclusif scenes vs what's available on other sites.
Cons: -The bulk of the videos are only offered in 240p or 480p resolution.
-Too many of the scenes have no real data.
-I found that many of the scenes from their older movies were not in listed in the proper order and the info on each is usueless.
-The editing on some scenes is off because the scene doesn't begin at the end of the previous one but is a mixture of 2 scenes.
-They may list a movie as being available but not all the scenes are availbale.
-No update schedule.
-Their search options are rather poor because they have very little data on most of their movies and the data available is often incorrect or insufficient.
Bottom Line: *I had a hard time reviewing this site because I really enjoy EA movies and I wanted to give the site a better score but I found that the site does not meet my expectations when it comes to older movies. It has an excellent selection of movies from yesterday to today and if you prefer their recent movies than you will be thrilled by the quantity and quality of these videos but if you are more interested in their older movies then you're stuck with a disapointing 480p video resolution.

*Be advised that older is not necessarily based on release date but more in reference to the source material. The best example would be Anal Attack 9 which was released this year but the conmtent are scenes from the site Ass Traffic so the source material is older than a couple of years. You'd think that since the movie was released to dvd then they remastered the older content to allow for decent video conversion but I guess they didn't want to bother for their own site.

**The site is worth the cost of a membership because you get brand new releases almost on the same day they are released to dvd and the video quality is at least 720p and you even get some 1080p as well. Id' even be willing to say that it's worth it for those wqho joined videobox's EA studio because the video quality is better on this site than on videbox.**

**I don`t think the site is worth it for anyone looking for decent older EA titles because you will have to do a lot of research to find the movies and the performers and the video quality is just too bad.**

*I gave the site a higher score than I felt it deserved because they offer too many new titles for a cheap price*.
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10. Evil Angel (6)

rearadmiral (306) 11-26-11  04:03pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (69), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Now over 900 DVDs available
- Very little overlap with the other Evil Angel website
- TBP/PU Discount
- Full trial
- Good download speeds
- Multiple video options
- Updates regularly (possibly daily Ė hard to tellÖ)
- Photos available (though this is primarily a video site)
- Good mix of American and European models
Cons: - Very short time-outs using download managers
- No zips on the photos
- No wmv HD
- Still not a great selection of older videos
- No search function
- Newer scenes posted as streaming before downloads available
Bottom Line: I recently posted a review of the other Evil Angel website under the listing of Milk Enema and a bit earlier under the site Mike Adriano. If youíre interested in any EA material you may want to check those reviews since most of what I wrote there applies here too. This site, however, is different from the others that I reviewed, even though they are all part of the EA company. This site isnít a network like the other one (which is a collection of themed sites).

Obviously Evil Angel material isnít for everyone; they are among the hardest of the hardcore mainstream. If, like me, youíre an anal enthusiast then both Evil Angel sites are worth checking out.

Many harder hardcore studios rely on European talent to do the heavy lifting, but here there is a great mix of American and European models. In some cases they appear in the same scene, which is rare in porn.

The site has grown a lot since I was here last and they now have over 900 DVDs available. The site updates regularly, and while I canít say for sure they seem to update daily. One negative is that some (maybe all) of the new scenes they post are first only available in streaming before theyíre made available as a download. I donít know how long the delay is before they become available as a download. If you join the site to download a recently added scene be aware that you might discover that you can only stream it.

While there is no search function you can sort the videos by scene and by DVD. Once youíre at the scene level there are tags that are useful too.

As with the other EA site there are two video options (wmv and mp4) and at least two resolutions available for each. Unfortunately they donít post any HD material in wmv format so your only option is mp4 if you want HD. HD is widely available and is at 720p. I download wmvs and at the highest resolution they come in at 720x400 at 2100kb/s. Subjectively, they look great even running them through a 50Ē TV.

Many Evil Angel scenes are quite long, sometimes nearly an hour, which is a good thing. The downside to that is that file sizes can be large if your ISP imposed a cap or if you have a slower connection.

Pictures are available but those appear to be mostly screencaps or photos taken during the scene itself. Zips arenít available. This is primarily a video site and I wouldnít recommend it for anyone who is mostly interested in photos. Thatís not a negative since Evil Angel is a video studio not a photo studio.

What you get for your membership is access to one of the better studio sites on the internet. Iím not normally a fan of studio sites since studios donít seem to put much effort into their sites, possibly to focus on the people who still buy DVDs. My biggest complaint about the site as a studio site is that they donít offer a big selection of their older material. Evil Angel has been around for a long time and as a fan of older porn Iíd really like to see more of the older stuff.

This could be a positive or a negative, depending on your perspective, but there isnít a lot of overlap between the material on this site and the on the other EA site. The good news is that you wonít feel like youíve wasted your money when you buy access to two different sites, but the bad news is that to get better access to the EA catalogue you do need to buy access to two sites. ButÖ both EA sites offer a TBP/PU discount and have an excellent $2.95 3-day trial. If youíre a fan of EA material and havenít had a membership here before Iíd strongly recommend that you avoid the trial because there is no way you could download everything you want here in three days.

Another reason to consider the full membership is that EA has the shortest timeouts Iíve ever encountered on a website. While they support download managers actually using one is virtually impossible since the links you line up for downloading expire in about 15 minutes.

If you like hard hardcore and especially if you like anal sex, then you really should consider a membership here. With the TBP/PU discount this is probably one of the best values for porn on the internet.
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11. Evil Angel (6)

elephant (64) 11-06-11  01:04am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (51), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Rights pro's well first off it's got to be the quality of the new movies, they are now 1080p HD, can't fault them there, they are super fine.

Plenty to choose from, huge range of movies here, I think I counted altogether 5651 movies, in lots of categories. It does tend to be more hardcore stuff here though.

The greatest of the Eurobabes will step through evils doors and that was great cause I get to add to my collection of my fav babes.

American pornstars too are here so you get a great mixture of pornstars from all over the world and its nice to have some vids with the girls talking a bit more.

Gotta say also great here is the anal movies they film here, simply superb, they do everything here, one girl Isabella Clark simply is mind blowing. What she can do with her but beggers belief.

Price isn't too bad and for sure worth it but annoys me that us in Europe pay more that USA, I'd like to see the same price.
Cons: Not too many cons to be fair, have to pick maybe, yeah some of the older stuff is only 480p and not the best but watchable as I said.

It does lack in quality softcore stuff a bit I think, its not a category I found much to watch here, only 23 vids, but I guess that it just isn't worth them filming softcore when they are known for giving people the hardest porn on the net.

Also very buggy software for search I found, maybe a browser bug I dunno but some of the searches would not show all the movies and it did it quite a few times which was annoying cause I knew they had more, it would sometimes list about 30 movies instead of the thousands they have. very strange.

Lastly I'd say it was annoying that not all the releases are here, quite often I'd look for a movie I knew one of my fav girls had filmed here and they wouldn't have it, so with most series they are a few numbers behind.
Bottom Line: Just finished my second visit here at evil angel and overall it's on the right track to be a very worthwhile visit, it certainly is on the up with it now improving the quality of it's movies to 1080p HD.

I found the older stuff quite watchable at 480p which is the lowest quality I found I think, it wasn't great at this size but still worthy me downloading.

I came back to the site within the year which is always a good sign for a site with me so I think in general it's not perfection but it is getting better and they have a steady flow of new movies being added each week and are one of the biggest production companies in porn so you know they know what they are doing.

Will I return again, may be a while till they've added some more of my fav girls movies but for sure will be heading back here, another great thing is they have a site that can be seen all the updates they are adding, I think that's essential in marketing porn these days, give an incentive to get people visiting back and tempting them back to join.

Over and Out

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12. Evil Angel (6)

joekramer08 (12) 09-25-11  10:25am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (18), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Great site design. Easy to navigate and find what you want. Has everything a modern porn site should have in terms of design. Sure, it could be a little better, but compared to a "bare bones" design like First Anal Quest, this site design is in another league.

-You can stream each scene to preview the entire thing to make sure it's good before downloading...no guessing games here.

-There are some great scenes from top notch directors like Jay Sinn.

-Plenty of anal if you like anal.
Cons: -The girls on this site aren't the best. A lot of the women are older (in their 30's). The women are often typcical "trashy" porn chicks with big asses and fake tits - I hate fake tits. Evil Angel also tends to use the same girls over and over, so you will get sick of seeing the same girls repeated in scenes. I wish they had more young girls (18-22) and more in the "teen" genre.

-Evil Angel unfortunately doesn't put up its newest scenes right away. In fact, sometimes it takes them months after a DVD is released before the scenes are put up on this site.

-The quality of the downloadable scenes is inconsistent and often poor. They offer WMV or MP4 format in various resolution levels...the problem is that many of the WMV videos have pixelated picture, and strange color shifts - just not good quality (even in the so-called "high quality" formats).

-the male actors are often old, washed up porn guys who can't keep their dicks hard anymore - big negative here.
Bottom Line: there are some great scenes, but the quality of the downloadable scenes can be bad, and it's very inconsistent. You never know if the video quality will be good until you download the file. Many times the MP4 version will look better, other times the WMV format will look better...sometimes neither version is very high quality (even if you download one of the "higher quality" files). The WMV format files often have weird color shifts and pixelated picture, and the MP4 format files sometimes suffer from choppy frame rates. This means you sometimes have to download the scene twice to see which file format actually looks better. The quality is just very inconsistent and unpredictable. The WMV files are usually bigger files, but the quality is often worse than the smaller MP4 file. You wonder why the WMV file is so large if the video quality isn't good. In this day and age this type of inconsistent, poor video quality on a pay site just shouldn't happen.

The women are often old, and Evil Angel tends to repeat the same women too much in their scenes. The male actors are often old as well and they have trouble staying hard...nothing ruins a porn scene more than a guy with a limp dick. It would be nice to see some fresher, younger actors (male and female). Evil Angel seems to be a haven for aging porn actors.

So, with these issues, this site isn't quite as good as it should be. Despite it's problems, I would recommend this site - There are some great scenes, but you'll have to sift through a lot of mediocre ones in order to find the good stuff.
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13. Evil Angel (6)

RustyJ (145) 08-18-11  12:03am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Large selection of the hardest mainstream hardcore DVD's there is from a good variety of some of the best known directors in the business
-HD updates now also available for download, on some scenes it's only 540p "Web HD" though
-Fast downloads with no limits. Works well with dl managers too up to four transfers at time
-Very reasonable price
-5397 scenes at the moment with multiple updates on weekdays
Cons: -Searching this site is difficult
-New HD releases come in limited numbers, most of them are standard resolution
-Slow releases of complete films. Now that you see the scene release schedule for a title, it may stretch months into the future
-Some HD releases are held for weeks before being released for downloading. If you are worried about pirates, don't punish the paying customers!
-File size for HD scenes can be huge (fix was promised), over five gigabytes
-Regional pricing. No matter what they tell, all the sites could fix this if they wanted to
-This is THE Evil Angel site and yet only a part of releases seem to end up here
Bottom Line: It's subjective of course but I think Evil Angel is one of the greatest (if not the) studios in gonzo hardcore genre at the moment releasing DVD's. This site delivers a large amount of their releases categorized by directors which there are many and they are big names too. Rocco Siffredi, John Stagliano, Cristoph Clark just to name few. The content varies quite a lot based on the director but I dare say there is something for most of tastes with the backlog of over 5000 scenes. Evil Angel doesn't appear to really be a BluRay studio with only seven titles available at their online shop but the website has started with HD content already with some 720p and 1080p clips available and also 540p versions of some of their past DVD releases.

The site itself leaves room for improvement. While you can get the basic browsing and downloading done reasonably well, the search functionality just doesn't deliver. The tagging is incomplete with scenes missing many tags and actress names (actually they often tag male actors better) and many standard tags also missing. For example fetish side isn't really tagged too well with "fetish" tag returning few hundred mixed results, "leather" returning everything from PVC to leather to latex, no tag for BDSM which there is quite a lot of and so on. For me by far the most useful tag is "HD Movies" and rest of the searching I just do by browsing the DVD covers. Zipped scene sets would have also been a nice addition since every download link for a scene is behind another page and there might be 15-20 scenes to a film. They also have photos, not very good and not zipped but as this is a DVD site, I don't consider that an issue.

The release policy appears to be roughly two HD scenes per working day plus a number of non HD or backstage scenes on top of that. Sometimes they might add even few dozen scenes but those are shortish standard resolution ones. At least at the moment there is also some download delay thing going on where the new films downloads are witheld for a time, probably due to the fears of piracy but I think they are punishing the wrong guy there. Sometimes a whole film gets pushed out reasonably quickly but for some to be fully released you have to wait months. Also it's good to note that this site doesn't release nearly everything Evil Angel releases. If it's not here, I don't know where to look for it unless you want to buy DVD's which I doubt.

The films are all hardcore so if you after that, every update counts. Some girls only films and film series are also featured but they are far from soft. Personally I like especially the European videos on this site. If they push up their release rate of HD scenes from directors like Rocco Siffredi and Cristoph Clark, then the sites like DDF Prod and 21Sextury.com have a serious competitor here and also from other DVD sites from FameDollars.

The price is very good although Europeans end up paying extra for no good reason. The cons list is longer than the pros here but the cons are mostly minor nitpickings while the pros are very solid ones. This site could easily be a 95 point one for me if they focused on the new releases in HD quality. That'd make this one a top site with ones like 21Sextury in my books. Of course it's hard to compete against big networks with a large number of subsites giving a sort of guaranteed mix of updates every week when you are releasing complete films. Here you can have a really good week when they release something you really like or few weeks of that director you really hate.
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14. Evil Angel (6)

jberryl69 (12) 08-05-11  08:31am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (27), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-08-11  08:00am  (Update History)
Reason: just thought more relavent info would help.
Pros: + Content added daily
+ Video download & Mobile streaming quality can be as high as 720p/MP4 (HD)
+ Streaming quality as high as 540P (Web HD)
+ Large catalog of content
+ Broad range niches
+ Large number of top notch directors
+ 1,072 photo sets available(as of this review)
+ High Value cost through Porn Users
+ Good download & streaming speed
+ A few times a year they have a bonus day where multiple titles are added
Cons: - Slack online management as in:
- Has "Add Your Comment" link but they NEVER add a comment (have made many personally).
- scene descriptions have "Starring", "Category" & "Director" which on older content is sorely missing or mislabeled.

- MANY older EA titles missing

- Older content isn't HD

- Only 2 formats - wmv & mp4

- My personal bone is the use of the descriptor "deepthroat" on some directors' scenes which do NOT measure to the accepted standard of the word as popularly defined by Ms. Linda Lovalace. To bang the top of the throat because she can't get it further down, due to either her gag reflexes or the size of the instrument (or receptacle), is NOT deep throating. Maybe throat gagging or throat banging but NOT deep throating. Capice?
Bottom Line: This site has a lot of directors (and their fetishes) from Jay Sin's extreme evil anal (lots of anal on this site) to Jonni Darlko's deepthroat extravaganzas. Yes it does have some kink factor niches, like Joey Silvera's she/male obsession or Belladonna catering to the foot crowd. Plenty of girl/girl, gang bang, anal excretions (no skat), rough sex and Euro romping. Other notable directors include John Stagliano (Buttman), Rocco Siffredi, Jake Malone, Manuel Ferrara, Nacho Vidal, Mike Adriano and, while her titles have not appeared on the site yet, the newly added porn feminist director/actor Bobbi Starr.

One of the things I especially like about some of the directors is their accessibility in interacting with their fans and taking suggestions from them to create new projects (notably Jonni Darkko). [One such example was the inclusion of Rebecca Blue in TF3 when suggested by fans on another (un-named) forum].

Once a member, they will offer you access to Live Shows - and while I have never taken them up on this, I believe some of it to be free and others an extra $ item.

While other people want more for their $10, at a 1/3 the cost of a regular membership, I personally think it's a bargain able to fill the fetish needs of any reasonable person. In looking at their published numbers, they have 4,915 "straight porn" scenes (as of 8/8/2011) and 296 "shemale/tranny" scenes (about 5% of the total scenes available).

One would find that it takes six months or longer for most of the new EA releases to make it from DVD purchase to scene download. For instance, J.Darkko released Suck Balls 11/19/4 2010 but the first scene doesn't appear for download until 8/11/2011.

I recommend it highly which would really give it a 90 but for some reason doesn't seem inline with other reviewers numbers.
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15. Evil Angel (6)

washletzoe (Disabled) 08-04-11  05:10am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (2)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: some good hd stuff here and alot of content
Cons: some stuff is very bad quality , and alot of shemale stuff ,terrible navigation (only 10 percent of content tagged if that) 3 scenes a day seems pretty slack to me ,esp when every 5th is a shemale vid or a dude getting butt plugged!
also the comment page is basicly usless ,unless you put in something generic and flattering it wont get approved
Bottom Line: join for a month but be preped for a headache cause your gonna have to dig for gold
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16. Evil Angel (6)

haagar (13) 05-03-11  01:47pm
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (16), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + High quality porn from Evilangel movie studio
+ Great make-up and production quality
+ Featuring original fetish and intense sexual acts
+ Top girls doing tasty rimming and anal play!
+ Consistent quality; there is hardly any _bad_ scene to be found

Current site stats: Scenes : 4817 Movies : 858
Cons: - Not all scenes are HD, and HD is not always 'HD' on this site. It can be Web-HD is '960x540 @ 2 Mbit/s' I Haven't seen 1080p (true) HD
- Only two formats: wmv and mp4. HD is only on mp4.
- Regional Pricing. Europeans pay a higher price (ridiculous!)
Bottom Line: I *just* joined Evilangel.com. Ofcourse, I already knew this famous movie studio from a long time ago.
The evilangel.com is the derived website from this renowned studio, featuring work from the most skilled (and perverted) porn directors ever known and the hottest sluttiest girls in the biz.

Although the site mentions 'now in HD', this is in many cases a bit misleading: 'HD' can also be Web-HD (960x540) and sporadically 720p (1280x720p).

But! With its original content and sluttiest performers, Evilangel can afford this shortcoming with ease.

If you like tease, sluttiness and POV (just like me!) then evilangel.com is definately worth the join. Try to obtain a discount code and just say you are subscribing from the USA for extra low pricing ;) I manage to join for USD 19,95. (Couldn't find the TBP USD 9,95 offer anywhere)
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17. Evil Angel (6)

dextro (2) 10-23-10  08:22pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (12), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Inexpensive ($9.95 with TBP discount)
- Fast download speeds
- Many titles available from Evil Angel catalog
- Excellent in-browser H.264 streaming
Cons: - Inconsistent video quality
- Many Evil Angel titles are absent
- Scenes from a lot of titles are missing
- Videos not available for download in H.264 (downloads only available in WMV9 format)
- Some videos won't play on some digital media players (tested on Popcorn Hour A-200 and WD TV HD)
- No search feature
Bottom Line: Inexpensive site (at least with the TBP discount) with lots of content. The site's overall quality, however, is a bit lacking. Not being able to play some videos on digital media players that handle WMV9 is perplexing.

I won't subscribe to the site again, at least until they deal with the video quality issues and add significantly more titles from their catalog.
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18. Evil Angel (6)

rearadmiral (306) 07-19-10  04:08pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (69), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Access to a significant number of EA titles
- $9.95 monthly price
- Decent download speeds
- Average video quality with some HD available
- Streaming available as an option
- Daily updates (one scene added)
Cons: - Not a lot of older EA titles available
- Video quality is just average
- File sizes seem large for the video quality
- A lot of European-filmed content (may be a plus for someÖ)
- A lot of scenes are threeways and group sex (which also might be a plus for someÖ)
- No obvious search function
- Most older titles have no star associated with them.
Bottom Line: Evil Angel bills itself as the official site of the Evil Angel Studio. They have a large, though certainly incomplete, collection of EA videos. As of today they say they have 443 DVDs. Most of those DVDs appear to be complete. EA Studios has been around a long time and they had been a favorite of mine for a number of years. One of the reasons I joined (apart from the $9.95 monthly price which may be only through TPB and PU) was to get access to a lot of their older titles. I was a bit disappointed in the site in that most of their older (and in my opinion, best) titles arenít available.

For the older titles that are available, the site commits what I think is an unpardonable sin: the stars are all listed a ďN/A.Ē How can you, the studio, not know who the stars are in your movies?

The site is more about the newer titles from EA. I know this is a personal opinion, but one of the reasons I liked the older EA was that it was hardcore but still not abusive. Their latest directors, Rocco Siffredi and Nacho Vidal come to mind, have built their later careers on abusive sex. Once in a while Iím okay with it, but it seems that most of their scenes are rough. Same with threesomes and group sex Ė Iím not exaggerating much when I say that it is hard to find a scene with one girl and one guy. If you like that, youíll like EA. (Also, EA, with directors like Joey Silvera, seems to have a lot of TS stuff. Iím not into that and I wish they had included some of Sliveraís older work before he went a little freaky.)

Technically the site isnít perfect, but it up to par with similar sites. The navigation is relatively easy, but less thorough than it could be since you can only rely on pulldown menus. If there is an actual search function Iíve yet to find it. One technical aspect to the site does seem to be a bit unusual, but since Iím not well-versed in technical stuff Iím not sure. The problem is that file sizes seem a bit large for the resolution of the file. For example, one file I checked has a bitrate of 2568 and a resolution of 640x480 and the file size seems a bit large at 720MB. Subjectively it doesnít look as sharp as HD.

Download speeds arenít super-fast, but they are consistent. I have a 10MB/s service and would usually see total download speeds of close to 1.5MB/s. Thatís certainly on par if not a bit better than comparable sites.

The bottom line, though, is that Iíd still recommend a membership in this site. If you like new EA stuff (and like some of their older stuff too), or if you like rough group sex, then there is lots to like here Ė especially for the $9.95 fee.
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