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1. MPL Studios (2)

RLane (16) 02-17-14  01:33pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (11), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: +Zip file
+HD Videos
+Gorgeous Models
+HQ images
+Easy site navigation
+Fast Download Speed
Cons: -Not much outside shoots
-Low image count on few sets
-Not much bonus features
Bottom Line: This is a great soft-core site with lots of gorgeous models and tons of videos and over 190,000 images.

MPL has about 260+ models with daily updates. There are about 198,000+ images and over 400 videos over 10 years of work from MPL. You can expect an update every day a week with an average of 2-4 videos per month and about 1930 images per month. An average images per set vary from 53-80 with a few a month with 90+. The quality of the images are outstanding and I applaud the photographers. There are lots of models and most are veterans from other soft-core sites and a few have over 60+ image sets on MPL. There are multiple files for videos, which are; WMV, AVI, MOV for 1080 & 720 and WMV, M4V, MP4 for low quality sizes. This site also provides zip files for large, medium and small size images which would be 4000(newer sets), 3000, 2000, 1600 (older sets) and 1200 pixels.

MPL Studios has an easy navigation to view updates, models and search feature to search from hair color, country model is from, breast size and many others. The customer service part of the site is really great and they respond to your email with quick ease and knowledge of what your emailing about.

I would like to see more outdoor shots and more images for low quantity sets. I would love to have the feature to add a model, gallery or video as a favorite and also easy way to comment on them. I wish MPL would make a navigation to see models by name without using the search function in which you don't see the model's face.

Bottom line, this is a great site with lots of images and videos with lots of beautiful models. There are some improvements in feature parts of the site, but the quality of the site is awesome.
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2. MPL Studios (2)

skippy (52) 12-21-13  05:48pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (23), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Easily one of the top 5 softcore sites on the Internet.
Models are 18-25-ish, generally petite Europeans.
Lots of popular European models plus a bunch of newbies and exclusive models.
Very nicely done sets and videos.
Set management is among the best in the business (make-up, lighting, wardrobe, location, atmosphere and composition are all superb.)
Most of the models are beyond beautiful. Some could stop a 747 in mid-flight!
Models are generally not shy.
Model Eye contact with photographer is generally excellent.
Nice mix of full-body and close-up shots.
Outdoor sets are the best I've ever seen (no stalking-style girl in the woods sets here!)
All of the models appear to be enjoying themselves!
Navigation, search and voting all pretty good
Customer Service was prompt and courteous.
Cons: Really not much to list here...I have to dig deep to find things:
A "User settings" option would be nice. (Image size, thumbnails-per-page)
I'd like all set thumbnails to be on one page. Typically you have to click through 4 pages of thumbnails to see all of them in a set.
Navigation could be a little better (browsing is single thread from updates page to model-set page to individual images. No new windows for sets, thumbnails or images.)
Page back sometimes takes you back to unexpected places like the log in page.
These are all REALLY minor things, though.
I had some minor issues with IE-11. Chrome is fine.
Some might not like that there is no comment section for each model, but seeing how that tends to get abused at other sites, I don't blame the webmaster for that decision at all.
Bottom Line: I promised that I would try again to get into this site and I'm really glad I did. It is simply top-notch. Gorgeous models, really well done sets and excellent overall. Customer service when I contacted them was prompt, helpful and courteous.

This site has been around since 2003 and the collection is pretty massive. About 195,000 images and 395 videos. 1 set a day would put it at around 3600+ sets. Older sets are very well done but not quite as revealing and the resolution is not quite as high. (A few sets prior to about 2008 are non-nude or partially nude.) There appear to be about 250 models, the vast majority of whom are simply stunning. Al of the models are completely natural. I see a lot of sites where the model ratings are artificially inflated to 9. Not here. Here they are almost all 9s...or better.

Images come in three sizes both for viewing and in zip files: 4000, 2000 and 1200 on the long side. Older sets are at least 1600 and 1200.

As I mentioned above, the sets are generally excellent. In fact, I can't really recall seeing anything I didn't like. The girls are happy, friendly and open. Lighting, focus, composition, etc. are excellent.

This is generally a solo-girl softcore site, but there is a toy occasionally and some of the video sets include masturbation. Girls usually start out clothed or partially clothed but many of the outdoor sets start out completely nude.

Sets are usually about 30-40 images each. Some older sets are a bit smaller. Older sets are also a bit more conservative, although the imagery is just is good. Some older sets are also continuations (I.e. 30 shots in one release and 30 more from the same set sometime later), but it isn't enough to be a bother and they don't seem to do that anymore.

The videos, though not as common, are somehow better than many of the comparable sites. I think this is because the girls tend to interact with the camera more. In many of the videos, You get this little "you like?" look once in a while. Why yes, yes I do!

All sets are properly dated and there is NO recycling. Every set all the way back to 2003 is unique as far as I can tell. Some sets seem like they might be a little older, but they are otherwise unpublished. And the girls in those "new old stock" sets are gorgeous enough for you not to mind at all.

Another really nice thing is that the highest resolution of each image is native. An image displayed in 4000 was actually shot in 4000 or higher. (Occasionally you may find an low-light inside set shot near the ISO limits of the camera, which tends to make the largest images a little grainy, but that's not because of resizing.) Older shots at 1600 or 2000 were shot in that and not resized. there isn't a single fuzzy or up-sized image on the entire site as far as I can tell! Kudos to the team for that!

About the only negative I can find on the entire site is the single threaded browsing. No new windows open when you drill down. This is probably to keep the website traffic down, but I prefer the met-art or FemJoy style where either sets or images appear in their own windows. Yes...I can type a key while clicking to open pages in a new window, but it seems like it should be a preference setting. Otherwise, navigation is good. Once in a set, you have forward, back, thumbnail and open image in any available size options.

There is another option I discovered eventually that makes navigation a little easier...there is a flip-book on the lower right side of the main page for each set. You can flip through it to an image you would like to look at and click on that image. When you do THAT a new window opens starting at the first page of thumbnails (not the image or page of thumbnails you clicked on). This little flip-book is actually pretty nice because you can quickly flip through all the thumbnails in a set. Not sure why it doesn't just take you to the image, though...

Bottom line: If you like the Met-Art or Erotica Archives sites, you will also really like this one. It easily rates up there with the best.
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3. MPL Studios (2)

luv lickn clit (23) 12-18-12  01:06am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The first thing that struck me about this site when I joined was how gorgeous their models are. You would be hard pressed to find any other site with more attractive models. The site is primarily a photo-set site, although they do have quite a few videos as well. Most of the videos are strip and masturbation, although they do have a few lesbian vids as well. The photo quality is very good to excellent overall, although some of the sets do suffer from less than top notch lighting. If you are a fan of Macy B from Met-Art, I have to point out that this site has her best and most explicit work. She is definitely one of my new favs. I joined with their current (as of Dec 2012) discount of $19.95 a month, which is well worth the price. No problems with site navigation or download speeds. They do not permit multi-threaded downloading, but thats not a problem for me, as I dont need the entire catalog.
Cons: A fair number of their models are somewhat shy, and do not do any explicit pussy photos. This applies more to the earlier than the recent models. Another minor quibble is that some of their videos are released in parts, each about 5 to 7 minutes long.
Bottom Line: Gorgeous European girls posing nude! Mostly a photo site, but more video as of late. The discount price is a great deal.
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4. MPL Studios (2)

tangub (155) 07-27-11  08:35am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (51), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill with no regional pricing
Exclusive content
Large archive dating back to 2003 featuring 210 models, 2958 photo galleries and 306 videos (168 in HD quality)
Updated 7 days a week, usually 6 photo galleries and 1 video in a typical week.
Photos can be browsed online in up to 4 sizes, typically 600, 1200, 2000 and 3000px for the most recent.
Full zip download in up to 3 size options typically 1200, 2000 and 3000px for the most recent.
Videos available in a choice of 6 download options typically an HD 1280x720 in wmv, avi, and mov, a low res 498x280 wmv, 300x200 m4v for ipod and a 176x144 3gp for mobile.
Preview area identical to members area so you can check out all the models and available content before signing up including 30 second video preview clips.
Content date stamped
File sizes and run times listed for all videos and zips.
Prompt and courteous customer support
Cons: Expensive at $34.95
Download managers not allowed
Download restriction e.g. attempting to download more than 2 zips at once is likely to get you blocked.
Download limit of 300 zips in any 24 hour period
Limited model info, model card only lists country and eye colour. It would be nice to have a little extra info like age and measurements.
Limited search and sort options for such a large photo collection.
Photo set cover not included in the zip as they do at MET.
As to be expected with any site that has been around a number of years you will find the older content to have a lower maximum resolution and fewer download options. Earliest photos often max at 1024 or 1200px and oldest videos only 320x240.
Bottom Line: MPL Studios is another one of those arty nude sites featuring a fine collection of 210 stunning young models over 90% of who originate from Russia and Ukraine. Although the ages are generally not given I would say the majority of them look 18 to early 20s so its really a site for fans of the skinny small to medium breasted Russian teen look. The photo collection is the main emphasis here with the photo sets outnumbering the videos by almost 10 to 1. Some of the most popular models here such as Alisa, Anya and Maria have an incredible amount of content with well over a hundred photo sets each.

The site’s navigation allows you to browse the collection by updates (year and month listing), a separate page for the videos or via the model directory. I have to admit I found the layout of the model directory a little odd. The models are spread over 18 pages and it seems to be in no particular order. There’s no option to sort the directory either alphabetically, by date added or by rating so if like me you like so go through the models alphabetically then the easiest way to browse the site is to select the model you want from the drop down menu in the search engine and from that models page you can browse through to the next model’s page in alphabetical order. There’s also a basic search function allowing you to search the models by country, hair colour, eye colour and breast type but quite honestly I found all the models beautiful here and just wanted to go through the collection and download the photo sets of every one of them. Those who are more selective might bemoan the lack of a more advanced search option allowing you to search the photos by type such as indoor/outdoor location, clothing/plain nude or even the ability to search content by a certain photographer.

The photography here is of a high standard and the photos always look sharp even at the highest 3000px resolution with good colour and excellent lighting and often feature the models in stunning outdoor locations. There’s a variety of shoots ranging from plain nude shoots to partially clothed and also some public flashing in city locations such as St. Petersberg which I really enjoyed.

The videos here are certainly more interesting and erotic than the usual “girl standing around being photographed” type of videos you get on these nude art sites. You’ll find some intimate masturbation scenes and some passionate two girl scenes in amongst the collection. The videos are generally around 5 to 6 minutes long and usually feature some soft background music but you can still generally hear the models moans and groans over the music.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that you also get access to free public live cam shows and if you like one of MPL’s most popular models Liliya there’s a link to join her solo site with a $10 discount.

The only problem I encountered with the site was managing to get myself locked out by day two of my membership despite reading and paying attention to their download restrictions of only 2 zips at a time so I had to email the site like a naughty school boy to find out what I’d done wrong and request to be reinstated. Apparently I had breached their download limit of 300 zips in 24 hours which I knew nothing about because at the time it was not included in their terms of use which I pointed out to the webmaster. Anyway the reply was prompt and courteous and they even added 2 days to my membership for the inconvenience and when I checked back at the terms of use a couple of days ago I noticed they’ve now updated it to include the download limit so at least they are being upfront with potential customers now.

Overall an excellent site for lovers of softcore nude photography which I thoroughly enjoyed and was tempted to score in the 90s but the higher than average price and annoying download limits and restrictions just took the edge off it slightly so I’ll settle for an 88.
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5. MPL Studios (2)

MisterMark (8) 05-16-11  01:10pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (15), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Superb models are top notch

- High production values

- Easy to navigate, uncluttered layout

- Classy feel to the site
Cons: - Would prefer another option or two concerning photo size.

- Did not see support for mass dowloading tools.

- Dowload speeds seemed to slow after a few sets.
Bottom Line: After joining MPL Studios for the first time about 3-4 months ago, I can say that I am looking forward joining again, or am I? It's no secret that MPL is proud of their site via their pricing and with it being over $30.00 American currency many balk at doing so until content is fresh again. As is the case with many of us purveyors, the site added one of my favorite models who is now up to 4 sets after my expiration and that is a clear sign that they are updating frequently.

MPL Studios is of course, a site similar to Met Art in many ways, but of late they are on top due to booking some really hot models, namely Amiele, a fine young lady who has yet to appear on Met Art. The overall quality of the site is amazing. There just seems to be very little bad content on the site IMO, making surfing easier for those who want to avoid the usual additional fodder.

While Met Art still has better resolution on their picture sets, MPL is close enough to satisfy those who appreciate beautiful young models. The sites content is still building and give this site a year or two and they will be as good as any art nude and or softcore site around. The site is obviously not for those who seek hardcore porn, but the trade off is the high quality of babe, some which have very little content floating about on the web, like a blond jewel named Heather.

There videos are well done, better than Met Art and more revealing. They could still be better but overall they are quite satisfying. MPL Studio's search features are decant as well, but simply going down the list of models was a convenient way to find the best content for this user. You can also find hot models you grew up loving, like Svetlana who has over 50 sets. And they use backdrops to their feature offerings as good as anyone in the business.

I would like to see them up the pix count on some of their photography for some sets downloaded seemed distant. MPL has a high standard of presentation and they come off professional in every way. It's nice to see the rare combination of tasteful, yet explicit sets and vids. They currently have 140,000 plus images and close to 300 videos which seem to get better as they hatch.

One of the things I noticed the first go round was that while their stable of models was really good, they needed more. Well, it seems they read my mind and have since been adding more quality models to the fold. The models do not look rough in any way. They look happy, relaxed and that makes for some good stuff. Rumor is that the site pays their models well and concentrates on keeping fresh faces coming.

Download speeds were very good, but not great. They added a new set or video everyday, so you cannot complain there with the current standards out there. They feature the usual live streaming videos and their quality is above average if this is something you seek.

I feel certain you will enjoy your experience at this site if you love well done softcore.
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6. MPL Studios (2)

nutcrackr (10) 10-24-09  07:50pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (20), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Genuine
-Great Models
-Behind The Scenes and Postcard series
Cons: -Expensive
-3000 pixels max
-No download manager support
Bottom Line: There is something special about MPL Studios that most other artistic nude websites fail to capture. The first thing I notice is how happy the models are in the photoshoots, big smiles and lots of joyful faces in most shoots. The next thing I noticed is how quite a few of the shots move away from pure nude model shots towards to the artistic side of the female body. This is shown in the bodyscape series where the camera places the body as if it was a landscape to be photographed.

Tease factor is generally quite good, most photosets will avoid extreme exposure and instead focus on amazing poses, great face shots, simpler views and sometimes the “less is more” concept – which works wonders. Some clothing, but there is more clothing in the postcard series or behind the scenes sets. The models will be present in a variety of series including videos. Videos are broken into two groups, explicit and sensual, good to see a split but they are often poorly assigned.

Set location is quite varied, outdoor and indoor, old buildings, feature walls, water, bedding etc. The sets aren’t bad in size either, 50-80 images typically. What makes the sets much more impressive is the variety of the poses and/or the variety of the camera angles and focus. There are a few exceptions but most sets contain many varied shots and models all seem to be good at posing and talking to the camera.

The models on the site are also quite high quality, with mostly Russian, Caucasian and light framed models. Many will be familiar to FEMJOY and Met-Art members but with some exclusives. The great thing about the photo quality is that the models feel real, there is no touchup work, you can see the skin texture, you can see imperfections and everything feels genuine, aside from some blurry sets the quality is good. The maximum quality is 3000px on the longest size, in general this means about 6-7megapixels. This size is starting to get on the low size compared to other sites, but because of the quality and real nature of the photos it has an edge on the competition.

Site navigation needs some work; you cannot for instance head back to the main page of a gallery once you are browsing it, it’s similar to hege-art. All images default at 600px and you must click on the smaller text sizes for larger resolutions. The website didn’t support net transport for downloads, most sets aren’t large and firefox manages most downloads well enough, no resume. Update counts are at least 1 a day, recently one or two days a week will have two updates which is like a great bonus (other sites could learn from). This helps bring up the value, MPL studios is not cheap, it’s roughly twice the price of competing sites (hegre-art, errotica-archives, met-models) for the same set / picture amount. However I think the content is definitely worth the price of admission, purely to get the genuine, artistic, engaging photo series that other sites don’t have. Will be resubscribing.
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Visit Sweet Lilya

7. Sweet Lilya (0)

Drooler (220) 09-26-09  12:19pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (82), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +High quality photos and videos of Lilya, a very sexy Russian girl
+Zips for all galleries
+154 galleries; about half are exclusive to this site alone
+Photos at least 2000 pixels on the long end; in many galleries, they go up to 3000
+Lilya's "diary" has 27 more exclusive galleries, though they only go up to 1200px
+Videos available in wmv (720x540), avi (720x528), QuickTime mov (640x480), and iPod (320x240)
-Downloads are OK. They climb into the 340kbps range.
+A decent price if you're a true fan
Cons: -Site no longer updates
-Only 25 video postings in all; 4 fewer than that if you discount the "part 2's" of video shoots
-About half of the photo galleries are also found at MPL Studios
-Lilya's "diary" is only photographs. No big deal, but the term "diary" is a bit off, IMHO.
Bottom Line: Pro or Con? Depends on you:
+/- 13 galleries are "Postcards" which may not have any nudity, but candid shots have their appeal
+/- 8 galleries are "Shoot Day" (BTS) style, and again the same comment as with "Postcards"

I took a liking to Lilya pretty quickly when I first saw her at MPL Studios. She's very sexy and photogenic. There's a chameleon-like quality about her, not only in her personal changes such as hair color and style, but also in how well she works in the variety of settings you'll find here. She can look elegant or simple, classy or frumpy cute.

She's got an infectious smile and a fabulous ass. Her tits are small -- and real.

The videos have music tracks. "Body Heat" is an appealing blend of classical guitar and Lilya exercising naked on the floor; the rear-end views are gratifying! "Ask Lilya" has her answering "fan mail," speaking in heavily-accented English and obviously reading a script from a laptop. I'm not complaining; she's very cute!

But I didn't care for the amount of content overlap with MPL Studios. I suppose you could say it's good for "pure Lilya" fans who would never join MPL, which at this time has a couple handfuls of newer galleries that aren't at Sweet-Lilya. Do such fans exist?

Myself, I got enough stuff to beef up my Lilya collection, which from MPL alone was rather small. Now I've got 5 times as much as before!

But I won't be back! No hard feelings, of course.
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8. MPL Studios (2)

Mr Fountain (50) 09-21-08  08:22am
Rookie Badge  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (38), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: # I would say a top five site for their vid collection; and some of the most beautifully photographed shoots that you'll see...
# Mpl Studios photos come through very sharp; very crisp; no loss of sharpness even at 2000 x 3000- even down to a bead of water on the models skin!
#pics come in 800 x 1200; 1200 x 800;1333 X 2000 pixels; 2000 x 1333 pixels; 2000 x 3000; 3000 x 2000 pixels and in these zips: 1200 Zip Folder 24.4 mb
2000 Zip Folder 48.5 mb
3000 Zip Folder 76.4 mb

#offers hi def vids..some of the most erotic vids..I'd put them in the top three sites for their vids... must see for vid lovers..
#hi resolution downloads:1280x720; Download wmv (272 mb); Download avi (265 mb); Download mov (190 mb; and low resolution downloads:
Play Windows wmv 498x280 (95 mb)
Download iPod m4v 320x240 (31 mb)- also DIvX
# includes lifestyle series; behind the scenes shoots for each model
# access to Anya's portfolio--- enough material for her own site--she just took my breath away..
Cons: # Mpl studios mostly offers nude, and or fashion style photography (behind the scenes, lifetyle, postcards from the edge); softcore shoots though-are left to be desired. As a member, I would like to see more models in sexy evening dresses and lingerie (although they do show models in swimsuits)
#the navigation --- twenty models avatars at a time fill the screen--though you can click their name on the left hand side..
# sometimes the shoots include too much backgound
# Mpl studios uses dramatic lighting in some shoots that casts shadows that interfere with detail on the model..
# its often real cold in St Petersburg year round..so a lot of the lifestyle shoots the models are bundled up in sweat suits and jumpers..
# lifestyle sets are often series showing the model reading, looking out the window, or sipping on some coffee.. you will have to be a fan of fashion photography to enjoy these sets..
# older sets don't include 3000 resolution.
# $34.95 monthly price
Bottom Line: IF you like nudes, and really demand ultra sharp photos. Mpl studios is the nude site is the go-to site for this type. There is not a lot of softened light shooting as the other nude sites as Mpl studios likes dramatic lighting in some of their sets. But the non softened light makes for hi rez photos...

I am a member of two nude sites this month and I am overwhelmed with the sheer amount of material... Mpl has a lot of material.. and I haven' gotten throuhg %20 of it yet...

Mpl studios is also a great site for ultra sharp vids; freeze frames from these vids could pass as hi rez photos! Their is lesbian action, models walking on the beach, or primping for you in sexy lingerie. These are some of the most erotic vids...They have about 14 masterbation vids ans well as 18 behind the scenes, and interview vids..

MPls Studios vids are great... I would put them in the top five vid sites-- though they are not the top one or two--but probably third due to their realtively small collection size (concerning the ones in HDTV)....but these are a great collection of vids that vid lovers should not deprive themselves of..the non HDTV are still hi rez..If you have hi speed, then go for it..

Before joining, I read through MPL's tour and they kept pushing had this model named Anya. I did'nt know why they didn't just focus on other models. But once I joined I went to her portfolio first...the photography is top notch.. well framed and composed.. and Anya..man she is the nude model of nude models...she made me gasp when I looked at her walking along the beach in one of her photoshoots..before I knew it..Anya had me blowing my rocks off to her portfolio two times the first day. I guess you could say am a believer in Anya and nude lovers should see a portfolio such as hers.. I haven't been through her massive collection yet..I also like Maria's protfolio..and Lilya's, Alisa's... I definately would say that I need severla months to go through their selection..Like I said I am a member of two nude sites this month and their is just no time for it all...

Mpl studios currently offers 28 in HDTV and 110 vids in hi rez. Russia: about 160 models;London: 6 models; Budapest: 7 models; Prague: 6 models.
Anya has 100 photoshoots 50-60 pics each..

I would recomend Mpl studios for membership. I would say that Mpl is a nude site worth looking into if you are a nude lover..
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9. MPL Studios (2)

exotics4me (463) 09-10-07  01:36pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Some really beautiful models that I hadn't seen before.
- Nice size pictures 3000 on high end and the pictures are nice quality in terms of the surroundings highlighting the models' beauty.
- Videos are 720 on high end but...(see cons)
- One of the best navigation sites I have been on. Everything is easy to find.
- Pics available in zip format and download speeds run about average for me.
Cons: - Videos are very softcore/tease for the most part.
- Videos also take a backseat to the pictures with about 1/10th the amount of videos that they have picture sets.
- Some very skinny models that also are very pale, could be a pro if that is your thing.
- Has a 3 GB daily limit, but that is 90 GB over a month, not even for sure they have 90 GB on the whole site.
Bottom Line: I knew I would eventually join this site since they have Eve Angel material that I don't have. I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. I really fell for this one model, Lilya that they have. Kamilla is also one seriously sexy cute model. So, I didn't regret joining just for Eve's material. They also have some Sophie material which is great for the old collection!

From my count, I have used on average 2.75 GB of the 3.0 GB daily limit, for the last 22 days. So, I've grabbed nearly all of the videos and about 60% of the pictures. The models outside of a few that are way too skinny are attractive in some sort of way for me. Some have an innocent look that really looks innocent. Maybe that explains the softcore nature of the videos?

I found the site fun to be a member of. I don't know if we can ever stress how important navigation is. This site is very smooth in navigation, you can bounce from model to model, set to set, with just a click. I had to laugh a little since it does have a daily limit. Why is it the sites with limits have great navigation that makes everything easy to find?

I wouldn't pick this site over Euro Glamour Girls, but it is close. This site is almost more of a candid look at the models, some are even in jeans in their sets before getting naked. Sophie in jeans is worth a month's membership!

I will recommend it, the tour is excellent and shows a list of all the models they have. The DL Limit isn't too much of a problem. Recommended!
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10. MPL Studios (2)

jd1961 (95) 07-28-07  04:31am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very Good Site Design
-Models Are Above Average, With Some Knockouts
-Zip Photos
-Large Archive Of High-Res Photos
-Hi-Res Videos
Cons: -Videos Are Basically...Dull
-No Extras
-Non Russian Model Index Is Slim Pickings
Bottom Line: The first thing you should do when joining this site is check the Anya archive wow! As of this writing she has 46 sets there! MPL has a "vision", as long as they also have naked girls that's fine with me, but here it is in a nutshell. They have 3 different set formats. The Artistic Nude, The Erotic Nude, and Lifestyle. Each girl is involved in each of these visions. Lifestyle is non nude "postcards" in different Russian settings, but don't worry, there aren't many. Artistic nudes are actually more erotic than other similiar sites. The Erotic nudes are very good, and there are plenty of these sets. That's their vision. Anya will make you lose your vision Lol. The models are split into 4 categories: Russia, England,Hungary,Czech Republic. Forget England. Hungary and The CR are sadly disappointing. But who cares, because the bulk of the models come from Russia. And they are great. I'm a photo collector primarily, and this site does not disappoint. Zip files are provided, and the photos come in 3 sizes for downloading: 1200x800, 2000x1300, and a whopping 3000x2000 that makes it seem that Anya is sitting in your lap! The videos come in 3 formats: WMV, MOV, DivxAvi, all 1280x720 with a low res option as well. To me, the videos are dull, the usual stuff for these model sites. If you like that, these will please you I guess. The photos are spectacular, and plentiful. MPL is very paranoid about their material, as they ask members to rat out other members who post their stuff for free.

***Extra point for great technical support***
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11. MPL Studios (2)

Drooler (220) 06-03-07  03:39am
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Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: +Some great quality exclusive photography of very pretty girls of the Russian Federation
+Max pic sizes 1600, 2000, or 3000 from at least the fall of 2005
+Archives that go back to Sept. 2003; complete thumbs listing in public area
+Eye-pleasing site design
+More recent videos in 1280x720
Cons: -Very annoying placement of zip files away from the galleries. You must FIND the model in an index based on shoot location (as if you know), then find the gallery (sometimes among MANY).
-Overly complicated navigation
-Max pic sizes in galleries vary, but not shown in the updates section
-Too much “artsy” stuff with props, excessive darkness or light, blurriness
-Non-nude “postcard” photosets (a plus for some)
-Some non-exclusive, poor quality content from early in the site history
Bottom Line: As a repeating member (first in Dec. 2003, when it only cost $20), I can say that it certainly has gotten better in the visual site design and in the quality and sizes of the pics. But it needs further improvement:

1. Navigation. Gallery thumbs should just open to the gallery, not to the frivolous “cover shot.” Pics in galleries should open in a separate window. Zips of all sizes should be accessible from INSIDE the gallery. (Too many sites don’t do this. What’s so non-intuitive about it?) And right now, zips are only of the largest size, and fucking hard to get to.

2. Transparency. In the updates and the model pages, put all of the pic sizes under each gallery thumb, as in “800/1200/1600.”

3. Model indexes. Do away with the shoot location indexes, and just have an alphabetical model index listing by thumbs, and not that growing, long list of text-only names next to the thumbs.

4. Photos. Fewer poses of the model looking away from the camera. Do the “art” in a way that will also please the average, horny philistine.

I really like this site. It has a personality all its own, and you do get a sense of intimacy with these nubile, post-Cold War cutie pies. But it’s got more layers than a Matryoshka doll, all over the place.

Please: Simplify.

Correction: Zips of photosets are of 2 or 3 sizes ("hi res" 2 and 3000; "low res" 1200). My apologies for the error! They've also upgraded their server and I've found the response to be faster with pages and a bit faster with zips.
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12. MPL Studios (2)

nadiencendia (83) 03-17-07  10:37am
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Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Very, very classy pics
-Very hot girls
Cons: -A bit pricy
-Less videos than pics
-Very softcore
Bottom Line: While I was a member, I had no download problems whatsoever. The girls are hot and the pics and videos are very well done. However, I wouldn't recommend this site for anyone looking for hardcore stuff, just for beauty lovers.
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