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1. Porn Mastermind (1)

Pyrenees (26) 07-15-15  09:34am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (5), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: There are some pros to this site.

1) If you love seeing teenage girls, with tans, oiled up and given the old in out in out real horror show then you will love this site.

2) Most of the scenes follow formulas so you know what your getting. If you like the formula you will like the site. Example 1 Fucked hard 18 starts with the girl stretching, undressing, massaged, spoon sex, missionary, Standing doggy, doggy, cowgirl and finishes with missionary Cream Pie or Facial. Example 2 Massage girls 18 starts with undressing, boy massaged, Blow job, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl and finishes in missionary with Cream pie or Facial.

3) There are two bonus sites.

4) You get a lot of updates for free from other sites trying to get your business. This is a new experience for me. I got a August Ames scene from Jules Jordan.com for free. Same with a Jynx Maze scene. Who could complain about free great scenes from other sellers?
Cons: There are some cons.

1) Only about 50% of the scenes are in 1080p HD. But they are of exceptional quality of 3-5 GB files.

2) If you do not like the formulas the sites offer then you will hate the sites. Example I am a lover of doggy style which pretty much made Massage Girls 18 a worthless site to me personally.

3) The bonus 2 sites are of mediocre quality and are really small. But I did find a great foursome with Whitney Westgate that was a must have.

4) Updates are few and far between. As a matter of fact I would guess this site was dead except the bonus free scenes update 3-5 times a week. So there are always new free scenes if you are a member just not where you want them.
Bottom Line: I had wanted to join this site for over 5 years and I am glad I took the plunge. The whole Massage then doggy thing is a real deal sealer for me and I found 50 scenes I had to have in my personal collection.

The bottom line is if you like teenage, lubed, tanned girls (Some of the hottest pornstars like August Ames and Riley Reid) get it dealt to in a reliable formula then this is the site for you.

I give this site my seal of approval. At least for a one month buy where you can fill out your collection.
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2. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

exotics4me (463) 07-11-12  06:23pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Very high quality, niche heavy site.
- High percentage of pretty models.
- Lots of download options (on newer scenes), newer videos go up to 1280x720 resolution. Newer photo sets top out at 1600 high end and come zipped.
- Navigation is a little harder than it should be at first. Once you figure it out, it's very easy.
- Could be a con, setting is the same in every scene. Though the room is actually quite pretty and easy on the eyes with its colors.
- Could also be a con. Every scene is of a firm, young woman being massaged then sex. Could be a con for those who bore easily.
Cons: - I was a little frustrated with the video options. There are some videos with multiple quality options, others with just one, including some newer ones that only have the "ultra HD" option which is usually near 1 GB in size. Also have scenes that are showing unusual resolutions. Will further in BL.
- Nearly every model is slim. I put this because I know there are others who at least like some variety in model shape and size.
- Site is pretty small since "bonus" sites only allowed me to stream.
- Biggest con for me is that the site/scenes lacks much personality. In a one month membership, I did download 27 models, but according to their folder stats, all were done on 3 separate days and what is "hard" about it?
Bottom Line: I'm approaching this review similar to how I did Teen Mega World. Outside of a few exceptions, nearly all the models here are slim. I know it's probably implied by the 18 in the name of the site, but then again, there's not a lot of "hard" sex here so you get my point. It looks like from the set ratings the more built models are very popular with members. So it surprises me they don't try to get more built models in.

I don't have too much of a problem with formulaic, but the content here is very formulaic, to the point of most of the scenes being predictable right down to the point of being able to guess (within a few minutes) when the massage stops and the sex starts. As with any site with young models, this leads to the model needing to elevate the scene which as we know can be a problem. Some seem really bored. I don't like porn where the male becomes a major part of the dialogue, but neither the male or female do much talking. Not for sure if they're going for a voyeur feel for the viewer, which is possible since the newer scenes have added a "shower" video of each model washing off after the scene. I think it would be even better if they focused on the stripping of the model instead of trying to make the model look nervous and cautious. That's the idea, maybe a scene or two of the model seducing the masseuse into doing more than a massage? Seems like the storylines with this niche are nearly unlimited, woman mad at boyfriend/husband goes to get massage and ends up cheating, seduction, etc...

For some, I would think the biggest complaint is that there isn't anything here that made me think "That's really hard sex". Maybe I should stay away from the Kink sites, but on a 10 scale, I would rate the hardness of these scenes at 5 or below.

The good parts, the models are all very pretty. They are mostly firm and end up oiled, which is always a good thing. I shouldn't say there are only slim models, since I did find 27 attractive enough to download and keep, but the curvier models really do stand out here like Isis Taylor.

I didn't notice the video quality differences until after my membership ran out. The majority of these scenes I have are 1000x564 resolution. Not that I mind that since I prefer 1280x720 max, for hard drive space, but I don't remember if that odd resolution is listed as the highest option. The options can be confusing. Some of the newer videos only have a ultra high video option. For those looking to save hard drive space or who have a slow internet connection those may be a pain to download.

The picture sets seem to follow suit in being confusing. The 1024 zips contain pictures that top out at 1500 long end.

There is one other complaint that I didn't consider a con since it's one that may not bother others and normally doesn't me. This site only updates once per week. They have quite a bit of older scenes that are 640x380 and that's the top resolution available. I understand this type of porn is probably expensive to make, but as others have mentioned Massage Creep does it while offering a full network of other sites to go with it. I also think Brazzers has gotten in on the massage scenes plus they have an entire network too. Why not remaster those older scenes, maybe 1-2 a week to help beef up the "one" update per week? And like a lot of sites, it seems some of the best scenes are only available in the lowest quality.

I did join the site through a promo or probably wouldn't have taken a chance on it. At the current price, I don't see myself returning to it. The varying score applies here too. If you like slim models, massage, add 5 points to the score. If not, subtract 5 points since I was okay with it and kind of in the middle. I like the oily massages.

Overall though, I wasn't that impressed with the content because of the scene to scene sameness which goes beyond formulaic. Most of the models look similar too. So beyond, talk, act apprehensive, fall to the seduction of the massage, have sex, you also get models who are similar build. In a way it reminds me of Amateur Allure where you had the feeling you were watching a guy live out his fantasies by posing as a porn site instead of creating porn people would want to see.

I still would recommend it for one month since the content is exclusive. I just wouldn't have high expectations unless you do prefer slimmer models. This number puts things in perspective. When I was on the site there was 226 models (June 2012). I have 27 model folders from it, so I only downloaded around 12% of the models. I would give more information on the bonus sites, but I only saw stream options for those and didn't fool with them.
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3. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

rearadmiral (384) 01-08-12  08:13am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 240 videos
- Streaming and downloads available
- Updates with one video per week
- Pics offered (with zips)
- File names use the model’s name
- Male talent knows their role
- Excellent selection of lesser-known models
- Simple but effective site design
- Supports download managers
Cons: - Only one file type for download (wmv)
- Model name usually only includes her first name
- Only one anal scene
- Files added after May 2, 2009 start streaming when you open the link (make sure your sound is turned down!)
- Odd process won’t allow you to browse the site while downloading anything – you get a message that the server is down for maintenance
- No search function but can browse by model name and categories (tags)
- Not much variety
- Site name doesn’t give clue of the specific niche
Bottom Line: Fucked Hard 18 is a single themed site, the theme being massages that end in sex. I learned I had an interest in this niche when I was a member of Massage Creep and have been looking for good massage sites since then. Thankfully several PU members recommended this site because the site name gives no indication of the theme.

The site started on December 29, 2008 and now has 240 videos posted. The site updates by adding one new video a week. For those who prefer files other than wmv format, you’re out of luck. That’s all they offer for downloads. Streaming is also available. The files changed as of May 2, 2009. Prior to that there is only one resolution offered, 640x480 @1200 kb/s. After that date two resolutions are offered for downloads, 1260x720 @ 3200kb/s and 1000x564 @1600kb/s. Streaming is unchanged. All files use wmv codec 9 and play at 30fps. Subjectively, both versions look good. One word of caution for the post-May 2009 videos – selecting the link opens to a new page (as happens with the pre-May videos too) and when the page loads the video starts streaming. This is a pet peeve of mine as it hogs bandwidth and can be an unpleasant surprise for anyone who forgets to turn their speakers off. Webmasters: please don’t do this!

All scenes run from approximately 35 mins to just under an hour.

A potential problem with single-themed sites like this is that the scenes can be repetitive. That criticism can be directed at FH18 because the only thing that changes in the scenes is the girl. The setup is pretty much identical in every scene: the camera opens on a long view of a massage table, the girl walks in, usually by the camera so we can see her ass, she sits on the table and waits for the masseur to come in. He comes in, they introduce themselves. The setup is that she has been selected for a free massage because they are filming a training video. The girl gets naked, gets on the table and the massage begins. One thing I really like is that the masseur (who is the same in all the scenes) uses lots of oil.

One aspect of the scenes that I wish was different is what happens before the sex starts. I think Massage Creep does the setup better. MC has the masseur introduce himself to the girl and then he leaves the room while the girl gets undressed and slips under a sheet on the table. The camera acts as sort of a Peeping Tom while this is going on and the masseur peeks in too. Then the massage starts and it is played straight for a while before it becomes sexualized. With FH18 the masseur is in the room as the girl undresses and gets on the table. The massage quickly becomes sexualized with the masseur deliberately going for the naughty bits very quickly.

There is almost no variety in the scenes. There is only one anal scene, one lesbian scene, and one or two scenes with two girls. Model types are almost exclusively young, petite and natural. There are a few ‘enhanced’ girls, but not that many, and only a few sport a lot of ink.

Two things take this site from ordinary to extraordinary:

1) The models are stunning. The models are mostly ‘porn stars’ in that most of them have a listing on IAFD, but they aren’t ‘big’ stars in that they usually only have a handful of titles to their credit. Some A-listers do appear. While I like most of the A-listers, it is refreshing to see some models that I don’t know. (One beef is that while the site uses the model name in the scene name, they only use her first name. That can be frustrating with some obscure models with relatively common stage names like ‘Amber’ or ‘Natalie.’ I’d prefer her full name so I can source more if I want.)

2) The male talent and crew know how to make good porn. The guy in the scene does an excellent job of never getting in the way or trying to upstage the girl. The cameraman and male talent clearly understand that the scene is about the girl, not the guy. They both do their best to show the girl off. Many other websites could learn a lesson from these guys.

Pictures are available, but this isn’t a picture site so they are really just an afterthought. Zips are available. Resolutions on newer pics are good at 996x1500.

The site itself is simple, but it doesn’t need to be complex. There are multiple pages of scenes and you can sort by model and categories.

There are four bonus sites and several ‘DVD’ sites offered with the membership but those are streaming only.

One annoyance is that you can’t browse the site while downloading. Attempting to do so gives you a blank screen with a message that the server is down for service.

Overall, this is a site that is really better than I expected. The single theme and the lack of variety would suggest a lower score, but the amazing models and the site’s ability to show them off to their best without the guy ever upstaging the girl pushes the site beyond the average. I highly recommend this site.
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4. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

selphy (15) 10-11-11  12:18pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (18), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Beautiful US teen girls, most semipro, some EU, some famous pornstars
-The main theme is fantastic (in my opinion) and attractive if you like massage.
-Some superlative scenes very cool, also if they are "simple fucking scenes"
-Good numbers of scenes (about 200)
Cons: -They could improve the speed connection (sometimes the server can't respond to your click, especially when downloading a file). It not possible to manage 2 file simoultaneously with your DM
-Price is high (for that kind of site): there is not (significant) extra content.
-I like that Main Theme but, ALL THE SCENES ARE TOO SIMILAR. I can' understand why there is not variations: no titfuck (there is a lot of OIL in through the set..), no pussylick, no anal, not final BJ, damn...it could be a simple way to grow the site (and the members too) !!!
Bottom Line: FuckedHard18 has a unique theme: "hard massage".
You like or not, it depends on your taste but the theme is clear before you join the site.
I like too much this "main theme" that is similar to Trickymasseur (a site of TMW network).
That is: a US teen (young and fresh, sometimes a famous pornstar as Aletta, Angelica Heart, Dani Jensen or another semipro girl) enters the studio with a massage bed. The guy starts the massage all over the body (tits, pussy and back) and then she start to blowjob and the fuck.
It starts a SIMPLE, plan vanilla fucking !! That is a good fucking, but without variety !!
The same three or four (or five) positions, no titfucking (that is simple to imagine with a lot of oil massage all over the girl), not a pussylick, not anal (!!); also the cumshot is plan. There are also fantastic shot (facials and crempie) but I can say that the most of scenes (about 200 files) are similar.
I ask the Admin why there isn't so much variety to the site, but he didn't respond to me.
There are a lot of beautiful us teen and in the end I can say that you can join the site is you like the main Theme; I also say if you really want to see that kind of massage you have to join Trickymasseur (a lot of anal sex, beautiful Eu girls, it is quite different and complementar to FH18).
I said: 200 files, the most recent at 1280 (about 50 files), others (about 100) at 1000, and the othes at 640. Quite good.
The site is simple (as the scenes....) the navigation is plan, you have 3-4 update every month; but the speed is quite low. You can't download two files simultaneously or you can't change the page of the site while you're downloading a file...: this is not so good, but with some patience you can see all the scenes in a month....
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5. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

Rotterdam854 (Disabled) 01-10-11  06:13am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (17), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: • Unique storyline,content,hardcore action intense
• Models are fresh,pretty,teens with good attitude
• Pure Hardcore,nothing bizarre,no,toys,bestiality
• Distracting themes like Live Sex,Fetish avoided
• Tempo,Intensity,Excitement ensure satiated sex
• Masseuse,forever single initiates/helps sex
• Creampies are amazing,Some Facials are great
• Older female pornstars look better in this site
• Models if not virgins,have first hardcore here
• Sexual awakening of virgins is a hot theme here
• Anal Sex,Sex Toys,Dildo,Masturbation avoided
• Support for FTP Servers like DAP,Orbit,Others
Cons: • Models with bust,ass enhancements are a turn-off
• Video footage reduced from 40/30min to 20/15min
• Viewers get to see fewer sexual positions now
• Responses to comments,views never acknowledged
• Good Bonus content features have only streaming
• Bonus scenes feature more DP,Solo,Toys scenes
• Very limited innovative themes,action,position
• Very limited video options,only wmv,no MP4,QT
• Expensive for not purely HD 1080i/H264 videos
• Video downloads sizes are enormous,apprx 800Mb
• FTP Downloads slow,takes 45mins on 20Mbps line
Bottom Line: Fucked Hard 18 will always be an enjoyable site despite pros & cons. It's definitely fun,watchable & enjoyable provided boredom & incumbency don't creep in.The underlying theme should be banished from the mind & each episode should be seen in isolation.Too many comparisons should not be read between each as its a limiting feature.Don't expect to see many big pornstars here like other sites like massagecreep or massage-parlor as the glitz & pomp are toned down immensely making for exciting sex. For best results imagine yourself in the position of Jake (Masseuse) & what you would or could do in such an inviting scenario.That is the real beauty of the site,probably why I choose to return here every now & then.

Viewers looking for good clean & exciting fun & truly unbelievable sex must try this site at least once. It's quite a new theme but unlike other sites the girls, ambiance & themes make it quite pleasurable.Many of the girls are first timers here, its after an experience here on FH18 that they make a mark.With that in mind, you can always live with the sexual satisfaction that you saw your favorite before anyone else.

On the quality & price front it's a gamble as many sites have spruced up their download video types, quality & offer immense customization unlike FH18
Pricing will suffer as users have to go for an extended subscription to obtain a rebate for example $60 for 60 days (with 1 free month) as against $ 30 for a single month. The rebate works out to 35% which is all that you can get here

Overall, a well recommended site but facing stiff competition in terms of bonus content,quality & media offerings. It remains to be seen if they will revamp their offerings & be more customer friendly.
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6. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

squirrel (8) 01-09-11  01:11pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (17), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Great girls: I expect anyone will find many favorites here.

Great sex: This is REAL sex.

Great photography: All the camera angles I want to see, good lighting, just incredible video.

Great concept: You can see these great female bodies virtually like you've never seen before.
Cons: You could quibble about a few minor things, but it JUST DOESN'T MATTER. The content is so good, and there's nothing really "wrong" with anything -- the site is fine, the navigation is fine -- just download and enjoy!
Bottom Line: This is the biggest no-brainer in the history of Internet porn! Yes, you DO need to get yourself some of this stuff!

This is the proverbial "banging the babysitter like a screen door in a hurricane." I have gotten SO TIRED of the Euro stuff that's far more "posing" than actual sex. Boy, is this the perfect antidote to that nonsense!

The girls are just great -- mostly free of the insane, disgusting, filthy tattoos and the woefully misshaped breast implants that you see so much in other sites. Most are just like the cute little young things you see walking around in your local malls. Wonderful!

The content is also refreshingly free of anal, dp, and other nonsense I just don't want to see. I just want to see "normal" sex, done well. Who on Earth decided that everything needed to be anal DP with women who have gross, fake tits and are covered in filthy tattoos?!? Gosh, how nice it is to see "normal" sex with "normal" cute, young girls, all done exceptionally well? Wonderful!

Yes, I gave this a score of 100 -- I can't imagine that anyone wouldn't want to drop a month's subscription and grab a bunch of this stuff. Sure, it's a bit repetitive, but the girls are all different, and that's what it's all about. The camera angles are exactly what I want to see, and the massage table concept provides FABULOUS views of the female body that are just wonderful to see.

The massage concept also includes "the oil," which makes the great bodies glisten, and provides for lots of touching and stroking the body -- it's just more of what's good and different about this site.

In the end, it's just great, great content, and the site allows you to go through everything with ease. Perhaps it's all on a "modest" scale, but it's all very well done, and very much worth your time and money to subscribe. Great stuff!
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7. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

Goldfish (67) 03-14-10  07:35pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (44), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Stunning models. Euro girls watch out! CA is catching up on you.
+ Great navigation features. Can use calendar to browse by date posted or browse by girl.
+ Good live sex cam page.
+ Weekly content updates
+ Great quality, near HD vids
+ Good quality Flash videos if you choose to watch online.
Cons: - Scenes somewhat repetitive.
- It would be nice to see some ethnic variety in the girls. (All white)
Bottom Line: Wow! Lately I've been feeling like I've seen it all and there is nothing new or exciting out there in the online porn world and then this site comes along and knocks my socks off!

I usually judge a site on how many videos I download and keep. This site comes as close to 100% keep as I've come with any site in recent memory. Really hot, oiled up women being massaged and then fucked. How can you beat that? I did delete a few clips just because the girls were only beautiful versus stunningly beautiful or the scene was hot but not super hot.

My only minor complaint is the video scenes are a bit repetitive. The guy gives the same interview and even seems to repeat the same sexual positions with each girl.

Over all a great site -- loved it!
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8. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

Shasta90418 (4) 02-20-10  07:38pm
Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Very cute, hot girls! Actually, they are the same girls you'll see shopped around the rest of the porn industry, but there's something about the way this site is set up that makes them look way hotter than in other venues. Or maybe it's that there isn't that much setup to this site at all - less is more and the lack of over-production means you can concentrate on the sex. Anyhow, these girls look natural and fresh - like women you might actually meet in real life.

The quality of the clips is very good. You can see everything. The set is bland and the scenes are formulaic, but that only makes the action more striking.

The creator of the site is obviously listening to the feedback on here - there is more masturbation in the more recent clips, more creampies (yay!).

The site is designed the way you hope a good site would be: easy to navigate, dated updates, no download problems, no DRM, growing every week.

Every hot new porn star should have to rotate through this site.
Cons: The masseuse is a little too rough, and the look on some of the model's faces shows it. Like other reviewers, I don't like hitting or hair-pulling. A little finesse would increase this site's hotness by a factor of ten.

Some of the models get into the act a bit better than others.

Bonus sites are worthless because they only allow streaming.

Photos are screenshots and suffer in quality and posing.

Not much else is wrong ...
Bottom Line: I LOVE THIS SITE - in fact, it may be my favorite porn site ever.

The concept is pure genius. Girls comes in for a massage, sexual tension builds, differential nudity/power situation, girl gets turned on and initiates sex. Very original and very erotic. And because the formula is actually somewhat plausible, it's very easy for the viewer to put himself in the position of the guy - lucky guy! That some of the models begin masturbating spontaneously when they are rolled over is ... my God ... simply beautiful. There's something about a woman actively shopping for sex that is devastatingly hot. Maybe have her pay the guy before she gets undressed! Hhhhuuuuhhhh ....

This site has none of the bored-stripper-who-just-needs-the-cash-for-meth feel to it. And absolutely none of the IKEA furnitured-primary colored-overlit-Russian crackwhore with blown pupils feel of Euro sites. It's exactly the opposite. Maybe it's because the director gets these models young before they are jaded by the rest of the industry's gross-out tactics. Yes, it can get a bit hokey after watching the tenth one ("gosh, where should I put my panties?") and some of the models look awkward in the role, but who cares? The ones who get into the act are great!

Some close ups would be nice. A dash of anal, perhaps? A few more MILFs (not the jaded kind) would be good, too. I like what you've done with the just-outside-the-strike-zone-creampie endings - I've always believed they were more erotic (and more personally familiar) than the obligatory facial cumshot.

Some of the scenes could be improved if the girl could play up the role of being the sexual aggressor a little more ... sometimes the masseuse has to start the ball rolling by taking her hand and pushing it towards his dick - which breaks the spirit.

Otherwise, I can only hope this site will grow and go viral. The rest of the industry should study this new Tarantino.

(tossing roses) Genius! Bravissimo! Truly a work of art that brings tears to the eyes ... and other bodily secretions elsewhere.
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9. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

dracken (246) 01-13-10  12:25pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (63), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - around 104 scenes and there are weekly updates. The site having a very nice calendar that lets you see when the update is coming and what it contains.

- around 104 photos of very nice quality (older ones are around 900 x 600 and newer ones are around 1500x1204) the photos are taken during the shot and the girl doesn't always pose for the camera (there are a few closed eyes and funky looks, but there are usually over 400 images per scene)

- In my opinion some gorgeous models, look at Sandy one of my favorites or Jamie. The girls look cute and their bodies are gorgeous (someone mentioned the plastic-y boobs, yes some of the models have fake boobs but most don't, the oil and post production makes some models looks a bit glossy, like a playboy image but for me that made the whole site better.)

- 8 bonus streaming sites focused on teens

- no problems downloading or streaming, everything was smooth for me

- the whole massage idea makes for a new take on porn. Nice!
Cons: - the search function on the site is a bit disappointing as the categories don't always work. Right now that isn't a big problem as there are only 104 scenes but as the site grows it might become a hassle.

- right now the site is a bit empty and more videos/more bonus features would be nice. Also there are no DP or anal scenes as far as I could tell. We do have some nice facials and a creampie or two.

- some of the videos can get repetitive and there is no reason why the girls pretend that they are in a real massage saloon. They should just go ahead and admit this is a porn, take a more realistic approach IMO. No toys, no anal or group sex could make it boring for some.

- some of the photos are not as hot as they could be due to lack of girls posing.

- making more of a show out of the girls stripping would be nice, it feels a bit rushed right now.
Bottom Line: This site is like revisiting the first playboy you ever saw. The girls are simply hot, nice large breasts, round butts all oiled down and perfectly smooth. There is none of the nonsense from other sites, no sybians or double anal penetrations, no humiliating the girls or squirting (although a few of the girls do cum or pretend tp very realistically)

This is a site about fucking hot, young girls, nothing more, nothing less. This can be a bit strange for someone who visits large networks and is used to seeing everything from mature to lesbian anal dildoing with one password, but you know what this site works. The videos turn you on and they often feel more like making love than getting that down n' dirty feel of most porn sites. This is the kind of porn site you could watch with your wife/ girlfriend before a passionate night of sex.

Now of course the site is not perfect and the search could use some work, the scenes could be a bot more diverse and I would appreciate a more realistic approach instead of the whole "mom sent me to get a massage" spiel. However, they are adding videos quickly and expanding very nicely. I will certainly keep my membership here for a while.

Bottom line: wholeheartedly recommended for those times you feel like watching sex, not the messed up internet porn most sites have.
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10. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

Drooler (220) 04-04-09  11:16am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (82), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +HOT SEX the way I like it
+New member’s area is easy to navigate (old member’s area was kinda funky in more ways than one).
+66 scenes and counting
+Dates of publication are shown
+Mostly excellent American girls; 65 different girls to date (Eden came back for a second "session")
+Exclusive content
+Videos available full scene or in segments
+640x480 wmv., acceptable 1589kbps bitrate
+200-500 pics per scene, rarely fewer, sometimes more
+Zips for pics
+Member involvement (comments, polls, scene ratings)
+Models of next two future scenes announced
Cons: -Updates just once every Saturday (but things take time!)
-Most pics are 900x600px (or reverse); from "Melissa” Feb. 21, 2009 on, tall pics are 1500 tall and wide pics are 1024 wide. (Is that really Melissa Lauren?)
-Don’t like the ass slapping (and reddening) and hair pulling
-Doesn’t show file sizes of zips or vids on the pages (does show time length of the segment clips)
-New members area has a bit of finishing to do, but only in non-essential ways
-Visitor’s pages aren't bad, but they don't seem to preview all of the content; don't give a quick enough idea of who all of the models are; don't do justice to new member’s area
-Bonus sites (4 of them) are streaming-only
Bottom Line: OK, you fucktards. What? It's FuckedHARD? Ohhhh, oh I see. Yes, that's very different. Well, then ... never mind ...


(remember Emily Littela?)

I really, really love this site! Sure, it’s the same scene over and over again: Girl comes in for massage appt., gets asked “a couple of questions,” gets rubdown, THEN (and this will surprise you) ... she gets boned silly.

But it’s the way they have sex that I just love! Lots and lots of backdoor action, on the table edge, on the red wedge, on the blue wedge, flat out on the floor! There are 2-3 “mini-scenes” of this in every episode. There’s almost no group sex, nor anal sex, nor fiddling around with “accessories.” This is all quite fine by me.

Hey, check out this week’s poll question: “What position do you most enjoy watching the girls get fucked on the massage table?” All of the choices involve backdoor sex. Yeah, this site is al-l-l right!

And the girls are mostly hot looking and high in “fucktitude.” The way Lexi Belle gyrates her ass. The way that fit petite newcomer Evah (seen also at KarupsHA , ATK Galleria, etc. as Eve, Eva, ...) takes it both hard, fast and deep and savory-slow. Well, I could go on ...

So I will: Alyssa Hall, Taylor Tilden, Tanner Mayes, Tristan Kingsley, Kagney Lynn Carter, Stephanie Sage, Eden, Nika, Nicole Raye, Sandy Sweet, Kacey Jordan, Ginger Lee ...

A special mention goes to Priscilla! I've not seen her before, but she's just incredible. Beautiful, with a firm, smooth and very round ass, lustrous hair, and a darling mouth and eyes. AND a low, sexy voice. The backdoor sex just goes on and on and on. The vid is nearly 55 minutes. Don't miss!

I applaud this site for its “no-frills formula” approach because it’s the right one -- IMHO, of course. (Sure, with all of the “wedge and edge” business, there’s not much of the pure “belly down flat,” but it’s still good.)

I mean, it’s not a “wedge issue” (cymbal crash).

Certainly with the new, recent improvements, this site has a lot more to offer than it did when it was first reviewed here.

Was temped to rate it higher. With yet higher quality vids (larger dimensions and faster bitrates), I would have. Still, I highly recommend this site.
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11. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

cblodg (9) 10-01-07  08:18pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (15), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Definately some hot girls here
-Who wouldn't want to get a girl in the situations they show on the site
-Video quality is pretty good
-Price is right
Cons: -Not at all 100% exclusive as the site claims as a couple of models have been seen elsewhere.
-Videos are so broken up it is not funny
-No "full vid" download option
-Their included DVD section takes you out to a download site, which you then have to pay for the download.
-Not a "realistic" situation?
Bottom Line: okay here it is... the situations are great! As I asked above, who wouldn't want to get a hot girl in a situation where you are giving her a massage + then some!

That's pretty much where the good ends. The site has only got a few models at this point and their vids are so broken up you'd need all the king's horses just to get them together again. In my eyes this is the biggest con for this site, and it is enough for me not to continue with even the cheap price.

My recomendation is not a high one at this point. Better can be found elsewhere, but for what you get here it is okay.
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Visit Fucked Hard 18

12. Fucked Hard 18 (0)

pornseeker (0) 09-28-07  03:51am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hot Girls
- great looking set
- very erotic
- hard fucking action
- nice camera work
- editor cut version of the videos is excellent jack-off material!
- included several bonus teen niche site and 100's of teen DVDs
Cons: - The site seems to be new. New models have been added since I joined but they need more.
- some of the photos look like no flash or lighting was used
Bottom Line: Hot girls fucked hard! Thats what I like!
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