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Visit Teen Models

1. Teen Models (0)

badamsiosllc (0) 07-18-14  02:35pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Pretty girls, no doubt about it. All movies are HD.
Cons: 4 out or 10 girls have NO pictures OR movies. Downloads are horrible. 300K when I usually get 2000K. (Or 2 MB) Streaming it a JOKE! They all stop and start all the way through the movie.
Bottom Line: Don't waste your time. What did they say, 260 girls? 40% have 0 pictures and 0 video. That's actually 156 girls.
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Visit Teen Models

2. Teen Models (0)

slutty (111) 09-25-10  02:46am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (47), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 09-26-10  12:01am  (Update History)
Reason: Deleted note that bonus content may not be exclusive per webmaster's response
Pros: -Good variety of attractive ladies, mostly younger euro models
-Excellent download speeds (I averaged better than 1 MB/sec)
-Good quality photography, both size and general photography
-Zip downloads of photosets in 3 sizes
-Decent navigation
-Good bonus content
-Good price with PU discount
-Decent quality videos 1280x720 3000 kbps
-Some download mangers work, DTA did, GetRight didn't
-Ladies are natural from what I can tell, there are some tattoos but nothing too nasty
-Decent sized collection, 153 models with most having a few picture sets and a couple of videos at time of review
-Exclusive content as best I can tell
-Good update schedule, 4 photo sets and 3 videos on average
-Decent navigation, model index and search.
Cons: -Bills through netbilling, which I don't like, but I suppose this is personal preference
-While the models are attractive, most are pretty common, it'd be nice if they had some fresh faces
-Bonus content is a bit iffy, "HD" video has the HD frame size (1280x720), but has poor bitrate (2000 kbps or less).
-As exotics stated, it'd be nice if they named the files a little better.
-Not a huge site, still could use some more growth.
-A bit heavy on toy use/insertions for my tastes
Bottom Line: This is a pretty decent site, especially for those that like toy/masturbation content from young attractive european ladies. As with many of these types of sites I'd prefer there were more stripping and eroticism rather than just cramming stuff up in there, but it is a pretty well done site. The quality of the photography is pretty good and the model quality in general is outstanding.

The bonus content is pretty hit-or-miss. While it does provide some additional hardcore content for those that are looking for that type of material, the quality of the content is generally subpar and the navigation/use of the bonus sites isn't the best.

As Cap'n stated in his comment, if you are looking for a good quality softcore site, this isn't it. This site pretty much fits the definition of midcore.

Overall I'd say this is a pretty good site, it could use some improvement and expansion, but worth joining if you are into young fit european ladies, especially if you like harder lesbian and solo material.
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Visit Teen Models

3. Teen Models (0)

exotics4me (463) 01-08-10  11:41pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A site that caught me by surprise, great site for photo lovers with bonus content that should keep the video lovers happy too.
- Technical quality is as high as you will see on videos, 1920x1080. Also have lower quality options for download for those with slower connections or who prefer the smaller files.
- Pictures are 3000 long end and can be downloaded in zip files, 2000 and 1000 sizes are also available.
- Receiving about 98% my top download speed.
- Close to 150 models as of 1/7/10, many are newer models, plenty of rising stars like Angelika Black and Sonia Red, plus full on established stars like Eve Angel and Veronika Fasterova. Nice blend of American models as well.
- To my surprise, the glamour feel of the site and photos, is topped by fairly hardcore solo videos, dildos, fingers, fisting and girl/girl.
- Bonus content comes in right behind Teen Dreams on bonus content value (explain in BL)
- 100% exclusive
- Nice TBP discount
- Daily updates
Cons: - Still a newer site so the main content needs a little growth, updates are coming daily so this won't be a problem for long. Bonus content helps out with this one too.
- Similar to other sites I've reviewed lately, would like to see better filenames. These are mostly numbers. Kind of being nitpicky here.
- One of those sort of not con, but is a con, the photo sets are good enough that I would like videos of each.
Bottom Line: I'm going to start with the bonus content. You get full access to HD Porn Pass, by my count, I am going to say roughly 2,000 HD scenes. You also can get another nearly 2,000 HD scenes from their "naughty" link which is a link to Sincinema. A jaw-dropping Sarah Blake 2010 video just showed up, wow, has she grown up! You can stream those or download them.

The HD Porn Pass scenes can be searched by going to Teen Models bonus section and by either going to each niche (Soccer Milfs, Geek Girl Sex etc...) or by just going to the HD Porn Pass link. The videos are standard HD DVD quality of 1280x720. What this amounts to, to me, is our forever complaint of when are the DVD sites going to go HD? You pretty much get an HD DVD site included with Teen Models, nearly 4,000 scenes total. Good stuff in any circumstance, let alone as bonus content.

The main content at Teen Models is focused on solo/lesbian scenes. The models are almost all top-tier, Eufrat, Eve Angel, Veronika Fasterova, Sonia Red and Angelika Black to name a few of my favorites. They have the newer Sonia Red look if you're a fan of her like I am. She should be a bigger star than she is! Also, for Stracy Stone/Bijou fans, she has, in my opinion, her best content on this site, of her career. I didn't even recognize her as herself at first.

The site's navigation is easy to use. You have a model list that lets you list the models by popularity or by clicking the letters for alphabetical.

The content itself varies between solo masturbation to hardcore fisting to girl/girl/girl/girl sets. I think the bonus content adds here since it has a lot of hardcore scenes in it to balance with softcore/solo main content.

The updates give you a 7 full picture set updates per week, three 1920x1080 videos and 2 new 1280x720 videos per day in the bonus section.

One thing I should note on the bonus videos, some are split into 1-3 parts. Mostly in the niche heavy content that has a story with the set. Maybe 25% of all bonus content, none of Sincinema.

The photo sets also come with a large amount of photos, all of the sets I've downloaded have at least 125 photos and several sets go up into the 200s. Considering that you can download these at 3000 long end resolution, you're looking at 200 MB or larger zip folders for photo sets.

You can tell it's a newer site, clean layout, well-marked buttons, full of download options. Great model selection and the bonus content adds a ton of depth to the site. Niches covered in bonus, solo, blowjob, hardcore, anal, tranny, handjob, interracial, lesbian, nerdy girls, barely legal, the bonus content really is like a HD DVD site within this site. From what I can see the bonus content is also exclusive.

It's a definite recommend with an even brighter future. Speaking of future, also has a "Sneak Peek" section that lists the next 30 updates so you can know what to expect. More sites really should add this feature. Like I said earlier, it seems to do everything right.
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Visit Teen Models

4. Teen Models (0)

dracken (246) 10-17-09  05:00pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (63), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -180 HD videos in the main section of the site with about 400 other videos (non-exclusive) as a bonus. The videos are available as 1080p at 1920x1080, 720p at 1280x720 and a Standard Definition format at 640x360.

- about 300 photo galleries available in several sizes 3000px quality being the best. Zipped archives also available.

- very pretty European (hungarian, russian and other eastern european countries) and one or two american girls.

- a lot of variation, from anal insertions to lesbian and play with oneself.

- very fast servers and easy navigation. Also the search function works very well :)

- some of the bonus sites include the whole HD porn pass network as well as cable guy sex...

- very nice page detailing all the updates and even offering a trailer for most videos.
Cons: - one of my biggest sources of sadness was that they don't have a video for every photo gallery and the other way around. I would say that the photos are much better than the videos actually...

- the videos are rather short mostly clocking in at under 20 minutes...which is not bad but considering you only have around 200 exclusive shots, not a lot of actual video time...

- there are no interviews or other direct contact with the models in the videos. Music plays, models dance and masturbate or have lesbian sex...lacks a bit of personal touch.

- zipped files and movies are named critically 2472424.zip...makes it hard to figure out what exactly is what when you have 100 new downloads...

- customer support was nice about a problem I had streaming, but although I got it to work the streaming is rather slow...not a big issue ad I prefer downloading movies anyhow, but...
Bottom Line: This site is a must for anyone who likes teen models and especially if you don't care about male models being present (only penis I've seen was in the bonus section which are non-exclusive videos). The videos and photos are gorgeous and the girls look wonderful as they fist each other. There are also some very interesting insertions on this site including a banana and a baseball bat.

However if you are a video fanatic I am not sure this is the best site. Despite amazing HD video quality most videos feel a bit generic, there are no interviews with the girls like over at nubiles. Also there aren't any scenes where the girls talk...

Which brings me to my second disappointment, there isn't a very strong connection to the models. Places like Nubiles offer you bios and other neat stuff so you cna get to know the model. Teenmodels only delivers galleries and videos, great ones but very little personal connection IMO.

Now, this doesn't mean the site doesn't compete with the likes of FTV or Teen Dreams... in fact if you're looking for eastern European models this might be one of the best places for them. Just be warned that this site isn't as focused on the models personality.

Another slightly annoying problem was that all videos were named the same and sometimes when I had a very long download list some videos skipped due to some sort of error. It took forever to figure out which ones...I don't know if the error (403 error) was due to me or them...but it was annoying.

Either way, this site is awesome for anyone who loved HD porn and combined with the whole HD porn pass it's a deal. I wholeheartedly recommend buying a month and checking it out. I for one will probably not renew, but that is due to a subjective choice not necessarily a lack on the part of the site.
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Visit Teen Models

5. Teen Models (0)

xbigvmanx (14) 08-15-09  11:36am
Rookie Badge  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (19), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-16-09  03:40am  (Update History)
Reason: more changes to content
Pros: HDV plus 1080p
Different formats to download (Iphone, PSP, Quicktime, MP4, WMV)
Gallery in three sizes 800px, 1600px, 3000px
Access to several HD bonus sites
Easy Navigation
Bang for your buck
Cons: I have no complaints on this website
Bottom Line: I needed a new website to subscribe to. A website that has beautiful european girls. With only HD videos, large picture, content, and something worth my time and money and low and behold teenmodels.com.

Now most of you reading will be wondering why a website like this could deserve a 99 score? I'll explain this later in the review. The teenmodels just spells quality. The website is relatively new so with time this website will be something very special. I went bought the 59.99 3-month deal because I was impressed with the tour and the samples I saw on there. After going thru with what the site has to offer I was not disappointed simply because the amount of time it would take to download especially the bonus material.
Here's the breakdown of what you get for 29.99 or 59.99and there's approximetely 116 models from this website alone. Majority of the girls are from Eastern European. Each girl has their own profile where you can rate them, leave comments with video streams/download and picture zip file galleries and previews of other girls that would allow you to check out their profile.

The picture formats can be downloaded in three sizes
Videos come in the following sizes and formats
Windows Media HD
1280x720 - 2000k Windows Media SD
640x360 - 1000k Sony PSP
480x272 - 1000k iPhone
640x260 - 1000k Quicktime 1080p
1920x1080 - 5000k Quicktime HD
1280x720 - 2000k Quicktime SD
640x360 - 1000k iPOD
380x176 - 1000k

As for updates photo galleries are updated daily but all videos are updated every 2-3 days. The bonus sites are what help give teenmodels the reason to stay and keep you occupied in downloading or streamviewing the videos. All these sites are not your run of the mill bonus sites. They are all affiliated with HDpornpass.com. After checking them out they will keep me occupied and fill my 2tb hardrive fast. Below is what listed:
Anal Hell
Busty Solos
Cable Guy Sex
Ebony Addiction
Geek Girl Sex
HD Porn Pass
Hot Teens Kissing
India Uncovered
Jerk It Bitch

Now the reason why I believe Teenmodels deserve 99 score is because
1. High quality websites
2. Girls are stunningly beautiful
3. Easy Navigation
4. Bonus sites are a great deal

Some people might complain that there's not enough girls or you might be able to download the website alone (not including the bonus sites) in less then a month. But I am going to back up score on this. This website has a fine base line and I believe it will be one of the greater websites the porn industry has to offer.
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Visit Teen Models

6. Teen Models (0)

MargulisAZ (84) 07-22-09  01:20am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (42), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 102 vids already (all with preview clips and all have full download option or can be viewed in parts)
WMV (HD-1280 X 720 or 640 x 360) Quicktime (HD - 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, or 640 x 360) Also Ipod, psp, and iphone options.
186 photo sets (Can download full set in zip files of 3 different quality options, or view in browser)
Frequent updates (1 photo set per day and 3 videos per week)
Ultra fast downloads (2.5-3.0 mb/s)
All content is exclusive.
Access to Silver Sinema videos which also update and are all exclusive (1791 scenes currently)
Site has a great extreme edge with stuff like fisting and large toy use.
Great communication from staff.
Option to rate and comment on models.
Sneak peek area to view upcoming updates.
No unattractive models.
Site is very easy to navigate.
Cons: Web site name is a poor choice as many of these models are not teens and it is just too generic in general.
Most of these models have been seen frequently on other sites.
Extreme updates can be hit or miss as some girls really take a fisting or use a toy well while others just do pseudo fisting or weakly work the toys.
No option to view all picture sets on one page when viewing in browser. Sets are usually split into 5 or more pages you have to cycle through.
A few pic sets that definitely should have had a video as well (see point 5 below)
Bottom Line: I've never seen a site pop onto the scene as high of quality of Teen Models. NEVER. It's brand new and already rivals sites that have been out for 5-10 years. If not in quantity (which is pretty good as it is and will definitely get better over time) then for sure in quality.

1. There are basically two sections of the site. what seems to be the native exclusive content of Teen Models and then the extra stuff that comes from Silver Sinema (this is in a separate section, not mixed in with Teen Models content). The native Teen Model content is the best in my opinion, but it doesn't have near the quantity of Silver Sinema's. Also, you will find your hardcore content in the Silver Sinema section, as Teen Models has only solo and lesbian content. Still, I think there is a good balance because the Silver Sinema content features the same model quality, it's just in a different section, so if you're looking for hardcore just head over there. Silver Sinema section also contains the US models in conjunction with euro models, while Teen Models area is all euro models from what I saw.

2. One of the biggest draws is that this site also has a very nice amount of more extreme content that you don't always see with other sites such as fisting, large toy use, intense anal and so forth. I'm not really an anal fan myself but I'm sure some others will like that. The only complaint I have so far, which was addressed in the cons, is that some of the scenes just don't totally succeed as extreme. Maybe a girl has a huge toy but can barely get it in at all and doesn't really use it, or a fisting scene has a girl with too tight a pussy to really be fisting so the hand barely goes in at all. Keep in mind there are a good amount of really good extreme shoots as well, it would just be nice if ALL of the extreme shoots were full extreme and not just "attempts at extreme". It would also be nice to see a few US models thrown in the mix taking a fist or something since it's rare to see US models doing so with the laws here.

3. The frequent updates on the site is very nice and the other little bonuses are cool too such as being able to comment on particular models and the sneak peek section. I also must note that the download speeds for me were INSANELY fast. I could download a 500 mb file in just a few minutes, which is awesome.

4. The staff seems to be very willing to communicate with the consumer also which is a very big plus. I've sent a few e-mails and received very prompt replies to my questions and comments.

5. One more thing, there were a decent few pic sets that would have been AWESOME with a video to go with it of the scene, but there is just the pic set and no corresponding video which was disappointing.

Overall I highly recommend this site. It's already probably one of the best out there and hopefully will just continue to get better over time.
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