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Visit Broke Amateurs

1. Broke Amateurs (0)

rearadmiral (388) 10-03-13  06:39pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Decent sized site (135 scenes)
- Some attractive women
- Supports download managers
- Streaming available
- Lots of rimming (yes, I consider this a pro)
- Scenes are hard without being abusive
- Updates
Cons: - No HD
- Highest resolution is barely industry standard
- Seems to be using even lower resolution now
- Many broken links
- Some scenes are streaming only
- No customer support
- Some women not attractive
Bottom Line: I recently discovered that I like Ďamateurí porn. The qualifier for that is that I like porn that uses models that obviously have some interest in the adult industry and are now trying video, as opposed to a couple who record themselves and post it on the Ďnet.

The setup here is pretty much the same as used on similar sites like Exploited College Girls: the scene begins with an interview of the model, she gets naked, there is oral and then sex. I think this formula works so I donít find it repetitive, but I can see that some might. Most of the sex is vaginal, but there are several scenes that feature anal too, but not enough that Iíd consider this an anal site. One controversial sex act that does occur often is female on male rimming, which occurs in a majority of the scenes. I like watching that, so I find it a positive, but I understand that Iím probably in a minority.

Most of the scenes are around 45-50 minutes long. While the female models are asked to do things they probably wouldnít do in real life, the scenes are in no way abusive as can occur on other sites. There is no face fucking or other extreme acts like that.

Most of the models are quite attractive and there is a decent variety among body types so that most members can say they found a lot of models that suit their tastes. As with Ďamateurí sites though, there can be some models who are questionable. I swear that one of the models looks like a younger Geddy Lee. And as a Rush fan, it pains me to say that. It could have been worse though: the model could have looked like Neil Peart or Alex Lifeson.

Unfortunately the bad outweighs the good on this site. The material itself is well shot (while there is a lot of POV it is well done), lighted and edited. Most of the women are attractive and most of the sex is fun to watch. The site is let down by the web design itself and what is actually made available to members.

The site is simple and I have no problem with that. It is a small site with 135 scenes available so there is no need for a fancy layout and powerful search function. It would be nice to see some tags but I can live without those. Of the problems on the site, one of them is that the 135 scenes are only theoretically available. I didnít count them, but there are many dead links for pages and more for downloads.

Speaking of downloads, this is the biggest problem with the site: all of the older material is offered in only 320x240 resolution. (Only one download choice is offered per scene. Or, if you prefer, the only option is take it or leave it.) I canít be convinced that they were anywhere near state-of-the-art even when they were uploaded. The site did improve that when they upgraded the downloads to 720x480. Those are passable and look pretty good on a 24Ē monitor, but get pretty grainy on a large TV. More options would be better, including an HD download choice.

But wait! It gets worse!

It appears that the site may have made a choice to actually revert back to the 320x240 size. I say this for three reasons: 1) the newest update is low resolution, 2) a blog update in late August reported that the site would be only using low resolution downloads to thwart theft, and 3) a couple of emails to the site to ask if my suspicions were true went unanswered.

If itís true that the site has reverted to low res for downloads, this alone will cause me to not recommend the site and not rejoin. I get that piracy is hurting porn, and probably hurting smaller sites more than big sites, but surely there is a better way to curb piracy than kicking your customers in the balls. Iím an active porn buyer and I frequently rejoin sites, but if this is what I get, I wonít be back.

Two relatively minor issues too: 1) if you have an option for members to contact you, you should read your email and respond. If you donít respond, then donít make the option available, and 2) the third most recent update features a stunning young lass who puts on a great performance, but for some reason it is only offered in streaming. This really cheesed me off, and my reasonable question on future availability went unanswered.

As for some technical stuff, the site updates with approximately one new scene being added weekly. It also supports download managers with no obvious timeouts or download limits.

This is some decent amateur porn that is let down by a too-amateur site. I could live with that but if my suspicions are correct that they are making things even worse for members I canít recommend the site. If the site responds to this review or to my email with some information on better downloads then Iíll reconsider my refusal to recommend and the score.
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Visit Broke Amateurs

2. Broke Amateurs (0)

nastytodd (1) 04-07-12  02:46pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I am a fan of sites that have ladies that are not on any other sites. New ladies that do porn and this sites has that.

The majority of the ladies on this site seem to really enjoy doing the porn shoot.

I do enjoy the interview process when you get to know the background of the models. The intimate sexual questions are interesting.

The one on sex is so so in term of rough sex. there is some face fucking. some rimming. some dirty talking but not over the top,

However if Gang bang is what you like. There is a number of those and its becomes a cumfest with 8-9 guys on babes that will get your dick hard.
Cons: The format of the site in looking up the cast of ladies can be a bit confusing. (they are moving from an old system to a new one so the back and forth can be a bit confusing)

Some of the older video format are not as clear.
Bottom Line: I enjoy the site. If you looking for some hot looking amateur babes that want to fuck in front of a camera and become a porn star for a day or two. Or for some....three.. Then this site is worth a visit.
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Visit Broke Amateurs

3. Broke Amateurs (0)

shooter (11) 01-29-12  09:44am
Rookie Badge  Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (10), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: True amateur girls.

Nice set ups with interviews that help you get to know the girl before the action.

Good amount of videos with different girls.
Cons: Expensive for only one update a week.

Only one update a week.

Very few options and no search feature.

Lay out is simple but plain.
Bottom Line: Broke amateurs is a great little amateur porn site. The same guy gets girls to come in and do a porn scene with him. All the girls are newbies and most likely won't be seen anywhere else. Most are younger girls but he does occasionaly have a scene with an older milf. The scenes generally follow the same format. He interviews the girl then has her give him a blow job and gets them to try some deep throating. Some are better than it than others. He then shoots an enormous load of jizz into their mouths and has them swallow it. Suprisingly most can handle it but some have trouble thats fun to see. He then has the girl play with her self using a toy before finally fucking them. Some of the scenes he is able to get the girl to do anal. Then most scene end with another huge load of jizz to the face. Some end with a cream pie. The cum shots are got from different angles and shown in slow motion afterwards. Then an exit interview with the girl. He is very nice and courteos to the girls and though some are pushed to the limit they all seem to have a good time thats nice to see.

There are only videos available. You can stream them or download a high or low quality version. There is also a link to a blog he has the gives some info on the scenes and upcoming girls. The videos come in standard 640X480 wmv format.

Overall a fun amateur site where you can see real amateur girls in action. The downside is for #30 a month you get one update a week and a bare bones kind of site. Worth checking out though especially with access to close to 200 scenes.
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Visit Pure Ashley

4. Pure Ashley (0)

atrapat (112) 02-20-11  07:58am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (53), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Official site of US adult model Ashley Jane aka Pure Ashley.
- All natural, no tattoos, couple piercings, hair dyed blond.
- Most content seems original and exclusive.
- 38 videos: 22 solo, 15 boy-girl, 1 girl-girl. 15 minutes on average.
- Video resolution: 720x480. WMV (1500kbps) or MP4 (900kbps).
- Videos available in streaming and download format.
- Videos are very diverse. Nice use of lingerie in many of them.
- Videos have no music. No one but the model utters a sound.
- 10+ solo galleries. 1,200 pictures. 1200x800. 90% portrait.
- Ashley Jane has done very little boy-girl outside this site.
- Much more fingering than toys in solo content.
- Blog updated a couple times a month with short entries.
- Cam shows allegedly taking place twice a week at 10pm EST.
Cons: - All videos are letterboxed and somewhat dark.
- Currently migrating to a new site interface. New and old available.
- Videos may be found only at old, only at new or at both sites.
- MP4 videos at the new site are at a lower bitrate: worse quality.
- New site features like scene rating or search donít work at all.
- Canít confirm chat schedule due to time zone differences.
- Cam shows are not archived.
- No updates in the last month.
- No zip files for photos.
- Non-descriptive file names in most videos.
Bottom Line: Pure Ashley is the official site of American adult model Ashley Jane. A 23 years old all natural girl with no tattoos but dyed hair and a couple piercings: clit and navel. Nice personality. She has also worked for other companies since 2009 doing solo, girl-girl and BDSM scenes and very little boy-girl content.

I enjoyed the videos a lot. Likely filmed by her boyfriend, who often joins in the action in POV. Thereís no fixed structure in the videos but Ashley Jane almost always starts explaining whatís going on, like what sexual craving she has at that moment, and she usually keeps talking to the camera through the video. The cameraman has the good sense of not uttering a word ever in reply which makes the videos even more enjoyable. He doesnít even moan when cumming. She does moan a lot but not so much as to feel unnatural. Lots more fingering than toys in solo scenes. Lots of blowjobs but also intercourse, handjobs and even a couple footjobs. I specially liked some boy-girl videos filmed in a sneaky manner: at a sex shop booth, in a dressing room at the mall after trying on some sexy panties or at a private poolís toilet. Sheís not shy of doing anal or swallowing occasionally.

The downside of the videos is that they are all dark and letterboxed to fit 4:3 format, which means lots of black bars when viewed in a widescreen monitor. The lighting issues go well with the flair of those scenes filmed in hiding but it doesnít make any sense in those filmed at home.

All photos are solo strip tease from sexy clothes ending in fingering. While searching for more content from Ashley Jane, I found out some of the sets are also available at ATK Premium sites : ATK Petites, at least. The girl-girl video also seems to come from a shoot for ATK.

Site currently has both an old and a new version. After logging in, you go to the old site and have a small link to the new one on top. The new version has a nicer interface, good previews and content is divided in categories but still has issues. MP4 videos at the new site look worse due to lower bitrate. I kept the WMV versions from the old site. New updates only appear at new site.

Regarding interaction, itís hard for me to tell. Webcam section announces weekly chats but they are scheduled in the middle of the night in my timezone and are not archived so I donít know if they are taking place. Some blog entries suggest they took place in the past but also that there were issues. Free tour lists a twitter and a facebook account but both have been shut down recently.

I canceled because they didnít update while I was a member. Not even a blog post showing site is still active. It doesnít look good either that Ashley Jane has disappeared from the social network scene. Iíd have stayed if they had released a new video weekly but Iíd appreciate if they could solve the technical problems in them: no letterboxing, more light and higher bitrate.
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Visit Broke Amateurs

5. Broke Amateurs (0)

quekchoze (2) 01-16-11  02:54pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: Is really amateur.

Great interaction between the guy with the camera and the girls.

Varied sex acts like anal and deep throating. Even a few lesbian scenes.
Cons: The video quality is a bit to be desired, especially lighting.

Navigating updates is a bit hard or convoluted.
Bottom Line: Unlike many so-called "amateur" sites, this one is the real deal, or is a perfect imitation of it. The girls really feel amateur and they don't do the usual porn-y things like the mechanical moaning and the like. Before nearly every video, he films a short interview with the girls, which is really nice since it gives them a personality for the scene and I think it contributes to making the scene more natural. There's also often interviews after. He also avoids doing the same thing over and over, there are anal scenes, deep throating and even a few lesbian scenes.

The guy is also respectful and brings out playfulness in the girls. That is very nice in my opinion.

However, a bit of the amateur carries over to the video. The videos I have seem to have relatively bad lighting so that they seem a bit too dark. Some of the videos had slight errors in them, like bad transitions. Most of the videos are mostly POV, but he at least avoids being way too close to the action where you see next to nothing of what's happening (close-ups are nice, but in moderation only). The website also could be better, as it stands, all the updates are on a single page, with links to a blog where you can have the description of the videos.

All in all, if you're looking for real amateur where you can see what's happening, I highly recommend it.
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Visit Broke Amateurs

6. Broke Amateurs (0)

OMF456 (4) 10-15-08  02:50pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (10), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Real Amateur Girls. I really like real amateur porn. With the exception of AmateurAllure, I will take a slightly flawed amateur girls having sex on camera for the first time ever over some of the big porn production houses churning out plastic girl after plastic girl, any day of the week.

Good variation of scenes too. Some regular porn scenes, some girls with braces, some tiny girls, some thicker girls, some 18 year olds, some MILFS, a lot of anal (which a personally enjoy), swallowing, facials, , deep throat, face-fucking, creampies, asstomouth, gangbangs...you never know what you're going to get in each scene.

Almost all real amateurs....as far as I can tell. I've only recognized one girl on his site as doing other porn shoots. In that respect, this is my favorite porn website.

Long scenes. Some of the scenes are 45 minutes long. I like that he doesn't cut out a lot. It gives it a very real amateur porn feeling.
Cons: Steve, I hope you're reading this. You HAVE GOT TO QUIT USING THAT HOTEL ROOM. Oh my fucking god. Can't you at least change hotels every once in awhile. If I have to look at that f-in couch one more time, I'm going to lose it.

Oh, and you could stand to lose a few pounds but hey, we all could. :-)

I've noticed in other reviews, people like big pics. Steve doesn't put any at all on the site. I personally don't care about that but I thought I'd mention it since some others do.

Hmmmm, what else could he improve on....Not sure. Maybe better lighting but I've noticed the lighting improve greatly over the last few months so he must have been hearing it from others too.

That's it. Good site. I enjoy it. Right now, my favorite site on the net but I'm dinging the score for that hotel room. He's gotta be making some money by now, go rent a studio or something.
Bottom Line: I like the site. AmateurAllure and this site are my two favorites. AA has cuter girls but this site is real amatuers. The girls are almost all real first-timers. He gets them to do some great scenes. The scenes aren't all exactly the same. In fact, thay're all quite different as I stated in the pros.

He's got this part of the members area where he shows you girls who contact him and let's you know when/if he's shooting them. That's pretty cool. I'm sure it's there to tease you so you don't cancel your membership. But, fuck it, just cancel and come back in a few months. :-)
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