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Visit The Casting Room.net

1. The Casting Room.net (0)

gaypornolover (38) 02-28-13  06:00pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Lots and lots of existing content - thousands of videos
+ Very hot guys, many believably straight
+ Sleazy, amateur feel
+ Some hot bonus "extras" spice things up
+ Bills with Verotel
+ No DRM
+ Updates about 2 - 3 times per week
+ All exclusive content
Cons: - Very expensive
- Messy and confusing site navigation
- Extra $1.95 "processing fee" added when you join - unsure if this recurs also
- Intrusive, moving watermarks on videos
- Limited search function
- Older videos and pics are pretty poor quality
- Bonus content is great, but only one section of it updates very infrequently
- Content gets rather "samey" and repetitive
- Slow downloads (though files not huge)
Bottom Line: I last reviewed this site a long while ago now, when it used to be called "First Auditions" - you'll still see the old watermark on their early videos and pics.

Since then it's had a mild makeover and one new "bonus" series to replace an old one, but it's pretty much the same site with a new name and colour scheme - the layout and core content is identical.

The basic idea of this site is an "first audition" site - they are casting unknown first-timers, usually heterosexual, into porn, with the hope that they'll go on to gay porn - and indeed you do see some of their stars go on to do work, mainly on their own "sister" sites.

They've been doing this for a long time and the experience shows. Each guy makes three brief movies - the initial (clothed) interview asking why they're doing this and what their sexual experience is, then an examination where they are stripped naked, measured, weighed and made to pose in various positions, and finally a masturbation video where they have to masturbate and ejaculate for the camera.

The guys are hot - mainly British but with a fair amount from Europe and occasional North American, and the interviewers are generally very good at questioning them and making them pose. It's all got a very rough, amateur feel, filmed in the same run-down looking industrial unit. Sadly they have started to use a new interviewer who I do not care for - his East European accent is not always as clear and he doesn't seem as natural as the British interviewer they usually use.

The video quality is decent on later videos - mainly WMV files, 540 x 960 at 25 frames per second and bitrate around 2000. Not amazing, but decent enough. They have an lower-quality option, but I think their higher-quality is actually the lowest I would accept. They do seem to have some "iPhone friendly" MP4 files, but these seem to be rather limited and hidden away in a different section. Older files are showing their age - 640 x 360 and 900k bitrate mean they have to be very hot to be worth downloading. Pictures are nothing special - 1200 x 675 is a decent size, but they're watermarked and the viewer is poor - no zipped downloads either. I found download speeds slow, so it's just as well the movies are generally short and so the files not too big.

This brings me neatly on to the site design, which is a mess. The site is confusing, with little logic to it and hardly any search functions - they'd added a facility to search for a model by country but other than that it's a simple list of updates by date. They do show you what work some of the models went on to do on their other sites though, which is useful.

The site has some "bonus" content which is not based around the basic theme. This varies in value - a handful of movies from sister site CMNM.net, some "Groping Hands" movies which they spun off their "Groping Hands" site from - you'd be better off joining this site for that footage now as they have the vast majority of that stuff still here.

One bonus feature I love is "Second Auditions", where they pair a nervous straight model with an experienced model, sometimes who once appeared on the site themselves, and get them to have their first-ever gay sex. This is INCREDIBLY hot - they capture their inexperience and nerves perfectly and show raw, sexy sex between men. It's actually the main reason I rejoined the site - but sadly there are only eight of these longer movies as they only update them once every three months.

One real shame is that with the site revamp they added incredibly annoying watermarks to videos which are not only quite large, but move - they begin at the top left of the screen then slowly move down and then up the right side of the screen. These are the most distracting, annoying watermarks I've yet seen and caused me to drop the site score several points - it probably would have scored 80+ without it.

Overall this is a sexy site which sticks to its central promise well and has a lot of content. However, ultimately it gets all a little bit boring and repetitive - however sexy the guys are, ultimately you get no more action than masturbation and the same old format of interview, strip and masturbate starts to get a little dull after a while. It's certainly a site worth joining, but not one I tend to keep a regular subscription to, despite the regular updates.
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Visit CFNM.net

2. CFNM.net (0)

gaypornolover (38) 01-26-13  04:59pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + What video content there is, is VERY hot
+ Updates on average 2 - 3 times per week, though not consistently
+ Extensive user forum (though this is flawed)
+ As far I can tell, no regional billing
+ No DRM
+ Choice of two good billers - CCBill or Verotel
+ All-exclusive content
+ The only pure, true CFNM site I have yet found
Cons: - Have gone back to being a picture-only site - as of August 6, 2012 no new videos have been uploaded at the time of this review. NO warning of this in preview, no explanation of why in-site.
- Pictures are good-quality, but downloading is a joke - no zip files, no collections - must download each picture one by one
- Very expensive ($39.95 1st month, $34.95 after), especially now no more videos
- Poorly-designed site with poor search functions, ancient design and a mess of a forum
- Forum is completely ignored by site management, no suggestions seem to be taken on board.
- Downloads and streaming the slowest I've ever seen on any site.
- $1.95 additional joining fee if using Verotel, never found that at any other site.
- Each story is split into many small scenes which constitute each update
- Many videos still unique to a sister-site - see below.
Bottom Line: This is my third review. I am writing it with a heavy heart, because this site has so much potential and could easily be the best CFNM site ever, but it's taken yet another one of its abrupt policy reverses, so it's on entirely the wrong track again.

What I will say is that CFNM.net is, in my opinion, the only true CFNM site on the internet. The scenarios and stories are superb, the models incredible, the acting is good and believable - focusing purely on past content this site should be scoring my first ever 100.

So how did we get to 60 as a score for a site which can produce the best content ever?

Simply - they cannot decide what they want to be - a picture site, or a video site. They change their minds and their policies more often than the guys get naked!

CFNM.net has always described itself more as a picture site, and they have a "sister" site, CFNM.TV, which is supposed to be the video site. Sounds fair and straightforward - you want pictures, you join this site. You want the videos, you join CFNM.TV.

That could work, except CFNM.TV is a lousy video site, and CFNM.net is a lousy picture site.

CFNM.TV, according to the previews, hasn't been updated for months. It doesn't have all the the video content CFNM.net does, even though it's supposed to be the video site, and what is does have (some of which CFNM.net doesn't have) is riddled with the most intrusive, crappy DRM I've ever known which makes you log in to watch each video, won't work unless you use Windows, and means downloads stop working the second your subscription expires - you CANNOT download to keep.

As a picture site, CFNM.net is lousy because although the pictures are high-quality - well-lit and professional - for a so-called picture site they are a joke. You get one size only, the viewer is clunky, and you CANNOT download the photosets as one file - zipped or not. No, you have to click on each individual picture (and each story has hundreds), then click on the "download to computer" link and download each picture manually. This would take you weeks of painstaking work.

When I did my last review, CFNM.net seemed to be improving. CFNM.TV was active but seemed to be abandoned, with no new updates. The video updates were being uploaded to CFNM.net, and they were also uploading old footage previously exclusive to CFNM.TV but WITHOUT the DRM. I was hoping they were going to upload the CFNM.TV-exclusive stuff as "new" updates, then when they'd done it all, quietly close CFNM.TV.

Nope! When I left the site last July, I was almost done downloading the last of a video set. When I rejoined six months later, I downloaded the last couple of updates from that set and then found the entire six months worth of updates after that were photo-only. No mention of this in the preview, nothing on the site I can see about a change in policy - it's just back to photo-only.
However CFNM.TV seems to only have had one update with a video of some old CFNM.net content. So, we're back to two sites which between them have incredibly hot content, but which are so badly designed and run you can't satisfactorily access either.

CFNM.net has an extensive forum where these and my other complaints all as listed above are discussed - but from what I can see, nobody from the site itself ever answers or pays the slightest bit of attention to anything said on the forum. The forum is also practically a seperate site, which its own seperate log-in, no integration to the main site, and ancient layout.

I don't intend to go over the details of the site - it's all in my previous reviews, one of which is still active at the time of writing - and nothing has changed since.

Suffice it to say, if you've never joined this site before then I would strongly recommend you do, as it has some incredibly hot content - but then accept you will never know whether they ever intend to upload more videos again, that the photos are a complete pain in the ass to download, and that CFNM.TV is a joke.

If you have joined before, certainly in the last six months, then you will already have all the video content they're offering and even if you like photos, downloading them will be such a pain I don't think it's worth joining it again.

I will certainly be cancelling before auto-renew and I have already downloaded the two videos I wanted. Nothing else on the site is of interest.
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Visit Breeder Fuckers

3. Breeder Fuckers (0)

gaypornolover (38) 08-23-12  11:20am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Incredibly hot, unique content - hottest porn site I've ever seen
* Allows comments/feedback which is responded to
* Safe billing with Verotel or Segpay
* No regional billing that I can see
* Loads of archive footage going back to 2007
* Very good range of guys
* Most inventive scenarios I've ever seen
* Updated regularly once a week on a set date which they stick to.
* 100% exclusive content
Cons: - Expensive (though worth it!) - $39.95 per month plus $1.95 one-off joining fee if you use Verotel
- No discounts to sister sites
- Concerned in case they start blocking it in the UK again
- Download speeds on the slow side
- Some files have little niggles, like mis-titled or incorrect size files etc.
Bottom Line: I have been lusting after this site for over a year now and been so frustrated when I realised that, whilst it used to be available in the UK, they decided to block it from UK users before I could join. You can see my story about that in my comments on this site, but suffice it to say this studio has a history of abrupt policy changes and my one concern is that they might decide to block this site in the UK again... here's hoping they don't!

Anyway, this site is now on its third name, having previously being called "Molest a Straight" and "Straight Hell".
The theme is the humiliation and domination of straight men by gay men. There's lot of pretty hardcore BDSM and roleplay.

It's incredibly inventive - they use a massive variety of guys and very creative storylines and scenarios. There are more obvious scenes like police officers etc. but what they do to them - such as displaying them as an exhibit in a public art gallery, hiring them out as rent boys, dog training, public nudity and sex, etc. etc. is really hot.

They use a wide range of models, mainly white but with a fair amount of black and Asian guys and lots of different types from 18 to about mid 30s. The top guys tend to be older, but they do vary them and I found the vast majority of the models to be attractive. Most of them act convincingly and many were believably straight.

The action can get pretty intense and includes watersports, spanking, bastinardo, CBT, bondage, verbal, spitting, enemas, and rough sex.

It's also well-shot and believably acted. I enjoyed the pre and post shoot interviews which let you know it was consensual but in a sexy way - they make them recount what happened to them for example - and it means a lot of the actors come across as believably straight. These are seperated from the main movies so you can avoid them if you wish.

It's updated once a week every Wednesday and every updated is clearly dated right back to 2007 so there's lots of content. As usual with this studio search isn't a strong point, but you can search by year or guy and the site is pleasingly simple and logically laid out, though occasionally file sizes and titles are incorrect, which is only a minor irritant.

Video quality isn't amazing - no HD content here. The largest video is a 540x960 WMV file at 25fps and a 2600k rate but they look clear enough. I did find downloads on the slow side. I'm not into photos but each scene does have a photoset - they seemed to be big and of good quality (I downloaded one to check for this review and it was 1200 x 675 in size and looked clear) bit I can't tell if they're vidcaps - if they are they're good ones. No zipped downloads though I'm afraid - it's one picture at a time!

I appreciated being able to comment on the videos and the webmasters do read and reply to them which is rare - and even rarer they do actually seem to take the comments on board for future videos.

Overall this is an incredibly hot, inventive site which is truly unique and has never been bettered by imitators. I had to knock off a few points for the minor flaws but really they don't bother me so much when the videos are so hot.

I really hope they keep this site available in the UK and don't block it again - it's one site I'm staying a member of as its worth every penny of its pricey membership fee.

Overall - a triumph.
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Visit CFNM.net

4. CFNM.net (0)

gaypornolover (38) 07-25-12  12:20pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Well-performed, imaginative scenarios and stories
+ Choice of Verotel or CCBill for billing
+ Updates a minimum of once a week, often more
+ Good quantity of existing scenes
+ Has a user forum (though it's quirky)
+ No DRM
+ Good variety of models, both male and female, and most are good-looking
+ All content exclusive
+ True to the CFNM concept, unlike some sites
+ No regional billing as far as I can see
Cons: - Very expensive ($39.95 1st month, $34.95 after)
- If you pay via Verotel, my preferred biller, there is a $1.95 one-off joining fee- unique to this site in my experience
- Update schedule can be a little erratic
- Movies split up into often short scenes - each one counts as an update
- Not all stories/scenarios are video - some are photoset-only. This include later updates - you never know which you'll get.
- Some videos only available on sister site CFNM.TV which costs the same again to join - no discounts, and they use DRM
- Site design is chaotic, with no real search functions. Forum requires seperate log-in and is very old-fashioned and difficult to navigate
- I found downloads and streaming slow
Bottom Line: It's been a long while since I reviewed this site, and despite its flaws I keep going back to it, so new review time!

Not much has changed with the basic formula of the stories, which is a good thing. They continue to produce the best CFNM videos out there - imaginative, varied and fun with good-looking models, both male and female. This is true CFNM - the women's clothes stay on, always.

The site is varied in the type of CFNM it does - a bit of everything. CFNM takes two main forms - lighter, more fun CFNM where the male is more in control and admired by the clothed ladies, and darker, where it's more about humiliation and control of the men. CFNM.net tends to go more for the latter, but generally it's more humiliation than true hardcore - there is only a sprinkling of S&M scenes and even that tends to be on the lighter side. The site has a sense of fun and humour.

CFNM.net is a sister site to some gay sites though and this does sometimes show through - you'll see occasional gay sex between the naked models and insertions of dildos, vibrators and strap-ons is quite common. This may appeal more to gay men and possibly some straight women than straight men, though if you're a submissive straight man, or have a bi side, it might appeal.

In any case, it's pretty unique stuff and all of it is imaginative and well performed by generally hot models.

The downsides are largely the standard ones for this studio - downloads are pretty slow (I actually only realised this when I joined other sites from other studios and was astonished at how much faster the downloads were!), site design is basic and chaotic, with illogical layout and non-existent search functions making things unncessary complicated, and whilst the updates come at least once a week and often more, they're not done to a regular schedule.

Plus, the updates are scenes, not full movies. These are often pretty short - 10 minutes or less - and there can be a dozen of more of them to each movie. They tend to only update a couple of movies at a time, so if you don't care for a movie they're currently updating, it could represent half your updates for the next 2 - 3 months!

Technically the movies are about average - the latest, highest-quality WMV files are 960x540, 25f/ps with a bitrate arond 8,300 - though bitrate and size does seem to vary a little. WMV seems the only option, though you do get a selection of file sizes.

The photosets are a bit of a letdown for a site which focuses on pictures more than video - they're large (1100x600) but with only one size and no sets or zips - you download each picture one at a time! They also all have watermarks.

The biggest issue with this site, which has improved slightly but is still not fully resolved, is the photo/video issue. Some stories are photosets only, some have videos. At once point they announced no new videos would be made (see my seperate comment on this). They have since backtracked somewhat, but still some new stories are photoset only, so you never know which you'll get. There is also a horrible sister site called CFNM.TV which contains some of the videos this site only has photosets for, but it's the same price with no discount, uses intrusive DRM which expires downloaded videos when your membership expires, and is never updated.

They seem to have practically abandoned CFNM.TV, but it still exclusively holds some videos of photosets you see on CFNM.net. I have noticed they've started publishing older videos which were once only on CFNM.TV on CFNM.net, without DRM, though as new updates to CFNM.net. This is bit mean as they're not really new and they already publish the photosets, but at least you get to see and download the videos to keep this way without having to join yet another expensive site.

I HOPE they're planning to gradually transfer all CFNM.TV videos onto CFNM.net as "new updates" and then shut CFNM.TV down, but I don't know if they will. They seem to be going in the right direction, but are famous for abrupt policy changes so for all I know they could change their minds again! Once they said they wouldn't release any more of a story because some of it had been published on a file-sharing site, but again seemed to back-down in the face of customer complaints.

To be honest the content is so unique and hot I could almost ignore all the usual techical issues and award this site in the high 80s.

As it is, the confused policy over video prevents me going over the 70s. Whilst they've taken some positive baby-steps to improving since my last membership, which causes me to raise their score from 71 to 75, I can only give this site a qualified recommendation - look the previews and if you agree they are as hot as I think they are, then join but with your eyes wide open as to the flaws.
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Visit CMNM.net

5. CMNM.net (0)

gaypornolover (38) 06-02-12  01:39pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Absolutely unique site
+ DRM free
+ Decent back catalogue
+ All exclusive, original content
+ Good variety of men
+ Some convincing straight guys
+ Latest updates getting more creative
+ Videos now available in MP4 as well as WMV
Cons: - Horribly expensive
- Ridiculous one-time joining fee on top with Verotel
- Updates are reasonably constant but slightly erratic - no definite schedule and you'll sometimes wait up to a week
- Only Verotel and Segpay available, even though they use CCBill on sister site CFNM.net
- Some later content overdoes the cheesy "comedy" element at the expense of sexiness
- Could do with some more variety in the clothed guys, though this is improving
- Feedback can be left, but they never respond directly
- Even "high quality" download is modest sized - no HD stuff here.
Bottom Line: CMNM is a unique site from the makers of CFNM.net. They've taken the increasingly popular CFNM (Clothed Female/Naked Male) concept and done it for gay men.

I cannot find any other site apart from their sister site First Auditions which does anything like this, so that makes CMNM unique.

You can tell that it's from the same studio as CFNM.net as many of the models, studios and props used are identical, but that's no bad thing as they are hot!

Since all the models are men, they've made it different by having mainly straight and the odd bisexual man as the naked guy being humiliated and put through his paces by the clothed gay men. The site remains absolutely true to the concept the clothed men stayed fully clothed throughout.

The naked models used are hot - usually between about 18 and 35 and convincingly straight in most cases. There's a decent range of body types and I found the vast majority of them attractive.

The site follows a fairly standard formula - the guy is stripped off naked in the first video, then penetrated with a dildo in the next, and finally wanked off until his cums in the last.

This did get a little repetitive after a while but lately they've spiced up the formula a bit with a welcome dose of creativity, using more themes and stories such as prisoners violated in police custody, footballers used by the managers of their team etc.

The costumes and uniforms for these are generally good and the acting is generally convincing enough for you to suspend disbelief.

I would say though that they still aren't quite as creative in the way they humiliate and use the guys as they are at CFNM.net and one or two of the storylines attempted to introduce humour - bad idea as it was just incredibly cheesy and unfunny and once was absolutely unsexy, when they were rimming a guy and then discussing which brown sandwich spread his ass tasted like! Weird and a real turnoff!

Still, overall CMNM is a totally unique and very well done site.

As usual with this studio the letdown comes from technical issues and value. Until recently only WMV was available. They have now improved this with MP4 files, but even the higher-quality of the two download options is a modest 360x640 - no HD here! Sound quality is decent, though.

The streaming is acceptable but just flash-based so not always easy to jump around. Search is basic, as is the site layout.

At an eye-watering $39.95 for the 1st month, plus a further $1.95 one-off joining fee if you use Verotel, which I do as I've never even heard of the alternative SegPay, you'll need to hand over $41.90 to join this site, and a further $34.95 a month recurring, it makes it all the more disappointing that it updates only on average about twice a week and that's sporadic - sometimes you'll wait a week or more without explanation between updates. Bizarrely, CCBill is not an option even though sister site CFNM.net lets you use it.

I find the content is good enough, and unique enough, to justify the price occasionally but I never feel I get enough to justify recurring billing even at the slight discounted rate, so I tend to join the site every six months or so. I wish there were rival CMNM sites as I feel they know you have nowhere else to go and so feel they can charge what they like.

If this site was better value and updated more often and more consistently, it would easily get into the high 90s for me. As it is 81 is a generous score considering the issues but I feel it deserves it for the uniqueness and quality of the concept, if not the technical execution of it. This site is good, but it could be great - so typical of this studio!
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Visit CFNM.net

6. CFNM.net (0)

gaypornolover (38) 07-10-11  08:19am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Updated: 07-10-11  08:23am  (Update History)
Reason: Decided 79 was too generous given massive flaw on site
Pros: * Loads of exclusive content
* True to CFNM concept - most CFNM sites aren't
* Handsome models, good range of guys
* Surpisingly well-acted by male & female models
* Really good range of imaginative scenarios
* Streaming and downloading options
* No DRM as far as I can see - but see review for full details as there are some issues here
* British-based with mainly sexy British guys and women
* Lots of content suitable for gay male viewers too
* Regular updates
* Lively user forum
Cons: - Very pricey - $39.95 first month, then $34.95
- Recurring subscription - needing manual cancel.
- Usual chaotic site design from this studio.
- No access or discounts to other sister sites.
- Some videos only available on sister site - costs same again to join, not updated, uses intrusive DRM AND expires downloads after 30 days!
- Forum interesting, but no feedback to comments, though some evidence they do read/act on them.
- Many of the stories are photosets only in basic galleries - no way of knowing which ones will be video and which photoset-only.
- Could do with some slightly older guys.
Bottom Line: Another potentially awesome site from this studio that gets the porn so right but basics so wrong!

First the good - CFNM.net provides the absolute best, most imaginative, well-acted scenarios with great models. No other site comes close - period.

They understand the CFNM concept perfectly. Clothed Female/Naked Male means just that - the women's clothes stay on, fully, all the time - and are attractive without being so revealing that the women might as well be naked too.

I know I'm writing from a gay man's point of view, but to me, those sites miss the point. The clue is in the name- it's about men being shown off naked for the enjoyment of clothed women.

There's two camps with CFNM - some focus more on humiliating the men and some more on him showing off and enjoying it too. I like both - but prefer the former which this site does lean more towards. It provides a good choice though - some confident men, most humiliated but in a teasing way and some more hardcore with some moderate S&M.

I won't dwell on the usual flaws from the studio - crap search, chaotic layout, and very expensive.

However this site is unique in one famous problem. Apparently it used to have all the content, then they spun off all the video content to a sister site, CFNM.TV, so you had to join both sites - no discount - to see the video content you used to get from one.

I've been a member of this site and CFMN.TV and it seems that they spun off about 30 titles to CFMN.TV but then had partial change of heart.

CFNM.TV hasn't been updated in ages and CFMN.net now seems to get videos posted on it again - but the best videos remain on CFNM.TV. You can't even just sign up to CFMN.TV once to download them becuase they have vile, intrusive DRM which deletes downloads after 30 days if you leave the site, and won't work on any other OS than Windows.

This, and their odd policy of some scenarios having video and some not, means you can see a great story only to find it either has no video, or the video is at CFNM.TV.

If they'd just admit their mistake, close down CFMN.TV and make the videos non-DRM on CFMN.net I'd rejoin like a shot - despite the flaws I'd gladly pay just for the quality of the content.

A deeply flawed site I so want to love but can't!!
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Visit CFNM.net

7. CFNM.net (0)

furry feet (5) 02-12-09  12:49pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (9), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: nice models, good pictures

There's a forum where people chat and post pictures and little videos, polls on the forum seem to have some influance on future sets.

exiting scenarios.
Cons: expensive £24 per month.

The videos which used to be part of the main site are now only available on a seperate site, which is another £24 and won't function after 30 days of downloading.
Bottom Line: I love the content on this site, I've been a member probably three times before over the years. I had kept an eye on the public area and was looking forward to the new sets I'd seen advertised, and seeing the videos (which usualy followed a few months after the photos for each set).

I was very uspet to find the videos no longer available. Not only do you have to pay twice to see the videos you can't download them to keep indefinately at all. Someone started a poll on the forum and the majority of site members feel ripped off acording to the responses.

The content itself is really nice, focusing on femdom and male embaresment. The sets always finish on a cum shot and many of the more recent sets include some forced bi. A lot of the models are beutiful and they look real world women not like plastic bimbos. The captions accompanying the pictures are also exiting.

about 2 years ago when I was a member last and the videos were included I would have given this sight 95% or more, but the deal with the videos is just a rip off.
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Visit CFNM.net

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troy (2) 10-17-07  08:19am
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Pros: Great story ideas that correspond with some of my favorite CFNM fantasies. Text that accompanies pics often adds to the excitement - it's either the guys and girls thoughts or a dialog. Sometimes it's cheesy but not too often. The guys and girls are almost all young (18-29) and attractive but still with an amateur feel to many of them.
Cons: I agree with the official reviewers re: expensive and have to pay extra for videos and that the site navigation is very confusing. They would do much better if a professional adult web designer revamped the site.
Bottom Line: One of the best CFNM sites with younger models, exciting stories, a variety of themes, and engaging story lines. Overpriced considering videos are extra and site navigation is mediocre at best.
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