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1. Digital Desire (1)

graymane (33) 07-06-14  04:09pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (30), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Big collection of exclusive content.
Zip ==200mb wmv = 300mb mp4 =300mb (whatever)
Seemingly all shoots are done on DD's own turf.
Ample Photo gallery featuring each model.
1,055+ video Scenes (approx. 15 min. each).
Video HD. Sharp images. Streaming with flash player. 2-3 second buffer. although this observer might argue that point.
Very nice playbacks. might even win you over from downloading.
7 day updates (With no less than 5 image galleries; four full videos.
Soft core,...no hard stuff; all solo, but acted out by women so incredibly beautiful that
hardcore fanatics are left not giving a f...k ....
Few scattered tattoos. Ample Space allotted for viewer comments on each model
Primary niche: Photography: which is quite Plentiful. videos: also in the high numbers.
Attractive TBP introductory discount at the time I joined.
Download managers (yes)
Cons: Wildly popular with the gals here is one of my greatest peeves ... that of endless insertion of their their little hands and fingers in their mouths .... all whilst vigorously wanking away as if these digital appendages were lollypops laced with opium based sweeteners.
Might wanna Look out for tricky buddy-sites that sparingly dwell within corners of some pages, beckoning you in.

I ultimately found cancelling a bit un-nerving:
Although could very easily be my own shortcoming -- but I did seem to experience some tenacity on the part of saying Bye-Bye to these folks. Finally had to call epoch billing to get the results I wanted.
Bottom Line: This site looks every bit to live up to its title: "Desire" is everywhere. Some of these gal's acts are piling up such gun-powder one has to hold down the artillery.
Girls are from 18 to 30yrs, and wields the kind of glamor and curves that look hand-made by the Gods.
I was looking at this site for a long time before reaching for the plastic. Luckily helped along by DD with being given a deal I couldn't refuse.
And I gotta say ..... I'm really not the least disappointed I choose to jump in.

Caveats ???? ......OH YEAH!
Here's another bunch hung-up on Superfluous Vaginal close ups.
Geeeze! When will they ever listen and learn? Enough is enough!
Thanks to vaginal-obsessed cameramen, I'm now an expert on every aspect of the female genitalia.... including even the behavioral habits of amoebae-like creeper-crawlers that roam the epidermis and love dining on the unique women's aromatic sheading .
How much further can the lens go? ....lest the camera territorially eventually wind-up scouting the ovaries.

Would I recommend Digital Desire? Yes I would.
However, if you've been to those sites, Twisty and the likes thereof offer some of the same kind of heart-thumping power!
But DD does have those selected gals who look so much to be uniquely hand-made by the Gods.
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2. Digital Desire (1)

skippy (52) 12-02-12  10:10am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (23), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some of the net's most beautiful imagery
Many, many US models you've heard of.
Some files back to 2003 and beyond
Zip files in many sizes for most sets, some up to 3000k.
Many videos now in 720P
Good layout and consistent navigation
Many of the best US models in the industry have their roots here.
Very good variety of models, most of whom have exceptional proportions.
The download process isn't bad if you aren't trying to download every image on the site.
It seems like they may be rescanning older 35mm sets in higher resolution when they re-release them, but I can't tell for sure.
Some content goes back as far as 2003. That's ALOT of images.
No cross selling!
For the price, you can't go wrong. (Part of why I rate them so high)
Cons: Site seems a bit slow to load compared to others
Recycling of old images cheats number of new releases.
Only 1 release per day and almost ALL of them are re-releases. (Less than 1 new set per week)
Quantity of new releases really seems to be dropping (Quality is good, though).
No original dates on sets so you can't tell if it is old. Chance are very good that it is.
Older videos in 480P or less and with no original dates for the models, you can't tell until you click down.
Bottom Line: Important bits:
Mostly solo scenes with a few very good girl/girl softcore scenses (good because the girls are usually into each other and not just standing there.)
No boy/girl scenes that I recall.
Very few toys....but a reasonable number of fingers.
Good mix of outdoor and indoor scenes. These guys love sunlight (a very good thing for the images and girls, apparently) so many of the indoor sets are actually set up outdoors.
Nothing hardcore, but if you are the type that likes "unobstructed views", there are a lot of those.

Sorry, but I can't just bullet point this one. There's somehow more to it. As a frame of refgerence, my taste is for well done images.

This site has an ambiance about it that is somehow different from the the other, mostly european softcore sites. One of the fun things is looking at how the girls are transformed from the initial Audtion shoot. When they come in, they are good looking and trim. For the shoots, most are OMFG awesome! Now, it takes a good model to make this formula work. A good recent example of this is Amber Sym. In the audtion shots, she is hot, with a well toned, cheerleader type body. In the photo sets, she is simply ungodly beautiful.
Many models shoot stills well, but are really awkward in videos. The folks at DD (I still want to call it DDG) really know how to shoot video to bring out the grace and beauty in a girl. There are dozens of examples like this.
Another thing this site does is understand what the typical male, um, comes here for. I think the word I would use to describe these types of sets is Inviting. The models are aware of the photographer and use that element to tease or play with the camera a little in a very subtle way. Imagine if a really hot girl said to you "Hey, I'm going to take my clothes off and maybe fool around with myself a little. Stick around and watch if you want because that makes it more interesting for me." It is subtly different from how the European sites do it. "Flirt" sets even have th egirls talking at you...but sometimes less is more. Very good directing on the photography team's part.

Most of the sets include an ample number of really nicely (as in tastefully) done close-ups. And sometimes there is a tiny bit of Astroglide..I guess..in the right place to make things more interesting. It seems somehow more personal...sharing...inviting than the "girl frolicking in the woods" shoots you see elsewhere.

Another subtle thing that makse the experiance nicer is that there is very little cross selling or other advertising going on. This is a freestanding site, so you get what you get. It just seems so much more respectful of my time and privacy to NOT be mentioning that there are also sets of this girl on the blah-blah-blah sister site. (Compared to, say, Met-Art, that accosts you with ads for sister sites.) I guess the reason they don't have more cross-selling is because nobody else does some things the same way that they do. Kudoos for both.

Once a set appears (or re-appears) they are placed into specific categories that you can browse through. Categories include Dreamgirls, XXX Stars, Young and Fresh, Flashback, Interviews, etc. This helps if you are searching for a particular look or Genre, but it appears that they are not producing a lot of new material for many of these categories.

Now that you can tell that I'm clearly enamored with the models and photography, let me tell you a few of the more frustraing things about this site.
It is slooooow, mostly slow for pages to load. Downloads seem to be about average in speed. Not sure what that is about.
As I mentioned above, many of the older sets get recycled, apparently more than once. I don't have a major issue with that as many sites do it, but this site passes them off as new every time they come back around (sometimes multiple times). Fricking QUIT THAT! Introduce them in a different category and include the original dates for the shoots as well as the original dates for the models introduction to the site. Yes, some of the sets are the best they've ever done and deserve to be re-introduced (take a look at Alyssa Lovelace, for example), but re-datestamping them is just plain wrong. It destroys the model timelines and, at best, seems deceptive.
And here's another thing. As I looked back through my 12+ year collection of DDG/DD images, I noticed that a lot of material from the late 1990s and early 2000s is no longer there. Some of it is big-hair and bushy, but a lot of it is completely timeless. You should consider putting more of the images back on the site in the appropiate area so your subscribers can enjoy them.

Ok, bottom line. If you are into softcore, this is absolutely, positively one of the sites to visit as there is over a decade's worth of material. If you were here less than a year ago, there is not much new content, but it might be worth it to visit for the new lower price.
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3. Digital Desire (1)

Hooliganzo (4) 11-30-12  10:46pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (11), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 12-01-12  02:09am  (Update History)
Reason: Ran into another con.
Pros: -2000x3000 resolution on latest photo sets
-Around 720 of those photosets are 3000px.
-Around 540 720p videos
-Interview videos
-updates once a day video every 5th update.
-Low price
Cons: -Older sets 1600x1024 or under.
-Around 1900 of the photosets are 1600px or under.
-Around 500 videos are 420p.
-Videos have music.
-Majority of pictures are in the outdoors with natural lighting which I'm not a fan of but is personal taste
-Video links expire when using download manager. Makes downloading videos exponentially time consuming.
Bottom Line: Based on the latest 3000px photos, technically the photo sets are well shot and composed. Personally I'm not a fan of the lighting. Most photosets are outdoors and most of the indoor sets have natural lighting from outside through the window. This might be a plus for some but for me it is not my style. I prefer the controlled lighting and indoor scenes.

Based on the latest 720p videos, the videos have a hazy dream sequence look to them. The videos have a music track to them. Both of which are not my style. Aside from that there are interviews with some of the models which are always a plus.

Search is done by broad categories hair color, breast type, shaved/unshaved, styles(wet,girlfriends, backstage, xxx stars etc). You can organize sets by publishing date or rating. There is also a checkbox for hd only so you only see 720p videos.

The models are more playboyesque type of models and they are photographed in that style. If you are looking for this style then this site is worth a try for the price offered. If you are looking for the amateur girl next door style this is not it. Whether or not you like this site depends on what style you like.
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4. Digital Desire (1)

Cybertoad (Disabled) 04-29-12  05:46pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (54), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-13-12  01:14pm  (Update History)
Reason: had a chance to download site.
Pros: HD 720 videos ( average 5-10 minutes in length )
Zipped Photos ( 100 average per set )
Great Search Engine
Nice pretty look to site.
Amazing women most are stunning,
Unique Content !
Cons: Site says Not Download manager friendly,
Getting to download to many steps.
Navigation is oldschool hard to use.
Inconsistent file format.
No bonus sites.
Bottom Line: Over View:
I have not done a review in over 4 years on this site, since then some things are better like 720p HD in many of the videos. However the formats are varied and some scenes are MP4 some WMV some DVX, flv etc. But most have cells phone formats. So thats good an bad

I was happy with the amazing women that continue to bless this site. The site has migrated to better quality of shots. The pics are amazing and great quality. But again the sizes vary making inconsistent downloads in video and pics alike!

The site remains a quality site in that they stage and film very well and the concentration seems to be on this. I signed up with an 18.00 discount price, normally is 29.95 . lots of pornstars and scenes appear unique to this site. I loved the new talent that is only seen here first.

Bad :
Why if they do not allow download manager do they make it so hard to download a file. To many steps for this. Should be easier since they limit the use of other software. Navigation is ok at best and remains a sore spot if you are looking for something use the search, problem is if you have no idea what to look for it will not be fun just to try and surf the site. Many videos are absent quicktime support anymore.

Toads Take :
I joined because of the discount I got, I would not have otherwise done so. The site has not changed to much in 4 years, It was a pain to use back then and is now. However all that said the women and scenes are stunning and there is a good amount of content at a guess 500 plus videos and more sets of photos the site makes it hared to figure out how many they have, which ads to the pain in using it.
But I digress, the women are amazing and nice rocking hard bodies along with natural and implants alike. The age is from about 18- 35 from what I could tell. They use good backgrounds and the only complaint is the music sometime goes on and on way into the masturbation scenes very distracting but seems to be more the exception.

I would say join for the porn and women, but be Leary about the access an be prepared to spend time clicking and clicking and clicking to download.
They do need to get their formats in order and have the same formats for every videos. Nothing like clicking on a video and it was not Mac compatible glad I do not have a Mac as some would not show without proper codecs.


( update 5/13 2012)

After addressing my own concerns with this site I changed 80 to a 78 to fit in the average site areas.
After downloading the entire site at a huge time consumption.
Comparing the entire site :
More then not I found models with no videos, and many old poor \quality videos maybe a 1/3 of the collection old and grainy. No attempt seems to be made to improve anything older however the site does not claim any kind of quality standards. Most photo sets were from good to outstanding.

I have to say there has to be a better way to download.
1. pick a model
2. pick the scene
3. Click the icon
4. save the file.
If the site was faster this would not be as much and issue and the limits set for downloader make users stuck to their pc's. I realize they are trying to save bandwidth, and the site is not all that fast to begin with. I like that the site has original content and smokin hot models. But the site experience was barely ok. If it was not for the photo's being very good I would have rated it lower. I tend to see this site as more a photo site then video. I do have to say the lack of consistency makes video downloading like buying a grab bag and hoping it turns out well. Some Icons for videos were duplicated by some script error as much as 30+ times. And names were often not what the video says. I hate to be so critical but as I said previously I had a much better experience with this site years ago.
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5. Digital Desire (1)

otoh (54) 08-10-11  11:49pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (39), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good camerawork, lighting
- Great quality pics, and HD videos
- Multiple video formats
- Lots and lots of very pretty girls
- Large archive of material
- Frequent updates
- Many well-known models and porn stars
- Excellent value
Cons: - Slightly random selection of codecs for past videos
- Too many thongs
- Some fake boobs
- Not enough teasing
- Possibly too slick
- Slightly formulaic material
- Tagging and search sometimes lacking
- Not really any model details, stats etc
Bottom Line: The esteemed tangub's recent review is excellent and gives you a good idea of the stats and type of material here, so I'll try not to repeat that and instead be quite subjective.

I joined mainly for the videos here, which have the level of explicitness that I like; some teasing, undressing, before masturbating; either with fingers or toys. The lighting, camerawork, atmosphere of them is very good (some may find the shadows too arty, but I don't mind), but my main problem is that they are a little too formulaic. The large majority of the videos go like this; ambient music as the model cavorts/gyrates in lingerie; often backlit and/or wind blowing through her hair; slow-motion and crossfades; then the music dies out and the model takes over, showing no shyness at all about pleasuring herself for the camera, underwear discarded (but heels inexplicably still on, why do they keep doing that?).

It's actually not a bad formula - they are produced very well and the girls seem fairly genuine, but I'd like to have seen a bit more variety; more teasing, more undressing from clothed, different lingerie styles, a bit less slow-mo and soft-focus. The category of videos I enjoyed the most were the flirt - where the model talks to the camera and teases; and perhaps also the toys - not generally my interest but it provided an angle.

The girls themselves here are stunning; a mix of well-known US porn stars and models, some familiar East European girls, and some amateur first-time models. Again, it's subjective, but I found myself pining for at least a little imperfection; although arguably guess I found it in the ones that have fake boobs - the focus is on natural girls and enhancements aren't in the majority, but still more than I'd expect given how often Mr Hicks states in the shoot notes how he prefers a natural look.

There's also, of course, a huge library of photo sets, going back many years. Although the models are biased slightly towards the 19-22 range (I prefer at least a little older) I found more sets that I liked than expected. The Flashback section is quite amusing, showing his earlier Penthouse era pics of girls with lip gloss and big hair; a contrast to the more subtle style and more natural looking girls Mr Hicks employs now. I did find a few inaccuracies in the search; eg when looking for unshaved models and finding shaved sets; but overall the search/browse options are useful. One minor niggle though, was in the models's profile page there is no info and sets don't seem to be in any particular order; some models are popular here with material from multiple shoots; it would be good to see it in date order.

So, a tricky one to score. It's an excellent site and great value; the material has a good level of explicitness and if I was being more objective, this would get a 90, and higher if I really connected with the content. As it is, it didn't grab me quite as much as I'd predicted; I do like glam material, but with an angle of some sort, which - other than lots of stunning girls - I don't see much of here. If I had to compare it to any other sites I've visited, I guess the centrefold glam theme places it closest to Holly Randall; DD is possibly more slick, but Ms Randall gets a bit more flirt, a bit more cheekiness from the models, so she keeps the edge for me.

But it's still excellent value and worth a visit.
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6. Digital Desire (1)

tangub (155) 08-07-11  05:17am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (51), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: TBP/PU discount
No regional pricing
Lots of exclusive content
Daily updates
No download limits or DRM
Browse photos online in a choice of up to 5 sizes (800, 1024, 1280, 1600 & 3000px) or view slideshow.
Zip download but only in the largest available size for each set.
Latest videos have 6 download options, H.264 format in HD720p, 480p, 260p and Mobile plus WMV in HD720p and 480p. Streaming also available in high and low quality.
Cons: Some of these are not really cons for me but may or may not be for others depending on your personal preferences:
Unfamiliar billing processor but no problem with the cancellation process for me.
Content may be too softcore or too artistic for some tastes.
No file sizes listed for zips or video downloads
Those with a slow connection or struggling for disk space might be disappointed at the lack of a zip option for the smaller sized photo sets.
Many of the photo updates are years old recycled sets simply re-released in a larger size. (These photo sets usually have a maximum resolution of 1600px)
The sequence of photos in some sets seems mixed up.
Some non exclusive content.
Bottom Line: This is the site of glamour photographer J.S.Hicks who has been taking photos of beautiful women since way back in the 80s and whose work has been associated with names such as Playboy and Penthouse. I’ve been a member here a couple of times before but not since 2006 and although I’ve been a big fan of his photography certain issues with the old site such as the DRM and meagre download limits as well as constantly recycling old photo sets as new updates had put me off going back until now when I was tempted back by the special offer price of $9.95 for a month Thankfully the DRM is long gone and I didn’t hit any D/L limits but I did recognise that many of the photo updates are recycled enlarged versions of sets I’ve already downloaded prior to 2006.

Ignoring the recycled sets I did manage to find plenty of new models and content which have been added in the last 5 years since I’ve been away. The site now boasts a collection of over 800 models and I found many of my favourites here including Ariel, Faye Valentine (Reagan), Georgia Jones, Jana Jordan and Shay Laren to name a few. They have a well organised model index where you can easily find all the photos and videos of your favourite models or you can simply browse photos or videos separately and sort them by date order or ranking. The content is also tagged with some of their dozen different category listings such as Dreamgirls, Young & Fresh, Toy Lovers, Girlfriends or Ethnic if you wish to search the content via a specific niche and you can refine your model search within the niche by hair colour, boob size or shaved/bush/landing strip. You can also rate the models and create a favourites list.

The photos here have more of an artistic feel to them than your usual glamour site often making use of natural light and shadows to create some dramatic effects. Also they don’t go overboard with the airbrushing so the pictures tend to have a more natural feel to them than the artificial looking glossy pics you get at some glamour sites. Overall I was highly impressed with the quality of the 3000px photo sets. The only slightly annoying thing for me was that sometimes the sequence of pictures seems muddled and doesn’t always run in the expected order from clothed to naked. A prime example of this is the July 1st update of Malena Morgan, she starts off wearing a sexy white see through lace dress with matching bra and panties underneath, picture 27 the dress is off and she’s removing the bra, pic 29 the bra and dress are back on again. Pictures 52 and 53 she’s almost naked and removing her panties, pics 54 and 55 the bra, panties and dress are back on again. Is this the deliberate intention of the photographer? Surely not?….or is it just laziness on the part of the webmaster not ensuring the photos are uploaded in the correct order?

The site also has a collection of 787 videos to date, 407 of which come with an HD option. When searching the video library you are able to check a box to include only HD videos in your results if you so wish. Most of the videos I’ve watched so far range from around 8-12 minutes in length and usually feature the model in a slow sensuous striptease accompanied by music followed by masturbation session. As the model begins to pleasure herself the music fades away so you can hear her moans and groans. You can also find some videos featuring sex toy use and some girl/girl videos although these are in the minority here. The 1280x720 wmv option I chose had a bitrate of around 3400kbps. On average 8-9 new videos added per month as part of the daily updates.

Extra features include the Daily Word, over a thousand desktop wallpapers, backstage features, talent search, forum and a Twitter feed. Overall a highly recommended site for fans of solo glamour photography especially if you can grab one of their special join offers. If I go back in another 5 years I wonder if they will be recycling all those 3000px photos I just downloaded in a bigger size again?
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7. Digital Desire (1)

dalars (1) 04-25-10  10:03pm
Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (7), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I have seen Mr Hicks stuff for many years and this is a good collection of glam babe photos.
I like his taste in women. If you like glam photos, this is a gold mine.
the collection os videos goes back some years in Standard Def. There are a limited collection of HD videos of some very fine glam babes.
Cons: The navigation is crazy in this site. There are so many catagories and sub catagories that you have no idea what is what and where to find it.

Pesonally I am looking for HD video of glam babes. Very hard to find things in this site.
The video is very "artsy" slo motion with very little closeups of face or any body part for that matter. It is like Mr Hicks is embarressed to get in there and get the shot I need to see.
Bottom Line: This site is probably worth a months join to get the good stuff downloaded. There are a lot of nice women here.
If you are into pictures only, then this is a great site. If you are looking for HD video and glam girls, then this is only mildly satisfying.
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8. Digital Desire (1)

IKnoPorn (22) 07-02-08  09:53pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (24), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Alot of models, most are extremely hot 9's-10's
+ Among the best solo video content on the web
+ Huge amount of content
+ No DRM
+ High quality images and videos
+ Easy to navigate, alphabetical model index is well organized
+ Only $18 until October 1
Cons: - Too many confusing categories: Dreamgirls, Dreamheat, Creamgirls, Raw Heat, Girlz-on-Girlz, Toi Story, Seasonal Spotlight, ????
- Photo sets tend to be split across categories
- Different mixes of the same video: a very softcore version as well as an "Extreme" version
- Some women look bored or overly posed in the photo sets
- Alot of makeup and airbrushing
Bottom Line: Stephen Hicks has set many standards for photography, and this site illustrates the reasons why. Extremely beautiful, almost surrealistic women perform for your enjoyment. I won't belabor this point, if you haven't checked the site out and you're a glamour or solo model fan, then this site is a must see, for at least 1 month.

Also old news is that this site has dropped the DRM, which is a huge improvement.

Where the site falls apart in a bad way is with the categories and the division of content. The category names I listed above are real (believe it or not) and it is difficult to tell which is which. Perhaps these are just artifacts of when the site was split into an "extreme" section that used to cost extra, and the "normal" (read: softcore) section. What makes no sense at all is with all of the closeups of lubed up women, many of which you can find in the "normal" section, I do not understand why similar content is split off into "extreme" - which often just has more closeups or more "spread-eagle" shots. Don't get me wrong, the photos are hot, but the split up of photo sets and videos into the different confusing categories gets tiresome fast.

However, if you're willing to put up with the categories, and stick to the model index, you can find some excellent content, you just have to piece together the photo sets on your own. Also, the "extreme" solo videos are among the best I've seen.

Bottom line: Very hot solo models, tedious categories.

UPDATE: No major changes to my comments, but a score increase from 84 to 88, and also for continuing to offer the $18/month deal. Compared with other glamour sites, this is one of the best, in spite of the crazy categories.
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9. Digital Desire (1)

SirCumference (2) 01-16-08  01:09pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: *Excellent model selection, past and present.
*Very artistic design.
*One of the easiest sites to navigate.
*Has a good model index and the ability to rate/track favorites.
*Many sets/videos have a blurb by the photographer about the girl and the set. The comments by J. Stephen Hicks were especially interesting (since he's been in the biz so long).
Cons: *Artificially divided into too many sections (Covergirl, Dream Girl, etc.). It would have been sufficient to have either softcore and hardcore as the sections or softcore, toy play, and hardcore.
*Download threads and speeds limited.
*Daily maximum download.
*Frequent name collisions, i.e., different sets or videos would have the same file name when downloaded.
*All models seem to be rated at 9.3 or so.
*Not quite as much hardcore as I wanted.
Bottom Line: This was a fun site to have a membership for a month. I was able to look through the model index, place those I liked in my favorites list, and download their sets and videos fairly easily. The trouble was that the amount you can download in a day is limited, as is the number of simultaneous downloads. Download speeds seem to degrade the larger the file. Many videos would have the same filename when saved, making it difficult to make sure that I had downloaded all the videos for a model.

The models themselves are gorgeous and the photos and videos done well. I found my enjoyment of the site to have suffered because of the poor downloading experience.
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10. Digital Desire (1)

Thaeral (8) 01-14-08  10:16pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (21), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: *A lot of models - known and unknown (to me). You'll easily find your favorites and be introduced to new favorites.
*High-Quality Photography - primary focus of the site. Somewhere between Playboy and Penthouse on how "raunchy" they get with most of it. Image quality is way better than Playboy Cyber Club on all counts.
*A lot of the models are really gorgeous.
*Can save images individually or download sets.
*Variety of videos types/themes (Playboy style Pan&Scan, Interviews, Masturbation, Toys, Girl-Girl)
*Retro! Some of the photographers have been doing this for quite some time so there are shots of some models from the past during their prime. I've not found a site that has a back catalog like this.
*Some really great masturbation scenes. Brea Bennett, Cody Milo, and Carli Banks are favorites.
*They offer a few download options for the videos depending on your bandwidth and codec preference on many videos.
*Plenty to see and regularly updated.
Cons: *I believe they were transitioning to a new site design which may be in place now, but at the time it made for some challenging navigation and some really dated designs.
*Videos cover the same time spectrum that the images do - so it can be hit or miss with the quality.
*Videos are very Playboy-esque - the female body is a temple to be worshiped kind of thing. Music in all of them; wipes, fades and transitions. Too much "art" for my tastes.
*Video Themes are kinda gimmicky and lead to some duplicates. A video called "X" can actually be a 5 minute segment of a longer video called "Y". You learn the patterns.
*Audio, specifically on the masturbation videos, would switch channels on me depending on where the model was in respect to the camera (left only, right only, left & right) Totally could be an issue rooted in my PC - I couldn't track it down, though.
Bottom Line: It's from the J. Stephen Hicks Studios, so this is nude photography-centric. At one time that would have been right up my alley, but I've aged to the point where "pictures of naked girls," sadly, just doesn't do for me what it used to. I do admire the skill of these photographers, though. These are fantastic images. My primary reason for joining this site was because I knew they had an "extreme" section where some of these gorgeous ladies would be doing a lot more naughty things on video.

I've found that photography-centric sites all seem to have the same approach to videography. They put in so much "artsy" stuff that it ruins it for me. I can really do without a music track. I'm also not a fan of the pan&scan her body and intersect the transitions with a lot of Star Wars style wipes, fades, and zooms. I'm probably hard to please in these regards.

If photography is an interest for you (Playboy, Mystique, Penthouse) - this is more than worth your time and money even for an extended subscription. There is a lot to look at and appreciate.

The videos are worth a month, but even the ones I saved to my hard drive ended up getting deleted rather quickly. Even with a poor connection like mine - I was done & canceled well before my subscription was due to renew. I'm clearly in a video phase.
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11. Digital Desire (1)

Cybertoad (Disabled) 01-01-08  10:07am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (54), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Incredible Quality
Simple Easy Menu
Often Update
HUGE, amount of pic/ vids
The quality is the best out here.
Cons: The site downloads were average speed.
The price is average
Bottom Line:
If you like other quality sites like Twisties and others you will love this site.
The quality alone will blow you away.
I was amazed at the detail and quality.
This is a must membership.
Sadly I didn't hear about this site, until recently but I would put as the top 10 sites on the INTERNET.
There is a great variety, even a tad hard thrown in for the liking.
If you like quality HD pics and vids then come her, you have no idea what your missing this is a hidden treasure.

NEW FOLLOW UP . I did this last review 7 months ago I was new member at the time and reviewed it before spending more time on the site the quality impressed me so I went with that and thats where I made the error. so here goes.
Digital Desire is a good site, I still stand by the fact the pic quality is very good. That said after being a member I found out some short falls. The menu system I complimented is actually very confusing and file saving is just about as hard to figure out. I had to to rate it a 79 as its average after seeing its many short falls. The cost is high, after being a past member the ask me to rejoin at $18.00 but I declined.
Bottom line is the women are very pretty over all a good selection, but I get the impression the are trying to make the site seem bigger and better then it is. As many files are the exact same ones only tammed up. With the same shoot same outfit so are in my mind duplicates. Pretty looking site, just it skin deep MO,deeper looks disapoited me.
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12. Digital Desire (1)

jd1961 (95) 12-24-07  11:49am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Hi Res Photos
-Zip Files
-Lots Of Material
-Some HD Video, NO DRM
-Decent Price
Cons: -Below Average D/L Speed
-Some Very Dated Material
-Fake Body Parts
Bottom Line: There's just something missing with this site, I can't put my finger on it. They have plenty of hi-res photos (up to 3000px) with a wide and varied collection available in zip files. Some of the material is very dated, it would be OK in a retro site, but is totally out of place here. All the fake breasts made me think I was in the 1990's again...yecch! So ugly. Shay Laren has a very extensive collection here though that is worth downloading, and some of her videos are nice. There are some HD vids, but mostly they are in the 480x360 range, and available in wmv, divx quicktime. I can't prove it, but I swear their servers are rigged for slow downloads. The speed is below average at any rate. The price is good, but I think this site needs a complete overhaul, a new look, and they need to get rid of a lot of material that is pretty amateurish looking. When I quit, they begged me to stay, but, although I don't think the site is a rip off by any means, I just couldn't think of a good reason why I would stay beyond a month.
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13. Digital Desire (1)

Denner (235) 12-09-07  09:07am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (77), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Good amount of videos and photosets for the price.
Some HD-videos in very fine quality.
Zip for photos
Ok price
Cons: Not much new - even some of the updates seems old.
Not all exclusive - quite a few video-sets/photo sets seen elsewhere
Confusing navigation - hard looking for the real updates.
To much content with video-interviews
Bottom Line: Had a comment resently where I spoke against the quality and non-exclusive updates.
In the "Current Member" and how long - I've cheated. I have not been a steady member for 12 month, but be a member on and off for 12 months and quite a bit more.
Still I get the feeling, that this site has quite a low standard all in all.
The updates and content in general are NOT up-to-date in what you should expect from a site like this - They still live on retro.
The small video-files are sometimes quite sexy, but mostly boring. Nothing new here concerning better filming, better and more sexy scenes and above all: Find some entirely new models - like a lot of the better sites are able to.
Maybe this site was somewhat of a pioneer at one time, but, man - that was a long time ago.
Too bad, 'cause some of the videos are still great - there is just too far between them.
Good that DD has quit DRM, but that's not enough to return a 6th, 7th or 8th time to this site.
And DD, your socalled HD (hardcore extreme) are a laugh - old, non-exclusive and worse - and you can call it "extreme" from here to Kingdom Come - it's still boring and older stuff.
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14. Digital Desire (1)

Getreal (Disabled) 08-26-07  02:31pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (10), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: exclusive content
beautiful models
lots of pics
lots of videos
great quality pics
Cons: a little slow
hard to navigate at times
average video quality and download speed
Picture sets have been edited and some pics removed.
Posed lesbian pic sets
Bottom Line: good site great quality and quantity
worth the money. One month membership will probably be enough.
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15. Digital Desire (1)

nygiants03 (162) 07-29-07  11:41am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (63), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -updates every day
-814 of the hottest models you will ever see
-All of the pics are high , up to 3000 pixels
-Download pics in zip files
-Lots of interesting interviews and backstage videos
-shows future updates
-22.90 for a month is good priced
-lots of content
-Lots of video formats WMV high and low, Quicktime high and low, divx dvd quality, and ipod video.
-very clear and high quality videos
-great browsing options
-exclusive material
Cons: -To unnatural setups and to much posing
-Not an amateur feel
-Music playing during many videos
-Download limit
-way to much visual work in videos, with changing -colors, jumping scenes,
-slow server and downlaods
Bottom Line: -This really a photography site because there are hardly any videos compared to photos. The videos really are'nt good to me.

-mostly softcore videos which is dream sessions, dream flix, reel encore interviews, hd dreams, and flirt. But they do have an xtreme section now which has naughty videos, toy stori, faux jobs, and flixx. All of these are the more hardcore stuff such as masturbation with toys, and sex. But you dont get the real sexual feel as they jump around the videos to much and make it to glamorous and artsy.

-My fav models: 978 photos and 5 videos(2 interviews) of Aria Giovanni, and 999 photos and 6 vidoes of Carli Banks. Also if you like Kyla Cole you will like this site, there is more pics sets of her then anyone else on the site.

-If your a big photography fan join this site for sure, theres so many great photographers on this site. But if your here for the videos its not really worth joining because the videos are kind of boring. But overall its still a great site with practically every hot model of internet porn on here.
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16. Digital Desire (1)

exotics4me (463) 07-21-07  12:34am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Great TBP deal of Digital Desire and DDGX for $22.99
- Some of the finest photography you will see on the internet. Resolution does vary though.
- Just about every top model you can name is on this site from Aria Giovanni to my favorite Eve Angel to Sandra Shine to Shay Laren.
- DIVX clips are HD but....you already know (See cons)
- DDGX has the more hardcore content on it, at one time these were separate sites, now you get both.
Cons: - DRM on videos
- Inconsistent resolutions from week to week on pic sets
Bottom Line: First, if the webmaster for Digital Desire reads this, please take my advice and remove the DRM. I say this for a major reason beyond the obvious one. Most of the videos are not what I would even call keeper clips. The clips are good for one, maybe two viewings, after that I tired of them. This is, first and foremost a photography site and they do it as well as just about any site. The photos are why I join the site.

Which is the other reason that I spoke of earlier about removing the DRM. I have to wonder just how many people will never join this site to see the excellent top level photography just because of the DRM on videos? I understand the reason for DRM, but on the other hand, we can't go around letting a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us. I even wonder if the missed new subscribers hurts worse than those few who share porn?

I really enjoyed this site and want to score it higher, up near 95, as one of my favorites and best in class in the glamour field, but I can't because of the DRM. I had read Drooler's review and since I hadn't been a member before, I figured the site would be fresh to me and it was. I will still probably come back in 6 months and join again for a month. The videos are crisp HD, which pisses me off even more about the DRM. The site navigates good enough, high res photos, zips, tons of the world's top models. All of it almost seems wasted since so many won't join because of the DRM. I highly recommend it, but remember DRM.
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17. Digital Desire (1)

Drooler (220) 06-08-07  05:16am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (82), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Vast collection of professional quality pics by Stephen Hicks and his fellow photographers
+Many, many beautiful models from all over
+Some photos in 1600px; first set of each month has 3000px at least from start of 2006
+DDGX subsite offers extra pink, toying, and hardcore
+Returning member price of 15.95 for both DDG and DDGX combined (use same username and password as last time)
+Zip files (but only in largest pic size available)
+Quick model search, but some models have 2 names
Cons: -Some exclusive, some seen elsewhere (Twistys, Penthouse, etc.)
-Too many categories of pics
-Piece-mealing: “Daily” pics in 1-per-wk segments over 4-6 wks, or “themed” in one gallery with 4 models having about 5 pics each from shoots already or not yet published; DDGX has small sets taken from same shoots as featured galleries
-With “Daily” pics, you never know if max size will be 1024 or higher
-Softcore videos are often boring, overly edited, DRM restricted, and music tracked
Bottom Line: I’ve been a member many times off and on since 2002. The photography by Mr. Hicks & Co. is usually very professionally done and has signature elements of lighting and color that make it identifiable on sight. For awhile, it was my absolute favorite site.

Actually, though, I’m pretty burned out on it now. Here’s why:
1. All of that piece-mealing of photo content is really annoying!
2. Quite of lot of the “new” content each month as actually older content in larger sizes. (“Seen it before. Find older gallery on hard drive. Replace it?” – over and over again)
3. I’m tired of the inconsistencies in pic sizes and in number of pics per gallery.
4. I’m tired of seeing old, 3rd-party content showing up here, some of which is really mediocre.
5. With truly new content, they just don’t often do the great belly-down-flat and standing ass shots they used to. And that’s the final blow! ;)

At least they’ve toned down their hype. In ’06, they were pasting “3000px” and “exclusive” on their public pages, as if lots of that awaited the would-be subscriber. Glad they’ve cut that crap.

And the good news for photo lovers who have never been is that they’ll be getting better versions of the older content -- and probably won’t even know that they are.
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