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1. 18 Only Girls (0)

joekramer08 (12) 07-29-12  05:27pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (17), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: NOTE: I joined this site for the hardcore videos. I'm not a softcore guy or a photo guy, so I'm writing this review from the perspective of a guy looking for hardcore video scenes.

- A lot of hot girls. If you are familiar with the slender, tight look of European porn girls, then you will know the type of girls they feature. Many of the well known European porn girls can be found here...but this may be a bad thing if you're tired of seeing the same European girls from other sites.

- Very functional site design with all of the features you would hope to find on a modern porn site (streaming for each scene, nice search options, clean attractive layout).

- Downloadable files are offered in a nice variety of sizes and the video quality of the downloadable files is quite good.

- Fairly frequent updates...however, there is a problem with the updates, which I will cover in the "cons" below.
Cons: - There can be frustrating camera work (too many closeups and odd camera angle choices that prevent you from seeing the girl or the action).

- Not many hardcore scenes...a large portion of the scenes are softcore masturbation vids.

- They update with new content often, but the problem is that many of the updates are just a photo set with no corresponding video. I have read that Diesel Media often posts the video on their other site Young Legal Porn. This seems like an attempt to get people to subscribe to their other site in order to access the video that goes with the photo set.

- I joined this site hoping to see more "artsy" filming style advertised in the tour, but upon joining I found that many of the hardcore scenes did not have this style. Many of the hardcore scenes on 18onlygirls.com have a VERY similar look to other sites like Teen Mega World, Euro Teen Movs, and First Anal Quest - Same male actors, same girls, same camera work, etc.
Bottom Line: The hardcore scenes on 18onlygirls.com come in 2 filming styles: "artsy" and "traditional". The "artsy" scenes are filmed by 2 directors named Ray Man and Dirk Milton, while the more traditional style porn scenes are filmed by a director named Anton Rusakov.

If you check out the tour, it is clear that 18onlygirls.com advertises itself as an "artsy" site with professional, high-end camera work...but once you join you find that only a portion of their hardcore scenes feature this type of camera work. Once inside, you realize that a lot of the hardcore scenes on 18onlygirls.com are more traditional and appear to come from the same people who film scenes for other European sites like Teen Mega World and First Anal Quest - I can't confirm this, but the scenes look VERY similar to other Euro sites. On 18onlygirls.com, the director of these more "traditional" porn scenes goes by the name of Anton Rusakov. If you're at all familiar with European porn sites, you can instantly recognize the same camera work, same lighting, similar sets, and same males actors from the other European porn sites. I'm starting to wonder if all of the various European sites have their scenes filmed by the same people, then they just lease the content out. At this point I have joined a few different Euro porn networks, and most of these sites look like their scenes come from the same director and crew (scenes on 18onlygirls.com, firstanalquest.com, euroteenmovs.com, & Teen Mega World all look EXTREMELY similar). Many times I have seen the same scene duplicated on completely different European networks. One of the only Euro networks that seems to have their own unique filming style is the Teen Core Club Network.

So, if you have joined some of the popular European porn sites before, the Anton Rusakov scenes will look very familiar. I wouldn't have a problem with all of these European sites looking the same if the camera work were better. Most of these Euro sites suffer from the same frustrating camera angles. If you have read my reviews before, you know that I place a very high importance on camera angles. Camera angles are the most important part of any porn scene, because the camera angles determine if you can clearly see the sex and the girl's body...and I think we can all agree that the reason we watch porn is to see sex and girls' bodies. There's nothing worse than clicking on a new porn scene with anticipation only to be disappointed when the camera man spends large portions of the scene zooming in on just the girl's crotch and stomach, or just focuses on her ass. Then there's the dreaded face closeup. Seriously - what is the point of zooming in on a girl's face in a porn scene? I can see a girls face any time I want by just walking outside of my house. When a naked girl is having sex, I WANT TO SEE HER BODY, NOT JUST HER FACE! Why can't they zoom the camera out to show me her body AND her face at the same time? For some reason most camera men in porn still haven't figured this out. I wish all porn producers would eliminate face closeups completely. Another thing that bothers me is when a girl gives a blowjob, the camera man always feels to need to zoom in on girl's face - why not zoom out and use this opportunity to show off the girls body as she gives the blowjob? (the only site I have seen that zooms out during blowjobs is tryteens.com, so I applaud them for that). So there is some annoying camera work in the Anton Rusakov scenes. Most of these scenes are decent, but not great. There are a few gems, however, where they really nail the camera work.

So I had some frustration with traditional style "Anton Rusakov" scenes, but I found that the "artsy" scenes were actually more frustrating. The solo scenes and "artsy" hardcore scenes are filmed by 2 directors who go by the names Ray Man and Dirk Milton. I was very disappointed by the camera angles in these scenes. The film quality and lighting were excellent, but the annoying camera angles made these "artcore" scenes virtually unwatchable. I found that in these artcore scenes the camera would always be zoomed in and only focused on one part of the girl's body...so you rarely got a good view of the girl's entire figure. This was maddening to me - here you have these beautiful naked girls and they're only showing you her legs or her stomach. What the? In the artsy style hardcore scenes, the camera would often just take a side view and zoom in on just the 2 pelvises of the actors...no view of the penetration and no view of the girl's body. Ugh. You can have all expensive cameras in the world, but if you don't show the viewer what they want to see you are wasting megabytes on these scenes.

There are some decent Anton Rusakov scenes to be found here which are filmed in a more traditional style found on other European sites...but the "high-end" solo scenes and artsy hardcore scenes are almost unwatchable due to the frustrating camera work and baffling camera angles
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2. 18 Only Girls (0)

lk2fireone (196) 06-11-12  09:08pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Long interval before site timeout. Useful if you want to browse site, or download files, and you pause between downloads.
-Tiny, unobtrusive watermark occasionally appears in videos at bottom right corner.
-Tiny, unobtrusive watermark at bottom right corner of some photos. The watermark is so small, you have to examine each photo, to see if it's there or not.
-Soundtrack on most videos, especially the recent ones, is clean, without a lot of extraneous sounds.
-The video quality is some of the best I've seen: great focus, crystal-sharp video, good tracking of the sex action, professional lighting, excellent colors: skin tones, etc.
-There is an alphabetical listing of the models, with a nice-sized thumbnail to show what each model looks like. A really helpful feature that makes searching through the model list so nuch easier.
-Easy site navigation. Helpful, useful hot links to get a model's appearances (videos and photosets).
-The member pages are clean, with no ads.
-No DRM.
Cons: -The cons are basically minor.
-No model biography.
-Occasionally they change the name of a model, but forget to change the title of the video or photoset she appears in. For example, the photoset named "Beata and the mirror", features the model currently named Belka, who was, evidently, named Beata earlier.
-When the models speak in a foreign language, there are no subtitles to translate. But the words spoken don't have a lot of value, anyway. The sex is what counts.
-If you post a comment, I don't see any way to edit it, for typos or whatever.
-The high-quality file size can be large. A video with a runtime of 23 minutes 12 seconds has a high-quality (1080p) size of 1.6 GB in MP4, and
1.9 GB in WMV. So you need a lot of hard drive space if you want to keep the high-quality files.
-The model page is clean, with no ads. But it would be even better if they simplified the layout. Don't post 2 different thumbnails of the model's last appearance. That's just confusing.
Bottom Line: CONS (CONTINUED):
A single listing of each appearance would be more intuitive and easier to understand. Also, don't put two hot links for posting a comment on tha model page. Keep the comment link at the bottom of the page, but don't put a second comment link near the top of the page: it's not needed, and just gets in the way. Keep the model page simple.

-Some of the photosets and videos may be at other networks. 2 photosets and 1 video from Nubiles were posted at 18OnlyGirls in some sort of cross-
advertising deal.

Also, some photos and videos at 18OnlyGirls were posted earlier at the Teen Mega World network. This is not cross-advertising, but 2 different networks buying the same content from the same supplier.

The video titled "Waiting To Be Ravaged", featuring Anisiya, was posted 2012-06-10 at 18OnlyGirls. The same video was posted on 2011-02-17 at teensexmovs, a Teen Mega World site. At teensexmovs the video is titled "Anisiya". The video at 18OnlyGirls has more definition choices for download, and the runtime was chopped from 24:46 to 23:12 minutes:seconds.

But the video is basically the same.

However, the model is so cute, and the scene is so hot, that I didn't mind getting a higher-definition version of the same video. And they also made the 18OnlyGirls video have better lighting, better colors, in addition to the higher definition.

So I don't think the duplicated content is bad, especially when the content at 18OnlyGirls is better quality.


Site statistics:
Number of videos: 1032
Number of photosets: 1278
Number of models: hundreds

The site preview gives the following statistics:
Number of films: 8,545
Number of images: 384,314
Number of models: 507

I don't know where the site preview is getting it's figures, because I counted the number of videos (movies), and it's far smaller. Also, based on the number of photosets, and the average number of photos in the ones I counted, the number of photos at the site in photosets is far smaller.

Having said that, you still get 1,032 videos, and 1,278 phosets.

-There are two types of live shows: "Diesel Girls Live", and "24/7 Live Channel".
"Diesel Girls Live" features Diesel models who put on a live show. The show is free, and worth watching. Only a few of the Diesel models participate, each show lasts 2 hours, and you get 1, 2 or 3 shows per day.
The "24/7 Live Channel" is a link to models who chat in both public (free) and private mode (paid). The public or free mode is basically worthless. The private (paid) mode is expensive. It's probably cheaper to go to a strip club than to pay for the private shows.

-This is a hardcore teen site. Many of the models are as cute, attractive, even lovely, as you will find anywhere. In the last few years, they have
offered excellent quality videos. The older photosets were not excellent, even when the models were attractive or cute. But the photos I've seen recently are really outstanding, and compare to what you get at Metart or MPL Studios, two sites that specialize in high-quality photos. This is mainly a video site. But if they can post outstanding photosets in the future, as they seem to be doing now, this will be a photo site as well.

I'm giving the site a score of 95. You have some of the most attractive teen models you can find. You have outstanding quality videos. The recent
photosets have improved greatly. The site is easy to navigate. You have fast download speeds. And you don't have to wade through a bunch of junk
to find the worthwhile content: you have great videos and photosets of lovely girls all over the site.
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3. 18 Only Girls (0)

elephant (67) 09-18-11  02:53am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (49), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: I'd say the major draw here is the quality of girls, very cute and some absolute stunners. Stasha is one to join the site for especially.

Some videos are hardcore done softly which I really like, kind of like x-art style with erotic soft setting and fly on the wall camera shots with professional quality camera work.

The network sites caters for most tastes, softer solo stuff, lesbian, group of girls naked (one of my favs), hardcore and also kinkier stuff like peeing too, one of the previews of this looked awesome but wasn't available sadly when I was a member.

Some really great photography too here, seems to be getting better.

Nice blog site to keep you interested when not a member which is important I feel.
Cons: Not too much to moan about but if I had to here it is.

Price could be cheaper for the network $19.99 would be great.

The search and navigation could need some improvement but I've seen worse.

Would be nice to have each girl with a profile page to say what stuff they have done and even non members could view, that would be a good edition, maybe even interviews and backstage stuff, its nice to find more out about them and this site has lots of regular girls exclusive to this network.
Bottom Line: Its been a few months since I was a member, I feel a new join is around the corner, maybe for Christmas as their new stuff looks very hot indeed. I haven't checked out the previews for this site for some time and the blog site 18onlygirlsblog.com but must say they really have come along way and I think this site may not get the credit it deserves.

Only sort of went on the site last week after seeing Lets Wake Him Up movie with Adria and Mia and never watched it yet since I downloaded it when I was a member and was well impressed. Very erotic and high class camera work. the site has these 2 ultra cuties Gloria and Stasha who look as though they have stepped right off the catwalk. words can't describe how cute Stasha is. Anyway in-case it may of missed you or gone under your radar I totally recommend this site, it is up there with my top ten sites. Check out the blog beforehand to see if it's the type of material you'd be interested in anyway.

Thumbs up from moi.
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4. 18 Only Girls (0)

lk2fireone (196) 01-23-11  06:51pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Videos: Small watermark appears briefly at different times in a video.
Not obtrusive.
-Photos: Small watermark.
-No DRM.
-Videos and photosets have posting date.
-Site has a models list, which is a an alphabetical list/pages of the models, with a nice-sized thumbnail of each model, with the number of photosets and videos for each model.
-Very long period before site timeout.
-Can watch videos streaming or download. The streaming option is not very good. You get a small window to watch the video. Much better to download the video and watch it on your PC. Streaming option is OK to watch briefly to see if the video will be of interest. But trying to fast-forward the streaming video does not work well: the video stops playing, and it's hard to get it to resume at the place you want to try next.
-Zip file for photosets.
-Large number of models (320+).
Cons: -The software for viewing individual photos is clunky. There should be an easier way to view individual photos.

-Navigation is basic. It should be easier to browse through the photosets and videos. The videos and photosets are split into two separate sections, but it should be easier to browse through the site contents.

-The search is basic, and could be improved by being able to search for the title of a photoset or video, or being able to search for a specific
type of content such as type of sex action, etc.

-No model bio or information on the model is offered.

-One size only for each photoset. No choice of low, medium, high quality photosets.
Bottom Line: There are a number of attractive models at this site. The site theme is young teen girls who are amateurs. These are not girls being naughty, but
attractive young girls who are filmed on camera enjoying their sexuality: by themselves (masturbation), with their female friends (lesbian), less often with a boy. It's good clean enjoyment and fun, not dirty, not abusive, not rough.
-Large number of models (320+). The models are teen or early twenties, white Eastern European girls. Mainly slender, mainly small-breasted.
Number of models at this site: 320
Number of photos per photoset: 40 - 100 photos.
number: 800+
runtime: 15-20 minutes
size: 200 MB - 1 GB+, depending on which quality you choose.
Format: WMV
Definition/quality: medium, high, HD (the best, highest quality)
number: 1,000+
Photo dimensions: 1000 x 1500 pixels width x height.
Photo size: about 200 KB.
-Update rate:
1 photoset per day, average.
1 video every 2 days, average.

I don't know why the the photosets at 18 Only Girls are so unsatisfying.
The quality of the photosets is far below what you find at a glamor-style site like Met-art or MPL Studios, in terms of definition, appeal, etc. The style of the photosets is like what is shown at sites like Teen Stars Magazine (an archive site) or My Precious Virgins. Except that what
is shown at Teen Stars Magazine and My Precious Virgins is done much better. The photosets at 18 Only Girls are like a pale imitation of the
much better photosets at the other two sites. And compared to glamor photo sites like Met-art or MPL Studios, the photosets at 18 Only Girls are
almost worthless. The photosets are like snapshots from the 1960s or 1970s. Even though they are nude photosets, the 18 Only Girls photosets lack sexiness. My guess is that the lack of sexual appeal is due to the washed-out appearance of the colors in the photos.

Content appears to be shared between the 18 Only Girls site and the Young Legal Porn site. This is true of photosets and videos. I am looking at a
recent photoset at 18 Only Girls, titled
"Horny_coed_girl_striping_and_toying_her_snatch_1295819441_only_674", with the model named Drew. But even though the photoset is posted at 18 Only
Girls, each photo has a YoungPorn.net watermark.
There seems to be some confusion in naming The Young Legal Porn site: The Young Legal Porn site is called both Young Legal Porn and is also called Young Porn. The site is advertised as Young Legal Porn, but the address bar of the site itself uses YoungPorn instead, and the watermarks on the photosets show YoungPorn.net.

The videos, unlike the photosets, have value. The videos are professionally shot, and are very high quality: Good to excellent lighting, focus, definition, camera-work. There are a large number of videos at this site worth watching, as long as
you are satisfied with a softcore approach to pretty young teens: the sex is solo, or lesbian, or some boy-girl, but it's not hard-edged or abusive.
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5. 18 Only Girls (0)

slutty (111) 12-08-10  10:06pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (47), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -attractive, mostly euro ladies
-good variety of content, ranging from very softcore to group
-reasonable update schedule usually 1 photo or video set per day
-good navigation, search, tags, model index, ratings
-custom zip downloads of photosets
-no DRM
-download managers work
-no apparent download limit
-largely original content, the newer stuff appears entirely original
-decent sized site, 308 models at the time of this review
-video quality decent, downloadable in 3 sizes for the newer videos HD wmv, high mp4, and low mp4. I usually just downloaded the high mp4 which is typically 640x360 3700 kbps and reasonably crisp.
-photo quality is good, newer photos are 4032x6048 and reasonably well photographed
Cons: -not a fan of accessing through the deisel access site
-no bonus content unless you pay extra
-if you pay extra for the bonus content, there is a lot of duplicate scenes across the network
-some of the paid bonus sites are no longer updating
-site can load sort of slow at times, even though download speeds were always better than 1 MB/sec
-since some of the material appears to be self produced by the talent, the video and photo camerawork can get a bit iffy at times
Bottom Line: Overall I think this site is pretty decent, my only hesitation with the site is whether or not it is worth the extra $10 to join the network.

Given that Policeman.net, Kamilla18.com, thespermlover.com, sashafucksdasha.com, and laythekat.com all appear to be no longer updating, it is probably not worth joining the network if you have been a member of it before. However, if you haven't it is probably worth considering spending the extra $10. While there is duplicate content all over the network, there are some unique scenes to each site, especially on the individual model sites.

Bottom line, I like the variety of the site, and that generally the photography is pretty good, especially with the softcore material. It would be nice if they could get some of the models to do more work in the studio with professional photographers, especially with the hardcore material. They could also do some work to fix some of their website load issues. Even with the sites drawbacks, I still think it is worth joining for a month if you are into attractive young ladies.
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6. 18 Only Girls (0)

Goldfish (67) 10-14-10  04:26pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (44), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Good amount of content -- if you sign up for the individual site or the network
+ 720p HD video
+ Great photography in the galleries.
+ Beautiful Euro babes
+ Good site navigation
Cons: - Difficult to search/browse across network sites.
- Only a few of the network sites regularly updating
- Not much variety across the sites -- pretty much the Euro teen theme across the board.
- Expensive. Access to the network is $34.97
- Some updates not indicated on umbrella site (Diesel Access)
Bottom Line: I've signed up to 18 Only Girls and Young Legal Porn separately in the past. This time I decided to sign up for full network access. Since PU does not list the umbrella site, Diesel Access, I randomly chose this site for the review.

I've enjoyed these sites but I have to say I was a bit disappointed with my latest subscription. Admittedly, my expectations were high with the price I paid but there were other issues as well. Let's start with the network. Typically, I expect some variation when you join a network. These sites were almost identical in theme and even shared some content. Basically 18 Only Girls and Young Legal Porn are the same site. Then there are a handful of solo model sites. These solo models also appear in the above mentioned sites!

Aside from my issues with the network they could also work on producing more original content with a larger number of girls. I only kept 9 video clips which is small considering the price I paid.

On the positive side there are some truly superb ladies on this site. I typically don't collect pics but I downloaded a bunch of them from this site. The site is easy to navigate and I had no issue with downloads or streaming.

To sum up, I would recommend this site to anyone into the Euro-teen genre. I'd suggest joining either 18 Only Girls or Young Legal Porn but not the network as it's just more of the same.
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7. 18 Only Girls (0)

Denner (235) 01-11-10  06:53am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (77), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Vast amount of videos (could not count, but according to the site: over 1200) BUT: see below.
+ Even more photos (ditto: as above - over a quater of a million)
+ SOME ok - not great - material with easteuro/euro models.
+ Ok download speed - got about 550-600 kb/sec. - and without download manager.
+ Zip for photos/photosets
+ Some COULD be exclusive (doubt it, though - does not seem likely they got their own production), and most is from YoungPorn.net
+ Ok video-flash (if you care for that)
Cons: - Too expensive. ($ 29.95)
- The quality ruins the amount.
- Video HD is mostly a joke.
- Horrible login/access.
- Updates - or so called updates consists mostly of OLD material from YoungPorn.net.
- Way too little variation in models.
- Most videos seems outdated in style AND quality.
- Horrible and SLOW photo-viewing.
- So called bonus sites will claim even more from your creditcard.
- Generally: Vasted $ 29.95 here....no where worth the price...
Bottom Line: This site is right now 'HOT' at TBP - and it could be - if it was not for the fact that this in many ways is just a hidden clone of YoungPorn.net - at least concerning most of the content - and this is what's it about?

The worse thing here is to join, if you've been a member of YoungPorn.net within the last year or even more.
In that case you'll get just very little new stuff. What this 18OnlyGirls call 'updates' are mostly OLD material from that sister-site:
I'll not go into models-detail, but some of the latest updates here are from 2007/2006 also seen at YoungPorn.net.

And BTW: You can find a LOT of much better and high quality easteuro-porn elsewhere.

The access/login is hopeless - so much security and so much waiting, I guess these guys are really paranoid about hackers, too paranoid for a paying user.

Videos: They got wmv and flv (from flash) - (did not find mp4). They claim: HD, High and medium. Not that I found any difference between HD and High) And the size goes from anywhere between 20 MB and 1,4 Gb).

Photosets: They got thumbs, of course - but it takes for ever to watch a single photo fullsize - they even ask you to wait for preparing...
Zip-download ok in speed, though.
Quality: The Drooler would run away screaming - does that say it?

Bottom Line: friends at TBP - how can this site get an 83?
It so close to a clone of YoungPorn.net and the quality of MOST videos and photosets seems like some remains from 2006 or earlier..

So to fellow-PUs out there: It's not recommended - and certainly NOT to that price!
If you search for this kind of material go to Teen Mega World instead and for a price of $ 19.95.
Or try this one: Student Sex Friends - not great quantity - but the quality certainly is...
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8. 18 Only Girls (0)

Goldfish (67) 06-16-09  08:13pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (44), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Good Web site navigation
+ Filtering/sorting tools to help you find photosets & vids
+ High quality streaming videos that start almost instantly and look decent on full screen
+ Daily updates (alternates between photosets and videos)
+ Good blend of BG, GG, masturbation and solo/striptease content. Solo is the largest category if you break it down.
+ Decent quality video: 852x480 / 2.4 Mbps
+ User comments on vids/photos
Cons: - Could use a little more variety in the model list
- Kind of weird filter tags (i.e. Jerker!, Toying, Close-up)
- Some of the older stuff looks familiar so may not be exclusive.
- Access to network sites either costs more money or requires you stay a member for a couple months.
Bottom Line: The 18 Only Girls Web site is a joy to use. They have taken advantage of many of the cool new technologies you see on cutting edge Web sites. They have "skins" that allow you to change the color scheme, tag clouds to help you search and a neat mouse-over effect on the thumbnails that creates a mini-slide show so you can see more of the video/photos without clicking the link to the download page.

Beyond the bells and whistles this site has a solid foundation. 500+ videos and 600+ photosets make it worth the money even without network access. I really enjoyed the novelty of streaming videos that worked well! There is also robust search tools and navigation.

To top it off there are truly beautiful women on this site. It is rare I skip a video because of the appearance of the model.

There is a decent amount of hardcore but it would be nice if they evened it out with the solos. The freebie network site Policemen.net is a throw away.

18 Only Girls is a hidden gem. I recommend it!
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9. 18 Only Girls (0)

OneMan (27) 04-18-09  02:00am
Rookie Badge  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (32), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Loads of material - much is live
Utterly gorgeous European teens
Good variety of scenarios
Majority in near full HD
Good price
Decent navigation and speed
Live shows are quite amusing - but they talk to you!
Cons: Some of girls joke around
Not much audio - language barrier biggest problem
Not all "live" recordings were avaialable
Alice didn't visit me at home after I invited her round on a Live show (!)
Bottom Line: I joined this site a couple of months ago and have never gotten around to reviewing it.

I have in the past joined a variety of sites that feature the solo models - Natasha Shy, Alice Wonderbang and Ivan Fukalot. Well this site features them all - and interestingly, some of their best videos.

This is a great site to start with if you like any of these young eastern 'Euro-teens', and then if you find one girl that you can't get enough of, join her solo site too !

This is also a site where the most recent vids feature Natasha going at it with a bloke - it was nice (and I mean this respectfully) to see her constant smiley/giggly attitude, wiped off her face. She has 2 scenes with a guy, and in one, I have never seen such a violent, REAL orgasm....think 'elecrical current through a squid'......she certainly took that one seriously !

Alice also appears with a few guys, unlike on her own site where she only plays a secondary role in two G/G/B scenes. Here, she gets the custard - and the cream !

The other main stars have to be Vika, Kat and Ivana. VIKA has to be the dirtiest little thing ever - taking the crown from Alice - WOW ! I cannot get enough of her. I have never seen anything of her before, and I was absolutely gob-smacked. She is a natural and to be honest, it's worth joining the site just for her 20 or so vids.

Overall, great value, good speeds and fantastic girls. For fans of Alice and Natasha Shy it's a must see - real sex with real guys ! And if you've never experienced sex with Vika (the POV stuff is amazing), you need to !

Thoroughly recommended for any teen lover.
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