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Visit Nuru Massage

1. Nuru Massage (2)

rearadmiral (388) 08-05-14  05:42pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Massage-themed network with American models
- Six distinct sites
- Network and sites well organized
- Five sites update weekly
- Lots of viewing options
- TBP discount
- Supports download managers
Cons: - Very little actual sex
- No independent biller
Bottom Line: This is my second time visiting this network and most of what I wrote in my 2012 review of Nuru Massage still applies.

The biggest difference with this network now is how it is branded. Back in 2012 I donít recall there being an overall name to the site. If you joined one massage-themed site you got access to the others. While the access part remains the same, the difference is that the network now has a name: Fantasy Massage.

Most of the sites are the same as the last time I reviewed this network, but one has stopped updating and there are two new sites now. The originals are:

All Girl Massage Ė 219 scenes, adds one scene per week
Nuru Massage Ė 273 scenes, adds one scene per week
Soapy Massage Ė 242 scenes, no new scenes added since April 2012
Massage Parlor Ė 319 scenes, adds one scene per week

The two new sites are Milking Table and Tricky Spa.

Tricky Spa is the newest with only ten scenes uploaded. A new scene is added weekly. The theme here is a little harder edged and more sinister than the other sites. With this site the premise of the scene is that the woman is tricked or coerced into giving the male masseur oral sex and there is some reluctance. Iím not sure how long this site will continue to grow since the user votes and comments are far more negative than positive. Not that I can summarize how other members feel about the site, but given the play on coercion it really doesnít fit in well with all the other massage-themed sites here where the interaction is both fun and sexy.

The other new site is Milking Table. It has 59 scenes and updates weekly. The premise of this site is a lot like the others, with a male customer and a female masseuse. The quirk of this site is that the massage table has a hole cut in it where when the male customer lies on his stomach his penis sticks through the hole and the female masseuse gets under the table to Ďmilkí him.í While it does seem a bit odd to watch a woman suck a disembodied cock, an advantage that it does have is that it does away with the lead up to so many cumshots in porn these days where the last of the scene is the male model jerking off for a few minutes before coming on the female model. Here the table requires that the female model be a finisher. Itís a quirky site, but I subjectively I like it.

Most of the technical aspects of the network remain the same, and since it was well done before thereís nothing wrong with that. The network is logically laid out, the sites are logically laid out, there is a model search page (for individual sites or the full network), there is a search function and there are tags too. The one difference I noticed is there are no longer any WMV files offered. The only file type now offered is MP4 and those are available in 160, 240, 360, 480, 540, 720 and 1080 resolutions. Streaming is also available in those same resolutions. I downloaded the 720p files and they come in at 1280x720, 4500kb/s and 29fps. Subjectively they look great on a 24Ē monitor and look fine on a 50Ē TV.

The site supports using download managers and I had no problem using one. The download speeds were what I usually see on porn sites.

Some miscellaneous observations:
ē As before there is a lot more oral action here than vaginal sex.
ē Anal sex is very rare.
ē The last time I was a member here it seemed that they were more Asian themed but that has changed too. Asians are certainly represented but the Caucasian models now outnumber them.
ē The scenes usually feature some of the better known U.S. A-list models working today. Many other massage sites feature Russian or European models so this is a good source to see your favorite American models in this niche.
ē For other dinosaurs like me out there the network acts a bit wonky with Internet Explorer so be prepared for some minor annoyances or use a different browser.
ē As with all other sites that are part of the Fame group of site, save your confirmation email as it will provide details on how to cancel. It isnít that they make it hard, but they sure donít make it as quick and easy as using a CC biller.

The bottom line is that this network continues to offer a great value. For the low discount price offered through TBP you get access to hundreds of massage-themed porn scenes with some of the hottest models in the business. The sites are well organized and offer lots of choice for both streaming and downloads. I highly recommend joining if you like this porn niche.
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Visit Wetscape

2. Wetscape (1)

LPee23 (24) 01-20-14  12:18pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: Wetscape.com is a site with history. It is the undisputed, original large pee site. Launched in 1998, Wetscape.com was the most prolific pee site in the early years. They paved the way for all pee sites that followed, and shot almost every type of peeing scene - solo, golden showers, indoors, outdoors, bondage peeing, wetting, naughty peeing, and drinking.
Their members section only seems to have a handful of videos from TheArtofPee.com, making it easy to think they are a site clone. There is a small link there for the Archives section - this is where basically the entire Wetscape site is located!
-great for photo fans
-523 photo sets with over 18,000 photos
-resolution is good for the era at mostly 600x800
-444 videos in 720x526 resolution
Cons: This site is only for a sub-set of porn users. You have to either be a dedicated photo fan, or have a real urge to see the original, classic pee site. Those of you who may have surfed the net for pee pics in the early 2000's will recognize a lot of these pics, even if you never joined Wetscape.com. Wetscape.com was so heavily pirated, they all but populated UseNet with pee pics. Those who do not realize this history may look at Wetscape.com and think it has a bunch of non-exclusive UseNet pics, but it is the other way around. These pics actually started off exclusive at Wetscape, but they totally lost control of their content. More than UseNet, there were entire paysites, some of which still exist, that based their content in part or exclusively on Wetscape.com pics. You will still get much more at Wetscape.com than you ever did on UseNet. Other cons:
-no zips
-there are scattered videos that are truly non-exclusive (less than 5%)
Bottom Line: Wetscape.com is one of a kind, and there will never be another site like it. It's creators were pioneers to put together the first large pee site. This is the type of site that you can't criticize for not updating - it is a work in completion. You can't criticize the 800x600 size of the photos - it was part of the era. As a photo lover I think 800x600 is not bad at all, and even with our 3000x2000 photos nowadays, I can still get a lot of enjoyment out of these older pics. No doubt, pee sites since have looked at these photos and had some inspiration.
I remember the first time I was a member at Wetscape.com back in 2002. I spent a month downloading all of their pics, and when I was finished, there was this great sense of accomplishment. Wetscape.com pics made up such a huge chunk of the free pics and even pics at other paysites that that time, that I felt like I had just downloaded a good chunk of all the peeing pics online. Wetscape.com did not watermark their pics, so it was only if you looked at their entire site that you would realize that a huge chunk of those early unidentifiable peeing pics without watermarks started out as exclusive content on Wetscape.com.
Unfortunately, I lost my original porn collection, so where was the first place I went to rebuild it? Wetscape. More bad fortune, I lost my collection a second time, but this time, in 2009, Wetscape.com had closed. If there was any doubt about it in 2008, their closure signified that the era of the first generation pee sites was over. This was a terrible disappointment, because I felt like my collection could literally never be complete without it.
Then, in 2013, something amazing happened. Wetscape.com was back up and running again, thanks to Tramp Stamp Studios! It is so rare for a site to come back from the dead, and for Wetscape.com to come back after 5 years, it seemed too good to be true! As I joined, I just hoped that it wouldn't be a thinned down version of the original, but I was not disappointed! It was all basically there. 98% of their sets were totally intact. Their oldest sets - absolute classics - were reduced to 1 photo each and complied by model into new sets so that a single model that originally had 20 sets would now have one set of 20 photos, each from a different original set. The amazing thing is that Wetscape.com was so heavily copied, that I can still today point anyone who is interested to other peeing paysites that still do have all of the classic Wetscape.com sets that were thinned down! So you can still in the year 2014 have all of the original photos from Wetscape, dating back to 1998!
So you can see from my review that I love this site. I would personally give it a score close to 100%, but in taking into account the general tastes of others and what I know people look for in a site, I had to give it an 85%. What brought it down a bit? The majority of users are looking for video over pictures, and Wetscape.com videos were never among the best - also some truly non-exclusive videos. In addition to that, while the site is 98% complete, and the other 2% can still be found elsewhere, I have to take some points from any site that removes their old stuff as a matter of principle. Also, the lack of zips makes this a time consuming site to visit. It was still totally worth it for me though. The bottom line is this - if you like pictures, peeing, and classic early 2000's material - this is the site for you. Wetscape.com was the first, there will never be another one, and I am glad to have it back!
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Visit Nuru Massage

3. Nuru Massage (2)

Willard (12) 10-17-13  10:20am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The price competitive at TBP discount.
A total of four sites can be enjoyed.
A beautiful photograph, a beautiful movie, and both are abundant.
Polite production.
Cons: A photograph does not have ZIP.
There are many models of the breast of imitation.
A search service is not perfect.
Bottom Line: Four sites containing Nuru Massage have the movies and photographs which were made carefully based on each theme.
Since there is a basic theme in each site, the story is mostly alike.
They devise and are making movies carefully.
I enjoyed them very much.

India Summer is appearing on some movies.
It is very better than her movie which I saw.
The movie on which she plays a teacher.
It is especially wonderful.
I became her fan.
Destiny Jaymes is also the same.
Her movie of this site is beautiful.
This site has many movies good for others.
They also have good photographs.
The photograph of the woman who joins a man's hands and goes to a bathroom.
It is very pretty.
I love it.
The photograph of kiss is also good.
Since I was pleased with them, I decided to become a member.

The earnest attitude was felt for this site.
The attitude in which its best is done.
It is very good.
I will certainly be the repetition member.
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Visit Piss Bank

4. Piss Bank (1)

LPee23 (24) 10-11-13  08:03pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: I am giving Piss Bank a 99% rating on my first review ever fully knowing that a 99% review is rare. What makes Piss Bank so different? While it is a very large and high quality peeing site with many models, it is run like the best of the smaller sites, where individual member feedback is actually valued and acted upon. It features many "girls next door", so if you want to see new girls, you will be pleased.
Also, you can email the producer directly, she is happy to talk with members, and she is a true pee fetishist!
-over 860 photo sets of large, sharp photos
-over 1,100 videos
-all except oldest videos in HD, many in 3D too
-plenty of content - hope you have 150 Gb free
-unique European girls not seen in other sites
-all pics have zip files now
Cons: When a site is the best in their niche, and they're doing everything so right, it's hard to come up with cons. Here are two minor points:
1. I had difficulty with some links once, but Piss Bank was very responsive and solved the problem fast.
2. Log-in system occasionally asks you to re-enter your password.
Bottom Line: This site is a must-have for pee lovers, and I would rank it first in its class! Tons of unique, high quality peeing content at the cutting edge of video with lots of HD and the most 3D I've seen. Tens of thousands of high quality peeing pics, taken by great photographers, and many are so sharp you can see every drop of pee without any blur. The only question I had after looking through this site was, why didn't I join earlier? How did I let myself miss out on this for so long? It's absolutely great!
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Visit Nuru Massage

5. Nuru Massage (2)

Goldfish (67) 09-15-12  07:02am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (44), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: + Fantastic monthly rate if you include the TBP discount.
+ Beautiful women of various shades, colors and races. (Asian heavily represented but not exclusively.)
+ 3 network sites included. All sites in the massage category. (Soapy Massage, All Girl Massage and Massage Parlor)
+ Creative take on the massage/hardcore sex scene
Cons: - I'm a fan of massage with the oils but the goop they were using on this site was a little off-putting at times.
- A few too many fake boobs for my tastes.
- Scenes can get repetitive.
Bottom Line: Reading TBP's primary niche for this site made me laugh, "Wet N Messy Fetish". I saw it while writing this review and wanted to point it out.

On to the bottom line. Nuru Massage is a solid, hardcore porn site in the massage niche. If you enjoy the site of glistening, naked bodies rubbing together, this site is for you!

Nuru provides everything I'd expect from a porn site in 2012. Each video is streamed in a high quality Flash video. The videos are offered for download in wmv and mp4 format in 1080p HD quality. The download speed is acceptable. I'm not a picture guy but I assume they are of similar quality.

The content is broken up into the standard sorts. You can see them in update order. There is also the option to see the highest rated or most viewed. The user can also view the models and drill down to the content that way.

Overall Nuru Massage is a good site. As I mentioned above the goopy massage lube they used turned me off at times. Other than that I appreciated the novelty of lubed up naked bodies. Since the guy takes up some of the spotlight, I also appreciated they chose male models that were fit and not a distraction from the ladies.
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Visit Nuru Massage

6. Nuru Massage (2)

rearadmiral (388) 07-05-12  06:46pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - $14.95 TPB/PU discount
- Supports download managers (see comment below)
- Scenes have a decent amount of heat and eroticism
- Beautiful models, most well-known porn stars
- Appears to be exclusive content
- Very high production values
- Updates regularly
- Seems to be affiliated with the Fame Digital Group
- Can sort by tags and models
Cons: - Limited resolutions available for WMV users
- The theme may be repetitive for all but the most ardent massage aficionados
- Lack of hardcore sex may be an issue for some
- No independent biller (see comment)
Bottom Line: This site doesnít market itself as a network, and Iím not saying it is one, but membership to one site gets you membership to three other massage-themed sites so Iíll cover all four sites here.

While there are subtle variations between the sites the basic elements are the same in all of them: a guy walks into the massage parlor to get a massage. The girl greets the guy, they undress and shower together, they usually start the massage in a large tub and then the massage continues on an air mattress or massage table. In Nuru Massage they use a thick, clear massage oil for which the type of massage and this site are named. In Soapy Massage they use soap bubbles as the medium, and the massage is a bit more traditional in Massage Parlor. In all cases there is a Ďhappy endingí and in 80% of scenes on all sites there is oral. There are a few sex scenes, but those are rare. All Girl Massage seems to follow a similar pattern, though I didnít watch many of those.

Some potential members might find the massage theme can get a little dull after a while. I agree that it can, but if you like massage as a niche this is definitely well done. The models play their roles well and they keep the heat and eroticism turned up. Some may not like the fact that there is very little sex (apart from oral), but I think that adds to the heat and realism.

The details on each site are:

ē Nuru Massage Ė 166 videos, updates with one video per week
ē Massage Parlor - 220 videos, updates several times per week with the addition of one scene per update
ē Soapy Massage Ė 242 videos, updates irregularly and infrequently, but at least one scene per month is added
ē All Girl Massage Ė 106 videos, updates with one video per week

The site is either affiliated with or uses the same web design as Fame Digital. I think itís the former. This is a good thing, in my opinion, because the quality of these sites is very good. And like other Fame sites there is a TBP / PU discount. Unfortunately, like other Fame sites, they donít use a biller though Iíve never had a membership issue with any Fame site before.

TBP includes Nuru Massage as an Asian site, which seems appropriate considering the idea of Nuru massage is Japanese, but while there is a higher percentage of Asian models on the site than on many other porn sites, I donít think Iíd call this an Asian site. It may be that when TBP reviewed it originally the site had more Asian models, but now they arenít even in the majority. When you consider all four sites as a group this is definitely not an Asian site. That could be good or bad, depending on your tastes.

The models are all beautiful and most are well known porn stars. There are different body types to suit most tastes. Some have too many tattoos but thatís just part of the business these days. In his earlier review, GCode noted there were only 15 models on the site. This has improved significantly with 77 available now.

The scenes all appear to be exclusive. I collect massage-themed stuff and Iíve never seen them elsewhere. Also, given that the set and set-up is essentially the same for all the scenes that supports that these are exclusive. The production values are great too: the lighting, sound, camerawork and editing are all top-notch.

There is no search function on any of the sites but one isnít needed either. You can sort the scenes using different tags and you can sort by model. This may sound too limiting, but given the single theme of the sites it works well.

If youíre familiar with Fame sites the site design will look familiar. Each scene opens to a page where you can download or stream the video. Video downloads are available as WMVs in 240p or 480p resolutions. MP4s are available in 240, 480, 540, 720 and 1080p. I prefer WMV files and I downloaded the 480p ones which come in at 720x400 at 2200kb/s and 30fps. I canít make any assessment of the MP4s. While I understand why a site would limit WMVs (due to the larger size, I suspect) I do wish that they offered more choice with that file type. In their defence, even though the numbers donít look all that impressive, subjectively the videos look great.

An issue Iíve had in the past with Fame sites is that they have a short time-out on the links which makes using a download manager difficult. Iíll admit that I have a faster connection from the last time I had a Fame membership, but the problem doesnít seem to be nearly as bad here as Iíve experienced in the past.

The bottom line is that Iíd definitely recommend these sites. As usual, the caveat is that you have to like the set-up, but for the price it is even worth it to join just to get a few addition scenes with some favourite stars. The sites have excellent material to offer and they offer it through a website thatís easy to use and they sell it at a great price. The whole combination is an excellent value.
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Visit I Need 2 Pee

7. I Need 2 Pee (0)

BrockLion (5) 02-14-12  02:47am
Rookie Badge  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (6), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + 357 videos, 1 new one every Tuesday.
+ unique content
+ Videos are of women wetting their clothes, mostly after not being able to get to a toilet.
+ The women often remove their outer garment and show how wet their panties are.
Cons: - Of course the videos are contrived. How else would a woman who needs to pee have a cameraman following her.
- Sometimes the acting is really poor (maybe all the time).
- Some of the videos are very poorly done.
- Almost no nudity, but that is the intended goal of the site.
Bottom Line: . If you want to see nudity this is not the site for you, there are only two pussies exposed in the entire set of videos and both of those are inadvertant and brief; they might be called cameo appearances.
. In a day when so many other sites have gone to more frequent updates or higher quality videos, this site has only gone from their initial 320x240 videos to the current 640x480 and remained at one update per week (Tuesdays).
. This is really a narrow niche
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Visit Water Bondage

8. Water Bondage (0)

rearadmiral (388) 06-23-11  08:55am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 274 scenes
- Approximately 70 scenes available in HD
- Most available in three formats/sizes
- Pics available (singles or small sets of zips)
- Part of the Kink network
- Good support service (a question was answered via email within a couple of hours on a weekend)
- Good mix of known and less known models
- Very high production values
- Very innovative
Cons: - No longer updating
- No major quality improvements from 2003 until 2007
- Scenes are no longer dated
- Last update in 2007 (I think, scenes arenít dated)
- No discount price offered
Bottom Line: I had last joined Water Bondage in 2008 and it hasnít updated since then, but I wanted to get more scenes and higher quality now that I have a faster connection. The fact that I went back to a site that offered me nothing new probably says a lot about what I think about this site. For BDSM fans, this is an extremely well done and innovative site that offers lots of material. Its part of the Kink.com network, which, in my opinion, sets a high standard for other internet porn sites.

The site offers 274 scenes dating back to about 2003. Older scenes tend to be fairly simple and short, with many at about 15 mins long. Older scenes are a lot more complex with different setups and are usually over an hour long. As you would expect, the resolutions for the older videos isnít great by todayís standards. The videos are available in two formats: wmv and mp4. For most of the time the site was updating there was only one resolution of wmv available: 640x480 / 1900kbps. There are two sizes of mp4s available. One is for IPods and such, while the other is labeled as Ďbest quality.í I donít know how to find resolutions for mp4s, but subjectively the larger file wasnít much better than the SD wmv.

At some point towards when the site stopped updating they did start to offer higher resolution videos. For most of the last 70 or so updates on the site there is the option of wmv HD at 1280x720 / 7150kbps. SD is still available, as are the two sizes of mp4.

There are pics available too. The resolutions for these didnít change through the whole run of the site: they are 1200x865, not bad, but not particularly sharp. Zips are available, and in the longer scenes the zips are broken down into the themes in the scene.

For all the dated technical issues, this is still a very interesting site. Iím not aware of any other like it where models undergo BDSM treatment in water. In most of the videos there are several Ďscenesí within the video, with bondage while being sprayed with water to machines and toys being used, and in most cases some complete immersion in water tanks while bound. There is a good mix of models too. There are surprisingly many A-listers here, as well as some well known fetish models and also some lesser known girls. There are body types for every taste.

Given the size of the site, I donít consider that it isnít updating to be a serious drawback. There are issues though: for much of the life of the site there were no real technical improvements until the very end. One pet peeve of mine too is that the scenes used to be dated, but they arenít now. That troubles me since I wonder if Kink is trying to hide the fact that the site isnít updating. Finally, Kink doesnít offer any price discounts for members of other Kink sites like they do with most others. Paying $30 for a site that doesnít update seems a bit steep.

ButÖ it is still an amazing site and a decent value considering the quality and quantity.
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Visit Nuru Massage

9. Nuru Massage (2)

GCode (101) 09-23-10  09:20pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (56), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of a Japanese style massage which includes showering, jacuzzi play, 'nuru' style massage, and/or sex/handjobs with a male model and certain female models.
- Updates once a week with a nuru style massage and an extra scene from their sister site, Massage Parlor.
- No DRM.
- Videos have plenty of options with WMV (1920 X 1080, 7.8 Mbps), WMV (720 X 480, 3.0 Mbps), H.264 (640 X 480, 1.5 Mbps), Mp4 (640 X 480, 768 kbps) and a few other lower options. Also, clips are available to download for each scene.
- Photos (1800 X 1200) are available to view on web site or downloading via zip.
- Bonus content includes 22 DVD's of asian women and handjob themes. Also, 50 HD (1920 X 1080) videos of mostly misc. hardcore scenes featuring well known pornstars.
- Active forum for feedback and extra input.
- Polls section for rating and viewing sites top models.
- Girls section includes various info on the models featured on the site.
- Easy enough navigation and design.
Cons: - There are only 15 models on the site. Recently, it appears they are trying to get new models for the site. However, most of the videos are returning models doing pretty much the same thing with a different male model.
- Most of the models are Asian but 3 are not and these three have quite a few content. So, you are not getting a large mix of ethnicities at the site. This is kind of expected with 'asian' themed massage but just remember this if joining.
- The bonus material from the sister site, Massage Parlor, are found on the home page and nowhere else. This is bad because only 6 updates are featured on the home page, so when getting the bonus scenes, only the ones updated during that timeframe are available to download. Meaning, you do not get all the Massage Parlor scenes when joining. You only get them as they are updated within the latest six updates and never again.
- Scenes are monotonous without much variation. You better like the massage theme and expect just that.
Bottom Line: Nuru Massage is a site that has plenty of things going for them on the technical side. They are very up to date with the times and feature some really hot models. But, make sure you check out what models they have and like them because you will be getting a lot of content from them. The main star of the site is Asa Akira but many boast as much scenes as her. As of the date of this review, 72 scenes and photo shoots are available.

The videos are shot very well with great clarity and a stunning HD camera. The lighting is very well lit and the actual scenes tend to have an actual theme to them. This meaning, each scene starts off with a 'client' coming to the massage parlor for an appointment. Many of the male models hold a theme for their persona, for example, being a guy sent there for anger management or being a 'nerd' whose brother set him up with an appointment. Most scenes are quite repetitive in nature, starting with a bit of chit chat with the potential client and the massager. Then, they go back to the actual massage parlor where they both strip and start out in a shower. The female tends to wash down the male while giving handjobs or blowjobs. Afterwards, they both get in a jacuzzi. The same thing as before transpires. Then, the male is laid down on a latex mattress belly down where the 'nuru' massage takes place. The nuru massage consists of the female model using a very slippery gelatin like substance that derives from a seaweed and rubbing it on herself and the male. She then uses her whole body to massage the male while usually giving a handjob. Then, the male flips over on his back, where various things take place. Usually, handjobs, blowjobs, and sometimes sex takes place. However, almost all the videos end with the female jerking the male off to climax. There is no mach speed self inflicting jerk offs to the female model's face here. The actual female gets the male off.

The photos are well enough at a decent res and are accompyining sets to the videos. They look like stils but are very well done stills. I may be wrong, but they look well enough to be proper photo shoots. However, I think the true essence of this site is captured via videos. This is just my personal opinion though.

This site holds a true plus by being a bit different. While the content can get repetitive (especially with such a small model index), the quality and erotism make up for this in my opinion. Also, actually having a minor theme can make the site a bit more fun and take away from the montonomy. However, the largest quirk is the small model index. After seeing 10+ videos of the same model doing basically the same thing, it can get quite boring. But, if you like the models presented, you will be getting some different material that is not offered anywhere else. The theme is quite different in itself doing a different kind of massage most westerners have never seen and doing it in a worthwhile way. I think it's worth at least a visit once.
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Visit Piss Bank

10. Piss Bank (1)

artnoir (17) 08-20-10  06:40pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (27), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - A site dedicated to pissing/watersports
- Works like any other pay site; you pay a monthly fee and download all you want
- Excellent video options ranging from Full HD (1920x1280) to 640x480, in different formats (old vid's have been upgraded as well)
- No token-system and no pushing you to buy DVD's
- The Spanish trio is very sexy, and they carry this site
- Think of ALS Scan but with pissing as the main theme
- Natural and fun videos, the girls seems to enjoy it
- Behind the scenes videos
Cons: - Limited content (but growing)
- Older videos are in poor quality, as is the models
- Site design is confusing at first and old-school, but when you get used to it, it works great. (like ALS, again)
- The three Spanish girls is really the only good content on the site
Bottom Line: I was really exctatic when I found this site.
Finally some quality videos in the fetish that I like so much.

This site does deliver, but it is pretty much the three Spanish babes that does it.

However I'm glad that I joined and it was money well spent, especially on a site like this.

Highly recommended!
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Visit Nuru Massage

11. Nuru Massage (2)

Robbi81 (4) 06-22-10  09:10pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (16), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Downloadable content in HD, DVD, or VHS wms format
- Unique niche that showcases what goes on behind closed doors at a massage parlor
- Well known and new pornstars
- Billing through CCBill
- Story lines that lead up to the action
Cons: - Can get repetitious
- Expensive for the small number of scenes it has
- Only one site with occasional bonus scenes from Massage Parlor and Soapy Massage
- Select number of women on site
Bottom Line: A good starting site that needs some growth. If it combines with Massage Parlor and Soapy Massage for a network site, it would then be worth the price.
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Visit The Minion

12. The Minion (0)

Gazette Risque (55) 05-18-10  03:35am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (36), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-18-10  03:43am  (Update History)
Reason: Changed my mind about the score. Gave it 70 but decided on 72 because of the amount of content.
Pros: * A website focused on an unconventional looking guy having sex with really hot girls
* Very cute and sometimes well known girls doing some nasty things
* Videos available for streaming in FLV and download in WMV. In 15-20 very small parts, 3 medium size parts or as full movie in either
* Galleries are archived in High Res., screen caps and 4-panel pics. High res is also available as a zip file.
* Date is mentioned with every update. And a nice summary of the video with it.
* Gives access to the entire network.
* Ability to rate scenes. Gives you the possibility to sort the videos by your rating.
* Really something different
* All exclusive content
* Weekly updates usually
* Although repetitive, very funny storylines if you're into this sort of thing.
* Download manager friendly
Cons: * It's pretty disgusting at times.
* It gets repetitive. It just gets really old really fast.
* The guy is really annoying.
* Features drug abuse in almost every video
* Could benefit from higher resolution footage
* Navigation could be better. Could benefit from a search engine and tags with the videos.
* Probably only interesting for a handful of people.
* One wrong click on the navigation bar and you're on a dating website.
* I know I said it before but it has to be said once more, the guy is just really disgusting.
* The acting is really bad and the guy can get on your nerves within a minute or 2
Bottom Line: TheMinion.com is website which shows the disgusting sexual adventures of an "unconventional-looking" man with hot girls.
The website launched August, 2008 according to TBP. But the first video dates back to September 4th, 2007.

It now offers over 140 videos, which is a vast collection. The quality isn't great but it's not bad either. They don't offer any Hi-Def videos but then again, who would want to see that in this case?

The videos are all available for flash-streaming or downloads in either really small parts, medium size parts or full movies.
Every update comes with a nice little summary of the video and a big screenshot. This gives you a good idea of what you're going to get as the bigger part of the story never changes. This goes for every website within the network, really.

The website itself is like any other in the network. It's clear and easy to navigate, though it might benefit from a search engine and tags with the videos. Also some higher quality footage might not be a bad thing.

The videos usually start off with the Minion doing either drugs (cocaine) or he's eating. Then they move the camera towards the girl. The girl is either already playing with herself or there's about 5 minutes of bad acting before she gets naked.

The Minion then just basically tells the girl what to do and how to do it. It's always the same stuff. While having sex with the girl he covers her in food sometimes and finishes it.

Then there's some humiliation.
The girl bashes the Minion physically and mentally or it's the other way around. This changes every so often. Which is weird because in the beginning of the video the girl usually gets humiliated a little by the Minion but it could be that at the end of the video it's the other way around.
This all makes for a pretty weird an unbelievable storyline.

The guy can also get on your nerves real quick with his weird laugh and annoying personality. Also, if you don't like drugs, stay away. Almost every video contains drug abuse.

Most, if not all, videos are rated very low by the members. Which is understandable given the fact that the videos are annoying, repetitive and gross most of the time. The only really fun thing about it is that you get to see girl do a really disgusting man. The average score is about 3 out of 10.

You might find some girls whom are now really big in the biz doing some of their first scenes on there which is a plus. Like Dylan Ryder (under the name Dillan Ryder).

All in all, the website is fun when you already subscribed to the network for other sites and are in a for a good laugh, or if you're a fan of The Minion. But if you'd be in it for gross stuff I'd suggest you look elsewhere as the only really gross thing about this site is the Minion himself. Also, the humiliation is not really worth your time as it's just not believable.

The videos are repetitive, the guy is annoying, the acting is bad. That's about it. But it makes for a good laugh if you watch 1 or 2 episodes.
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Visit Real Squirt

13. Real Squirt (0)

bacardiancoke (22) 02-21-09  08:42am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (27), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Does exactly what it says on the tin
- Enjoyable content
- Natural feel (the performers are relaxed in what they are doing and look like they want to be doing it)
- Variety of locations, additional characters and situations.
Cons: - Although Kream (central star) is very sexy and good at her work, it would be nice to others play a central role.
Bottom Line: I should point out that this site is part of the "Pornstar Network" so there are currently (Feb '09) many more sites to cater for other tastes that you have free access to.

But, I've focused only on the site to which I subscribed.

Overall, it is a solid site. Fairly easy navigation, good content and hits the mark.

Of course, there is perhaps more that can be done (name a site where there isn't more work to be done!!!!) and in the case of Real Squirt it centres around Kream.

As sexy a lady as she is, it would be nice to see more from others as well.

Bottom line? Not bad, not bad at all.
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Visit Water Bondage

14. Water Bondage (0)

rearadmiral (388) 04-11-08  10:07am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very interesting concept (if this is something you're interested in)
- Large database of models
- Many of the models are very beautiful, some appear to be exclusive
- Reasonable price
- All segments to a scene are available in one zip file
- some mainstream porn models take a turn (Sasha Grey, Dana DeArmond, Nadia Styles, etc)
Cons: - This may sound weird, but the site is often too soft, too playful
- No sex (I realize that another review has said there is lots of sex, but I've viewed many hours on this site and have yet to see any)
- some of the scenes can get a bit repetitive
- I read in one of the WB forums that the site has stopped updating. There is at least 30GB of material on the site so it will always be a good value, but apparently we won't be getting any more new stuff. That is the biggest con of all for those of us who like this site. (I'll have to find Wenona somewhere else...)
Bottom Line: I've had a membership at The Training of O and wanted to try another Kink.com site. This is a very innovative company and it is obvious that they put a lot of effort and money into what they do. Water Bondage is no exception. The site is reasonably priced and well laid out.

The theme, of course, water and bondage. The girls are usually tied into various positions and often on custom made bondage equipment. Most of the girls also do a session in one of the site's several water tanks. These are really fun to watch, but I find that they can get a bit repetitive and are usually too soft. The mood is more playful than menacing. Maye they should let Max Hardcore guest direct a few scenes!

The tank scenes are a bit repetitive - girl tied up in water. There are a few scenes where the model is given some 'tasks' which can be as simple as touching her nose to the bottom or retrieving something with her mouth. These make the scenes more interesting and I wish there was more of it.

The models are absolutely stunning. Most are petite, which is fine with me, but there are a few with bigger breasts. One model deserves special mention - Wenona. This woman is very beautiful and is worth the price of the membership alone. She seems to be exclusive to WB

Bottom line is that if you like this kind of thing it is a very good site. I wish it was a little more rough, but even as soft as it is it is very innovative. Definitely worth the membership. I highly recommend it.
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Visit Pissing Stars

15. Pissing Stars (0)

badandy400 (103) 04-07-08  05:49pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (53), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Very good pissing videos
-many download options
-Decent speed
-The videos ARE downloadable
Cons: -LIMITED ACCESS TRIAL, did not used to be this way
-Very few updates in the past 6 months
-Pricy at $30
-TBP lists as using CCBIll, they use WSPay instead, I like CCBill better
-Extremely slow updates
Bottom Line: I was very disappointed when I tried to use the trial to get in for 3 days and found it was limited access. It used to be a full trial.

I was a member about 7 months ago and thought this site was great. The videos do not look bad and now they give 3 options: 128, 512, and 1024 kbps. The they can be downloaded in chunks or in full and even in Flash format.

If you use the trial it gives access to the first three chunks of each video. About 20 MB a piece. There can be anywhere from 5 chunks up to around 15. Each chunk is kinda like a new scene, but with the same location and people. Obviously they have to cut a lot...they cant pee 3 gallons without stopping!

The updates dates are a lie though. I only see one video that was not there 7 months ago! The videos are good, as I said, but they need to have plenty of updates for $30 a month. Also, dont bother with the pictures, they are nothing special at all.

They do a good job with the peeing niche, one of my favorites is when a nice looking girl drinks a glass of champaign then refills it I believe 5 times with her pee and drinks it all!

I score an 75 because the content is very good, but they need to update, not just change the way everything looks. I would like to score higher based only on content, but limited trials and scammy updates prevent them from getting a high score.
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Visit Water Bondage

16. Water Bondage (0)

cerebral (32) 02-23-08  10:59am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (21), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Fascinating site for those interested in a unique form of bondage/torture - use of water. Very good content, increasing data base, and improved access to previous episodes.
Females on this site are often members of the Kink.com repetoire of attractive models, some of them quite lovely. They do tend to add new faces to their repetoire, including some that have appeared in other Kink.com sites, e.g. Sandy San Dimas. Viewer input is a nice touch.
Cons: Lighting and video quality could be improved. A few of the models are not good actresses or sufficiently expressive, diminishing the appeal of their segment.
Response to viewer comments or suggestions can be slow, or not at all.
Bottom Line: Probably the best type of water bondage site available. Others are starting to make inroads, but so far none is close to challenging Water Bondage. Discount to other Kink.com sites available when subscribing to this one.
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Visit Messy Gang Bangs

17. Messy Gang Bangs (0)

asmith12 (124) 01-08-08  08:48am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (51), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + young chicks in hardcore action
+ chicks are HOT
+ most of girls seem to like it
+ variety of setups
+ all MMF action you can get, up to 3M+3F and up to DP/DPP/DAP
+ easy navigation
+ "one big clip" download
+ access to Jerk-Off Pass network (27 more sites)
+ CCBill as card processor
Cons: - pics are just screencaps
- not many updates expected (as with other sites of the network)
- annoying login (with difficult to recognize image recognition), auto-logouts.
Bottom Line: Here goes yet another review of yet another Jerk-Off Pass site.

As the site name suggests, this site as about gangbangs (no idea why they named site "messy gangbangs", but gangbangs are here in every episode, no doubt about it :-)).

Site has about 30 episodes, 20-30 min each. Each site has plenty of MMF action, starting from 3M+1F and ending with 3M+3F or 4M+2F. Action always involves some DP, sometimes DPP or DAP. And IMHO the most important and attractive thing about this site is that girls seems to REALLY like most of the action, including anal and DP; IMHO it's a nice change from the most of the "reality" sites playing "abuse" theme.

Cameraguy work is decent, setups are good, but video encoding could be better (as with other Jerk-Off Pass sites, it is not really crisp 1.2MBit/s 640x480). Pictures are just 640x480 screencaps. Updates are not dated and most likely are infrequent (as well as for the other sites of the same network).

Site also borrows some good and bad features from the other sites of the same network, such as "one big clip" download on the plus side and very annoying login system on the minus side.

Bottom line: a very good site for those who like MMF action, and if updated frequently, could even stand on it's own. Without frequent updates, probably wouldn't be worth it as a standalone site, but access to whole network easily makes up for lack of updates.
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Visit All Wam

18. All Wam (0)

exotics4me (463) 09-24-07  02:09am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (85), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Last one of the sites in the Orgy Max network that I will review and probably the best.
- As is the norm for this network, 640 on high end for videos and they have a ton of these on this site, over 1,000 video clips
- Ok, I didn't know what WAM is. I still don't! This is a food fight fetish site, will explain BL
- Pictures are zipped, but are not as big as the other sites on the network, 1200 max
- Bathing/shower fetish, big deal to some!
Cons: - Price is too high individually or as a whole network.
- Some of these videos on this site aren't as clear as the other sites, could be juice on the camera!
- This food fetish is a turn-off for me, not my thing at all
- Really can't tell who is sexy and who isn't because they are covered with food
Bottom Line: I take it this is the most popular site on the network. I didn't join the network for this site though. I will review it since I know there are people with all kinds of fetishes.

What you get here is a room full of young women, look to be 18-21.

The videos are still not bad at all. The specs are the same, but I believe it is the whole food fight that is making the video look blurry. The girls splatter pies on each other, then lick it off. They dump pudding on each other, then lick it off, lots of touching, mud wrestling. And another fetish that is in this site is clothing, latex suits, uniforms and clothing that I don't understand, maybe it is a European thing?

I personally didn't like the site, but I can see it being a great site for those who have these aforementioned fetishes. You will see a little of everything here including bathing, seriously bathing, not fingering while bathing, but women bathing each other. Still, I can't give it a great score, because the content isn't up my alley. I don't like seeing women soaked with pudding. If you do, then you have no reason to look for another site. This is the one to join! Gooey, messy, mud wrestling, pouring pudding on each other, throwing pies at each other. It is a real fetish freak's dream come true.

Overall, I can't recommend any of the sites in this network unless you have a fetish for the content. Some of this is just a little strange for me. I'm more here for the beauty, not the pudding soaked panties.
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Visit Piss Bank

19. Piss Bank (1)

PitBull (1) 03-30-07  06:38am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Unique content, European Girls (Amateurs and Prof.)
High Quality Movies Clips (divx)
starting now with HD quality clips!
Hiqh Quility Picture Sets
Quick and friendly support
Regular new girls, mostly never seen before
Cons: Older Videos with flashlight
All download DVDs only for 6 month membership
no zip files for picture sets
strange login system (sometimes problems with Internt Explorer)- but they told me they will change in the next weeks
Bottom Line: What I really like, is that the site does not have only peeing content, they provide also dildo, selfmade, public flashing, glamour, fetish shoes and clothes, couples, lebsian, and much more. For me solo peeing girls with combination of dildo and stripping is the best:-)) and I really love the latest public peeing movies...
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Visit Water Bondage

20. Water Bondage (0)

BostonPJR (Disabled) 03-20-07  06:16pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Unique, original content for bondage fans.
- The models are attractive, expressive ... just sexy as hell.
- Video features have much improved. Huge files that are worth the time to download.
- Scenes are well edited and exciting, and situations are not repetitive.
- Regular updates.
- Price very reasonable.
Cons: - Few video options for slow connections.
Bottom Line: You'll not find a better produced, bigger budget water bondage site anywhere. Exotic and wild enough for big fans of bondage, but often tame enough for the causal or curious viewer. I also love the feedback section, even if it looks a little thrown together. The Dom/Sub interaction is often playful and chatty, and scenes feature a lot of sex. Both are often considered unacceptable for ďseriousĒ bondage fans. But for me, I couldnít really classify that as a con. Big fan of the site.
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