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Visit Asia Movie Pass

1. Asia Movie Pass (1)

Doc Clarke (0) 06-25-15  01:18pm
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Redirects To A Different Site - For Non-US


No matter what link I use, this redirects to a Bukkake site called "bukakkenow.com". It's not a browser hijack as I've tried on several browsers and 2 PCs/.

Can't join if you can't get to the sign up page :(


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Visit J Sex Network

2. J Sex Network (0)

drbart (3) 06-19-15  10:36am
Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)

Anyone know where to get hi def or dvds?

As many have mentioned the video quality here is just ok. But some of the stars (Tina Yuzuki, Maria Ozawa, Emiri Okazaki) are amazingly hot. Anyone know where you can get these in hi def or at least as dvds?

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Visit Asia Movie Pass

3. Asia Movie Pass (1)

jd1961 (95) 04-28-15  08:42pm
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Hidden Discount

I joined this site, and was going to move on, but when I tried they offered me $9.99 a month for as long as I remained a member. Great deal for a site with a kazillion videos!

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Visit Nuru Massage

4. Nuru Massage (2)

Willard (12) 04-13-15  06:19am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)

Thank you for showing me a lot of wonderful pictures.

Three times, I was a member of this site.
The movies of this site are wonderful.  And the pictures are very wonderful.

"Better Than Hubby"
Wonderful interracial sex.  
Healthy Yasmine de Leon is very charming.

"Be Ours"
The picture of 3 way kissing is wonderful in particular.
I want more pictures of 3 way kissing.

"My Friend's Referral"
Combination of beautiful Ana Foxx and young Caucasian gentleman is very good.
I'd like to see more combination of a black people woman and a Caucasian man.
I like black people women of this site.

"The Novice"
Passionate kiss pictures are my treasure.
A smiling face of Kalina Ryu is very pretty.  Healthy.
When I see her, I become fine, too.

These are my favorite new pictures.

This site has a lot of good pictures, so I'll be also a member from now on.

I thank staff of this site.
Thank you very much.

I'd like to request only one.
I want you to reduce women of a chest of fake.
There are too much those.
I don't like. Please.

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Visit Thai Cuties

5. Thai Cuties (0)

bootiger (0) 03-24-15  04:05pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)


the site makes you wait 5 minutes between downloading each zip file. Zips files not available till month after pics.

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Visit Japan HDV

6. Japan HDV (0)

SFguy (1) 03-15-15  09:36am
Comments TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)

Pretty Good Site

As Asian porn sites go this is one of the better ones. Good amount of content, uncensored sex scenes, full trial, different download options - all of which are fast, and even the mobile|iPad size looks good on a full size screen. There is a good assortment of scenes and settings, and the performers, both male and female, are very nice looking and a cut above what you see on a lot of other Asian sites. This one is easily recommended.

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Visit Asia Movie Pass

7. Asia Movie Pass (1)

Rich551 (0) 03-09-15  03:31pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)

Different Site

Anyone know what's going on with this site? Whenever I try to go to it it takes me to bukkakenow.com.

Couldn't edit my other comment but does anyone know a support email address for this site?

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Visit R18.com

8. R18.com (1)

insomniacxxx (14) 02-16-15  03:31pm
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (18), NO (0)

Titles are NOT exclusive

Just a heads-up, the TBP review says these titles are exclusive - they aren't. These are common titles from well-known Japanese studios. Many of these titles are available on JAVModel without DRM. Some do seem to be exclusive in that they are not available for download elsewhere (only DVD/BluRay) or are only available in standard definition elsewhere, but HD on this site.

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Visit Street Meat Asia

9. Street Meat Asia (1)

jeppegutt (0) 12-07-14  02:25pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (4), NO (0)

Download very very slow!!

Generally good content. Be aware that the download speed is extremely slow. I have a very good internet connection and you have to use to full day to download to movies. I gave up to download anymore than two movies and will never subscribe to this site again.

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Visit All Japanese Pass

10. All Japanese Pass (1)

jook (16) 10-18-14  01:02pm
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (0)

Beware of Censorship

Based on the review or comment, I figured I'd try the site since there is a filter for uncensored. There is indeed a filter but it doesn't work! Or maybe these gents (or dames) have a different idea of the meaning of censorship. I contacted the biller, Epoch. At first, they told me to take it up with the site. I told them baloney, which it is... don't ever let a provider get away with saying that ... and I was gonna contact my bank to get a chargeback. They immediately refunded my money, like within 20 seconds.

I honestly don't know how anyone can enjoy a censored porn film but to each his own.

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Visit Nuru Massage

11. Nuru Massage (2)

Willard (12) 10-07-14  10:53pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)

3 way kissing

I enjoyed this site very much one year ago.
I looked at the tour page of this site today.
I find a wonderful photograph and become a member again immediately.
The name of a work is "Unexpected Threesome."
The photograph of very erotic 3 way kissing.
It is very good.

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Visit Asia Movie Pass

12. Asia Movie Pass (1)

Smithy12 (0) 03-16-14  08:59pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)

How to cancel trial subscription?

How can i cancel it?

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Visit Manila Exposed

13. Manila Exposed (0)

jook (16) 01-12-14  04:58am
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (1), NO (0)


I went to join and clicked the option for $29.95 recurring. I was brought to the billing page (ccbill) and I input my info and then realized the option was changed to $39.95 non-recurring in the drop down. I clicked the drop down to opt for the $29.95 deal (if you wanna call it that) and it wasn't there. There were only 2 options: $39.95 or $59.95 for 30 or 180 days non-recurring. How could this not be deliberate? I wrote to ccbill to complain.

Edit: I received a response to my email. The site is included in a package for $19.95. I signed up and am now a happy pervert.

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Visit Nuru Massage

14. Nuru Massage (2)

Willard (12) 10-13-13  01:12am
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)

I like this site.

This is a good site.
I like it.
Their good point has a beautiful movie and a cheap price.
I also like their photograph very much.
However, there is no ZIP.
I am sad.
There are many models of the breast of imitation.
It is not my liking.

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Visit Asian Apple Seed

15. Asian Apple Seed (0)

jeppegutt (0) 10-02-13  12:04pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (4), NO (0)


Don't believe the statement "The members area is updated religiously 4 times per month". This is not true. It's very long between the updates.

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Visit All Japanese Pass

16. All Japanese Pass (1)

Laptopbs (0) 09-11-13  08:53pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)

Not impressed at all

How did this site ever get ranked at the top of it's niche?

In defense of the review, all of the facts provided were absolutely accurate, including the warning the scenes were censored. I gave it a shot to see why it was considered a niche leader, and came away grateful for the discount so at least I did not loose more.

What exactly is the point of censored porn? You would be better off watching network tv.

There are several Asian/Japan sites that are not censored, making this site a very low relative value.

The review facts were very accurate, but this site censored site should not be rated higher than a "0" no matter how frequent the censored updates are.

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Visit KT-So

17. KT-So (0)

Marcus (45) 08-24-13  01:29am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)

Can't join KT's site

Tried joining KT's site and got an email saying my membership has been 'denied':

"Thank you for your interest in making a purchase from http://www.kt-so.com. For your protection, your transaction has been declined by CCBill but may still be eligible to be approved following some additional action on your part.

"Please call our Consumer Support Department at 888.596.9279, or the International toll free number below if outside of the U.S., to proceed with the process if you have not completed your purchase elsewhere."

I see they have a UK number for CCBill but honestly it's pretty embarrassing and I'd be interested to know why this is the case and if anyone else has had the same problem?

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Visit Asia Movie Pass

18. Asia Movie Pass (1)

PinkPanther (46) 05-29-13  02:12am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (53), NO (0)

I Love Those Crazy Japanese Fetishes

One of the best things about authentic Japanese porn is the full-on crazy fetishes. Upskirts are a big fetish to me as is erotic dancing. Put them together and you have hot Japanese babes in leg-warmers and school-girl skirts and pink panties dancing on glass with the cameras underneath the glass pointed up - Yum fucking yum!

Lots of great erotic dancing vids on this site - for a while they were posting one new full-length erotic dance DVD a day among their 20-or-so DVD's posted a day.

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Visit Street Meat Asia

19. Street Meat Asia (1)

davidax (0) 05-09-13  05:32am
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (5), NO (0)


i have been user to asianstreetmeet eight years ago. Much of the content is from that time where download rates were much slower. The content is unique and if you like this kind of content there is not much choice as far i i know.
Im searching for similar sites, if someone could recommed a site, please write me.

exploitedteensasia.com belongs to the same publisher
asianappleseed.com is simmilar with better video quality, i could recommend this one.

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Visit My Horny Asians

20. My Horny Asians (0)

lk2fireone (196) 05-03-13  03:02pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)

Truth in advertising laws.

At My Horny Asians (part of the 21sextury network), they advertise $9.95 Month.
You click on the hot link, and you get 3 options to sign up:
1. 1 year, no rebill, $9.95/month, billed at one installment of $119.40 at one time.
2. 1 month, rebill at $9.95 after 4th months. In the first four months you pay $19.95/month.
3. 3 month, rebill at $19.98/month. Recurring at $59.95 every 90 days.

So I don't see any option to sign up for $9.95 for the first month, whether it's one-time only, or $9.95 for first month, and a higher price for succeeding months.

I've seen a similar advertisement at another site, where they advertise $9.95/month, but it turns out, when you go to the signup page, that is the rate for a 1-year subscription.

Which seems slightly deceptive to me.

If they advertise $9.95/month, and at the signup page it turns out that $9.95/month is only available with a 1-year subscription, I wonder if that is legal.

There are supposed to be "Truth in advertising laws".

From the internet:


FTC Resources for Reporters
Truth in Advertising and Marketing

When consumers see or hear an advertisement, whether it’s on the Internet, radio or television, or anywhere else, federal law says that ad must be truthful, not misleading, and, when appropriate, backed by scientific evidence. The Federal Trade Commission enforces these truth-in-advertising laws, and it applies the same standards no matter where an ad appears – in newspapers and magazines, online, in the mail, or on billboards or buses. The FTC looks especially closely at advertising claims that can affect consumers’ health or their pocketbooks – claims about food, over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, alcohol, and tobacco and on conduct related to high-tech products and the Internet, such as the dissemination of spyware. The FTC also monitors and writes reports about ad industry practices regarding marketing of food, violent movies, music, and electronic games to children.

When the FTC finds a case of fraud perpetrated on consumers, the agency files actions in federal district court for immediate and permanent orders to stop scams; prevent fraudsters from perpetrating scams in the future; freeze their assets; and get compensation for victims.

But internet sites advertise $9.95 month, and then at the signup page, it turns out that only applies with a 1-year subscription.

So I guess it's misleading, but legal.

Edit01: If you use the PU link to 21sextury, you can join that network for $9.95 for the first month, recurring at $29.95 every 30 days.

The 21sextury network includes access to My Horny Asians. So there are sometimes work-arounds to getting a cheaper subscription price.

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Visit JAV HD

21. JAV HD (0)

messmer (137) 04-27-13  12:36pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (1)

Run of the Mill Porn

Sorry, TBP, I could not subscribe to this site through you no matter how many times I tried (see comment below) so I purchased a subscription through Epoch directly.

First impression: 12888 videos with ho-hum contents. Only the later videos are true HD while many are 640x480p. I wanted to subscribe to a Japanese site because people are always raving about the "weirdness" of some JAV porn and I was dying to find out how weird it gets. :-)

Well, if you are looking for different, don't bother. It is basic porn, mostly masturbation or oral, wearing Japanese faces.

This is made worse by the abundance of those over-sized hiuge wands that might delight the ladies but manage at the same time to hide what you want to see.

Another purely PERSONAL observation (and disappointment:) far too few really mature women in the lot! I looked under mature and MILF and most wouldn't be much past their early thirties.

The final puzzler: When looking at my personal settings I find that I have a "standard HD account" with the possibility to upgrade! I didn't dare hit that button but am wondering what I would be upgrading to if I did. Maybe all that "weird" stuff I couldn't find? There is no mention anywhere, when first subscribing that there are any standard and higher grade plans.

If you like Japanese girls (and I do), it's not too bad a site, but it is leaving me disappointed because of the sameness of much of the material. A younger person might enjoy it but, trouble is, I've seen it all.

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Visit 88 Square

22. 88 Square (1)

tangub (155) 04-20-13  04:48am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (0)


It's been 2 years since I've been at this site so I was interested to read the latest review at TBP. Under cons they quote " No ZIP files for the image sets". They certainly had everything zipped two years ago so have they now removed the zips or is this just an oversight on the part of TBP? Are there any current subscribers out there who can confirm or deny the presence of zip files?

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Visit Zenra.net

23. Zenra.net (0)

Capn (28) 03-16-13  05:43am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (51), NO (0)

Niche Content

I just took a look at this site again.

Whilst even I can see the video quality isn't top notch, the subjects covered are on topic for me & the site does seem to be making the effort to cater to the English speaking parts of the world.

The layout of the material seems very haphazard, which coming from the country that gave us the beautiful, but unfortunately aparently random style of gravure, probably should not surprise me. :0/

Are there any members willing to give an update with the current state of play on this site, please?


Cap'n. :0)

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Visit Street Meat Asia

24. Street Meat Asia (1)

Chainy (0) 03-05-13  04:30pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (0)

Don't subscribe!

Don't waste your money on this site!

It's terribly outdated, only a few recent movies can be downloaded properly, the rest are split up in several smaller fragments.
Having to download over 20 files to watch one movie is needlessly timeconsuming and annoying. ps, the quality is also an issue...

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Visit JAV HD

25. JAV HD (0)

messmer (137) 03-01-13  12:18pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (1)

Problems with joining!

I have now tried on two separate days to join this site. Biller is Epoch but I get no response once I click "complete transaction." It couldn't be my credit card, Epoch accepts it all the time. Has this happened to anyone else?

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