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skippy (52) 05-18-14  12:42pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very nice high quality videos
Generally very nice looking models
Good lighting and sets
A few minutes of amazing POV footage in every scene
Navigation is simple
Nice layout
Mostly US models that sometimes talk a little
Considerable variety of girls
Cons: Very little content
Some video is very distorted (think go-pro)
Many links to other sites you have to pay for
A few videos FROM other sites.
Infrequent updates
Inconsistent access and download speeds
Bottom Line: On the face of it, this is a pretty interesting site and I joined because of their amazing POV videos peppered around the Internet. I knew the content would be small, but not THIS small. There are only about 40 videos TOTAL that are native to this site as of 5/15/2014. Fortunately, the site owners take pity on you and give you limited, rather inconsistent access to a few other sites.

This site is actually part of a network, but you don't have full access to the rest of the network. Instead, you occasionally get to watch one of the other-site videos and maybe download that content, but you don't always have access to the other sites...maybe there is a view limit to external material or something...I'm not sure. I am thankful, though, that the site owners recognize that giving away some content from their other sites is a good idea, but there really isn't enough content within this whole network to compete with some of the bigger sites out there. If you DO want to join the whole network, it will set you back $69.00 a month or so for a monthly subscription. Thanks, but no thanks. I've been a member of some of the other sites, and they are also very small (Passion-HD, Casting Couch-X, Fantasy-HD, Pure Mature and ExGF) although the video quality is usually very good. I get that these guys have to make money, but Geeez.... explain the rules to me, please.

This site is a video site so the images are secondary and mostly just from the video shoot. Some are screen-caps but it seems that there is somebody taking pictures as well and many of these are not bad.

Download times seem a lot slower than average and downloads time out a LOT and once stopped cannot be restarted. I can't tell if this is due to a download limit or something else. Again, it would really help to know the rules.

The videos themselves are generally very good and all are 720 or 1080p. I have no idea why it has taken so long for POV videos to take off. There is nothing quite like a virtual scene where you are looking down at a totally naked girl who is on her back with her legs in the air as your virtual dick rams into her. And you get to see it from your POV for pretty much every sexual position. There is one scene where "you" are lying on a bed and a girl sits on your face, but then as the camera angle changes (you tilt your virtual head a little), you see another girl bouncing on your dick. That just seems like the pinnacle of virtual sex to me....at least until they start creating porn for an Oculus Rift!

There are a few nitpicks that I am not fond of, but other people may really like. For one, the male actor in many of the scenes is into licking assholes. A POV close-up of somebody licking a girls asshole is something you can't really un-see and I prefer not to see another tongue going into an asshole from that close....ever again. Also, there are a couple of girls that, although generally very attractive, just are not ready for their close-ups when you are talking about being a couple of inches away from their snatch in the glory of high-def. Fortunately, only a few girls fall into this category. But the most disturbing oddity is that occasionally the POV switches to that of the woman. It is sometimes interesting when the girl is in the shower or something, but this is really, really weird when the girl is getting fucked. There you are drawn into an amazing scene imagining you are screwing the lights out of this awesome girl and suddenly, the POV perspective changes, you are the girl and YOU are getting screwed! Sorry. HUGE NOPE! Same thing happens occasionally while the guy is getting head. I suppose when it comes to POV, there is "give and take", but I am not a taker in this regard. Some Day I'll fire up my Adobe Suite and edit all the junk out of these...some day...maybe. My suggestion to the camera crew and website owners is to take that stuff and create a separate girls POV site. One hetero and one lesbian, even. How about gay POV? You never know who might show up....well, except it won't be me. Sorry.

Bottom line? There are a few OMG videos here that make it worth it to visit, but try to do it at a discount and don't sign up for more than the minimum time-frame....at least until they get their video count up quite a bit. The quality is great, but the quantity is just too low for now.

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rearadmiral (388) Great review. I like the level of detail you provided and the rationale behind some of your comments. Reviews like this make PornUsers a valuable tool.
05-19-14  01:10pm

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host2626 (0) IIRC, all their videos have this fish lens distorted effect, like the ones in Spizoo's PornGoesPro. This "House of Mirrors" effect doesn't do it for me, zero excitement.

I understand that making proper POV is difficult. Even more so when you are a cheapass wanting to do it alone.

So either you do it with a normal lens, and convince your viewers who never had sex that it's exactly how it goes, you either see the closeup of her face or a closeup of your dick as if your eyes were popping out of your navel. The sad thing is that they believe it.

Or you use a fish eye lens to widen the field of view, thus completely distorting her body. Neither of this is exciting for me, and the proper way to do it, by having someone else hold the camera a bit higher that the guy's head, is almost never used.

It seems that mostly it's some guy wanting to get laid, have us pay for it, and make a living out of it. Understandable, I'd do the same :). Why pay a second guy to hold the camera, customers will swallow any crap. Some even think that it's normal to have camera shake, your pelvis is in motion after all and all that. No it's not, IRL your eyes are not fixed in their orbits, they move by themselves so your image is stable. There is no excuse for shaky cam, as there is none for any Hall of Mirror porn.

Anyway, /rant off, sorry. I wish my search for a proper POV site was over. Tired of having to content myself with 5 seconds of non-crappy footage in one video out of 10.

05-22-14  09:40pm

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skippy (52) REPLY TO #2 - host2626 :

Absolutely true about the fish eye. What is interesting about this site is that many (not all) of the videos are a mix of go-pro on the head and tripod-over-the-bed-behind-the-guy video. This method avoids the shake-as-you-bang effect. There are also a few seconds here and there where one of the cameras is visible. One of them is a small, decent quality HD video camera with internal stabilization. And there almost always seems to be a 2nd person involved in the shoot in one way or another. So these guys are not out to make cheap videos, they are out to make a lot of money by spreading their collection over as many sites as possible. That strategy will work once their collection is a little larger, but right now it is just frustrating.
05-23-14  02:00pm

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frank nasty (0) So I have had mixed experiences with povD in the past. When I first joined in Jan 2014 It seemed very cool. I was very impressed with the shooting style. It seems like pov where mostly the entire female is visible on screen is quite rare. Idk why this is, just butt cheeks or boobs or just a face on screen by themselves is not appealing to me as a viewer... I digress...
The first 10 or so scenes are hot. Great performers, sets, shooting, and high quality video resolution. I was happy, I thought that I finally found a credible POV site that would update regularly.
now for the second month. I was very excited to see Janice G. there but I was quickly disappointed to find the video quality was horrible. Not offered in 1080p, only 720p and the pixelization was plentiful. I mean this was not even good 720p; it was not clear video, it was dark and the color was way off. I don't see how they can get away with saying "highest quality video on the net" and not even offer a quality 720p or 1080p, much less 4K (which most would argue to be the highest mainstream quality these days). It is clearly not the highest quality.
There was also the issue of an oversized watermark that covered 1/4 the screen which included the pussy, but at least that got taken care of, eventually.
I have also noticed that they have started "recycling" many of the girls now. D.Carter is in 4 different scenes and there aren't that many vids on the site yet ...not cool. I mean maybe if they had her in different costumes or something to switch it up I would say "its cool" ...but its not

This has been my experience on povD.com

My main question to you is are the videos looking better yet? I mean are they back to 1080p? and at what update/girl did the 1080 start back up on? Any 4K yet?
Are there any other POV sites you know of that offer the full body view I am looking for? I have checked out many and so far all I really liked are povd, P.north.com, & HW101. The latter 2 sites are good but hardly update. HW101 over at Naughty A. is def worth a look if u like this style and haven't seen it.
I be very happy if one of these sites could offer up an ebony babe in full body pov. If you know where I could get a scene like this let a bro know. I would greatly appreciate the heads up, and thank you for any info you may provide.

Good day & good fapping 2u.

07-28-14  02:36am

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skippy (52) REPLY TO #4 - frank nasty :

The videos in general are very high quality but there are a few that don't rank up there with the rest. In general the video is MUCH better than your typical hardcore or amateur site.
08-30-14  07:15am

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frank nasty (0) REPLY TO #5 - skippy :

So to answer my own question the newer videos are 1080p starting with the Kacey Lane scene. Like skippy says some of these videos still aren't great so far as quality goes, but others are. More recently all the videos have been high quality, still not the best quality by far but still a pretty good 1080p, so hopefully they have got it together now. Honestly only about 3 videos are not up to par since the 1080 switch. The updates are pretty consistent, about twice a week. I would have to say the strongest aspect of this site is the performers. There are some really hot ones here and it is definitely worth a look if you are a fan of pov. I am still not happy about them trying to fool people into thinking they were getting the highest quality 1080p videos when they were getting 720, or the blatant lack of consumer support. If they can keep it going like they have been I think they have a strong chance of becoming one of the best POV sites out there. Check it out.
09-03-14  01:17am

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