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Denner (235) 08-25-07  07:10am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some Exclusive content - some not (about 50/50)
Crisp/good quality videos at most times. (No bad old quality)
Some very sexy and some average hc-videos of easteurpean girl - some well known -some I have not seen before
Zip for photos (1600x1200 px)
Mostly hardcore
Cons: Videos divided in 3, 6 or even 8 parts
No full download
Updates too slow: 3-5 days between - sometimes even longer for videos.
Old fashioned design.
A bit frustrating navigation.
Bottom Line: This is clearly a russian site of some sort - based at the Islands of Seychelles where the russian mob seems to have a lot going.
But there's nothing island-exotic over this site.

The hc-scenes are typically filmed in some appartment in dark Russia - and the scenes are some girl looking for job and gets to strip and fuck some half-fat russian guy or his thinner stand in.
But most scenes are quite good, thanks to the performance of the girls: They give the (fat) dude what he wants.
Some of the scenes grow with good strip and foreplay by the girls.
There are some sexy-looking easteuropean girls, for sure - even some I have not seen at other easteuropean-orientated sites.
But around 50 procent are girls OR scenes seen elsewhere. The well known beige/yellow sofa with solo-girls.
For the first time I've seen two very good hardcore videos of the girl called Monique (at European Glamour Girls and more site where she sometimes has a different name)) - the brunette with the BIG natural tits. She's not wild in her performance, but just to watch her fuck/ride in what seem to be her hc-debut is great for this site - she even seems a little shy about har acting. Some other very sexy blonds are in good hc-videos.
I'd give this site higher points if it was'nt for the slow update and it little too much of non-exclusive stuff. And the hassle of joining 8 wmv-parts.
And the price is certainly NOT a bargain

Have to downgrade - the updates are much too rare.

NB: New improvement: The parted video-files are no longer 8, but 4.
Webmaster asked me to point out, that video-files are Divx-format - remember that, folks!

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Replies to the user review above.

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Drooler (220) Last year I saw this site hyped on Eurobabeindex. At that time, it didn't have much content, but even now it seems like a fairly average site with a few nice exclusive things in it.

Thanks for pointing out the degree to which it isn't exclusive. That yellow couch (with the orange painting on wall) seems to show up on a lot of Euro sites, and it has practically become a "caution light" for would-be subscribers. (Good color choice, then.)

Thanks for the informative review!

BTW, I think the girl with the big naturals you were describing is Simona (aka Simi, Olivia, Sarka, Erika, well here we go again with that rot). She's really sexy, and what a handful! If you haven't seen her hardcore at 1byday, be sure to if you ever join. She really swings her tits into the guy's face.

08-25-07  11:50am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #1 - Drooler :

Drooler m'man:
At this point (BTW) you're not quite right:
The girl I'm describing as Monique is named Monika Cajth at 1 By Day/1 By Night, which I'm am a member of at this moment.
But, Drooler I had a slip i my memory: at European Glamour Girls her name is Katharina - my mistanke which probably made the confusion for you - still all those different names are bull..........

She's in a lot of places - but even at 1 By Day/1 By Night she's NOT doing hardcore.

If anybody seen her in hc at other sites, please let me know (apart from a single handjob at Her Sweet Hand). I'm rather stubborn as a mule on this one - I do not think she done hc anywhere else - but it'd be great if I'm wrong. I'd like to see more of her fucking....

And Drooler, - a plesure to give info that are of some use, at least.

08-25-07  03:21pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #2 - Denner :

Okay, I've got who you're on to. Yes, Monika is unbelievably built. Has the kind of bod that just makes you gasp in awe.

I've never seen her do HC, either, though, and she might be like Susana Spears or Jamie Lynn or some of the other girls that essentially don't need to go that route to keep the bread rolling in.

The names are hard to keep straight. These girls have more aliases than the 10 Most Wanted List of fugitives from justice.

08-25-07  05:56pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #2 - Denner :

Hold on hold on hold on. There IS hardcore of this Monika at Amateur Kingdom (www.amkingdom.com). If you're a member, search for Monika, then you'll find her among all of the other Monika's.

Movie Galleries 219, 220, and 221 have complete videos of her having sex with a guy, although each complete "episode" is split into about 6 vid files. I think they were done two years ago. There's some backdoor stuff and some tit fucking.

There are also 4 hardcore pic sets of her in 66action2, ...3, ...4, and ...6.

08-25-07  06:15pm

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igolli (6) In my opinion a porn review site should be free from any form of nationalism/racism. Actually I am really pissed off when I just start to read your bottom line...russian mob...,russian site of some sort....half fat russian dude blablabla
I am from Russia and I am a member of sexy-employee too. I have watched almost all videos except some solo stuff but I didn´t hear 1 russian word from the guys. So you might be the only member who has got a look at their passports.
To be honest your review seems to me mostly influenced by some nationalism and isn´t objective. So keep out your strange and insulting comments and add an objective review.
F.e if you say only the stuff with the "fat russian guy" or without the yellow sofa is exclusive you basically can not count. There are 59 videos and only 15 of them are not matching your criteria. 44:15 is 50/50???? Mmmh can you change me some rubles?

08-25-07  10:37pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #5 - igolli :

No nationalisme/racism intended - ok, maybe some misplaced ironi, sorry about that to igolli
08-26-07  01:03am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #4 - Drooler :

Wauw, that's very good research, Drooler

I might sign up to amkingdom.com


08-26-07  02:14am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #5 - igolli :

You're overreacting. Saying just "half-fat Russian dude" is merely descriptive of what Denner was viewing. And maybe he isn't Russian, for all I know, in which case it would be a factual error, but hardly a slur along the lines of nationalism, to say nothing of racism.

Russians and other originally Caucasian peoples are pretty much of the same race, anyway. A significant number of what became the population of Europe, and then the so-called "New World," migrated from what is now Russia or neighboring countries many centuries ago. To give another example, Kirk Douglas was of Russian descent, but I couldn't have figured that out just by looking at him.

And the reference to the Russian mob, well it's them for God's sake, not the whole Russian populace. The same goes for Italians, Jews, Irish, you name it. Denner did not contextualize his remarks in any way that could be reasonably interpreted categorically as anti-Russian.

It seems that you would like for us to walk on eggs in fear of offending anyone with a big chip on the shoulder and edit out all specific references of cultural association because they'll be liberally interpreted as crude overgeneralizations and thoughtless slurs, and then attacked as such.

If that's what I'm pushed into a corner to do, I'll just say, "Goodbye" and leave that misery for those that wish it upon themselves.

08-26-07  06:23am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #5 - igolli :


As a half fat old American dude, I LOVE seeing the half fat Russian dudes get the beautiful russian women. Is that racist?

For the many porn viewers who are no longer young muscled studs, I enjoy the niche of porn that has the older, not-so-muscled guys screwing the beautiful young ladies.

Best wishes to you.

Russia seems so much sexier than the USA, or at least it doesn't seem to have so many Puritans against sex. Is it true?

08-26-07  07:09am

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igolli (6) REPLY TO #8 - Drooler :

I don´t think that I am overreacting. I am just taking offense at the style of review. A review must concern about facts. These facts have to be related to the content. For this what does it matter where the "russian mob is a lot going" etc. Instead of trying to be ironic Denner should first analyze the site well. I see almost exclusiv content. I see also psp and ipod vids which was 1 reason to join for me because there are not so many sites out there with those content in acceptable quality.Denner even doesnt mention this vid formats. The site has no wmv parts. The "normal" vids are in DivX -avi format. Thats totally different from wmv-format.
What is a frustrating navigation? Go to the models list click on a model and get a video or picture set, mostly both. I dunno what is difficult with that.

08-26-07  09:36am

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guneros (1)
Oh oh, whats going on here, Igolli brought me into here. Well guys I think its time to calm down. I am neither a russian nor I am fat ;-)) ...maybe I need a new mirror or more exercises, we will see.
Cc the reviews I will just give a short comment at this time: Our content is exclusiv but its devided into our own production (I mean real own production)and ordered studio production. This studio production works for many other companies too. Thats why you see similar equipment. The relation between studio production and our production is around 10/90 but definetely not 50/50. So our sets are much more than ordered sets. Only 2-3 sets sets we gave for sale otherwise our site could not survive. What I said??....Survive thats the point. A price from US$ 29.95 is usual for hardcoresites. Especially our topmodels like Arlette, Simona or Scarlett are not working for a few bucks.

08-27-07  11:53am

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Denner (235) Hey guys

Yeah, I made an actual error - a slip of mind: The videos are avi/Divx for sure - not wmv. At that point I was using the tool for joining files - a tool I normally only use for wmv-files. Sorry for the unforgivable mistake.

What I do not understand is why a PU-active contacts a webmaster of a site the same PU-active has given a 93 to. Why?
"Oh oh, whats going on here, Igolli brought me into here." - is the statement - from the webmaster.

Talk about our trust-system.

And I still think the site has a frustrating navigation - maybe others don't - that's ALSO why there's different reviews

Finally and again: my ironi/joking remarks had no harmful meaning and not intended to offend anybody race, nationality or whatever.

.......But I still like a lot of the sexy girls at the site!

08-27-07  01:26pm

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guneros (1)
REPLY TO #12 - Denner :

No Denner, there is nothing wrong with it. I am in touch with a lot of my members sharing opinions and impressions about my and other sites. The pick-up thumbs for the video parts were also a suggestion from 1 of my members. Well funny thing: Me and Igolli are members of the twin site from Legally Teens....fritzryan.com for which you did a review recently.
You are giving a 92 for this site... me and Igolli are not satisfied with the content yet. Less hardcore, only a few sets with the same girls. The laat video with Analyne (Anna at my site) ends without a cumshot. You see that the rating is always a very personal decision.
But to be honest I am a little bit confused if you give a 92 for a site with very less hardcore coz it took me alot of efforts to bring girls like Katrin, Simona, Scarlett and Arlette etc. to hardcorestuff its not just a question of money, trust me.....

08-28-07  09:23am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #13 - guneros :

Wauw,guneros. There's a lot to debate here. And that's just very fine.

But I agree that I maybe underrated your site a bit - like I said: Some very good looking girls in some special fine way of hardcore. I like a good amount of your content. I think you also have just a few sets with, not all, but some girls.

If you've seen most of my ofther review, you'll find that I'm maybe even more into solo girls than hc (sometimes) - that's one of the reasons for the 92 to this new Legally Teen.

But as I also has stated: I was very impressed with your succes of getting some of the girls to do hardcore - maybe for the first time.
So, best guneros: Keep up the good work, and I certainly will be back again.
Maybe some other PU's will overrate my points!

08-28-07  09:45am

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guneros (1)
REPLY TO #14 - Denner :

Yeahh, debates are cool!! Anyway lets see what Fritz has in stock. My friend from dr-hardcore has a regular contact to him and he told me that Fritz has a lot of content in stock. Hopefully with his huge cumshots in mouth and face. Now I am only satisfied with the Lesia set. She came also for a casting to me last year but it was my last day in the Ukraina so I couldnt shoot her.
08-28-07  10:31am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #15 - guneros :

Thanks again for that response.
If you ever get girls like Barbie, Eva or Lana (from Fritz' site) or maybe some Ekaterina (I think she's done some W4B) to do some solos (any which way) - or maybe even hc - I'll come runnning back as fast as my feet can take me.....

By the way: just saw Amalyne doing bj on Fritz' site. You have her as Anne at your site - and your video is better - I've joined the files and enjoy it.

08-28-07  10:44am

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guneros (1)
REPLY TO #16 - Denner :

Thanks for the feedback. But it will not change the fact that Fritz´s site seems to be much better because of her higher ranking.
So its good that I have a lot of positive feedbacks from other members. But 2 not so positive feedbacks in a pornsiteguide are devalueing my work...Yep thats the feeling I have right now.
Anyway my partner and I are not sure if I will continue the shootings. Maybe we will order more from the "yellow couch" and other companies and I will only shoot from time to time due to peronal matters.

08-28-07  03:15pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #8 - Drooler :

Hey Drooler

Saw this a bit late - but thanks for the support in this somewhat tricky debate - and your outstanding answer at 08-26-07.

I kind of envy good folks who got the english language so well spoken as you do.

Thanks again....


08-29-07  08:02am

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guneros (1)
Wow!! You downgrade the site for at least 3 updates as a minimum per month (until now) :-( You should consider that I do all the work for the site myself. There is no assistant or other support. Your 50% "studio" ratio is definetely not correct and degrades my efforts and work in an unacceptable way. But also when I am attending studio productions I have to manage a lot. Not managing the camera doesn´t mean that I can just hang around. I need to give advices and so on. I am doing always my best but you can´t expect that I can bring every week a virgin novice into hardcore.
Last but not least: I cannot understand why your review still says my site has wmv parts. There isn´t even 0.00000000000000001 byte wmv format. The new vids are not devided into 8 parts. The vids are usually splitted into 4 parts nowadays. However...to provide comfortable downloads I have inserted a story board and pick-up thumbs. The advantage of dividing the vids into parts is a better server performance, the downloads are more fast. I have always to keep an eye on the server performance because the PSP and ipod vids are fulldownloads.
The facts about the server performance are correct if your are not running a "mega server" like me.

09-04-07  07:16am

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guneros (1)
REPLY TO #18 - Denner :

I hope you will correct the informations about the file formats and so on soon. Because many pornfans wanna download DivX vids to play them on their dvd-players. Wmv-format isn´t supported as much as DivX-format
09-04-07  12:18pm

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