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Claypaws (44) 06-21-12  08:22am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -2500 models (no silicone), 24750 photo sets, 2,690,000 photos, 7835 videos. -80% exclusive (see bottom line).
-Many attractive models and lots of total stunners (but I do not like more than 10% of the models here or anywhere else).
-10 softcore photo sets per model per photographer per shoot plus some hardcore.
-Many repeat visits from models.
-Photosets in three resolutions (Not all on older sets): 1024, 1500-1600, 3000 with full and custom zips.
-Updates: 5x12 photosets (80-200pics each) and 2x14 videos (10 to 20 min ave 15min each) videos per week. i.e. 60 photo sets and 28 videos per week,
-Videos in several formats, inc "HD mp4" (1280x720 @ 6Mbps. 1920x1080 starting to appear) and streaming.
-Good model directory and search facility.
-Opt-in for newsletter and promos.
-Customisable for viewing sizes etc.
-Works with Firefox and DownThemAll and FDM (see Reply #1).
-Bills via CCBill - no regional pricing
Cons: -Links time out after a few hours.
-Some technically flawed colour (but most is good).
-Size not indicated on video download links. So, if you go for "HD mp4", you do not know if it is 720p or 1080p until you have downloaded it.
-Pages can be very slow to load, especially the thumbnail pages, but zip download speeds are good. It is best to choose 20 thumbs per page rather than "all".
-Although download managers are allowed and work fine (tested with FDM), see Reply #1 for some cautions.
- No "mature" models (but site does not claim to have them)
-"Themes" such as "Lingerie" or "Uniforms" are incidental, not central.
-Some non exclusive content for some photographers such as Fred or Defrancesco.
Bottom Line: ATK Galleria (ATKG) has been my "gold standard" for about 12 years and it still is. There are a lot of statistics in the pros and cons, above, so it might be more useful if I explain here why I like Galleria so much.

I collect photos and I see it as primarily a photo site, despite its huge number of videos. Nubiles is stronger on video quality. If you prefer softcore teen video, with masturbation or toys, and are happy with 4 vids per model, Nubiles is the place. You might come to ATKG to add to those.

As far as photos go, ATKG operates in the same general genre as KarupsPC, KarupsHA and Nubiles but it has generally better quality and a very much larger quantity: four times as many images as Nubiles, twice as many as MetArt. It seems reasonable that signup gives you access just to ATKG and not to the ATK Network.

One thing I really love is the many repeat shootings for a lot of its models. You get 10 softcore photosets whenever a photographer shoots the model. If she is shot again, and she often is, you get another 10 photo sets. Those may be from the same photographer a year later or from a different one. Hardcore sets, if any, are on top of that count. Riley Reid, for example, has 43 photo sets and 9 videos here. That is 13 hardcore photo sets plus two separate shoots of 10 softcore sets from one photographer and a 10 set shoot from a second. Her videos span the same two photographers and include toys, hardcore, lesbian, behind the scenes and a camshow recording.

All photo sets for each model go up between one day and a week apart. Videos are less predictable and not all models do them.

Of the nearly 25000 photo sets, photographer Fred's 1600 sets and Denys Defrancesco's 1000 sets are largely not exclusive. But the rest are, as far as I can tell. So I guess 80% exclusive overall.

ATKG is nothing like MetArt, Femjoy or any of the artsy sites. Shoots are amateur in style, professional quality but not glossy. Girls are committed and enthusiastic and engage with the viewer. Some toy use but most sets do not involve toys. Almost all start clothed, if sometimes scantily, and end full nude but sometimes get there after 20 images of a 150 image set. The journey is less important than the destination at ATKG but you do get some tease in most shoots and explicit shots with direct eye contact, provocative facial expressions, minimal looking down or away and plenty of finger spreading pussy.

There are "themes" such as Uniforms, Lingerie, Upskirts and Panties, Babes, Amateurs, Coeds, Masturbation, Toys, Foot fetish, Nudism, Lesbian, Watersports, Action. But some of those are pretty loosely defined. I often cannot even tell what the softcore theme was when I look at the downloaded set.

Take lingerie. The girl may be wearing some under some everyday clothes or she may start in it. She strips via a short tease but without the emphasis on the sensuality of the lingerie that you would get on a fetish site.

ATK's tour gives away a massive amount of actual content. Click the "visit site" link from this PU page, go to the bottom right of the page you arrive at and click the ATKingdom thumbnail. It takes you to their free site on which you will find about 80 full size (3000x2000) images from Galleria, 80 from ATK Hairy and some from Premium, all from their most recent sets and changed every week. There are no sample videos there, suggesting a bias towards photos. At the top of the page from "visit site", you have the whole model directory, which shows how many photo sets and videos every model has.

ATKG shows the work of 97 photographers from around the world. Its women are shaved, aged between 18 and 45, but most are young. There are only 15 models aged over 30. 1300 aged 18-20, 1030 21-23. Some models have tattoos or piercings but there is no silicone here. Most are Caucasian girl-next-door types (only 5 black and 11 Asian) and there is a separate site for ethnics - ATK Exotics - with a separate subscription. Some of the Galleria models also appear on the other ATK sites but without duplication of actual photo sets or videos. e.g. she might be shaved here but have hairy sets on ATK Hairy. Note that, if a model is on ATK Petites, membership there gives you her Galleria content too. But not vice versa.

I highly recommend ATKG as a large and high quality source of explicit softcore photo sets, in overtly sexual and amateur (but not amateurish) style. It will specially appeal to anyone who wants everything they can find of a loved model. I believe 96 is valid for what the tour area makes clear you will find.

But if your main thing is softcore video, score 86. There is bg and gg but it does not come over as a hardcore site. If you prefer those, score 80. And there is none with a story line here. It is plain sex. As I am not interested in bg, gg or video, it is hard for me to evaluate them. If you want fetish themes, score 76.

I have joined many times over 12 years. "member < 1 month" applies just to this join.

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Claypaws (44)
Download Managers.

I have tried Firefox with DownThemAll and also FreeDownloadManager fed by Firefox with Flashgot addon.

Both of those work fine. Resume is supported.

But there is a caution. The site's Terms of Use bans spiders and bots but does not mention download managers. It appears to tolerate them. Links anyway expire after a few hours so you could not queue up hundreds and download for hours on end.

I would definitely recommend turning off all acceleration. Do not segment downloads into sections. And do not download more than two files at a time. Speeds are good. (my ADSL connection is a 7Mbps line and the site easily achieves that). I believe that if you treat a download manager as a means to queue and download at a convenient time (e.g. add a model's content and then download it without speed tricks), rather than a way to achieve maximum speed, you should have no problem at this site. If you segment at all, or download many files simultaneously, you might get suspended.

06-21-12  08:23am

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lk2fireone (196) Fantastic review. Loads of facts about the site, great opinions. Like I said before, your reviews leave almost all of us in the dust.

I will be joining this site in the future.

But I just signed up for X-Art today, because there is a special offer of $9.95 for the first month.

I don't think you would like X-Art, because their photosets are small (60 -70 photos or less per set). And they are the glossy, glamor-style photos, of attractive young teens.

I also like their videos, which are erotic or sensual, but you don't care for vids.

06-21-12  08:45am

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Capn (28) A first class review, as ever, my friend.

I have been a member a couple of times in the past.

I feel it is close to time for another rejoin.

Cap'n. :0)

06-21-12  09:31am

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messmer (137) As usual an awesome, literate and very helpful review, Claypaws! I love all the details you put into it because it gives me a pretty good idea as to what to expect. This is one time when our tastes diverge sharply because I found Galleria mostly boring because of the lack of lingerie, but the great thing about your review is the fact that I would have found enough details in it NOT to subscribe to this site, despite your obvious love for it. One of the best reviews (professional or amateur) I ever had the pleasure to read. I give you a 100! :-)
06-21-12  10:40am

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xexbot (36) Great review. I am a huge fan of anything ATK does. I also like the fact that they stole the Taekwondo organization's name. LOL. You are absolutely right about repeat modeling. Sativa Verde just did a live cam show for ATK Hairy and was talkingabout that very thing. She started as model working for anyone, fell in love with working for ATK, now she is shooting models herself for them. I also like the fact that girls that appear in Galleria may wind up in Hairy at some point, and vice versa.

Now they are offering a big deal where you can get access to all their sites for like a hundred a month. It's a steep price, but for me, it has always been a tough choice between all their sites.

06-21-12  11:27am

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xexbot (36) REPLY TO #1 - Claypaws :

I personally only run into this problem with the new videos off the front pages in ATK Hairy. That makes sense because each video is listed under a new day each time. From the model's actual gallery page, I don't have as much problem. Maybe it has something to do with the actual age of the model's page itself???
06-21-12  11:30am

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #2 - lk2fireone :

Thank you, lk2fireone. I am humbled by the compliment. The only trouble is that it takes several days to write each review. Not continuous time but rereading and reorganising and trying to ensure that I communicate more than my own personal reaction to a site. And I tend to start with about 9000 characters of bottom line that I have to prune down to 5000. I could not have coped with the old format of review with the smaller bottom line section.

I will be very interested to see your review if you do join at some time.

I think you fully understand my preferences too. I am glad you are enjoying X-Art and I think you are right that I would not enjoy it.

06-21-12  03:49pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #3 - Capn :

Thank you Cap'n. I hope you registered the sentence in the review: "The journey is less important than the destination at ATKG but you do get some tease in most shoots...". I had you in mind when I wrote that :-)

Go into it with open eyes, my friend. I feel for you of course because you have to compromise whenever you join a site. With your very specific taste for elegant fully clothed to strictly full nude photo sites with more journey than arrival and also certain poses, you probably have a choice of precisely zero sites that fully meet your needs.

There are more gems at Galleria than at Premium but, given the huge number of models, you should expect to encounter very many who do not appeal to you. But, as you have joined before, you know all that ;-)
Perhaps, rather than overwhelmed or underwhelmed, you might hope to be just whelmed :-)

06-21-12  04:00pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #4 - messmer :

Wow! Thank you messmer. That leaves me almost speechless. Well, almost. Loss of words is not one of my virtues.

I am so glad that my review would have given you the guidance NOT to subscribe. I struggle with the effort to communicate not only my own reaction to a site but also a sufficiently comprehensive description of its details and emphases to allow a reader to form his or her own impression.

And in scoring, I might well rate a site lower or higher than its personal worth to me, depending on how well it achieves what its tour implies are its areas of strength. I believe this site does that remarkably well and, fortunately, its strengths also happen to coincide with my preferences, or, at least, not to conflict with them.

06-21-12  04:17pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #5 - xexbot :

Thank you xexbot. I had to look up Taekwondo, not being a follower of any sport at all. I see what you mean about a dyslexic, or reversed, KTA. I bet ATK did not realise it.

The repeat modelling is a distinct feature and they do take it to extremes. Marie McCray has 96 photo sets and 20 videos at Galleria and also very many sets at Hairy, Petites, Premium and Archives - they have been shooting her for 7 years.

Some sites have one or two models with a lot of sets - Anya on MPLStudios, for example, with 165 photo sets and 13 videos but I know of no other site that does it for so many models. If ATK had a search that allowed me to identify all models with more than 20 sets, I would give the statistic - but it hasn't. I think that their own statistics, which I quoted, for number of models and number of photosets, must include the models whose videos stay on Galleria but whose photosets are moved off to Archives, giving them zero photosets at Galleria. For 2500 models and 25000 photosets can only give a lot of models more than 10 sets each if some have none. Hmmm. I do not feel like going manually through every model counting up her sets.

You mention Sativa Verde.I also participated in an ATKHairy cam show from Ely Dean. She was pretty effusive about how much fun it is modelling for them and she has at least one series on Hairy as a photographer too. And Alicia S runs a photo studio and also models for them.

This is not the only site or company that has happy models, of course. But I always think that it is nice to have some examples one could show to porn persecutors who think that porn consists entirely of miserable women forced to do things against their will.

06-21-12  04:47pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #6 - xexbot :

xexbot - I do not understand this comment about videos and new days and stuff. I have no idea what you are referring to. It does not appear to relate to my reply #1, about download managers. Please enlighten me :-)
06-21-12  04:51pm

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xexbot (36) REPLY TO #11 - Claypaws :

My dlm only seems to have a problem on the home/update pages of ATK sites, where they post the most recent vids and pics. If I go to the model's individual page/gallery with all of her stuff, my dlm doesn't seem to have the problem. Since the home/update page changes everyday I can see where this may be a problem for dlms. Of course all of the bigger money sites are starting to rotate the addresses of their videos to prevent site raping. Another annoying thing I have been seeing is where you cannot continue browsing once you start downloading. Ferro Network does this.
06-21-12  11:47pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #12 - xexbot :

Thanks xexbot. Now I understand what you're saying. I didn't think I was describing a problem though, unless you mean that links timing out is the problem.

I don't think they actually move the files around. I think the file stays where it is and they generate an alias for it which depends on only-they-know-what and is unique to you. It includes a 32 byte hash key if you look at the URL. Then they make that alias expire after a certain time. Certainly does prevent site raping. Evas Garden's links expire after about two minutes. Preventing browsing while downloading is a mean trick. It's a long time since I've seen that one.

I think that links expiring after a few hours is reasonable though. Or were you saying that your ATK links do not expire for days?

06-22-12  11:50am

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