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rearadmiral (384) 05-21-12  02:45pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Affiliated with Diesel Access, so the same quality is here
- Videos and photos
- Amazing quality for both videos and photos
- Incredibly beautiful models
- Good mix of solo, masturbation, girl/girl and boy/girl hardcore
- Models do live shows
- Bills through CC Bill
Cons: - Site wonít remember your username / password even though that option is available
- Photo pages load the whole set as good resolution thumbnails so that takes a lot of bandwidth even if all you want to do is download the zip
- Photo sets wonít download with download manager (Free Download Manager specifically)
- Iím unsure about exclusivity though some of the models are definitely not exclusive to this site or related sites
- Not sold as part of the Diesel Access network
- Some overlap with other Diesel sites
Bottom Line: Wow Girls is obviously affiliated with Diesel Access (18 Only Girls, Young Legal Porn and more) so any comments made in reviews of those sites will apply here too. The layout is the same, the models are the same and there are even some scenes and photo sets that are on both sites. This site isnít part of that network so youíll only get access to this one site with your membership.

This site has many of the same models as found on the Diesel Access network. For some, that may be a negative, but given the comments about the models on other reviews I suspect that most people would agree with my opinion that these models are some of the most beautiful young women on the internet. The potential downside of this is that if you donít like the types of models that the site has then you obviously wonít like the site. The models are exclusively young (18-20), petite and (usually) small-breasted.

The site is relatively new so it is still small but it does update regularly so it will continue to grow. It updates daily with either a video or photo set added. Currently there are 48 models, 139 videos and 235 photo sets.

The site uses the same simple and effective layout as used by the Diesel sites. You can search using tags or keywords. Each of the models has a separate page to keep things simple.

Videos are available as either WMV or MPEG-4. In most scenes there are resolution options for the MPEG-4 ranging from lower resolution for mobile devices up to 1080p HD. The WMV files are usually only available in HD. The newest videos are at 1920x1080 at 7000+ kb/s and 30fps. They use WMV Codec 9. Subjectively they look amazing Ė theyíre incredibly crisp. The drawback to the high quality is that the file sizes can be large. A 20 minute video can be 2GB in size.

While photos make up more than half the site this really isnít a photo site. The photo sets are mostly shot as part of the videos. Most of the photo sets are available in multiple resolutions. Iím not a photo collector but I make an exception for many of these models. The highest resolutions are 3200x4800 and they look amazing.

The videos and photos are a great mix of solo, masturbation, b/g hardcore and g/g scenes. Thereís even some anal and peeing in the mix too.

There are some minor negatives and these may even come across as being petty, but they stick out a bit because the site is otherwise so well done. For starters, the site wonít remember your username and password even though that option is available. To make that worse, the password is randomly generated and assigned so youíll need to keep it handy. A pet peeve of mine is having videos stream automatically as the page loads. I dislike that because it needlessly sucks a lot of bandwidth. That doesnít occur here, to the siteís credit, but when you open a page for a photo set the page loads with some good quality thumbnails so that sucks a lot of bandwidth as it loads. Since the average user will probably be downloading the zip file I wish there was a way to access that zip without having all the thumbnails load. Speaking of downloading photos, for some reason using a download manager (Free Download Manager at least) doesnít work with the photos. It works great with the video sets (with no obvious timeouts) but for the photos I had to download them through the browser which is obviously slower. This was also the same for the Diesel Access sites too so it must be a quirk in how they set up the sites.

I canít speak to the exclusivity of the models, but I am aware that some of them have appeared (and do appear) on other sites, sometimes using different names. This isnít a good or bad thing unless youíre really into exclusivity.

Iím sure that most potential members would find the fact that this site isnít part of a network to be the biggest negative. It does impact on the sense of value that comes with the site. But considering that if this site were added to the Diesel network it would essentially be a free add-on. Porn of this quality canít be cheap to produce and Iím certainly willing to pay for material of this quality.

The models do live shows though I never viewed any of those. I presume (but stand to be corrected) that these are an additional cost. The live shows are recorded and those can be downloaded or streamed too.

This site, like its sister sites, does everything well. The models are stunningly beautiful and the people shooting the videos and photos are clearly professionals. The website provides an effective way to sort and download what you want. There are much bigger names in internet porn who could improve by following this site. I know that potential members might question the siteís value as it grows, but the quality is near perfect and Iíd highly recommend joining.

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slutty (111) Nice review rearadmiral, sounds like a place to keep an eye on. I just wish these guys gave a more in depth preview, as I am curious how much overlap there is - not that I don't trust deiselman, I'd just like to see for myself.

It is sort of troublesome that they show on the scenes preview page 317 pages of scenes (which one could extrapalote to over 7000 scenes given the number shown). Perhaps just an error.

05-21-12  04:48pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #1 - slutty :

I haven't had a membership at the Diesel sites in a while but I didn't notice much overlap. Dieselman seems like a webmaster who takes an interest in his customers and I trust him when he explained the overlap.

The 317 pages of scenes is definitely an error. When you log in there are 25 pages of updates. I hope Dieselman pops in and sees your comment because that little error could make some people a bit mad.

And I agree with you 100% that the site should offer a more thorough preview. There is no reason not to - the models are amazing and the site is great. They should show it off to prospective mmebers.

05-21-12  05:13pm

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gaypornolover (38) Another top-quality review, thank you!
05-21-12  11:28pm

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Claypaws (44)
Excellent review which makes it clear from what standpoint it is written too. Very balanced and comprehensive and a great job done.

I wonder if the 317 pages of updates in the preview are in fact the preview for Diesel Network + WOW Girls combined. That would clearly be a mistake. I agree they should include some more samples in the preview as it gives not a lot of indication as to what is in the site.

On the matter of exclusivity, I regard content as exclusive if those particular photos or videos are unique to the site. It does not matter that the models are not exclusive. Many models appear on multiple sites but any site can have exclusive content of a non-exclusive model. I could easily go through their model directory and identify the models I have seen on other sites and probably list their alias names too. But it would still be true that this site's content is exclusive provided the photos and videos on this site do not appear elsewhere.

You mention the big thumbnails. When I was a member of the Diesel Network, there was a slider on the thumbnail page. You could use it to reduce the thumbnail size to a more manageable one that loaded much faster. Perhaps WOW Girls could have a similar feature.

If you are still with me, I have a question. If you were to remove from this site all the videos, all the gg, bg, peeing, toys, masturbation, behind-the-scenes, photos shot as part of a video shoot, and any content duplicated from sites in the Diesel Network, how much would remain?

I ask because I do like their girls but I am not interested in any of the type of content I mention in that list. My question does not in any way detract from your great review or from your score.

05-22-12  04:54am

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #3 - gaypornolover :

Thanks for the compliment!
05-22-12  03:07pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #4 - Claypaws :

I think that this is the first time that someone has reviewed one of my reviews so thoroughly. Thanks for doing that and I hope that you did find it useful.

For the 317 pages, my guess is that you're right that the error comes from including all of the diesel sites too. I didn't notice that until slutty mentioned it but I would have felt cheated if I made my decision to buy a membership thinking that it was a large site. The current site has nothing to apologize for given the great quality, so I hope they fix this mistake soon.

The Wow Girls site does have the ability to shrink the size of the thumbnials and I did use that but I found that the picture pages still loaded slowly. That might be a factor of the way I select the pages though. Because they have to be downloaded through the browser I'd go to a model's page and open the sets I wanted in a new tab and work my way through the tabs. Opening two or three tabs didn't seem to be an issue, but opening more than five was a problem. The problem might be the way I'm using the site.

I don't want to get anyone's back up in answering your question, but the answer is that not much is left if you remove the material you listed. This is a guess (after browsing through the site to get a sense of what the count is) but I'd say there are fewer than 50 photo sets that don't have what you prefer to avoid. I have to add one huge caveat to this answer though - I'm no fan of screencaps or photos which simply mirror a video but with this site, like the Diesel sites, the photo shoot doesn't detract from the video and the videos don't detract from the photos. I'm not sure how the site does it, but the two can really stand apart.

I hope that answered your question. If not, let me know and I'll try to get the information you're looking for.

05-22-12  03:26pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #6 - rearadmiral :

Thank you for replying so thoroughly to my comment and question. A careful review deserves careful reading :-) The review was very useful to me. And it is interesting how a well written and very favourable review can give me the information I need to conclude that a site is not to my taste.

I think your answer to my question should not get anyone's back up. It helps to make clear who might enjoy the site and who might not. It would seem that the site is not for me but the review and your supplementary answer make it clear that it does very well indeed in its own niche and that those who enjoy that niche would be very satisfied. I had hoped this could be another site with Gloria material that pleases me but I feared this was unlikely. Your answer confirms my fears.

I am also a multiple tab man. On some sites, java that executes on pages can slow things down a lot in multiple tabs and if the site will work with java (not javascript) turned off, this can sometimes speed things up. I usually turn off both java and flash unless there is some significant feature that needs either of those.

05-22-12  03:55pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #7 - Claypaws :

It's nice to meet another Gloria fan here. She's my favourite Diesel model, but there are several others who aren't far off. I know people who wouldn't find her attractive, but she damn near perfection in my book.

Is it easy to turn java and flash off?

05-23-12  05:32pm

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Claypaws (44)
REPLY TO #8 - rearadmiral :

Gloria (as Kylie) has been a favourite of mine since I first saw her on MET about two and a half years ago. I still think her best photo sets are on what used to be MET Models, now called Erotic Beauty but I also love her photos on Averotica. Diesel seems to be the only source of extensive video of her. I think she is just about perfect too. I love that body type, but, above all, I adore her face and expressions.

The easiest way to turn off java and flash is to use Firefox and download a very useful addon from the addons.mozilla.org site. The addon is called PrefBar. It is simpler and easier to use than the much more comprehensive NoScript addon. When you have installed PrefBar, you get a PB icon in the toolbar (next to home and refresh etc). PB has check toggles for java, javascript, flash, animation and a few other things. Turning on and off is as easy as clicking them. I haven't checked if you already use Firefox but no porn user should be using IE!

05-26-12  01:47am

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elephant (67) Yes very informative review and great to see someones review of this exciting new site. I'm a total fan of their other site so think I'm gonna enjoy this one, would love to of seen it as part of the network, maybe for $34.99 and included all sites. Still its very up my street with the models included so I'm going to like it I think.

Another huge Gloria fan too, she is something else, very catwalk model like which I love, the kind of stunner you see and go oh wow she is unique and beautiful, often the really cute models have a very unique look and Gloria is one of them and her bod is perfection to say the least, has to have one of the hottest pussies too that she seem to love to be playing with, love to see her in more girl/girl material.

Only other 2 models that are in her league that I brand ultra models (they have to of had their own solo site) are Nata (who was around a while back now but had this real endearing quality to her and stood out as a nude model) and the other one Kat from lay the Kat, she was so myseterious and I just loved her, she had a real beauty sparkle about her. There is not many that are ultra models around but its great when I find a new one. Gloria ticks all the boxes for me.

05-27-12  03:32am

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