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tangub (155) 10-23-11  05:18am
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$69 to upgrade to Diesel network access....No thanks

Signed up just over 2 weeks ago to Young Legal Porn just opting for the single site access for $19.99. Now with about 2 weeks of my membership still left i've seen more or less everything i want to see on the site so decided i might try the upgrade to the Diesel all sites access for the remainder of my membership. As the initial subscription to the network is only $10 more than the single site access i was expecting that the upgrade fee would be somewhere around that so was quite astonished when hitting the upgrade button to find out it would cost $69. They say its a one time upgrade fee and don't really make it clear how long you get access for but i'm assuming it would only be as long as i maintained my recurring billing to Young Legal Porn so anyway end result is i just ended up cancelling my subscription and moved onto something else.

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rearadmiral (384) Wow!!!!

The network upgrade at the time of initial purchase at $10 is an excellent value and I'd highly recommend it to anyone, especially with the TBP/PU discount. But $69? That's insane. Most of the other sites are quite small and a few haven't updated since 2007. The most valuable of the sites is 18onlygirls but it isn't worth $69. I wonder why they settled on that price? It may be that the way the site is structured that the photos and videos get spread across the site so if you find you really, really like a specific model you may be tempted to get full access since she'll have stuff on 18onlygirls and may even have a small solo site too. But $69??? You'd be better off cancelling and buying back in even without the discount.

10-23-11  06:54am

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tangub (155) REPLY TO #1 - rearadmiral :

Yes i've cancelled now so maybe i'll return sometime next year again and pay the extra upfront for network access.
10-23-11  07:13am

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #2 - tangub :

You should do that. It's $10 well spent and makes the membership a great value for the money. This is a site that I'm adding to my rotation of sites that I return to a couple of times a year.
10-23-11  07:17am

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Denner (235) The ONLY deal Diesel Media from the European Netherlands does is:

Licensed material

...and it has been that way for years.

Their specialty is creating more and more different sites......but when a defenseless PU gets to a join....the content is generally the same at all sites..

Been at some of those Diesel sites too many times, now - and every time I get the feeling of being conned...

Nothing here is Exclusive...

10-23-11  07:45am

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Drooler (220) The all-site access through TBP is $29.99. Maybe try clearing out the cookies and going for that?

Anyway, $69 dollars is ridiculous. For that, I'd like a little paw time with Beata!

10-23-11  10:51am

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lk2fireone (196) It used to be that you could join Young Legal Porn for $19.99 monthly single subscription, or $29.99 monthly for complete network access, using the PU/TBP links for discount.

If you joined through 18 Only Girls, you would pay $29.99 month single subscription, $39.99 monthly for complete network access.

So if you wanted complete network access, save $10 and join through Young Legal Porn.

The prices advertised at PU/TBP for 18 Only Girls are now shown at $19.99 month, recurring. But when you used those links, you see a sign up page that shows $29.99 month, recurring, for single site access, or $39.99 for network access, recurring.

So PU/TBP has to contact the site to straighten out whether the PU/TBP discounts will be honored, or whether PU/TBP should change to page membership back to $29.99 per month, recurring.

10-23-11  02:17pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #6 - lk2fireone :

It may be a cookie issue because when I just checked from our link, I see the $19.99/month recurring and the $29.99/month - all site access prices
10-23-11  02:52pm

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tangub (155) REPLY TO #7 - Khan :

I don't know if some people are getting the wrong end of the stick about what the comment was about. I signed up for the site through TBP/PU discount link without a problem but i only went for the single site access to Young Legal Porn for $19.99. Once inside the members area you have the option to upgrade the subscription to add the rest of the network sites, that's where i was being asked for $69...not via TBP/PU link.
10-23-11  03:15pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #7 - Khan :

Khan, when I use the PU/TBP links to Young Legal Porn, I see the $19.99 and $29.99 for single site and network access.

But when I use the PU/TBP links for 18 Only Girls, I see the $29.99 and $39.99 for single sites and network access.

I tried clearing out my cookies, but I don't know if I did a good job, because my PC froze up on me partly through the process. And then I had to reboot the computer.

But, just to check, if you use the hot links for 18 Only Girls, what you do see?

The $19.99 and $29.99 for signup?
Or the $29.99 and $39.99 for signup?

Thanks in advance.

10-23-11  04:21pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #8 - tangub :

tangub, yes, I'm pretty sure I understood your posts correctly. But thanks for making it clear in case anyone else reading along may have been confused.
10-23-11  06:21pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #9 - lk2fireone :

lk2fireone said: But when I use the PU/TBP links for 18 Only Girls, I see ...

Yes, I saw your Comment at http://www.pornusers.com/replies_view.html?id=65853 regarding this one. In fact, if you look at the staff notes you'll see that I mentioned I'd asked the TBP Editors to check into this one.

I guess where I became consused is when you posted the whole price problem under Young Legal Porn with the phrasing ... "It used to be that you could join Young Legal Porn for $19.99 monthly single subscription, or $29.99 monthly for complete network access, using the PU/TBP links for discount" (emphasis mine)... making it seem (to me) that you were no longer seeing that price.

Sorry for any confusion. Again, I've asked our editors to look into the special price problem at 18 Only Girls.

10-23-11  06:37pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #11 - Khan :

Thanks for the reply, Khan.

I went switching from 18 Only Girls and Young Legal Porn, and it did get a little confusing.

tangub posted a comment, and I was trying to add my two cents worth, and I maybe should have stayed on topic, rather than going on a new topic.

10-23-11  06:45pm

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dieselman (35)
Hello Tangub, thank you for your interest in our sites. I understand that you liked it a lot but the upgrade price kept you unsatisfied and you quit. Before I explain why it is high at this moment, I must say that you could of course to get your all sites access for a very nice price entry which is exclusive for TBP.

Going back to the upgrade price. Usually we set it at 39.99$ and many people like it since they can buy this one time fee upgrade and continue to enjoy all our sites paying only the original subscription. This is a very popular thing.

But, when we release a new site we always put it up to 69$ for two months. Important to say that our sites are quite expensive to run, we always pay really good salaries to models, rent flats for them and help with their studies, we also always upgrade our filming equipment and with our latest site, SkinnySuperGirl, we did it a lot of things to film this beauty in so extraordinary films.

Despite the talks here, a member of all sites get access to many active sites with at least 4 new updates a day and this is a tough run for us to keep the quality so high.

Here is the list of our active sites with fresh updates consonantly coming in:

Of course you should join it with links of TBP as they will give you that extra exclusive discount!

- YoungLegalPorn.Com
- 18OnlyGirls.Com
- IvanaFukalot.Com
- SashaBlonde.Com
- NatashaShy.Com
- VikaNymph.Com
- BeataPorn.COm

And our latest site SkinnySuperGirl.Com

Our main idea is to create something really outstanding, we have our own vision and we hate to work cheap. We want to create exciting things for you, that's why we invested a lot in our member area platform and that's why you liked our content and our amazing girls. I find our price scheme very good and my guess our members agree with is as we had over 4 million members during last 10 years.

Would be happy to see you again as we are about to start releasing our latest content shot with HDSLR technology and RED cams and this is going to be a WOW factor :)

P.S. Special thanks to TBP for creating this amazing platform with ability to talk with our members outside of our sites!

10-25-11  02:34pm

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dieselman (35)
REPLY TO #4 - Denner :

Hello Denner, I see this is not a first time you are spreading your dislikes about us but I never read any real reason for that in your topics.

Today you are talking about non exclusiveness of our content, saying that nothing is exclusive on our sites.

This is kinda begging for a harsh reply. My guess you know close to nothing about us. And since you are not really replaying to the original complain by tangub , I also guess you are just a "big fan" of us for some hidden reason.

Let me give you a little intro about exclusivity of our sites, something you have missed:

- 95% of our content is exclusive. About 70% of it I film myself.

- We were first to put our solo girls on live cams and we have these exclusive live cams until today, at no additional cost for our members. There are about 6-8 hours of live shows from our top girls everyday and they are very popular.

- A lot of our girls, we find ourselves and we are very good in bringing amazing faces and personalities and in most cases they are also willing to share their hardcore life. We film rare girls in hardcore action.

- Talking about exclusivity, everything is made by us here, starting from access system to our member areas, we never work with outside firms and our latest member area platform, called Lioness, is another state of art technology we created ourselves.

- We are even filming scenes exclusively per member wish and we released quite a lot of scenes which our members planned.

- Our approach to run our sites as itself is exclusive in all possible ways. When we start to working on new project, we always start with, lets make it different.

- We have currently 8 active sites and all of them are full of exclusive content and we are growing in mad speed.

I would love to hear some real complains, otherwise, please don't trash discussion here as we are trying to get in contact with our members and improve our services.

10-25-11  02:46pm

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dieselman (35)
REPLY TO #4 - Denner :

BTW, I found your account with us, last time you joined our sites in 2009.

Looks like a good timing (and great price) to come back and finally let us solve all your issues. I am sure you will write a great new review, like Ego's review in Ratatouille :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IvnptQJ__U :)

We will eagerly wait for you, Sir!

10-25-11  05:02pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #14 - dieselman :

This is a place/forum for free speech - and therefor expressing your/my opinions freely - Also the negative ones.
So I'm not "spreading my dislike"...
This is a matter of telling other PUs in THIS forum about your/my experience.

I understand your're concerned about your company profits in regarding negative inputs here at PU. But your last remarks puzzles me a bit:

"......please don't trash discussion here as we are trying to get in contact with our members and improve our services."

Then why use your time responding to my criticisms - which I do not regard as "trash"?

And BTW: You have no way of knowing when I last joined one of your sites (like others I use several logins and several e-mail addresses)

Anyway: I think your're out of line with this input...

10-26-11  05:44am

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dieselman (35)
REPLY TO #16 - Denner :

As you can see, I have nothing against negative comments, quite the contrary, love any critic, it makes my day when we get a change to improve our sites.

What I ask though is to keep discussion in line of the topic. So if our member express his opinion regarding the price of all our sites upgrade, it has nothing to do with questioning an exclusivity of our content. For the sake of order, it will be way easier to open a separate topic about that, rather then sticking the same issue all the time, especially when you post comments which are exactly the opposite of what we offer to our members. Makes no sense for me.

Of course, you can keep posting whatever you want, it was only my wish to keep it line and was not intention to limit your freedom of speech.

Would be happy to hear some real critic of yours regarding our sites as they are nowadays.

10-26-11  07:56am

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #14 - dieselman :

Really wish I had caught this dispute earlier, so I could have joined in on the fun. I think Denner's points about content may be exaggerated, but there is a lot of material on your sites that is available elsewhere. I highly doubt your 95% statement, unless perhaps you are only counting material in the last few months. Which of your sites are still active, seems as though you show 9 having been updated in the last few months.

Your "upgrade" options are a bit odd, to ask those that joined the full network to pay extra when a new site is added seems a bit odd (although apparently this was resolved at some point, it is still an odd thing to do, unless it was an accident).

I like your sites, and like your content, it is much improved in my opinion since I posted my review. But, any percieved misleading practice is always going to draw the ire of PUers.

11-04-11  12:45am

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