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lk2fireone (196) 01-09-11  01:06am
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Special thanks to pat362 and elephant.

I joined TeenMegaWorld today because pat362 told me he joined TeenMegaWorld 2 days ago and he listed the sites he got access to. 2 of those sites were sites I especially wanted with my membership to this network: Beauty Angels and Fuck Studies.

And when I joined today, I did get access to those sites. So pat362 saved me some money, because this membership is less expensive than another one that would have given me access to those 2 sites.

elephant also offered some site information on his recent membership with the network.

The network often does a poor job of listing the specific sites you get access to, which can depend on which site you join through, on the advertising pages and signup page. And the specific sites you get access to, by joining through a particular site, can change over time.

They would greatly simplify the process, and cause less confusion, if they simply gave access to all the sites in the network with one admission.

Or they could simply spell out which sites you get, or don't get, in a simple text listing for each site join-through membership.

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elephant (67) No probs, glad you got the recent info you needed from Pat, you are lucky you get the new site, I didn't know it was 85% of smackmybitch stuff, thats another site I wanted to join but never have yet, I'll now wait probably and join this network again later in the year and get the updates since I was last there. It is the best network online I think, it has it's flaws in its navigation maybe but overall they do get some amazing video content on 3 or 4 now sites.
01-09-11  03:30am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #1 - elephant :

pat362 actually mentioned in a different post, months ago, that 18xgirls is a site that has the same videos as smackmybitch, but with a much smaller number of them. And it has a cheaper price as well. So I've been thinking since then, trying to decide which site to join, the larger, more expensive site, or the cheaper, smaller site. I saw a few of those videos, thought the models were attractive, and that the videos were well-shot.

Now he tells us that the same videos (in slightly smaller quantity) are at Beauty Angels.

So he really saved me some time and money. And now I don't have to think about which of the other 2 sites to join. I'm not joining either one of them, because I have Beauty Angels.

Thinking hurts my brain.

Or maybe it just makes it numb.

It really can help at times when PU members share their knowledge. You save a few dollars here and there. And maybe avoid some sites that you wouldn't pay for before you've already paid.

01-09-11  03:53am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #2 - lk2fireone :

Very true indeed, shame I never read the recent comment of Young Legal Porn site before I joined last night at Beata Porn and opted for the whole network. I don't know if its a temporary thing but slow isn't the word, its barely functioning for me, I get downloads of 100-140kps when I normally get 450-550 on other sites and if its downloading 1 file the site doesn't load at all so you can't browse when downloading, I also now today can't get onto Young Legal Porn at all, it just won't load. It must be the slowest site I've ever been on. I'm gonna leave it a couple more days and see if it speeds up and then complain if not, its an expensive network compared to Teen Mega World and at these speeds and not loading is not good enough.

Enjoy your TMW subscription though, lots of gems in there.

01-09-11  05:27am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #3 - elephant :

I'm also a current member of the Young Legal Porn network, a network and site I've been watching a long time before finally jumping in. I wonder how many times the electronic ghosts of these PU members are crossing in the porn fields online. Lol.

I don't remember actually meeting anyone in any of the porn sites. Because I don't participate in any of the porn site forums (except for PU). And I almost never comment on any of the videos or photos. So I'm a silent ghost. Like most of us, I would guess. Actually, I don't bother checking to see if there is a forum, and I pay little attention to site rankings of which are the hottest models, and which are the hottest videos and photosets, because I prefer to find my own favorites, which suit my taste more closely.

At the moment, there seems to be a lot of material at Teen Mega World to check out. I am slightly disappointed with what I found at the Young Legal Porn network. A few good videos, but not enough to justify the price. And the photos are not near the quality of the glamor photo sites like MetArt or MPL Studios. They have some very attractive models, but you are now finding attractive models at many different sites.

01-09-11  06:31am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #4 - lk2fireone :

Hi again, what are the speeds like for you on the young legal Porn site, I managed to get back on the site after clearing my cache but it's now slowed down even more for me to 89kps which is a joke really as takes hours to download a full HD video. I like some of the girls here so its a shame I cannot actually download much. I'm more of a vids man these days so not too bothered about the quality of pics but yes I do agree they seem in no way as good as MetArt or MPL. I'm beginning to wish I'd joined Lovely Teen Movs or X Art which were on my to do list. Its maybe because its the weekend s I'll attempt again tomorrow so if it's improved with the speed issue. Its maybe only certain areas as someone on the review page for YLP said he was getting 600kps, blimey, wish I was.

Me neither I only come here and Lesbian Love Video group, just to see whats new or if there is an interesting discussion going on between downloading. Yeah the porn site forums if a site has one, most don't bother, they never seem that busy so I don't really bother with them either.

I have a list of fav girls so I like to join sites with some of my favs in and get new vids, the main reason for joining this Beata Porn site is I like Beata and there are some more of my favs on the other sites so I thought it would be good getting updated with new stuff. I tend to favour the euro girls as they are less likely to have fake boobs and tats which I'm not a fan of but I do make exceptions for some actresses if they are super cute.

01-09-11  07:28am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #5 - elephant :

I've mentioned quite a few times that I have a slow DSL connection. Some PU members are probably sick of hearing that, because their own ISP connection is almost always faster. My maximum download speed is between 150-160 KB/s on a single download. If more than one file is downloading, then the best I can hope for is that the two or more downloads together add up to the 150-160 KB/s total. Sometimes the total download speed can drop far below that level, depending on what the servers are doing. I apparently don't have any way of controlling the speed of individual file downloads, other than selecting which ones to activate. Unless I'm using a download manager, stopping a download before it finishes can mean restarting the download from the very beginning, instead of at the stopped/resume point.

As you know, when you have a download speed of 150-160 KB/s, some of these video files can take 2-3+ hours or more for a single video file. Some files are 1-2+ GB, and the file size seems to increase every year.

But since my max download speed is 150-160 KB/s, I don't have the problem that you do: You grit your teeth if the speed drops to 150 KB/s. I feel good that I'm getting the best I can.

I need to pay more for a faster connection, and do it soon.

Anyway, I tested the download speeds at Young Legal Porn just now, and I am getting 150-160 KB/s for downloading the zipped photo galleries. I download a video file, the first two minutes is slowly building up speed, and then it hits the 150-160 KB/s and mainly stays there.

You need to check with someone who has a much faster connection like you have, to gain an idea of what you should be getting. I am a turtle compared to you, so what I am getting has little relevance to what you should be getting. You need to compare apples to apples, not to lemons.

And I need to upgrade my lemon to an apple (not the apple computer, but an apple-faster ISP connection).

But it appears that our likes in porn are very similar in some cases. I wanted to see the Beata site, thought she was cute, had seen a few of her videos, wanted more. And I agree with you about the Euro girls versus the U.S. starlets, who go in for plastic surgery and tattoos. Though some of the Euro girls have light tattoos (Part of the Russian crime culture? Or just the style for young, want to be hip kids. The Russian guys are much more heavily tattooed than the girls.) At least the Euro girls are still mainly natural, but I dislike it even when they have a belly ring. My prejudices annoy even me, because I realize how outdated they are.

But if you are down to 89 KB/s and all you are downloading is a single file (not multiple files at the same time), then something is seriously wrong. I am getting 150-160 KB/s downloads, which is my normal maximum speed for downloads, at Young Legal Porn.

01-09-11  10:18am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #5 - elephant :

You give your location as Unknown in your personal data, but you used the word "blimey" in your reply, and use English/British spelling for words like "favour". So I assume you are probably in the U.K. or somewhere in Europe.

I'm in the U.S. California.

Europe is supposed to have, in general, faster Internet connection than the U.S. But if the servers are located in the U.S., then U.S. residents might have an advantage. Maybe.

So you should look for people in your general location, if possible, to judge yourself against. If someone in your area is reporting speeds as fast as 500 KB/s, and you are supposed to be able to achieve those speeds yourself, you might try going to some computer help boards to see what possible easy solutions there might be to your problem. Your problem might be easily solved by an expert who is willing to help (offer advice) for free. Or it could be that your problem is difficult to solve, unfortunately, and you will need to call in friends or even pay a real expert to look over your computer.

The best approach, the cheapest, is try fixing it yourself, at the same time going online to computer help groups where some extremely knowledgeable people are genuinely willing to help others for free.

If that doesn't work, then maybe you will have to pay someone to look at your problem, and you don't know how well that will work out. The guy could charge you a lot of money, and accomplish little except telling you that you have a problem (dressed up in some fancy terminology, probably).

I'm not a computer expert, but you have some kind of problem is your max download speed is 89 KB/s, and you normally have a much faster speed.

Are you have the same slow download speeds at other sites, or is it just the Young Legal Porn site?

If you are not having the problem at other paysite networks, then it appears the problem would be with the servers at Young Legal Porn, or their network connections/routers/equipment whatever.

So which is it: the problem is specific to Young Legal Porn, or is it general to all the paysite networks you have access to?

That should pinpoint whether the problem is with your computer hardware/software connection setup, or with the Young Legal Porn connection.

01-09-11  10:46am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #5 - elephant :

My PC is a laptop, and it's giving me problems sending duplicate posts, etc.

Anyway, figure out if the problem is at your end or at the Young Legal Porn end. Computers can be very touchy. A firewall can cut off access to a site, or to images at that site, or slow download speeds, or the problem could be some incompatibility in one of the programs on your computer with the Young Legal Porn server hardware/software.

Or it could be a problem at the YLP end.

Try to figure out the source of the problem, and then ask for expert help on solving it. Go for the free online help first. There are experts willing to help for free. Use google to find those groups.

01-09-11  10:46am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #5 - elephant :

Wishing you well.
01-09-11  10:46am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #9 - lk2fireone :

Wow thanks for the replies bud, Yeah I'm from the UK, you guessed right. Its weird is the speed issue, it did speed up to normal and I thought hey great its ok now but then again just 10 mins ago it was back to slow snail pace. Yeah my internet connection is fine on other sites so its not my end and must be the server there, wherever there is. I will try and see what its like tomorrow. Hopefully it will be fast again like it was an hour ago with pages loaded, it seems to get stuck on pages and especially when pressing the back button.

We do have similar tastes, thats cool, yeah I love the euro babes but I also like American chicks that are cute. My fav American actresses are Georgia Jones, Allie Haze, Marissa Mendoza, Franziska, Casey Chase, Kacey Jordan, Jordan Capri, early Lexi Belle, Kylie Richards, Ashlyn Rae and Alexa Love. I won't name all the euro girls as there is loads of them.

Anyway cheers for the chat and the help, I have to be getting to sleep now. Speak soon. Nice to meet you.

01-09-11  03:15pm

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