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rearadmiral (382) 07-19-10  04:08pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Access to a significant number of EA titles
- $9.95 monthly price
- Decent download speeds
- Average video quality with some HD available
- Streaming available as an option
- Daily updates (one scene added)
Cons: - Not a lot of older EA titles available
- Video quality is just average
- File sizes seem large for the video quality
- A lot of European-filmed content (may be a plus for someÖ)
- A lot of scenes are threeways and group sex (which also might be a plus for someÖ)
- No obvious search function
- Most older titles have no star associated with them.
Bottom Line: Evil Angel bills itself as the official site of the Evil Angel Studio. They have a large, though certainly incomplete, collection of EA videos. As of today they say they have 443 DVDs. Most of those DVDs appear to be complete. EA Studios has been around a long time and they had been a favorite of mine for a number of years. One of the reasons I joined (apart from the $9.95 monthly price which may be only through TPB and PU) was to get access to a lot of their older titles. I was a bit disappointed in the site in that most of their older (and in my opinion, best) titles arenít available.

For the older titles that are available, the site commits what I think is an unpardonable sin: the stars are all listed a ďN/A.Ē How can you, the studio, not know who the stars are in your movies?

The site is more about the newer titles from EA. I know this is a personal opinion, but one of the reasons I liked the older EA was that it was hardcore but still not abusive. Their latest directors, Rocco Siffredi and Nacho Vidal come to mind, have built their later careers on abusive sex. Once in a while Iím okay with it, but it seems that most of their scenes are rough. Same with threesomes and group sex Ė Iím not exaggerating much when I say that it is hard to find a scene with one girl and one guy. If you like that, youíll like EA. (Also, EA, with directors like Joey Silvera, seems to have a lot of TS stuff. Iím not into that and I wish they had included some of Sliveraís older work before he went a little freaky.)

Technically the site isnít perfect, but it up to par with similar sites. The navigation is relatively easy, but less thorough than it could be since you can only rely on pulldown menus. If there is an actual search function Iíve yet to find it. One technical aspect to the site does seem to be a bit unusual, but since Iím not well-versed in technical stuff Iím not sure. The problem is that file sizes seem a bit large for the resolution of the file. For example, one file I checked has a bitrate of 2568 and a resolution of 640x480 and the file size seems a bit large at 720MB. Subjectively it doesnít look as sharp as HD.

Download speeds arenít super-fast, but they are consistent. I have a 10MB/s service and would usually see total download speeds of close to 1.5MB/s. Thatís certainly on par if not a bit better than comparable sites.

The bottom line, though, is that Iíd still recommend a membership in this site. If you like new EA stuff (and like some of their older stuff too), or if you like rough group sex, then there is lots to like here Ė especially for the $9.95 fee.

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slutty (111) Good review rearadmiral, I've been curious about this site for a while. Too bad if it is focussed mostly on the newer material - I haven't been a fan of much of their newer stuff either.
07-19-10  04:26pm

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graymane (33) It's never occurred to me to join this site before, and certainly not now having read your very comprehensive review.
Good job....doesn't look like you left anything out.

07-19-10  04:27pm

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SteveO (6) Thanks for the review. Sounds like this site is not a bad deal for the 9.95 price tag.
07-19-10  04:59pm

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #1 - slutty :

They have such a great catalogue of older titles that I was hoping to get access to. I suspect that it might be more work since they have to convert it to digital first. And it is possible that some of the directors only had a loose association back then. I was particularly hoping to get more older Joey Silvera titles. he had two exceptional series in the 90s - Butt Row and Fashion Sluts. Those are hard to find now. And Joey seems to be more into transexual stuff now. I remember about a decade ago renting a new Joey Silvera DVD just because it was him. It was from his Rogue Adventures series. I must be naive because it never occured to me that Rogue Adventures could be a code word for transexuals! Some of the older Buttman stuff is there too. But like you, I can only take the newer, abusive Evil Angel stuff in small doses.
07-19-10  05:15pm

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #3 - SteveO :

SteveO - there is one other possibility that I have no info on. Evil Angel DVDs are also offered as an additional-cost 'channel' at Videobox. I don't know how much extra it costs and I don't know how much overlap there is, but that could be a better value. But you are right - the EA site is easily worth the monthly fee.
07-19-10  05:17pm

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #2 - graymane :

I'm glad I could be of help. Like you I appreciate reviews that steer me to good sites that I have an interest in and I also appreciate reviews that confirm a suspicion that even if a site is technically fine I probably wouldn't be into the material.
07-19-10  05:19pm

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PinkPanther (46) At $9.95/month, this site is an awesome deal. There's not much overlap between this site and the updates on the EA channel at Videobox - I think it's pretty easy to see the updates on both sites - but there is a fair amount of overlap between this site and the network of sites that includes Buttman.com, except that network sometimes has a lot of web-only scenes and live shows that are not on the DVD's so they wouldn't appear on either DVD site - at least for a long while.

The big attraction on this site NOT available at either the EA premium site or the network site I described is the Rocco material - and his newest stuff is absolutely brilliant, in my opinion - crazy and very hot - rough, but not abusive, in my opinion.

07-19-10  05:57pm

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247skizia (5) Thanks for the review, I'm one of those people who would put the European content and the threeway (assuming it's two girls and a guy) in the plus column, so it seems like a decent deal to me!
07-19-10  09:03pm

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dracken (246) Indeed thanks for the review. I have been a member of the evil updates over at videobox for a while and was really curious if the site was any different. I didn't join it in the past becuase I assumed it was the same, now that I know that isn't really true I might have to stop by :)


07-19-10  09:39pm

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #8 - 247skizia :

The threeways and multiples are a mix. I'd say only about half are G-G-B but that's just a guess. There are a lot of scenes with more than three too and those tend to be mini-gangbangs.
07-20-10  03:35am

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #7 - PinkPanther :

Thanks for the information on Evil Angel over at Videobox. No one really mentions this is detail in any of the PU reviews. I've been curious about EA and Vivid as add-ons and wondered if they're worth it. Sad to say, but I wonder if these add-ons are now necessary to make Videobox worth a renewal since they seem to be using second and third rate American porn to supplement a steady diet of second rate European stuff.

I guess abuse is in the eye of the beholder. I see Rocco as just a bit less abusive than Max Hardcore but I don't see some of the hardest stuff on the Kink.com network or Society SM as being abusive. I have no idea to explain this different perception. Rocco does have quite a following and is certainly a talented director and performer.

07-20-10  03:42am

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #11 - rearadmiral :

Different tastes entirely - I see a strong aspect of "delight" in Rocco's work that I find missing in Kink's stuff, which I check out from time to time, but always find cold and unappealing when I do. Rocco makes very clear how hot he finds the women - in the recent scenes that I've seen. For instance, there is an amazing recent scene with Amy Brooke and Dani Jensen. The harshest word I've seen in most of his recent stuff is "nasty", which is a word he likes a lot. It's obvious in the recent stuff that I've seen that the women are really into the intense physicality of the sex and that there's no victimization going on.

I like this recent stuff much better than older Rocco rough stuff where he'd be fucking women in toilets, pushing their heads in, etc. Yuccchh!! That shit kept me from watching his stuff for years.

Kink on the other hand sets the "doer" and the "being done to" roles so strictly that I just find it boring - we know what's going to happen and to who - and what implements are going to be used, so there's no adventure - for me. Rocco's stuff, like the best Evil Angel stuff, is utterly free wheeling and seems like it could go anywhere - and frequently surprises, which is why I enjoy it as much as I do.

07-20-10  06:14am

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #12 - PinkPanther :


Iím not sure that we have different tastes at all. I think the problem may be a combination of us each talking about something different and the fact that I might not know what Iím talking about.

First the fact that I donít know what Iím talking about: my only experience with Rocco dates back to the days where he was rough for the sake of being rough. I havenít seen enough of his more recent work to realize that heís changed. Consider me duly informed. I downloaded a bunch of it from the EA site and will definitely watch it.

As for degrading porn, I view anything as degrading that is obviously over the top and clearly intended to degrade. The measure I use isnít the Dominant person (usually male) or me as the viewer. I judge degrading on how the woman appears to react to the situation. Max Hardcore is probably the poster child for rough and degrading porn, though there are others too, like Khan Tusion. What makes me think of Hardcoreís and Tusionís work as degrading is because they clearly intend it to be that way. There is no sense of it being something the women are into and there is no sense of fun. Itís as if they wouldnít want the women to be into it and enjoying themselves.

I mostly agree with your comments on Kink.com sites. Iím a huge fan of their stuff because it is hardcore BDSM without being degrading. The submissive women on the sites clearly enjoy whatís happening to them. And even though I rarely watch the interviews before or after the shoot, I know that they are there and the women comment on what they liked and how into it they were. Itís obvious that the women who work for Kink.com are into BDSM play Ė it isnít intended to be degrading for the sake of degradation. Any degradation is part of the play that brings the women enjoyment. But like you, I find that the biggest problem with Kink.com sites is that they can seem a bit sterile and repetitive. It may be that the individual sites focus so narrowly on one or two aspects of BDSM that it becomes difficult to get interested eventually. The Training of O is a bit different in that it is more dynamic and uses more BDSM conventions. I understand that many people donít like the strict roles in many Kink.com sites, but I think that is part of the allure that I like. So on this point at least we can admit to different tastes.

So Iím off to view some newer Rocco stuff. And if the scene youíre referring to is the one in Rocco Ravishes Hollywood, then youíre absolutely right about that. That is truly an amazing scene!

07-20-10  02:57pm

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #13 - rearadmiral :

Yeah - Rocco Ravishes Hollywood - everything from that DVD is wonderful, but especially that Amy Brooke (my fave new porn babe) and Dani Jensen scene.
07-20-10  05:40pm

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #14 - PinkPanther :

Based on that ringing endorsement I'll be downloading the other scenes in this title too. And with Amy Brooke what's not to like? Young, petite, B-cups and does anal. That is pretty much perfection!
07-20-10  09:22pm

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #15 - rearadmiral :

If you're an Amy Brooke fan, you should check out the stuff that she did with ALS Scan - do a google search and you can find some of their official samples, I'll bet - stunning, simply stunning.

She reminds me of Courtney Simpson - stellar bod, charisma off the charts - except that her bodacious bootie is in a class completely her own.

07-21-10  06:07pm

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rearadmiral (382) REPLY TO #16 - PinkPanther :

I'll check that out. Thanks for the tip.

BTW - I've been watching more Rocco and you're right about him being rough in a fantasy way now without being degrading like he used to be. I'll be downloading a lot of Rocco stuff now that I might have otherwise overlooked.

07-21-10  06:46pm

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