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What time of day do you mostly have sex ?

Type: Personal

Submitted by roseman (253)
Early morning 15% 6 Votes
Late night 46% 19 Votes
Evening 24% 10 Votes
Midnight 0% 0 Votes
I can not tell, I am shy ! 15% 6 Votes

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41 Votes Total

Jun 20, 2007

Poll Replies (30)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


DpornGuy (36) what differance does it make?.. i think most people will have sex based on their schedule.. free time, both not too exhausted from work.. which is either early in the day or later. A more interesting question would be where do you have sex mostly (couch,bed,etc).
06-20-07  12:17am

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #1 - DpornGuy :

It makes a lot of difference if you think about it. Surely depends on circumstances ...
You can always suggest polls that seem interesting to you. Thanks!

06-20-07  04:08am

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Boobs4ever (22) LoL I would think that may little bit to personal even for a Pornsites rewiew poll where I have a Alias :P
06-20-07  06:27am

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nygiants03 (162) late night. It usually works that way, you go out to eat maybe ,the movies, a party or something. Then you come back home with your girl and sometimes get lucky.
06-20-07  07:59am

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djwolf (61) For me it's usually late at night if we've both still got enough energy. If not, sometimes we'll do it early morning just after waking. All depends on how we feel. Very rarely it happens during the daytime.
06-20-07  09:07am

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Marianna (Disabled) late night for me!!! XOXO
06-20-07  09:20am

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DivBZero (13) I could not select more than one box!
06-20-07  02:05pm

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Drooler (220) Early morning, after a good night's sleep, ahhh, that's nice.

But then, remember that song, "Afternoon Delight?" Nothing quite like that, either.

And late at night, what better way to get into that good night's sleep?

It would have been easier to answer, "When are you least likely to have sex?" but that would have been seen as "negative," yes? And we can't be "negative," you know, when talking about sex, now can we?

Anyway, isn't nice that we're more likely to be active at fucking than we are at, say, taking a dump?

06-20-07  03:01pm

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Marianna (Disabled) REPLY TO #8 - Drooler :

L O L, were u drunk when u wrote this or something?
maybe .. u had just had .. sex? awwwww !!!
*drools* :-P

06-20-07  03:59pm

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #8 - Drooler :

hahahahahaha, geez!
okay, I am sure that you chose 'I can not tell, I am shy !', didn't you?
Pitty that I forgot to add as an answer 'At any time if girl drools' ;-)

06-20-07  04:12pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #10 - roseman :

Sorry about how your poll is turning out.
06-20-07  04:22pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #9 - Marianna :

I'm s'prised at deh queshhhhtions you aksd 'h me.

And don't take the "Drooler" thing too literally.

Unless .. you really want to.

06-20-07  04:54pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #10 - roseman :

And my, aren't you in an ugly mood. Bring up the topic of sex, get a discussion going, and all of sudden you get all nasty about it, fantasizing about how another male just couldn't possibly have it as good as you do.

You're pretty insecure about sex, aren't you?

And no one so far has chosen the last, "I'm shy" option. Didn't notice that yourself?

I can't wait for your reply, little man.

06-20-07  05:20pm

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #13 - Drooler :

You are nothing more than a kid if you are acting like this.
You gave a negative vote to me calling me 'Coward' 'little man' etc because you did post a lame reply and got an answer, LOL
You gave a negative vote to anyone that didn't agree with your opinion, so I guess that you don't judge by reviews but ... by opinions?
Anyway, thank you!

06-20-07  11:44pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #14 - roseman :

Roseman, your #10 reply on this poll (yours) wouldn't strike anyone as the mind of an adult at work.

You also ought to try elevating your standards of what constitutes an "opinion." It's part of growing up. Adolescent trash talk like "lame" don't cut it.

And you left too many clues to hide behind the "anonymous" no-trust rating you'd hit me with. And that's not what the trust ratings are for anyway. Obviously, it was just small-minded cowardice on your part.

Do you expect anyone to trust that?

06-21-07  04:23am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #14 - roseman :

And you say about me, "You gave a negative vote to anyone that didn't agree with your opinion, so I guess that you don't judge by reviews but ... by opinions?"

Where does this "anyone" come from? This kind of reckless overgeneralization is the sign of a feeble mind. Nice try at character assasination, but you have to deal in actual truth for it to have any persuasive weight.

And your tolerance for differences of opinion doesn't exactly reach the "exemplary" short list. Just look at your overreaction to DpornGuy (reply #2).

And, mysteriously enough, he got an anonymous "No" trust rating the same day. Can't help but wonder who that might have been.

06-21-07  05:25am

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #15 - Drooler :

If you find poll's question 'dump' or stupid you could just do not answer and NOT post replies that insult me or PU team that approved this poll.
I do not care about your trust rating, I am here because I think that some people are here for the same reason as I am for HELPING people and ourselves. Arguing in here seems stupid and of course lame to me :-)
So if you dont like the poll just be silent and do not use words that can insult someone just respect his question or opinion! Continuing replying with the way you did and you still do will lead you to a ban I think.

Thanks again.

06-21-07  05:30am

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #16 - Drooler :

lol, you forgot to check Anonymous negative votes for user Roseman.
I am against anonymous ratings but that's PU rules, if you don't like them you can stop posting and leave.

06-21-07  05:33am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #17 - roseman :

It was your insulting language that started this. Own up to it. Maybe you'll learn your lesson.
06-21-07  05:45am

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roseman (253) YOUR #8 reply (Drool) started this.
I am starting to think that I am not the only ' Coward ' (According to your opinion OF COURSE) in here ;-)
In conclusion of this, thanks for the lesson offering but thanks but NO thanks :-)

*ps You can keep your THREATS for yourself as well.

06-21-07  05:54am

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Marianna (Disabled) REPLY TO #14 - roseman :

yup Drool face gave a negative vote to me cause i didnt agree with him :(
06-21-07  11:17am

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nygiants03 (162) I don't get what this argument is about, the poll is valid. Im assuming early morning means 12:01 am to about 4 am. Late night 10 - 11:59. Evening 6 - 10. Midnight being midnight. In the day time could of been a choice, but theres isn't enough space. Its all good. This poll insures the point that people usually like to have sex late at night, or just before.
06-21-07  11:29am

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DpornGuy (36) REPLY TO #2 - roseman :

i thought about it roseman.. it really makes no difference. you have sex when you have sex.. what time of day really doesn't come into play..
06-21-07  03:42pm

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #23 - DpornGuy :

It makes no difference to you, not for everybody :-)
06-21-07  10:58pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) Yo man, I love early morning sex!!!!! Wake up early morning and the blood is already rushing down there so your knob is already telephone poll status, all you do is just insert and woooooooow.... Might make your head blow off!!

Ain't it good to have relations!!!

06-21-07  11:37pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #22 - nygiants03 :

No offense bro man nygiants03, but how da ph-ck you come up with time frames for sex?!
06-21-07  11:40pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) Hey guys, who give a flying phat ph-ck about being a coward?! We are talking about BOOBS, BUTTS, AND BABES, not your social military rank!!!

I would love to wake up early in the morning and find Jennifer Lopez sleeping right next to me!!

Man I tell yah!!

06-21-07  11:44pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #8 - Drooler :

Drooler, you are the shit, man!!! Don't matter what time of the day it is, if my girl walks in front of me in my house in men's fruit of the loom underwear, I swear I will pull an American Pie on her...

"No wait Nadia, please don't yet, I got reserves!!!

06-21-07  11:47pm

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nygiants03 (162) REPLY TO #26 - Pinche Kankun :

No its not like that. I was just kidding around.
06-22-07  07:20am

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Gazette Risque (55) Oh man, this poll cracked me up! Roseman and Drooler...

Anyway, I guess for me it's the afternoon, too bad that's not an option. So I guess late at night is second best.

But flame on people!

06-22-07  07:25am

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