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MiztaBlu (28) 05-22-09  04:15pm
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Before you join...

Please note that I was just informed that they will be cutting updates SOME weeks, to improve older scenes to DVD quality. The reason I am writing this new review is so no one gets duped. Im not telling anyone not to join....I just want people to know what they are and arent getting.

I dont know if NA will start including that information on their join page or not, but hopefully, people read this and know whats up. Still a decent site, but dont be shocked if you get 13 updates one week and 8 the next.

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exotics4me (463) I don't really agree with remastering of old sets as being a dupe. Most people won't even fool with downloading old videos that are poor quality and split into parts, instead of full scenes in one file. Once it is converted to a higher quality and pieced together into a full scene, then it becomes all but new to the vast majority of members. A dupe is better represented by the sites that remove old sets, don't improve them, then re-release them as new. For example, say you have scene "1982.mpg" and it is in 7 parts and is only 320 high end with 400 bitrate. If they remaster it to 720 high with 2000 bitrate and the whole thing is in one part, well that isn't technically the same as the set they removed.

Also touched on a few parts in your review, mainly on the price and daily limit.

05-22-09  06:03pm

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MiztaBlu (28) REPLY TO #1 - exotics4me :

My problem isnt that they are remastering old videos at all. I have absolutely no problem with that. What I dont like it that it is coming at the expense of newer updates. Redoing old videos should be an added perk. When I joined, I did so because I was told there would be 13 new scenes per week. I dont consider making old material better an official update. And to be honest, its not like NA's DVD quality is much better than the MPEG quaility of alot of these scenes. Some of the MUCH older scenes will look better, but some of the not so old scenes that are only in MPEG...its not much of a difference IMO.

On top of all that, they do these things without so much as a whisper to their customers that it is coming. Just saying.

05-22-09  07:14pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #2 - MiztaBlu :

I understood what you meant. The thing is, it is becoming fairly normal for sites to remaster and re-release old sets as new updates. I know of at least 3 major sites that are doing it. It goes into the problem I've talked about with those sites. Some members, especially with larger monitors and high end computers are complaining about the old videos. So, the sites can either let that old content die off, even though I think we all know that the older content on most sites these days is much better than the newer content or they can re-release the remasters. Similar to buying cds, when I first bought cds, I bought most of the Pink Floyd cds. A few years later, they released new remastered versions of those discs and by now, they seem to be up to 3rd or 4th remastering.

The main point that I was making is that they lowered their price nearly in half with the TBP discount from $24.95 to $14.95, they are still releasing new content, so I don't see how one can complain about the few remasters they release. I could understand if they didn't continue to release new content or if they were just recycling the content. I can understand why someone would get bored with their content though.

05-23-09  04:50pm

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MiztaBlu (28) REPLY TO #3 - exotics4me :

I dont think you do understand. It boils down to this...I paid for a membership (full price) under the pretense that there would be regular updates (13 per week, as we were told before). I wasnt told before my membership that that would change. If I had been, I wouldve rethought my membership, but if I did decide to stay on as a member, at least it was my decision to pay for membership knowing what was coming.

Even if they are remastering the scenes, it is still the same scene. Maybe its in better definition, but its still the exact same scene. This isnt like actual Hollywood movies with awesome special effects that I really want to see in high definition. Ive seen the scene before...if they want to redo the videos, thats all good, but when they start taking away NEW updates, especially without notifying anyone of what they are doing, that is BS. At least let us know its coming ahead of time instead blindsiding people.

Its more a matter of poor customer service and false advertising than it is them taking away updates. I expect that from crappy rip off sites...not NA.

05-23-09  06:24pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #4 - MiztaBlu :

I guess you don't think I understand because I don't agree with you? I understand completely. See the site 1byday, they are releasing remasters, or as they call them, "reloaded" sets as new updates. You can even look at their tour and see some of those. So, I'm quite aware of the practice and have been on sites that do it.

The first thing I would say is NA's tour nor join page says 13 updates per day. As a matter of fact, it only promises, "Regular updates" no exact number. So, I don't see why you are saying false advertising.

The second thing, a remaster is technically new. I don't really agree with it, but just go look on a site that sells CDs. Pink Floyd's Darkside of the Moon has been re-released and remastered, I believe 5 official times, just on cd. Same songs, same length, same order of songs and each one costs $12. Nothing new except better sound, just like the NA remasters have better video resolution and bitrates.

Third, I don't understand why you consider NA a premium level site. I'll use 1byday again, $35 a month, NA is $15 a month. To make a far-reaching comparison, that is like buying a tank of regular unleaded gas and expecting super unleaded performance.

On a side note for reference, very few sites can guarantee what they are going to do in the future days, weeks, months. Give Me Pink was easily one of the best premium sites on the internet, 1920 BR DVD quality videos, three different types of picture zips to download for each set, then one day a few months ago, they just quit updating and disappeared completely.

Going by NA's tour pages as long as they are updating, that very vague, "Regular updates" can't really be challenged or counted on.

Last, in your review, I had left a comment to another member Monahan and am interested in why your review is reviewed as you being a constant member over the last 3 or more months on NA, but in your cons you question a DL Limit since you hadn't been a member in about 6 months. You're throwing some pretty hard words out there about NA, false advertising, saying their DL limit is annoying, even though they haven't had a DL limit since October 2007.

05-23-09  09:16pm

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MiztaBlu (28) REPLY TO #5 - exotics4me :

I post on the NA message board and talk to the staff. We were told that 13 updates is the norm and thats the way its been going for months. Maybe they dont say it on the membership page officially, but it was basically an unofficial confirmation.

And as I said, I dont care that they are doing this, but it is a drastic change, and while NA may not be a top site in your mind, it is (or at least was) to me. Maybe not always and maybe not in terms of video quality, but my tastes are pretty simple and they have always delivered quality scenes, in a timely manner, and were for the most part very interactive with the fans.

My biggest issue with them is that they make decisions to change the website and never give a heads up. Are they required to? No, but its good for business to let your customers know of any changes that may be coming.

You keep telling me about how other sites/artists/etc do this....does that make it okay? Its just away to make more money, and in NA's case, its a way to SAVE money so they dont have to shoot NEW scenes.

And on top of that, there is a huge difference. I paid a membership expecting one thing, but all of sudden, they cut the updates one week and say, "Oh, we cut updates without telling you so we can remaster scenes". People have the option of going out and buying new albums.

And your logic is incredibly flawed. McDonalds doesnt guarantee breakfast, but if they were to just take that off the menu completely one day because they wanted to focus on improving the regular menu, do you think people would be mad? Do you think they would have the right to be?

And Ill take that part down about the download limits. I copied and pasted alot of the stuff that I wrote in my new review.

05-23-09  10:46pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #6 - MiztaBlu :

I don't think we have come close to connecting on any of these posts. You say my logic is flawed. Let me show you flawed logic.

McDonalds advertises breakfast on television and on their outdoor menu. If they up and stopped serving it, but was still advertising it, that would be false advertising. NA advertises "regular updates". You said on the worst case scenario week that they could have 8 new updates and 5 remastered updates. That is regular updates.

Moving on, when I said NA isn't a premium site, that is based on price. They are a bargain site. My comparison between regular unleaded gas and premium unleaded gas was, yes, far-reaching, but not flawed. You are expecting a bargain priced site to deliver more than the premium sites do.

You can look at my reviews to see that NA is ranked tied for 15th out of 160ish reviews I've posted. So, I too like their site, but when they lowered the price, I wondered if that would mean less updates.

For example, the original price had been $25 a month, if they gave you 13 new updates a week, which would be 52 in a month, that would be 48 cents per update.

Now they are charging you $15 a month. And using your example numbers of 13 new updates one week, 8 the next, that would be 42 NEW updates a month or 35 cents per new update.

So, there is no rip-off. They are charging less per new update.

On the cd part, you didn't even start to understand that part. I was not comparing having to buy a cd that was remastered. I was showing that it is NOT unusual for remasters to be sold as NEW. The DSotM remaster is identical to the others before it, same songs, no bonus songs, no bonus DVD clips of the band, yet they legally sell it at the same price as brand new never before released cds.

See what I mean? My first problem was what you have now said was a copy and paste error, so you can understand why I questioned that part. My second problem is why you have a problem with a site doing what the majority of members wanted and still giving you new updates, averaging more than 1 per day, for a bargain price. Let me add, 100% exclusive updates that they have to shoot themselves.

And don't look at it as so much a problem as it was me saying what more do you expect from them? You can see the price per new update above with the new price factored in. There is no false advertising and no rip-off.

05-24-09  02:22am

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Victorycreed (4) Actually, I'm happy that they are upgrading their old vids to better quality. I always liked their old stuff. Pretty much, since I've always wanted to watch them, but couldn't. I do wish that they had all their old stuff still available, but noticed some are missing. I also don't thing its not that bad.
08-18-09  12:18am

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