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Naughty America (2)

messmer (137) 05-09-09  12:12pm
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One Scene Imitating The Other!

Once again I let high scores given by fellow PUs persuade me to subscribe to a site like Naughty America and find it utterly boring. Each scene imitates the last, only the locations and ages change.

Is no one else bothered by the fact (except for Denner and a couple of others) that one moment the models are coming on to the guy or vice versa, and the next they are wrestling nude on the bed/sofa/desk?

No transition, no teasing. Nothing! I'd gladly give up five minutes of sex, which by nature always looks the same, for five minutes of a nice slow strip.

And those false breasts, man, the place is drowning in false breasts! I just canceled after only a couple of days and was offered a free month if I stayed. I turned it down.

I gave the site an 80 in my review but only because they weren't quite as eager as others to get to the money shot and offered at least a bit of an explanation on how two (or more) people got together sexually.

Now if only they remembered that people do a strip as well, many times a bit hesitantly, if it involves a stranger or the friend of a son, or the gardener, or the pizza man, or the neglected wife, before they finally end up in bed. :-) Quality and Quantity: 80. Eroticism: 20.

Sorry if I basically repeat what I wrote in my review but I am really upset about the lack of imagination on the part of webmasters. Most sites could be so much better, unless all porn has now been reduced to rutting and most people like it that way.
In that case I'll just chalk it up to the times.

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GCode (101) Highly agree with the repetitive thing with this site. I think the major flaw that resulted in the lack innovativeness is the fact that they found a nice 'formula' for their scenes within the different fantasies. Then, they decided to just switch the stars and do limited improv that fits in to the scene resulting in the same thing over n' over again. I think instead of doing this formula for every scene, they could easily have written in more elaborate fantasies and implement them in to the scenes to create more successful difference in scenes. However, I really think this will ever change for this site or most sites in general. Once a site kind of finds a formula for a scene, they roll with it. Plus, with us being a bit more knowledgable and experienced in the porn world, we see the same things over and over as a bad thing while I believe a lot like these formulas because they just don't know better or care. PU'ers in general want difference and our expectations are a bit higher, I remember this was the first site I joined (I joined this site before I even had any idea the world of internet porn and was renting dvd's at that time) and this site was like a gold mine. I had no clue about really anything in the ways of porn and this site did the so called 'reality fantasies' and it was so different and somewhat realistic, I loved the site. As time went on and I got more in to porn from a technical side and so on, the less I found this site as the gold mine I thought of before.

The site does offer quite a bit and I think they do a great job there, but the formula's been going on for years now, the scenes are just getting stale. Plus, the 'fakeness' factor is high as you said with the silicone and surgery models. They are the classic American stars with the mindset that more is better.

You are right Messmer, the fact of the eroticism is almost nonexistant. They are so caught up in other things, they lost the focus of the fantasy in general and it become what Denner said, "Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" scenes. Good review for this site and the honesty within it.

05-09-09  12:44pm

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lk2fireone (196) I think you are just stating reality, that most video porn has been reduced to rutting and kink. I don't know whether most people appreciate porn that way, but to find anything else is not that easy. That's one major reason why I prefer photos to videos, because you can find erotic photos much more easily than erotic videos.
05-09-09  01:14pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #1 - GCode :

Glad to see that some of my peers agree with my views, GCode. And I think you are right in your assessment. If Naughty America had been the first porn site I ever came across it would have probably thrilled me no end. Now many sites later, ho hum.
05-09-09  01:31pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #2 - lk2fireone :

I started out with pics finding them more erotic than videos. Here at least you didn't have to listen to some male idiot conducting an "interview" in a condescending or contemptuous manner but I really have a hard time finding a good picture site that caters to my taste. Anilos comes close but they are too young, not in age of the models, but as a site.

AllOver30 isn't too bad either but last time I subscribed there would be days when I didn't download a single update because there seemed to be the same formulaic way of doing things at work as there is with videos. The female gets nude too quickly!! I want the tease factor brought back!

05-09-09  01:38pm

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exotics4me (463) Messmer, I wonder if you replied to or read my thread awhile back about re-review dilemmas? The further I go into porn, the years pass, and many of the sites that I have scored high in the past, wouldn't be as high now simply because it is all the same as it was 2 years ago. That thread was about the dilemma I was in, in my re-reviews because I could review them from a pure technical view, saying they have X amount of content, high resolution videos, etc...

Or should I start adding a more personal feeling that this or that site just doesn't do anything for me anymore. I couldn't figure out what was the right way to go about that since I felt like those reading my reviews may or may not think 300th straight facial was boring, and that is why re-reviews or even reviews have become much harder for me to do.

My point being, I agree that the b/g scenes these days are downright boring. I would guess it is the biggest reason that I prefer solo. Not to overhype my favorite model, but Eve Angel and her fingers or dildo is more erotic than 99.9% of hardcore on the internet. She has the full tease, strip, eye contact with the camera, tongue licking her lips and her masturbation causes her to have full body jerks and spasms.

05-09-09  06:11pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #5 - exotics4me :

I always get embarrassed when I am being asked a question like that, exotics4me. Chances are I read your remarks, agreed with them and simply forgot to answer. Or maybe I did answer because normally I do in connection with any thread involving me. But sometimes I slip (or I should say my memory lets me down) and I end up looking rude!

Anyway, here's my view: you can't go wrong if you are purely objective and go by the technical details the way the TBP reviewers do. So many points for quality, so many points for quantity, so many points for regular updates, so many points for navigation etc. etc.

Trouble is, if I read a review like that it gives me a fair idea whether it is a class site or not but it doesn't give me all the salient facts that either make or break a site for me.

I like it when reviewers get subjective and praise or condemn the contents, when they get into the nitty gritty and give me an idea in connection of what exactly is being offered. Tours are not always helpful when it comes to that, so thank heavens for subjective PUs.

However, your point re. re-evaluating sites is very well taken. I am looking at the moment at two of the earliest reviews I made and while at that time I was gushing with enthusiasm I would now rate them lower by at least ten points because they've become so ho-hum to me.

I re-subscribed to both recently and just make one cursory visit once a day because it's the same old, same old to me. So, reviews have definitely become harder for me as well.

On the one hand fairness demands that you ignore your "jadedness" for the sake of those who might be newcomers to the porn scene yet, on the other hand it tends to rears its yawning head despite your best efforts as I think it did in my case in connection with Naughty America. I really think I was being as fair as I could possibly be at the stage I'm at but can see where I would not be considered fair in the eyes of a starry-eyed newcomer to the porn scene. I think I'll start making more comments and less reviews from now on. What do you think? :-)

I agree with you when it comes to collecting "solos." In my case it would have to be a solo in pretty lingerie between thirty and fifty! I discovered one that is really collectible (Berkley) but I've only seen her on "Anilos" so far. :-( Boy, I rambled on this evening. My apologies!

05-09-09  07:59pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #5 - exotics4me :

I totally agree that a girl pleasuring herself is more erotic than a lot of what passes for "erotic" hardcore sex. If she's really getting off, then she's sharing her sexuality with the viewer and that's got to be exciting. Eve Angel is a case in point, of course. Evelyn Lory is another with the masturbation stuff on her own site that is arousing to watch. Or some of the stuff out there of Bambi! Whew!
05-10-09  04:00am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #6 - messmer :

Don't worry too much about forgetting if you replied to that thread, I had the same concerns when I asked since if you did reply to it, that would mean I forgot if you replied or not!

I am making more comments than reviews these days. It is hard to believe that I only have 17 reviews since October 2008, which means I had 142 before then. I had been averaging around 12 reviews per month, now I've been reduced to not quite 3 per month.

My problem, and Drooler has talked about this too, it could also be what you are running into is that I know exactly what I want and expect from a site. I can join a new site and within 2 hours can tell you whether I love it or hate it.

Then I run into a member like GCode and he is just now getting into the Euro models and I find myself thinking I should review more based on the technical, numbers, part of the site, and like with you, my frustration with the same ol', same ol' tries to creep in and tell me to ignore those HD videos.

I've felt this way about one site especially and that is Brazzers. I joined it in January, believe it was my 5th time over the years and I honestly signed in one time and didn't go back. Even some of my favorite actresses are becoming stale to me. Kind of feels like a bad marriage in that sense!

I really wish Eve Angel's solo site hadn't become a recycling site and dropped their TBP discount of $15. I would highly recommended it to you for the eroticism she presents on that site. Some of her content on other sites isn't nearly as good. To this day, I still watch her videos from her original site more than all other videos combined. She is just playful enough, just tease enough to make her different than the majority of models and most of all, she somehow was able to produce over 250 videos on that site of her having real orgasms, the last few months were questionable, but before that she really gave her all. I think that shows by DDF picking her up to start a new solo site, which I check 2-3 times a day to see if it is open yet ha ha!

Talk to you later.

05-11-09  11:43pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #7 - Drooler :

Evelyn's videos and even photos on her site were really great, much better even than some of the videos I've seen of her on other sites. I had just mentioned to Messmer that Eve as well, really gave her all in her videos on her site, more so than her videos on other sites. I just hate that Eve's site has gone down so badly and can't wait for that new DDF solo site of Eve to open. Though I am starting to be skeptical of it since I first about it back in March and here it is May and they are still showing the Coming Soon splash page.

You know, I had completely missed Bambi, think it was the hair color change that threw me off, but have picked up a bunch of sets of her from the 21st Sextury sites and I was surprised at how good her content is. The little UK model Sasha/Sara also is quite good solo, mainly because of her dirty mouth ha ha. I have always believed that models like Eve and Evelyn, both could be super models if taller, are much more comfortable by themselves or in Eve's case, with another woman than man. I remember saying one time before that Eve does more with her fingers than most models do with a male model! I picked up an Eve video, believe it is from Digital Desires, but not positive on that. It is almost true POV, a guy holding the camera very close. Believe it is called, "Sex with Eve". She purrs at one point, with a grin on her face and eyes closed, "It is cumming". Broken English be damned! That was one of the hottest moments I've ever seen of her since she rarely speaks in English.

05-11-09  11:55pm

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hodayathink (18) Honestly, I love Naughty America, but I completely agree that the biggest mark against it is that, in the end, it is the same scene over and over again with different actors and slightly different scenarios. But the problem becomes that when you get as big as they have probably gotten, your members come to expect a certain type of scene, and when you start to deviate from it, they get upset. And they get vocal about it. I can bring up two examples that apply to Naughty America in particular.

The first is when they brought out Naughty Flipside in 2007, which I would argue was their attempt at making alt-type porn. They scenes were, at worst about the same quality as their other scenes, but the members never got into it, and site only lasted for about 3 months before they stopped updating it.

The second is a lot more recent. Around late October/early November, they started to release scenes shot with a fixed-position camera (i.e. home-video style). I was a member on their forums at that point, and there was a huge outrage about it. People saying that this wasn't what they signed up for, that they hated it, etc. If you look at the reviews for those scenes, they say the same thing. So they tried to compromise by only putting the home video styles scenes on their own special category (the general Naughty America site) and having those scenes come out in addition to their normal 13 scenes shot regular style per week. But people still didn't stop complaining. They didn't stop until the producers agreed to stop doing it altogether.

So, in the end, while complacency is probably a large part of it, I think part of the problem is that the larger sites have become so big that they can't really experiment or change things up on a larger scale, because they get a backlash from the members who like things the way they are (and let's be honest, if they didn't like things the way they were, they wouldn't be members in the first place). Smaller sites have the ability to be more nimble, but when it comes to large networks, it's almost a "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation.

P.S. - Also, give me a site that isn't specifically small or naturally breasted specific that isn't drowning in fake breasts. The entire porn world is drowning in fake breasts, this is just a microcosm of that. And at least they aren't as bad about it as Brazzers.

05-13-09  12:49pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #10 - hodayathink :

Thanks for the very informative low-down on Naughty America, hodayathink. Interesting to see that folks can be such creatures of habit that they protest if even the slightest attempt is made to change what they are used to. How anyone can look at the same scenario endlessly repeated, except for different actors, is beyond me. But then there must also be a multitude of lovers of fake breasts, which is also incomprehensible to me. :-)

Since I became a member a short time ago I downloaded a couple of scenes from almost every category listed and am already tired of the site, to the point where most of the time I don't even check for updates. I guess I should have taken their very comprehensive tour rather than make a spot check only. So let's blame my neglect rather than the site.

In connection with your PS. It has not been my experience up until now to be drowning in false breasts. I've subscribed to many adult sites during the past two years and NA is definitely the worst for that. I take your word for it that Brazzer's is worse. I wouldn't join them just for that. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

05-13-09  02:05pm

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hodayathink (18) REPLY TO #11 - messmer :

Yeah, I've never really understood why people tend to be so against change, it really doesn't make sense. But that's how it is sometimes. I hope people get over it, because I do like Naughty America as a company and would love to see them shake things up a bit. And I guess I meant to imply that mainstream porn is filled with women with fake breasts (i.e. the Vivid/Wicked/Digital Playground/Adam & Eve/etc. of the world). But there are a bunch of websites out there that aren't nearly as bad. But let me put it to you this way, Brazzers has 9 different sites dedicated exclusively to large breasts (and only one of them cares whether they are real or not):

Big Tits at Work
Big Tits at School
Big Tits in Sports
Baby's Got Boobs
Mommy's Got Boobs
Racks and Blacks
Busty and Real
Jug Fuckers

Now I will admit that some of those sites probably don't update anymore, but that's still more than a third of their network dedicated to large breasts.

05-13-09  10:17pm

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Victorycreed (4) Messmer, your right on a lot, but I don't mine if their real or not. Maybe they can start a website or an option in their search tools for customers to find real breast verses the other.

I noticed that the setup for most of the scenes are completely the same for each of their category. I do wish that their are some changes. Eroticism is a fading art form. I don't know about you, but I can basically create a better scene than what most of these scenes are setup on.

And it would be more interesting if their was some more interesting dialog before, during and after the sex.(I know people its porn, but still...)

08-18-09  12:11am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #13 - Victorycreed :

Hi Victorycreed, I can't really argue with you except when it comes to enhanced breasts, natural will beat artificial any time in my eyes. In everything else I agree. I got a real tempting offer from Naughty America to re-join but refused because I found, like you, that there's too much sameness to every scene.
08-18-09  08:10am

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Victorycreed (4) REPLY TO #14 - messmer :

I am so close to rejoining. It's been a while since I was a member and the site looks new and better compared to the disorganized version I remembered.

I hope the site doesn't have that old problem where I had to continuously re-log on to each site that they had.

One big problem I just remembered is that most of the actress they used in their Mature sites(Sex Teacher, Cougars and My Best Friend's Mom) is that they didn't look to mature for me. Its sad when they decide to use a person in their 30s. That just doesn't hit the barrier for me.

08-18-09  05:05pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #15 - Victorycreed :

I never had any problems with re-logging on and site navigation was actually quite good. I did have a huge problem with the repetitious nature of the various niches and what bugged me most was the same thing that bugs you. The "Matures" looked too young while their "sons' friends' " looked too old. Not one of them was in their teens or even early twenties making the whole fantasy implausible. But lots of people like the site, so there must be something that is good about it.
08-18-09  06:18pm

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hodayathink (18) REPLY TO #15 - Victorycreed :

The older women do tend to still be/look mid 30s or so, but every few weeks you do get a woman that does look noticably older. And the logging in to multiple sites is long gone, everything is hosted at naughtyamerica.com now, so there's just one login.

Also, in their tagging options, you do have a chance to differentiate scenes between natural and fake breasts.

09-04-09  10:49pm

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Victorycreed (4) REPLY TO #17 - hodayathink :

Yeah the website has improved so much better than the last time I was a member. I took advantage of the 14.95 a month membership.

I just don't feel the same way if the women looks too near my age group than a women like Carrington or Cara Lott. Looking at just the MILFs, I have to realized that the MILF category is very wide in their age group. I guess it would only be the Cougar category that I can hope for since their is a 37+ age restriction...lol.

I had some problems logging in. One thing that can improve on is the option of recovering your login and password option. Instead of doing the usual, type in your email and they'll send me either a link or my info. But instead, they have me email them and explain my situation.

But everything else is perfect.

09-06-09  03:37am

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