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Do you like it when the girl swallows?

Type: Content
Hell yes! 57% 41 Votes
Hell no! 13% 9 Votes
Doesn't matter. 31% 22 Votes

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72 Votes Total

May 25, 2007

Poll Replies (18)

Replies to the user poll above.

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nygiants03 (162) I don't know why, but I find it kind of hot when a girl swallows.
05-25-07  08:03am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) Look guys, my meat stick gets hard when I see the vuluptuous curves of a woman's round ass, especially when she laying flat down on her stomach... I just want to do her in that position for like 30 minutes then release a gallon of cum all over her ass, back or whatever!! I get aroused by seeing the erotic and rock harding camel toe of girls like Kat Young, Celina Cross, Daisy Marie, Charlotte Stockely!!! Straight want to take a shower with them just to grind up on them like their is no tomorrow!! I THINK IT IS ABSOLUTELY GROSS TO WATCH A WOMAN SWALLOW CUM... THAT INTERNAL BODY FLUID IS USED TO IMPREGNATE WOMEN OR TO COVER THEIR BODIES WITH IT (SHIT, SHOOT IT HARD ENOUGH, IT WILL REACH THEIR FACE... THAT JUST LETS YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO GO LOOK FOR THAT GIRL CUZ SHE HAS SOME REALLY GOOD SHIT!!!!!! NOW THAT'S HOT!!), THEN TAKE A HOT BUTT NAKED SHOWER TO WASH IT OFF... IT IS NOT FOR SWALLOWING!!!!!!!!! MY GOSH... THIS IS NOT F------ FEAR FACTOR!! I don't know how men can get aroused by seeing women gag on cum or swallow it!! I haven't even been given an explanation of why it is so interesting!! The only thing I can think of is that men like it to prove their masculinity or their machoness, THEIR SUPERIORITY OVER WOMEN OR SOME SHIT... That G's up, ho's down bullshit!! Man, I have sex with women to get my d--- hard and blow my lid all over them because they have some good shit!! I COULD CARE WAY F------ LESS ABOUT PROVING MY MASULINITY!! That's the problem with porn today... TO MANY M--------- ARE ON DRUGS OR WEED TO EVEN REALIZE THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-25-07  10:28am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) By the way, WHAY DO YOU MEAN IT DOESN'T MATTER? If I watch a porn video and witness a man having a very hard time trying not to let loose his load all over his girl, and completely explodes his geyser all over his girl when he just can't take it anymore, I AM TRYING TO E-MAIL THAT CHICK TO COME OVER MY HOUSE AND GIVE ME SOME DANG BLASTED, CUZ SHE'S GORGEOUS, HOOOOOOOT AND TIGHT!!!
05-25-07  10:48am

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Woodruff (37) Swallowing is cool, but what I find even hotter is what they do frequently in Japanese porn, where the girl takes the cumshot in her mouth and then drools it out into her hand.

More generally, with regard to cumshots and swallowing, I think there is an element of power involved. When the more eager American pornstars affect (or maybe they're sincere) this attitude of "I love cum, give it to me, etc," it's not quite as hot as the Japanese girls, who seem to be much more restrained, even reluctant about it.

I have a bunch of thoughts about why cumshots/swallowing _do_ have an element of power but aren't entirely mysogynistic, with which I won't bore you ...

05-25-07  10:10pm

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Fowrzo (Disabled) Watching a girl swallowing a man's cum doesn't turn me on at all. Porn is good, but I think there are some limits you don't have to cross or that you shouldn't at least. It seems like watching a girl having hard sex with a man isn't enough so they have to swallow there but it doesn't have any effect on me.
05-26-07  12:57am

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Drooler (220) You know the old joke that the difference between "like" and "love" is spit or swallow. If the girl really looks like she's lovin' the cum in her mouth, then of course it's a turn on, just like it is with other things.

Dora Venter seems to experience total delight at cum chugging and lapping -- as well as getting her booty reamed. Add that accent of hers and, yeah, she's SPECIAL.

05-26-07  05:21am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) OH GOSH, ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS?!!! 38% would prefer a girl to swallow?!!! I am really starting to wonder if there is a scientific explanation as to why m---------s want to have women swallow that shit!! Why is that shit so arousing!! What the f--- man; it's like watching fear factor!!
05-26-07  06:12pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #5 - Fowrzo :

THANK YOU MAN!!!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! I really am starting to thinking if men that like to watch women swallow cum are just to get a laugh out of it!!! You know, when I want to get a really good laugh or see some cool shit, I'll watch a comedy show or check out a really good choreographed kung fu movie or something!! I WATCH PORN BECAUSE IT IS AROUSING TO ME AND MY GIRL AND IT TOO GETS MY D--- HARD!! I don't want to laugh during sex, especially when I am going to release my load on my girl's ass!!

No one still hasn't given a reason as to why it is cool to make women swallow cum, or at least I haven't seen one yet!! If it makes a man get off, HE HAS SOME SERIOUS MUTHA------- PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES!! IF YOU LIKE TO SEE OR GET OFF SEEING A WOMAN TAKE A D--- IN THE ASS, THEN PUT IT IN HER MOUTH, YOU ARE A FUCKING UFO!!!!!! Pussy and ass is what gets me off!!!!!! I like to see it, grab it, kiss it, slap it, fuck it, shot it!! I don't do anal, I don't eat ass!! Seeing it make a man loose his entire load and his mind all over the girl's body/ass is mutha------- turn on!! BECAUSE... Let's say you have your hand on your cock, right; a body cum shot still allows you to see the woman's ass, or her hot little body get cummed on if the camera guy doesn't do no gay ass shit and film the guy's ass in the process!!

05-26-07  06:37pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #1 - nygiants03 :

Exactly, you don't know why!!! Nygiants03, you seem to be a very popular person within this website, close to Snowman!! However, you can't explain why it is so hot to watch a woman swallow cum?!!!

I job in this website is to get mutha-----s to realize that there is an overhaul of swallowing involved in f------ porn!! THIS ONLY TELLS ME THAT YOU ARE NOT TURNED ON BY A WOMAN'S ASS OR HER PUSSY!!!

What is so arousing about watching a woman swallow cum?!!!


05-26-07  06:43pm

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nygiants03 (162) REPLY TO #9 - Pinche Kankun :

I am very turned on by a womams ass and pussy. I like it in different places, but I find nothing wrong with cum swallowing once in a while. I Love when a girl gets cum on her body and rubs it all over also
05-26-07  06:59pm

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exotics4me (463) I'm not really into the cum swallowing, but it is mainly because of a few videos that I have watched that feature that guy Steve, older porn star and Max Hardcore. They kind of ruined it for me. There are exceptions, but most of the models do not look happy about swallowing. A big part of my turn on is seeing that the woman is really into what is going on. Once she frowns, it ruins the scene for me. The Steve guy I mentioned, he disgusts me, I saw one where he smacked Eva Angelina, then choked her. I also hear that the once legend Rocco is doing these same things in his latest videos.

Growing up in and around L.A. I saw way too many women forced to do things they didn't want, plus, with my job being in Psychology, I have to counsel many women who have been forced to do things as well.

Look at it this way, when was the last time you saw an established porn star swallow? You rarely do. Instead, it is the younger models who are trying to make a name for themselves. They are in that spot that if they say no, they are probably afraid they will lose any future job oppurtunities. The Eva Angelina one stood out to me because from everything I have seen of her she really loves sex and loves being cummed on. She even smiles during facials or body shots and laughs a little. But she did not look happy when she had to swallow because the guy was choking her. I have seen some though where the girl says she wants to swallow and looks to be truthful about it, those are a turn on. It is a few aging male pornstars that are ruining it. Just like everything else, a few bad apples ruin it.

05-26-07  09:33pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #10 - nygiants03 :

YES BLOW YOUR LID ALL OVER YOUR GIRL AND WATCH HER RUB ON HER!! I am not saying take out facial or swallows entirely, but I am having the hardest time trying to find websites/DVD/videos in this day and age (I am not talking about as old as Vanessa Del Rio - I am talking about young girls of today!!), where they have body cumshots!! They seem to be disappearing because all these mutha-----s are too damn high and macho to even know what a descent cumshot is... THEY REMAIN BAISED AS TO THINKING FACIALS AND SWALLOWING ARE THE BEST BECAUSE THEIR HOMEBOY THINKS THAT!! I say that because I still haven't gotten an explanation as to why it is a turn on to see white internal body fluid inside a girl's mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-26-07  11:49pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #11 - exotics4me :

Exotics4me, homeboy, YOU ARE THE SHIT!! I never rent any porn videos that have MAX, Steve, or Rocco on them!! And here is a list of Mutha-----s that I can't stand in porn: Lee Stone, Mark Ashley, Sascha, Brandon Irons, Brian Surewood, Mark Davis, Dirty Harry, and any older mutha-----s that I feel need to be producers instead of pron stars!! THEY REALLY NEED TO GET THE FUCK OFF THE CAMERA!! Reason is cuz they do the same shit that I don't like!! It would be slightly different if it were doing the same shit that I do like or at least balance out shit, but industries like Anabolic, Diabolic, Red Light District, Evil Empire (HELL MUTHA----ING NO!!!), Teen for Cash... I WILL NOT RENT OR BUY OR VIEW THAT SHIT BECAUSE I AM SICK OF THE SAME OLD DUDES DOING THE SAME SHIT!!

That's ----ed up that they did that to Eva, SHE'S WAY TOO HOT!! I seen a college video where she was doing two guys, one she was sucking on (I didn't care too much for that part), and the other doing her doggie style with her tummy flat on the bed with one of her legs bent!! When it came time for the guy in the back to bust his load, prior to that he was going slow because you could tell that he was so close to blowing a fire hydrant, and after she took her facial from the guy in the front, she looked back and said, "Are you ready to come on my ass?!" ALL THE GUY DID WAS STROKE HER 7 - 10 MORE TIMES AND THEN HE PULLED OUT AND BUSTED THE UTMOST HARDEST LOAD ALL OVER HER ASS... AND SHE WAS LIKE WOAH AND WAS LAUGHING, SO YOU COULD TELL SHE ENJOYED THAT... BECAUSE SHE WASN'T FORCED TO DO SHIT I SUPPOSE!!

05-27-07  12:09am

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Gazette Risque (55) Besides it being pretty hot that a girl swallows imho, it's convenient too.

No hassle of cleaning stuff up ;)

06-02-07  10:29am

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juanchopancho (12) Here is my take and I really don't care what anyone thinks. Facials and splooging all over a woman's face is a power thing. Most women I know wouldn't enjoy it if a dude popped his wad all over their face, hair, up their nose, in their ear, down their mouth, etc. Then swallow? Give me a break.

How come we don't see women squirtters splashing their squirty goodness all over dudes faces? Hey dude, swallow...

Give me a break.

"No hassle of cleaning stuff up ;)"

Let me blow a load on your face.

06-10-07  08:12pm

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Schnitzel (29) I think it's great if it's obvious the girl is enjoying it. I don't know exactly why, but it's highly arousing.

If she's not liking it, then it's a turn off.

07-12-07  03:51pm

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ramscrota (12) I much prefer to 'see the evidence', and watch her blow the semen slowly out of her mouth, and out o
02-13-09  04:33am

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shooter (11) If cum is in a girls mouth it should be swalloweed, period. It's best to see the jizz shoot out of the cock and into her mouth. She should show it off to show how much she has to swallow and then swallow it. No spitting it out or putting it in a cup to swallow later. Jizz shoots into her mouth, she shows it off, and then swallows.
01-29-12  04:07pm

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