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GCode (101) 03-12-09  11:38am
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Site reviews

What's the deal with this site getting a new review almost daily from new users? Is there a deal or something I don't know about. I would consider myself pretty experienced in shemale sites and this site has never been on my peak interests list to join. Plus, these reviews are all really short and tell me nothing about this site. I went to it just to see what it is about and it looks like an average solo site. Maybe I should scrounge up some change and join this place so everyone can get a solid review.....


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lk2fireone (196) Save your change. The opinion of most of the PU members that commented on the recent glowing reviews of this site is that the reviews were not trustworthy. The older PU members think this is just a scam, hyping the site to get new members to join.

You appear to think the same.

03-12-09  01:27pm

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badandy400 (103) I was thinking about the same thing, but I do not think they deserve our money at this point.
03-12-09  02:07pm

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #2 - badandy400 :

Yeah, the more I think about it I'd rather not even give my money for a review of this site. But who knows, maybe I'll just do it out of spite :) Seriously though, stinks that this site gets abused like this by places. I'm sure they have gotten plenty of hits out of curiousity...


03-12-09  05:48pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #3 - GCode :

Definitely save your money by not joining this site.

In case you missed it, PU will not accept any reviews of this site for 30 days, because of the suspicious reviews.

I pasted below the comment by Khan announcing that no reviews will be accepted:

Khan - PU Staff 03-12-09 06:52pm
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Due to the sudden and unexplainable number of new users submitting unusually high scores this past week ... at least a few shown to be shill activity, we are temporarily suspending Reviews for this site.

We'll revisit this decision after 30 days. But until then, any and all Reviews submitted for this site will be summarily declined.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but feel this action is warranted to curb the high score reviews that contain little or no substance.

03-12-09  07:43pm

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #4 - lk2fireone :

Great decision by Khan and thanks for letting me know.


03-12-09  07:46pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #3 - GCode :

That is what I am worried about. Sometimes it can be better to be known as a site that has fake reviews written by site operators or "end of the Earth" fans than to not be known at all. I just hope that people looking for this type of site take the time to look at all the comments and replies to the reviews.

The site might be good, I honestly can not comment there. And that is exactly the problem, after all these recent reviews I still can not even speculate on the quality of the site because the reviews are not usable. I was hoping out of al of this to at least have one good, solid review come from someone who has been there on their own accord and can give us some honest perspective. But I certainly would not ask any of our members to pay the site simply to have that review.

Personally I beleve the best solution to all of this is for the site to offer a one or two day free trail with no credit card information to at least a few of us. This way someone trustworthy can provide a honest and useful review. I say it would have to be someone that has been a member here for at least a few months and more than 20 positive trust votes. This way it would well established that these reviews would have the user's best interest in mind. If the site is not worth joining people need to know, and it very well could be that the site lives up to all the hype. I for one am not going to pay them just to satisfy my ever so slight curiosity.

As for PU getting abused. We can abuse them back. Besides I am sure if this abusive shill reviewing gets out of hand the staff will take addition measures. One perhaps being to mandate for this site the review must have a score of 5 or so and must fill out at least half of the personal question in their profile. This is just one idea, but I am sure they have their methods.

03-12-09  08:13pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #6 - badandy400 :

badandy400 said: "Personally I beleve the best solution to all of this is for the site to offer a one or two day free trail with no credit card information to at least a few of us. This way someone trustworthy can provide a honest and useful review."

Actually, that wouldn't work since we don't allow Reviews based on free access. Sorry. :(

03-13-09  04:47am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #7 - Khan :


Even to a site that normal does charge? I understand that there are no reviews to things such as TGPs. I only mention this as a special circumstance. The idea was to have a trust worthy, usual member here have a chance to poke around this site and construct a review of the actual content without having to fork over the membership money.

I can understand as well not wanting people to have free access in exchange for writing reviews. I had not thought of this before, you guys think o everything! I can see it being very hard to write an objective review for someone after they gave free access. Plus I would want to know that people were not being paid off for writing less than truthful reviews to boost the site.

Although I think in this special case it may be appropriate, I can certainly live with your decision after figuring out for myself why you do not want them. You should have explained why exactly you do not allow this in your reply, but that is okay I figured it out, I think. If I am wrong about why please let me know!

03-13-09  02:53pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #8 - badandy400 :

Well, the short answer is, because it's against our Terms. You'll find it mentioned on both the Terms page : Review Rules, #4 under "Are there any other specific rules I need to know?" It's also is mentioned in the FAQ: #6 under General Questions Because it's against the terms each user here agreed to, I saw no need to explain further in my reply.

But, since you specifically asked ...

Since we do not list sites that are normally free of charge, writing reviews for those sites (like TGP's) is moot. So the only types of sites my remark would be addressing are sites we list ... pay sites.

There are a number of reasons we do not allow Reviews to be submitted based on free access. Among those are...

As you mentioned, they undermine the integrity of an unbiased review. Another issue is we needed to totally remove the temptation of users contacting webmasters asking for free access to write reviews. We had a problem with that early on and beefed up the wording in our Terms to address this problem. We also had webmasters offering free access to users (or to some users) in exchange for a review. Again, the fact that the reviewer got special treatment can call into question the ability to be totally unbiased.

We want users to be able to trust reviews they read here. We work very hard to see that the system isn't abused in any way. Doing reviews for sites you haven't visited or for sites you've gotten free access to is against the spirit of what our site represents.

Oh, and the problem with "special cases" is that once you start rationalizing exceptions, there's really no end to it. One can always come up with "good reasons" why they should get free access to pay sites "this one time". In the end, allowing it would not be worth letting the camel's nose in the tent ... if you know what I mean.

Hope that better answers your question.

03-13-09  07:31pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #9 - Khan :

This explains the idea pretty well. It has been a year since I read the terms, and yes I did actually read them. I truly can see what you mean. It is kinda like me eating hamloaf, it is only good when it is free. It is not something I would pay for. Free things always seem better, but unfortunately there are not many free porn sites that are worth the page space they would take to even type in here.

I was not trying to be argumentative, I just had not though this issue through as well as you guys apparently have. As I frequently say, you guys have thought of everything!

Simple solution. Next time time one of us asks something like this, instead of explaining it in length just say "because I fuckin said so!" It is so much more dramatic and would act as a reminder to read the terms and rule every now and then. Speaking of which... Seriously though, thanks for the explanation. Your philosophy on this makes perfect sense.

03-13-09  08:31pm

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #10 - badandy400 :

I've always found that when someone understands the reasoning behind a rule, that it help them remember it. It usually also guides them should they ever have a situation where they wonder if a specific action would be breaking the rule or not. Given that, I certainly don't mind explaining the reasoning that went into this rule.

I didn't see your question as being argumentative, at all. Hope you didn't see my reply (in any way) as chastisement for asking.

But yeah, as you've demonstrated with your hamloaf, we tend to have different standards when we've received something for free.

haha ... and I'm getting too old to want a lot of drama so I can't see, "because I fucking said so" as an answer I'll be giving any time soon. :)

03-14-09  06:00am

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