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Lisa Sparxxx (0)

fiou (0) 08-29-08  11:36am
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Just use the Trial

I've joined for a month for $19.95. Good deal I thought. But I was able to download every single movies in less than 2 days. The content is basic. I am a fan of hers, but just pay for the full trial.

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Lisa Sparks (2)
I am glad the cms does not allow the entire site to be added to the trial. The site is updated daily so the longer you stay the more you see. Even if you stay for two months you dont see the entire site..You get rewarded the longer you stay as a site should be..
08-29-08  12:16pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #1 - Lisa Sparks :

I just checked your site and have a question or two. Did you just admit that your trial does not show everything available on your site? If so, you should talk with whoever programs your site because on the join page, it says, "FULL access" for 2 days for $4.95.

Also known as false advertising and dishonesty on you or your site's part.

I'm not for sure if you are Lisa or the webmaster for the site, but this reply you have left might be the worst thing you could have done. At least the original comment was bringing some attention to your site. Most of us are honest folks here, and if we like the trial, we will go back and join for a month or two, but by reading your reply, it sounds like you all are running a dishonest site.

Just like you don't like thinking that everyone would join for the trial, download everything in 2 days and not let it recur, we don't like being told that a site promises something that it doesn't deliver.

See here http://www.lisasparxxx.com/join.html?CA=922937-0000&PA=0

It says FULL, see your reply that says it isn't full.

Last, what does this mean, "You get rewarded the longer you stay"? Does that mean there is even more content that I wouldn't get if I only stayed a month or is it just saying that by staying, we get the regular updates?

And no, this isn't how a site should be ran. A site is either honest and straight-forward or dishonest and deceptive. Which is your site?

08-29-08  01:13pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #2 - exotics4me :

We are starting to think alike Exotics. It really does sound like content rotation, which is a huge turn away for me. They would have had my attention with the original comment. $5 would sound like a good deal and the model is something I would be interested in.

My best guess is that when movie is a month old it goes to the end of the update line that would be 2 or 3 months long so that many of us would not realize that there is a rotation and believe they are genuine updates.

My question for the webmaster would have to be: is there any actual new updates or is it just recycled content? Also, I would like to see a reply to Exotics, it seems like he has you by the balls at this point.

08-29-08  02:20pm

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Lisa Sparks (2)
REPLY TO #2 - exotics4me :

You are reading into something that is not there.

My site does say FULL ACCESS, I would know I put that there since I own and run my own site.

A lot of sites on trials don't let you download movies. Mine does, it gives you full access. My site also has content stored up. It is released on certain days as the members area shows you. It tells you when new content will be shown. I am going to be questioned because my site has updates?? Please give me a break when you join you have FULL ACCESS to the content that is available the day you joined and then the updates that are there the longer you stay a member.

My site is straight forward and honest and as the guy said just sign up for the trial because he downloaded everything in two day... Seems like I give a lot for the money don't you think?

08-29-08  02:26pm

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Lisa Sparks (2)
REPLY TO #3 - badandy400 :

It is all new content when the content runs out, I have fans emailing me right away asking me for more..I don't rotate the content what so ever. Ask members if this is true. Once you seen the content it stays in the members area. The content is fresh and not deleted and moved around..

I hope this does answer some of your questions..


08-29-08  02:30pm

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Lisa Sparks (2)
REPLY TO #2 - exotics4me :

Anyway the bottom line is. Your correct I did not clarify what I was trying to say. I guess this is way I do porn for a living :)) but my site has been around a long time as well as I have. You haven't read anything here about me ripping anyone off. Actually what I read here was I gave away the farm in the first two days. :0)

With all this in mind. I just want to thank you all for checking out my site and I do like to hear comments, yes even the bad... That just helps me learn form my mistakes. Like I said I do run the site along with my husband so we are by no means a huge corporation and we do like to hear back from members or anyone that has questions..

I guess it comes down to you can always checkout the site yourself. Heck its only $4.95 almost less than gas hehe. Anyways thanks again. :0)

08-29-08  02:53pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #4 - Lisa Sparks :

Lisa, first, thanks for both replies. I will answer them separately. My first point and I think you are touching on it your reply to badandy and the second reply to me is that you said in your first reply that your cms doesn't put all of the content in the trial, then in this reply you say that the trial has full access to all of the content available at that time.

I think you did see how that can be confusing. No, don't get defensive and ask if you are going to be questioned when your site updates. We aren't questioning anything except what you originally said in your first reply.

As porn consumers, not for sure if you also watch more porn, but as consumers of porn we have been screwed time and time again by sites that recycle content. Just like you have to pay your bills, we do too, and most of us make less money than you. So, we have to be careful with how we use or porn budgets and are concerned with sites that recycle content.

Maybe you aren't familiar with that practice. So, I will give you an example of a site that you can actually go see recycling content right now, right before our eyes. My favorite model is Eve Angel. Her solo site up until 2008 had been updated daily with new content and it had an archive of daily updates back to May 2005. Now, if you go to the site, the 2005 archives have been picked apart by the webmaster, as Eve quit the site in December 2007. The webmaster has now removed all of the content from 5 months of 2005 and is releasing it daily now, as new content. Even worse, he was clumsy enough to remove the October 2005 archives, but left a set in the September one! So, the archives to anyone viewing even the preview, is missing a month.

Anyone who joined this site say last year, now goes back and joins again, is getting the same exact content they already have and their money is wasted.

By asking you those questions, I hoped that you would clarify it, which you did, because just like you all, as webmasters are worried about losing money, we as buyers are as well. Anyone who read your first reply would question your site's honesty and with thousands of sites available, many would have just moved on to the next site to join.

Last on this reply, the biggest reason that your site got my attention in the comment is because I know a lot of our members here love natural models with big boobs. By turning this into a positive discussion, it will probably make more members here interested in your site. I will reply to the other now.

08-29-08  04:42pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #6 - Lisa Sparks :

I wouldn't say not clarifying what you said is why you are in the porn business, that is more in a lawyer's territory ha ha! If I could at least say that this site PU, is a great place to get ideas about improving your site and getting mostly honest opinions from porn fans. When we see a webmaster replying, it makes us pay more attention to their site, because it at least shows you are listening.

You're right, I haven't read anything about you ripping anyone off and since you explained what you meant by saying that content is stored up and released, you are making it clear that no one is going to get ripped off.

You would be surprised to find out that several of our PU users have degrees in Business and Marketing, so we can be of much help, for free.

On one part that I am mainly replying to in this. The words full access, on the ground level, the average porn consumer sees that as "All of the content" there are several sites that offer trials that have downloads of movies in them, but are very low quality video versions of the member section movies and those are generally listed as limited trials. Khan can correct me if I am wrong on that.

But from what I read here, you were just frustrated by the post about being able to download the whole site with a trial.

After checking your site out, though I am not a big boob lover in general, the video that played while I was checking the join options that shows you from behind, I am more a butt/legs lover, combined with your willingness to take criticism and discuss with us Porn Users, that I will join the site for a month. I'm always looking for something different. I'm usually joining Euro glossy sites, but do like some hardcore blended in sometimes.

I will review your site here after a few weeks of seeing the update schedule, quality, etc... As you can see, there are many of us, that never even use trials. I can only download a few hours a day max, because of my job, so I couldn't get everything in 2 days anyway.

Last, despite the initial negativity that firu's comment brought on, there is no way I would have ever heard of your site, if not for his comment. My hardcore likes are usually just a few models, Eva Angelina, Tera Patrick, Kayla Marie, and I hadn't heard your name before this. So, look at the positive of this comment being posted, you made 5 bucks and got a whole lot of advertising. Even better that you show you will talk to your members or the members here. Thanks for taking the time to explain.

08-29-08  05:01pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #3 - badandy400 :

Hey badandy, I couldn't help but laugh when I read your reply and realized that is Lisa replying, "Got you by the balls" ha ha. Anyway, I think she explained it better in the replies, and I will try it for a month and review it soon.

She will probably read this, and I say this again and again. All most of these models need is a good push into the spotlight. Between her hair, which is a big deal to me, her pretty eyes which is also a big deal to me, her big natural boobs which is a big deal to 90% of our members here, nice butt which is a big deal to me and hardcore content, also a big deal to many. Her site could do great. It is like Real Estate, location, location, location. Except this is, exposure, exposure, exposure and most importantly showing that they are a regular person like us, the members will eventually start showing up.

As we have said before, this is the beauty of Porn Users. It shows that not all of us are porn freaks that watch porn 24/7 and it shows that the stars/webmasters aren't just here trying to take our money for little in return.

Talk to you later.

08-29-08  05:10pm

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Lisa Sparks (2)
REPLY TO #9 - exotics4me :

I just want to say a simple thanks for talking this through. I really appreciate you giving my site LisaSparxxx.com (free plug) :0) a try and I hope you do enjoy it. There is a saying in the porn industry, "there is no negative publicity" it always attracts people to see what the fuss is about. :0)

I been in the business since 2002 I have done nearly 250 hardcore films. I do have my fan following (thank goodness) :)) but I am always glad to find and meet new fans alike. :)) Anyway once again I hope you enjoy the site and glad we could communicate on here.

08-29-08  05:27pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #10 - Lisa Sparks :

Gotcha. So if I am correct you were trying to say that a trial membership does give access to everything you have ever put on the site up to date. Of course a trial does not give access to future updates, so am I safe to assume that is what you whee talking about?

I mght question the bad publicity though, check out what we say about Incredible Pass sometime.

08-29-08  06:22pm

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Lisa Sparks (2)
REPLY TO #11 - badandy400 :

Yes my site when you join gives to FULL ACCESS just like it says it does. :) I was just saying the longer you stay a member you will get fresh and new updates.. Granted the updates are not always movies there are some days with photo galleries and some days with movies, it varies.

Not trying to toot my horn by no means here. However I feel I would not offer a trial if I did not think you would enjoy the site and want to stay around longer to see more. :0) At least I am hoping this is how people feel.

I think offering a trial shows I have nothing to hide and it gives an option to fans who can't afford the full amount. With this in mind I did drop the prices to the site from $7.95 2 day trial to $4.95 2 day trial and I lowered the monthly rate from $24.95 to $19.95. The trial does recur at $21.95 which is still cheaper than before.

As for the publicity okay okay there are a few exceptions such as life. :)) Anyway I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

08-29-08  06:50pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #12 - Lisa Sparks :

Sounds like we are on our way to a happy ending! I am glad you come back to clarify everything, and you have reason to be happy too. I, if no one else, have put your site on the "join pretty soon" list.

Thanks for the many replies and your patience with Exotics and myself.

08-29-08  09:00pm

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