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Rachel Aziani (0)

ace of aces (179) 05-03-08  04:00am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (67), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + GORGEOUS woman
+ 173 videos, + high video quality
+ mass pictures in high quality
+ live cam with rachel
+ live cam sites
+ network access to 9 other sites
+ easy navigation
+ perfect update system from all sites
+ no dl limit ,+ no drm, + good dl speed
+ exclusive content
+ hardcore (with and without bj)
+ softcore
+ dildo and machine play (e.g. sybian)
+ price is good for what you get
Cons: - old videos (and i mean it by the word old!) have medium-low quality sometimes with music in them, but folks, show me a site in the net where the old videos have better quality! (and the music isn`t that bad at all :) Therfore it`s not really a con :)
Bottom Line: Omg, what can i say.

Some facts from myself: that site is one of the few sites through the years which i visited more then once, and i think it`s the only site where i stayed more then one month. The whole stufff from that site and the network takes 80 gb at my computer (only brazzers took more space).

Rachel is my most adorable woman (milf) in the net.

If you like boobs, a fine body, blond woman and a gorgeous body, then you found youre site here.

You got stockings, high heels, shaved and not shaved, solo, pussy play, mastrubation, toy play, hardcore, creampie, roleplay and so on.

The scenes differ. There is not two time the same background and i never saw here in the same dress or clothes. the extra sites are also great, but if you want to dl videos, don`t visit the sites solo, download all of it with the video update folder.

As i joines that site years ago, there was only softcore. As i left i wrote them an email, and look what you get now..hardcore (did they add it because of my email? ;) )

And sorry to vanesso from tb, there is hardcore at that site (e.g. video 96, 137, 164). It would be nice if you can update youre review.

One last word to the people who voted me with not trust. I give high points also when there is no hdquality in the videos. The whole site together makes me give my points. And here it is, my first 99 !! (i am scared to give a hundred, who knew what will come :) ) i think she will get a 100 if she visits me (lol)

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badandy400 (103) Grrr...you cant give a 99 either! Just kidding! Could you tell me what the bit rate and durations of the videos is? I looked at the tour page after seeing your review and I am tempted to join. Thanks for any info.
05-03-08  06:58pm

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #1 - badandy400 :

hm..can you tell me how i can see the bitrate?

the video duration is arround 4-12 minutes...grrr..should i give a 98? :)

05-04-08  02:42am

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #1 - badandy400 :

if you mean the download speed as bitrate, then it was pretty good. as i remember it was, while downloading 2 videos simultan, 6000 kbit/sec. (is also my fastest connection speed i have, could be therfore higher)
05-04-08  05:28am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #3 - ace of aces :

I was actually referring to the bit rate of the videos. download speed is useful too though.
05-04-08  09:36am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #2 - ace of aces :

One way is to go the folder that you saved the videos and set the view to details, then have it display the bit rate. An other way is to open the video and look under properties, sometimes it will tell you. The last easy option I can think of off hand is simply to calculate the bit rate. Just pick a few videos and tell me their size in MB and there duration.

If the video is say 300 MB. Multiply that by 8, then divide that number by how many seconds are in the video. This would give the bit rate in MBit/s, of course if you want you can divide that by 1000 to get it is KBit/s. So if the video is exactly 20 minutes long, and 300 MB in size, the bit rate would be 2000 KBit/s, now this bit rate would include the audio too but audio is usually very small when compared to video.

05-04-08  09:48am

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #5 - badandy400 :

uff...that`s a lot of information :)

ok the bandage of the bitrate is between 2572 and 6521 kbit/s

what bitrate is good and what not?

05-04-08  02:06pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #6 - ace of aces :

Well. That depends on a lot of things. But here even the lower end should look good still. A decently compressed and filtered 4000 Kbit/s video should look wonderful. Usually when videos get over 2000 they start looking pretty good. Of course there are exceptions, some still suck! Of course the higher the better, but there is a point where is make little difference to increase the bit rate and just makes it harder for a persons computer to play it. Try taking and average computer that is 4 years old and skip around an 8 MBit video....it does not work so well.

Thanks for the info, I just might have to join this site and check everything out myself. That is one beautiful woman! :)

05-04-08  02:49pm

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #7 - badandy400 :

let me know if my point of view was or wasn`t to subjective .
05-05-08  07:59am

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badandy400 (103) AHHH!!! I joined! But, I did not realize that the photosets did not have zips for them! Also, I am noticing that I have to keep relogging in download the next video. So my download manager is not doing me a whole lot of good.

From before we talked about the bit rates. The new stuff is 2.59 MBit/s I believe, but Windows shows them as like 5.5 MBit/s....kinda weird. They are actually 2.5 and do not look bad at all.

No zips and lots of logins....I wont be giving it a 99 because of this, but the content is not bad. Brazzers does a login deal like this too and lost a few good points. Video box makes me login Saturday early afternoon, so once a week, and so far BangBros has never made me login except for the first time.

05-05-08  04:14pm

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #9 - badandy400 :

hm...i used the dap download manager and had no problems as i remember. but i can remember that i had to relog after a while ( arround three hours) but defenetly not after every video...i don`t download photos, so for me it wasn`t a problem that there were no zips :)...which browser do you use? maybe it`s also a problem of the browser. i use the inetexplorer.

hope that you enjoy the site anyway.

05-06-08  04:13am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #10 - ace of aces :

I am not logging in after every video, but it is rather frequent. It is less than three hours for me. I will try to see how long it takes before logging me out.
05-06-08  08:42am

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #11 - badandy400 :

hi, ,it`s me again, now i am waiting for youre review of that site ^^, hope i did`n`t blinded you by my given points ;)
06-12-08  02:05pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #12 - ace of aces :

I will be doing this one shortly...dont worry. Actually I have a good number of reviews to write!
06-12-08  02:18pm

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #13 - badandy400 :

hehe...i will always write reviews about the sites i have visited but mostly i am to lazy to do that :)...
06-13-08  12:52am

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lurifax (0) What a load of rubbish! (If the '99' is out of 100.)

I have previously complained about the trend among all (professional) website reviewers.

'Ace of aces' have obviously fallen into the same trap.

A typical example is 'VideoBox', which is given 98/100 by TBP.

Shortcomings @ 'VideoBox';

1. Not all videos are of DVD quality.
2. Many 'updates' are 'recycled' old videos.
3. ...and last, but not least: No HD quality to be seen anywhere!

In conclusion I ask; would an adjustment (improvement) with regard to the 'shortcomings' only be worth 2% - or less?

Obviously not.

07-01-08  05:00pm

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #15 - lurifax :

if you didn`t get the point, the review is an subjectiv review from a user !... other styles other tastes....only thing you can judge from my review is the reliability of the given information.

the given points should never let you decide if you join a site.

information rules and going with it obviously reading the special reviews and not only looking at the points..

at least, if you look at my average given points you would have guessed by yourself that i am totally with the points i have given and if you look at my reviews you will see that my given points are not everytime the same as others have given them.

07-02-08  05:20am

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lurifax (0) REPLY TO #16 - ace of aces :

A "review" should be as objective as possible.

Else it is not a 'review' but an opinion.

Having got your point of view clarified, I shall not bother any further to read any of your "reviews" as I can se no value in them.

07-02-08  04:10pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #16 - ace of aces :

Hum....looks like someone is on the rag!

Admittedly I did not give the site a 99 either, but it certainly is not far from it in my eyes. There is a lot of good things going on here. Besides, it is not like you are a "one review wonder" here after all you are in the top 10 rank here at PU. Dont worry, they guy in 12th agrees with you!

You just cant make everyone happy. At least he cant vote against you yet...haha!

07-23-08  04:10pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #15 - lurifax :

First of all, you should bitch about Videobox on the Videobox page. Ace of Aces is experienced at reviewing yes, but not on the payroll.

You seem to have a real problem with this site, so what things about it do you not like? I have read your comment already, but their has to be more than that making you mad about it.

07-23-08  04:14pm

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #18 - badandy400 :

hehe...yeah certainly it looks like it is his way of replying. i am not the only how get`s a bad reply from him ^^..but at least he can`t vote me either because he hasn`t got 5 points :)
07-23-08  11:14pm

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lurifax (0) REPLY TO #19 - badandy400 :

The intelligent reader would have concluded that I was not 'bitching' about Videobox, but gave an example of how reviewers manage to paint themselves into a corner.

At first I thought "Why bother?", but for your benefit I shall explore;

As I was replying to 'ace of aces' 'review' on this site...what would be the point of making a statement, or comment, to the aforementioned 'review', on the Videobox site?

I have previously declared (nearly) all and every 'problem' I have with the 'Rachel Aziani' site... Although I could add that it is a bit too repetetive, but then again, that is just how it is with all the single model sites.

If anything, I should add to my original comment to 'ace of aces' 'review': What "hardcore"? The closest to it I have seen would not even shock a religious fanatic.

As for 'bitching' about Videobox...

1. I don't really have much critisism about the site, but what I have, I shall account for when it comes to that - probably in September this year.

2. As I mentioned before, I am not happy with the inflation of points given to websites by reviewers in general. Unfortunately I have not found a proper forum, where to vent and/or discuss these matters. As it stands, the whole point system is, if anything, ridiculus.

More often than not, sites are not compatible on the same criteria - although they are given points as if they were.

As an example;

Presently I am subscribing to xmovies.com, which TBP has given a score of 86.3. (I cannot make out what the 86.3 relates to.)

In comparison with Videobox, which has a TBP score of 98.0 one is led to believe that Videobox is vastly superior to xmovies.com. I, however, do not see it in such easy terms.

Whilst Videobox is outstanding in it's quantity of videos as well as how they handle their data base, it is comparably shortcoming in other aspects, where xmovies.com excels like website speed, download speed and quality of video clips, and not least; an actual, working and polite customer service (24/7!).

Between the two, I have come to the conclusion that, for the best result, one should work the two places in tandem. AMEN!

08-02-08  06:44pm

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lurifax (0) REPLY TO #20 - ace of aces :

Aren't you too young for this?

I get the impression that you can hardly be older than 13 years of age.

08-02-08  06:54pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #21 - lurifax :

About Videobox, how would a site make a video truly in HD if it was actually filmed in standard quality? That would be cheating. Videobox does have speed as well. I have spent countless hours downloading at 40 MBit/s and a fair amount of time even faster. I can not comment about customer service either way, I have never needed to contact them.

I believe the Xmovies score difference compared to Videobox is justified. They are basically the same site fundamentally. However, Videobox has more videos, more options for download, higher bit rates, and costs less especially to users who do not join trough TBP. Therefore, Videobox in fundamental areas is superior thus warranting a higher score. Analogy: If you compare a Camaro to a Firebird one might get a 98 while the other gets a 95 since they are about the same in many respects, now compare that Camaro to Saleen S7 TT and now the S7 gets a 99 and the Camaro gets a 80 simply because of what it is being compared to. Videobox gets its score because no other site in that genre has touched them on fundamental issues and because many people simply like it better.

As for Rachel Aziani, there is some hardcore content. Admittedly there is not a lot but it certainly does exist. Solo sites can be repetitive on what goes on, but that is understood when joining. If someone joins a site that features one model they typically have a keen interest in that model and want to see her in as much as they can get their hands on. I for example I am huge Amy Reid fan and would download 100 scenes of her doing about the same thing with out thinking twice about it. Many times the only true difference is a change in setting and clothing, which is enough. I love seeing the same model in different outfits. Solo masturbation is usually about the same across any site, some sites show many different models, but they are doing about the same thing. On a solo site you get the same model which can be nice because you are familiar with her and do not have to wonder if the scene is worth downloading and watching because you do not know if you will like the model or not.

If you do not like the reviews and scores given to sites then you should consider writing some yourself. It is much easier to critic someone else's writing than to write your own, I noticed this myself quickly when I first started writing reviews here.

"The intelligent reader," I would like to point out that I do have a reasonably high IQ and I would be willing to bet than many of the top posters on this site are above average as well. We have managed to keep things fairly civilized around here, unlike many other forums which typically is a sign of intelligence.

Also, we do not appreciate insulting Ace of Aces. Intelligent people should be above that. Besides, I doubt that a 13 year old has signed up for and wrote reviews for 60 sites or so using mom's credit card while going unnoticed! These things tend to stand out. Ace of Aces has my respect.

08-02-08  09:44pm

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lurifax (0) REPLY TO #23 - badandy400 :

Hello badandy400,

My disappointment with reviews in general is based on the lack of (visible) consistency or accountability in the setting of scores. TBP for example do not show on what criteria they give scores. (‘Porninspector’ does something like it, but not enough.)

On whatever grounds you use (download speed, DVD quality, HD and so on)… If a table is set up - showing the scores (0-10/10, or 0-100/100 etc.) - and the same table structure is used over the board one gets COMPATIBLE results. The AVERAGE gives the score…

Let’s look at what happens when a new factor, like HD, comes in to the valuation;

At present you have no room for manoeuvre. (You have “painted yourself into a corner”.) With a template, as suggested, you don’t have that problem as you simply add HD to the template. – That’s basics in any valuation process.

Your point about Criticising or Creating a review is taken. My reason for not doing the latter is that I have neither time nor interest for it. Besides, I leave that to you guys. You are paid for it (I hope...).

If I have to choose between Camaro and Firebird, I stick to my bike until I have enough money to by a proper car like BMW or Mercedes…

I should not have bothered with Rachel Aziani in my last posting – I had not done so before.
My visit to Rachel Aziani was just a sidekick to AZIANI.com.

My comment to ‘ace of aces’ was as a reply to his childish previous remark, and ‘13’ is the impression I got of his mental age. I do not apologise for it.

08-04-08  05:52pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #24 - lurifax :

In that case I can not share a respect you might feel you have earned. Ace of Aces is a valued PU and he has my respect. His "childish" statement was in fact very valid. You can not vote on his trust rating because you have not done any reviews yourself to see the other side of the fence here. Pointing out a fact does not make him childish?

I would like to add that we are not necessarily paid for doing these reviews. What monies we do by chance get through the raffle does not even come close to covering all the costs of going through all these websites. Hell the $400 I have gotten so far does not even pay for the hard drives I have used since I began reviewing. But I am greatful for it all the same, everything helps. Besides, there are those of us who do post here simply to help out another PU to make informed decisions and avoid being ripped off and get a lot from the work of other PUs that have taken the time and effort to post.

Also, sometimes sites lack in certain areas but go well beyond in others and it can make up the slack produced elsewhere. Videobox does post some lame videos, but they make up for it in their absolute size and that if you do not like a few videos there are plenty others to move on to. When reading a reviewers reviews you have to look at a few of their others to get a feel for that reviewers style and taste. If a reviewer has a taste for blonde teens he might give a blonde teen site a little higher score than you might feel is warranted simply because he got what he wanted.

08-04-08  07:46pm

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