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badandy400 (103) 03-18-08  12:08am
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Connection Limits

Watch the number of connections you use here. The same holds true for InFocusGirls. This site limits the number of connections you can use at a time. They do not kick you off for hitting the limit. They will pause any farther browsing of the site until you fall below the limit number. Also, be careful with download managers here. Refresh the page before starting a download or it can screw up if it has been idle for a while. And, do not pause downloads, mine do not resume!

Enough warnings though! I really love these sites and I am just finishing an update from InFocusGirls and getting ready to rejoin SaphicErotic, so that should tell you something about the quality of the sites!

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Goldfish (67) Yeah, I noticed the problems with the download manager on Sapphic Erotica just recently. I did a "Pause all downloads" with about six going and I had to restart them all. Doh!
03-18-08  10:47am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #1 - Goldfish :

Some site you just have to change the server address, Videobox, and Brazzers this works for. But, that does not seem to be the case here. I am still trying to find a way to resume the downloads, but no luck yet.
03-18-08  11:06am

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #2 - badandy400 :

Have you point-blank asked the support people about it? Usually there is some little trick to allow resuming that they'll know - because not being able to resume a download would really suck for those of us that want to be able to pause a download to free up some bandwidth for a while. (Like for online gaming, for instance.)
03-18-08  02:13pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #3 - Toadsith :

I usually get an error message stating that the server does not allow resume downloads. I did send a ticket to the support team. I will update this if they reply with anything new. I agree this is irritating, sometimes the downloads take too long and end up stopped by the server if I am downloading 5 or 6 large videos at a time.
03-18-08  05:19pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #4 - badandy400 :

I usually limit my manager to two simultaneous downloads and only 2 or 3 chunks per download max - some sites can't even manage that... But no resuming, yeesh, that would be rough. Oh well, I hope they get you a useful response.


03-18-08  05:24pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #5 - Toadsith :

Just curious, what download manager are you using? I typically use Internet Download Manager. I do not download in parts though, I get less issues that way.
03-18-08  05:46pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #6 - badandy400 :

I use the Firefox add-on "DownThemAll!" - it is completely integrated with Firefox, so I've found it to be more reliable at catching downloads than other programs like GetSmart or Download Accelerator. It is fully customizable - you can tell it the number of connections, the number of chunks for acceleration, max speeds, file filters and so on. Plus if you end up in the unfortunate situation of a site with thumbnail galleries but no zip files, you can quickly page through the gallery and have DownThemAll! rip the image URLs automatically and pop them in whatever folder you picked. All-in-all it is the best download manager I've used - it is free (though they accept PayPal donations if you are feeling generous) and it is updated pretty regularly.
03-18-08  06:33pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #7 - Toadsith :

Actually, I have been using that to download the pictures from Playboy's sites. It is pretty useful, but it does not let me choose a minimum file size to download. Download Studio works okay, but I have had the best luck with Internet Download Manager, but these are not free programs, but they do come with a free trial period. I might give it a try though with download them all. Also, I got a reply from the support team, they claim there is no resume restrictions. Not sure though.
03-18-08  07:07pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #8 - badandy400 :

You are indeed right, I hadn't noticed that - it appears to only provide file name filters. Well that is certainly a bit of an oversight on their part. Perhaps a later version will remedy that.

Well I'm glad at least Sapphic Erotica isn't intentionally blocking download resume - perhaps there is some odd incompatibility with the download manager. That was the original reason I switched over to DownThemAll! I was getting movies from German Goo Girls and they used one of those annoying "type the characters from this picture" security doodads which meant I couldn't simply give the program the username and password. Since DownThemAll! was within the browser it used the same session id and so on, solved the whole problem. On the same note, I've had some mangers bollocks up the resume ability on certain sites while other mangers would work fine on the same site. It seems like a crapshoot sometimes as to which will work.

03-18-08  08:05pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #9 - Toadsith :

I just tried to download the latest video form them with Download Them All, it would not allow me to pause the download, it would only allow me to cancel it. If you use Internet Download Manager you integrate the manager into Firefox or whatever internet browser you would be using and it work perfectly with site with the goofy letter picture sign in pages that so may people are using know. Aaron's Web Vacuum and Web Cow will not work on these site which can be annoying. IDM allows you to manually log the manager in if you want to run a total site download as well. I guess this is all personal preference and whether or not you want to pay for a manager. You get what yo pay for usually.

But to give Download Them All credit, it is the only manager I have found so far that can get into Playboy's stuff. But the manager can not filter based on size, so you end up downloading both sizes of the same image.

03-18-08  08:31pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #10 - badandy400 :

It seems today's progressive porn surfer really does need quite the arsenal of download managers at their finger tips. I must say I'll have to keep IDM in mind for the next time I run into trouble with dTa, which undoubtedly will happen as the internet seems to loathe consistency and complying to standards. I mean Firefox and Internet Explorer can't even agree on how much of CSS 2 they want to support. They even require different commands for some of the same functions - it is bloody ridiculous.

None-the-less, there is a larger field of download managers than ever. So with the wealth of options out there the top tip is to simply keep trying them until you find one that works for whatever problem-child site your trying to wrangle in this week.

03-18-08  09:28pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #11 - Toadsith :

Indeed! If you want to try out IDM you can get it at downloads.com. They give a 30 day trial I believe, and it is 30 or 35 bucks to buy, but i have definitely got my money's worth out of it. It also allows for atch downloading if you know a pattern to the URLs. Teendreams is a prime example of this. I just copied a link in the the batch and told it which characters were variables and the range, and bam! with in seconds I had queued up 90% of their site. It also allows for multiply download queues and other things. The only negative I can think of is if you go to myspace.com it will beat the shit out of you because it auto-graps the mp3s people have on those pages. But this is good because it also graps the streaming videos :) But all this can be turned off. Porn is more important than myspace anyway!
03-18-08  10:23pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #12 - badandy400 :

Ah, that final sentence is one to live by!

That batch downloading feature is certainly a powerful tool - but it brings up an important question about really any content site: Do you really want it all?

What we really need is an A.I. Porn Butler that you can teach your preferences and then quietly finds only the porn you want and presents it to you after you've settled into the study, wearing your smoking jacket and just finished a cigar.

03-18-08  10:37pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #13 - Toadsith :

WOW!!! That is amazing. I have been thinking the same thing! At least it could browse the site and download the zips and the videos for you. But ever notice how so photo sets have high and low def? Or a site that uses .wmv and then a few scenes are only in .mpg for example. Or the fact that I spend a great deal of time renaming the zips or videos because the webmaster was too lazy and named them all 1,2,3.... AIs are not hard to teach, simply have it watch you as you do your normal thing, and they pick up on what you do.

Any one who can come up with an AI that does these things for you could become a very rich person, be loved by the porn users and hated by the webmasters!

And yes! I want it all! The reason I like that is because I have spent a great deal of time downloading from a 100 MBit LAN connection. So, there are times when the connection can out run me! Batch downloading is handy for smaller files since I can queue up a 1000 files in a matter of minutes. I can sort through them when I get home. It is actually more efficient this way since I can not spend all day on this network. It was not uncommon for me to download 18 GB per hour there, and that can be hard to queue up when the files are only 20 MB a piece!

03-18-08  10:52pm

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light487 (0) Hey.. I had a similar problem when I first signed up with InFocusGirls, who share the same domain as SapphicErotica. I found that DownloadThemAll for Firefox was unable to do multiple chunks or pause/resume. I found a link on their support page to another download manager called "Free Download Manager" and it works even better than any other download manager I have used for years. It even has a preview movie mode to let you preview the start of the movie while you are still downloading it. May be you people who are having trouble with this could try this same program.
08-13-08  02:02am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #15 - light487 :

Using multiple chunks is not a real issue for me. I have never noticed any advantage to doing it that way and have actually found it to be very taxing on weaker systems. Instead of splitting a file 4 ways just download 4 different files. It has the same effect if you are going for volume, it only really gives you an advantage if you want to download a specific file quickly and use it right away.

I will look into your download manager suggestion. But like many others, I have my preferences and have a hard time at times moving on. Although it does sound like it may have a very interesting features. Being able to preview while downloading sounds nice, and I am sure some people might bite on that. Be kinda like streaming in download quality and still get to keep the file. I always download and watch later on though, I honestly have plenty on hand to keep me occupied while waiting for the next download.

Being able to resume would be nice though. I will try this manager out if nothing else just for this site.

Thank you for the suggestion though, I am sure some people might find it very useful, and I will check it out as well.

08-13-08  01:35pm

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