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MargulisAZ (84) 02-08-08  04:32pm
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Content rotation kills this site.

This site is made for the trial member, because if you stay monthly you will just see the same old videos disappear and then reappear as new releases over and over and over. Some of the content is good, but there needs to be more new material and the content rotation must stop.

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daveboy (Suspended) Abbsolute rubbish, I'm a member and the site has hundreds of videos and adds and takes out 5 a day. All of the five I have not seen, only been a member for 2 months. I think by looking at it that some of the content is older stuff but so far I have not seen anything twice on this site. Seen some of the movies on other sites but not a lot. Member of a lot of teen sites. What is good are the Ipod videos that play on my iphone. And the new English movies, I say new as they were shot 15 to 20 years ago and just being put on the net. Don't understand why Bigalaz1 said what he did but he's not being true. Might be another site owner.
02-08-08  09:51pm

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paulmarkham (In-Active) I gave you a lengthy reply on my forum and thanks for posting there. Will just mention a few things here. You are wrong about seeing the same scenes after 30 days, more like after 90 days.

I have gone back to 4 videos and 4 sets a day. Yes some of it is rotated and some of it is new. Because you have seen it does not mean everyone has seen every scene. If I took out the scenes anyone had seen the site would be 50 scenes large. So 410 with 120 updates is 530 videos scenes in a month. You don't get the 120 new ones in 3 days.

530 videos and some seen before, so forget them and imagine it's a site with only 400 videos. That's over 10 a day for a month. We have put a throttle on the site. Some people thought they could sign up and grab all 410 videos for $3. Sorry the other members don't want to pay for this.

More new material would be nice and we shoot all the girls that we find who are suitable.

02-11-08  03:44am

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paulmarkham (In-Active) Just out of curiosity I looked up this guys account, very interesting and shows why you need to think about the comments here.

Login: bigalaz1
Created: 2006-01-11
Last login: 2006-02-06

So it seems his comments are based on what he saw 2 years ago.

Thanks for the comments on what people think the site is like today.

02-13-08  01:35am

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #3 - paulmarkham :

Ok, let's take a good look at the replies to my post.

1. First off Paul, you looked up my porn users username to find an old account on your site, which was from 2 years ago. I haven't used "Bigalaz1" for porn site memberships in quite some time, obviously. So don't just assume that I haven't been on your site because this username hasn't been there in two years. I have been a member more than I haven't over the last two years, that's for sure. Why would I bother posting a reply for a site I hadn't been to for two years, I wouldn't even care. And you even mentioned that you replied to my message on the Paul Markham forums, which was only this past month. You knew it was me, and it was NOT the bigalaz1 username there either, so please don't try to make me look bad with information such as this.

2. I never said the rotations happened in 30 day intervals, read my post again please.

3. To the first reply. You say it's rubbish that they rotate and you have been a member for 2 months. As admitted by the site owner, the content does rotate, but at longer periods of time than 2 months. So don't call me a fool based on your own lack of experience with the site and ignorance of how it's run. I've been a member long enough to see the content rotate back, so that's what prompted this comment.

02-14-08  06:07pm

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #1 - daveboy :

I would kindly ask that you research your information on a site a bit more before you call someone else's information on a site "rubbish".
02-14-08  06:10pm

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #3 - paulmarkham :

After looking at this again, it made me ask another question. What was your point in trying to make it seem I haven't been a member in almost two years?

My comment here about Paul Markham teens = The site rotates content.

Your reply = You are wrong about seeing the same scenes after 30 days, more like after 90 days. Yes some of it is rotated and some of it is new.

You admit yourself that you rotate content, so what was the motivation in your second response? To make it seem like I didn't know what I was talking about? You already backed up my claim man! I thought you were a respectable guy based on my communication with you on the Paul Markham site message board, but this leads me to believe otherwise. Especially with the ridiculous attempt to discredit what I said based on my porn users username not being on your sites's member list in two years. Newsflash - this is not Paul Markham teens. My username here doesn't equate to the username I had for PMT.

02-14-08  09:18pm

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daveboy (Suspended) REPLY TO #4 - MargulisAZ :

This is what you said.

"This site is made for the trial member, because if you stay monthly you will just see the same old videos disappear and then reappear as new releases over and over and over. Some of the content is good, but there needs to be more new material and the content rotation must stop."

So you are a member who has been there longer than 3 days, you must like it then.

02-14-08  10:54pm

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paulmarkham (In-Active) Thanks for replying Bigalaz1, sorry if I mistook what you said. I did get the impression you were saying the site was only worth joining for 3 days and it surprised me. A site with 410 videos adding and rotating 4-5 a day is only worth $3. What do you want for $30?

Yes I went the route of adding and rotating and frankly financially I think for us it was the wrong move. For members I still think it's excellent value. Let me explain why some sites go other routes.

With 900 videos we could of split it into 5 sites of 180 and sent traffic to each one of the sites and from the sites sold memberships to the other 4 sites. This would of made us more money and 180 videos for $30 is not such a bad deal. 16 cents a scene. Yes there are better deals and there are worse. Most sites choose to give members less and sell them to other sites they own.

We chose not to go the exclusive route in the belief that this will lead to a site of 1/10 of the size and if you have seen some of the scenes many members have not. Scenes that you have not seen some other members have seen. Swings and roundabouts.

Do we add new content?

Yes, last year we shot 100 new videos never seen by anyone. They went on the site before anyone else had them. Today I have two editors converting scenes as fast as they can. Should be up to 5 never seen before videos scenes a week. We will add 300 new videos this year.

Yes I got the wrong impression you thought all this was only worth $3. My mistake.

As for your login on the site and my own forum, it's so close to the one you use here it was easy to find. I checked the email you use and came up with the same info. Sorry if I got it wrong.

02-15-08  02:36am

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #7 - daveboy :

I never said the site sucked, I even said some of the content is good, which I stand by. My only point was that content rotation needs to go, because after being a member for a while I was basically seeing the same thing over again. That was my point, which was reinforced by the webmaster. Your response was that content doesn't rotate, which it does.
02-15-08  09:15am

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daveboy (Suspended) REPLY TO #9 - MargulisAZ :

No you said the site was only worth three days and that is wrong. My response was after over two months I had not seen scenes I had seen before. After two months I had not even seen all the scenes on the site, rotated or not.

Reading Paul's reply, wish more webmasters would get involved here, he points out that the rotation is over three months. So 3 days or 3 months?

He also points out that he's adding new content every week. 400 videos, he's shooting new content all the time and he's rotating content most of us have not seen. Maybe you are right and he should stop rotating the content. so what should he do, put 1000 on the site for the same price or open another site that members have to pay for again? If you want twice as many for the same price then think about all the sites you joined who gave you 40 to 100 videos for $30. Or sites that were filled with scenes shot to a menu, where 1000 scenes were really 100 because they repeated the same thing time after time. The sites that give us members under 100 scenes or repeat the same scene over and over again are so many I'm not going to complain about Paul's site. He's doing a great job and even though some of the scenes I did not like there are many there I love.

There are sites better than Paul's. Sapphic, Alsscan and the DDF sites. But there are 1000s worse. Don't tell people it's only worth three days when it's worth three months and as you said you have belonged. I feel you just want twice as much for the same price.

02-15-08  10:10pm

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #10 - daveboy :

You can feel whatever you want to feel daveboy, but that doesn't make it correct, similar to your very first response. As a member of any site I have certain expectations, and one of those is that updates should be new content, not old updates taken off the site and put back on labeled new. The amount of content Paul has is definitely a lot, so until I started seeing the stuff a second time I had no complaints. I will, however, say that my comment about it just being for the trial member is indeed not accurate considering the rotation schedule, so let me rephrase it:

This site is made for both the trial member, and one who wishes to stay monthly for about 3-4 months. At that point content will begin to rotate and you can then decide for yourself if you want to continue being a member, or if most of the content being released is material you have already downloaded from the site earlier.

02-16-08  10:56am

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daveboy (Suspended) REPLY TO #11 - MargulisAZ :

The site is not made for 3 day trial members, not with a 3 month rotation plan. So please change that and make it spot on right.

Also I have just thought to myself. How many members stay 4 months on any sites? Are most sites 50 to 100 videos then trying to sell us another site because we stay 6 months or 2 months, on average. Not what you and me do it's what the average is. I know for a fact on lots of sites I stay 1-2 months max. It's only on a very few I stay longer than 3 months. I just get bored with a site and move on to pastures green. LOL

Also members who want to do a 3 day trial and want to download everything in 3 days. What's the point of them putting up sites with 400 videos if we download them on a trial join?

02-16-08  11:48pm

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daveboy (Suspended) REPLY TO #11 - MargulisAZ :

Hi Bigalaz, just had another one of my blinding observations. If you have stayed long enough to see the same scenes coming back and pissed off enough to complain rather than leave and go to a new site and get all new scenes. You must really love what Paul does. Otherwise you would just move on. Bigalaz loves this site so much he's stayed three months and upset he can't stay longer.

Can't recommend a site higher than that.

02-17-08  12:20am

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PU Staff

Please note that User daveboy has been discovered as using the same computer as the WebMaster Paul Markham. Thus, that account (daveboy) has been SUSPENDED.

We are leaving the remarks from that account here since to delete them would leave "holes" in the threads. However, we feel compelled to let readers know the true situation.

02-19-08  09:57am

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paulmarkham (In-Active) REPLY TO #6 - MargulisAZ :

Interesting post and here is a question for all those who are confused about any sites rotation policy.

1. Do you want 2 sites with 410 videos and no rotation. As we now have over 1000 we would have a 3rd site at a lower price with the remaining content. How we split the content would be decided later.

2. A site with all the content for twice the price?

3. A site twice the size for the same price?

4. Or a site with 410 videos and rotating so over the month you see 530 and in your second month you see the other 530. All for $29.95?

We would make more money with option 1, but I felt it was not fair. Option 2 is a non starter because few would pay $59.90 for a month. Option 3 is great for the surfer, and I would like to get twice as much for my money as well. Not going to make anymore money and could lose us money with todays connections and downloaders.

Option 4 we feel is the fairest. By no means the best value for money site on the net, just the best we can do for the money. The members pay and we need to keep the site open.

530 for $29.95 = 5.6 cents a scene. OK so you only like half 11 cents a scene. Kill me for it. LOL

04-06-08  03:34am

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Drooler (220) I joined recently for the 3-day trial. I had joined once previously in 2006 for the full price.

What I found was that the content by date, going reverse chronologically, went back no further than Dec. 2007, stopping at page 108 with 20 entries per page.

Yes, this took a while. But I saw content with 2008 dates which I had picked up in 2006. So yes, there is rotation.

Some of the content posted for 2008 is very old. There are photosets of Jana Cova back when she was really not that good looking, and which I've seen plenty of times before. The jpegs seem as though they've been used so much that they've lost a considerable amount of data. Really, they look like hell. This is one of many examples.

But on the positive side, there were new photosets that looked great and which I'd never seen before. Some of them even went up to 1600 px. And the zip downloads were OK at about over 500 mbps.

I'm glad I had another look at the site, but I know I wouldn't have if that full trial wasn't available. I didn't get that much stuff from it, but it was OK for the trial price.

11-09-08  05:07pm

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