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messmer (137) 11-23-07  11:20am
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Not worth the effort!

All the arguments going on over "is it shilling or not?" if a member of an amateur site recommends it glowingly made me curious enough to become a member of Newbie Nudes: for all of 15 minutes.

It is my personal opinion that the ratings given by present contributors to this site are way out of line when one takes a look at what is actually offered there. Forget, for a moment, that larger pictures and videos are available for a hefty price and look at the general make-up of this amateur site:

The overwhelming majority of the members choose to remain anonymous (for valid reasons) which means faceless body parts all over the place and very few pics where one could actually admire the beauty of the WHOLE woman (and a paid subscription and larger pictures wouldn't change that). When you do come across a "whole person" pic you still have to consider yourself lucky if the face isn't masked somehow.

In my opinion you would have to be a contributor who gets a thrill from exposing his/her genitalia anonymously, or someone who likes to mingle with fellow exhibitionists, (not that there is anything wrong with it) to give the site more than a fifty! To the uninvolved (non-contributing) voyeur the site isn't worth a second look.

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jd1961 (95) This kind of stuff can be had for free all over the net. I don't think a site like this should even be listed at TBP.
11-23-07  01:11pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #1 - jd1961 :

Wasn't I thinking the same thing! The type of stuff this site majors in is usually skipped by me for its inferior quality when I look at "amateurs.female" on the usenet. Anyone with a decent news server could find good quality pics in many of the news groups. (Just close your eyes to all the spam that's also found there!) Not to mention all the sites that offer free samples, if you have the patience to look.
11-23-07  02:21pm

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Distant Lover (0) Most of the photos posted on NewbieNudes do not appeal to me. I find some of them distastefull. Nevertheless, with NewbieNudes there is always the thrill of discovery. Every now and then I see a photograph so beautiful that it takes my breath away. Because so many photographs are posted every day "every now and then" happens frequently.

Also, one can communicate with the pretty ladies in the photos. You don't get that with most web sites.

11-26-07  11:11pm

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IDoctor99 (0) You present an accurate take on the site in your last paragraph. The site is made up mostly of individuals wanting to be exhibitionists, or those who appreciate people that enjoy being exhibitionists.

As you stated in the last sentence of your observation, for the typical non-contributing member, the site perhaps offers less than what you can find elsewhere on the internet. For those who submit content or those that appreciate this type of content, it is quite possibly the best venue for them.

Also, it takes time to fully discover all this site has to offer. 15 minutes is NOT enough to form a full opinion; especially if using the free membership to do so. I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase "You get what you pay for"... I have a sneaking suspicion that you looked at the first page or two of photos that you were presented with and didn't find much to admire. It takes some time to figure out that you won't see much at all by viewing content that way; you need to search individual categories and search by ratings or popularity. When you do that, you start getting into the good stuff and can be surprised at the quality of the content. It isn't long before you've bookmarked several very hot posters in anticipation of their next contribution.

IF the site is one you would like to be a paying member of, you can get a three year membership for less than 4 dollars a month. True, you have to lay out 120 dollars on the front end, but if the site appeals to you, that 4 dollars a month is money very well spent.

Once you are a paying member, the videos are where its at on this site. Again, the quality and production values aren't what you can find on other typical, mainstream porn sites, but people go to NewbieNudes looking for amateur content, so they are actually getting exactly what they want. To compare the content quality to mainstream porn is an apples to oranges comparison and doesn't really apply.

In regards to the hiding of faces and such; again, the people here are real. They are not earning their living fucking in front of a camera. If they were discovered, serious consequences could be faced, yet they are sensual people who want to expand their sexual activity by sharing themselves with those who wish to watch. I, for one, admire people that hide their identity, and besides, I'm not so much interested in faces anyway. I'm more of a tits and ass man myself. If hidden faces bother you, just keep looking around. The truth is there are hundreds of super hot people with no qualms about getting recognized posting pictures AND videos of themselves.

As you said; this site is for a certain type of person with certain tastes. For the mainstream porn watcher it might not offer much at all on the surface. A closer, more intimate exploration of the site will yeild interesting results. Of that I'm sure.

11-27-07  07:56pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #4 - IDoctor99 :

Thanks for your reasoned response. I can see where you would love the site if you were an exhibitionist, trouble is I'm not. On the surface a "marriage" of exhibitionist and voyeur (like most Porn Users) would appear ideal but I really have a problem with too amateurish a quality of picture and video and have even more of a problem with isolated body parts which, in a true amateur forum, would almost have to be the norm by default because, as you pointed out, these are real people who don't want to put their reputations on the line, therefore I truly understand the necessity to either leave out the face altogether or to mask it in order to make it unrecognizeable.

For you this may be an admirable thing to do, for me, my reaction is to feel cheated, therefore I prefer sites that contain "doubtful" amateurs. In other words those who might be exhibitionists for money but are not (yet) the silicone enhanced, air-brushed Barbie-Doll-like professionals found in Penthouse and Playboy.

Reading between the lines of your post I think both of us agree that because of the innate nature of your favorite site it should not be rated by the average Porn User. Yours is a site where like-minded folks mingle and have a wonderful time in each other's company. And that's fine and deserves a high rating ... if it is treated like a forum and not another Porn Site.

11-28-07  11:43am

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IDoctor99 (0) REPLY TO #5 - messmer :

For the most part I think we agree, but there are a few points I have to comment on.

There are good videos to be found, and no shortage of them. The quality may differ from studio porn, but the content isn't lacking. Just because this is an amateur site doesn't mean quality suffers tremendously; typical point and shoot cameras have 6 megapixels nowadays and video cameras are recording DVD quality movies. Some of the finer details may get lost in the transfer to the computer and eventually to the site, but I think most fans of "amateur" porn are fond of the less than crisp detail in the movies; sort of like some people prefering old black and white photo processing with its inherent grainy softness to modern day digital photo perfection. The lesser quality gives the admirer of amateur porn reasurance that he is, in fact, watching something unique and homemade. For those that prefer that style of video, which can be very hard to find in "mainstream" porn, this site is something near an answered prayer.

As for the isolated body parts, I have to say again; look around some more and you'll have no trouble finding incredibly hot women that hide nothing. In fact, pictures (such as those of my wife) of women wearing masks or pictures that have been censored to hide faces usually don't hold the highest rankings, as the site members prefer posters to not hide thier face. Having been a member there for more than six months, I can honestly say people that hide their faces (through whatever means) aren't the majority.

As far as what the site can offer the average porn viewer, I've been jerking off to porn for more than 20 years. It takes (what I personally feel to be) good porn to get me excited enough to enjoy myself when doing so. It stands to reason I wouldn't be able to get my rocks off every day that I don't have sex with my wife if this site wasn't able to provide me with good porn. It also seems that I would go to other porn sites if this particular one didn't give me enough to supply my masturbatory habit, but I don't. I stay right there at the same one. It has to have something going for it...

11-28-07  04:10pm

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Distant Lover (0) A major attraction of NewbieNudes for me is the Fourm. Although NewbieNudes has over a million members, those who contribute to the Forum are a more limited number, and one can get to know the leading contributors. The Forum feels like a community of co-workers, neighbors, or the residents of a small town where everyone knows everyone else. I like many of the posters who contribute to the Forum. Some I like a great deal. Most I accept. Some I do not like. Nevertheless, everyone has a distinct personality, and contributes to the unique, and uniquely wonderful collective personality of the Forum.
12-15-07  10:46pm

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SuchSluts (0) We looove to put ourselves out there and hide nothing. Come have a look-see!
07-17-08  03:42pm

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SurfKing (0) I have to agree with messmer's initial take on NewbieNudes. I would only recommend a paying membership to someone who is desperate to post pictures of themselves on the net, can't get paid to do it and isn't satisfied with just three pics a day.

I was a paying member (similar situation- a friend talked me into it. The friend later apologized) and over the course of a few weeks found it to be a complete waste of money. There are several issues I had.

First, they do not have 1.6 whatever million members. They've had that many people sign up during their existence, but my estimates are only 20,000 active users. Of those, less than half are posters. When a person deletes their account, (this happens A LOT) they do not lower thier "member" count. A small deception, but a deception.

Second is lack of quality material. Fifty percent of the content is blurry cock close-ups. There are also too many cell phone pics and just plain poorly taken pictures. Paying members can access "high resolution" versions, but I found the standard views far less grainy.

Third is the videos. Several people have told me this is what hooked them- only premium members can view them. I found 1 in 50 or 75 was watchable. The quality of these is usually so bad I can't fully describe it. Poorly edited, (if at all) absurdly short and terribly filmed. Quite a few are webcam/ cell phone captures resulting in unwatchable grainy images.

My fourth issue is more a personal pet peeve. A lot of people would go premium and then saturate the site with terrible pictures. I guess they wanted their money's worth, but I don't want to see 40 pictures every day of a woman I find totally unattractive doing almost the exact same pose in each picture. Slagging through all of the terrible content to find a couple of good pics was hard enough. This made it harder.

I'll make a sub-point to that last one. I found very few posters I liked, but when I did they were short lived. The best ones seemed to be standard members who would post for a week or a month and then delete their account. This was frustrating since quality pictures are so hard to come by on the site.

However, my biggest beef was people posting stolen pics. Being a paying member of a few real porn sites, I routinely recognized pictures that NN members were passing off as themselves. I got so frustrated with seeing material I had paid a lot of money to have access to being shown for free that I complained to NN. They completely blew me off and said that didn't happen on their site. They make it easy to report objectionable material, but not copyrighted images lifed from other sites.

In the end, I can only recommend this site to people desperate to be naked on the net. Even then, just do like 90% of NN posters do: start a standard membership, post 3 pics a day for a month or so and then delete it after you've had your thrill (or when the creepy private messages you'll get become too much).

07-21-08  09:08am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #8 - SuchSluts :

I liked what I saw but there was a watermark right across the pictures and they were blurred. I haven't been to this site in ages, didn't bother keeping a record of my user name or password, so the question is: is that confounded mark in all the pictures or just in the freebies?
07-21-08  02:13pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #9 - SurfKing :

This site is definitely only for a small segment of the porn loving public, despite their claim of having a million and a half active members. It is for dyed-in-the-wool exhibitionists only because even happy voyeurs like myself have one heck of a time finding something of high quality.

I understand that they are amateurs but with today's cameras it should be a piece of cake to take some clear, sharp, appetizing pictures. My apologies to the lady(ies) I just responded to above. I found you personally attractive but the pictures themselves below par for a site that charges a subscription fee.

I still wish all their users loads of luck and pleasure in connection with their sexual preference but maintain that the site should not be listed in TBP. It's a community NOT a porn site and it should be free .. period!

07-21-08  02:36pm

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SurfKing (0) REPLY TO #11 - messmer :

You summed it up perfectly when you said it's a community and should be free. The operators should just carry advertising to pay the bills. You are also spot on when you say it should not be listed on TBP- technically it is NOT a porn site.

As for the other individuals post you responded to, (#8) it clearly falls under "shameless promotions" in the posting rules. That person's post is clearly spam and why it hasn't been deleted I don't know.

07-23-08  08:17am

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #12 - SurfKing :

Surfking remarks: "... and why it hasn't been deleted I don't know.

If you'll see Reply #16 & 19 under an earlier Review of this site ... http://www.pornusers.com/replies_view.html?id=10240

... you'll see our ruling on this one.

Again, this kind of site is a bit of an unusual situation. As always, we encourage Users here to use their best judgement when deciding if a fellow Users' remarks are biased.

07-23-08  09:56am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #12 - SurfKing :

SurfKing wrote:

"As for the other individuals post you responded to, (#8) it clearly falls under "shameless promotions" in the posting rules. That person's post is clearly spam and why it hasn't been deleted I don't know."

I think you might very well be right re. spam but, to tell the truth, that never occurred to me when I read the reply. I just thought of it as the answer of a proud exhibitionist who didn't see any harm in one more voyeur peeking in on her. :-) Too bad the quality of the pictures is so bad, I would have enjoyed a nice, clear, clean (no watermark right across the body!!!) photo or two of the poster.

07-23-08  09:57am

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SuchSluts (0) REPLY TO #10 - messmer :

Well Mess, the reason for the watermark is to keep people from posting our pics as their own, or trading them as their own. We have thousands upon thousands of pics and a program that allows us to stamp them. We just stamp them before we post them. Did you mean the watermarks are blurred? If so, they just say suchsluts@mewbienudes.com. Anyway, glad you liked them. We try to keep the watermarks from getting in the way. We are in the process of creating our own site minus the watermarks ;)


08-08-08  04:22pm

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SuchSluts (0) REPLY TO #9 - SurfKing :

I wouldn't mind if my post was deleted. I honestly didn't think this was such a serious place, or else I would have just said 'I like Newbie Nudes'. I was only contributing my thoughts. It's weird because we get thousands of compliments on the quality of our pictures. The invite was just to share. We do send pics without watermarks to those we trust won't do as I described to Mess. Our live cam shows don't have water marks either. Sorry to have gotten everyone so upset. We detest spamming by the way.
08-08-08  04:45pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #15 - SuchSluts :

Those watermarks are nice and clear .. too clear, because they're in the hair, in the face, on the body, in all the most awful places ... in other words they do get in the way in a most intrusive manner. If someone put them discretely on the bottom right I'd have no problem with them but in the hair, on the body? Other amateur sites do the same thing. Redclouds, voyeur web (I think they're called), world wide wives .. they all got into the awful habit of defacing the pictures of their contributors in a ghastly way by putting the logo either near the person or on her/him. I thought at first the watermarks were meant for those who looked for freebies and that subscribers would get the unblemished picture, but a couple of sample pictures provided by "world wide wives" made me realize that this is standard practice in true amateur circles. I'm shaking my head over this. Who, in their right mind, would want a messed-up picture like that? Well, I guess someone would or the practice would have stopped ages ago. And good luck with your own site. If it's going to be minus watermarks I'll be cheering you on. :-)
08-09-08  04:11pm

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