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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

$9.99 discount

Visited this site again today after a while. It looks like the entire Torbe network is still updating at a regular pace. If you click through the Torbe Network page here on PU, it takes you to the regular price, but by typing in an individual url of one of the network sites (I went to PutaLocura.com), there is a banner at the top mentioning a 9.99 euro deal.

I clicked the banner, and there was a signup page. At the top is a drop-down menu to switch to English. Once I did that, it turns out the 9.99 euro was converted to 9.99 USD for 30 days, with it recurring at 29.99. Just signed up through CCbill and sure enough that was accurate - $9.99 for 30 days.

Thought I'd give a heads up. And of course, the site is produced in Spain. All of the dialogue is in Spanish. There is an option to translate the webpages so you can understand what you're clicking, but there are no subtitles in the videos.

12-12-13  04:39pm

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network


I've visited this network but under the spanish version "Putalocura". Have to say, the vids are pretty nice. My favorite model is Carolina Ferrer and the four scenes she's done are not nearly enough. I haven't joined it yet so can't comment yet on the business practices, although I haven't seen too many good things from the older comments here.

03-31-11  12:09pm

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Webmaster has replied

Apparently there are experiencing downtime-at least they got back to me fairly quick and have given me a refund.

12-29-10  03:51am

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -About 800 videos.
-Some exclusive content.
-You can download most videos in 4 format which include Quicktime, ipod/psp, wmv and mpg4.
-You can use a download manager.
-You can download some of the picture sets as a complte file.
-The videos are all dated.
-There is an option to search using the models name.
Cons: -Large part of the content appears to be leased and the quality is from good to poor.
-The camera work in many of the videos is not very good and the cameraman tends to zoom on the penetration for too long.
-Certain scenes have only video and no pic sets while others have only pics and no video.
-The language used in many of the videos is not English.
-Many of the videos have a strong amateurish feel to them.
-Most of the leased content little to no model info.
-Synopsis of the action in the videos is often incorrect.
Bottom Line: I haven't been lucky with my memberhsip of late beause this is another network that has really disapointed me. I thought that I could find some goo videos but out of about 800 or so videos. I have downloaded about 12 and all will be deleted from my computer. There are still quite a few videos that llok good but they don't appeal to me.

This network might appeal more to someone who's just starting to surf for porn and likes the amateur/newbie style of porn. I'd avise most older porn surfer to avoid because of the leased content. You don't want to join this site only to find out you have many of the videos.

12-20-10  07:38pm

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - A fairly large network which offers 34 sites (although several only have around 20-40 videos). Overall you should get 800 scenes, most of them available in various formats (including a PSP and Ipod format which I took full advantage off)

- Most scenes are decent quality (as usual older ones are lower quality and as you get newer stuff it goes up to around 1280x720)

- Some sites have zipped photos, some don't. The ones that did have images were decent quality at 1200x 800.

- The big draw of the site are the amateur models which are mostly Spanish. A lot of them are very cute and they seem to really have fun. Almost all the network has a light-hearted feel and the girls giggle and seem relaxed. Also there is very little of the classic porn modeling where the girl looks turned-on but everyone can tell she's not.

- Downloads worked flawlessly and streaming was perfect.

- I had no trouble signing up or canceling, despite what everyone else on here mentioned.
Cons: - More scenes would have been nice, especially in the bukkake site.

- Several sites in the network are dedicated to only one model, which is fine as long as you like that model. It can be a hit or miss.

- Sometimes you get too much of the male models, their interaction with the girls is funny, but when the guys wear masks or make funny faces...it can get distracting.

- Some download managers have problems with this site( I recommend the firefox download them all extension. It has yet to fail me)
Bottom Line: Overall this network was a pleasant surprise, but I am very interested in teen and amateur porn. As such I tend to easily forgive a site is they make silly mistakes or if the male models are too in your face, hell I'll even accept a somewhat funky guy introducing almost all videos as long as I get a feeling of "this is unscripted, real sex with girls that are having fun." Which is what this site is all about.

Like I said you have very little of that glamour, airbrushed, playboy feel to the models, they don't open their mouths slightly, looking "sexy." they laugh and gag on too much semen and run to the bathroom and genuinely look cute and nervous. This feel made the site unique for me, now many people will find this boring or annoying and you have to be sure you like the models before joining.

Another point you should be aware off is that there are only a few anal scenes and overall the girls are treated very politely, there is no abuse or humiliation even in a mild form. Of course this is a double edged sword and as a person who liked a little rough sex I was a bit disappointed...but you can't always have your cake and eat it too.

For me the highlights of the network were TORBE COUPLES and the Freak Bukkake site as well as the dream teens. In all three the focus really seems to be on the girls and there are a ton of cute models who do hardcore (again, so anal or deep-throating, but we do get oral and regular sex in various positions)

The conclusion? I personally will keep an eye on this network and I hope they will continue uploading (they now have a nifty preview section so you know what's coming), but I am also a person that enjoyed Pierre Woodman tremendously and one of my top sites is Nubiles.com, because of the interview videos they have with the girls.

Either way, you should check out their tour page, because I find it's very descriptive of what you get inside (even if the view more buttons for each site doesn't work, at least you'll get a feel for the network)

11-01-10  07:40pm

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Visit Freak Bukkake

Freak Bukkake

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - About 18 videos, although new stuff is supposedly updated monthly (they seem to have an on/off calendar whit some years only having a handful of scenes.

- The scenes are in Spanish with subtitles, there is a brief intro/ interview and a massive bukkake.

- One huge bonus is that almost all of the girls are laughing and seem to be enjoying the experience without the classic porn moans or the fake "look I'm sexy" look. As far as I can tell this trend is true for most of the network, making this a nice place to visit if you're tired of the classic Playboy looking models.

- Some very cute girls, and they talk through the performance joking with the guys and the camera man, a very distinct "feel" from other bukkake or oral sex sites (basically this site is the exact opposite of facial abuse or teencoreclub, the girl seems into it or at least she's making the best out of the situation and everyone is having a good time with no humiliation present)
Cons: - For some reason streaming was a bit problematic for me and as noted before download managers didn't work well. I used Download them all the add-on for firefox and that seemed to work fine.

- Some of the scenes are focused too much on the guys in my opinion, I remember one video where the camera dude goes interviewing the men, which would be fine and all but some of them were really funky looking and some wear masks (which kinda killed it for me...a man in a pig mask should never be present at a bukkake)

- I have the same complaints as mbaya, the photos are pretty much useless, and the updates are way too few. The site has great potential and although there is no penetration the scenes are fun to watch and interesting.
Bottom Line: For some reason this site felt like the porn website that Kevin Smith would do... maybe it was the fact that a bunch of the videos are introduced by the chubby camera man/ director; maybe it was the fact that I saw a dude in a star wars mask and another in spiderman get-up...maybe the humor and good-natured feel of the scenes just reminded me too much of Jay and Silent Bob. Overall the whole site just felt "right" the perfect combination of disgusting, hot and weird to make me extremely interested, while never crossing into abuse or humiliation.

It was a very different site and I am glad I stumbled unto it, after seeing all sorts of abuse and disgusting cum shots I was certain oral sex in porn wasn't my thing. I usually skip the cum as much as possible, especially since the girl looks uncomfortable waiting for that load, trying to be sexy and not look at the camera too much, however this site proved that you can do good semen related porn.

I guess I would have enjoyed more scenes, easier navigation (there are adds for reviews and friendly sites crowding my main page) but overall the network felt decent if you like amateurs and a non-standard kind of porn. Considering the discounted price this was simply a deal too good to pass up (again as long as you like amateur girls that talk during the scene, giggle and sometimes look ridiculous)

P.S. The reason the site doesn't get an 80 is because of the few scenes 20 porn videos are really not enough for a modern site, although the network makes up for that I still wanted to see more freak-ish bukkake action :)

10-25-10  07:37pm

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Visit Freak Bukkake

Freak Bukkake

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Billed through Epoch.
-No regional billing.
-Discounted price through TBP.
-Part of large network of 37 websites, admittedly some are tiny. In total they say there are 800 scenes, 15,000 minutes, 900,000MB and over 250 models in the network.
-Newer videos are on the low end of HD at 1280x720, and 3154kbps. Unfortunately there aren't enough of these.
-Photos are zipdownloadable.
-Attractive women, mostly in a very natural way. No fake boobs, but a few have some tattoos or hardware. A very unglam, non pornstar site.
-The women are from Spain.
-Fairly good videography. No weird angles and they seem to focus on the right visuals. No shots of the chair or the wall. No focus on the guys faces or other distractions that ruin many porn videos.
Cons: -Photos are low quality screenshots.
-Not download manager friendly. I could not use Freedownloadmanager or Internetdownloadmanager. IDM seems to be able to download nearly everything I try, but not on this site.
-Updates are irregular and too few. So far in 2010 there have been 4, in 2009 only 3, in 2008 11. Definitely needs growth.
Bottom Line: For this site I think that the TBP policy of not factoring in pricing is completely wrong. For only $14.95, you get a small site with a few very nice quality videos. Since you are paying nearly a dollar for each video, what exactly do you get?

Well, you get a decent size network. In that context, it doesn't seem overly expensive. The videos on this site are low end HD quality. Not the best I have seen, but up to today's standards.

The women are not jaded pornstars and never overact. They appear to be in the first or close to their first scenes and act accordingly. They seem excited or at least interested, not bored. In many cases they say that they are a bit nervous. Very real and very believable.

The guys often wear masks or bandannas to cover their faces. Since the camera almost never focuses above their waists, I feel this is not a negative. If anything, you get the feeling that these are just regular guyslike you or me who got lucky enough to be in the scene.

As far as the content, it compares favorably with Japanese bukkake scenes. The Japanese ones generally feel mechanical and rote. The women are only there to be unwilling sex objects to cum on. These videos do not have this feeling.

Another point is that both are in foreign languages. The Japanese don't use subtitles, so you miss a lot of whatever interaction and personality that a scene may have. In contrast, these videos are shot in Spanish, but have subtitles in English. Sometimes that can be distracting, sometimes the subtitles are a plus.

Further there is a lot of presex foreplay with multiple guys groping the women. Mostly rubbing, these guys seem to enjoy feeling them on their asses, breasts, etc., just like any guy would. In the Japanese videos there is also a lot of groping, but it feels as though the women don't want them to do it. It looks like they are being mauled by a gang, not participating in mutual foreplay.

American as well as Euro bukkake sites and DVDs seem to be about quantity of cum and having huge numbers of men in the scene. To me, scenes like this are more like a factory and less like fun. Very mechanical and uninspired, what you see is more or less an assembly line. On the other hand, these average about 10 or 12 guys, which is enough. Some of these scenes even have two women. In my book this site does it right.

These scenes are a bit extreme in that the women drink all the cum. Some do it straight from the cock and some do it from a bowl. Either way, no cum is wasted. There is never any feeling of the women being forced to do anything, or that they are degraded or humiliated. The dialog is respectful.

My only real complaint is that the site is too small. The rest of the network somewhat makes up for that.

10-24-10  08:22am

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Lucky Bastard.

Probably the smartest man in the world.

04-08-10  06:24pm

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

No Review.
04-08-10  06:35am

Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

a joke or a drama? or talking is silver , silence is golden

that no one can say, that i always critizise i have to highlight one thing out: the support reacts on emails...

..but how they react is like a joke or like a drama:

here are the facts:
24.03.10 email support: why did you cancel (shorted)
24.03.10 respond: not authorized crossmail (shorted)
24.03.10 email support: "so you are saying the checkbox got automatically checked?
we dont have access to the join page.. so i guess you should contact the biller about this issue..
may be you didnt notice it.. dunno..
i will give you an extra free month to make up for the mess even thou it wasnt our fault really.."

ok, so far so good.... i tried to login to the site to see if they keep theire promise but.... BAD LOGIN ... hm, wondering....
30.03.10 contacting the support: thanks for extra month, can`t come in (shorted)
06.04.10 email support: "OK mate i dont know what to tell you at this point, there is no such thing as "automatic double membership" on our sites...
i promised an "extra" free month... what do you mean never gave acccess to argentinatriplex???
your torbenetwork login doesnt work on it? if you were signed up for both sites you should have acccess..."

....what can i say... reagarding that correspondence i rather prefer support who is saying nothing :) ..promising an extra free month is fine but if the membership is cancelled then there is no possibility to check in...

the bottom line???
promises are made easy..taking money from members is much easier ..THUMBS DOWN

04-08-10  06:34am

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good selection of models
- Good amateur content
- Good download speeds
- Exclusive content
Cons: - Odd navigation
- Updates are bitty
- Some sites haven't seen updates in a long time
Bottom Line: The Torbe Network is a collection of sites that range from solo models to bukkake and the old chestnut "meet a chick on a street, offer her cash and take her back to your place to fuck"

Not hugely different to other network sites, Torbe has its strengths and its weaknesses.

Going for it is some originality in some of its content mixed with a great ability to get real, amateur, attractive models. Well done there.

Downloading content is easy enough and fairly quick. Pic sets come in .zip form. Various vid types (wmv, mp4, mpg and mov available.)

On the downside, pic sets are few and far between and vidcaps and only available on some sets which is a pity.

The only thing that lets it down for me is the male models. I am of the opinion that the male models (unless in a specific storyline) ought to be like spooks - unobtrusive, invisible etc. Unfortunately this isn't really the case in many of the vids here which is a great shame considering they are otherwise almost all great examples of how amateur content can look.

The bottom line? If you like your european (and some argentinan) amateur models in different situations then this is certainly for you.

Oh, and keep a watch out for cross sales (which are an opt in though.) Though by now you should all be watching out when you sign up for sites anyway!

04-07-10  06:43am

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network


warning, there is a hidden x sale to the site argentinatriplex.com
"one day trial to a subscription renewing every 1 month(s)
Geschäftsbedingungen: Heute wird folgender Betrag belastet: €1.51 für einen Versuchszeitraum von 1 Tag(e).
Die Mitgliedschaft erneuert sich automatisch zu €23.28 jeden 1 monat, bis storniert wird. "


03-24-10  11:30am

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Girls seem to be mostly genuine amateurs.
Girls are naturally pretty, shapely and with a refreshing lack of tattoos and fake breasts.
No regional price discrimination.
Good download facilites. No DRM or download
restrictions and downloads are quick.
Good quality on the latest videos of 1280x720
Genuine unusual niche network. A bit different to
the usual cookie cutter sites.
No irritating cameraman or obnoxious male who gets
in the way and is disrespectful to the girls. The
girls are the main focus.
Streaming is available and there is a choice of part or full downloads.
Cons: Very poor for photo fans.
Vid caps are not downloadable. There are some photo files that are faulty and will not download. For hardcore photo fans most of the sites only have softcore photos. There are only a few hardcore photos on the entire network.
Camerawork and lighting is poor in places.
There is too much POV for my taste. In amateur videos if you like to watch the look on the model's face as she has sex on camera for the first or one of the first tines you will be disappointed when all you see is a close up of the two groins, badly lit and out of focus. This is a shame because one moment you get to see the whole girl having sex and the next you get a dark, blurred POV of two groins.
Quite a few of the sites are small and/or dead.
Not many updates even on the more recent sites.
Some material poor quality, especially older stuff.
Minor niggles are the ads at the bottom of the page in the members area, and also the layout, navigation, and model search aren't that brilliant.
Bottom Line: This is an unusual site for those who say they are jaded about porn, and is something a bit different. The sites either feature Torbe like Torbe In Russia or Torbe Cz, or for instance Josito's Will, where a guy in a wheelchair has sex with beautiful girls. Torbe Couples features amateur couples having sex. Some sites are a bonus but the emphasis is on genuine amateur girls, and niche sites.
Videos come in Quick Time, Ipod, MPEG, and the top rate is WMV at 1280x270.
When my membership ended a couple of weeks ago they advertised 620 total scenes, 250 models, 15,000 minutes, and 900,000 mb.
The sites featuring Torbe have their own idiosyncracies. There is usually a short interview involving Torbe talking to the model. With Priest Damian this is simply changed to an acting bit where Torbe as Priest Damian talks to the girl. After a few minute there is the strip followed by a few minutes of oral then down to sex about 7 to 15 minutes in. The clips are generally about 20-30 minutes. The camera work is unusual. Sometimes it is stationary at the back of the room and you get to see the whole model having sex from almost a voyeur's point of view. I like that. There are not too many quick movements or flashy camerawork. What I hate are the POV sequences. It is the POV close ups where the picture is quite often dark, blurred, out of focus, or jumping around without any purpose. That is annoying. With amateur girls it is often good to look at the whole girl and the look on their faces when they first start to have sex on camera for the first, or one of the first times.
With the poor POV camera view you just see two groins coming together. Not erotic. The lighting is sometimes a problem in the whole of some of the videos too.
Maybe surprisingly Torbe doesn't get in the way too much or become irritating. Yes he sometimes dresses up with silly false teeth and tries to look as ugly as possible, but he doesn't seem the
slightest bit threatening. He comes across more like Benny Hill than Max Hardcore Once the short introduction is over, and the action starts the
main focus is on the girls rather than Torbe.
Some of the sites are dead or have very few updates and are quite small. Here are some examples of the sites.
Doctor Schmutz 26 episodes between 5th sept 2008 to 12 december 2008.
Street Bribes 37 episodes between 23 March 2009 to present.
Torbe Cz 21 episodes between 15 january 2009 to present.
Josito's Will 10 episodes between 12 December 2008 to 14 May 2009.
Torbe In Argentina 19 episodes between 19 December 2008 to 20 July 2009.
Possibly the biggest disappointment for me was the lack of picture facilities. Quite a few of the zips did not download properly or not at all. The vidcaps are just one screen of many stills taken from the video but cannot be downloaded. There are very few hardcore pictures.
It's a real curate's egg of a site, but certainly worth checking out, because it is very rare to see so many amateurs with an amateur look having sex.

03-20-10  06:22pm

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Visit Torbe In Russia

Torbe In Russia


Porn CAN be strange.
This Torbe-character has been at it for some time - but all the sites seems to be alike:
This male Miss Piggy look-a-like creep who fucks girls - some good looking - models who has to be payed to "close their eyes" in the act.

Do not mind stuff with old men fucking teens, but this Torbe seems to go for disgusting looks for his own part...yeah, weird, - even if he can't help it. Those girlmodels sure work for their money. And for the viewer? I do not get it...

BTW: Been a member once - never again.

04-28-09  02:51pm

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Number of scenes in network

Can anyone provide an estimate of the number of scenes in the network as a whole? Thanks

03-13-09  02:35pm

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Visit Torente XXX

Torente XXX

Some perspective

The Torrente character (without the triple X) is the central character from a Spanish movie comedy trilogy. Two of the titles are in the top ten all time box office of Spanish movies.

Torrente is a former cop who is fascist, racist, misoginistic and gross beyond anything you can imagine. Santiago Segura, director of the mainstream trilogy and who also plays the Torrente part, claims that the Torrente character is everything he hates about his country.

Torente XXX scenes seem to come from the DVD series by the same name. It is, in fact, a rare case of porn spoof approved by the author of the original movie: Santiago Segura makes a short introduction on the XXX movies. Torbe also appears in the last couple of mainstream Torrente movies.

03-08-09  06:36am

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Visit Priest Damian

Priest Damian


This caught my eye while checking out some of the newer sites, couldn't help but notice one of my favorites Lucky (Lucy, Lucie) oh and Spencer's review that starts with "LOL" my thoughts exactly after seeing the preview. Seriously though, this network of sites looks to have some potential. The Latina site looks really good. This Torbe guy looks to be quite lucky or really rich! Anybody tried any of these out, maybe some video specs. The TBP facts say 1280 high end, but at the time of the review there wasn't many available 15 is listed, wondering about updates, how often, etc..

03-06-09  10:55pm

Replies (2)
Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The preview of these sites looks pretty good.
Some rare stuff with a few good looking models and this strange looking dude.
There is a couple or more of really sexy videos with latinas.
More bonus sites with solo-girls or individuals hardcore.
Cons: Most of the softcore stuff is ripped off somewhere else.
And one of the better looking sites with czech girls did'nt work at all - still does not, and I am about to end my term.
And I'm not comming back.
Bottom Line: The positive is a very few good looking videos.

But after all: most of the content is either strange or boring.

Do not waste your money

04-06-07  10:04am

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Original content
-Fresh faced amateurs mostly
-Variety of models and site styles
-Fairly unique in style and concept
Cons: -Sex isn't always that great
-most of the sites don't have much content
-Last updates have all been DVD non-exclusive scenes
-Site has not added the new sites as promised
Bottom Line: I don't know what happened here. This network of sites looked like it was going to compete fairly well with the other networks and somewhere along the lines... it just hasn't happened...

The site itself seems to be either having problems or soon to close down. i tried to log in today and got a 404 not found!!

Torbe hasn't added any new or exclusive content in months, just scenes from DVDs which you can pretty much find in many sites...

The torbecash webmaster program site hasn't been updated in months, so i'm guessin either the site will close down soon, or will just keep adding non exclusive content and never add the newer sites and content....

Might want to wait awhile and see what the webmasters/admin do before joining this one.. especially since there's no login page!!

02-12-07  03:15pm

Replies (1)

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