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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very unique, playful style - a true "indie" web site
Unique look and feel
Fairly exclusive European models
57 of the girls are French according to site
A few popular models
True High resolution images to 4000k- crisp images
HD videos for most models
Newer site so no old low res material!
Great search options
Model mouseover summary and "exposure limits" very helpful
Newer models/sets are very good
Coolest "Shop" area I'v ever seen.
A good deal for the price!
Cons: Collection is not that large, but growing
Information is sparce once at the model pages
Rating system is confusing (model or set?)
Can't search by model score.
Many Models are not very engaging
Many models are pretty but not knockouts
Many models/sets are not nude
Navigation/viewing options are limited
(i.e. 10 models per page, 18 sets per page)
There are a few minor navigation issues (page back does not work so you have to reload a lot)
A few broken/incorrect links (might be in the middle of upgrading )
Set dates are not universally available.
Bottom Line: This is the type of site that reminds me how incredibly difficult it must be to run a popular, successful porn site. They do many, many things really well here, but the overall package falls a little short, overall score-wise, of the big players.

This is currently a nude and non-nude modeling site. mostly passive, candid, single model, photography. No sex, nothing kinky in any way with the exception of a very small number of VERY light B&D sets. In this regard, it is kind of like the local strip club....the girls you WANT to see more of are not the girls you ARE seeing more of, if you catch my drift. If you have an appetite for sex scenes, toys, bondage, close-ups, spread legs, anything more than passaive nude modeling photogrpahy, this may not be the site for you at the moment, but check back as it looks like the folks here are making some very positive improvements in both the site and the collection. If you are the type who likes passive scenes, dressing room shots, that kind of thing, then this may be an EXCELLENT site for you. Frankly, there is a lot of variety here and my tastes, admittedly, run toward more engaging solo scenes.

Here are some basics from what I can tell...
About 100 models
About 350 sets
1 new set every 2-3 days
Sets have between 30 and 60 images
Models all seem to be 18-24
Model are, as the name implies, petite.
Most sets are in studio.

The design of this site makes it fun and different. I think the webmasters were trying to incorporate a Moulin Rouge kind of feel, and they came very close to pulling it off. Model thumbnails are shown full sized and they go nude with a mouse-over. Saw the technique in a french body study years ago and it is VERY effective here at showing you exactly what the models look like. Clicking on a model brings a pop-up that shows all of her sets. Once you select a set, you get about 36 images per page, a "stars" score, and a thumbnail slider that allows you to go to other sets of the same model. Very nice concept. In execution, though, the name of the model does not show up on the model page anywhere, only in the hard-to-read thumbnails, the stars scoring is not immediately clear (model or set? SET!), the model bio is not available from here, the sets are not dated here, the cover images are included for sets scheduled for up to a month away (so you click on a model and a set and THEN find that the set isn't on the site yet). Some navigation options are missing, but don't hit back-page here (or ANYWHERE) or you will have to reload your browser. (I also clicked on something once or twice and got dropped into a shell directory where I shouldn't have been...looks like they are in the middle of upgrades.) I love the navigation style here, but it could be much better with a few small tweaks.

When you first look at the site, it really does give a Moulin Rouge feel. The sample images are representatative, so you honestly see what you get.

The photography, though competent, is sometimes a little weak. There are some excellent studio sets, but many sets are passive, so you feel like you are following the model around through her apartment or something. There is a little model interaction with the photographer (and therefore the viewer), but not much. This may be more about the models,as the more popular models are more interactive (it is part of what makes them popular) than the neophytes. But the incongruity between the playful feel of the site and the passive feel of many of the sets is what makes things a little...off here. They need a little more of the sexual energy you find at Twisty's or ALSscan...you usually only get that with the hyper-confident pro-models or with a photographer/shoot team that is ungodly talented. I noticed that many commenters like the passive stuff and frankly have no idea how one would balance the two styles. I have to say, though, that the newer photography is much, much better in terms of interaction and content than the older stuff, so clearly somebody here gets it.

I really want this site to be a success. It is different. It is unique. It is not a formula web site. It deserves to be successful. I could easily and rightfully compare it to an Indie in the movie industry. But the problem with indies is that, although they are often critically acclaimed, they just as often don't get the popular vote simply because they are not following the popular formula or because of one or two faults. This site COULD be a Kill Bill, a Pulp Fiction, A Quentin Tarantino kick-ass example of a web site. Unfortunately, it isn't quite there....yet. Clearly, I am rooting for it, though.

Bottom line: A very unique site that is worthy of a look. With a few tweaks in the site and content, this could be among the top players and it seems as though the webmasters here are figuring that out. I will absolutely be back in a year or so to see how things have progressed.

02-17-13  09:56am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Lower update frequency, models back on track

A few changes at PP over the past six months or more. They went through a bit of a phase of models who, for some reason, didn't do much for me - perhaps too glam, losing the intimacy or voyeurism that made the material so appealing.

Things seem to have picked up a bit now, with very attractive, recent models, and again more intimate themes and sets - getting dressed, make-up and the like, which work for me.

Note, though, that updates are less frequent - from daily down to every 3 days at the moment. That's still pretty good for a $15 site and is still good value but if I re-review it, my score may drop a couple of points for that reason.

11-05-12  04:25pm

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

New design, novel model listing

Although updates haven't quite been daily lately, this remains one of my favourite sites, and the only one I have a recurring subscription to. It's just had a bit of a facelift - looks good, and although there are still a couple of glitches to iron out, I particularly like the new model listing

Not seen anything quite like it. Also, the filtering facilities here remain exemplary - allowing you to search models and sets by many criteria - build, breast size, ethnicity, age, explicitness. Other sites would do well to take note!

07-05-12  01:51am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

A year already ?!?!

I have been a member at petites parisiennes for over a year now and i must say it is still my Favorite one out of all my subscriptions. I will defiantly be renewing especially now because of the 50% off the monthly Subscription cost.

01-03-12  04:53pm

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Smut, fait sur mesure

Just a quick note in appreciation of Jamy, the webmaster here - who is always happy to receive ideas and suggestions (within the overall concept of the site, of course) on the forum.

The end of this month sees the return of one of my favourite models from this year - and from the previews, in sets and videos exactly as I'd suggested! Namely getting her in and out of suspenders, a lycra catsuit - and a bit more panty-teasing and masturbation than is the norm here.

Also another of the make-up videos which, although less explicit, he lends a very intimate and/or voyeuristic feel to.

Top marks!

12-26-11  05:31am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - beautiful girls, French and European, some of them not seen elsewhere
- excellent quality, pictures 4000px and videos 1920px (at least all recent) with choice of lower resolution
- zip archives for pictures
- good lightning and setup
- nice themes, from nude artistic, glamour to softcore
- touching also some fetishes, like bondage, lingerie and latex
- "Strip Interview" lets the models tell you their bio while they undress
- daily updates
- good price
Cons: - contents could vary a bit more, like other locations, themes etc
- outdoor sets are sometimes only flashing, not even nude (though beautiful and sexy)
- not very much content yet
- some navigation / display issues (css), in case, change browser
Bottom Line: Petites Parisiennes is a softcore site featuring at the moment some 70 models, mostly French and eastern European. Each models has several sets of photos and videos of excellent quality, following a scheme like waking up in bed, make up, showering, dressing etc.

Then each girl has some more individual photo session, in the studio, outdoors in Paris, sometimes beautiful French lingerie, rope bondage or liquid latex - both on pictures and videos.

A nice idea is the "Strip Interview" video that almost every girl does. She tells you about her bio, how she started modelling, came to nude modelling and other, also intimate stuff while she undresses.

The pictures and videos have a very good quality, not only concerning pixels but also lightning, scene setup etc.

A little bit negative is that the scenes are repeating themselves for every model: waking up, interview, shower, often the same room - there could be a little bit more creativity, if the budget allows.

The site offers a forum where you can post ideas for future sets and models, exchange ideas and partecipate in the project with a very enthusiastic webmaster who seems to have created the site more for the fun of it rather than commercial interests. So with the quite low fee of € 15,- per month you more or less help him keep the site up and updated, which is done none less that daily!!!

12-17-11  09:30am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Vous avez fait un faux numéro

That is, "You've got the wrong number."

Just following through a bit on the comment in Tangub's review (06-28-11) about links that go to the wrong photo sets. (And each pic set is numbered.)

I've run into it a few times here. Links to the wrong set of a model, and sometimes links to the wrong model! Like the Nikky Case (Irena) set being put, set for set, under the thumbnails of Cassy, who's next to her chronologically.

Sure, people make mistakes ... because they're careless. And if they don't bother ever to correct them, well, maybe they just don't care.

09-05-11  09:48am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Tasteful Edge

In my review i mentioned a minor "fault" about Petites-Parisiennes: I thought it would be a bit too soft for some of the Members joining being used to Porn more then the traditional Erotica scene. But i sure can retract that statement since the past few months with the new model line up. Jam, the Photographer kicked things up a lot more but still kept It's classy tasteful sexy tone it always had, The site has much more of an edge now. More in your face some might say.

If this what was detouring you from the site i would defiantly grab a subscription now, especially since the Price drop.

08-03-11  12:02pm

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Exclusive, exclusive and exclusive - the best pros I got for this site.
+ Several vids and photosets of almost each model.
+A few very adorable models/girls/ladies.
+Models - a few - NOT seen elsewhere.
+Special style in both vids and photiosets.
+Some - or rather quite a lot of - reverse strip tease - if you're into that
+Fine vids download options in three formats/sizes:
640x360, 1280x720 and 1920x1080 (think the numbers are correct)
+Fine and fast feed back from webmaster
+Forum for discussions
+And, need I say it: Zip for photos..
+ Pix size: UP to 4000x2667
Cons: - I have been confused(have now canceled) about updates - the site only show ONE update at the time - when hitting "Updates"- bottom.
- Close to "most" of the models are either quite average or - some - even unattractive. (I thought France had more knockouts...)
- Still more well known models - not really a 'cons' - but a bit disappointing for a site like this.
- Problems joining from Europe and the ol' regional pricing item - BUT got help fast from jamy, the webmaster.
- Had several problems when browsing - not logical - confusing more likely...
- Somewhat low in amount of models (But: that kind of adds up with the fact that each model has 5,6 or 7 vids/sets)
- Almost 1/3 of models have NO vids - only pix.
- Only Softcore - but that's the name of the game here..
- Older videos (not that old: 2009) - some of them are BLURRED...or maybe old time Penthouse alike, but NOT good.
Bottom Line: The first hits I got, when joining this site, I was enjoining myself - and after reading some earlier reviews I really thought:
Here is a NEW, different and quite an exiting porn/softcore site with some great "birds"...

"Birds" - or models that is not seen elsewhere - and ok, along with well known models, too...
But I was hunting for the unknown ones, unknown at least at all those hundreds of sites we all here are accustomed to...

But now - after terminating one month of membership - I'm disapointed.
Only saved vids/sets of two or three models in my stash - those NOT seen elsewhere - both exclusive for model and for the sites vids/set...

Like mentioned in the Cons.: Too many of the exclusive models do not hit the fan - OK, this is very subjective - but again - a review has got to be subjective - others here at PU may like the models I don't and visa versa.

BUT: generally this site could be much better with a bit more demanding way of choosing models...at least the unknown ones...

Like I mentioned in Cons I had problem in the browsing/navigation - it's simple if you go for "MODELS" - but almost every thing else you run into problems... like for one: Updates - you only get ONE coming up.....again subjective: I think it's a bit of a mess.

About the reverse strip tease:
At this softcore site you get a lot of special clips/vids (movs) of girls posing, stripping and very little masturbation.

It seems like the most favored deals here is reverse strip:
It CAN be fun, sexy, ect. - but when it's a theme at a lot/ too many vids, it gets to be too much... watching one of the few special, gorgeous models doing more vids with that theme, you loose interest - well I did, anyway.

Photosets: I like many pics in a set - but this site seems to be a bit stingy....too few, bottom line. My favorite only has 50 - not enough in my opinion.

Quality - viewing: Generally the new/latest vids are pretty good in viewing quality - but not more that pretty good/ok. Compared to what we got elsewhere it's only average - and some 'old" ones (not that old - 2009) are way off todays standard.

Sorry, but I can't get higher than the 70 here for some nice exclusive girls, but they are too few - and I can't get nowhere close to that 91 we now see at "Top Rated" at PU....It's bottom line a subjective and an honest opinion from this old timer here at PU....

08-01-11  08:18am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes


Another nice review by the Duke (Hot review at TBP) - and in much agreement with the latest PU-ditto from tangub.
But again: Regional pricing!......AND mess up.
Going to Cost and Billing at TBP we get confused.
From Europe - whether you go to US (join pages) billing or Euro billing, you get the price: Euro 20,-

But when trying to join the site from Europe, you get that 14.95 - in Euros - but NOT i Dollars - of course that's better, but still NOT that $ 14.95 at TBP (a little over $20)
Brother, I'm still confused...

06-28-11  07:52am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Currently available for the reduced price of $14.95
Billing by CCBill
Exclusive content
Updated daily 7 days a week usually a photo set one day followed by a video the next.
515 photo shoots and 300 videos to date.
Photos can be browsed in a choice of 3 different resolutions, 667x1000px, 1334x2000px or 2667x4000px
Zip downloads available in each size
Choice of 3 size options for the videos, 640x360, 1280x720 and a full hd 1920x1080.
Videos can also be streamed online.
Useful browse and sort options
Cons: Regional pricing increased the price to around $17 for me from the UK.
Some minor navigational irritations
A few site errors e.g. missing zips or links that go to the wrong place
Videos are only available in Quicktime mov. format
When trying to stream the videos I had a 2-3 minute delay before it would start playing
Some photo sets and videos look like they are just a continuation of the previous one rather than a separate shoot.
File sizes not displayed for videos and zips
Site would have little interest to those looking for hardcore content
Bottom Line: Petite Parisiennes is a collection of 59 stunning models, mostly French with a few Eastern Europeans and Black/Asian thrown into the mix. The majority of the models are in the 18 to mid 20s age range with natural body types.

The theme here is “a day in the life of a sexy French girl” and I do think they carry it off quite well. The photo sets generally start off with a wake up scene where the girl is in bed and waking up to start the day, that might often be followed with a shower or bath set before watching her try on various sets of lingerie or getting fully dressed before heading off out into Paris for some fun outdoor shoots. Although a lot of the outdoor shoots don’t contain much nudity I thought it was fun to follow the models on the Metro, or in a restaurant and around some of the famous tourist sites in Paris like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre or even the Disneyland Park just flashing their panties or slipping out their boobs and sometimes pulling their panties aside for a sneaky peek at their pussy. Whilst I loved those outdoor shoots the minor downside for me was that I did find some of the plain nude indoor shoots a little dull at times.

As with most softcore sites I found the videos quite boring but maybe that’s just me. You’ll often have an interview with the model, in French with subtitles, many videos are just recordings of the photo shoot (yawn) as well as some with the model just dancing around and stripping to music and a few masturbation, sex toy and 2 girl videos. Their search category of “erotic girl/girl or sex toy” produces just 33 results out of 300 videos so as you can see the more explicit content is in the minority here.

They also provide you with plenty of search and browse tools to help you find anything specific that you might be looking for although I did come across some minor navigational irritations here. If you are just browsing the site in default mode anytime you click on a model or photo set and then hit the back button to go back to the previous page you are always taken back to the top of the page so you have to scroll back down to where you were again. If you use any of the search or sort options and want to return to your page of search results after clicking on a model or photo set you always get “webpage has expired” so need to refresh and resend the search option every time.

Overall I enjoyed the site and thought it was good value for money at the current reduced price. If I’d paid $30 maybe I would have felt a little less enthusiastic about it. The outdoor sets were definitely my favourites so maybe I’m developing a new fetish for public flashing thanks to these sexy French girls.

06-28-11  03:59am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

new price !! now 14.95USD instead of 29USD !!

I was surprised this morning to see a major cut in their price ! I was enthusiastic for this website when it was 20€ (29USD) now it's as low as 14.95€ and 14.95USD.
strangely it's more expensive in euros than dollars, but it's almost always the case elsewhere.
20€ -> 14.95€ (25% off)
29$ -> 14.95$ (50% off !!!)
But it's always cool to have a discount, even if the neighbor has a better one... :)

05-28-11  04:36am

Replies (4)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - A creative calender option means that every day is a new set or movie.

-Pictures come in a wicked 4000 pixel resolution making material very detailed.

- Video stream is fast and pictures are available to zip in 3 different resolutions.

-Very original material.

-Sets done in France really bring out sex appeal and atmosphere.

-No photo-shop Barbie dolls, just young REAL women.

-Very member oriented, YOUR input matters.

-You can win a free 1 year membership worth 149 euros or a life time membership! What other pay sites offer that ?
Cons: Myself giving this site a almost perfect score of 97 you would imagine that i don't have very many Cons for it. While being true, this site has very little to Improve on but there are a few things that i can put under this section that are minor to me.

- File names for zipping can get confusing.

-A small amount of pictures at 4000 pixels are not very sharp.

-Videos only come in Quick time.

-Some sets may come off as a bit to soft for some people.

-Navigation can be a bit confusing at times if you don't not know what you are looking for.
Bottom Line: I have been a member for over 6 months now and
I'm still pretty impressed with the content being produced. I find myself browsing daily. I have bought subscriptions to several other sites (well over 15) and i have to say that This one is my Favorite. It seems to pick up where others lack.

The lingerie is the best i have have seen so far in terms of erotica. The models seem to fit in it so well, almost like it was custom made for them. Also the photographer is now in a partnership with a exclusive lingerie company so this exciting news will only build on it.

The photographer/webmaster is a cool, easy going guy available to contact through the site forum. He Caters to active members and encourages you to give ideas of things you like and want to see on the site for new upcoming sets. Like nylons, bondage or up-skirts for example. The forum also provides ultimate convenience for any problems or site glitch reporting. When brought to the attention of the admin (who is also the webmaster/photographer) the problems are usually fixed that day. A really nice break from the faceless mega site owners. The forum itself is a multifunction one used for help, previews, content discussions, giving opinions and talking with other members about lingerie, books, tastes, other erotica sites, ect...

I find the site offers very original material, ranging from outdoor themes to artistic studio sets all the way to liquid latex fetish shots.
The video interviews of models give you a sense of their personality making the whole experience of the site that much better.

Over all a solid site offering great content for a reasonable price in the premium site scene. If you have some money to throw around for a site subscription i would highly recommend this one.

05-13-11  11:35am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Adding insult to injury!

I really did not like this site and only visited it four times during my one month subscription but now I just received a renewal notice from them and that's after I had canceled four weeks ago and had received acknowledgment of that cancellation, stating that there would be no further charges.

Time will tell if they will honor my request for a refund but since this is the very first time this has happened to me I will reduce the score of my review by five points. Reliability has to count for something!!

02-23-11  11:00am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

No Review.
02-18-11  09:05pm

Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Good update schedule for February, includes Marlene

This remains my favourite site so far and the update schedule for February looks good (a calendar view shows preview thumbs of updates for each day of the month).

The site is largely about girls in early/mid 20s - although this month we see both a very cute new model of 19, and another of 33 who is very much of interest to me :) The photographer is very receptive to suggestions, and as such, we have a few nylon-themed sets to look forward to.

Some folk may be familiar with French model Marlene - she's seen on Hegre Art and some others - she has about 5 or 6 sets due this month too (looking a bit racier than usual here), as well as quite a lot of existing sets of her.

Also, since my review, the site has had a bit of a facelift, as well as exemplary search facilities for a site of relatively small size.

02-02-11  04:02am

Replies (3)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 59 models by my count, (I might be off by a couple) who are generally quite appealing. Most have at least seven picture sets and 6 - 8 videos.

HD videos being offered at 720p and 1080p.

Picture sets being offered zipped at 1000, 2000 and 4000px.

Multiple downloads possible.

Detailed search, once you have figured it out, allowing you to search by every possible criterion, from body shape to setting of shoot and everything in between.

Original concepts in some shoots.

Regular daily updates alternating between picture sets and videos.
Cons: I hate to say it but I found most of the sets very bland, and even those containing lingerie were far from what I expected from the camera of a lingerie fetishist.

Many of the shoots are ill-lit, greyish in tone or too soft. (See Anais update, January 11, this one was definitely not ready for prime time unless the photographer was being artistic.) The wrong color is often used in the studio shoots. One model who was shot in front of a blue background looks ghastly, like a drowning victim.

The same question might be asked when it comes to focus. Is the photographer doing it for artistic effect or is it a mistake that the head of the model is blurred while the genitals are in sharp focus, and vice versa. One sample set even contained a foot in focus while everything around it was blurred. Affectation or artistry?

Many of the 4000px photo shoots I downloaded lacked detail and looked more like enlargements than Ultra High Resolution.

Videos are only between 2 and five minutes long.
Bottom Line: Okay, I could have kept on going about many of the videos being nothing but an actual photo shoot being filmed, or that most picture sets look more like screen caps when it comes to composition and positioning of the models, or that the navigation is highly confusing to the newbie, or that the file naming could be improved, but I think you get the point by now that I liked very little about this site.

I also believe it is in search of an identity:

There is artistic nude modeling, there are outdoors, exhibitionist shoots, there is lingerie etc.

I would say there are eight different categories in all, because most models have that many sets, all with a different motif from the others.

This would make it awfully hard for anyone, no matter what their taste, to like this site for very long because with only 50+ models one can download one's personal niche in a day or two.

Of course if you are less discriminating than I and like every setting, or if you tend to download models rather than themes, then you would be fine for the month.

I did like a lingerie set or two (talking about my own niche) but even there I was greatly disappointed. A flimsy wrap or nylons and garter belt in a handful of pictures does not an erotic set make.

Especially if so many pictures of the short sets (60 - 90 pics approx.) are out of focus in important places.

I did like the originality of having some models start out nude and then get dressed in their finery, rather than the other way around.

I also enjoyed the way their short interviews were conducted (4 - 5 minutes) by giving the model a handful of cards with questions on them and they could reply, or not, if they felt like it. No pressure put on, no offensive questions by the interviewer .. a nice change.

A change of a different kind: one model even confessed that she wasn't all that keen on sex. Her honesty is to be admired but doesn't exactly get the juices flowing.

Bottom Line:

I would say this is a softcore site for the artistically inclined, because all of that "softness" and out of focus material MUST have been shot that way intentionally (see the site's Forum for the exquisite equipment used by the photographer) and would appeal to a special, more refined taste than mine.

I really hate to say this (thinking of my good friend's review below) but I got more good material out of the sites I like to complain about than out of this one, and wish once again that I could give away a membership that others who like experimental photography might enjoy more than I do.

Added on the second last day of my subscription to this site (Feb. 20):

If you like crisp, clear, well-lit pictures with natural flesh colors do not waste your money on this site because you won't find them here.

The models are pretty but could look a lot prettier in someone else's hands. Subjective, I know, that's why I am really looking forward to some future review(s) to see how far off I was in my assessment.

01-24-11  10:48am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great clothing and strips
- Wonderful lingerie
- Beautiful models with personality - good mix of shapes and types
- Good lighting and sets
- Outdoor shoots are fun and voyeuristic
- Great quality - most videos 1080, most pics up to 4000px
- Interview videos are fun and sexy
- Daily updates
- Consistent quality as the work of just one photographer
- Much sexier than most art-nude material
- Helpful and responsive webmaster/photographer
Cons: - Navigation enhanced since I reviewed! Now more than enough options for the size of the site
- Would be nice if zips were named uniquely
- I'd be happy to see more late 20s models
- Would like more girls with at least strips/triangles of pubic hair (but there are some!)
- Studio/nude only shots are a little bland to me
- Some interviews in French are missing english subtitles (some have them)
- Update schedule is centred around specific models
Bottom Line: I've been a collector of erotic photo books for a few years now; I like the tactileness of flicking through them, and there is some good material around that's more evocative than most porn (although porn does have it's own attractions, as I'm discovering online :) ). Such books come in two basic varieties:
- Those depicting the curves of the female form; or naked, shaved (and photoshopped) young girls cavorting on beaches
- Those that are actually arousing

From what I've seen of the well-known art photo sites - Hegre Art, Met Art etc - they fall more into the first camp and so, although featuring very beautiful girls and excellent photography, don't really work for me. This site - at least for me - is different and quite erotic, thanks to a number of things:

- Models - mostly natural girls, 19-28, most in early and mid 20s. Sophisticated French girls, glamorous eastern European models, and quirky girls with eg, tattoos, piercings, mops of curly or dyed hair. The photographer makes the most of them all; I've found sets to interest me for every model I've looked at so far.

- Clothing - the girls look great, comfortable and relaxed in what they are wearing (even if only briefly). And the lingerie... it's expensive, smart, sexy and different... in most cases the kind that girls themselves like and would buy, nothing gaudy or tacky.

- Lighting - the scenes are all well lit - but not harshly so; it looks natural, and the colours aren't oversaturated as we so often see.

- Premise - the shots are centred around various themes, eg: waking up, showering, trying on lingerie, getting dressed - a bit voyeuristic and quite sexy (somehow dressing more so than undressing). The settings are either modern, smart hotel rooms, actual apartments (more voyeurism!), and quite a few outdoor scenes - some quite risqué stuff in Paris.

About 50 or so models, each with, approx 8 photo sets (80 each?) and 6 videos of 5-10 minutes. The videos are worth mentioning - similar in tone to the shoots, and some fun truth-or-strip interviews; for once I don't mind a guy doing the interviewing, maybe his French accent gets the best out of the girls.

It's not all perfect; each model has a couple of fully nude and/or studio shoots - for me these fall into the arty category and don't work as well without the atmosphere of clothing/premise/location. These are spiced up a little, though, with some shibari (Japanese-style rope bondage) and liquid latex (!)

Content is quite soft, maybe too soft for some folk; you will see:
- Pussy close-ups, stroking with fingers, hands slipped into panties and tugged aside
You will not see much (although a little) of:
- Fingers/toys inserted, spread open shots

Also, some minor cons as above; and I find a few glitches - eg thumbnails linking to the wrong sets - but they've been corrected as I've mentioned them on the forum.

But these are minor gripes and not really important. Overall, a really great site that sets the bar for me.

01-08-11  01:51pm

Replies (9)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

A Big Disappointment

Although I didn't expect much, I signed up for the full access trial. The first problem was that both Internet Explorer and Firefox were useless here. The links to the photos disappeared seconds after the screen loaded and I could not download a single video. The site recommended using Googlechrome, so I downloaded that. This finally let me get into the content. Some of the videos downloaded badly with constant stuttering and pixelation. I could have lived with that if the content had been any good. I think a softcore site should be either tease or explicit and this was neither. Boring, boring, boring, did I say the content was dull? I checked out quite a few of the photo sets to keep not even one single photo. The videos were even worse. Blabby, slow moving and never quite what I feel would be erotic. Many of the girls were cute, only one was much better than that. Most were very ordinary looking. Cancelling leads you to a billing company whose cancel page was 100% in French. If that is not something you can figure out, I don't recommend trying to cancel. This site just did not make sense in my opinion. It was not worth even the one day trial price. If I had to give it a score I think maybe 60, only because the photos were high quality and the videos HD.

07-01-10  07:16pm

Replies (2)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Slow download speeds

Some really sexy French babes on this site (French women are probably tops in my book, though I guess if you are American...)but the download speeds are really slow and there is no slide show facility. Only worth joing if you have really super fast broadband.

The trial is no longer a euro its six and make sure you cancel your trial straight away as I forgot to and have been hit with a month now-definitely not worth a month's subscription and too be honest 6 euro trial is steep for what you get-slow speeds and very soft content

03-27-10  03:06am

Replies (2)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

No Review.
01-09-10  05:21pm

Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Thanks - no currency hideout

A site where you get the price (worldwide) without any bullshit - just fair and square....
BTW - again a fine review from mr smut, here.....take a look!

11-29-09  08:50am

Replies (0)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Que c'est dommage!

My card got rejected by the billing company for this site. What a shame! They've got a 24-hour full trial for 6 euro, but alas, it is not for me!

Anybody else getting this? Anybody? ;)

11-29-09  02:40am

Replies (2)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

price update

The price is now 20 euros per month. There is no trial option.

05-05-09  07:01am

Replies (0)
Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes the book

Has this ever happened before that a photographer running a site with mature content published a book featuring his models? I was quite surprised to see that Jam who is the owner of this site is doing so :-)

11-29-08  10:41pm

Replies (0)

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