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Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Teenrotica.com and peeing at MC-Nudes.com

It looks like MC-Nudes.com must have acquired the content from the now closed site teenrotica.com, and they are uploading it, including the peeing sets. This is great news. I hope that now that MC-Nudes.com has crossed the line into peeing, maybe they will shoot some new content of their own!

01-21-15  05:49pm

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MC Nudes

Cant login

I have a 90 days account at www.mc-nudes.com.
Im having trouble login, i cant...
Cookies, cache, history... are clean/empty.
First try to login i get to repeat login "http://www.mc-nudes.com/login" and them i get:

HTTP Status 403 -


type Status report


description Access to the specified resource () has been forbidden.


Apache Tomcat/6.0.14

This week already sent six emails to suport ...but no response ...
Why cant i login? Why no response?

Does anyone have this problem?

08-09-14  03:31pm

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Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Excellent selection of models (350+)
Mostly 18-26 or so.
All shapes and sizes but mostly petite
Very large collection (650+ vids, 200k+ images)
Exclusive content
A few of the most popular European models
Older sets of spectacular popular models
Navigation is good
All galleries are dated
Generally very good photo quality
Newer sets use good file naming convention
Videos have been in 720p for several years
Newer sets up to about 5800x3500 pixels.
Lots of new models you've never seen before
Cons: The site is often slow.
I had difficulty logging in a few times
All zips named small.zip,medium.zip,large.zip
(meaning zip files are not unique)
Videos are mostly from photo shoots
Good lighting/imagery, but not consitenly great
Color/white balance on some of the sets is off
Some of the sets are pretty short
Top rated model, though beautiful, is from 2005
Not that many new stand-out models
Lots of models you'll never see again
Oddball, quirky 3D sets
Bland color scheme
Bottom Line: This is a very good site that anyone who is into solo or two-girl modeling should absolutely visit. It has tremendous variety of mostly eastern European girls that are perhaps a tad more natural than what you might see elsewhere.

That said, I find it very difficult to rate this site up there with the best of this class. I've been a member of this site off and on for about 8 years. When I first joined, the site was way up there with the best. It is still very good, but there is just a little something that makes it less appealing for me personally. The folks at MC-Nudes put together a very nice site and I know from my experiences with them that they are conscientious enough to read this, so I'll explain as carefully as I can.

The first thing I notice are the colors...or rather the lack of them. Everything is in tan or cream or some color of rice, wheat or straw. Everything. Even the sets are mostly in these nuetral colors with very low color saturation. I am pretty sure that this is because they think they might want to convert sets into 3D and the red-blue 3D doesn't work well if there are bright colors. But sadly, it is detracting from all the sets and the entire site. Go look at Met Art or Watch4Beauty and the colors on the site and in the sets leap off the page. MC-nudes? The colors stick to the page like this mornings oatmeal sticks to the bowl. If this reduced band of colors is to support 3D, I really think you should dump 3D. The site needs more POP.

OK, next. Years ago, MC-Nudes utilized mainstream models that were among the most beautiful on the planet. Marketa, Monika Vesela, Bambi, Zafira, Eufrat, etc. There are some fantastic sets here if you are into these mainstream models from 2004-2010 or so. They still have several models that have recently become very popular (like Nika and Dominika).
At the same time, they managed to find some ungodly beautiful models that you'd never seen before or since. This unknown but beautiful girl Simona is still their top rated model (from 2005 and with only 3 sets...)

More recently, I think they've gotten into using new and unknown models a little more. This is a great thing for those of us who like a lot of variety, but you have to go through a LOT of girls to find one or two true stars in this field. Nearly all of the MC-Nudes models have spectacular figures, but because of either the lighting, the make-up, the inconsistent eye contact with the camera or perhaps because they are new and don't seem to be having much fun, many of these girls just aren't as appealing as they could be. Some of the brighter or more popular models have figured out how to tease and play with the camera a little. But a really good photography team should be teaching them ALL how to be playful. It makes a huge difference.

Couple of peeves. The site is often very slow. I also could not get in a few times, getting an Apache server-type error message instead of the web site. I know that account management is tricky, but I have several subscripions (and several computers) and I have not had this kind of trouble before...pretty much ever.

Although the file management is better than it used to be, the zip files still need to be named and dated or coded in such a way to make them unique. Webmaster, if you do that once for each set, your thousands of customers won't have to do it at all.

Bottom line? Go check it out! If you like what you see in the samples, sign up! There is enough quality material to keep you busy and happy for quite a while. If you don't stay, check back every year or so. With daily updates, it will be worth your while.

09-22-13  02:02am

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Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: +zip archives
+lots of models
+high quality images
+exclusive content
+great amount of content
+3D images
Cons: -some photos are grainy
-no various scenery
Bottom Line: This is a great softcore site with some GG scenes with a great variety of gorgeous models. The site is very easy to navigate with archive list of the side and where you can sort either the model, photos, videos by most recent, name and by rating. MCN does update regularly with a lot more diverse models.

There are over 180k images on the site with 5616 being on the long side for larger images. Each set has an average of 40-75 images per set. MCN does offer zip files and really good download speed. All 3D images are (long sided) 2000 by 1333.

I don't have any info about the videos, for I didn't have time to download them. But, I do know that they have over 500 videos.

This site has to be in my top five softcore sites I've been a member of and I think any softcore fan would like this site.

02-23-13  06:28pm

Replies (1)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes


Big mistake joining the site. The largest pic size that gives decent quality is 1200 pixels. Come on, nowadays at 1200s. Sad!
3000 or above the become grainy, blurred. It's like 1200s resized to 3000s. No resolution at all.

Terminated my membership after 30 minutes!

11-28-12  08:24am

Replies (1)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Quite disappointed...

I joined the site two weeks back, looking for some nice softcore photos and I must say that I'm a bit disappointed here:
- Download speed is limited to 300 k/s, with and without download manager. I tried contacting their support right in the beginning, but no reply.
- Lots of repetition (as Denner pointed out - I would even add a few exclamation marks to that). At times, it seems that they only have 3-4 models around, plus they use the same location over and over again - very unimaginative. In some of the galleries, I had a strong feeling of a deja vu.
- Older photos are partially of bad quality, photographically speaking. Unfocussed, grainy, overexposed (especially those sets taken outside). Doesn't look as if their QA really is working.

On the positive side, most of the girls do look nice and all in all, there's lots of content for TBP's special price. But definitely nothing 90-ish. Maybe 80, but definitely not more than that. If you look for better quality and more creative content, try femjoy.

01-30-12  11:31pm

Replies (1)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

great softcore site

This is a great softcore with a few girl-girl action, but this site has 3D photos (using anaglyph glasses) which is the first I've seen on any site. The videos are 1280x720 for the highest resolution and are in great quality. For the discount price on The Best Porn site compared to other porn review sites, this is the best deal.

12-10-11  02:54pm

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Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Before pros:
This is a premiere/opening night, la,la.. of more short reviews from this user:

+ Top of the pops in nice models - a lot of really great models, to be precise..
+ Fine/Great video quality
+ Somewhat a fine variation of models
+ Great photosets - maybe better than vids
+ Zip for sets - AND choice of fine resolutions
+ Exclusive material
Cons: - Main cons: Repetition!
- Like a couple of other soft core sites MC Nudes seems to have a lot of difficult in renewal of general attraction in both sets and vids.
- They go for 3D now - who cares - for a paysite at PC-level...
Bottom Line: MC Nudes was once kind of a favorite - for two reasons:
1) Great models
2) Fine quality vids, quality has seems to go further and further - fine.

But generally the content of both vids and sets lacks a lot in "development".... not much new in matter of more sexy videos - of more refined erotica..
MC Nudes has been the same for too many years - in my book and:
It never seems to get off that special way of doing the same style over and over again.
Did not mean to join, but some models I dig, I had to go for - AND: Those models have a lot better/more erotic/more sexy vids elsewhere.
Still it's a 70 - for the quality and models.
Go elsewhere (TBP) than this review for specifics about formats ect.....

07-05-11  08:57am

Replies (2)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Usual Question

OK Folks,

My usual question here.

Are the photosets mainly outdoor nudes or is there much in the way of fully clothed to full nude photosets, please?


Cap'n. :0)

05-24-10  02:18pm

Replies (2)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

3-D photos at mc-nudes.

mc-nudes now offers 3-D photos. You need 3-D glasses to get the 3-D effect, and I don't have 3-D glasses. But even the porn sites are now starting to jump on the 3-D wagon.
I haven't seen a 3-D movie since the 1950s, but I guess I will try to see one of the 3-D movies that are coming out now.
It's time for us to move into the space age, with 3-D vision and supercomputers and whatnot.

04-27-10  02:18am

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Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The photography is excellent.
The girls are beautiful - some beyond Belief (Tiffany, for example)...They let you rate the girl AND each set of pics....
Cons: Too much back-buttoning and scrolling down the names to check out each model....
Bottom Line: Bottom line is - I belong to 5 other "soft porn" sites and MC-NUDES is by far the superior one.

03-06-10  08:27am

Replies (4)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

No Geo-Pricing

Just because geo pricing seem to be an reasonable point to join a site I can say that a friend of mine has confirmed that mc-nudes.com don't use any geo pricing.

It would be good to get some more confirmations to manifest this statement.

02-15-10  04:45am

Replies (2)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: + a nice spectrum of unique models
+ daily updates
+ easy to navigate
+ professionally designed and produced
+ pics in 600, 1200, 4300 and sometimes even 5000 px
+ zip-archives
+ fast and unlimited downloads
+ HD Videos in 1280x720
+ new 3D pictures
+ exclusive content and downloads (DVD)
Cons: - too many outdoor sets
Bottom Line: Greetings earthlings,

I joined MC Nudes in january 2007 and I never regreted it. Over the last two ... nearly three years I saw MC Nudes grow a beast in style, design and functionality. They recently added a new 3D feature which rocks.

Truly, there are a lot of softcore sites on the internet featuring nude girls but in my opinion MC Nudes is absolutly inimitable. Their models have a natural look, nice discreet make-up and are simply unique.

I for myself think that nudity calls for quality and a nice fine touch of art. So, if you are looking for something similar like I do, than MC Nudes is definitely worth a try.

Bumble B

12-01-09  10:05am

Replies (1)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: # 3D galleries (NEW)
# great girls / good mixture of babes and woman
# HDV Videos with big archive *1
# galleries with big archive
# modelvoting
# bonus stuff

*1 they seem to spend more effort in cutting scenes and give everything a more gentle and artistic touch (I like that, you maybe not)
Cons: ~ little more variance in settings would be good
~ more exotic girls
~ modelnames in videos are missing
Bottom Line: I have just went into my 2nd month membership on mc-nudes and was really surprised about the feature upgrade.

The new 3D galleries are top notch and something I haven't seen anywhere else before. The girls seem really to pop out of my monitor and the archive grows fast (nearly 1 per day).

Beside that everything stay is as good as it was before. Daily updates, good erotic content and since some time they shoot more girls in lingerie.

The site is nothing for people who seek for hardcore except for those who want settle down and a bit to see their favorite hc model's sensual side ;)

They have known girls and unqiues ...
MCN is softcore at it's best.

11-27-09  12:16pm

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Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-No DRM or any download limits.
-Works with download managers. I downloaded 88 videos, 12.8 GB in an hour and a half without a single problem.
-Nearly all models top notch attractive.
-Huge website. See TBP for details.
-Beautiful HD quality videos, 1280x720 over 3000 kbps.
Cons: -Others have commented that the photo sets are not numbered. The videos are numbered, but don't have the models name. If you don't rename each video, you would have no idea who the model is. The site itself has names for the videos such as slinky or bubbles. Why not some name that helps?
-As several others have commented, the videos are more like art than erotic. Not recommended.
-Far too many outdoor videos. This makes most of them have backlighting, uneven lighting or are simply shot from too far away.
Bottom Line: I have come to appreciate videos that are HD. After recently joining sites of lesser video quality and being disappointed, I came to feel that without HD I don't want to join. The HD videos here are of stunning quality.

But is that enough? Apparently not. I made two fundamental mistakes when I joined this site. Both Denner and JD 1961 hit the nail on the head in their comments/reviews. The videos are just boring. Being arty in their style, you get for example, a nude girl rolling around in bed covered by a sheet. Wow. I am truly impressed. No great posing, moving too fast for you to really get into the scenes. They just miss the point of why I want to join a site. Nude women are very sexy, but this site manages to remove the erotic qualities that should be here. I realize it is a matter of taste, but two of the reviewers I trust the most said the same things. I should have just gone by what they said about the site.

The other mistake I made was that this site is just not about videos. If you go to a seafood restaurant, don't order the steak. Don't go to a fast food and expect top notch lobster. Once again, I have not found a site that is about photos to be a place where the videos are of great nudes. I would love to find sites that are erotic videos without masturbation.

To sum up my feelings, don't join for the videos alone. I realize this site is all about opinions, but Maggie, not a 91!

09-23-09  06:48am

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Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes


The site is no longer offering a trial as an option. However, the monthly membership price has been reduced to $19.95.

09-22-09  07:23am

Replies (3)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

a 91 - ?????

Maggie, Maggie...my old favorite at TBP.
Please reconsider - 91 for MC Nudes - how can that be?
Oh, I love/dig those new fine "smileys' - happy and not so happy. And those well founded words..
But MC Nudes does NOT deserve a 91 - and the reasons are obvious:
The videos are all just simply boring or very close to.
The photosets are - like the videos - all in fine tech-quality - but still no where near (for instance) Met Art or 1ByDay - when it comes down to fine softcore porn.
I tend to the average of our PUs at about 80 (still a BIT high) - and please see both Droolers (a bit old) and jd1961's newer reviews...

08-29-09  09:17am

Replies (8)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

No Review.
03-08-09  07:34pm

Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Figured I'd give it a shot

The pictures seem a little better than they used to be. Last time I joined was back in '06. I didn't stick around because most of the pictures were really dark and the colors were overexposed. The HDV videos have always been good quality but like most have said they're really tame and not very erotic. It looks like the picture size and quality is starting to be on par with some of the better sites. Some of the larger pictures are still too blurry and grainy for my taste. They seem to do a semi-OK job of finding women who aren't all tatted up or have implants, which is probably hard to find these days, but they still have quite a few. I never had any problems with their download speeds, always averaged about 1.25 MB/s. It seems like MCN is on the right track with the picture sets being brighter and clearer and not over-saturated. The biggest drawback is how tame the whole site is. In some sets the girls don't even take off all their clothes, or they will have their hands covering up their private parts, or the girl will be turned sideways to the camera and not show anything. I'm not sure I understand what they think the huge secret with the female body is anymore in the year 2009.

03-08-09  07:33pm

Replies (1)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: · great mixture of top teens and women
· daily gallery updates
· huge HDvideo archive (in different formats)
· bonus sets, model voting
· unlimited downloads (Zip format)
· unique site design for easy browsing
Cons: · one update a day
· models could smile more
· some sets have just a few images
· some locations are overused
· more outdoor sets
Bottom Line: I just joined MC-Nudes because of the free DVD for members. The DVD is the best what I've ever seen so far.

The site itself has a great archive for galleries + videos going back into year 2004. Compared to other sites MC-Nudes doesn't have so many models but a wonderful mixture of them.

In case you're seeking for a site full of wonderful girls that turn your imagination on, you're at the right spot.

My personal favorites are Gabrielle, Nikky, Zafira and Mia.

I have experienced the site for some time now and have nothing to add to my review except other positive aspects of browsing through the whole site. I love it.

01-28-09  09:26am

Replies (2)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Hi-Res Photos
Zip Files
HD Video
Lot Of Models
Cons: Erotically Mild
A Chore For Collectors
Bottom Line: Finally joined this site after thinking about it for a long time. Decided to because it offers high quality, high resolution photography.

The photos are very professionally produced. And they come in 3 sizes: 600, 1200, 4000 px. They can be downloaded in zip files. The download speed is fair to good.

The vids are HD, 1280x720, very lush. They are not DRM protected.

There are 10 pages of models, many well known. All told, there are about 1400 sets. They have (to date) 382 videos. A good solid archive.

So why the low score? A couple reasons. Much of the photography is as unerotic as it comes. I will give them big credit for not having repetitious shots (ie 14 in a row of a model standing around in the same pose). But many of their sets are, well, kind of bland.

Another problem is if you are a true collector of fine nudes, it is very difficult and time consuming to use this site. For instance, when you download a set and unzip it, the folder is named "Large", or "Small", whichever size you downloaded. So you will have to rename the folder after the set. And the cover of the set is not included in the folder. Therefore you must download it separately. All very time consuming, a real drag. What is so difficult about labeling a set's folder, and including the set's cover in the folder? Makes one wonder if this is a deliberate action to force the paying customer into spending more time at the site than he would wish. Every file being labeled exactly the same? You see the problem. Downloading should be fun, and not a chore.

If you're thinking, I don't care, I just want to download some hot nekkid girls---forget it. This site isn't for you either. You'll be bored quickly.

The site has it's good points, but I don't have the time for all the chores it demands. Met-Art is much simpler to use than this site!

01-01-09  08:38pm

Replies (2)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -has some very sexy models
-interesting layout for site
-good varitey of body types
-has an interesting comment feature at bottom of photoset/viedo page
Cons: -as others have said seems to rely on a few models to keep a steady update stream
-site speed can be terriable
-some photosets just seem to lack "energy"
Bottom Line: This site is great when its better parts show through but fizzles out a bit with its vices come through.(hey that rhymes ha ha) On the upside this site has some really hot models namely Gabrielle a very well endowed hour glass shaped slap yourself in the face and keep your dick from tearing a whole through your underwear goddess of a woman. There are several other nice girls as well. The photo sets that are good are some of the best errotic sets on the net. But then other sets they just dont seem to have good shots one area that they seem to really lack is the ass 'n tits type shot in other words a pic where you can see the models ass,back,shoulders and some boobs let me see the models curves from that angle there where many sets where you did not see this at all or only one pic or so.Another photo set issue is the lack of energy in some sets some of them just lack feeling and in errotic art you need to focus on body shape and model expression and some sets just seem to lack it. The other issue is that it seems that some models have tons of sets and others have few it seems like they use some models often to keep their updates at a regular basis. The site layout is pretty good and has a feature to change the back ground theme form grayish to a creamy color that is neat but it would be nice if there where a few more themes to choose from. The biggest issue is the sites speed it can be very slow at times I have downloaded vids from the site that where about 250-300mb and they took about 20-30 minutes to come in on other sites files of the same size normaly take 8-10 minutes. And at certin times of day the pages can take some time to load. I have a 1.5mbps connection so I adivse anyone who has a dialup connection to be aware that you may have trouble in this regard. Bottom line MC Nudes has great potential they just need to get a bit more consistant with their quality and really need to get some more servers to improve their sites speed a bit. I hope they improve in these areas if they do then MC Nudes would be one of the best errotic art sites on the net. This is a site that I will prob join again but not for at least 6 months to see if they have imporved or not.

11-15-08  12:27am

Replies (0)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Beautiful models
- Daily updates
- Photosets are zipped and DL quickly (they claim to have technology that accelerates downloads. I can't verify, I use a download manager anyway).
- Artsy and erotic photo shoots
- Very high res pictures (more recent updates are usually around 4-5000px, earlier updates are usually in the 1-3000px range)
- Resolution options on photosets (smaller zips range from about 1 - 5MB in size if space is a concern)
- Classy softcore (no intense masturbation, extreme closeups, gaping, etc.) This is definitely a pro if that's what you're looking for. I've signed up for sites before only to find it wasn't what I expected.
- High def videos
- Easy to navigate
- Nice site design
Cons: - Not a huge variety of models. The site relies on regulars to maintain daily updates (a few models have dozens and dozens, the rest only a few).
- Not many videos
- Sets can be repetitive after awhile
Bottom Line: If you're looking for gorgeous softcore models, I recommend MC Nudes. The models are very attractive, and the photosets are artsy and erotic. It stands out from other softcore sites in that the models are classy. Many softcore sites offer the same thing: Women with way too much makeup in pornstar/stripper outfits (not that that's necessarily bad, but it can get old). Also, if you like your softcore soft, this site is also for you. As mentioned above, no extreme closeups, gaping, massive toys (none at all as I recall actually), or similar.

09-26-08  04:55pm

Replies (0)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of Content
- Good Quality Images
- Fast Downloads
- Nice Layout
Cons: - Lousy Photography
- Disappointing Model Quality
- Can't download just the photos you like
Bottom Line: For the price of a full fledged porn site, you can see a bunch of amateur girls who can't pose to save their lives. You'd think in the silicone age a nude photography site would have more women with outstanding boobs; but the pickings are slim. Some of the shoots are so embarrassing that there isn't one decent pose. When shooting nudes, its important to control body lines. Most of the sessions are just a bunch of shots with no apparent plan. Lastly, you have to download the entire tarball in order to get the full-sized images, and then its a pain to find the one you wanted.

02-06-08  12:46pm

Replies (4)
Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Late-breaking news

Today I see that MCN Nudes has a new look. They also seem to be up to standardizing all of their galleries in 3 sizes, the two largest being 1200px and 4000px, for all of their content from the beginning of the site's history.

BUT while they've put in the links for those sizes under the thumbnails in the galleries, the pic sizes have NOT changed as far as I've been able to tell, at least not yet. I went through several of my favorite models, such as Susana Spears and Marketa Belonoha, and that's what I've found as of the moment.

My subscription runs out pretty soon, so I might not be able to revise my review of Dec. 26 in time should real changes in those pic sizes take effect.

So this is an FYI. I will pass on this "splendid torch" to a future degenerate ...

12-31-07  01:26pm

Replies (9)

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