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Plumper Pass

Is it to be trusted?

With th evertrusted "TBP" no longer allowing this site in index is it even safe to join anymore?

06-29-14  12:51pm

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Plumper Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: A great selection in the archive
Cons: Comments are never posted
Only what they deem as high ratings are accepted
Images are now photoshopped and unfocused
Bottom Line: There's hardly a better site to find a good selection of bbws. But over the past year, they've changed what made their site so great. I won't be renewing my membership. I'm sure there's far better quality out there.

01-30-14  12:27pm

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Plumper Pass

Poor cancelation service.

If at all possible, try to avoid using their primary biller Rocketgate. Their cancelation process is very poor (apparently they cannot find my account, even though they are the biller on my receipt and still taking my monthly payments) and I have sent multiple emails to cancel my subscription with no response.

04-30-13  10:18pm

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Plumper Pass

quickly boring

All the models are great. But it gets boring quickly. Lots of old stuff from more than 5 years ago. Slow downloads.

03-17-13  10:06am

Replies (2)
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Plumper Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -) Downloadable content (!)
-) many file formats
-) photo sets available as Zip file
-) site layout is attractive and effective
-) lots of content
-) frequent updates
-) many types of women
Cons: -) I get low download speeds (I am based in Europe)
Bottom Line: Needless to say: This is a BBW website. If you don't like chubby women in your porn, you don't join.

It took me a long while to get myself to sign up to this site. Not because I was hesitant, but because I wanted to wait until lots of content was available. When my favorite model was added, I was thrilled and joined.

Site layout works like this: You can browse content by "website" and then by model. You can then select the various videos - download (many formats: wmv, mp4, hi quality, lo quality for mobile devices) or streaming are available. Most scenes also feature many photos (available as a single zip!).
I also liked - and this I would like to really emphasize - that you can download all video scenes as MP4 or wmv to your harddrive to view whenever you please (as I hate streaming). I heard some websites stopped providing downloadable videos.

Website content is plentiful with frequent updates. Video quality of the fresh updates is decent (720P mp4/wmv) - as is photo quality. Older content is of course lower in resolution, yet still ok.

they lose a few points because download speeds are not that fast for me here in Europe. However, USA/Canada/American-continent customers might not have this problem.

05-30-12  04:10pm

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Plumper Pass

Excellent site!

What can I say? Terrific site! Great content, easy/quick navigation, regular updates. They even remember your favorites after you've cancelled and returned. No problems cancelling either. They could use a few more hairy vids but otherwise top-notch.

05-07-12  09:24am

Replies (2)
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Plumper Pass

No Review.
05-23-11  05:17pm

Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Good site speed
-Price is good
-Newer videos are looking better
-Zips for photos
-Several video download options
-No Limits or DRM
-Decent variety of women
-Do not need to log in frequently
-IDM works well and can resume downloads, links do not seem to expire
-Updates daily with video and pictures
-Navigation is simple
-Has a model bio section with links to scenes
-Can use keywords and search
-Videos in one piece, even older scenes
-Streaming with multiple quality setting, flash or wmv
Cons: -Most videos are still lower quality
-A lot of re-postings on network, just stick with plumper pass
-Some photosets are just screens, especially older scenes
-They used to have a full trial which from what I can tell no long exists
-Naming structure could use some work
-Pictures are definitely lacking in quality
-Watermark on everything, the whole time
Bottom Line: I joined this site about 2 years ago and it has grown a good bit since. I wanted to see what new stuff they had was pleased in some areas and not so much in others

If you like larger women than this is a good place to start. There is a fair amount of content now and a they vary the scenes. The women also vary in size. There are plenty of very large women but also a number of plump.

I need to mention that I prefer plump as compared to very large. I mostly just like how large their breast become, and how they look in proportion their body. I do not like overly large women, but I will try to keep that bias out of this review since it is a site for larger women after all.

I seemed to be disappointed frequently with this site because often times I would see a woman with the body shape I was looking for but all she did was a POV blowjob. In other words it was a wasted scene for me because all I would see was a dick. I am not a fan of blowjob scenes, especially POV, these border on gay in my eyes. Now there was a number of scenes with the plump women in hardcore and solo, so it was not waste by any means. There is also a good amount of interracial scenes, also not a fan, but I know that some are. Example, on of my favorites Gianna Michaels, guess what her scenes are? You guessed it, blowjob only and we all know she is willing to do anything! Grr.

The newer stuff looks pretty good at 3 MBit/s. This is not the highest by today's standards but it is certainly decent quality and does at least help control file sizes. Older videos are at 1 MBit/s and are usually okay looking but some are not so good. It would be nice if they could remaster some of the older stuff. The better videos started around June of 2009. They went back and forth for a few weeks on the 3 and 1 MBit during that time. Pretty much everything from then forward is at 3 MBit. The site claims the 1 MBit videos are 1.5, but they are 1.

They now have four video options. HD is 3 Mbit wmv, there is a medium wmv and low wmv, and they have IPhone mp4. Older videos have wmv at 1 Mbit or 0.6 MBit plus a mp4 format.

As for picures 667px × 1,000px is typical and certainly not impressive. Oddly the landscapes style pictures are larger? Humm... Older pictures are simply screens and look terrible. This is in no way a picture site. The sets can range anywhere from 20 to over 500 pictures.

The site claims there is currently "Videos: 4,462 Pictures: 91,721 Scenes: 831 Models: 230", but do not be fooled, they are counting each of the video otions as a seperate video. Sneaky bastards!

Recommend to join?
Yes, if you like larger woman and are not a picture fan. Daily updates and a decent price go a long way. Tons of fun here. ;)

Quicky Rundown

1080x720 3 Mbit
640x480 1 Mbit
Size range 40 MB to 1.2 GB, average 400 MB
Site size 275 GB
Duration from 5 minutes up to 1 hour, evenly varying

I finally broke down and decided to break 100 points. :)

04-14-10  04:51pm

Replies (4)
Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 3321 videos,

+ 41581 pictures,

+ 213 models,

+ True to its niche,

+ Picture sets come zipped,

+ List of Models has them listed with picture.

+ Something for every taste when it comes to BBWs.
Cons: - Claims to be a network of five sites but should be treated as one.

- Videos are in wmv. format for best quality at 640x480 with bitrates ranging from an unorthodox 984 to 1508! Not up to 2009 standards but not bad. Just not crisp enough to deserve a plus.

- The same strange figures are found in connection with their pictures. Latest sets I downloaded had 667x1000 pixels for Portrait and 1500x1000 pixels for Landscape format in the same set. Again not up to par when compared to other sites.

- Very intrusive watermark on videos and pictures, it draws the eye to the logo rather than to the video itself.

- Streaming stops and buffers every few seconds.

- Daily updates are promised but that basically means that each of the five sites is updated once a week and in the short time I've been with the site I've only seen one update in three days.

- Site will be quickly exhausted by the average user (see below).

- Site support was non-responsive in connection with a question I had.
Bottom Line: I must confess that I've developed a liking for BBWs and found some of the videos I downloaded quite appealing, yet at the same time, I have the feeling that I shall be done with this site shortly because they don't have enough contents when it comes to the various body types within the site. BBW is such a large (no pun intended) category and not every BBW video will appeal to every BBW lover.

Those who like "normal (as compared to runway model thin) to slightly plump" will find what they are looking for, those who like "regular BBWs" will find what they are looking for, and those whose taste goes for the "obese to really obese" will find what THEY are looking for, but the site simply does not contain enough material to keep everyone happy for longer than two weeks tops.

Speed, btw, was quite good (1.7 - 1.8 MB/s) with DownloadThemAll through Firefox but I was only allowed two downloads at a time with that download manager and couldn't go anywhere until one of the downloads was complete. Download by ordinary means weighed in at around 450 KB/s.

It is not a bad site by any means and will appeal to lovers of plump women. Not every model will be to everyone's taste, some are prettier than others, some are plumper than some Porn Users' tastes might tolerate, but it is a change from the usual fare, and even with the limited contents that appealed to me I don't think I was cheated in any way by taking out a month's subscription.

An afterthought: The site also refers to 665 scenes, I left this out of the statistics because I find it confusing. They do not have DVDs and scenes usually refer to a part of a DVD, so I put down the 3321 videos they list and let it go at that. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this!

09-20-09  11:14am

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Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 6 updates a week
- zip photo downloads
- No DRM and no download limits
- Download manager friendly
- Very good BBW content and models
- Site is organized well
Cons: - Videos are sub-HD though they claim otherwise
- Some photos are small
- Not exactly exclusive content
Bottom Line: Plumper Pass gives you access to a network of 6 BBW or "plumper" themed sites.

BBW Dreams
BBWs Gone Black
First Time Fatties
Big Babe Blowjobs
Plumpers At Play
Hot Sexy Plumpers

They have mix of hardcore, bj, interracial and solo. IMHO they have some nice models. Almost all of them are very thick girls with huge tits(usually too big for me). There are a few who are borderline like Gianna Michaels and not too many are disgustingly huge. But make no bones about it, these are BBW's. A few of the models I've seen at mainstream sites I normally visit and some I've never seen but was happy to discover.

Though you get access to a few "sites," most of them are not radically different, sort of like brazzers. The site's content is almost exclusive. They do release DVD's with the scenes from their sites, but I've never seen them distributed through any other unlimited download site.

There are currently 213 models in 622 scenes. I would say that is a decent amount of content. Really not bad for scenes you probably have never seen in a niche which isn't well represented. They normally update every day except Sunday, but recently they have missed a few days.

The navigation and organization is nice. There is a search engine and content is arranged by date, site, model or ranking. All scenes have summaries and(a few) keywords.

Videos come in 2 qualities of wmv, one ipod mp4 and 3 qualities of streaming flash. The best quality wmv's are 720x480 and some older vids are 640x480. Neither size is what I would call HD. They look acceptable, but this site needs to get with the times.

As far as the photos go, some are 1500x1000 which is approaching good, but other are only 667x1000. The smaller photos are grainy and usually just screen caps. There are zip downloads for every set, but some set don't have many images.

This site has definitely improved since the previous 2 user reviews. The video quality isn't great and they don't have a huge library, but I enjoyed the site and found some good vids and models. If you like the type of models this site has, then go for it and join for a month. Get all you can and then join back in a few months. One complaint I have is that most of the models cover their stomach up by leaving there top on around it or skirt up. I'm not an expert on plumper sites, but I'd imagine other guys don't mind seeing the girl's stomach. We know they're big and like or at least expect them to have a gut.

07-06-09  10:48pm

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Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

Not that much content

I love the site, but after 2 weeks, I already downloaded most of what I wanted. There isn't that much content,but it is growing fast I must admit. Video quality is top notch. Fairly fast downloads. I will rejoin, but in six months to allow for growth.

01-16-09  08:45am

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Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

No More Trial?!?!

What happened to the trial offer they had. It seems it does not exist anymore. Does not seem like a good move to me.

Non the less, the site is fairly decent. They are updating regularly and the videos are half decent looking. Although, they do need some work. The videos are not that long, so I would think they could do better than 1500 KBit and not be ridiculous in size....not that I mind! :)

By the way, the old reviews are no longer appropriate. I believe this site has been revamped since early 2008. So do not pay much mind to them or the very low score.

12-11-08  04:35pm

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Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Good variety of big natural breasts
-Good mix of soft and hardcore
-That's it, everything else is total crap or a rip-off (see below)
Cons: -Site so slow it makes you think the pages will time out
-Video and thumbnail quality like something out of the late '90's
-Absolutely no customer support
-Price is a total rip-off given the content and problems
-Photo pages of every set I looked at sends you back to page 1 if multiple pages (cannot view any page except the first, regardless how many pages might be listed)
-Some vids won't download
-Much harder to navigate than it needs to be with downloading vids
Bottom Line: It doesn't get any worse than this, it really doesn't. It was so bad I requested a refund from the processing company, but they were no help either. The card company is Netcash.com and although they told me they would investigate and issue a refund, they never did. I certainly will not join another site they process for.

It's clear they are committing fraud as there is a great deal of content they say is available (see vid and photo comments in "Cons" section) but the customer cannot get to it.

You're wasting your time, and your money, if you join this site.

02-18-08  06:12am

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Visit Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -original material
-most videos are of decent quality
-pretty easy to navigate
-good pictures for clip scenes
Cons: -couldn't download any of the videos
-site navigation a bit slow
-navigation a bit jumpy
-solo,hardcore,and softcore content mixed up
-no scene discriptions, meaning if it's hardcore,solo,etc.
-4 of the sites had small amounts of content
Bottom Line: It was nice they had a trial price to check the site out, but overall the site was jumpy,no download options,no scene descriptions,a lot of interracial material,many girls had many scenes and not enough variety. worth paying for a trial and checking out the content,but wouldn't sign up for a month.

10-24-07  12:03pm

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