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Visit Teenrotica


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: The main selling point of this site is tons of great quality photos. The photos are reminiscent of the ATK style, to the point that I would believe it if they used some of the same photographers. The theme is solo girls posing in colorful scenes, and scenes generally include fingering, dildos, and some peeing. Also many lesbian scenes, and some anal, and blowjobs.
-over 1,100 galleries with 100-200 photos each about 1300x2000 in resolution
-240 mostly unique European models (some recognizable ones like Sharka Blue)
-pics come in zips which load without errors
Cons: This site could have had a much higher score based on it's pros, but they are overshadowed by it's cons. The major con is that the site is in disarray to the point of being almost unusable. It is not updating, and the webmaster is unreachable about the pervasive errors on the site. If you navigate to even the front page, you will see what I mean. When I was a member, multiple tries were required to load images and pages. Sometimes the site is easier to access through a proxy, but that is hit and miss. In the 3 months since I joined, this problem only seems to have worsened. Any page will load now after enough tries - and sometime you will have to try back several minutes later to have success - but only 10% of pages load on the first attempt. Also, for the video fans, it has under 300 videos in high resolution
Bottom Line: This is a site with almost 200,000 unique high quality photos, and it is in a state of extreme disarray and neglect. This is the type of site that is prone to blink out of existence in the near term future. So, if you want a chance to have these amazing pics, the future of this site is very uncertain, and now may be your last chance. Be ready to spend extra time dealing with the very poor functioning of the website though. Despite the extreme difficulty in getting images to load, the zips were uniformly downloadable without errors. If you join this site, it may honestly be easier to just download all 1,100 zips and extract the pics on your system to see them. Me personally, I joined for the peeing pics, and these were conveniently tagged, so I could identify the sets without going through too much trouble. Despite the webmaster being unreachable, there were no problems with cancellation. Bottom line - any day could be the last day for this great site in disarray. If you have any desire for their top quality pics, I would join now, but be ready for a very rough ride. You have to really want these pics, because it will be a time consuming undertaking.

01-11-14  07:13am

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Visit Teenrotica


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 240 individual models with several scenes, coming in at around 1200 photo scenes and around 280 videos (some very cute lesbian action but mostly solo videos)
- Most models are incredible and as far as I cna tell they are not the same few girls that show up on every site.
- A lot of corsets, stockings and high heels. I don't think I've seen such variations in outfits on many sites. Very nice and classy.
- Most scenes have around 150-200 images and you get to see the girl strip from cute dress or skirt or what not as well as play with a dildo or touch herself.
-Decent navigation (has some errors, but nothing huge) you can search by type of content, bra size, hair color or model name. Although I don't think all scenes are labeled correctly.
- They have some pee scenes and a few anal scenes, a bunch of lesbian scenes and 4 vaginal fisting scenes (including a girl with 3 dildos in her vagina.) oh and around 10 blow job scenes... not too spectacular but I guess it's okay.
Cons: - I don't think the site is still updating. I've been here for a month and I don't believe they got anything new. (some )
- Some links don't work and my download speed varied greatly, sometimes timing out. Might be just me, but a FYI.
- Videos are about 9 minutes or so and are almost all under 100 mb... I thing this is a dead giveaway as to the quality of the scenes in terms of resolution. Don't bother is what I'm saying.
- The action in the videos is also sub par so in case you missed my last point, the videos here are an after-thought and you shouldn't expect anything else.
- The photo scenes get a bit repetitive since all the girls seem to use rather similar toys (having a sybian or a massage wand or a selection of larger dildos would have been nice) but overall the cuteness of the girls saves the site (as long as all you want are solo photo-sets)
Bottom Line: I joined the site with the mindset that I was joining a photo gallery, despite their claim on the free tour to have a "large HD video pool" don't expect that. They have a lot of models and a lot of photos, as well as some BONUS videos. (I don't know what else to call all the videos where the girl has 9 minutes to get naked and fuck herself with a dildo...)

Now that we cleared that up, let's take a look at the actual images. For the most part I was content with the galleries I downloaded from here. The chief reason for that is that they have an incredible amount of very cute models. Most of the girls are European but you don't get the same Eastern European vibe many sites seem to have nowadays.
They have girls from Portugal, France, Finland, UK, anywhere in Europe, you name it and they probably have it (even one girl from Mongolia). They of course also have a lot of US models and you can easily navigate the girls by age, haircolor, country or horoscope (I guess most models here are Aquarius...not sure how it helps but there you go, now you know).

Sadly, they do the old porn trick of claiming every one is 18 or at most 20. The oldest girl on the site is supposedly 23 and there is only one.... of course when you look through the girls they mostly look 25-ish, but whatever.

Anyhow, for the most part the girls look young-ish, have some make-up but not incredibly ridiculous amounts of it (for the most part, as one or two of the "18 year olds" on here needed a lot of foundation and pig-tails to pass as under 30)

What matters more though is that the girls personality seems to shine through their sets. I suspect that they had the girls bring their own wardrobes from home, because I felt a strong consistency. One model is all innocent and dressed in white, while another is playful and has rainbow colored socks or what not. Overall, I'd say they did a great job with giving most of the photo scenes personality (intentionally or not)

That being said, they do have some very weak photos where it feels like they tried to pad the gallery with shots that are almost the same (girl moves her hips a bit or something like that) More focus on the dildo and masturbation would have been nice. In several sets the dildo action is maybe 15 photos out of 150... Not good enough.

Navigation, while okay also had some issues. They have a big add for MC-Nudes.com that never goes away. At the bottom of the member's page they have a link to a free preview and a few other Join now promotional stuff. Small stuff, but it shows that someone doesn't care enough.

Furthermore, the specials on the site are nothing but a few more similar galleries. It's really a joke. The vote for a model feature they seem to be very proud off doesn't really seem to do anything and I found it a useless gimmick to make users feel like they are involved.

Oh and the biggest negative point is that they don't seem to be updating anymore, so yeah... that's pretty huge.

All things considered this is not a bad site, or better said this looks like it was a good site back in 2008. Nowadays it feels outdated and lacking. I'd say you can get much better content at Nubiles, X-art, probably Met-art or Karup-s PC.

If you really like some of the models in the preview page ( and there are a lot of cute ones) consider joining once to get what you want and then more on to better sites.

They get a 90 for the quality of models and a 50 for everything else so I guess around 70 is the correct score.

10-15-11  12:35pm

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Visit Teenrotica


No updates

In connection with my review it was mentioned by tangub that the site seems to have stopped updating.
This seems to be a fact - as a member I've seen no updates for at least three weeks, so.....
Maybe this update-stop could be mentioned at TBP? It's rather essential for PUs.

09-17-11  09:35am

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Visit Teenrotica


First impression

Decided to join this site since I wanted to get some more images of teens and young adult models. No complaint there. A lot of galleries of European models, a lot of cute outfits and a bunch of stockings. The action is a bit formulaic indeed (stripping, play with themselves a bit and dildo) but I'm not sure how much variation they could have seeing as everything here is solo action

The videos are actually not all that bad, but only solo action here.

Also I'm uncertain what their update schedule is. I've only been a member for less than a week and have seen no new stuff yet, maybe things will look better in a month. Will update as soon as I understand how they work.

PS. wanted to mention their high quality is around 1,333px × 2,000px and the low is around 400px × 600px

09-10-11  10:17am

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Visit Teenrotica


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + An extremely generous amount of models.
+ Not sure – but it seems like entirely exclusive material (see below)
+ Generally hot looking models, most of European origin.
+ Mostly a site concentrating in sets – so vids fans – your're warned.
+ It's like thay say: ”tons of galleries”
+ Zip – in 2 sizes – for sets
+ Mostly fine viewing quality for pix
Cons: - Close to miserable quality in the major amount of vids content – unbelievable for an almost major site in 2011
- Outdated style, design and navigation
- Regional pricing
- Three formats for vids – but none of them gives you any viewing pleasure
- Even some newer vids are a joke in viewing quality
- Too much lez content for my taste
- Even without regional pricing $19.95 it's too expensive for what you get – in vids anyway
- No way of knowing about updates – no date on those
Bottom Line: Oh, yes: bottom line: My personal feeling here is clear – I wasted my money – and that including the fact, that this site deals in regional pricing. But that's only a total secondary issue.

Teenrotica is downright outdated – in style, in navigation, design – and it's almost a scandal (harsh words, I know) that a site that cost $ 19.95 – and for Europeans about $ 29 – has such miserable material in videos.

Despite the preview has a so called UPDATE – that is missing at the members area – Instead you can turn to VIDEOS or GALLERIES for the latest and the first inputs. (or Models without dates)
When browsing for videos you get the new ones first – and being a member years back, I thought: Okay, this site started up in 2006 and videos then were generally not good.
But the new ones in 2011 are in a quality I'd would be ashamed of, if I was behind the site.
The size is all in so called 3:4 – and the viewing quality is simply low down.
Most vids are around 100 Mb in AVI format – and much less in both WMV og MOV. Three formats – save it and get better quality instead.

It's a shame. Because Teenrotica has so many fine models – and I seriously believe it's exclusive.
We all got favorite models – and the material I found of these models (both in pix and vids) I have not seen elsewhere.

This is mostly a site with solo and lez material – both vids and sets. A few hc/bg inputs – and most of these are only bj.
And for a couple of those bj vids – it's lousy editing. No foreplay, no posing – but starts with close ups of bj.....it seems like unfinished bussiness.

Then to the little more positive deals here:
The pix/sets are generally in ok/fine viewing quality. You get a choice of 2 zip download sizes (high and low) – guess no one will go for the low. And you got a pretty good thumbnail preview for all sets.
And you can use the thumbnails to view directly in Small, Large og XL. Do not really see the point, but some may like it.

If I was a pix fan foremost, this site could get a little better score, in my view. But the design, style, navigation AND first of all: those low/very low quality vids – I cannot recommend Teenrotica.
The 65 from this user is entirely due to the sets/models (See PU rating: 60-69 - Does more things wrong than right)

09-09-11  08:05am

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Visit Teenrotica


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nice selection of models.
- Zip files available for download.
- Search function with possibility to search for different categories.
- Good download speed - 1,8 MB on the videos.
- Lots of toy content for those who enjoys that.
Cons: - Seemed to be many pictures that are out of focus. Annoying to load a picture only to find out that it is not very pleasant to watch.
- Many of the pictures seem to be taken with an "artistic" style in mind with upper body in focus and lower body out of focus or vica versa.
- Too many similar photos in the series. Don't like picture series where there are 4-5 pictures in a row where the model has only moved her hip a bit or slightly adjusted her hair.
- Videos did not impress at all. Low quality and seemed a bit old most of them.
- The site is a bit awkward to navigate. Tended to end up in the beginning of the model index all the time.
- Frequently need to log-in again.
- Fake country origin for some of the models. Might give an indication that the profile is also fake. Probably not very important for most members, but worth mentioning.
Bottom Line: Can't help feeling that the site is a bit out-dated when it comes to models and quality.

All in all it is a site that can be good value for one that likes the picture part of the site. But it might seem like content that you have seen at other sites before. Nothing groundbreaking new in here, but for $ 19,95 it might be worth a look.

Personally it is not a site that I would keep spending time on with recurring membership, but I enjoyed the time I spent there even that I felt I was finished with it after a day or so.

06-22-11  06:54am

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Visit Teenrotica


No Review.
02-10-10  08:37am

Visit Teenrotica


Still updating?

Being an incurable lurker, I've noticed at this site that the visitor's previews no longer show dated updates. Are they still updating or has this site gone the way of the "'nuff-new-stuff" sites like czech-babes, snapgirls, and thenextgirl?

Anybody in the know?

01-27-09  01:25pm

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Visit Teenrotica


No Review.
12-03-08  05:37pm

Visit Teenrotica


Again: Currency speculations

Wanted to try this site again (maybe because I was a little drunk or because there seems to be some fine updates - or maybe in lack of any other new sites).
But again I get caught in currency-hassle.
The price (regular, not green)) is $ 24.95 according to good ol' TBP.
Try to join - the price here is Euro 39.95 (non recurring) as a choice for european users. That price is around: $48.
Another try, the price is Euro 29.95 - or around $37. (recurring).

You won't get too many euro-members that way.....

12-02-08  03:20pm

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Visit Teenrotica


Abortive, rooting RAM hog ...

Thought I'd give this one another try. It's still pretty much the same (care to see my review?), but there were some choice finds after all of the time away. I mean ASS done right. And the photos and the babes are really good. (Smiley)

However, after about 1.5 months of galleries worth of catching up, my computer was running really, really slowly. Then it told me that it was under the minimum requirement for virtual memory. I didn't know that such a system message even existed! And I'd just rebooted! Never had that with a site before. I'll go to scads of sites and get all kinds of stuff with nary a RAM crunch.

Yeah, I can try emptying the cache, increasing the virtual memory, adding more physical RAM, blah blah blah ... but that won't change the fact that this site somehow roots into it until one finally just has to abort! (My apologies to the Bard.)

Anyone else have this happen at Teenrotica? Or should I just go f--- oh, I'm not allowed to say that here.

05-08-08  05:09pm

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Visit Teenrotica


Great picture site!!!

This site is excellent! I got a 1 year subscription: very nice pictures indeed, with lots of nice wide open spreads (my stuff!!).
Pics are very sharp, videos are not as good, compared to the picture quality... But I think I am more a picture guy...

04-22-08  04:19pm

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Visit Teenrotica


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Mostly very hot and beautiful Eurobabes
+Excellent quality photos in 600, 1000, and 2000px. Girls nearly always look happy and sexy and look directly into the camera. Nice visceral “encounters.”
+Color and styling. The pics are very attractive and professionally done.
+HUGE archive. Daily photo updates from 10/23/05. Sets have lots of pics. 2000px zips often > 100mb
+150+ videos (solo and lez) in DivX, 720x576
+Visitors can browse all of the galleries and videos (but not the thumbs)
Cons: -Pussy and toys! Pussy and toys! If that lights up your brain, this site should be heaven for you. For ass lovers, though, the photosets are a bummer. The photo shoots are extremely “formula driven,” and lovin' that ass isn't part of it.
-Zips only in 600 or 2000px. (Why not 1000?)
-Vids look really crummy in their WMV (360x288) and Quicktime(400x320) formats. Don’t even bother.
Bottom Line: Here’s the formula:
1. Get the girl in a very good mood.
2. Get her to slowly take her clothes off in various positions. Don't forget the camel toe!
3. Once she’s naked, have her put her hands on her cheeks and spread them and the pussy lips in EVERY such shot.
4. Have her go at it with an exotic-looking toy in various positions, after she's sucked on it through several frames.
5. Mostly likely, finish with her sitting on the toy, still looking very happy.

And most definitely, do not take any shots of her standing or lying face down, top of head to upper thighs, amorously looking directly back without at least having a leg or two in the way and/or keeping her hands on her butt. Or making part of the shot blurry. This is true nearly every time, like 98%. I shit thee not. I’ve looked at every photoset on this site, folks.

So to me, a genetically hardwired ass fanatic, this site, which outclasses LOTS of other sites in many if not all ways, is and continues to be incredibly, even astoundingly tragic. How difficult would it be to put in each gallery just a few shots, as described above, for those of us who drool for the derrière? And should give it a 65? Don’t matter how good it is otherwise if ass is this sorely neglected! Amazing!

But if you love pussy and toys and can’t get enough of that, it’s around a 95. Just get the DivX player if you haven't already and download those vids.

OK, then, I’ll compromise and pin an 80 on it. (Grumble-grumble

10-07-07  07:48am

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Visit Teenrotica



Very few of these girls are teens.

06-11-07  08:57pm

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Visit Teenrotica


Formula is right!

Mudman has it right with the word "formula." In nearly every gallery, there is a long stretch of photos in which the girls take it off. Then they put their hands on their rears, stretch and puddle up their kitties, and then perform with a plastic Johnny. The ending is often of them sitting on Mr. John, in several frames. It's too bad because the girls are killer gorgeous and put out loads of sex appeal (more so than at many sites) and the pics are large and high quality with lots of attention to color and styling.

But how about some variety in the activity? They need better presentations of the girls looking back as they show off their luscious butts (WITHOUT their hands on 'em, and not always head to toe, for a change). It's as if there's some supervisor around, holding up the master storyboard, saying, "You can only do it THIS WAY!"

This site could be leader if they'd just be less obsessive about toys and masterbation to the CONSTANT exclusion of other matters of interest. What they have managed to do is make beautiful girls ... kinda boring. That's quite a feat!

04-08-07  10:05am

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Visit Teenrotica


Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -good sized photos.
-reasonable videos
-reasonable navigaton
Cons: -just doesn't offer anything to get excited about.
-same old, same old.
Bottom Line: Teenrotica is a nice site, but that's the extent of it. It comes across as, and probably as it is, a commercial, formula site. You can find some nice stuff, but the big wait is for it to live up to half the promise you feel it has. It comes across as gloss without substance.

02-16-07  10:32am

Replies (6)
Visit Teenrotica


No Review.
02-02-07  03:59am

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