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Visit Gay Video Base

Gay Video Base

Laughable search FAIL

I don't think I'll be troubling this site with my hard-earned anytime soon.

I was quite interested when I saw it as a new listing but a quick browse of their preview section which "showcased" their wonderful search function was enough for me to click away.

Categories like "Latinas" or "big tits" anybody? On an all-gay-male website?

Pathetic! Obviously lifted straight off (hey, made a pun!) a heterosexual website and they can't even be bothered to change the search terms.

Way to serve gay porn fans guys!

10-03-12  10:37am

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Visit Erotic Anime

Erotic Anime

shady content?

Just want to mention that I had a quick look at their previews. Besides other stuff I noticed the "artbook" preview. I have NEVER, repeat NEVER, come across ANY site that features artbook (not to mention complete artbooks) content which is not illegally copied and distributed as torrent or whatsoever. Also the other content seems a little bit fishy to me. Looks like the usual bunch of collected stuff from all over the internet. Personally I wouldn't even bother to think about paying a membership for these kind of sites. Please correct or rebuke me if I have it all wrong.
Personally I would love to pay a site with original artbooks, even the full price for each one. This would save me the troubles of waiting for months for the package to arrive, the hassle with the customs and the impertinent postage.

09-11-12  11:56pm

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Visit Go Go Pornstars

Go Go Pornstars


Well on TBP it said that this site was full trial but it is not. It let me download one scene (Okay quality) then the rest of the videos that i click on ask for an upgrade. But after you attempt to cancel the trial they offer a 10 dollar discount price which is good i guess. Might try it out later. Oh well no full trial.

11-01-11  12:48pm

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Visit Erotic Wifes

Erotic Wifes

I'm obviously getting old

I might arguably be tempted to subscribe to this site, if it were called Erotic Wives; but I'm too much of a grammar pedant, and seeing the site name in the address bar (let alone having to file it that way on my own drive) would drive me mad.


06-17-11  04:50am

Replies (4)
Visit Hentai Uncensored

Hentai Uncensored

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A diverse collection of hentai that will allow a newer viewer access too many subgenera’s with in hentai.

Updated at least weekly.

A fairly large collection of manga’s.

All videos are uncensored which is rare and all in English/subs also rare.

Features a translated filter for manga which is nice as many sites don’t

Quick dloads.
Cons: Very few complete runs of series and many have only the first or skip episodes like they will have episodes one and four of a 16 part series.

No bonus sites that are within same genera as main site.

many non video link are broken/ content is fragmented.

Around 80% of the flash games can be found on free sites and the one's that can't are terrible.

Limited content and pretty much all of it can be found on any other quality site.
Bottom Line: Limited content, few complete runs, no bonus sites and content that can be found on any other site that doesn’t have these issues far overshadows the good things of this site. I’D recommend finding a site with a larger content collection and you will find pretty much everything this site has on it.

06-07-11  10:21am

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Visit Hentai Uncensored

Hentai Uncensored

dubious popups

When checking out this site and decided to leave a popup went up stating if I am really sure that I want to leave and in the background another sleazy site popped up. One reason for me to never join this shady site.

05-22-11  10:59am

Replies (0)
Visit Horny Office Babes

Horny Office Babes

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - horny girls in office settings, as advertised
- many girls look eager to have sex
- variety of actions (up to DPP and A2M)
- video quality is ok for SD
- several bonus sites
Cons: - only SD video
Bottom Line: It is a good site, not the very best, but still very decent.

Site shows girls within an office setting, eager to have sex with a boss, delivery guys, or workers. Girls are about 7 to 9, but many look as they like what they're doing. Actions vary, with occasional quirks like double pussy and ass to mouth action.

Locations are restricted because site needs to stay within office theme, but are still pretty good.

Video is very clear SD at 640x480, but IMHO SD does not look too good for year 2011. I have never seen any DRM.

Download speeds were ok (but not great) for me, and I have never seen any download limits.

Bonus sites are a nice addition, but I did not see anything really special there.

I think it is a decent site, and think it was worth it to come for 1 month, but I do not think I will come back for a year or so.

04-18-11  07:42am

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Visit Slovak Teens Club

Slovak Teens Club

Bait and switch

This is a warning to anyone else looking at this site. The content that's listed on the tour isn't on the site. It feels like they are rotating content around to sites not on this network (or they just stopped paying for it). But if you're signing up expecting to get the videos on the tour you will not. The content itself is a crazy jumble of new and old european, russian and american girls. A fair amount is 720p HD, but you will have likely seen it before, and it's b-grade. Download speeds sometimes good sometimes bad. No real reason to subscribe here.

04-08-11  06:48pm

Replies (2)
Visit Backdoor Pumpers

Backdoor Pumpers

Not a Full Trial....much less than you expect

TBP lists 11 of sites from this group as having been verified full trial. I only downloaded 100MB before I was told no more until I upgraded. None of the sites allow anything but picture viewing now. How disappointing and incorrect.

02-24-11  09:18am

Replies (0)
Visit Only Bush

Only Bush

Steep price for a new site!

Would I pay $ 34.95 for a new site? Not likely!

05-15-10  09:39am

Replies (1)
Visit Hentai Passport

Hentai Passport

Anyone been a member of this site recently?

I joined this site a few years ago and had mixed feelings about the degree of organisation and level of quality (especially as the bonus sites just contain pretty much the same stuff) - can't write a review as it's been a long time, but I'm curious as to what any current or recent members to the site think?

05-14-10  04:46pm

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Visit Toys in Chicks

Toys in Chicks

Regional Pricing for Europeans

Make that € 34.95 if you live in Europe :-/ Some of the content on the preview pages looks quite interesting but definitely not at such a high pricing.

11-12-09  01:18pm

Replies (1)
Visit Flash for Adults

Flash for Adults

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + surprisingly funny
+ surprisingly entertaining
+ no outright "glitches"
+ interactive Flash clips
+ nostalgic games like arcanoid and pacman (don't confuse with Pokemon).
Cons: --- non-exclusive content
-- pre-checked cross-sales
-- interactivity of clips is limited
-- erotics is not always properly integrated into games
Bottom Line: Recently I've joined RussianTeensClub, but was severely disappointed (see my review). The more reason I had to try the other sites included into the same membership. One of them was FlashForAdults.

Originally (especially given disappointment about RussianTeensClub) I've expected FlashForAdults to be a completely useless garbage, but it was substantially better then that.

I've spent some time trying to understand why I feel not so bad about this site, and I think I've found the reason. While the content is not exclusive (a HUGE minus as such), and there isn't that much content that you can find on some free adult flash sites, content quality is quite consistent (at least better than on free sites).

On free flash sites (at least those which I've had a misfortune to run into) amount of content is usually huge, but unfortunately 90% is complete b/s, and it takes a while to find something decent. FlashForAdults IMHO provides more balanced feeling, with most of stuff which one can look at without disgust. Content consists of clips, interactive clips and games. Most of the clips could be more interactive, most of the games could have better integrated erotics element, but overall it was surprisingly entertaining.

Bottom line: while such a non-exclusive site IMHO can't stand on it's own, I was pleasantly surprised with the selection and quality of the implementation of the games and clips, and would rate it as a "75" (which is not bad for non-exclusive site), but needed to deduct 5 points for pre-checked cross-sales, making it 70.

06-23-09  06:31am

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Visit Russian Teens Club

Russian Teens Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + several video formats (WMV/Flash/iPod).
+ some videos are HD (up to 1280x720 @4MBit/s)
+ access to the network (though if it's all of the same quality, I'm not sure it's a real '+').
Cons: --- most likely, at least some videos are not Russian even if advertised as such
-- pre-checked cross-sales
-- not sure if there is at least some genuinely Russian videos
-- according to TBP, only "some" content is exclusive, and it's unclear what part of it is indeed exclusive.
-- at least some girls are of quality which make you think "do I really want to see them in HD?"
- cameraguy work and lighting is VERY
inconsistent (probably due to non-exclusivity)
- site navigation is a mess.
Bottom Line: RussianTeensClub site was a rather big disappointment to me for a simple reason: it didn't deliver what it promised. When I see site names "Russian Teens Club", I expect to see Russian Teens, not Czech teens, Hungarian teens or Holland teens, but RUSSIAN teens. And when on the very first page of their "Hi-Def Russians" I see the name "Petra Pearl", which is apparently a Hungarian model (see for example here: http://www.eurobabeindex.com/sbandoindex/petrapearl.html ), it raises HUGE question about credibility of the whole thing. After this, I've started to look for some conversation within the movies (while I don't know Russian, I can tell a few other languages which are obviously NOT Russian), and surprisingly wasn't able to find ANY dialog or ANY words whatsoever. While normally such videos don't have much words, still occasional "fuck" or something frequently gets in, but in these videos I was NOT able to find ANY such line; were they chosen in this way deliberately (to make sure that customers won't be able to figure out if it's Russian or not) - I don't know.

Technical details about the site aren't bad: WMV in two resolutions (one is 1280x720 @4MBit/s), iPod format, FLash (in decent quality) to view it online. But overall quality of the videos varies from one to another one greatly - it looks that they were shot by completely different teams, and vary from "Very Good" to "Very Poor". The same is true for the girls, and at least SOME of them are of the quality which makes you think "Do I REALLY want to see all that pussies-shaven-a-week-ago and pimples in HD?", though SOME girls are beautiful.

Bottom line: in my book, advertising one thing and selling another one qualifies as SWINDLING, so I can't give the site anywhere high rating. Add to this pre-checked cross-sales (which deducts another 5 points from rating), and you've got the idea why it was rated as low as 60. Moreover, I don't really see anybody who this site can be REALLY attractive for (not for those looking for genuine Russian stuff for sure).

06-15-09  02:29am

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Visit Amateur Porn Hunt

Amateur Porn Hunt

Not a full access trial.

The trial only gives you access to low-quality, non-exclusive content. Anything good requires you to upgrade to full monthly membership.

06-06-09  07:09am

Replies (0)
Visit Czech Sex Club

Czech Sex Club

Content Warning

I have yet to find a video on this site or the other sites in the network that are not on videobox.

05-01-09  07:41pm

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Visit Hentai X Shemales

Hentai X Shemales

Hentai X Shemales - beware trial

Offers what it says, cartoon she-males in compromising action
High quality artwork from mmc
Several linked sites

Mine was the $1 "one day trial". Within 20 minutes, having downloaded only one image, and looked at their other sites, I was told that that was it. (I was allowed to look at very small thumbnails for the rest of my 24 hours, but life is too short).

Might be fine, but don't take the bargain trial!!!

02-06-09  08:31am

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Visit Fantastic Cumshots

Fantastic Cumshots

Whats so fantastic?

What is so fantastic about a few more facials littering the industry that you cant find a GAZILLION compilations of for free?

Guess i dont see whats so fantastic about it

01-10-09  11:00pm

Replies (1)
Visit Pantyhose Movie Club

Pantyhose Movie Club


Once again join because of the full trial ,these webmaster is so fresh as to answer me that the trial will let you see 1 video ,yes my friends 1 video ,thats like saying just turn on the car engine and buy it . Again ,NOT A FULL TRIAL , IS LIMITED AND VERY.

12-06-08  04:40pm

Replies (2)
Visit Hentai Passport

Hentai Passport

No Review.
07-30-08  06:47pm

Visit Amateur Sex Outdoors

Amateur Sex Outdoors

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - fairly extensive level of content
- good video quality
- easy to navigate
- .zip download pic sets
- good download rate
Cons: - non-exclusive content
- extensive duplication across sister sites
- pic sets are more solo models (perhaps rename amateur exhibitionism outdoors)
- no real effort made in site structure (generic and faceless)
- comes across as Met Art's poor cousin!
Bottom Line: As a niche site it caters fairly well to outdoor sex, if that's your thing.

Nearly all vids are hardcore action, and of a good quality. But the content is not exclusive, and this fast becomes apparant if you have had memberships to other sites.

The webmasters also copy and at times recycle content to make things appear fresh, which is pretty insulting.

All in all, not bad, but certainly nothing special.

07-08-08  01:20am

Replies (0)
Visit Toys in Chicks

Toys in Chicks

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: There are some very good videos which are on the topic of the site and I would consider exclusive. The HD videos look good although they are somewhat lacking in contrast.
Cons: Rotates content into the absurd. Even after a month, content is rotated, hard to find new material. Also, material is duplicated across the sites of the network.
Bottom Line: A would say the whole network is worth a month subscription because they have some very nice videos. Some material looks professional, other very amateurish. Around 30 good videos or so in the toysinchicks section, perhaps 50 more in the rest of the network. Depending on what you like you may find more. Pictures not reviewed.

07-03-08  05:39pm

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Visit Totally Teen

Totally Teen

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Vast amount of crisp videos with euro-girls/teens and wellknown euro pornstars - some exclusive for the PowerNETX - network (Sextronic). Around 200 fine quality videos in the package with bonus-sites.
A lot more of less (mostly bad) quality videos - none exclusive. (forget them).
Access to - normally 7-8 more sites (it differs which of these PowerNetX-sites you sign up with)
Some - 3-4 socalled bonus sites are good (in the same league)
WMV-videos 1280x720 for the socalled HD-videos.
Cons: Very slow browsing speed - it's directly anoying - you can drink a whole beer or coke - before the entire site is at place.
Don't go for photos - most lousy quality. (didn't even bother to look for zip)
Terrible navigation and way too slow.
Very confusing when you sign up - it's like a game of chess to find exactly those sites that interests you.
Beware: The sites are entirely different in style than the preview - preview looks great compared to things when you are inside - the layout inside is lousy!
Expensive: $34.95
Bottom Line: This is probably the most difficult site or network I ever have come across.
You have to take good looks at a lot (89 sites) of offers from this network. The 18 Passport stated at TBP does not give you top-dollar compared to a choise of most single-sites with bonus-sites.
I looked for euro-teens and euro-stuff generally and ended up choosing Fantastic Cumshots because you get Totally Teen, Czech Sex Club, All Hot Lesbians and Erotic Cinema - which seems to have the best content.
And BTW: All Hot Lesbians has some of the best solo-stuff.
BUT: It's all one big mess - which means you can find most of all the videos in the entire network at all sites - Erotic Cinema seems like the motherload, though.
So: Choose a sites where this EC is included.
BUT: Once on the track there are some VERY fine videos of easteuro/russian teens and pornstars. Some is wellknown at Nubiles, like Natasha, aka Helen (she has her own site) - but here her videos are simply amazing.
All in WMV - and go only for the socalled HD-videos - all in 1280x720 and in just great quality.
Size: 300-500 Mb.
Unlike the browsing speed the download-ditto I got around 600-650 kb/sec with IDM.
In an allround review it's not a great site/network, BUT a lot of the content certainly is if you're into easteuro-teen videos.
So I got to go to a score of 84 - and I saved more than 25 of those videos at my HD.
And can you live with the anoying slow browsing and horrible navigation it's worth a try (steep price, though)

06-29-08  09:35am

Replies (2)
Visit Hentai Passport

Hentai Passport

Hentaikey is much better.

It seems you gave hentapassport a higher rating then hentaikey even though hentaikey is way better. It is not a bad site at all
but not as big nor better than hentaikey, in fact one site from hentaikey could be bigger than the entire hentaipassport site itself.
The hentaipassport sites almost have the exact same stuff and seem to almost be duplicates of one another. They seem to have what's mentioned above and seem to have a lot of leased content especially flash content. Also another site called hentaipassword has a simular sounding name and is run by the same company and if it the same type of content as this site that is duplicates of each other and leased content. It seems they should put their two sites together they have similar sounding names and the same type of content and then maybe it will be almost as big or at least half the size of hentaikey.

05-24-08  03:41am

Replies (2)
Visit Toys in Chicks

Toys in Chicks

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 18*5 high def videos
+ 21*5 normal videos
+ network access
+ seems to be exclusive
+ cheap trial acces
Cons: - very short trial
- trial is limited to dl the normal videos (therfore NO hd and elite videos!)
- quality of the normal videos is average till weak (708kBit/s)
- connection was very, very !! slow
- dl rate was for me 76,1 KB/s
- navigation for dl is confusing
Bottom Line: what can i say, it is cheap and i really don`t know if i try out a regular membership.

for the short time (1 day) i tryed to look the different content and have to say, it is better as i thought at first :)
the connection speed was horrible slow, but that could be better from other connections maybe?! i personally felt that i stepped back in time to the modem speed ;) the site hung up several times -.-

and sorry at least i was blocked after downloading ONE video with the message "no update allowed" LOL ?!

05-11-08  08:56am

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