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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: ***Edited Review to lower the score - see replies***

+ Video quality is good
+ Flash preview
+ Model index
+ Search by category
+ Advanced search by key tags
+ Screen cap preview for video
+ Zips for both picture sizes
+ Comment section on all updates
+ Download speeds very good with a download manager
+ No apparent download limit
+ PU discount
+ Extra sites (see bottom line)
Cons: - Layout looks dated and cluttered
- Page to page speeds very slow
- Random order updates
- Picture quality seriously lacking - especially the large
- Some serious tattoos showing up (Yes, a personal dislike)
- Bonus video links not valid
- Signed out seemingly at random
Bottom Line: TECHNICALS:
> Video is available in 5 downloadable formats MP4 HD 1280x720 @ 4500 kbps, MP4 720x406 @ 755, WMV 1024x576 @ 3100, 3GP 704x576 @ 1500 and 3GP Low 352x288 @ 1200. The in browser flash player features similar resolutions & files sizes.

> The pictures are available in two sizes and both in zip files - 1280 and 2826 long side. But the quality isn't up to today's standards. The larger pics look grainy, like they were upscaled with a basic photo editor. Now including a few Girls Out West picture sets, they're only available as small 1000 pixels long side.

> It's hard to get a fix on the update schedule or figure out how to explain it in print. Sometimes there are two releases on the same day with any mix of masturbation video, an interview, a "cum face" clip or a biography, sometimes it's any one by itself.

> The page-to-page speed looks like it's hampered by some sort of security. Clicking back or forward, I noticed seemingly random numbers preceding the page URLs. I think that also has something to do with my getting logged out at times. That caused some of the downloads I had in queue on my download manager to download to 35 kilobytes, meaning they had to be downloaded again.

Whispering Lily is one of the extra access sites listed as a masturbation social network and a place to chat with other members and browse personals. I'm not too interested in that sort of thing but tried to check it out for the sake of this review. Unfortunately, I kept getting logged out and getting a server error when I tried to get back in. I stopped trying.

ClubStroke.net is a masturbation site featuring guys. Not my thing, so no comments forthcoming. :grin:

SoloTouch.com is the place for masturbation stories - with referral links to still more sites. STOP WITH THE ADS!

The 31 bonus videos all date back to 2004-2007 and haven't changed since my last signup.

The bonus videos feeds show this message: "The website that brought you here is not authorized to link to this video feed". A real WTF moment.

It seems I didn't wait long enough to sign up here again. The updates still include biographies, "cum face" short 20-30 second videos (like those on Beautiful Agony), and non-nude interviews. While I'm sure there are fans of these, I still don't call them update material - especially the bios which aren't called an update on any other site I've seen. They're still just four pages of questions and answers. It's a masturbation site and that's what I want to see. I'm not interested in knowing what her first time masturbating was like or about the waterfalls in Oregon. I also wasn't too thrilled with having to figure out whether a video was an interview or a full episode. They do list the time of each video, but you have to watch the animated gif preview or go to the screen caps to see what's what.

One of the biggest things that had drawn me to this site in the first place was the girl next door look to the models. I don't like glam, I like average looking. Tattoos, piercings and fake tits were almost non-existent. The latest models are now putting that to rest. Girls with full sleeves, large skull tattoos, nipple and body piercings are distractions I can do without.

I don't know if they've changed or I just didn't notice it my last time in, but the layout and navigation definitely need streamlining. If you can, picture this: The home page shows three columns, "Cumming Soon" preview thumbs on the left. In the middle are Recent Updates, Social Network links, What's Hot, Member Poll and some ads. On the right, Social network links (again), Most Popular Girls, another ad, Most Viewed and Most Popular updates and support links. Way too busy for my taste. There are too many links that jump you to different parts of their network - and far too often they link you to yet another offer to join another site. One minute you're in Yanks, the next you're in WhisperingLily. And damn if there aren't ads on every page. Stop trying to sell me something and give me what I signed up for! And that's what I see as the biggest shortcoming of the site. After over a year since my last time in, I only downloaded about a hundred masturbation episodes. That might sound like a lot, but they're about 10-minute average length and over a full year's worth of content. If the pictures were clearer, I might have saved a few more of those sets as well, but the quality just isn't there. As was noted in another review, this site has a lot of potential but somehow manages to fall short. Even with all the positive aspects I see, the cons really hurt the overall experience. The core material is really good, with (unlike another well-known masturbation site) well-lit, "see-it-all" scenes. I would only recommend this site to a first time subscriber or someone who doesn't mind waiting a long time for the full scenes to build up.

(Continued in replies)

03-29-13  01:13pm

Replies (7)
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: One of the best collections of authentic looking amateurs on the net.
Most girls are extremely attractive, intelligent, articulate, and very likable.
Huge selection of videos. Most have both interviews and individual masturbation scenes.
Excellent value
Site features written biographies of each model, similar to Abby Winters.
Site is very active and updated regularly
Cons: Video quality could use some improvement although it is totally acceptable. As with most sights that have been around for a long time, the quality improves as you go along.
Bottom Line: This site is a hidden gem. I would rank it up there as one of the top amateurs sites on the net today. Here you have a very large collection of authentic looking college intellectual bohemian co-ed types primarily from the Northwest usually performing their first porn shot. Believe me, these are not the type of girls you expect to be doing a porn! In any case, The girls are usually very positive about the experience and it shows. The typical format is to open with an interview of the model in street clothes with no makeup, conducted by a very cool laid back female who really knows how to relax the girls and get them to open up about themselves. This serves as a warmup to one or more masturbation scenes. If ever there was a site that fit the term "Organic porn" this would be it. Very highly recommended!!!!

06-04-12  05:29pm

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A few points

Since I'm currently on the site, I was going to do a review until I saw exotic's exceptional wrap up. Instead of mirroring just about everything he said, I'll just add a couple of things as I see 'em.

I agree with everything he said except about the video quality. With maybe a few exceptions, where the camera work is less than ideal, you have to go back to somewhere to late 2009 to get to the lower quality, lower resolution video. Even if you want to avoid the older stuff, that means there's still enough higher resolution material to make a sign-up worthwhile. I'm more than happy with the picture quality of the 1280 resolution mp4s that I download, even on a 40 inch monitor.

The picture quality is another story. I get the feeling that there's very little reviewing of pictures before they're put online. Even in the newer sets, there are more than enough out of focus shots and oddities like what I'd call "mid-blink facial contortions" to make this a disappointment to picture fans.

The biggest complaint I have about this site has to do with the updates. It's a masturbation site and that's what I expect to see when I sign up. As an example, the updates from January 3rd to the 6th were, in order, a non-nude interview, a text biography, a 35-second face only clip, and a 9-picture non-nude picture set. Looking back through December's updates, there were 11 that were either interviews or biographies. That's a third of a month's membership.

OK - Even though I'm not a fan of non-nude content, I can accept that there are people who can appreciate interviews. But, the biographies? Yeah, some of the stuff the women put up was interesting, and I was positively thrilled to find out how many models had barely intelligible handwriting and couldn't spell worth a damn. "The vibrator is the best, it is a way better organism." But, on every other site with personal information like that, it's either a link on a model's page or printed directly on her page. I just don't see nineteen questions spread out over four pages qualifying as update material.

It's still all about the amateurs to me, so I still like the site, despite the shortcomings. I'd rate it in the high 80s. The piercings and tattoos aren't TOO overbearing, and silicone is rare here. I just wish I could get more out of a month's membership. The bios and interviews just mean I have to wait a little while longer to sign up again as the REAL content builds up.

01-14-12  09:32am

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Frustration with billing/cancel (Resolved)

Edit: Just wanted to edit to say the webmaster helped me get canceled, but will leave the rest of the comment in case it happens to a future member so they can reference it.

Going to take a few points off my review for the frustrating cancellation process. Here's the steps and mind you, I still have NOT been able to cancel my account.

First, they have four different billing processors, netbilling, ccbill, epoch and netcash. I don't know if certain ones are used based on the country you are in, but my account was processed by netbilling, who I have used a time or two in the past.

In my subscription confirmation email there is no link to cancel. I go to netbilling's homepage, have a member ID, but there is nowhere on netbilling's homepage to cancel. Went to Yanks support, clicked "cancel" it asked which biller I used. Clicked on netbilling. It tells me to put my username and password in. I do this and click "cancel account".

Well, the browser sits there with a working spinner going, "Connecting..." I go outside, take the trash out, come back and still is working and saying, "connecting". It finally pops up and says, "Cannot find account". I'll never understand why a biller gives a customer a "member ID number" but doesn't have a place to enter that when canceling.

I'll never understand why a site would hire a biller that doesn't allow direct cancel on the biller's homepage. You're just asking for dissatisfied customers.

And this is not just a one-time thing. I've tried it 3 nights in a row. There is an option to email the site's support with any cancellation problems, so I guess I'm going to have to do that. Whether fast reply or not, I don't think I should have to email the site to cancel when they have a cancellation system in place. It goes back to, I didn't have to email the site to JOIN the site so why should I have to email the site to cancel it? Go back to my review and see the part about my main frustration with the site itself being that it could be much better than it is if some time and effort was put into updating the way the site itself works. Looks like that carried right over into the billing too.

08-12-11  06:48pm

Replies (8)
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A site based around mostly amateurs, the female orgasm and real masturbation. As a plus, if you have a wife or girlfriend, that likes porn, you also get access to their site that is focused on male masturbation.
- Price is good through TBP
- Newer videos are 1280x720, will further this in BL
- Newer pictures are near 3000 long end and come zipped.
- Taking a shot at around 400 models, surprisingly, for an amateur site, nearly all the women are attractive. I think that's a big plus. Even the older (mid and up 40s) models that would normally not appeal to me, do here.
- Call it a pro or con, there are some pornstars on here. Ramona Luv seems to have been on nearly all amateur sites in 2004-06 and she's here, Aaliyah Love is here as a guest model, I don't mind them, but some might. I would love to see more Ramona.
- Decent search, it works, but the whole navigation of the site could be updated, reminds me of Little Mutt in how the site works.
- Very good download speeds
Cons: - The videos are not that clear, not even the 1280x720 ones. It could be lighting, could be the amateur "effect", but the older videos are hard to watch on a big monitor.
- Inconsistencies, one model, Isabella, has a high video download option, it's 720x480 and a bit blurry. A newer model doesn't have high video download option and the medium option is clearer than Isabella's high option.
- If I could convince them of one thing, please stop the video from streaming when I click on it to download. Firefox users should turn to No Script, trust me, some of these videos are orgasm focused so there's nothing like one starting and a loud moan roaring through your house at 4 in the morning.
- My main feeling here in the cons is that it needs updating, not the actual content updates, but the site. It took me 10 minutes to find the download link for photo sets.
Bottom Line: We had discussed a little about this site being like I Feel Myself. It's not a lot like it, but it does have short 40-60 second videos of the woman's orgasm face that are spliced from the actual full body videos. So if you're into I Feel Myself and just seeing the face during orgasm, you will like those, I really didn't since they are so short.

Next up, interview videos. They're everywhere. Since they don't an interview tag, I scanned through the videos archives and these interview videos look to come about every 5th update. I really don't like interview videos and they take up the space of an update too. I do understand the use of them on a site like this since it's more convincing that these girls are not pros, but the pros have ruined interviews for most of us. For what it's worth, most of the girls on here seem genuinely sweet and playful.

I don't know what the deal is with the videos not looking good.

But wait a minute, the content is really good. If you're into strip, tease, which I am, you may not like these videos. There is almost no tease, it's get naked, masturbate for 7-10 minutes, orgasm. This isn't as bad as it sounds. It does add to the girls probably being filled with anxiety, nervousness. Some of the girls are much more confident and have more fun with it.

The unusual masturbation techniques used in some are interesting, erotic even, but I'm not for sure how sexually arousing they are to watch. Maybe that's me, I don't find a girl rubbing her clit against the corner of a bathroom sink to be arousing. I'm guessing what is being shown here though is that this is how the girls are comfortable masturbating. I don't believe there is a fake orgasm on the site. You get some squirters, some that make a milky mess in minutes and what I think they have going for them the most, the girls are really good-looking girls. There are few here and there that don't really appeal, but most look like regular, cute to really pretty girls.

They're all not skinny or in perfect shape. I was really surprised that I liked the 45 year old Barbie Lynn's bathtub shoot. I think they are going to sell most of these models on being real, erotic instead of drop dead gorgeous.

These are the numbers I'm coming up with based on their search engine.

Nearly 1,000 videos, and as said earlier the interview ones and short orgasm face ones are included here. Still, the site has grown since I was last on it. From the way I read it, they had several sites and decided to put all the content on them on this site. I don't remember them having over maybe 400 videos last year.

I will say they could be more clear about what you get. When I click "our sites", it shows me having access to the male masturbation site Club Stroke and having access to Whispering Lily, this is a community site that has a forum, shows the new updates at Yanks.

This is where it gets confusing. Also listed in "our sites" is Solo Touch. This shows as being a male and female masturbation site. Well, to enter it, I have to register a profile on Whispering Lily. When I go to Whispering Lily it says that all their content has been put on Yanks or Club Stroke, so I have no clue what this Solo Touch is or if its female content is already on Yanks.

A little frustrated that some of the models only have pictures. I understand that not all are willing to do videos, but I still want to mention that to potential members. Another frustrating one that I think is very important, some of the picture sets are only 15-25 pictures. Again, I understand that those are older sets.

May sound like I have mostly negative feelings here, but it's not true. The frustration comes from how good this content is and how much better it could be.

They stick with the solo theme really well. There are even dozens of videos of two girls masturbating together, but not really touching each other. This is a whole other level of erotic since you get the feeling they are drawing some inspiration from looking at the other masturbating. A few do go into girl/girl and those scenes are really good if you're into lesbian porn.

Updates don't seem to follow a set schedule. For the last month there are 25 updates, those 25 breakdown like this, 8 photo sets, 10 masturbation videos, 5 interview videos and 2 of the orgasm face only videos.

Overall, I really like the site because of the models. I will be keeping the majority of what I download, which is rare for me. And it's nice in a way that the videos are short 7-10 minutes, even at HD, are only 200 MB or so.

On recommending it, if you need tease in every video then maybe not. If you're looking for something different than the normal porn these days, this site is highly recommended. I think it's much better than I Feel Myself and would compare it more to Little Mutt or maybe even FTV in some ways without the glam. I would recommend it. I'm enjoying it and it will slip into my normal rotation of sites. More of Ginger P would be nice too!

08-03-11  03:48am

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Anyone Got Anything?

This site seems comparative to "I Feel Myself" but a main difference IMHO is the type of girl showcased. This site seems to cater to the regular, next door type while I Feel Myself tended to show more 'Hipster' girls and I think European or Australian (I don't remember clearly). Anyways, I like the other site so I wonder if anyone who knows can tell me how they are in comparison? If not, does anyone have any info on the site from a more recent subscription? The last PU review was awhile ago from a disabled user and TBP's review seems promising. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

07-30-11  11:32pm

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Separate memberships required!

Be aware that membership to Yanks does NOT entitle you to free membership to their other sites as listed here: http://www.pornusers.com/site_company.html?id=1526

Each site requires its own paid membership. And considering that each site is rather underwhelming, your money may be better spent elsewhere.

01-23-09  08:16am

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Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: +Site search which works well
+Homepage has every list (keyword "LIST") you could want - top rated models, latest videos, latest pic sets, latest updates, etc.
+Site celebrates female masturbation, so you get videos with some odd, but entertaining female masturbation techniques (check out a scene from Mercedes where she uses the edge of a table to get off)
+Two formats (WMV,QT), and two qualities (low,high) of videos offered on most videos (some just offer WMV)
+Images are high quality
+100% exclusive content with girls you have never seen before. A few girls here and there have done professional porn vids, but for the most part they are newbs.
+Theres a headshot for every girl in the directory
+Yanks provides scans of introductory survey that each girl filled out when they applied for Yanks (using their porn name of course). So you get every bit of information you want to know about a girl - measurements, sex habits, likes, dislikes, etc. It is fun to know this stuff about a girl.
Cons: -Watermarked videos and images
-Disappointing library size
-Girl directory not alphabetized
-Can't download imagesets as ZIP files
-No free bonus material. There are two bonus pages totaling 5 types of bonus content: links to buy porn hardware (like dildos and fleshlights), links to "trusted" partners (nothing more than links), friends links (sites which have offered a bit of their junkier content for free to Yanks), streams (junky streams like Lightspeed, which themselves are limited), and actual bonus sites on the Yanks network (except they are not automatically included with Yanks membership). Like I said, no bonus material.
-Videos with multiple girls are featured on their own page. E.g. Mercedes has a video with a girl named Jordan. Instead of this update appearing on Mercedes' or Jordan's page it appears on a separate page for "Jordan and Mercedes"
-Homepage only shows latest 5 updates, no page to show more, and videos are not tagged with dates after being pushed off the homepage
Bottom Line: Overall the site is very underwhelming and feels like it is lacking, mind you the layout has not been updated for years. The site is still updated, at what exact rate I do not know (since I can only see the last 6 updates), though it seems like it averages out to a little LESS THAN one update per day. The material is high quality (good resolution video, good resolution images) and enjoyable to watch, just I wish there was more of it. Each girl has only one or two videos, maybe 2 or 3 image sets and that is it. What is a little more disappointing is that the videos generally have no associated imagesets and the imagesets generally don't have associated videos - which sucks because there are some image galleries that get my blood rushing, that I would love to see in full motion.

Personally, I would have liked if this review applied to the other sites in the Yanks network (Billies Bitches, Girls and Fingers, etc.) but it can't because each site requires separate membership (I mean I guess you could sign up the same username and password on each site, but you still have to pay extra each time).

$10/mo is rather cheap, but VideoBox is also $10/mo and you get 5 full DVD's per day, which works out to 35 DVD's per 7 days, or an average of like 150 individual scenes per 7 days. Compare this with Yanks.com which adds something like six or seven scenes per 7 days - underwhelming to say the least.

Am I going to say to avoid this site? No, because there is some really unique stuff on here, like the masturbation techniques of some of the girls (e.g. Mercedes), and there are also a content from a few girls that I like whose content is hard to find (e.g. Adara Star under the alias Adera). But, the 70 rating is warranted; there is a lot this site can do to improve, and the first thing would be to update their outdated page layout - get with the Web 2.0 revolution, please!

01-23-09  08:12am

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No Review.
08-13-08  10:39pm

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - only 9.95 a month because of TBP dicount
-Frequent updates( small updates), a couple times a week
-Seems to be genuine female orgasms
-111 models
-260 videos
-374 pic sets
- exclusive content
-110 stories about girls and masturbation
Cons: -No extra websites come with it, not even yanksvideos website.
-Only 2 video formats quicktime and WMV, in both high and low . Video quality lacks, some fuzzy videos
-not enough good closeups or girls who cum milky wet
-No full scene video of everything such as interview and masturbation into 1 video.
-Models could be better looking
-pics are average at best
-only 48 extra pics, and 27 extra videos of poor quality
Bottom Line: -Seems like there are a lot of videos but really it isnít that much, every girl has a short interview which is a movie. Also some really short clips . Also some of the pic galleries are just sheets of papers where the girl answers questions about orgasms.

-A few lesbian videos , a few male help videos in which he uses a vibrator on the girl, and mostly solo masturbation.

-Comes with some free videos and pic sets from girlsandfingers, solonation, billiesbitches, masturbationpages, yanksvideos, whisperinglily, clubstroke, mr.skin, I Shot Myself, Beautiful Agony, I feel myself, Sologirls, The Female Orgasm, Masturbating porn stars, and squirt it. Usually about 4 full videos per site and 3 pic sets. Varies though. It also comes with some stream sites like cherry spot, swallow my net, jizz jugglers, and about 15 more. Very low quality though.

-There is a chat area and forum but thatís for free, you donít need to be a member to partake.

-The main reason I joined is for the 9.95 reduced price from $29.89. This site is definetly not worth 29.89 or 19.95 for that matter. But for 9.95 its worth joining. You get to see girls using toys and their fingers to get off, some orgasms are more intense then others. These girls are mostly amateur with only a few pornstars such as Nicole Brazzle, Taylor St.Claire, Sarah Blake, and maybe 2 more. But basically all the other girls I have never seen before on any other porn site.

07-24-07  10:26am

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Club Stroke

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I think the best thing going there are the user photos and stories. Doesn't take too long before you start to recognize the same models in the photo shoots, but the user pics are real and always getting updated. Stories are a great read, too. Have had some good interactions with some of the other members there, as well, and the only thing better than having fun alone is doing it with someone else, so that's always nice.
Cons: I didn't see anything wrong... the previous review felt the site was hard to navigate, but quite frankly I had a far more difficult time moving around this site than I did Clubstroke.
Bottom Line: I think it's a fantastic value for the money. TONS of user photos (very nice specimens!) and some great stories if you like to read. Also, for the bi-crowd, there are bonus areas that will take you for a spin with some quality girl-content, too.

02-17-07  05:10pm

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Visit Club Stroke

Club Stroke

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good forums
user submitted pictures/vids
Cons: not much content
a bit hard to navigate
Bottom Line: the best part are the forums, the member section could use more content.

01-19-07  07:53am

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